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Old August 15th, 2009, 11:19 AM
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Awakening the Shy Muscleman - Conclusion

Conrad’s question sounded more like a challenge and it caused me to regain control of myself. Nothing can get me focused more than someone telling me I can’t do something. I tore my eyes from Conrad’s stomach and moved my gaze to his face. As soon as I looked him in the eyes I could see that the man had somehow changed. There, in his smile, was a newfound confidence that had not existed before. I marveled at how fast Conrad had taken to my suggestions. I was full of pride at the fact that I had been able to awaken something bold inside of this huge muscleman. I felt like patting myself on the back for a job well done. The Shark still had the gift of helping men find their hidden strengths. I smiled back at Con in a way that signaled I was still in control.

“Bring it on boy, bring it on.”

Conrad let out a low chuckle that sounded almost evil. I could sense cockiness oozing from his body like some kind of testosterone floodgates had been opened. He returned to the task at hand and this caused my eyes, along with the eyes of every other man in the room, to move back to his chest. Conrad had to actually pull the bottom of the shirt far away from his body to get it passed the mounds of protruding muscle above his abs. He let the bottom of the two giant slabs of beef kind of pop out of the tight fabric in his hands and it was like a cannon being shot off. There were loud gasps, unbelieving moans of pleasure, and I was sure a couple of guys shot their loads just from the sight of his huge nipples sticking out proudly from two mountainous pecs. Conrad let go of the shirt when he got it halfway up his huge chest and the stretched-beyond-belief material stayed in place. The bottom part of those two gorgeous bulging pecs actually ballooned out underneath the tight curled-up bottom of his shirt. I was sure that if Conrad had taken a deep breath he could have caused the shirt to rip in two as easy as most people tear tissue paper. It then dawned on me that this was exactly the effect Con wanted show off – he was actually making all of us wait for the full picture. He was teasing us mercilessly. This made me so proud of the guy. He certainly was a fast learner. I stared at the two perfect dark circles that surrounded the thick nubs of meat that were his nipples. I actually started to drool as I gazed on those dense chunks of meat just screaming for someone to suck, bite, and lick them into submission. I had always imagined an internal cord running from both nipples to a man’s cock, which is why there was such an incredible connection between abusing a guy’s chest and sending him into mind-blowing orgasms. Conrad must have picked up on what was causing me to drool.

“I see Demetri likes my hard-as-rock huge nips. Want to suck on those puppies for a while, buddy?”

I was again lost in my muscle worship. All I could do was mouth the word ‘yes.’ Conrad brought his hands up to his chest and flicked both nipples hard with his forefingers. It actually made a loud sound, like someone was being slapped. I heard two more guys in the room lose control; begin to cry out, and obviously cum in their pants. I’m sure Conrad registered what was happening in the room around him, but he never moved his eyes from me. It was like we were the only two people in the bar. He placed two fingers and his thumb around the big protruding nipples and squeezed hard. I was sure most men would have screamed in pain from the amount of pressure he was applying, but Conrad just smiled more devilishly. He released the now harder nubs of muscle and again grabbed the front of his shirt. He pulled it over his head, but let it rest on the back of his neck. I could see that the fabric, still beneath his arms and over his broad shoulders, was strained beyond belief, but Conrad knew this pose would push his mighty pecs together and upward. His massive chest was highlighted in a way that made every man, including me, instantly imagine what it would be like to shove his face in between those two mounds of solid muscle. I was sure that Conrad could have easily squeezed my face until I cried for mercy between his two bulging pecs, but I didn’t care. I only wanted my face to be surrounded by that hard-as-concrete chest. Again, Conrad clearly understood where my fantasies had taken me.

“You want to shove your face between my pecs, don’t you Demetri? You want me to crush you with these two mountains? Would you like to be surrounded by all of this mass, my friend?”

