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Old October 16th, 2009, 02:43 PM
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My Hero

I had been visiting Mrs. Kinley for over two years. I had become a volunteer for a program that delivered food to the elderly twice a day. Since I worked at home I was the person that brought her lunch every day. It was a quick walk from my apartment to hers and I found it a great break from the lonely world of being a writer. Mrs. Kinley was almost ninety-two, but was still a live wire. I was usually dragged into helping with some kind of handyman-job around her place. Sometimes a simple lunch turned into a two-hour plumbing job, complete with trips to the hardware store and my clothes ending up pretty dirty.

Little did I know that on one bright fall day I would become much more than handyman and that my life would be changed forever. It was supposed to be a fast drop-in with her lunch and get-out-of-there quickly kind of day. I was on a deadline for an article for the New Yorker and was on a roll with my creative juices. I bounded up the steps two at a time to Mr. Kinley’s third-floor apartment and didn’t even register the smell of smoke. When I got to the landing of the third floor there was Mr. Kinley waiting for me and I could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong.

“Thank goodness you are here, Austin. I think there’s a fire. I need your help. We have to get Max out.”

I stopped in my tracks and that’s when I noticed the smoke. I also heard a fire alarm going off in the distance. I quickly put the bag of food on the floor and ran down the hall. I heard Mrs. Kinley following me.

“I’m sure it’s apartment number five.”

By this time I could see smoke seeping out of the bottom of a door at the end of the hall. I turned back to Mrs. Kinley.

“Did you call the fire department, Mrs. Kinley?”

“No, I haven’t had time. I’m so worried about Max.”

“You think there’s someone in the apartment?”

“No, Max is Rico’s dog.”

Now I love dogs a great deal, so knowing there was one in this fire made me lose all fear. I placed my hand on the door as she spoke to see if it was warm. It wasn’t warm at all. I realized then that the fire wasn’t near the front entrance.

“Did you call the super, Mrs. Kinley?”

“He can’t help Austin, he can barely make it up one flight of stairs. He never comes up here.”

All rational thought ended. I moved back as far as I could. I ran towards the door and turned my shoulder so it would hit the wood first. My impact did nothing at all to the sturdy door, but it did cause a lot of pain in my body. I slumped to the ground as I cried out in agony.

“Would a key help, Austin? Rico gave me one when he moved in.”

In the midst of my pain I looked up at Mrs. Kinley and found that she was holding out a key. Her face was so innocent but I knew she was laughing at me on the inside.

“Yes, Mrs. Kinley, that would help a lot.”

I struggled to stand up and took the key from her. I unlocked the door and opened it. Smoke bellowed out surrounding us. Almost immediately the smoke alarms in the hallway went off. I looked down the entrance hall of the apartment and saw no flames.

“Mrs. Kinley go back to your place and call the fire department. I’m going in for Max. What kind of dog is he?”

“Oh, he’s a beautiful dog, Austin. He’s black and white and he has the best personality. You would love him.”

“How big is he, Mrs. Kinley?”

I shouted a little and it made the older woman jump . I didn’t mean to come across harsh, but I knew I didn’t have much time.

“He’s a little dog, Austin. There’s no reason to yell at me.”

“I’m sorry. Please just go call the fire department.”

I took a deep breath and ran into the smoke filled apartment. I took about ten steps down the hall and that’s when I felt heat. It wasn’t intense, but I knew there were flames somewhere. There was a door closed to my right. I placed my hand against it and it was pretty cool. I opened it and found it was a bedroom. By this time I had to take a breath. I jumped into the room and shut the door, trying to prevent more smoke from getting in. I put my sleeve up to my face and breathed in through the fabric. My lungs were able to get air, but they also took in a lot of smoke. I started to cough and my eyes were watering. I glanced around the room and saw no sign of a dog. As I turned to move back to the hallway I heard a soft whimper. I quickly moved to the other side of the bed and saw a beautiful King Charles spaniel in a cage. I quickly opened the door, grabbed Max, and moved back to the door to the hallway. As soon as I opened the door a heavy wall of smoke surrounded us. Both Max and I started to cough severely and we were engulfed in heat. I forced myself to move forward. I now noticed flames down the hall to my right and they were moving quickly. I turned toward the front door and ran. It seemed as if my entire body was full of smoke. By the time I stepped out of the apartment my head was in severe pain and I knew I was about to pass out. I was able to move away from the apartment door and down the main hallway. I knew it was a matter of seconds before those flames came roaring out of the apartment. I tried to move quickly but my body was shutting down. I glanced at the dog in my arms and began to fall forward to the floor.

