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Serial Muscle (Part 3)

By Richard Jasper

Part 2:

Part 1:

* * *

Orlando, six months previously...

A few days later Charlene called with the lab reports.

"He was raped to death," she said. "In addition to blood loss, most of the major organs between his sternum and anus were ruptured or severely bruised."

Fairly nodded to himself.

"Any indication of what sort of instrument was used?"

Charlene cleared her throat.

"Well, that's the thing, chief," she said. "As far as the pathologist can tell, whoever did it had one helluva big dick."

Fairly sat upright.

"You're joking, right?"

Charlene snorted.

"You know me, chief, I don't care dick about dick, but even I'm impressed -- the Doc says the thing must have been at least 18 inches long and probably 12 inches in circumference."

Fairly let out a whistle.

"Well, THAT shouldn't be too hard to find, should it?"

Charlene's laugh was a cackle.

"Chief, I know men and women who have been looking for something like that all their lives and haven't come close."

Come to think of it, Fairly said to himself.

"And it's not exactly like you Y-chromosome types walk around with no pants on either, is it?

Charlene had a point.

How was he going to find the biggest dick in America?

* * *

In Sacramento...

Jamie volunteered to drive Ben back to his hotel, although he was a little surprised that anyone who could afford that address wouldn't have rented a car. He didn't seem to mind the somewhat cramped quarters of Jamie's BMW convertible, although perhaps it helped that it was a warm night and the top was down.

"I grew up in a working class neighborhood," Jamie chattered. "But I did well in school, good enough to get a scholarship to Reed College up in Portland."

The Big Man glanced at the rear view mirror, taking in Jamie's sparkling brown eyes.

"Then it was Stanford for the MBA and now I'm the youngest Associate VP in the company," Jamie continued, stroking his own ego and seeking approval at the same time.

Ben nodded to indicate his appreciation.

"But you know how it is," Jamie continued. "Big family, lots of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews all needing a hand out. I had hoped to have a house by now but I'm still stuck in a ratty apartment. The Beemer is my one indulgence."

The Big Man let the words wash over him, nodding, grunting, tilting his head, automatically in tune with the rhythm of the conversation, paying no attention to it.

"Where are you from?" Jamie asked.

Most of the Big Man's playthings never got around to asking questions, they were too busy seeking his approval or laying on the compliments.


Jamie interrupted.

"I ask because I noticed you have an accent, very slight," he said. "I had to work very hard to get rid of mine but if you want to climb the corporate ladder it's standard English all the way."

The Big Man thought for a moment, then answered.

"Norway," he said. "Or what is now Norway, I should say."

What is now Norway probably registered on Jamie's consciousness in some subliminal fashion but it did not deter him from his standard set of twenty questions:

"Did you have brothers and sisters growing up? How tall are you? Over 6 ft., I can tell! And you're so amazingly built -- how much do you weigh?"

Jamie glanced at the Big Man's reflection in the window. Sometimes guys, especially ones he had just met, were irked by all the questions, but Ben's face was expressionless, perfectly at rest, neither smiling nor frowning.

"Just brothers," the Big Man said. "I was the oldest."

Jamie grinned.

He knew a thing or two about big brothers. He was the youngest of his family, an eldest son, then four girls, then Jamie. Growing up he had adored his big brother, Manny, a hunky auto mechanic who had been run over by a drunk driver while trying to help a stranded motorist.

"6'2," Ben continued. "And, I don't know. About 300 lbs., I think."

Jamie whistled.

"You're exactly twice my size!"

The Big Man clenched his ham size fists, veins exploding across forearms the size of Jamie's quads.

"Yes, so it seems," the Big Man acknowledged. "And quite a bit taller, too."

Jamie grinned.

"Yep, just 5'8 here," he said, adding. "I'm surprised you'd look my way."

Ben's eyes caught Jamie's in the mirror, pinned him there, the way a lion pins a gazelle on the savanna.

"You are a beautiful man," Ben said. "And I am attracted to all things beautiful."

Jamie blushed.

In the bedroom of Ben's suite, there was no foreplay, no doubt that Jamie wanted everything the Big Man had to offer. For whatever reason, the Big Man found himself taking his time, resisting the call, keeping a lid on the passion that would soon consume his plaything.

Jamie, the Big Man thought. His name is Jamie.

For his part, Jamie was aflame with desire. Never had he been with a man so huge, so built, so hard, so intimidating, and so remote. Ben's body was made of marble, completely unpliable, and cold as marble, but his touch was like fire.

"Give it to me," Jamie cried out. "I need it!"

The Big Man put aside his resistance and heeded the call, his member growing ever larger, thicker, his thrusting slow at first, but then quicker and more excited.

The plaything -- Jamie, he reminded himself -- lasted a good long while. It was only after the Big Man passed the 13 inch mark that Jamie began to show signs of distress, and even those were submerged in the frenzy of his lust.

Only at the very last did Jamie seem to understand that something was amiss.

"Ben," he said between grunts. "Ben, what are you doing to me? I, uh, I don't think..."

The Big Man put his big hand across Jamie's mouth.

"Hush, Jamie," he said. "Ride it."

Jamie closed his eyes, his passion continuing to build. Only when the Big Man's tool reached its full, mammoth expanse did Jamie orgasm, just as his internal organs were being ripped to shreds.

"Ben," Jamie murmurred. "Thank you..."

The Big Man ran his hand across Jamie's fevered brow.

"Sleep now," he said. "Sleep, Jamie."

* * *

A few hours later...

The high-pitched shriek woke Jamie from his daze.

"Madre a dios," the young uniform-clad Latina housemaid exclaimed.

Jamie's vision doubled, tripled, and then for one brief moment, came into focus.

"Alicia? Alicia, what's wrong with me?"

Alicia looked at the young man in the middle of the blood-soaked bed. His face was no face she knew, yet he seemed to know her name, and his voice...

"Alicia," he murmured. "It's me, Jamie."

Her eyes flew open.

"Jamie? But how?"

She took his hand in one of her own, while paging her supervisor with the walkie-talkie at her hip.

"Alicia, tell mama..."

Alicia began to sob.

"Jamie, por favor, who did this to you?"

With his last breath, Jamie whispered...

"Ben," he said. "Ben Costello."

[More to cum...]

Part 4:

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