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Jessie's Girls (Part 5)

By Richard Jasper


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

May 1995

"What do you mean you're not coming home for the summer?" Jessie squawked into the phone.

"Just what I said," Frank replied.

"We found an apartment," Henry added, on another line. "Plus I have an internship and...

"And I have a job," Frank finished up.

Hmmf, Jessie thought. It's gonna be one helluva boring summer.

"What kind of job?" Jessie asked.

"Oh, just a summer job," Frank replied, which caused Henry to snort.

"Summer job doing what?" Jessie demanded.

"Uh, well..." Frank hemmed and hawed.

"He's going to be a personal trainer," Henry said.


Jessie was having a hard time featuring Frank as a personal trainer in Atlanta. A year ago Frank had been begging Jessie to show him how to workout. Now...?

"Well, when will I see you?" Jessie demanded.

"When you get your butt to Atlanta," Frank replied.

"But, but, but..."

"No buts," Henry countered. "We know you have 'big plans' to go see that Italian exchange student in Florence. You'll just have to work around it."

Jessie went to Italy, Frank and Henry stayed in Atlanta, except for 4th of July weekend; they went home but Jessie, who'd planned to be home, spent the next six weeks on the Costa del Sol.

"What do you mean you're not coming home?" Henry asked.

"Well, Natalya has this gig here..." Jessie began.

"Natalya Who?" Frank insisted.

Natalya the 27 y.o. divorced Russian engineer from Chelyabinsk, it turned out.

Frank and Henry rolled their eyes.

Which is why they didn't see Jessie until...

Christmas 1995

Actually, it turned out they were over at Sylvia and Jennifer's place, so Jessie went looking for them, rather than the other way around.

"Hey, who has the fancy red Jeep out there?" Jessie asked when Jennifer opened the front door. He was still looking over his shoulder when a deep voice replied, "That would be ours."

Jessie turned to see who was speaking and was stunned by what he saw.

"H-H-H-enry?!" he stuttered. "Is that you?"

It was Henry's face, alright, but when did he grow his hair out and where did the beard come from and...?!!

"Holy shit, dude," Jessie managed to get out. "Yer fuckin' huge."

A shit-eating grin broke across Henry's face as he gathered his best friend up into a big bear hug and craaaaaacked his back.

"You think I'm huge," he boomed. "You oughta see Frankie boy."

"Yo, Jessie," Frank said. "I see you're still big as ever!"

Jessie stared from one to the other.


"Well, I told you about that gym job back in May," Frank continued. "The great thing is that we could work out there any time of day."

"Plus," Henry continued, "deep, deep employee discount on supplements."

"But but but..."

Frank put a calloused meat hook of a hand on Jessie's shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. It's not typical for somebody to put on 45 lbs. of solid muscle in a year, especially when they start out at 195 -- like Henry did."

Henry laughed.

"Or 60 lbs., like you did," he added.

"Jeez, guys, yer HUGE!"

"Henry Boy here is 240 now, so, yeah I guess you could say he's 'huge' alright."

"Pfft," Henry added. "You're the one who weighs 250."

And with that they wrapped each other in their huge arms (they had to be 21-22 inches cold) and gave each other a deep, passionate kiss.


"You're looking bigger, too," Sylvia said brightly to Jessie.

"What are you up to?" Jenny asked.

Jessie just stood there watching his two best friends make out in Sylvia's and Jennifer's living room (before she went off to Paris with the philosophy major Sally explained their "d'oh, why didn't I see that?!" relationship to Jessie.)

"Uh, well..."

Frank pulled his tongue out of Henry's mouth, grabbed Jessie by the shoulders and looked him up and down.

"Oh, I'd say he's up to 235, or thereabouts. Put on another 10 lbs. this past year?"

Jessie felt flushed, like he was coming down with the flu.

"Uh, well, yeah, I did, but I've lost a few pounds since Thanksgiving. I'm down to about 230 now."

Frank sucked in his waist, still no larger than Jessie's cinched 32 inches, and threw out a chest that appeared to be pushing 60 inches.

"Hey, it's Christmas, we'll feed you! You'll gain that weight back -- and more -- in no time."

Sylvia and Jennifer giggled.

"They've definitely gotten good at feeding each other," Sylvia said.

The two studs had the decency to blush.

For once in his life, Jessie didn't have to wait for someone to explain it to him, so Frank and Henry weren't the only ones blushing.


It was Frank's turn to hug Jessie but hugging wasn't enough -- he had to throw in a twirl and then, his two meaty paws inserted under Jessie's armpits, lifted him up over his head.

"Oh, Jeeze, Frank, put me down!"

Jessie was uncomfortably aware that his beefy 9-inch dick was tenting his parachute-fabric running pants.

"You're home now," Henry said. "That's all that matters."

Frank nodded. He and Henry linked arms while each resting a hand on Jessie's broad shoulders.

"We've missed you."

Jessie misted up.

"S'mutual," he choked out, then he brightened.

"But I think we're gonna have to change your names."

The two looked at him quizzically.

"To Stud and Hunk," he added, a twinkle in his eye.

"No more 'Jessie's Girls'?" Sylvia asked.

Squeezing Henry's and Frank's massive delts, Jessie just shook his head.

"Jessie's He-Men," he suggested. "How does that sound?"

Frank looked at Henry, Henry looked at Frank.

"We like it!"

[There will be a short epilogue...]

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