Suddenly, out of the heavy smoke, two arms grabbed me and caught me before I fell. I looked up and saw the yellow uniform of a fireman and his concerned face through his mask. I then blacked out.

I first heard voices. Then I felt pain in my shoulder and something across my face. Without opening my eyes I reached up and felt the oxygen mask that was helping me to breathe. I moaned a little and the voices stopped. I opened my eyes and had to blink a few times to see clearly. Standing above me was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I first noticed the two piercing hunter-green eyes. They were intoxicating and seemed like something from another world. Secondly, I noticed the smile. It wasn’t simply the whiteness of the teeth or the genuine warmth exuding from the wide grin. No, what got me most was the obvious strength the smile seemed to foretell. I could see in the deep dimples in the cheeks and the sharp, tight jaw line that the smile belonged to someone magnificent. That’s when I became aware of almost shoulder-length hair that was so black that it shined a deep blue. I was having trouble putting all of these different components together into one picture and that’s when the vision moved slightly and my attention focused on what looked like a human Grand Canyon. The miracle in front of me was wearing a pure-white top that had a low v-neck. The cut of the garment enabled me to see the beginnings of two apparently monstrous pectoral muscles that were so bulging I could have wedged a wine bottle between them and it would have stayed. My head started to get dizzy and I was nervous I was going to black out again. The only thing that caused me to stay conscious was my sudden awareness of two massive biceps straining the rolled-up short sleeves of the white top on the vision above me. I moved my eyes from one side to the next trying to decide which bowling ball stuffed arm to rest on first. I settled on the one to my left, mainly because it had a thick vein that started somewhere up under the sleeve, came down the peak of the huge muscle and then spit into two equally thick veins as it traveled down past the elbow and onto the “wide-as-most-men’s-legs” forearm beneath it. It was then I realized I had obviously died in the fire. I reached up and removed the mask covering my mouth. I continued to stare at the bulging arm above me.

“Is this heaven?”

“No, it’s just Rico.”

I recognized Mrs. Kinley’s voice and suddenly her face leaned in so it partially blocked the huge man above me. It took me a minute to process what she had said. I began to notice that my head was hurting tremendously and that my body felt very weak.
“We were worried you were going to go to heaven, Austin. You are one lucky devil and a brave one, at that.”

I focused on Mrs. Kinley’s smiling face and slowly I began to return to the present moment. The wall of muscle behind the small woman moved out of my sight line. I turned my head to follow it. I sucked in air quickly and made a loud gasping sound as I took in the full body of Rico. The man was wearing white scrubs – like a nurse or something. Only, the usually loose fitting outfit was almost skin-tight on this hulk-of-a-man. The stretched material could not have possibly hidden the full to bursting muscles that protruded from every part of his body - even if he had wanted it to. I closed my eyes and shook my head a little – causing much pain. I moaned out loud. Once the aching in my head subsided I suddenly remembered the dog. I opened my eyes quickly and looked at Mrs. Kinley.

“What about Max?”

“He’s fine, Austin.”

“Thanks to you.”

Thoughts of heaven came rushing back into my head when I heard the third voice that first time. If Michael the Archangel had come to earth and spoke to me I was sure it would sound the same. The thickness of the huge body, along with the over six foot frame, caused Rico to sound like a symphonic thunder-rumbling that caused your chest to vibrate and your balls to contract. I shut my eyes and bit my lower lip to prevent myself from squealing out “oh my fucking goodness” like some kind of overwhelmed schoolgirl. His deep baritone voice echoed through my entire body and then came to a swelling focus in my cock. Even in the midst of pain I started to get a hard-on just from the guy speaking.

