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Old November 12th, 2009, 03:50 PM
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He's That Into You - Part 3

[Thanks, again, for all of the comments. I hope this chapter helps to show how the romance keeps getting better and better. Feel free to tell me what you think.]

I can barely remember how we got to this point in the evening. Time seems to have gone into some kind of warp speed after Mac caused me to erupt like a volcano in the restaurant. The image of his two fingers lifting the marble table is a picture frozen in my mind, even as the evening has zoomed to this moment. Now, here we are standing outside of the door to his townhouse and I am about to step into what I know will be the most memorable night of my life. I watch as he turns the key and opens the heavy wooden door, stepping aside to let me enter first. I notice nothing about his place. I simply move inside a few feet, turn around, and wait for him to shut the door. Our lips meet before the mechanism in the doorknob clicks into place. I purposely leave my hands at my side. I am not ready to touch his body. I want to save that miraculous moment for a few more seconds. Only our lips are touching each other – both of us sucking in hard and allowing our tongues to duel it out for control. Mac moans in a way that makes me realize he has been waiting for this kiss as much as me. He allows my mouth to take the lead and I seize the opportunity – grabbing his lips between my teeth, darting my tongue deep into his throat, and creating a super vacuum-like force that causes his cheeks to move in and out. I can tell Mac wants to grab my body, but he is waiting for me to initiate the next step – such the gentleman. He is completely aware of how laying even one of my hands on his gigantic chest is going to cause me to lose any self-control I still possess. It takes a little struggling but Mac is able to peel his tight blazer off of his muscled torso without separating his mouth from mine. I allow my jacket to drop to the floor, as well.

I raise my hands so they are a few inches from his chest. My fingers register intense heat radiating from his body – even through the skin-tight shirt. I let my palms move to his massive chest and the world, as I know it, comes to a complete stop. Time stands still. My brain seems to not function, my mouth stops its exploration of his, and every molecule of my body rushes to the nerve endings in my fingers and hands. I know immediately that I will never forget this feeling for the rest of my life. Even if there are many more chances to touch Mac’s incredible chest in my future there will never come a time when I will not instantly return to this moment – this second. I knew his body would be hard. I knew it would be warm. But there was nothing in the world that could have prepared me for how skin stretched over many layers of hard muscle compounded together by years of lifting heavy weights would truly feel. I knew my hands were touching something human but my mind wanted to substitute something else so it could comprehend the hardness of his body – steel, granite, stone, or anything impenetrable. I press my fingers inward and there is no give in the wall of muscle – only my own flesh indents. I press harder and nothing moves. My wrists begin to hurt from the pressure. I try to bring my fingers together and grab some of Mac’s chest meat but it is like trying to hold onto smooth marble. I am only able to grab the fabric of his shirt. I slide my hands outwardly toward the curved muscled edges of his pecs. Here I am able to take hold of a handful of heavy meat. I clamp down hard and squeeze his erect nipples in my grasp. It feels like I’m trying to unsuccessfully crush bricks. I use all of my strength and Mac moans loudly as we continue to kiss. This makes me find more strength from somewhere deep within and I am able to manhandle his massive pecs even more. I pull on his muscled beef and twist my hands at the same time. Mac pulls his lips from mine.

“Fuck that feels great,” he says through gritted teeth. “Keep that up and I’m going to make a mess in my pants, too.”

“So the big guy likes his chest tortured, does he,” I say with a grin that makes Mac smile because he knows something good is coming. “I hope this isn’t your favorite shirt.”

I let go of the hard pec meat in my hands and slide them in the gap between two of the lower buttons. I force my arms apart quickly and the shirt opens, buttons flying off and fabric ripping. I gasp out loud as his immense chest is revealed. It seems to explode even larger, as if freed from some type of captivity as soon as the shirt is ripped apart. Again all motion stops and I stand there with my mouth open as I gaze on his mammoth pecs – ripe with huge gorgeous nipples standing erect like good little soldiers. The beauty of this man’s torso freezes me. The light dusting of dark hair not only screams masculinity, but it also makes Mac seem even bigger.

“Damn, you are fucking beautiful,” is the only thing I can think of to say.

I want to stand there and just stare at his colossal frame, but there is a desire that is much stronger. I bring my face quickly to his right nipple. The hard nub slides between my parted lips and I attach my mouth to his chest like some kind of super suction cup on a pane of glass. I press his nipple hard with my tongue, forcing it into his chest a little. This action makes Mac’s body quiver uncontrollably. I then bring my teeth together around the base of the tough protruding skin and bite him hard.

“Hell yeah, Seth!” Mac screams.

This is all the encouragement I need. It dawns on me that this giant man can probably take a hundred times the abuse of other men. I bite his nipple even more intensely, sliding his hardness sideways in my mouth so I can use my back teeth. This causes Mac to throw his head back with a roar that I swear makes the walls shake. I chomp down firmly, sure that I would cut through anything else with the pressure I am exerting. My abuse causes Mac to turn into a madman. He reaches over my shoulder and down my back, grabbing my ass with his giant right hand. Suddenly my feet leave the ground as my body is easily lifted into the air. The motion forces my face into his massive pec even more and I begin to chew cruelly on his nipple.

