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The Change Continues (Part 5)

By Richard Jasper

Part 4:

Part 3:

Part 2:

Part 1:


* * *

[The invocation of a certain member name does NOT imply that he shares any traits -- other than extreme hunkiness! -- with the character described in this chapter!]

Meanwhile, at the Heretic...

Ryan Lititz rounded the corner by the softball trophies and walked smack into the biggest man he'd ever seen.

"Whoaa, little buddy, you alright?" the big man asked.

Little buddy were not words usually associated with Ryan. At 5'10 and 235 lbs. of solid beef, he was furry as fuck, handsome as all get out, and a terror on the rugby field.

"Holy crap," Ryan exclaimed. "Yer fuckin' huuuuuge!"

And that's probably an understatement! he thought to himself.

The big guy was probably 6'3 or taller and, well, hell, Ryan couldn't really quite grasp how big he was. Bigger than any bodybuilder or football player he'd met, bigger even than that other Ryan, the powerlifter guy, Ryan Kennelly. This fella must have been pushing 400 lbs.

"Ryan?" the big guy asked. "It is you, isn't it? I'm just not used..."

Alan Hoekstra had long had a thing for Ryan Lititz but Ryan had never paid much attention to him -- before now!

"You're really hot, kid," Ryan had told him once when Alan had made it clear he was totally in lust with the big rugger. "I know it's weird but I like 'em bigger than I am."

Ryan, who at the time was 5'9 and 195 lbs. of solid muscle, had been devastated, and just re-doubled his efforts in the gym.


"Uh, yeah," Ryan said. "I'm Ryan. Who the hell are you, Big Man?"

It was clear that Ryan was getting turned on standing next to so much muscle.

To be a jerk, or not a jerk?

"Awww, hell," Alan said, answering aloud the question he'd posed silently. "Rybear, buddy, it's ME, Alan!"

Ry looked the big man up and down.

"Alan? Alan who?"

Then he looked in Alan's eyes, not at Alan's giant muscles.

"Alan Hoekstra?!"

The big man nodded.

"What the fuck happened to you?!"

Alan shrugged his massive shoulders; they were easily three feet across, maybe more. Ryan felt his big dick getting stiff.

"I grew," Alan said.

"But how...?"

Alan put a big hand on Ryan's shoulder.

"If I tell you, you'll just think I'm trying to get into your pants," Alan observed.

Ryan's laugh bordered on the manic.

"Trying? Are you crazy? You can fuck me right here, if you want!"

Alan shook his head.

"I don't think the Heretic is ready for it," Alan said. "Your place or mine?"

* * *

At Ryan's spacious Midtown condo Alan stripped and posed for his long-time lust object. The 32-inch biceps, 80-inch chest, and 40-inch quads had Ryan over the edge and spurting in less than five minutes. Alan was on Ryan like a shot, licking up all his cum.

"Wow," Ryan said. "You're quite the cum pig, huh?"

Alan laughed.

"You will be, too, after I'm done with you," he observed.

Ryan blushed.

"Uh, you realized I was only joking about the fucking part, right? There's no way..."

Alan's expression told Ryan that, yes, there was a way.

"I mean," he added. "You know I really don't have any experience..."

Ryan gulped.

"Especially with one that fucking huge!"

Alan wrapped Ryan in his huge embrace.

"You want to be as big as I am, right?"

Ryan shivered. It was if Alan had touched the core of his being.

"You want to be bigger than I am, for that matter."

Ryan felt something give way, something he hadn't known was there.

"I want," he said.

"I want to be big...

"I want to be huge!"

Alan rammed his 14-inch dick up Ryan's love canal, all the way to the hilt. Ryan's eyes bulged but his scream was smothered by Alan's hot mouth. The pain was excruciating and all but unnoticed compared to the mind-blowing sensation of Alan's monster cock banging against Ryan's prostate.

The fucking went on for a long time.

Whenever Alan got close, Ryan would do something, something he hadn't known he knew how to do, and it would slow things down just enough that Alan could hold out a little longer.

"Jeezus, fuck, Christ," Alan said. "You're killing me, Ryan, you gotta let me cum."

Ryan laughed.

"Who's the big man now?" he asked.

And Ryan started growing.

"Oh, fuck, Rybear," Alan said. "You're getting bigger, man!"

Ryan looked at his big chest. With every breath he took, it got bigger, and then bigger again. He looked at his arms, watching them bulge and grow. He could feel his legs stretching, his feet hanging off the end of the bed.

"This is fucking wild," Ryan grunted.

Alan, covered in sweat, nodded his head.

"It's fucking hot," he said.

Yeah, baby, Ryan thought. You are totally fucking hot!

"No, I mean I'm fucking burning up," Alan said, reading Ryan's mind. "It feels like my body is going to, ugh, unh, urg..."

And then he exploded.

Alan's volley of cum knocked Ryan off his dick and slammed him back into the head board.

And then Alan grew!

In five minutes he grew five inches taller and added 200 lbs. of solid muscle.

Just watching sent Ryan into a sexual frenzy unlike any he had ever experienced.

* * *

A while later they were in the kitchen eating, two giant men gobbling down everything in Ryan's well-stocked refrigerator and pantry.

"What the fuck happened?" Ryan said at last.

Alan told him the story.

Angelo and Bryan first, then Dave, then Alan and Todd.

"And," he said, relating Todd's experience with Mike Mullen. "As far as we can tell, it doesn't work on straight guys."

Ryan laughed.

"Mike Mullen? The guy's a wanker, serves him right."

Ryan pondered it all.

"So what next...?"

Alan caught him up with their thinking to date.

"It's revolutionary," Alan said. "It's going to change society."

Ryan nodded.

"Societal change can be tricky," Ryan observed.

The stumbling block, Alan said, was funding.

"We're barely keeping ourselves fed," he pointed out. "Much less 10 million adult gay men in the U.S. alone!"

Ryan smiled.

"I know someone," he said. "We have an angel -- he just doesn't know it yet!"

[There will be an epilogue.]


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I LOVE societal changes in male muscle growth stories

This is just amazing! Thanks for sharing it!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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