“You were such a hero, Austin.”

I opened my eyes to see Mrs. Kinley smiling at me. Her kindness was infectious and I smiled too. I could feel myself blushing.

“It was nothing, Mrs. Kinley. Anyone would have done the same.”

“That’s not true. Max and I are very lucky you came to visit Mrs. Kinley when you did. You are our hero, Austin. I can’t thank you enough. I’m indebted to you for life.”

The intensity of Rico’s words caught me off guard. I know I turned a deeper shade of red as I turned to look at him. I noticed immediately that he had his hands clenched tightly because of how he felt and this made his muscles explode even more. I tore my eyes from his pumped body and looked him in the face. Tears were sliding across his sunken, dimpled cheeks as he smiled at me. I was overwhelmed with some new, previously unfelt emotion.
“I’m very happy that I could help. But you and Max don’t owe me a thing, Rico. I’m sure you would have done the same for me.”

“That’s true, but I think Rico could have busted open the door, don’t you Austin?”

Mrs. Kinley knew just how to ruin a moment. My face turned red again from embarrassment as I remembered running into the door and doing nothing but hurting myself. She was right, though. The man standing in the middle of the room looked like he could have busted through the wall if he had put his mind to it. That thought caused my cock to twitch even harder than before. I was nervous that my hard-on was obvious to everyone.

“Yes, well, you could have told me you had a key before I tried that, Mrs. Kinley.”

She just smiled at me and nodded her head. Then, as if we had each been given some kind of cue, we all began to laugh. The movement of my body as I chuckled caused my right shoulder to hurt. I reached out to massage it with my left hand and that’s when I realized my right arm was in a sling.

“I’m afraid you dislocated your shoulder, Austin. It’s going to take a while to heal. Is it causing you much pain?”

Rico stepped closer to me as he asked this question and I stopped breathing as I gazed at his enormous body. Having him this near to me was too much for me to handle. I couldn’t speak. I merely nodded my head.

“I think you should take a pain killer, okay?”

I barely heard the man speaking to me. I just wanted to stare at that huge chasm between his immense pectoral muscles. I also wanted to bury my face in there and taste his sweaty manliness, but I forced that thought out of my head. Again, I merely nodded yes. The man bent down and slid his colossal left hand beneath my head. He gently lifted it from where it rested and held out what looked like a tiny dot of a pill because of his two giant fingers. I opened my mouth and he placed it on my tongue. He then reached beyond my head to grab something. At that moment I was able to take in the full size of his biceps and get a strong whiff of his body. The smell was invigorating – a mixture of sweat, soap, and an aroma that reminded me of being a small boy and being tossed into the air by my favorite muscular uncle. I immediately longed to bury my nose and face into the fabric covered armpit above me. All of these enticing thoughts caused me to swallow hard and the pill was gone by the time Rico brought the glass of water into my view.

“I guess you don’t need any water.”

“No. My throat always seems to open pretty easily.”

It was a bold move, but the closeness of his huge body made me brave. Rico simply smiled at me and I think I noticed a look in his eye that affirmed he understood my intention. He placed the glass back on the side table and then lowered my head back to the pillow. He stood up and looked down, way down, toward Mrs. Kinley.

“That pill is going to kick in pretty soon Mrs. Kinley. I think I better take him home now.”

The confused look on my face must have triggered something in Mrs. Kinley, because she smiled at me reassuringly. I looked around, for the first time, and realized I was lying on the elder woman’s sofa. I turned back to the two standing near me.

“Rico’s a doctor. He’s the one that took care of you. You really are going to be fine. There wasn’t a need for you to even go to the hospital. Rico’s going to come to your place and stay with you for a while – until you’re well.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’m fine.”

I spoke quickly because I had this bizarre quirk of not wanting to ever be a bother to anyone. I started to raise my body from the sofa to prove that I was able to take care of myself. Pain shot through my head, my shoulder, my arm, and other parts of my body. Rico bent his knees slightly and placed one of his giant hands on my chest, pushing me back down to the sofa firmly, but gently. It felt like someone had placed a two-ton safe on my upper body.

