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Old August 2nd, 2009, 05:27 PM
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Awakening the Shy Muscleman 3

[I completely understand that I am teasing people with short installments of this story. I am doing it on purpose, so you get a good build up to the final release. Yes, I am bad. Very, very bad. I admit it. Please forgive me.]

“That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, Conrad. I’m glad you saw something in me that you liked. I felt the same about you. You caught my attention right from the moment I noticed you.”

“Really? What did you like about me?”

His question was so sincere. It still blew me away that a guy this big and this powerful would need some affirmation. I was pretty sure that Conrad’s self esteem had somehow been crushed at an early age. He was pretty desperate for compliments, but my well-trained Shark instincts kicked in and I immediately fell into my typical pattern for building up a guy that I wanted to conquer. I knew immediately I should work my way up to talking about his body. Conrad did not want that to be the only thing he had to offer.

“I noticed your eyes right away. They seemed a little sad, but they came across as excited, as well. I also noticed your smile. That is - when you actually chose to smile.”

We both laughed a little and I jumped at the chance to tighten my grip around his stomach. Conrad was so happy with my compliments that he didn’t notice the movement of my arms. The big guy was beginning to get even more comfortable with me. He actually let his back push into my chest a little more. I suddenly felt the warmth and the hardness of his body pressing against me and it actually seemed very familiar. I could sense that Conrad craved the experience of touching me more than I desired it of him.

“And then what did you notice? Was there anything else?”

There it was – the permission to enter the territory that every muscle junkie craves – Conrad was allowing me to move into new frontiers. I could now comment on his body. I had started with his eyes first and then his smile – I didn’t start with his gorgeous muscles. This had allowed me to pass the test. I was obviously more than just some muscle pig that wanted to see him nude, shoot my wad, and then say goodnight. But oh how little Conrad knew me. I wasn’t that kind of guy – I would after all, at least, help him get off before saying goodbye. That was the least a Shark like me could do for a muscle stud. Even as I contemplated this I realized there was some kind of blip in my normal pattern. I might have won the ability to move into conversation about his huge body and I was pretty sure we’d be leaving together within the hour, but I felt a knot in my stomach that made it clear Conrad was casting a serious spell on me. I forced that thought out of my head. I knew better than to let myself dream about some unknown future. I returned my attention to the cement wall of a stomach my hands rested on.

“I think you know the answer already, don’t you Conrad.”

“I hope so. But it would still be nice to hear it from you.”

“Why is that, sir?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s because I’m really shy and not so sure of myself.”

“Tell you what, Conrad, why don’t we begin by you telling me what you hoped I would notice.”

The big guy went silent, but I also noticed that his body did not tense up this time. I could tell that thoughts were spinning around in his head like some kind of wild tornado. I was also pretty sure the guy had started to smile. My cock pulsed and shivers shot through my body when I felt a huge hand come to rest on top of mine. Conrad was getting braver. His strong thick fingers forced mine apart and then he curled them around my hand. I could tell the guy had shivers running through his body, as well. I let my other hand slide down his abs and come to rest on something that felt as hard and thick as a baseball bat. I let a gush of air escape from my mouth as soon as I felt his cock. I didn’t move my hand at all. I just let it rest on top of his hardness. I swear the man stopped breathing as soon as I made contact with his dick. We sat there for a few seconds – no movement and no words. Then, after the feeling became familiar, Conrad inhaled deeply. Another milestone had been approached and passed.

“I hoped . . . I . . . uh . . . I hope that . . . um, you see . . . I hoped that you liked . . . my, my . . . um, my muscles.”

Bingo! Houston, we have lift off. Bull’s-eye! I felt like letting out some kind of victory yell. The massive man – although bigger and more built than most men walking on the planet – wanted to make sure his assets were “good enough.” I knew right then that I had died and gone to heaven. I felt like I had just hit a home run and it was time to start my lap around the bases.

