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David's Day Part 2 of 2 by JP71

[COLOR=dimgray]The second and final part: [/COLOR]


[COLOR=dimgray]By JP71[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Part 2 of 2[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]7:00 pm.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]Fangucci’s Bistro was where it was all happening. It was so good of Carmichael to make the reservation, considering David hadn’t factored into his evening a slap-up meal at one of Santa Barbara’s plushest restaurants.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Manuel was already there, patiently awaiting the god-like focus of his ultimate gay fantasies: David Driscoll, who was, in a way, his boss. The gorgeous Tijuana hunk was dressed rather conservatively, looking smouldering in a smart black suit and pants, and with a red satin tie above a plain white shirt that simply emphasised his tanned skin, dark designer stubble and overall Latino hotness. If Ben Affleck and Antonio Banderas managed to get gene-spliced together into their own offspring, then Manuel would be the result. He hadn’t seen David for a few days, and the last time he caught sight of him muscle-strutting in just the tiniest white poser imaginable out to the mailbox (probably just to show off and little else), he had been one quarter the size he was now.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Manuel saw.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Manuel gawped, his brown eyes waxing huge.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Manuel immediately shot a load in his shorts.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]When David entered the restaurant, he immediately dominated it in every way imaginable. He was so fucking huge, he actually damaged the frame to the main doors as he entered, smugly apologizing to the maître’d, and feigning shock-surprise. He even puffed his upper body up to its fullest, pulling back his shoulders and inflating his pecs like the massive wattles of some proud, courting cock. He raised his arms to fully inflate his lats, and also to activate his reeking musk. The other diners immediately looked up from their eating, the brain of each and every one sent into utter overload, as they tried to make sense of the retro-clad mega-gigantic bodybuilder... such a young-faced head on an alarmingly enormous bodybuilder’s frame.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Erm... duh-do you huh-have a... (Gulp)... reservation, Sir,” the maître’d tentatively inquired as he fawned after David, looking dim and instantly forgettable beneath the shadow cast off from the huge muscle-teen’s imposing size.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Sure I do, Tiny. Talk to my man Carmichael over there,” David gruffly answered. His voice had become so deep, so cocky, so imposing. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Everything about him commanded that he be worshipped by many, obsessed-over to the point of a severe cum-overload. David made a beeline for Manuel, but his size caused people to stand up from their seats and push their tables out of the way, to give him better room to move. He weighed a tonne and the restaurant trembled with every footfall. As he moved he radiated musk everywhere. Men came in their pants immediately, some skipping off to the bathroom to yank themselves stupid and contemplate divorcing their wives simply because, after seeing David, they would be gay from here on in. Others jerked-off right at their tables, some to the horrors of their wives and girlfriends, but many joined by their female partners in a sudden show of self-stimulation. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The maître’d didn’t have time to be shocked, held utterly aghast by the sudden alteration of his restaurant’s ambiance, because he, too, had fallen under David’s intoxicating spell. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I’m not waiting for one of your waiters to get done with their jackin’-off so’s they can serve me, Tiny. I want you to bring ten of your best pizzas out to my table in the next fifteen minutes. Forget everyone else’s orders. I CUM first!” David had become so goddam cocky, and he liked it. He picked up the maître’d by his lapels and breathed his musk all over him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Unnngh....yessir.... oh shit.... gonna cum,” he muttered. David expertly flexed his massive, rock-hard but utterly bulbous pec-meats, the strain of which opened another button on his tortured shirt (it really wasn’t going to last the evening out), revealing a lot more of his chest, huge, heaving melons of muscle, between which a dark and hairy vertical canyon heated up and quickly released its dripping, overwhelming perfume. David pressed the maître’d’s face into the canyon and flexed and bounced his pecs, the motion of which soon had the head waiter’s face and hair sodden with musk. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“But maybe I should have a little appetizer first, Tiny,” growled David, and, still with the maître’d held solely by his suit lapels, raised him even higher, so that his already precum-soiled crotch drew level with his mouth.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Oh no.... please... no...,” Tiny gasped, his “nos” actually meaning “yeses”. He barely got his flies open with fumbling fingers before David sucked on his spring-loaded meat and tensed every muscle in his huge body in reaction to the hot, salty treat that gushed into his mouth and down his throat. David’s musk-production suddenly doubled.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Huh?” He thought about this as he allowed the maître’d to flop down before him like a spineless ragdoll. The temperature in the restaurant began to soar, forced upwards by the rise in the body heat of so many men and women now masturbating around him. Even the waiters and kitchen staff stopped working as each and every one fell victim to David’s intoxicating odour. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Curious... I drink cum, and my musk gets stronger,” David cried, beaming in delight at having arrived at this notion. Sodden patches of sweaty cum-induced wetness soon appeared under his arms, and down the centre of the maddeningly massive delta-sprawl of his back. Dampness collected in the hairs of his ass, squeezed outwards by a few flexes of his butt-muscles. Musk rolled down his flesh inside of his clothes, making it quickly appear as though he’d just taken a shower with his clothes on. Beads of perfume collected on every fine hair across his body. The back of his head was suddenly drenched in it. His arousal shot up, the huge bulge in his crotch now straining harder against his pants buttons. Somehow they held, amazingly so.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He stood over his table, towering above Manuel as he stroked his rod feverishly and frantically as he tried to build up enough cum to blow once again. That was the thing about David.... the new improved 2000 lbs David... just taking in his intoxicating aroma was enough to make any man want to cum over and over, Manuel being no exception. David decided that he preferred Manuel in his work clothes, which in the Mexican’s case, was a pair of denim cut-offs and a red bandana. But since he had neither with him, nakedness would have to suffice.