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Old December 18th, 2009, 11:52 AM
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The Good Doctor - The Beginning

[A friend wanted me to write a comedy, so here's my feeble attempt. As with my last one, it's basically a love story with muscles. I hope it entertains some people.]

“Hey Derek, can I tell you something and you won’t freak out?”

“Toby, I already know you’re gay and I’ve said it doesn’t matter.”

Derek laughed out loud – at the same joke he shared any time I wanted to tell him something important. He and I were working our arms at the gym where we have met every morning, except Sundays, for the last twelve years. Not only is he my training partner, he’s also my best friend. I came out to Derek eleven years ago, a year after finishing college, and all he said was that I shouldn’t ever expect him to go to a gay bar with me. That was it. My sexuality was no big deal to him. Derek, of course, was as straight as they come. I’m sure I had a big crush on him at some point, but now he was just my best friend.

“Funny, ha, ha. No, really man, it’s something important. I’ve got a massive crush on someone at work. A doctor.”

“Really? That’s cool. Your mom would be happy if you dated a doctor. I think she still hopes you’ll get tired of being a nurse and go back to school to become an MD. What’s the doc look like?”

“Well, that’s the strange thing. He’s kind of a small guy. He’s probably about five-six and weighs about one fifty.”

“Toby, that’s less than half your weight. And you’ve probably got a foot on the guy. I can’t believe it. You’ve never gone for that type before.”

Derek and I were both big guys. We had taken to building up our bodies pretty seriously when we first met and I was packing about three hundred and forty pounds of pure muscle on my frame. Derek was pretty close to that and he was a few inches shorter than my six feet four inches. He was right, though, I had always dated guys close to my size or larger. My change in preference was pretty hard to explain. I sat on the bench across from Derek and looked at him seriously.

“I can’t explain it, man. This guy does something to me. Any time I’m around him something happens to me. Not only do I get a raging hard-on . . .”

“Whoa, boy, that’s too much information.”

“Get over it Derek. Not only do I get a stiff one, but something happens inside of me. I get all tongue tied and my stomach starts doing flips. It’s like I’m going to vomit or something. I haven’t felt this way since fifth grade.”

“Well what do you know, Toby’s a little love sick puppy. How cute.”

Derek reached over and pinched my cheek mockingly. I swiped his hand away and then punched him lightly in the chest. I loved feeling his thick muscled pec through the sweat covered t-shirt. I truly loved muscle – the way it looked and the way it feels – and that made my crush even more unbelievable.

“I mean it Derek. There’s something really weird about how this guy can turn me into a puddle of melted blubber just by standing near me. And to top it off, I don’t think I even register a tiny blip on his radar.”

“Well the guy must be blind if he’s able to miss you. It’s kind of hard to not notice the Hulk. Well, the Hulk minus the freakish green skin.”

Derek’s backhanded compliment made my dick twitch a little. I glanced at the mirrored wall to my right. I still got a thrill each time I looked at my monstrous body. My arms were really pumped today, from the work out, and my pecs stretched my tank top so much that my right nipple stuck out, hardened by the cold gym and my thoughts of a certain doctor.

“I do kind of stand out, don’t I?”

“Hell yeah, man. You look especially hot today. So hot, in fact, that I think I’ll turn gay and let you take me right here on that bench.”

Derek stood up and walked over to me. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into his shorts. He pumped his crotch back and forth teasingly. I reached up and shoved him back, feeling my face turn deep red.

“Stop it Derek. People are staring.”

“Of course they’re staring Toby, because we’re the biggest and best looking fuckers here. All the girls want us and so do most of the men. It’s a good thing you like dudes because that means all the women are mine. Yeehaw!”

Derek’s loud yell caused the gym to go quiet and, as usual, people turned to look at us. He loved the attention. I watched as he winked and waved to a cute blonde girl working her quads a few rows away. His boldness never ceased to amaze me. The really crazy thing was that Derek was actually shy when it came to dating and tended to stay with a woman for a long time. His bravado was all show, but it was still fun to watch.