“Now that wasn’t too hard was it, big guy? I’m proud of you. Yes, Conrad, a thousand times yes. I noticed your muscles right away. I thought I made that clear earlier when I commented on your size and how strong you look.”

“Yeah . . . but that wasn’t specific. I mean, I was hoping that you noticed specific stuff. You know, like . . . well specific stuff.”

I pulled my hand from his and lifted the other one off of his hard cock. I brought both of my palms up to his massive chest. I realized quickly that in order to lay my hands on his pecs I had to spread my arms wider to get passed his huge lats. I couldn’t have made my hands meet even if I had stretched my hardest – the guy was just too fucking wide. I gripped his hard muscled meaty pecs with both hands. Conrad instinctively tensed his chest and my fingers were forced flat - I was now only able to press my open hands into his upper body.

“You mean did I notice these two mountains of hard muscle, Conrad? Is that what you want me to say. Hell yeah, man. I shot super hard as soon as I saw you stand up to your full height and these two bulging pecs caused your shirt to explode so much that it looked like it would burst.”

Conrad’s body shook hard from the excitement that my words were causing. I was also getting equally turned on. I moved my hands from his meaty pecs to his biceps. Conrad instinctively bent his arms so it caused his guns to swell a little. They instantly turned hard and bulged much thicker.

“And then I noticed your massive arms, man. These guns are bigger than any others I’ve ever seen. Hell, I couldn’t have ignored such big biceps even if I had wanted to. And right now I’m rewarded with the best prize of all – getting to feel these rock hard mounds of muscle. Fuck, these things are so tight.”

Conrad was actually beginning to squirm in front of me. I suddenly realized the guy was trying hard not to shoot a load. That’s how much my comments about his body were turning charging him up – not to mention the way I was groping his massive biceps. I quickly moved my hand down to his giant right thigh. I grabbed the chiseled-as-stone multi-layered sinew that pressed through the fabric of his pants.

“Your big-as-tree quads caught my attention too, Conrad. These pants can’t hide the fact that each of your legs is thicker than your waist. How the hell did you get these things pulled up over those monsters? But then, again, if you didn’t have huge legs then this thing would look a little freakish, don’t you think?”

With that I took my left hand from his arm, moved it quickly down his hard torso, and let it slide between his abs, his pants and underwear until my fingers struck the base of the giant log that was pressing out obscenely atop of his left thigh. Again, all breathing stopped. As a matter of fact, it felt like time, itself, stopped. I didn’t move a muscle. I left the tips of my fingers pressed into the hardness of his cock. I noticed Conrad was whispering something softly to himself. I listened intently.

“No . . . no . . . don’t cum. You . . . can do . . . it. Don’t cum, Con. Don’t cum.”

I wanted to laugh, but I knew I shouldn’t – for two reasons – one, because the movement would have caused him to erupt like a volcano and two, because it would have hurt his feelings. I was far too invested in this potential sexual connection to lose such a big catch because of crushed egos. I merely wanted to bring Conrad to the brink of ejaculation so he could get a taste of what was to come, so to speak. I was dangling a giant carrot in front of this huge horse of a man. And it was obvious that Con loved every second of it. I finally realized the wave of almost-orgasm had passed and I let my fingers slide down the side of his thick cock until my hand cradled the bottom part of the long shaft. I quickly realized that my palm barely covered half of his long pole. My fingers could also feel the grapefruit-sized balls that rested between his legs. It was, again, time for my body to shiver in anticipation of playing with Conrad’s dick until the early hours of the morning. The big guy started breathing again and I could tell he was oddly comfortable with the fact that my hand was down his pants in a public place. This got me to thinking that there might actually be a wild side to this innocent behemoth and I was sure I was the guy to unlock his hidden kinkiness.

“So Conrad, did that answer your desire for more specifics on what I noticed about your body?”

(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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But, I am willing to make an exception for Londonboy because he usually makes it so worth the agony. (You'd better make it work our while here, bub. )
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