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Take all your clothes off, Manuel. I want to wash you with my sexy cologne,” said David, meaning the musk that now issued from every pore of his skin. His body made more and more musk issue forth from his glands, and the glands themselves went into overdrive. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Si... unngh... [/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]Señor[/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray] Driscoll,” said Manuel, suddenly forgetting how to speak English. He quickly began to clumsily work his way out of his suit. Within two minutes his glistening, tanned flesh was exposed, his modest musculature taut and flexing as he leaned back in his chair, pivoting it on its rear-legs, so that he would work at his meat further. David grew increasingly hard, especially when he focused on the awesomely-protruding nips of the Hispanic hunk. He wanted to cum, and shred his beautiful 1973 semi-see-thru’ shirt and polyester pants... but NO! He had to maintain at least a modicum of control. The night was very young, and he had a lot to do yet. Not far away, in a dim, inconspicuous corner of the restaurant, Carmichael watched events as they unfolded, neither taking pleasure from his observations nor passing judgement. He simply observed, quietly, and maintained the merest sliver of a grin.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David’s thoughts immediately reverted to pizza. There was time aplenty for Manuel yet. His eyes darted around the room. He had to have pizza... his stomach gnawing at him as his super body demanded refuelling. A man can’t live on spunk alone, now can he?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Everyone present were still held aghast by the musk emanating from a myriad deep sources between the immense muscles of the hugest.... fucking most awesome bodybuilder there was, which meant that so many recently served meals were forgotten. Many diners had been tucking into different types of pizza before David’s arrival. He smirked devilishly when an idea washed through his brain.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He went from table to table, pleased at the sight of quite a lot of uneaten pizza, every diner now buried in the throes of sexual ecstasy. At the first table he visited – his redwood-thick thighs displacing furniture and diners alike as he strutted – two surfer-douche-bags had their shirts stripped off and their board-shorts down around their bronzed ankles, everything forgotten but for the furious pumping of their glistening cocks. They screamed as they inhaled deeply on David’s ever-strengthening musk, whilst he breathed in the scent of delicious pizza and precum.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Hey, surfer-douche-bag, aim that hot cock of yours over your plate. I think that pizza is lookin’ a little dry,” David commanded, his Alpha-male bass-tone booming. The douche-bag did as he was told. As a further incentive, David flexed down into a most-muscular pose that weakened shirt-threads around his upper arms, whilst causing his traps to shoot up and smother his super-thick neck in “faint-inducing” wads of triangular muscle. They bulged impossibly in sync with balled-biceps thicker than the douche-bag’s surfer-built chest. David growled and concentrated, forcing more blood and testosterone into his triceps, and immediately they burst forth in opposite directions, blasting outward and thickening the upper mass of his arms considerably. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Threads snapped in a sequential chorus. The shirt was losing a battle it was destined to lose. Although David’s weight couldn’t change, he could still flex his muscles thicker and huger, deepening every last striation that set his muscles apart from one another, and thickening the already over-gorged veins that fed them the fuel they needed. He erupted into a mass-explosion of definition and mind-blowing vascularity, easily visible beneath the translucency of shirt material now stretched as thin as wet tissue paper. He snarled, baring two rows of perfect, white teeth, blowing the fringe out of his face as he flexed harder and harder. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]His pecs got bigger, huger... heavier....deeper cut...DENSER AAAARRRRGGGH......FUUUUCK!!!!!!! His face, neck and chest flared red from extra engorged blood, his heart pumping more strongly and efficiently than it ever had before. He got fitter and fitter, stronger and stronger, more beautiful with each passing second. His body spewed forth musk, drenching both of the now screaming dudes as they brought themselves to climax.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Their cum erupted over the table, garnishing all the pizza they no longer showed interest in.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Yeah, that’s what I like, you midgets. Empty both of your fucking sacks for super-huge David.... hungry-for-pizza David.... David your fucking mega-muscled master.... fuck yeah!!!!”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He began to gorge on the cum-drenched pizza, wolfing down slice after slice, savouring the new flavours that besieged his senses. He ate until there was nothing left on their plates. Then, even as the douche-bags – who up until “cumming” to Fangucci’s this evening considered themselves the ultimate ladies men – swam in the reverie of the best orgasms they’d ever given themselves, David picked them up, one by one, and sucked yet more of their hot crème from them. The massive bulge in David’s buttoned-up crotch swelled huger, his balls thickening and gaining mass more than they ever had before. When the time came for the huge bodybuilder to blow... it would be... oh fuck... the Armageddon of cumming.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He was still hungry as he wiped cum-laced tomato sauce from the corner of his perfect mouth. He moved to another table. This time it was a fat man, dining alone, but with enough pizza on his table to feed a small army... or just one David Driscoll.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Cum for me, fat-man, if you can get your tiny dick out past your big belly. Add some seasoning to the fare,” growled David, far from repulsed by the jiggling horny mass of a man, but intrigued by the fact that his pecs alone probably weighed as much as the obese gentleman’s entire gelatinous bod.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The fat man – in a feat that deserved only the highest of praise – managed to squirt a load of his salty sauce onto the food at his table. David gorged on the lot, not stopping until he’d picked the plates clean. Then he picked up the now naked fat man, holding him effortlessly and allowed him to rest his huge beer-gut on the upper surface of David’s pec-shelf. David immediately began to flex his melons, heaving them upwards, “BOOM – BADDA – BOOM,” he chanted in time to the pec-bouncing rhythm, over and over, sending powerful tremors undulating throughout the fat man’s jello-like body. This was too much for the fatty and he blasted another dirty load, this time sucked up and savoured by David through lips that didn’t intend on quitting. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Mmmm, nice cum, Tubby. Hope it doesn’t make me get fat like you,” said David, smirking and loving himself more than he ever had. “Then again,” he added, “my body is a living temple of super-huge muscle. Nothing can ever make me fat.” To emphasise this he flexed a mighty single biceps out of his free arm, the bicep itself easily out-sizing the gross belly of the completely subservient and still-climaxing fat man. The bicep was huge, harder than diamond and would have been smooth, but David concentrated further and squeezed his bicep and forearm into an even harder flex, and titan-thick veins heaved out of the muscles and challenged his paper-thin skin for supremacy. The fat man, still held aloft by David, fainted when threads came apart in the terribly stressed shirt sleeve and a mammoth peak – a testament to pure super-sexual Alpha-male supremacy – became exposed.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You’re all so weak,” David growled, grinning with self-adoration. He stood in the middle of the restaurant, kicking tables and chairs away from him in order to clear space. Most of the diners were now writhing about on the floor, an orgy of magnitude as David’s effects on folk began to adopt such a predictable air.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I have to flex further.... I have to open up my goddam huge muscles and flare every fucking inch of them,” he growled, vowing to augment his supremacy further. Everyone stopped what they were doing, cumming, giving analingus male-to-male, hetero, even female-to-female, or whatever sexual combo they were involved in as a result of inhaling David’s incredible musk – they ALL stopped, held their breaths and the gasps transfixed at the back of their throats. David slowly got into position, his coiled-up cock – resting on an ever-expanding duo of cum-charged gonads – pushing even harder against the inside of his pants as it ate up all the space it could in order to thicken and expand further.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He held his arms out straight on either side of him, his fists balled tight, eruptions of veins, like miniature walls snaking across his forearms and biceps. He stood with his feet as far apart as he could, although his inner thighs still pushed against one another, the muscles locked in a permanent battle to acquire space. He held his head high, chin pointing outward, as he slowly bent his arms, elbows outward, so that his knuckles could connect with the thickly corded muscles of his solid but trim waist. He slowly pumped up his chest, ribcage expanding as he pushed his elbows forwards, still with his fists to his waist on either side. Slowly, gradually, with minimal effort, his lats began to fan outward, flaring, thickening, gobbling up space like some augmenting amoeba.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]It was his biggest, greatest upper-body flex ever. Even the quietly observant Carmichael, sitting cross-legged and satyr-fashion on a chair in a dimly-lit corner, could not believe his eyes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!” David screamed, urging newfound power into his body. To hell with the clothes lasting out the rest of the evening. He was so overcome with muscle-lust right now that he had to unleash the true fury of his posing power. And it was a power like no other. His body bulged greatly, but he needed something to lift, something really heavy in order to get a greater pump... and hold on to the pump. The buttons on his shirt miraculously held the garment together, although more and more fibres began to give up their ghosts. It seemed that Carmichael had chosen the clothes well. David still couldn’t flex out of them. He got angrier and angrier, hornier and hornier.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Gotta lift something huge and heavy,” he growled, his entire body tingling with unrelenting energy. He needed to quickly channel that energy into a lifting activity, and soon, too. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Why not try the manager’s office. I’m sure there’s a rather large, freestanding safe up there, probably weighing as much as you do. You could have a little fun with that,” Carmichael suggested, an impish grin accompanying the mischievous glint in his eye. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David thought about it, smirking in his usual smug way. He thought it was a great idea. He found a flight of stairs through a door reserved for staff only. It was locked, but he tore it right out of its frame as though it were made of paper. “Getting so very strong,” he scoffed, full of pride and almost bestial lust. His massive frame got stuck on the tiny stairwell. Not to worry. He simply pushed against each wall on either side of him with his hands and widened this part of the building enough to accommodate him. “Better buy this restaurant in case I’m stuck with a lawsuit for damages,” he resolved. He found the office and destroyed another door getting inside. There was the safe, as wide and tall as he was, freestanding in one corner of the nicely furnished office.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Oh this is gonna be so good,” he cried as he grabbed hold of the safe in a powerful bear hug. He strained to move it. It wouldn’t budge. “Hmm, must be bolted to the floor. Need to exert... unnngh... more muscle-power....hnnng,” he grunted, willing more blood to course into his muscles, to make them stronger and stronger and stronger. He heaved on the safe again. Metal became fatigued, groaning and buckling as David’s brute strength proved too much for it. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Yesssssss,” he hissed, triumphantly, when the massive cuboid of thick iron came away from the floor, taking some floorboards with it. David manoeuvred it in his grip so that he could press it over his head. A solid tonne, easily eight hundred pounds heavier than the bar he’d lifted earlier that day at the gym. He began to press, his fingers digging into the iron in order to make rudimentary “grips”. Manuel, along with the surfer-douche-bags, each one eager to cum some more, staggered upstairs to the office. They were all naked as before, their sizeable dicks bobbing like divining rods before them, seeking out so much muscle and the cum-reward it promised.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David had an audience. Good. “Count my reps, insects,” he growled as he pumped the massive weight over and over, feeling it becoming less of an effort to do so as he worked his muscles to greater heights than ever before. His horny audience of three began to chant out the reps. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“ hundred....two hundred..... five thousand... aw man.....need to cum!”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You’ll all cum when I fucking say so.... no sooner. Now keep counting,” the muscle-lusting David screamed to the trio. His body was aflame with hot-blooded pumping exertion, his taut skin over massively huge muscles now flared red from the lifting. But he was getting stronger and didn’t intend on quitting yet. Time sped by. He pumped more, harder and harder, faster and faster, the temperature in the room now hot enough to compare with a sauna, the steam of which came out of David’s musk as it continued to seep from his every pore.