“Um, we’re not giving you a choice Austin. Mrs. Kinley told me you’d try to put up a fight, but we’ll have none of that. You are not going to be able to do anything for a couple of days and then that arm is going to prevent you from doing some normal activities for a lot longer. It’s the least I can do since you saved Max. Besides, I have no place to go. My apartment is pretty wrecked and it will be a few months before it’s livable again. You’ll actually be doing me a favor at the same time. I hope you like dogs. Max is already at your place and he loves it. So, we’ll just get you home now because that pill is going to kick in soon and you’ll be high as a kite. Has your shoulder stopped hurting?”

As soon as Rico asked the question I became aware that I actually felt no pain at all. I also realized that Mrs. Kinley had told the giant man to play upon my desire to help people. These two had planned the whole thing while I had been out. She knew that I would never turn someone down if I could help then in some way. I also began to fantasize about what it would be like to live with superman for a few days. I started thinking about what this Hercules looked like underneath his scrubs. I stared at Rico and his muscles started to grow. The man was getting so much fucking bigger right in front of my eyes. I wanted him to use those freakish muscles to do something powerful. Maybe he could lift the sofa and me into the air. Maybe he could break telephone poles as if they were toothpicks. I wanted to see this behemoth stop a raging bull with just his thick-as-tree arms. Suddenly Rico began to turn green and started posing for me. I squeezed my eyes tightly closed and realized that the painkiller was starting to take effect. I opened my eyes and for a split second everything was normal. I saw Mrs. Kinley smiling at me supportively and Rico was pulling a backpack over his shoulders. How in the hell did he find a backpack large enough to get over those mountainous slabs of beef? That’s when Mrs. Kinley sat in Rico’s massive right palm and he began to lift her in the air as if he were pressing an apple.

“He’s ready now, Mrs. Kinley. We’re going to head home.”

“Yes. Now you call me tomorrow Austin, okay? I want to hear how you are doing. And make sure you take good care of Rico and Max. Rico’s a big man but he’s really a pussycat. He’ll want to suck your throbbing cock a hundred times a day.”

I shook my head and it felt like I was doing it under water. I could have sworn Mrs. Kinley just said something about Rico sucking my cock. She didn’t even know what that word meant. I looked back at the big man and he had big rocks in both of his hands. He was crushing them by just slight squeezing his fingers. Chunks of rubble were falling from his hands and puffs of dust were flying into the room. The big man was just laughing at how easy it was to destroy something so solid. I was aware that all of these things weren’t really happening, but I couldn’t stop the hallucinations – and who in the hell would want to. I began to give my entire self over to the medicine. Rico clapped his hands together quickly a few times to rid them of any dust and then he bent down and picked me up. It was clear that I weighed nothing to him. To emphasize the point he tossed me in the air a few times and on the last toss he caught me above his head. He then pressed my body into the air like I was nothing but a feather. I couldn’t believe I didn’t hit Mrs. Kinley’s low ceiling. How was that possible?

“Rico, you’re so fucking strong!”

Was I really saying that or was it just in my imagination. I couldn’t tell anymore. I was soaring in the air as Rico lifted me with one hand.

“Now Austin you know I don’t like that kind of language. I don’t care if you are about to cum in your pants because you’re being so easily manhandled by a muscled giant. You need to remember your manners.”

I could not tell if anything Mrs. Kinley was saying was real or not. How did she know that my cock felt like it was about to explode? Did she also see how huge my tool had grown in the last few minutes? It surely had busted through my jeans because it was now as big as a soda bottle. Or was that just my imagination too. While I was thinking about this Rico carried me into the hallway. I saw Mrs. Kinley standing at her door as we walked away. I waved to her.

“I love you Mrs. Kinley. See you later. Thanks for introducing me to the biggest and strongest man in the world. I can’t wait to feel his muscles.”