“Fuck Seth, you are getting my chest even more pumped up than after an intense workout session. And that’s hard to do my good man.” Mac is still talking between gritted teeth. He continues to shove me hard into his body with just his one hand on my ass. I watch out of the corner of my eye as he takes his other hand to his free nipple and begins to pinch it hard. I intensify the pressure on his nipple between my teeth and pull my head away from his body at the same time. I know there is no way to equal the force that he can create with just his finger and thumb but I sure-as-hell try.

Mac then begins to walk – as he holds me up against his body with just one huge hand. I have no idea where we were going and I don’t care. I just want to continue chewing and sucking on his magnificent chest. I can tell Mac is leaving his shoes behind as we move, so I kick mine off, too. Even in the midst of giving this man’s nub some heavy torture I can let myself enjoy what it feels like to be lifted into the air so effortlessly. My body begins to shake a little, as I comprehend the power that exists in just one of his enormous arms. I can feel his bowling ball sized bicep pressing into my back. It feels even harder than the marble-like chest I am sucking on. My muscle reveling is only interrupted when Mac gently sets my body down on the ground. He places both of his big hands on either side of my face and pulls my mouth from his pec. The nipple is replaced with the big man’s lips. We kiss hard and long. Mac let his hands drop down to the top of my pants. He has my belt off in a few seconds and undoes the button above my zipper. He then slides his massive right paw down into my underpants. Mac lets his hand wrap around my cock and again all motion stops. Our lips do not move, neither of us breathe, and I can tell Mac’s brain is catching up with his fingers. Suddenly, Mac pulls his hand from my pants and steps back from me. He has a panicked look on his face.

“What the hell is that?” he exclaims.

“I believe it’s called a penis,” I say smiling an evil grin, “But some people call it by the word I love most – cock! I think that word better represents this specific appendage.”

“That’s not a cock, that’s a fucking redwood,” Mac says with a look that almost resembles fear. “You could have warned me, Seth!”

“What, and miss all this fun? I don’t think so,” I reply.

“It’s not even fully hard, is it?” he asks.

“You sure do know how to make a boy blush, Mac,” I say teasingly. “No, it is not fully hard. But if anyone can get it that way, it’s you big man. Now don’t be scared. It won’t hurt you.”

“Won’t hurt me? Hell that thing will rip my ass in two,” Mac yells unbelievingly. “I’ve got to feel that fucker again.”

Mac returns to in front of me and reaches up to grab the collar of my shirt. With one swift motion he rips the piece of clothing from my body. He lets his hands run down my smooth chest and stomach, sliding the fingers of both hands into the top of my pants above each hip. He slowly pulls my boxers and slacks out toward him and downward. His face has a look that is a mixture of lust and nervousness. I look down, as well. First, there is a heavy spread of dark pubic hair and then the base of my giant cock. I have been big all of my life. My parents used to comment about it even when I was very young. My dad always boasted to his friends that when I was born I was bigger below the waist than some grown men. He even used to embarrass me by making me pull my pants down in front of his buddies so they could marvel at my endowment. It never failed to impress. I think Mac was definitely impressed by what he was seeing. Because of its size my cock didn’t hang to one side. It’s base shot out and this caused the long shaft to fall forward like a fireman’s hose attached to a fire hydrant. As a matter of fact, it was about that thick. Mac inhaled deeply as he continued to pull down my pants. We both stared at how my cock got thicker in the middle, like it was a snake that had swallowed some animal whole. Mac let out a long whistle when he got my pants more than halfway down my thighs and the tip of my cock had not yet been revealed. Finally, when the top of my pants got almost below my knees the flared large head of my cock sprung free from the constraint of my underwear.

“Sweet fucking shit,” Mac says as he lets my pants drop to the floor and stares at my cock, which bounces up and down a little - looking like a cobra dancing to some unheard music. Mac stands up straight and takes a few steps back. “We are going to have to call you tripod from now on, Seth. You’ve got three legs! That thing is fucking monstrous. Suddenly, this giant doesn’t feel so big.”

“You have got to be kidding,” I say laughing out loud. I reach down with one hand and heft my big dick into the air. “This may make me hung and a little lopsided, but it doesn’t make me a giant like you. Not by a long shot.” I step out of my pants gathered at my ankles and move to Mac. I take both of my fists and punch his two massive pecs. “These make someone a giant!” I don’t even make a dent in his hard meat. I have to shake my hands out a little because it’s like hitting a brick wall and hurts a lot. I reach out and place my hands on both of his bulging biceps. “And these definitely make you a fucking massive behemoth!” My body freezes as soon as my hands come in contact with his vein covered upper arms. I have been talking so fast that I haven’t really thought about what I am doing. I am not prepared for how hard his biceps will be. I just let my hands rest on what seems like cement covered by skin and stand there, obviously shaken. I stare at his right bicep as if it has just sprouted three heads. It may not have three heads, but it did have three distinct layers of muscle – three peaks and it isn’t even flexed. My cock rubs up against his crotch as it moves upward like the trunk of an elephant doing a trick in the circus. His bulging arm muscles crank me up like some kind of pornographic Jack-In-The-Box. Mac’s arms mesmerize me and he is totally lost in my giant rising tool.

