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Old August 4th, 2009, 08:46 PM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Awakening the Shy Muscleman 4

[Off to Park City, Utah, for a wedding on Thursday and will be gone for a week. I hope this little chapter can keep the excitement growing, um, I mean going.]

Conrad’s voice was very weak. I could tell he was not totally present as he spoke – he was still basking in the sexual pleasure that my compliments and actions had caused throughout his body. He was definitely still “on edge” and a stronger than average gust of wind would have probably sent him into ejaculation mode. We sat there in silence for a few seconds. I desperately longed to know what was racing through his mind. Was he thinking back on how I had ran my hands all over his body? Was he re-living in his mind the way I described his muscles as I groped them? Or was he focused on the feeling of my hand resting against the base of his cock? It really didn’t matter, either way Conrad was in some kind of pleasure zone that was obviously happening for the first time in his life. I sensed that the nerve endings throughout the man’s body had now returned to normal and movement would not send him over the edge. I brought my right hand up to his massive pec and easily found the hard-as-rock nipple jutting out through the shirt. I pinched it hard with the three fingers it took to grab the big thing. Conrad moaned slightly and his body pressed back into mine even more. I brought my face close to his left ear – as near as I could get since he sat a little higher than me because of his massive frame.

“Look around the bar, Conrad. Every guy here is so fucking turned on right now. Everyone in this room wishes they were me. They want to be the one touching your body and feeling your hard muscles. They’ve never been so full of jealousy in all of their life. Hell, most of them have only ever dreamed of seeing someone as big as you.”

I could tell that Conrad was looking around the room. His cock twitched a little as he noticed guys boldly staring at us. A couple of different men in the room were blatantly rubbing their hard-on through their pants. I was beginning to think that if Conrad and I continued our little show for a little longer we could definitely cause a few wet spots to appear across the crotches of quite a few men in the place. That thought made my own cock pulse a few times against Conrad’s rock hard ass, which was pushed up against it.

“It feels like someone else is turned on, too.”

“Listen to you, mister, getting a little bolder aren’t we.”

We both chuckled. My left hand gripped his cock a little tighter as my right hand pinched his nip harder, as well. This time the moan that escaped Conrad’s mouth was louder and longer. I heard a few men in the room moan out loud in response.

“Look at all the hard cocks in the room, Conrad. That’s all because of you, man. All those erections are like metal pipes drawn to the magnetic pull of your huge muscles. You control these men, big guy. Really, I bet any man in here would do almost anything you asked, that is if you rewarded them with a chance to see and feel your body.”

“Um . . .Does that . . . does that include you, Demetri?”

Conrad was able to ask his question between slight moans and deep breaths caused by the expert teasing my hands were giving to his chest and cock. I was impressed that he could tear his focus away from what was happening to his body to make sure I desired him as much as everyone else. I felt a surge of energy rush through my body as I realized that at that moment Conrad only wanted me – no one else in the room mattered. I could see the finish line ahead of me – the big orca whale was now completely mine.

“I think the hard thing poking your ass through my jeans is all the answer you need, Con.”

The big man suddenly began to move. He pulled my hand from his pants, as he pushed away from me – not, however, before I got one another quick squeeze of his hard nipple. In what seemed like a flash Conrad was turned around and bent over with his hands resting on the boxes at either side of me. This stance accomplished two things. First, it brought his face even with mine. Second, it caused me to be surrounded by muscle on three sides. His huge arms encased my shoulders and I suddenly realized that his massive biceps and triceps combined were wider than my body. The top of his chest rose like a mountain underneath his chin and my mouth became dry as I looked down the deep valley between his pecs. His shirt looked much more strained from this angle – like it was about to rip across the chest, tear at the arms, and be blasted apart by his shoulders. The big man had a huge smile across his face.

“How about a kiss, Demetri?”