“Steady there, Austin, you don’t want to shock the poor woman. How about we don’t take the stairs. I’ll just bust through this window and we’ll jump to the ground below. It will be quicker.”

Oh man, what a great idea. I could not believe that Rico was having the same kind of thoughts as me. We must be soul mates. He wanted to show off as much as I wanted him to. That’s when he set me down on the floor as he reached up and flicked the floor to ceiling window beside the staircase. The glass immediately cracked into a million pieces and then fell to the floor in one neat pile. Rico smiled at me in a way that made it obvious he was about to do something amazing. He reached up and grabbed the steel pipes of the security grating over the window. Why did the third floor window need security? Who cares! Rico easily pried the bars apart and made room for us to jump through. He picked me up and as we soared through the air towards the ground I reached up and placed my hand against the massive chest pushing into my body. I let my fingers move to the deep valley between his pecs. His flesh was so hot and my entire hand could slide in between his slabs of hard meat. We landed with a thud, but my hand stayed lodged in the middle of his chest.

“You okay there, Austin? You might want to lay off the muscle groping out in public. I’m not sure the neighborhood can handle even a medication-induced worship session. Besides, when we get home I’m going to strip and let you lick every part of my body. Will you like that?”

Rico’s words brought me into focus for a brief moment. What part of what he just said had been real? All of it or just part of it? I was having so much trouble discerning what was real and what was imagined.

“Besides, if I squeeze my pecs tightly together I could crush your hand. See?”

Pain shot through my fingers and my hand, causing me to scream. Wait, I was on painkillers – so how did I feel pain? Maybe it was because the man’s chest muscles were so fucking strong that nothing could protect you from feeling their destruction. Rico un-tensed his pecs and I pulled my arm back. The entire hand was crushed and dangled from my wrist. It hung like every bone has been smashed into tiny bits.

“So fucking strong.”

The pain had stopped and I just looked at my demolished hand. Then I looked at the man’s chest. I leaned over and kissed the top of his left pec, which was exposed by the v-neck of his hospital uniform. I opened my mouth and let my tongue lick the hard skin.

“None of that, Austin. People are staring.”

“They’re staring at your huge body, man. You are fucking immense. Your pecs are monstrous. And your arms – I’ve never seen arms so massive. Show me something those super guns can do. Come on, Rico. Show off for me.”

“Okay. Let’s see now. Hey, Austin, do you have to pay to do laundry?”

“Yeah, we have machines in our building but they take a lot of quarters.”

“Well, then, let me get you some assistance with that for a few weeks.”

Rico stepped to the edge of the street and stood my body up against a truck parked there. He pointed to the meter in front of me. There was a handwritten sign that said the meter was broken. Rico chuckled slightly as he placed his big mitt-of-a-hand on top of the meter.

“It’s been this way for weeks and the meter maid doesn’t seem to care. I think we need to teach the city a lesson. Watch my hand, Austin.”

I turned to look at his giant hand. I watched closely as he tightened his grip on the mechanism at the top of the pole. I started to moan a little as I noticed his thumb was pressing easily into the steel casing. I knew his fingers were doing the same thing on the other side. Suddenly I heard a loud pop as his thumb punctured through the metal. Other popping sounds followed as his fingers did the same thing. Then, with just a slight tug, Rico ripped the top half of the parking meter completely away from the other part. He did it as easily as the guy rips your ticket stub at the movies. The meter looked like it has been scalped. Rico held out his hand to show me the top part of the meter. It no longer blinked to alert someone that it had run out of money. There were halves of two quarters on Rico’s palm – apparently they had been ripped in two, as well. Rico brought his fingers around the top of the meter again and began to squeeze. I watched as metal began to ooze out between his fingers as he completely crushed the device.

“Man that feels good, Austin. To be able to destroy something so strong as if it were just a paper cup gives me a rush. How about you? Pretty impressive, huh?”

“Hell yeah, Rico.”

“I’ve got more power in this one hand than an entire fucking army put together, Austin. This was nothing for me. Wait until I show you what this giant gun can really do.”