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]8:15 pm.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He’d cranked out three thousand reps, all in one set, with a weight of two thousand pounds. He was more pumped than ever, but still his shirt and pants, despite the minor tear here and there, stayed pretty intact. David didn’t feel any heavier. He had been 2666 lbs before the Devil made his little deal. Damn, couldn’t the contract be altered if he asked Carmichael nicely enough? It was time for Manuel and the surfer-douche-bags to cum again, for now they were writhing in the agony of having to suppress their orgasms – despite the musk in the room was stronger than ever – until their master gave the word.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Puh...pleeeese let us cum,” one of the surfer-douche-bags pleaded, speaking for all three of them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Not yet, ant,” David replied, addressing him directly. Then: “I still have my finale to perform.” He smirked smugly, and never taking his eyes off his audience for a second, hefted the safe over his head for one last rep. This time he gripped the safe on either end, rather than with the self-made hand-grips indented into one of its sides. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He began to squeeze. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He was silent as he applied the pressure, showing little in the way of exertion, for the three thousand reps had pumped him to his strongest state ever. Iron began to groan and buckle some more. Then it began to deform inwards – concertinaing – its valuable contents being compressed along with the safe itself. David pressed harder and harder, his face and neck flaring red from mild strain. Still he made not a sound, and never took his eyes off the three gnats in his company. On either side of his head, biceps, easily three times its size and circumference, flexed huger, harder, as he demanded more power. His lats were like wings on either side of him and they thickened and bulged with extra power, so that threads where his sleeves joined with the main body of his shirt started to snap, one after the other. The bulge in his crotch got bigger still; it now looked as though David had stuffed a football down the front of his pants. The buttons on his fly-front miraculously held, although there were visible gaps in between through which musky, seeping hair issued. His clothes were sodden with musk and sweat, every muscle and striation visible through the membranes that had become of his outfit.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The safe buckled inwards more and more, decreasing in length as he squeezed, but concertinaing upwards as metal softened and shifted upward. His shirt sleeves tore free of his shirt and immediately thick tufts of armpit hair, reeking with musk and sweat pushed out of the holes and seemed to grow like wildfire. David was still silent, still focused on his audience, as though the awesome feat of crushing the safe over his head was unimportant.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Need... to... cummm,” Manuel sobbed, remembering his English as tears flowed out of his eyes and his balls looked set to burst from the pressure of holding in so much spunk. The surfer-douche-bags were in a similar state. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Not yet,” David whispered acerbically, the once six and a half feet high safe now a mere three feet in length. He squeezed further, harder and harder, pools of precum welling up at his feet, adding to his intoxicating perfume. He made the safe smaller and smaller. When it was small enough to be handled easily, he lowered his arms and held it before him. It was the size of a football.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Not finished yet,” said David, almost scheming. What was he planning? Carmichael ghosted into the room and seemed concerned for David’s welfare.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You’re not thinking of.... nah... please tell me I’m wrong. Although I’m never wrong,” said Carmichael as a look of shock mixed with intrigue flashed across his handsome face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Contracts can be gotten around, Carmichael. You, the Prince of Lies, or whatever you like to be known as, should appreciate how sometimes greatness can be achieved by cheating,” said David, pressing the dense ball of iron into an even denser ball. He pressed and squeezed, achieving a feat never before seen by human and deific eyes. Carmichael was horrified now, knowing full and well what David was about to do.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Now you three can cum. I order you to cum like never before,” David snarled. Carmichael had to sidestep to avoid being showered in jets of warm jism. David held out the now egg-sized ball of iron in his hand. It still weighed the same but had been incredibly compressed by his equally incredible strength. The trio ejaculated for all they were worth, cum sizzling on the surface of the friction-hot iron ball in David’s hand. The heat didn’t burn him whatsoever, something to be thankful for. “Just a little seasoning before it goes down the hatch, Carmichael,” said David, winking at his satanic manservant. Then he stuffed the iron ball into his mouth and deftly swallowed it in one go. His nuclear-reactor stomach didn’t know what hit it. The iron began to slowly melt into a sludge of acid-mulched pizza.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]As Manuel and the surfer-douche-bags continued to cum and moan in throes of ecstasy like nothing before, David tore off his shirt sleeves, exposing his mammoth biceps which he seemed only too happy to flex. They seemed even bigger now that they were free of the sleeves. David’s hulking body pushed Carmichael until his back was to a wall. David breathed his musk all over him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“With this ball inside me I now weigh more than two tonnes, Carmichael. The contract you had me sign in my fucking dream applies to a two thousand pound man. David began to undress Carmichael, somewhat forcibly. He easily tore the suit jacket away from him, exposing a nicely-built torso in a white shirt and tie underneath.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Suh-Sir, I must... puh-protest,” stammered Carmichael, as he tried to resist the potency of David’s musk. But swallowing the super-dense iron ball and tripled his output of musk, not to mention making it even more concentrated than ever before. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“What’s this... the Devil Himself has got a stutter.... poor, poor Devil,” mocked David, dipping his head so that he could nibble on Carmichael’s lower lip with his teeth. David groped the front of Carmichael’s pants and felt his dick twitching and then throbbing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Heh heh heh, what’s this? Missus Carmichael isn’t going to like this, now is she?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“David... pl––”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David lifted Carmichael about six inches off the floor and began to kiss him profoundly, barely giving him a chance to breathe. Carmichael didn’t resist as much as he probably should have. Soon his clothes were drenched in David’s musk.