It registered immediately that it wasn’t a question, but an order disguised as a request. I was too caught off guard to notice the slight change in Con’s behavior. I was surrounded by muscle, this huge guy was asking me for a kiss, and my body had begun to want this enormous man as much as it wanted air. I simply nodded my head. Conrad brought his lips to mine in a way that was awkward and juvenile. I actually think he ran his tongue around the outside of his mouth just before our lips met. He pushed my head lightly against the wall and then continued to press his lips hard against mine. For a second the tightness of his mouth and the pressure of his head ramming against mine caused me some pain, but then something glorious happened. Conrad relaxed his mouth and parted his lips slightly. Hardness was replaced with the warm wet soft mouth of a man who was obviously a quick learner. I could sense that the big man was quickly copying how my mouth moved to increase the pleasure. His tongue began to wrestle with mine and then filled my mouth in a way that made me moan for more. My head went light and I became dizzy as the big man continued to balance sucking in lightly, biting at my lips, and maneuvering his tongue in a way that made me curl my toes in my shoes. God, this guy was a natural born kisser. My cock began to twitch uncontrollably and I knew that I was close to shooting. His muscles and his mouth were too much for me. I turned my head away from Conrad, but he tried to follow my lips.

“No, wait, I’m going to shoot if you don’t stop.”

Conrad quickly pulled his face away from me. I sat there with my eyes closed tightly and my body teetering between exploding and calming down. It seemed like forever that I waited to see which way my cock would finally decide to go. It was only after a few seconds I realized that I was not breathing. I took a deep breath – aware that the action might cause me to cum – but I needed air. After inhaling a couple of more times I was able to open my eyes and the danger of ejaculation had passed. I turned my head and was, again, met with a huge smile on Conrad’s face. I smiled back.

“Good control, sir.”

“Thanks. It was hit or miss for a few seconds. That was one powerful kiss.”

“I’m so glad you liked it, Demetri.”

“I’d say I more than liked it, Con. It made me dizzy and caused me to completely lose control.”

This comment made the big man’s smile grow even wider. He seemed like a proud student who had just aced a test. I detected something new in his eyes. Could it be some kind of excitement that had not been there before? Had I unleashed something in Conrad that made him more confident in some way? I had no idea what it was that revealed itself in his gaze but I was damn sure I liked it. Somehow the muscleman in front of me seemed larger. I knew it was impossible, but something was making Conrad appear to be more enormous than before.

“You know what would make me really happy Demetri.”

“What’s that?”

“If you reached out with your two hands, there, and grabbed hold of my muscle-packed pecs. Yeah, buddy, that would make my motor kick into high gear.”

Conrad’s words excited me beyond belief. The shy guy I had met at the beginning of the evening – the one that could barely look me in the eyes – was now asking me to grab his hard meaty chest like we were in some muscle worshiping video. My cock was aching from the thrill his words caused in my body. I might have been a little shocked by his request, but I was still the Shark and I knew how to take full advantage of the situation.

“Well, I’d really like to oblige, you big man, but I think that shirt of yours will get in the way. How about you go shirtless first and then I’ll grope those two gigantic mounds of muscle so much that you’ll wish you never asked.”

Conrad’s smile changed – it was now somewhat devious or something. I couldn’t name it exactly, but I immediately realized the man was not scared of my challenge at all. He leaned in and gave me a big kiss. Then Conrad pulled back and raised his monstrous body to its full height. I had to tilt my head backwards a little to follow his gaze. He never took his eyes away from mine. I, however, glanced down to watch him pull the bottom of his shirt out from his pants. He did it very slowly – as if he wanted to tease me – but I’m sure it was because he was somewhat embarrassed about what he was about to do. That’s when he started pulling the front of his shirt upward even slower so his perfectly chiseled stomach would reveal each highlighted abdominal muscle one at a time. I was completely mesmerized, however I was lucid enough to notice that everyone in the bar moved to our side of the room as if we were on a ship and a giant wave sent everyone flying. I knew what everyone wanted; it was the same damn thing that I desired more than anything else on earth. I needed to see this man’s body uncovered and I needed it immediately. Conrad, however, had other plans. He stopped lifting the shirt just at the base of what I knew was an incredible chest. He crunched his abs and moved his torso from side to side just to highlight the perfect rows that ran across his stomach between each bulging mass of muscle. It was as if someone carved his midsection in marble – that’s how perfectly symmetrical it was. A beautiful indention ran down the middle and four flawless rows of beautiful hardness appeared on either side. It was a fucking piece of art. I had thought that Conrad was a little pudgy at the beginning of the evening, but I had been completely mistaken. This guy’s lower torso made my mouth drop open and my hand shot up, without even planning it, to feel the seamless row of abdominals. I immediately pulled my hand back when my fingers touched his stomach. His skin was hot and hard as a brick wall. I was caught off guard and shocked by how it felt.