“Holy shit, that thing’s like a torpedo!” exclaims Mac as he reaches down and wraps his hand around the upper part of my enlarged shaft. “I’ve got enormous hands Seth and my thumb and forefinger barely meet. You must get dizzy when this thing is hard since every drop of blood in your body must rush here.” Mac squeezes my cock tightly and I moan out loud. His action makes me automatically try to tighten my hands on his biceps but they are too hard for me to grab even part of them. I put most of my weight against his arms and they don’t budge at all. His body must be completely unstoppable. Mac slides his hand down my pole to the base and then moves it back up to the tip. “Damn, this is one long piece of thick meat.”

“Okay, you need to let go now or I’m going to spray you like I’m Old Faithful,” I say quickly, trying to prevent my body from losing control again. Mac lets go of my cock and I remove my hands from his biceps. We stand there looking at each other – our faces filled with lust.

Mac reaches up and undoes his belt and pants. He pushes everything down his bulging thighs and then steps out of his jumbled underwear and slacks. I smile big when I get my first glace of his stiff-as-a-board large cock. His rod is thick, not as thick as mine, but it seems to bulge with muscle just like the rest of his body. I love how it stands at attention like some kind of soldier being presented to a high-ranking officer. I lick my lips unconsciously as I stare at Mac’s fucking gorgeous body. We are both silent and in total awe of each other.

“Come over here,” Mac says as he moves to the far side of the large bedroom. I immediately see where he is headed. There is a large floor to ceiling framed mirror leaning against one wall of the room. It’s one of those neat decorating ideas I love. I am sure this mirror is used by Mac to practice his posing routines. I make a mental note to ask him to show me later on. Mac motions me to stand beside him. We both stare into the mirror. Our size difference is unreal. I’m a normally tall, slender guy, but Mac’s muscled body completely dwarfs mine. I look like some kind of miniature version of myself standing next to Mac. His size is mind-blowing. He has bulging muscles in places I never knew you could build them. His shoulders look like rounded landing strips on aircraft carriers. Next to him my shoulders look like they belong to some malnourished ninety-pound weakling. Mac clears his throat and I move my gaze from his shoulders to his face. He is smiling at me. “Damn, we make a great couple.”

I cannot help but agree with the big guy. We both bring something to the table – he, a fucking huge body with the strength of Atlas and me, a huge horse-sized cock. Mac’s own dick is still standing at full mast. I love how it sticks straight up in the middle of his perfectly chiseled eight-pack. The fucking giant has eight incredible muscled abdominal muscles that frame his thick cock in a mouth-watering way. I glance from his cock to my own and a feeling of pride rushes through my body. I am definitely bigger than Mac in the meat department, but that does not lessen my lust for his massive body in any way. He has so much muscle packed on his frame I don’t know where to stare next. I still can’t get over the width and thickness of his shoulders. And then there is that muscled chest that seems to explode from his midsection in a way that is definitely inhuman. Only this guy’s mind-blowing muscled arms and his thick-as-shit thighs can take my attention away from his massive pecs. By this time my cock is standing straight up, as well, and the tip comes up practically even with the bottom of my chest. Mac is staring at my huge shaft and has a face full of desire.

“You can suck yourself off, can’t you?” he asks, not taking his eyes from my cock.

I don’t answer. I simply bend my head down and fold my stomach in a little. I am able to let the wide head of my own dick slide into my welcoming mouth. I begin to suck a little and let my tongue run around the top part of my long pole. I glance up at Mac’s face as I service myself and I see his body go completely rigid.

“No . . . fucking . . . way,” Mac says in between deep hard breaths. “I’m going to . . . nooooooo, oh shit!”

Suddenly Mac’s cock spews a wad of cum into the air that hits him on the chin. I pull my mouth from my dick and watch as his body goes into a beautiful tensed orgasm. Mac quickly closes his eyes from the pressure being release from within him. Every part of his body is instantly bursting with muscles. I watch as his stomach jerks inward dramatically right before his now purple headed cock sends another long rope of cum flying. The milky trail lands perfectly in the wide valley between his pecs. I watch as it slides down his stone-cut abs causing the perfect ridges to shine like wet marble. Mac cries out as his cock continues to ejaculate about eight more times, cum covering his massive pecs and stomach. Finally, his body stops its Herculean convulsions and he opens his eyes, first looking at his cum covered muscles and then turning to catch my eyes.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait anymore. It looks like I made a mess,” he says smiling at me.

“No, it’s not a mess, you just put some icing on that fucking huge muscled cake of yours,” I say as I raise a hand to his chest and run my finger down the deep crevice between his pecs. I then put my finger in my mouth, tasting his cum. “Umm, sweet and salty, just the way I like it. Ready for round two, Mr. Mac.”

“Bring it on, Seth, bring it on,” he replies.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Very well matched! I'll take 'em!


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Your discriptions of Mac's body made me shiver with lust. Great writing (as usual).

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That's damn hot... I'm speechless...
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