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Lift the cap on my muscle-growth, Carmichael. You own 666 lbs of my former size, NOT my soul. I guess that makes me exempt to a lot of the small print, huh?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I cuh-can lift it... buh-but from now on your growth will have to be from regular bodybuilding, not my... er.... magic... for want of a better word. And you suh-still have to beget an heir, otherwise I will have your soul.” Carmichael couldn’t believe that his body was reacting to David’s overpowering effects. But then again, in a mortal body, Satan was susceptible to a lot of human vices (don’t tell anyone I said that ;-).[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“But... but...’s super-sexy David’s birthday today,” David said, now toying with the Devil to get his own way, “... aren’t you going to give David a little pwessie?” David hugged Carmichael tighter, subjecting him to progressive tongue thrusts, each one going further into his mouth and down his throat. David held him up with one hand, and went exploring with the other, finding Carmichael’s hot butt and playing with it for a time.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Your butt is sexy,” snarled David, lustily, his seduction of the Devil gaining more and more momentum.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“We have.... have gyms in Hell, too, y’know,” Carmichael gasped, never once in all of eternity had he ever succumbed to the sexual charms of a man.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Nice... I would really like to fuck you.... but I think you should let me have a pwessie first, though... say.... another 1000 lbs of ravishing muscle mass, whaddya say?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Carmichael thought about it. He reckoned it was in his power to bend his own rules a little, considering David had gotten away with quite a lot on a technicality. Oh what the heck, it was his 18th birthday and they only come around once in a lifetime.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Okay... you can grow to 3000 lbs, David. Buh...but not yet... not now. I nuh-need time to compose myself. Muh-maybe if I were to accompany you to the club?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Now THAT wasn’t a bad idea at all.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]10:00 pm.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]They’d gone for coffee and ice cream, something to kill time with until the club opened at 10pm. David loved strutting around Santa Barbara, now in a sleeveless shirt, more massively pumped than he’d ever been before. Everyone he passed that fell under his spell couldn’t get over the size of the muscle freak. He was, quite simply, the biggest, hugest, heaviest, most muscle-defined bodybuilder to ever walk the Earth. And David, before the night was out, would be even huger and more muscular than he was now. He simply couldn’t wait.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Getting into The Club was a little problematic at first. There was a line of gorgeous gay men, all in assorted attire designed to enhance what nature or the gym and given them. David, before the night was out, knew that he would have each and every one of them writhing at his feet. In fact, for his 18th birthday he would be the catalyst in the biggest ever gay orgy. Just so as not to cause pandemonium too early, Carmichael fixed it so that David’s musk glands went to sleep for a spell. He also freshened them both up prior to getting in line.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Gee, man, you’re HUGE,” said onlookers as they ogled the mega-titan that was David Driscoll. “How much can you bench?” someone asked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“About 2000lbs currently, but I’m workin’ on getting bigger and stronger, so who knows what I’ll be liftin’ in the future. I hope it’s a lot more. I just want to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And then after that, I will get even bigger and bigger. And then after that, more huge than ever,” David boasted. Standing in line for The Club, despite that his musk production had been temporarily switched off, David was still having an incredible effect on the gay men flocking around him. He realised that his boasting was such a turn-on for people, and he got so boned just talking about himself and how much bigger he planned to get.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Can I feel your muscles?” one cute guy asked as his eyes waxed hugely in their sockets simply trying to take in the vastness that was David. “Only if I can fuck you up your cute little ass,” was his reply. David flexed a little for his audience, churning out some double biceps, pec-bouncing and side chest flexing. The audience responded with “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs”, and “God...gotta cum!” David flexed an even huger full lat-spread than earlier at the restaurant, causing another button to pop undone on his utterly dishevelled shirt. His hairy chest flexed up hugely, burying most of his face beneath a mound of super-striated, bulbous pec-meat. His waist seemed to diminish further, creating the illusion of even further upper body mass. Several men had to quit standing in line in order to find some secluded alleyway in which to cum. A few wouldn’t make it and would soil themselves in the street.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The line moved gradually. David was getting pissed off. “Carmichael, do whatever it is you do and buy the fuck out of this place. David Driscoll doesn’t do lines.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Very good, Sir,” said the Devil, now neatly dressed and playing the role of manservant once again. He flipped out his cell phone, speed dialled a number, and in less than a minute was able to respond with: “The deed to this licensed premises has been transferred to Driscoll Holdings. You are now the sole executor, Sir.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Fuckin-A,” said David and began to push his way to the front of the line. He was stopped by two huge bodybuilders in tuxedos. Well, they were huge – the kings of their hill – in whatever gym it was they trained in. But next to David Driscoll, they were midgets. Neither of them looked like they were anywhere near 300 lbs. David was more than three times their weight COMBINED![/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You need to be a member to join, big fella,” said one of the bouncers, clearly intimidated by David’s size, but like his colleague, tried not to show it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I own this place, little fella,” David informed him with a cocky grin. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“It’s true,” said the white-faced former manager of The Club when he appeared alongside the bouncers at the door. He’d just gotten the call from his lawyer to say that the Driscolls had bought him out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Don’t fret, boys. I’m a mostly benevolent boss. Raises all around for everyone, and triple the Christmas bonus for all staff,” said David as he pushed his way into The Club. He stopped, however, to address the bouncers one last time: “You two can have free protein for life. You look like you could really do with gaining some real size.” David flashed a pearly white smile, for he was so magnificently handsome, and bounced his massive pecs right in front of the bouncers, both of whom suddenly felt so very, very small. But hey, free protein, a raise and a triple Christmas bonus? David may have been cocky, but he was generous to a fault.