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Something Else: Jeff and Chris (Conclusion)

By Richard Jasper

Part 2:

Part 1:


* * *

"Just lay back there, Big Boy," Chris told Jeff. "The trick is to get comfortable and relax."

Then Chris proceeded to crawl over every inch of Jeff's body, starting with Jeff's handsome face and working his way down:

* All around Jeff's beer keg thick neck;

"Just relax."

* Out along both of his gargantuan shoulders, each as wide as Chris' whole body;

"Let me do all the work."

* Back into Jeff's cavernous armpits;

"I know you're used to being in control."

* Up, down, across, and deep within the cleavage of Jeff's monstrous pecs;

"You're so fucking huge, so fucking strong."

* Around all 8 of Jeff's furry-covered abs, each one the density and thickness of a cinder block;

"Why should you do any work?"

* Tracing the contours of Jeff's mammoth lats, marveling at the thickness and definition of his serratus and obliques;

"Let me give this to you."

* Along and down and across Jeff's rigid manhood, which was longer than one of Chris' forearms, thicker than one of his clinched fists;

"It's OK to be the passive one."

* And down the quads, the calves, awed that even Jeff's feet (size 14EEEE) were as huge and as muscular as the rest of his body.

"It's OK to let the little man take the lead."

Finally Chris brought himself up to Jeff's ponderous sac, each ball the size of an orange, the thick curly black hair doing nothing to obscure the size and heft of Jeff's patrimony.

Chris licked, sucked, nibbled, tickled, groped, cupped, slapped Jeff's equipment; Jeff moaned and writhed, his giant forearms (significantly bigger than Chris' legs) rippling with muscle.

"Mmmm," Chris said from down below. "I see you like having your balls played with."

Jeff's giant fist slammed the bed.

"Uh," he gasped. "No <gasp> not usually. But, shit, your mouth -- my God -- is so fucking hot!"

Chris smiled inwardly.

He rubbed his blond locks against the underside of Jeff's package, gently squashing the contents against Jeff's pubic bone.

"Put your knees up," Chris ordered.

Jeff complied without thinking, despite the fact he was not able to see Chris; at this angle, Jeff's giant pecs obscured the view. He could feel Chris but he couldn't see him.

Chris was amazed by Jeff's ass, although perhaps he should not have been. The big man weighed 360 lbs. and held the world's record for the bench press (1320 lbs.) What he didn't know was that Jeff also held the world's record for the squat (1620 lbs., 4.5 times his body weight.) If there had been an Encyclopedia of Hot Gay Men, a picture of Jeff's ass would have appeared next to the entry for "Bubble Butt."

It was magnificent.

And, as he expected, there was no way Chris' entirely functional, capable six-inch dick was going to get past 10 inches of butt cheeks.

Chris covered his hands in the self-warming lubricant he kept for special occasions, and slowly, cautiously, lingeringly, began moving his hand between the twin globes of glorious butt flesh towards Jeff's anus.

Jeff's squirming intensified; it occurred to Chris that he might need to strap himself to Jeff's leg to avoid being bucked off. When the tips of Chris' fingers met Jeff's quivering, puckered mangina, Jeff shook so violently the entire bed, consisting of a 500 lb. steel frame, California King box springs and mattress, and 500 lbs. of man flesh, jumped two inches to the left.

Chris inserted first one finger, then two, and so forth. With each addition, Jeff's moans became a bit louder, his heartbeat became that much more elevated.

Finally, Chris removed all his fingers, balled them together into a single fist, and moved it into Jeff's rectum.

"Fuck," Jeff called. "Oh fucking Christ, that feels good."

Chris grinned.

You ain't felt nothing yet, Big Boy, he said to himself.

And YES, there it was, the lumpy walnut of Jeff's prostrate.

Just barely inside! Chris exulted. Any further down and the damn thing would be halfway poking out his ass.

He massaged it.

Jeff's breathing went into hyperdrive, his entire body clinched. Surrounded by a hundred or more pounds of leg muscle on either side of him, Chris began to wonder if had made a mistake.

If he squeezes them together, he mused, I'll be a fucking stain on the bedspread.