“So, are you going to ask Dr. what’s-his-name out or what, Toby-boy?”

“It’s Dr. Conrad, Jay Conrad, and I don’t know. I want to, God how I want to, but I get so fucking nervous around him. I’m afraid if I actually talk to him I’ll probably pee on myself.”

“Listen to yourself, Toby. It sounds like you could probably squash the guy with one hand and you make it seem like he’s got some kind of super power.”

“I think he does, Derek, I think he does.”

“Be a man, Toby. You’ve got twenty-seven inch arms…”


“Whatever. The point is that you’re a fine looking guy and you’re built like a fucking muscle machine. Any guy would be lucky to go out with you. You can easily lift more than what this Dr. Jay weighs with one hand. Hell, you don’t even need to ask him out on a date – just throw him over one of your monster shoulders and jog to the restaurant. He’d probably enjoy the ride so much that once you got there he’d offer himself for dessert. That’s the way us cavemen would handle the situation – just take what we want. By the way, he’s gay, right?”

“I have no idea.”

“Doesn’t matter. I think most straight men would go gay for an evening with you - just for the chance to throw it down in bed with that body of yours. I say you show off your assets at work today and the good doctor will be like putty in your hands. That’s what I think, Toby-man. Now, let’s hit the showers. I love watching guys in there gawk at our big muscles, not to mention our huge cocks.”

“You sound more gay every day, Derek.”

“Keep wishing Toby-boy, keep wishing. Now save some of that cockiness for your doctor friend.”

“You’re right Derek. I’ve got a lot to offer a guy. What am I so worried about. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll ask Dr. Jay out today.”

“That’s a good big boy.”


In the short hour it took me to shower, change, and get to work I was able to lose all confidence that Derek had helped to build within me. I walked into the hospital sweating and terrified at the thought I might run into Dr. Conrad before getting to my station. I was able to avoid the dreaded chance meeting and was joyful to see that Sarah had made it to work before I got there. She and I had worked together for seven years and her friendship always grounded me.

“Morning, Tobster!”

“Good morning, Sarah. Did you have a good night?”

“No, I did not. My favorite was kicked off of Project Runway.”

“Damn, I forgot that was on last night. What happened? Who got…”

“Good morning.”

I recognized the voice that interrupted our conversation before I even turned around. My heart leapt into my throat and all blood drained from my face. Sarah’s look made it obvious she noticed my reaction. I forced myself to turn around and there stood Dr. Jay Conrad – showered with sun from the skylight above. His sandy blonde curls shimmered in the sun’s rays and his dark blue eyes sparkled. I towered over the man, but I somehow felt like I was looking up to him. His smile grew as he looked at Sarah and me.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I was looking for Mr. Steiner’s chart. It wasn’t in his room. Have either of you seen it?”

“Uh, no Dr. Conrad, I …”

“Please call me Jay.”

“I . . . um, I mean . . . we aren’t supposed to call you that, Dr. Conrad.”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

I stood there motionless and said nothing. I had already spoken two sentences to the man and that was all I could muster. I was frozen by his beauty and by some unnamed power that seemed to beam from his being. It seemed like minutes before Sarah finally saved the moment.

“I have it Jay. I was updating the medicines we just administered. Here it is.”

“Thanks, Sarah. I’ll bring it right back. Have a great day. You too, Toby.”

And with that, the angel smiled, turned, and walked away. He disappeared into Mr. Steiner’s room. I continued to stare at the space where Dr. Conrad had just stood. I didn’t say a word and I didn’t move a muscle. I finally tried to speak, but only gibberish came out. I sounded like some newborn baby.

“I see he’s gotten to you, too.”