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]10:27 pm[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David took over the VIP lounge and made himself comfortable. It was the perfect place for his planned orgy of extreme muscle-growth and worship. It was lit with subdued lighting glancing off mirror balls that threw speckles of light about the room as an accompaniment to the lava lamps that glowed and oozed like irradiated protozoa glowing under a microscope. There were soft leather couches all around, as well as bean bags and a private bar. It turned out, purely by chance, that Manuel worked here at night as a bartender. He’d managed to clean himself up after his antics at the restaurant earlier and was now behind the bar and wearing only a skin-tight pair of Levi’s 501s. In homage to his hulkingly huge and ultra-hunky teenage boss, Manuel had serviced his jeans, cutting away the panel of denim concealing the fly to expose the shiny metal buttons beneath. It was so International Male, but it got David’s approval and so he made a mental note to have every guy working at The Club to do the same to their jeans.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I’m so glad you’re here, Manuel. Hope I wasn’t too rough with you earlier,” said David when he went to the bar to get a drink. In the background the music was “West End Girls” by the Pet Shop Boys. The scene was just perfect.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“It’s okay, [/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]Señor[/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray] Driscoll,” the delicious Hispanic replied, somewhat ruefully. He blushed a little as he prepared a Manhattan for David, flushing his already tanned cheeks with delicious red splashes that seemed to glow in the dim almost psychedelic light of the VIP lounge. David accepted the drink and slurped it back in one go. “Mmmm, not bad. But it would taste a lot better with your cum in it.” Saying this caused Manuel’s button-fly to tent out in his jeans. David was back reeking musk again, only not as potent as before. But it was enough to cause Manuel to leap over the bar-top and lunge at his boss. David was only too keen to have this happen.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Manuel, his muscled chest already glistening with the oil all bartenders in The Club had to have rubbed into their shirtless torsos during work hours, sucked heavily on David’s lips, fucking his tongue as far into his mouth as he could. He gripped David around his huge neck, which was difficult given the width and depth of his chest that now rippled and flexed next to Manuel’s hot body. The Mexican easily got his denim-thighs around David’s compact but powerful waist and they sucked face like this for what seemed like an interminable moment.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Te amo, [/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]Señor[/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray] Driscoll,” said Manuel, having never said this to anyone before. David had no idea what that meant, but he could sense from Manuel that the Mexican was feeling nothing but love. Was David ready for a long-term relationship? He didn’t know. All of this was happening quite fast. Despite his great size and weight the Manhattan had gone right to his head, making his thoughts swim on heady currents. It was a nice feeling and married well with the tingling he now felt in his hugely oversized balls.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David was now unbearably horny. But he had to resist temptation. Eventually he would take a boyfriend (and a woman at some stage to produce his heir), but for now he really loved being a muscle-slut. And speaking of muscle...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Carmichael was lurking in a corner as usual, sipping a dry sherry, his jacket off and tie loosened around his open shirt-neck. He watched David making out with Manuel and thought about turning the Mexican into a slug and then stepping on him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Am I...jealous?” Carmichael pondered the possibility in his mind. In mortal form he was as human as the next person, and gave in to his body’s lusts quite easily. His boner throbbed in his pants and so he fondled it as he watched David set Manuel down and approach him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“It’s time for me to grow now. Soon this lounge will be filled with hot guys having the orgasms of their lives. I want my birthday present NOW!!!” David stood hugely over Carmichael, for all intents and purposes a huge but spoilt American teenage brat, like those rich 16-year-old bitches off MTV that get everything they want for their birthdays.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I can’t even have a sherry in peace. Oh very well,” said Carmichael, and did absolutely nothing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Uh, I’m waiting,” said David, his hands on hips, pecs bouncing, balls and dick pushing harder against his button-fly.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“It’s done. What, were you expecting me to wiggle my nose or cry ‘Expecto Muscularionis’, hmm?” Carmichael sipped on his sherry once again and crossed one leg over the other to better stay off his full-blown hardon.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David moved to the centre of the lounge, “Born to be Alive” once again playing in the vicinity of the gigantic bodybuilder. David concentrated and willed his most pungent musk yet. It billowed out of him and soon got caught in the air conditioning. Within two minutes all the gay men and staff at The Club poured into the lounge, some nearly stepping over others to get near to David. Once his audience was established, David concentrated still further. He had 1000 lbs of growing to do. And that began right now.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He tilted his head back, outstretching his arms on either side, fists bunched tightly, his legs spread as wide as he could spread them. This was his stance from which the most muscle growth would be exploited. His horny audience of up to one hundred gorgeous, hot gay men formed a circle around him, giving the giant enough room to fill out further. They all gazed, amazed at what was happening right before them, communal lust rising to fever-pitch as David’s amazing perfume besieged their senses like a battering ram.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David’s arms, already way thicker than an average man at the shoulders, bulged huger, veins like snakes hulking upwards and outwards across his flesh. He shuddered at the sensation as his heart quickened and strengthened as mile after mile of new veins were laid down, vast capillary super-highways transporting metamorphic fluids to every fibre in his body. Biceps bulged to more than a hundred inches... no.... two hundred inches.... even more, huger, huger, still growing, bigger and bigger, thicker and stronger. His forearms increased to one hundred and fifty inches cold, bigger when flexed. His traps completely devoured his neck which in itself was more than eighty inches around.