It was as if he had orchestrated this entire evening perfectly. Conrad began to bounce his massive pecs slowly as he spoke to me. I barely heard anything he was saying because my eyes and my mind were focused on the incredible control he had over his chest. It was like he had been able to divide each monstrous pec into different areas that he was able to move at will. It was fucking unbelievable. Conrad chuckled as my mouth fell open. He was able to ripple one side of his chest upward while the other side rippled downward. How was that possible? I watched, totally mesmerized, as the big man inhaled and made his upper body swell up so much that his nipples seemed to be pointing straight in the air. The man looked thicker than a large doublewide refrigerator. The gaping valley between his pecs had grown deep enough that his mounds of meat would have covered my hand completely if I had placed it there. As the big man exhaled he tensed his chest hard and I heard the sound of fabric tearing. The swelling of his chest was straining the shirt to its limit. Conrad immediately relaxed his body and reached up to pull the shirt off of his shoulders and arms.

“My closet’s getting a little bare because I’ve shredded too many clothes from flexing. I want to save this one – it’s one of my favorites.”

As soon as his upper body was completely uncovered the temperature in the room shot up about ten degrees. I felt sweat sliding down the middle of my back and gathering across my brow. I watched the multitude of muscles in Conrad’s arm bunch up as he reached around and stuffed his shirt into the back of his pants. The teasing man then let both of his monster arms hang down at his side and he froze so I could get a full glimpse of his body. It was a masterpiece. I became aware that one guy to my left started shaking uncontrollably and he fell to his knees – totally wrecked by an intense orgasm. Another man quickly ran across the room hoping to get to the bathroom before he shot his load. I could not move, though. My body was frozen as I glanced up and down, trying to take in every inch of the chiseled Hercules in front of me. I could not decide what part of his body to focus on – all of it was perfect.

“So, whadda ya think, Demetri? Like what you see?”

“I . . . I, um . . . uh . . . I . . . nice . . . so big . . . unbelievable.”

Conrad laughed at my sudden loss of words. I sounded like some kind of idiot. I could not, for the life of me, form a coherent sentence. I stared at his bulging biceps - that weren’t even flexed and, yet, they looked to be as thick as trees. Then my gaze was drawn to his wide-as-a-bus shoulders. They were so thick and jutted out so far that I figured he could take out huge chunks of doorframes if he wasn’t careful. Suddenly, the big guy leaned forward and placed his palms against the wall on either side of my head. He brought his upper body closer to my face. The man towered over me and I got a little claustrophobic from being encased by so much muscle. My eyes shot to either side so I could get a look at his bent arms – a stance that caused his biceps to bunch up in a way that screamed of mind-boggling power. At that moment I wanted to see those biceps completely flexed more than I wanted to live. Conrad must have sensed this because he tensed his arms a little and caused the skin-covered mountains to swell to an astonishing size and, yet, I knew they still weren’t fully flexed.

“If my memory serves me well, Demetri, you promised to grope these two muscle-packed slabs of beef. Isn’t that right?”

I couldn’t answer. His question had caused my eyes to zone in on his huge pecs hanging in front of my face. It was obvious that Conrad did not expect me to answer. He chuckled softly and bounced his chest so both pecs went in opposite directions again. My entire body was as stiff as my cock as I watched his chest heave up and down.

“What’s the matter Demetri? Are you scared that your tiny hands won’t be able to grab enough of these monster pecs to have any impact? Don’t worry, man, my entire body is supersensitive and I’ll get some pleasure from your groping – even if you can’t dent the muscles. Come on, you know you want to. I guess you’re kind of like a little kid in a candy store, huh? You don’t know where to start.”

Conrad was smiling in a way that both thrilled and embarrassed me at the same time. For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words and could not move. I was so completely mesmerized by the stud in front of me that all I could do was sit there and lust after all his muscle. I was frozen by a desire so intense that it made my bones ache. This was all a new feeling for me. I was grasping for the first time what all those men must have felt over the years when I, the Shark, chose them for my prey. My mind was only filled with thoughts of muscle – Conrad’s muscles.