I was able to turn and look at Sarah. She was standing there with a knowing smile across her face. She reached out and put her hand on my arm. She pulled my body down into the chair behind me and gave me a cup of water. I took a big gulp.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’ve been Dr. Jay-ified.”


“Listen, Toby. There’s not a male or female nurse on this floor that isn’t smitten with Dr. Conrad. The guy has some kind of secret power over people and no one seems immune. It’s much more than the fact that he’s the nicest doctor ever. I think it must be some kind of aura that engulfs anyone that stands near him. I worked with him on the sixth floor for a couple of years and never got over my crush. At least you have a chance with him.”

“You mean…”

“Yep, your team.”

“How do you know, Sarah?”

“He’s quite open about it. That’s one of the reasons he came to this hospital. Apparently, we have a reputation for being very accepting. Most of us girls still think we can change him, though. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking a ride on Dr. Conrad.”


“Well, I wouldn’t. If a guy as big as you is bowled over by him then you can probably guess how powerful the attraction is for someone as small as me.”

“I wouldn’t say I was bowled over…”

“You were speechless and I could have knocked you over with a feather. Don’t go all macho on me Toby. I have eyes. You’ve got a big muscleman crush on our little Dr. Jay.”

“It’s so fucking true, Sarah. I’m glad you understand. I tried to explain it to Derek today and he just didn’t get it. I turn to jell-o any time Dr. Conrad gets near me. What’s up with that? It’s like I’m some kind of pubescent boy experiencing his first crush. He’s not even my type.”

“Dr. Jay is everyone’s type, Toby. He may not be covered in delicious muscles like you, but there’s something about that smile, those eyes, and his voice that makes my insides go all gooey and I suddenly crave my vibrator – just for some release.”

“I know! I’ve had to rush to the bathroom a few times after listening him talk to patients just so I could jerk-off.”

“Over sharing, Toby, over sharing.”

“Oh, but it’s okay for you to talk about your vibrator!”

“Fair enough.”

“How can a human being have that kind of power over someone…”

My question was cut short because suddenly Dr. Jay was back at the counter of our station. I have no idea why, but I quickly stood up. He was looking at Mr. Steiner’s chart so Sarah and I got to stare at him without being obvious. We glanced at each other and then took the opportunity to check out our object of desire. Jay’s brow was wrinkled in thought as he gazed at the chart. I noticed that he had great skin – tanned lightly and very smooth. His jaw was very masculine and he ran two fingers over the slight stubble covering it while he read. It was an action that made him look intelligent and very caring. He did, indeed, have only a slight build. His shoulders were pretty squared, but somewhat delicate looking. I could make out modest looking pecs underneath his doctor’s coat and striped button-down, though. I also noticed that even the picture on his badge looked angelic. His body was average and his looks were just above handsome, but the guy reeked of charisma and sexiness. I felt my heart beat faster as I stared at him and I began to feel that very familiar reaction from my cock. It suddenly dawned on me that both Sarah and I were breathing slightly harder than before.

Jay obviously became aware that we were staring at him because he slowly raised his eyes and then his head to look at us. Even though I was embarrassed as hell I could not take my eyes away. I continued to look at him with what I know was a face of desire and lust. I forced a smile hoping I would be able to hide what I was thinking. Jay smiled back and my knees began to wobble. He nodded to both Sarah and me and then laid the chart on the counter.

“Sarah, do you think we should increase the morphine for Mr. Steiner?”

“I do, Jay. He’s been complaining about the pain for two days. I think it would help him sleep a lot.”

“I agree. Let’s do it. I’ll make note of the change. Toby, have you seen Mrs. Stephens today?”

“Not today, Dr. . . um, Jay.”

“Shall we visit her together? I’d like to get your opinion on where we should go from here.”

“Yes sir.”

Jay seemed caught off guard by my formal answer. It made him smile, though. He finished writing on Mr. Steiner’s chart and then handed it to Sarah.

“Thanks, Sarah. See you later. Shall we, Toby?”

