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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Something Else: Jeff and Chris (Part 1)

By Richard Jasper

The related story, "Something Different," can be found at:

* * *

Jeff was sitting at the end of the bar at JR's, still trying to wrap his mind around his encounter with Gina. It was the first time he'd ever been with a woman and, frankly, hot as it was, and it was very fucking hot, he had no interest in repeating the experience.

But it had him thinking about what was going on with his sex life. The 29 y.o. corporate attorney was model handsome, hairy as a Colt model, and at 6 ft. and 360 lbs. of gargantuan, marble-carved muscle, he could have any man on the planet.

So why am I, well, bored? he asked himself.

Jeff was doing a bang-up job of tuning out the dozen or so guys milling around him. They were diverse in terms of age, ranging from early 20s to mid 50s, but otherwise they were pretty similar, ranging from 2-3 inches shorter than Jeff to 2-3 inches taller -- and all of 'em big, beefy, football player, bodybuilder, power-lifter types. None of 'em remotely as big as Jeff, of course, but there wasn't one under 220 lbs. and a couple were pushing 300.

Jeff's kinda crowd, in other words. The kinda crowd that stood facing each other, hugging and patting and punching each other, with their backs to the guys with "average" builds and those who were more "bear" than "muscle."

Jeff was staring at the guy sitting at the other end of the bar, chatting up the hunky (and, well, damn hot!) bartender down there, the one Jeff had had his eye on for quite sometime and one of the few who consistently turned Jeff down.

"Yer a God," Randy had said, more than once. "I'm a mere mortal. And I already have a husband. So, thanks, but no thanks -- come see me in another lifetime!"

Randy seemed very smitten with the guy and Jeff could see why. He was blond in a sexy, strawberry sort of way, peaches and cream skin, bright blue eyes. Very slender build, obviously, and short, kinda really short, in fact. But well-proportioned and wiry looking.

Jeff got up from his seat, not bothering to notice that the crowd of chums and wannabe-chums parted for him as easily as the Red Sea had done for Moses.

"Gotta take a piss," Jeff announced, knowing his entourage would be creaming themselves thinking about his horse cock but none of them had the nerve to follow him to the head.

Too risky, they thought, afraid they might be cut out of the Pack.

Along the way Jeff stopped to say "hey" to Randy, taking advantage of the three empty stools to left of the blond. He filled up the space, even so.

"Jeezus," the blond exclaimed. "You really are a fucking mountain of a man, aren't you?"

Jeff flashed the cutie a smile that had been known to melt glaciers and, not taking his eyes of the pocket hottie, asked Jeff:

"So who's your handsome friend here, Randy?"

"Chris Field," the blond replied, sticking his small hand in Jeff's massive paw. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Big!"

Jeff laughed.

"Name's Jeff, Chris, and pleased to meet you, too," he said, adding. "Not many men in this bar can monopolize Randy's attention the way you do."

Chris had the decency to color slightly.

"Not everyone tries as hard as I do," he conceded.

Jeff patted Chris on the shoulder, saying:

"Well, don't wear him out, OK?! And now I gotta go take that leak!"

Jeff was still in front of the urinal when Chris showed up a few minutes later and parked himself in front of the adjacent urinal.

That's bold, Jeff said to himself. Most of these guys don't have the nerve.

"Damn," Chris said, not shy about staring. "Randy told me you were hung like a racehorse but, Christ, that thing is HUGE!"

Jeff chuckled, a rumble that echoed off the bathroom tiles.

"I piss like one, too, jeezus," he said. Musta been all that beer he'd had the night before at Brad and Keith's; either that or he had some kind of kidney disease going down!

Jeff turned his head to look at Chris -- and realized he had to look way down to see him!

"Wow," Jeff said. "You're a little thing, aren't you?"

Chris frowned.

"You mean 'short,' I think," he said with a slight air of asperity. "I'm a little bit on the beefy side for someone my height."

Jeff eyed the nice piece hanging from Chris' crotch.

"I stand corrected," Jeff said. "And you sure weren't short-changed down below, were you? What is that thing, 8-9 inches hard?"

Chris beamed.

"Pfft," he said, zipping up his pants. "It's 6 inches max. It just seems longer because I'm so short."

Jeff shook out the last dribbles of his three-quart reservoir and tucked his monster meat back into his pants.

"Just how tall are you?" he asked. "And, ya know, I'm really NOT about what size people are. I'm pretty much at one of the bell-shaped curve, too."

Chris chuckled.

"That's damn sure, Mr. Man Mountain," he agreed. "As for me, I stopped going UP when I turned 14. I was 5'2 then and I'm 5'2 now."

Jeff looked at the top of Chris' head. Nice view!

"Looks good from here," Jeff said. "I'm not tall but I'm 10 inches taller than you are. I don't get to feel like Shaquille O'Neal that often!"

Chris was washing his hands in the basin with the big mirror over it. Jeff stood behind him, brushing his hair with his big, long, sausage sized fingers.

"What you are is fuckin' huge," Chris said. "Standing in front of you is landing standing in front of an eclipse -- you blot out everything behind you!"

Jeff looked down at the handsome man.

"Would you like to see more sometime?" he asked.

Weird, Jeff thought, why is my heart racing?

Then it occurred to him.

I'm asking him out! I don't ask people out! They ask me out!

"I'd like that a lot, Big Guy," Chris replied. "You wanna go on a date or...?"

Jeff laughed.

"I'd love to go on a date, Mr. Sexy," Jeff said. "But first I want to get some place I can get you out of your clothes."

Chris looked please.

"Your place or mine, Mr. Big?"

[More to come...]

Part 2:

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You are on a roll. great stuff, Man.

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Very very nice. I really like how Jeff has the tables turned on him in the nicest possible way!!! Love to see where this is going from here!!!
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