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David growled insanely, now, as everyone around him moaned and wailed in lust as they hurried to get out of their clothes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David’s chest ballooned and ballooned, swelling up huge like some great gorging leeches, only beautifully so. Hundreds of inches went onto his chest, massive girth like never seen before, never even comprehended by the most lustful of muscle fantasists. His shirt stretched impossibly, but it couldn’t fight the incredible pressure of muscles so huge. It came apart quite awesomely, the three buttons left holding the shirt fastened at his augmenting waist now pinging off in all directions. One hit a bottle of Jim Beam at the bar and the glass shattered, spilling the liquid. Now gigantic, ultra-cut ab-bellies pushed outward, bisected down the middle by the thickest, darkest, wettest treasure trail a man could ever sport. Bits of shirt floated in the air like confetti, but drenched in wet musk only to fall to the floor where muscle-hungry men now vied for them like a pack of hyenas fighting over the last bit of carrion.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David’s waist swelled to fifty-eight inches, but his shoulders were easily six times that size. He got huger and huger, shooting past the 3000 lbs that Carmichael had set as the new cap. After all, the Devil could bend his own rules and it now amused him to see just how huge David could get before sheer bulk overwhelmed his aesthetics and he transformed into a shapeless blob of muscle.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]More buttons pinged, this time from his pants as they finally disintegrated. Now his man-meat was exposed for everyone to see. It was HUUUUUGE, easily five feet long and at least three feet thick. Even an elephant couldn’t be fucked by that. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Hmmm, might be a bit too big in that department,” Carmichael mused as he filled up on more sherry, mild inebriation starting to take hold.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Unnnnngh, so huuuuge,” the gay men moaned as they writhed around on a floor now sodden with so much of David’s musk, sweat and precum. They bathed in it, sucking it into themselves out of the very tiles. A couple of men latched on to David’s ever-growing bone and marvelled at how it lifted them up as it became more erect, travelling upward towards his enormously-jutting pec-juggernauts. David grew and grew, getting more and more muscular. The striations between the muscles on his thighs alone were deep enough to take dicks and so some men began to fuck the striations, burying their dicks all the way into the super-hard cleavage.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]The head of his dick, easily bigger than his own head, drew level with the top of his pecs. David was deftly able to flex his pecs around the massive shaft of his dick, which totally boned him further, his lust rising to near-Armageddon intensity.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“AW FUCK..... I’M HUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!” He flexed the hugest most muscular yet, and his glistening body heaved and bulged, new muscle flesh still in the forming, glistening with a mirror sheen, bloated, bulbous and spherical in definition, veins straining like thick ropes beneath his skin. He flexed and flexed and flexed and flexed, screaming, growling, barking with the intensity of his transformation. He tightened every muscle-bulb, straining it to the point of exploding, willing greater size and thickness, and deeper cuts from his muscles. They obeyed his every command. He got bigger and bigger and bigger still. The fucking hugest, godforsaken mega-muscled gigantic bodybuilder in all of creation... and he was still hungry to be bigger still.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Tell me what I am!!!” He screamed to his audience, each one on the verge of cumming.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You are the biggest Bodybuilder. Your bodybuilding knows no boundary. No bodybuilder can ever compare to you, David,” they chanted, their lust forming them into a one-minded collective.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=dimgray]David was ready to erupt but he managed to contain it. With balls now larger than some of the beanbags in the lounge, and his height easily passing eight feet or more, David’s growth ceased and it was impossible to gauge just how much he had grown. But at a guess it would be near to 4000 lbs, maybe a lot more. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]A hundred gay men came in unison, aiming their streams high, aiming at their muscle master whom would be the sole focus of their worship for the rest of their lives. David bathed in their cream, so much of it shooting at him from the front and the back. He fingered it off his abs and then licked his fingers clean. One by one he picked them up, for they were all so small to him, now. Still ejaculating, he sucked them off to the last drop intending to fill up on so much delicious spunk. He kept Manuel until the end, savouring his juice over all others. He kissed him fondly after he emptied him of his liquid. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“What do you think of the even huger me, Manuel? Reckon I’m too much for you to handle?” [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Before Manuel could even speak, David was kissing him repeatedly, holding him in both hands, whilst Manuel’s dick was squeezed between the biggest pectoral muscles of any living creature.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I want you no matter how huge you get, [/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]Señor[/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray] Driscoll,” Manuel gasped in between kisses. David completely took his breath away. They kissed for ages, before Manuel finally passed out amidst the now exhausted and depleted orgy of David-worshippers. Soon David and Carmichael were the only ones conscious in the entire Club.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]11:46 pm.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David towered above Carmichael, out-sizing him in every way imaginable. But David had yet to cum, and there was still fourteen minutes left of his birthday. He smirked roguishly down at his immortal manservant... the Devil of yore, of all people. Carmichael’s flies were undone, his cum-slicked dick flopping across him. He’d been masturbating the whole time, and seemed quite depleted, as well as more than tipsy from one too many sherries.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You’re my bitch, now, Carmichael,” David growled, and bent forwards, to rip the clothing from the Devil’s body, exposing a deliciously buff body that he’d hid well in the penguin suits he wore whenever he attended to his rich master. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I look forward to it, Davy-boy,” he slurred, now obviously tired of the whole manservant act. He was Satan and he could be anyone he wanted to be, even Patrick Hernandez. He flexed his abs in order to push his lower half upwards, holding his legs upwards and as close to his chest as his supple self could manage. In this way he exposed his butt-hole for David to see... his impossibly large butt-hole.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“There never was a Missus Carmichael,” the Devil confessed, now totally desiring to be fucked by David and no other.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Prince of fucking Lies,” growled David and got into position, holding Carmichael firmly by each ankle. He pushed five and a half feet of monster-dick into the Devil, who was, not surprisingly, able to take it to the last inch. David fucked him hard and fast, for he was only coming of age and nowhere near experienced at the art of anal intercourse. Still, not bad to fuck a supreme being in human form, his first time out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Back home I’m known as TARDIS-butt,” Carmichael admitted, finally giving in to his gay side and going with the flow.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]That made David laugh, but it didn’t interfere with his cumming. He finally shot the biggest load of cum in history, a hundred litres of the stuff, and it took him more than half an hour to do it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]Carmichael was able to take all of it in. What happened to all that cum was a mystery, but David eventually fell backwards onto a beanbag with force enough to make the entire building shake. He lay there for a time, basking in the brilliance of his achievement, his massively muscular arms folded behind his head. He was enormous, so utterly, almost ridiculously beautiful. He was perfection at its most incredible, surreal.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]He lay there and thought about the future and what the world would have in store for the 4000+ lb bodybuilder. He drifted off into a dreamless sleep.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]7:00 am.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The alarm went off as always and David awakened to find himself in his room at the family mansion. “Born to be Alive” came on as usual, but David found himself having to blink a few times, to work the sleep out of his head, and to focus on the reality of his sudden surroundings. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“I don’t remember getting home,” he said aloud and quickly got out of his bed. There were mirrors everywhere in his room, on the walls and ceiling, in the bathroom, even in the en suite sauna. David needed to look at himself often, to marvel at his amazing body. He gazed at himself, the events of last night somewhat hazy in his mind. He was fucking gigantic, a 4000 lb mega-hunk of incredible bodybuilding magnificence.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Best birthday ever,” he declared, boning up on some posing before breakfast. He couldn’t wait to get to the gym in order to test his new strength, break all of his previous lifting records, and simply to be seen and marvelled at by so many lusty men and women.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Carmichael? Carmichael!” David called and called, but his manservant did not come. Well, not Carmichael... but David’s new manservant soon made himself known.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David gazed at Manuel as he strutted into the bedroom, wearing only denim cut-offs and a red bandana.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]David’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“You called me, [/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]Señor[/COLOR][COLOR=dimgray]?” Manuel was the new manservant to David Driscoll, and not only that, Manuel was his muscular equal. He was as big as David in just about every way. The denim shorts clung to him like a second skin, but his balls hung down past the cut-offs. Behind the button-fly a massive anaconda stirred.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Carmichael, you sneaky Devil,” laughed David, now realising that this was the birthday present to end all birthday presents. Manuel began to flex for his master, bouncing his gigantic, tanned, oiled pecs and smiling a beautiful white smile that contrasted his tanned flesh so wonderfully.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]“Come to your Master, you sexy muscleman,” said David, and Manuel obeyed him instantly. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The two kissed for most of the morning, lusting after each other and they fucked for hours after that, their huge and masculine muscle-butts easily able to accommodate such enormous pole-sized dicks.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]And so that was David’s day... a day in the life of the hugest bodybuilder in the world. Maybe I will revisit another of his days in the future. You never know. I hope you really enjoyed this story. Thanks a million.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]The End[/COLOR]
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I DID really enjoy it! Thanks, super duper hot. :3
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Originally Posted by JP71 View Post
Maybe I will revisit another of his days in the future.
If he didn't drop out a his senior year in high school to get huge, it might've been nice to see him at his graduation with all his classmates. Would be fun to read about them seeing a 4,000lbs. man walking up the stage and wearing only a mortarboard.
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Originally Posted by omelissokomos View Post
If he didn't drop out a his senior year in high school to get huge, it might've been nice to see him at his graduation with all his classmates. Would be fun to read about them seeing a 4,000lbs. man walking up the stage and wearing only a mortarboard.
Yeah, that WOULD be something, wouldn't it.
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Dude.. This was seriously just one of the hottest things I have read in a really long time. You got me 3 times this chapter, and honestly just thinking about this story makes me bulge up in a matter of seconds. Its so raw and powerful you just nailed every aspect of hotness in this story. He's a fucking alpha male in every way and I love it!!

Thank you so much for these 2 bonerific chapters

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Originally Posted by TeenMuscleGod View Post
Dude.. This was seriously just one of the hottest things I have read in a really long time. You got me 3 times this chapter, and honestly just thinking about this story makes me bulge up in a matter of seconds. Its so raw and powerful you just nailed every aspect of hotness in this story. He's a fucking alpha male in every way and I love it!!

Thank you so much for these 2 bonerific chapters

Aw thanks for that. I'm considering a (short) follow-up to this as a "cum-quickie" like my other stories Mister Alpha and BOOM! It would be cool to explore David and Manuel's relationship, especially the sex-side of things, now that they are both 4000lb hyper-muscle freaks. Watch this space
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