But Jeff didn't squeeze them together, although his fingers and toes were tearing deep gouges into Chris' $2000 gold-thread bedspread. Every time Jeff got close, Chris backed off a bit. Every time Jeff relaxed, Chris started up again.

"Please," Jeff said, after an hour or so of this. "Please, please, please."

"Please what?" Chris demanded.

"Please let me cum," Jeff said. "I gotta cum."

Chris cleared his throat. In his light tenor, he announced.

"You'll have to ask for it, boy, and even then I'll decide."

Jeff's voice was ragged.

"Please, sir, please. I'll do anything. Just let me cum."

Gotcha, Chris thought.

"I think you're ready, boy," Chris said. "When I say the word, you may cum."

Delirious though he'd become, Jeff had enough presence of mind to ask.

"Sir, please, WHICH word?"

Chris chuckled in a nasty way.

"Oh, you'll know, boy, you'll know."

And with that he mashed his little fist into Jeff's hunnynut, a blow that would have caused any (other) man to erupt.


And again.

And again.


"NOW!" Chris ordered.

Jeff shot, or more precisely, he exploded.

Gina, his mind bellowed.

The bed shook, the cum went everywhere, Chris once again feared for his life.

Eventually, after 10 or 12 tremendous volleys, the eruption subsided and slowly, raggedly, Jeff's body began to unclinch, his breathing becoming slower and more regular. He felt Chris crawling up his body, this time in a way that was, well, kinda weird feeling.

Chris came to rest on Jeff's mammoth pecs. He crossed his legs and sat there like Aladdin on a magic, fur-covered carpet. The expression on Chris' face was one of intent curiosity, as if he were entomologist examining a particularly large bug.

"I own you now," Chris said reasonably.

Jeff's expression was calm and neutral. He accepted Chris' statement without question.

"More precisely, WE own you now," came a soft feminine voice, one joltingly familiar and yet completely unexpected, dangerously out of place.

Jeff looked to his right.


"Good job, brother," Gina told Chris. "The question is..."

Chris nodded.

"The question is: Do we want to keep him?"

Jeff's mind raced at a thousand miles a minute. How could these two tiny creatures -- brother and sister?! -- possibly think they could control a man who could literally pull down this elegant townhouse with his bare hands?

And yet.

Jeff examined his thoughts and feelings.

My God, he realized. It's true!

He opened his mouth and found he couldn't speak.

"No," Chris said. "Now that I think about it. I don't think so."

Gina raised an eyebrow, questioning her brother. She climbed aboard Jeff's mammoth chest, assuming the same posture as Chris. Together they weighed 200 lbs. but they felt like feathers. The real weight was on Jeff's mind, not his chest.

"Too big," Chris continued. "Think of the food bill!"

Gina buried her fingers deep in the luxuriant curls of Jeff's chest hair.

"There's that," she said. "And we're really NOT what he needs."

Chris nodded in agreement.

"What you need, Big Man," he said.

Jeff was afraid to hear what Chris -- or Gina! -- might say.

"A skinny guy who can look you in the eye," Gina said.

"And with a dick at least 10 inches long," Chris added.

The brother and sister looked at each other.

"You need fucking on a regular basis," they said as one. "We're not the ones to do that. Trying to do so, and failing, would displease us."

They slipped from Jeff's chest and stood on either side of the bed.

"You may go."

Jeff practically levitated down the stairs, grabbing the clothes Chris and Gina threw his way, somehow dressing before he got to the front door, and then running, literally running the 10 blocks back to Brad and Keith's places. Hands shaking he tossed his bags into the back of his roomy Lexus SUV and didn't stop until he got back to Dallas.

He sent e-mail to Brad and Keith when he got home. His message read:

Next time you guys need to come see me!
I've got plenty of room and it's your turn and let's face it...

Houston is too damned hot!


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Another hot, hot story. Thank you Richard. You have quite a good imagination.
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Old August 15th, 2009, 06:54 PM
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Many thanks, Buck, glad you liked!

I think the edits are done; I've added links to the prior parts since you posted your comment.


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Now that was one fantastic twist. Never saw it coming. Didn't even suspect it. I knew you kept the Gina thing going for some reason, but this was just great! Thanks for another great story.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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good story and good twist
very hot
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