Rico brought his arm up and flexed it for me. His biceps bust through the sleeve of his shirt instantly and peaked almost as high as the top of his fist. He still held the annihilated meter in his hand. Weak metal pushed out further between his powerful fingers and the big man grunted with approval. He released his flex and brought his palm back down to my level. He opened his hand and the clump of metal was indistinguishable, but you could clearly make out the outline of Rico’s fingers and indentions caused from the lines in his palm. He lowered his fingers and let the mass of steel fall to the street below. There was a puddle of water where it landed and as soon as the crumpled meter landed there was a hissing noise and a cloud of steam rose. This man’s hand had been like some kind of powerful furnace that had enough heat to melt and manipulate metal.

“And now for your prize, Austin.”

Rico grabbed the pole of the meter about a half of foot below the ripped apparatus at the top and started turning his wrist as easily as he would to turn a doorknob. The top part of the meter began to bend towards the ground.

“You better get your hands ready for your jackpot, man!”

I held out my cupped palms as the open top of the meter began to point towards the ground. Suddenly, bunches of quarters began to fall into my hands. It quickly became too many and a lot of them fell to the street. After the last quarter fell out of the meter Rico let go and stood back up. I put as many quarters into my pockets as possible, losing many to the side of the street. I started to bend down and pick some up.

“Don’t worry about that, Austin. We can always go out and get more. As a matter of fact later on we can go out and watch me destroy an ATM – that’ll give you money for a while.”

I nodded my head in affirmation as I looked down at the meter. The open top of the meter now pointed straight down. Rico had bent the pole into an upside down u-shape. The big guy scooped me back into his arms and we started again down the street. I glanced back at the meter after a few steps and saw that it wasn’t destroyed, after all. I closed my eyes and then opened them. The meter was again totally disfigured and I could see the sun’s reflection in quarters on the ground.

“So you must really be into muscles, Austin.”

“You have no idea, Rico.”

“I think I’m beginning to get a clearer picture, man. I also think that you don’t need to look any further for getting your muscle fetish satisfaction. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll never get tired of my body or my power.”

“I’m sure you’re right Rico, but what if you get tired of me?”

“That will never happen.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Austin, you risked your life to save Max. Don’t you get it? You’re my hero and I’ll be indebted to you forever. What you did was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me – and the bravest. I think your guts and your drive might come close to being equal to my strength and my size. I think we make a good match. What do you think?”

“I think I can’t wait until your muscled cock is filling my tight ass!”

“Hey Austin, you’ve got to get a grip. Don’t let this medicine get the best of you. You’re talking too loud. We’ve only got a little more to go before we get to your apartment. Hang in there, man. No more talk about cocks and ass, okay?”

I could tell Rico was whispering, but I had no idea why. He was looking down at me as we walked and I suddenly grabbed his face with my good hand and brought my lips to his. Our kiss was mind-blowing. The sky was suddenly filled with shooting stars and I heard an orchestra break into Brahms 4th Symphony. But wasn’t it during the day and weren’t we outside? It didn’t matter. All I know is that the kiss was the most amazing thing of my entire life. I knew at that moment that I would never be with anyone else. Rico was everything to me – my muscle god, my strongman, my super hero, and my life-partner. With that knowledge I simply lay back in his arms and fell sound asleep.
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Very nice! Glad you're back!


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Now that was a story worrth waiting for!

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Freaking HOT man! Soooo glad you're back! Hope we get to hear more about these 2!
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Something tells me this is only the beginning...
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Yep, hot.
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I must admit that I practically jumped up and down when I saw a new post from Londonboy. Nicely done. I have an incredibly built neighbor. Do you think I could save his cat and have similar results?
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Now that was one POTENT pill. Hot story!
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Another great story! I loved how my brain did flip-flops trying to differentiate between the hallucinations and reality. So that's how Austin felt!
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Great start! I can't wait to see how this goes.
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Old December 2nd, 2009, 04:42 PM
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one word: Awesome
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I'm now in a state of complete shock and awe! This is fantastic!

I think the only cure will be another chapter....

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