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Jonathan's Journey (Part 2)

By Richard Jasper

Part 1:

* * *


Cool beans! I weighed 150 lbs. today!

Better than that, I benched 150 lbs. today -- 10 times! When I started 2 months ago I could barely do 75 lbs. once!

Mr. Smith, Dad's friend, is quite impressed with my gains. He game over this weekend to hang out at the pool. Gee, that man is huge! He's old, early 30s or something, but really, really built. I worked up my nerve and asked him: He's 6 ft. tall and weighs 250 lbs., all of it muscle and fur. He's exactly 100 lbs. more than I am!


Funny word, isn't it? That's what Mr. Smith said when I made a muscle. Actually, I should say, when I flexed my biceps. Then Mr. Smith -- he told me to call him Dave but I can't really bring myself to do so! -- flexed HIS biceps! 21 inches cold, he said!


He told me I probably wouldn't continue to grow this fast! 25 lbs. in 2 months is more than most people gain in a year, he said!

"You're seeing beginner gains now and that's great! But don't be disappointed if you slow down."

We'll see.

If I keep growing at this rate...

Well, that's crazy!

* * *


My friend Todd came over today to hang out by our pool. I haven't seen him all summer! He and his parents were in Alaska doing some crazy volunteer project. Mom and Dad say the Lerners are "very granola," whatever that means.

Todd and I have been best friends since the 5th grade. We've always been just about the same height and the same weight (in other words, the skinny side of average.) When he and his parents left for Alaska, Todd was about an inch shorter and 10 lbs. lighter than I was.

"Jeez!" Todd exclaimed when I pulled my shirt off. "Yer fucking huge!"

I glared at him.

"Potty mouth!"

My mom doesn't get upset about much but she thinks the junior members, as she calls anyone under the age of 18, "ought to keep a civil tongue in their heads."

Todd covered his mouth and then whispered.

"But you really ARE, ya know!"

I guess he's right.

I'm up to 162 lbs. The last time he saw me was on my 14th birthday when I weighed 125 lbs.

"How much?" he asked.

I told him.

"37 lbs.?!!" Todd exclaimed. "That's crazy. You're, like, ya know, 30% bigger than you were in June!"

Todd's always been good with the math.

"And look at this," I said.

Then I flexed my biceps!

I thought he was going to lose it right there!

"Mmm," Todd said. "I think I better get in the pool and cool off!"

I think he meant he needed time to let his boner go down!

Like me, Todd has grown about an inch taller over the summer and he's even gained a little weight -- about 5 lbs.

"You outweigh me by more than 40 lbs.," Todd said, shaking his head.

I squared my shoulders and puffed out my chest -- it's more than 40 inches now!

"We just need to get you hitting the weights, that's all!"

* * *


First day of class and...

I got asked to go out for football!

Can you believe it?

I was in gym class and Coach Jones was showing us freshmen boys basic weightlifting routines.

Of course, I already know 'em all!

"OK, Harris, you demonstrate," he said.

It took me a minute to figure out he meant me!

And then I realized I was about the biggest kid there. Not the tallest -- only 5'9 (Mom measured me again, that's another inch, woo hoo!) -- but one of the beefiest.

Coach started me with bench press.

I cranked out 20 reps with 135 lbs.

Coach added a couple of quarters, bringing it up to 185 lbs. -- and I did 20 more reps!

"You're not even sweating, are you, Harris?"

I grinned and shook my head.

He peeled off the quarters and put on 2 more 45 lb. plates. -- 225 lbs.

"You need a spot?" he asked -- and I shook my head again.

Ten more reps, nice and easy.

"You're just yanking my chain, huh?"

I'm sure my jaw hit the floor.

"No, coach, just tell me what you want."

This time he added two 35 lbs. plates -- 285 lbs.! That's the most I'd done on my own at home, and only for 2 reps.

Today, though, I managed 8 reps, although I was seriously struggling on the last two.

"Harris," Coach said. "Maybe you've had enough..."

I stood up, took off the 35s and put on two more 45s -- 315 lbs.!

"You're sure about this?"

I looked at him.

"To tell you the truth, Coach, I don't really know. This time I will definitely need a spot, probably, uh, a what do you call it, lift off, too."

He gave me a really weird look.

And I did it!

315 lbs. for 1 perfect rep!

"Harris," Coach said when I was done. "How much do you weigh?"

I'd weighed just that morning, of course, butt naked out of the shower, as always, although I didn't tell him that.

"175 lbs., sir."

He whistled.

"Harris, I think it's probably safe to say you're the strongest freshman in the history of this high school -- you ever think about playing ball?"


[Hope you're liking this one! More to cum...]

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Definitely liking this. More please. :3
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