“What’s up with you Mr. Man? It seems like you can’t move at all. Is all this muscle just too much for you? Maybe I can help a little, Demetri. How about I let you feel these pecs and arms up close and personal. I think I know a way to make you really happy. Let’s make sure you get a taste of what my body can really do.”

I was completely under some kind of muscle spell but this didn’t prevent me from registering what Conrad was doing. The big man pushed away from the wall and brought his big hands underneath my arms. Suddenly my body was lifted off of the boxes as easily as someone lifts a pillow. Conrad stood up and brought my body into the air even with his. It felt like I was having a dream about being able to fly. I knew my feet dangled many inches off of the ground as the big man held me in his outstretched monster arms as if I weighed five pounds. I could hear the few remaining men around us begin to shoot their long-held loads of cum. I was sure a couple of then fell against the walls and slid down to the floor – exhausted, but joyous, from the ordeal. I then felt my body traveling higher into the air as Conrad lifted his arms more. I could not believe he could lift a full-grown man so effortlessly. There was no doubt in my mind now that I would someday have to see him carry a giant oak tree. Conrad held me in the air slightly above his head. He then maneuvered his hands in a way that caused my body to quickly slide down his bulging arms until I slammed into the brick wall that was his chest. This was exactly what the big man wanted. The pain that shot through my body as my chest met the waiting immovable muscle temporarily stunned me. My face was a few inches below his and Conrad brought his lips to my forehead and kissed me in a way that made me feel like a child. The gentle kiss distracted me so much that I was not prepared when his giant arms wrapped around my upper torso. Conrad squeezed slightly and the front of my body was forced to conform to his hard chest muscles. I could feel his massive biceps bulging into my back as he began to apply more pressure. The intense closeness of our bodies forced me to put my face deep into the valley between his pecs. I could tell Conrad was barely using any strength to hold me in place, but I found it pretty hard to breathe. He brought his face down so his mouth was near my left ear.

“Ever been hugged by a bear, Demetri? Even if that has ever happened to you, little man, I’m sure it wasn’t by one as big as me. I’m barely squeezing and you’re having trouble catching a breath. Just imagine was it will feel like when I use all of my strength. Yeah, I just felt your cock twitch against mine – you like the thought of me tightening my arms around you so hard that you won’t be able to breathe, don’t you?”

My cock twitched again. The big man had somehow tapped into my subconscious and found something that would turn me on more than anything. It was a secret so deep inside of me that I hadn’t even known it until that moment. I did, indeed, want this massive bear to squeeze every last bit of oxygen out of my body. It was such an intense desire that I could feel pre-cum beginning to bubble out of my dickhead. Conrad’s arms began to tighten even more and this caused so much excitement in every inch of my frame that I knew I was close to the biggest cum explosion of my life.

“Yea, little Demetri likes it when big Conrad bearhugs the life out of him, doesn’t he. Listen closely little man because I’m going to share something important with you right before I crush you so hard that you black out. Don’t worry; I’m not going to use all of my strength. We both know that your body couldn’t take that much pressure. I could easily snap both your back and your chest cavity with very little effort, but I don’t want to do that, Demerti. No, I just want to give you a quick little message before you go nighty-night. And don’t worry; we’ll have a lot more fun later on. I just want to make sure you learn a little lesson. You see my little friend; about three years ago I stood in this bar for what was my actual first time. I wasn’t nearly as big as I am now and I was scared shitless. That night you didn’t notice me as quickly as you did tonight. It took you a long while to finally decide I was worth talking to. You were so handsome and so fucking charming. I fell for you in the first two minutes of our short conversation – and I fell really hard, Demetri. I wanted you so much. After only about thirty minutes, though, a bigger guy entered the bar and you became so distracted that you finally told me to have a great night and you walked away. I could have cried I was so hurt. I had to watch you flirt and leave with the bigger guy. That night I vowed I’d go home and get so big that you’d want me more than anyone else, Demetri. I wanted you to desire me as much as I desired you. I didn’t want revenge, I just wanted you to feel what it was like to want someone desperately.”