“Yes sir.”

“Please stop saying sir.”

“Yes sir. I mean yes.”

I glanced at Sarah as Jay and I walked away. She was giggling like an eighth grade school girl. She waved to me and then wagged her finger in the air, as if she were telling me to behave myself. I stuck my tongue out at her and then turned to follow Jay quickly. I had not, however, counted on him having stopped in his place. Suddenly, my big frame bumped into the back of the doctor and, even with very little momentum, I sent his small body flying to the ground. He immediately rolled over and looked up at me. I quickly bent down and grabbed Jay by the shoulders and lifted his body into the air. I noted how light he was in my arms.

“I’m so sorry Dr. Conrad. I didn’t know you stopped. I’m really sorry.”

“No problem Toby. You just caught me off guard. It kind of felt like being hit by a Hummer, though.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Really, no worries, Toby. You can put me down now.”

I glanced down and realized that I was holding Jay’s body a few inches off the ground. He was so light that I thought he was standing. I lowered his body to the floor and released his shoulders. I stepped back and could feel my face flush with embarrassment.

“If there’s ever a fight at the hospital I need to make sure you’re on my side, Toby.”

“I’ll protect you any time you need it, Dr. Conrad.”

As soon as the statement came out of my mouth I regretted it. Jay had a perplexed look on his face. My mouth dropped open wide and I glanced quickly away and then back. I could not believe I had said something so stupid – even if it had been the truth.

“What I meant was that I’d be happy to be on your side, Dr. Conrad.”

“I know what you meant Toby and for the love of God please call me Jay.”

“Yes sir . . . I mean yes, Jay.”

“Do I make you nervous Toby?”


I answered quickly and honestly. My response took Jay by surprise and he stared at me for a few seconds, as if he was trying to figure something out. He reached up and patted my right shoulder. His touch made my body quiver.

“I’m sorry Toby. We’ll have to figure out how to get passed that. Shall we take a look at Mrs. Stephens?”

(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Very nice beginning, reminds me a lot of Alpha Dog Gets a Leash, though it doesn't appear so far that Jay has the kind of power that Mr. Masters displayed, but of course, he may have just played with Toby, and we will see Jay's true power soon. Can't wait to see it for myself.
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A nice change of pace story for the forum and I love it.

Is it a romantic comedy? I wouldn't even want any muscle growth in this story it's fine the way it is.
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Very nice! Toby rocks and I'm looking forward to see what Jay has underneath his white coat!


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Rom-coms are one of my guilty pleasures, and this one having big muscles in it makes it more of a pleasure to read.
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I like your characters. You always add bits that aren't strictly about sex and domination. Not that those aren't very interesting things , but real people do tend to have multiple dimensions to their personalities. Romance is always appreciated, too. Deep down, people are looking for greater fulfillment even if they think that they are only looking for sex. Keep it up.
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OK. Ir's coming up on three years with this one.
It's not like I don't know where you're coming from.
I have quite a few stories that have some good starts,
but I have not finished them.
With a fair amount of imagination ...Blah, blah, blah.
OK, I'll confess.
I put things off till I feel like it.
If a story isn't moving it'self along,
a lot of the time I move on to another.
I don't like admiting this but I have had to accept it in others,
as well as myself. Sometimes a story just stops.
For whatever reason, the author doesn't finish it.
Most of the times, no big loss.
But with you, I have to say, Yes, big loss.
You have so many people who read, admire and comment on your stories.
Whether or not they ever do find an ending.
Sometimes we are happy the end never comes for a certain character.
But not this time.
You know just what will get a good response
and when to stop a chapter at a cliffhanger.
Like this time.
So please post another chapter for the good nurse and the very fine doctor,
and let the big guy ask the doc out on a date.
Cause by now the doc's words sound very appropriate.
"We’ll have to figure out how to get passed that."

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Am I the only one thinking of Thor from Nurse Jackie?
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