“Are those abs hard enough for you Demetri?”

Conrad’s voice surprised me and I was momentarily disoriented. For the first time in a long time I could not speak. As a matter of fact I could barely think. I could hear men on either side of me gasping and moaning as they gazed at Conrad’s astonishing stomach, but all I could find the strength to do was nod my head slowly as I continued to stare at his stomach..

“What’s the matter Demetri, are you already overwhelmed by my body? We haven’t gotten very far, man. We have a lot more muscle to reveal. Are you sure you can handle it?”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Cunning, and intriguing.

It seems that Demetri isn't the only Shark in these waters. Love to see what Conrad has up his muscle-stuffed sleeves.
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Old August 4th, 2009, 10:37 PM
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Floodgates open and the water level rises. Good thing your Shark knows he can handle (accommodate) what the big man has. And it's so good for us you have a Shark that wants to show the big man what True Muscle Worship is.
Hey, would it really be so bad for an Uber Shark to finally get lost in a Freaking Huge Muscle Demi-god? If the Mammoth Gardener keeps on getting bigger and bigger from his form of Horticulture, that would be such a hot new definition for having a Green Thumb.

Um. Not really important for the sexy story, but I was curious. What does the Demetri do for a living?

As for you sir; If this is your form of taking a vacation, you seriously out perform the majority of the people making a living at writing. And all on a summer's day and or night. Thanks for sharing the hot stuff with us. You must have a real meaty Muse sharing your vacation time. I hope he appreciates the Man in Londonboy. Please do...

Keep Writing.

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Old August 5th, 2009, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
I could see the finish line ahead of me – the big orca whale was now completely mine.
dosn't a orca eat sharks?
I'm crazy, but who isn't?

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Originally Posted by chimewolf View Post
dosn't a orca eat sharks?
I think that's the point....

Londonboy, you devious writer you!

Poor Demetri doesn't stand a chance!

Bwa ha ha ha ha!!

Great writing! As we wait for that shirt to go up the rest of the way-

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Old August 5th, 2009, 10:12 PM
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Thanks, again!!!

Poor Demetri! The sucker being suckered and falling hook, line, and sinker. Londonboy, you've twisted another great tale.
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Old August 5th, 2009, 10:41 PM
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This is quite possibly the most insanely erotic, second by second seduction scene I've ever read. It' literally like edging, I delight in every second, and still can't wait for the climax! Keep it flowing!
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Old August 6th, 2009, 12:18 AM
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It just gets better and better lol

GAH! Have a nice trip but dern you for making us so edgey . Shesh this story is so good I cant wait for the next part. I agree with the comments this so called sharked is being suckered .
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Old August 6th, 2009, 12:56 AM
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This story reminds me of the song Paralyzer by Finger Eleven.

Well I'm not paralyzed
But, I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you're standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You'll probably move right through
Me on my way to you

Nice job and keep up the great work!
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Old August 6th, 2009, 10:48 AM
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Agonizing, excruciating, harrowing, racking, searing, extremely painful, acute, severe, torturous, tormenting, piercing, hellish.

My enjoyment of this story is so strung out and protracted that I am beginning to sound like a thesaurus! Not that Londonboy needs a thesaurus with delectable descriptions such as these!
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Old August 7th, 2009, 07:13 PM
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Very cool story with likable Characters...

Demetri and Conrad remind me a lot of Nolan and Sam from "My Roommate's Body."

But it quickly became clear that Demetri is a lot more aggressively predatory and a player than Nolan. But I guess that is to be expected since he's cruising for a one night stand. So I was a bit concerned about Conrad's getting "hurt" by being used, abused and discarded by the rather cynical and callous player persona that Demetri was projecting...

At that point Conrad's behavior was consistent with the somewhat naive openness honesty and humility of Sam... and I was concerned that he was likely to get hurt badly if Sam allowed myself to be used, abused and discarded in the way Demetri was planning.

But now it looks like Demetri may have hooked a lot more than what he had been trolling for when he snagged Conrad and maybe Demetri is the one that is likely to be hurt...

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