Conrad tightened his monstrous arms even more and my face was shoved deeper into the cavern between his pecs. I was becoming light-headed because I wasn’t able to breathe - and because of my building orgasm. I was searching my memory desperately to remember this giant that was holding me in the air so easily. There were too many men in my past for me to recall the specific evening with Conrad all those years ago. There was part of me that wanted to beg him to stop squeezing my puny body, but the stronger part of me wanted him to crush me completely. I had never felt anything like this before. I was completely under Conrad’s muscle spell. He tightened his arms even more. I tried to inhale and barely got any air at all. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer – before I blacked out and before I shot my load.

“Yeah little man, it’s kind of difficult when you don’t know what will be your last breath isn’t it? That’s what it felt like that night when you left with the other guy. It took all the air out of my body. By the way, I know you don’t remember, but you should know that I’m now more than twice as big as that guy was. That excites you doesn’t it Demetri? What does it feel like to know that you’re now with the fucking biggest guy you’re ever going to meet and he’s about to bearhug all the air completely out of your body? That hard cock pressed against my monster rod tells me you like it, buddy. Yeah, I think you like it a lot. How about I let you gasp for one more breath before I let you feel a little more of what these arms can do? Go on, Demetri, try to inhale one last time. Don’t worry, I don’t want to really hurt you, I just want to make sure you get a good idea of what these muscles can do. You see you’re the reason I’m so fucking big. I know that makes you proud, buddy. Even with your face smashed between my monster pecs and your body desperately trying to get air I know you’re smiling right now. You love the idea that I went home three years ago and started packing on muscle just for you. And here’s the best part Demetri, I’m not finished growing. Yeah, that’s right, I’m going to get even bigger for you man. I’m going to be so huge that you’ll never even think about looking at another man and if you do I’ll just crush the air out of you again. I’ll be everything you’ll ever need and more. I know that gets your juices flowing even harder, doesn’t it Demetri? Just thinking about this big muscleman getting even more monstrous for you. Let’s give you a little more taste of what this body can do.”

I was in heaven. I couldn’t breathe and I knew that I would have bruises on every part of my body that was being pressed into Conrad’s fucking hard muscles, but I didn’t care. This giant bear was crushing me into submission. I was ready to give myself completely to this massive muscle god – especially since he promised to grow even larger. I was so completely overwhelmed by his manly aroma, his vice-like grip on my body, and his enormous rod pressing against my crotch and stomach that I completely forgot about not being able to get any air into my lungs. It registered on some level that I was about to black out but I only focused on the feeling of his bulging hard muscles surrounding my body. Conrad tightened his arms even more – and it felt like I was being pressed by one of those machines they use to crush cars into small cubes. I knew, however, that the big man wasn’t even squeezing that hard and this sent me into an unknown euphoric state that enabled me to last even longer than we both expected. I heard Conrad chuckle because I was still hanging on to consciousness and I felt his muscles bounce a little. His bearhug compressed around my body even more and I knew I only had seconds remaining. Conrad whispered in my ear softly.

“Looks like I caught me a Shark.”

His monstrous arms squeezed even tighter. My cock exploded and warm juice flooded my crotch area. My legs jerked wildly because they were the only part of my body that could move. The last feeling I had before everything went black was biceps so hard and bulging that my back and sides could feel the huge veins that snaked across them. Conrad’s bearhug had become the Shark’s downfall.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Oh my god. It's the end. NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Dang that was good. Phew.

I thought Conrad didn't want to kill him? :0
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Wow, Londonboy! What great description! Fantastic story! Too bad it had to end here!
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Why can’t I find a hunk like Conrad?

Demetri when you're finished with Conrad send him to my house!
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I thought the point of the story was that there are guys like Conrad all over the place and that you should pay attention to them even if they aren't muscle gods.
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Londonboy, you are really cruel to us!
Why does this great story have to end at all...?

Anyway, well done!
My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
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Fantastic story! Your descriptions are amazing.
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