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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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The Nubian Prince (Part 5)

By Richard Jasper

Part 4:

Part 3:

Part 2:

Part 1:

* * *
[This is the conclusion...]

Two weeks later...

"You can stop now," Roger said.

Rob paused in mid-fuck. At 310 lbs. and with 11 thick inches between his legs, it was kinda like trying to stop the Titanic.

"Stop fucking?" Rob asked, panting.

"Awww, hell, no," Roger said. "Keep going, Big Man."

Rob resumed his massive pistoning. Before long, Roger's eyes rolled back in his head, which Rob took as his signal to let loose. (He was still new at it, after all.) Their joint bellow shook loose plaster dust from the ceiling.


"I meant, you can stop growing now," Roger said.

Rob chuckled, a sound with all the subtlety of a cement mixer.

"What if I don't want to stop?" he asked, his Barry-White bass smooth as silk.

Roger grinned. He loved the fact that Rob now outweighed him by 10 lbs. and showed every sign of widening the gap.

"Whatever you want, Big Man," Roger replied. "So long as I keep growing, too."

That's all it took. The Beast was ready to go again.

A year later...

The two freaks entered the leather bar. The white guy was a musclebear's walking wet dream, 5'10" tall, 350 lbs. of solid muscle, furry as fuck. His custom-made jeans encased quads that were bigger around than a normal man's waist, his 28 inch biceps as big as Arnold's quads (back in the day.) His twin armbands, 30-inch leather belts, were cinched tight in the groove between bicep and delt.

And the black guy...

Holy fuck was the typical reaction.

Young, no doubt about it, no more than mid-20s, but so incredibly fucking huge he seemed older, ageless, eternal. Why was that? Oh yeah, they'd think to themselves, finally getting it. Wearing only black high-top sneakers and a pair on skin-tight black shorts, he had the presence of a mountain range.

No more than 5'10" tall but 400 lbs. of solid muscle. His 80-inch chest was 10 inches bigger around than he was tall. His 40-inch waist would have been obscenely huge on another man but on the Nubian Prince it was as nothing, four inches smaller than his quads, each the size of an SUV.

And his arms.


His arms!

Thirty-two inches of obsidian steel. Arms that could curl a 300 lb. dumbbell for reps. Hands that had been known to punch holes through cinder block walls.

As smooth as the white guy was furry, as dark as his lover was pale.

Only at the end did they get around to noticing the Beast. The size and heft of the big man's package.

"He could be a skinny a little thing and I'd still run screaming," one linebacker type said to the big bear he was standing next to, big being a relative term. At 300 lbs. he looked positively tiny next to the freaks.

"Hell," the bear said. "A year ago he was a skinny little thing. And you wouldn't have gotten the time of day from him then."

The Nubian Prince glanced in the direction of the bear and the linebacker and liked what he saw. He made his way to the linebacker, the crowd parting like the frickin' Red Sea. Up close the linebacker realized that he was actually a couple of inches taller than the Prince -- and totally shrimp-like in comparison, for all his 250 lbs. of weight-roomed beef.

"I like this furry chest," the Prince said, running his massive paw across the linebacker's pecs. "But then I guess it's pretty obvious that I've got a thing for big furballs."

He glanced towards Roger, who narrowed his eyes.

"Fuck, Mister," the linebacker said. "He's not gonna hurt me is he?"

Rob chuckled, an event that had been known to set off seismographs.

"Hell, no, man," Rob said, wrapping his hand around the linebacker's 20-inch neck as if it belonged to a kitten. "He's a big ol' pussycat."

The linebacker licked his lips.

"Mister, that's one helluva cat," he muttered.

Mesmerized, the linebacker watched as Roger sauntered over. The other huge man flicked the linebacker's big nipple with his huge thumb.

"Fratboy," Roger said. "You always did have a thing for linebackers, didn't you?"

Fratboy? The linebacker thought.

"I've played with this one before," Rob said. "He just doesn't remember."

The linebacker's eyes widened.

"Fratboy? Rob?!"

Rob purred.

"I think we need to take this one for a ride, Daddy."

The linebacker was suddenly aware that the two of them outweighed him by a good 500 lbs. of solid muscle.

"Fratboy," Roger said. "I like his ass."

Rob smirked.

"You're gonna like his big linebacker dick even more, Daddy."

I did, the Prince thought. But that was then...

"And this is now," Roger replied, reading Rob's mind.

The linebacker gulped.

[The End]

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Thanks for another story, I love the "ying yang" approach.

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Great! I truly appreciate the work you're putting into these. :3
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