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Jessie's Girls (Part 4)

By Richard Jasper


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The next day...

"Ya gotta teach us how to work out," Henry told Jessie.

"What? Since when have either of you had any interest in working out?"

Frank blushed.

"Well, you see..." he began.

"It's like this, Jessie," Henry continued. "Frank needs to lose 30 lbs. by the time school starts if he has a chance of getting into that dance class he wants. And I figure if he's going to work out, I will, too -- I'm tired of being a pencil-necked geek!"

Jessie just stared.

"Surely it's not THAT hard to figure out?" Frank observed.

Jessie laughed.

"It's not hard at all. I'm both flabbergasted and delighted. I never thought I'd ever get your asses in there. You know what they say..."

Frank sniffed.

"We're NOT horses, ya know."

"Speak for yourself," Henry countered.

Jessie shook his head.

"I don't know what that's all about."

"And you don't want to," Frank chimed in.

So that's how they spent their last summer on Magnolia Terrace together -- in the gym.

Jessie was pleased to learn that Henry and Frank weren't quite as hopeless as he was afraid they might be. Yes, it took a fair amount of instruction before they got an exercise down; Frank was apt to start doing something totally random before being reminded that they were actually working traps, not calves. Henry invariably complained about having to eat more, Frank invariably complained about having to do cardio.


They learned. They were consistent. They were disciplined. They kept at it.

"Well," Frank said. "I don't think you should be that surprised."

Henry nodded his head.

"We've always been straight A students and we've always had to work at it."

Frank agreed.

"Just a different form of exercise, that's all."

In 12 weeks, Frank lost 30 lbs., including 7 inches off his waist. Everything else was harder and thicker than it ever had been before.

During the same time, Henry gained 25 lbs. of solid muscle.

"My gosh," Jessie said. "Look at you! You're twins!"

Well, not exactly. The two boys' coloring was completely different but if you put bags over their heads, Jessie definitely had a point. One was 5'11, the other 5'11 1/2, and both 165 lbs. of lean, well-proportioned muscle.

"You look like marathoners," Jessie said.

They both beamed.

"Of course..." Frank said.

"Compared to you..." Henry added.

Not much of a comparison, really.

Jessie had added another 10 lbs. over the summer. At 6 ft. and 220 lbs., he was ripped -- and made his two best friends, even with their new hard bodies, look like little boys by comparison.

He at least had the decency to blush.

"I don't know what I'm going to do without you two," he mumbled. "I, uh, well..."

Frank and Henry burst out laughing.

"Oh, can the mushy crap, Jessie, we know EXACTLY what you're going to be doing without us," Henry said.

"Boinky boinky boinky," Frank chimed in.

What are we gonna do without him? Henry wondered.

Jessie was going to Wake Forest University to play football and get a decent education. Frank and Henry were going to Emory University on academic scholarships. Winston-Salem and Atlanta aren't that far apart but they weren't likely to see each other until Christmas, especially given Jessie's football schedule.

"Well..." Frank said.

"We'll see you then," Henry added.

Jessie hugged his two friends tight, and for a long time.

"I love you guys," he said, his voice full of emotion.

Frank and Henry looked each other in the eye, and they both murmurred at the same time.

"We love you, too."

Christmas 1994

"Jesus," Jessie said.

"Well, yes," Frank replied.

"It IS his birthday," Henry pointed out.

Jessie shook his head.

"That's not what I'm talking about, dummies. Fucking look at the two of you!"

"Language!" Henry chirped.

"Potty mouth!" Frank added.

Jessie whacked both of them on their heads.


Frank and Henry beamed.

"You grew muscles!"


Once they got to Emory, it turned out Frank and Henry had been severely bitten by the iron bug and the Emory weight room was a great place to indulge their new obsession. Not to mention Cox Hall ("Cox Hall?! Bwaahahahahahah!" was their reaction) was "all you can eat, all the time."

Frank had gained back 25 of the 30 lbs. he had lost over the summer, all of it muscle, and now weighed in at 190 lbs., which Henry had packed on a staggering 30 lbs., all of it in the right places.

"Jesus," Jessie said again. "Henry..."

Frank poked Henry's bulging pecs.

"Jesus is right, actually," Frank noted. "Henry is now 195 -- that's 55 lbs. of muscle in six months."

Jessie shook his head again.

"That's insane," he pointed out.

Henry lifted his right arm and FLEXED.

"Fuck," Jessie said.

"More precisely, 17 1/2" of fuck," Frank pointed out.

Henry fake-punched Frank's shoulder.

"Look who's talking, Mr. Gained 25 lbs. and lost an inch off his waist," he observed.

Frank pulled up his shirt. His eight packed was riiiipped.

"Damn, boys, yer showin' me up," Jessie spluttered.

The two laughed.

"Oh, give me a break," Frank countered.

"You gained how much?" Henry asked.

Jessie blushed.

"Not nearly as much as you guys, shit, just 5 lbs., that's all."

Frank rolled his eyes.

"Which brings you to 225 lbs., Mr. Stud Man, in case you've forgotten -- absent our assistance -- how to do simple arithmetic."

"Perhaps that's the case," Henry agreed. "Otherwise he might have noticed that he still outweighs us by at least 30 fucking lbs."

They spent the next two weeks in the gym. Well, that is, except when Jessie wasn't catching up with every girl from their graduating class, including Sylvia and Jennifer, who specifically requested that Jessie bring Frank and Henry along.

"Well," they said, looking pointedly at Jessie.

"Well what?" he asked.

"Well, Sally, of course." It was always hard for Jessie to figure out which one, Sylvia or Jennifer, was actually doing the talking.

"Freshman 15," Frank said.


"More like Freshman 30," Henry added.


"She hasn't gained an ounce," Jessie said. "But she has developed a thing for 'older' guys."

Frank rolled his eyes.

"And philosophy majors," Henry added.

"Of the French exchange student variety," Frank chimed in.

Sylvia tsked, Jennifer tutted.

"And what about you two...?"

Frank snorted Mountain Dew out his nose, Henry tried to choke on his pretzel. Jessie pounded Henry on the back while Sylvia handed Frank a napkin.

"Well...?" Jessie asked.

Frank and Henry blushed.

"School is going great," Frank squeaked.

"Gym is going better," Henry muttered.

Sylvia and Jennifer gave each other a glance.

"Jessie, y'know, we'll be happy to take Frank and Henry home," Jennifer said.

Jessie looked at them.

"You've got a date with Heather, right?"

"Uh, well..."

"S'Okay, Stud Man, the 'girls' have got you covered," Frank said.

Y'know, Jessie said to himself, sometimes I wonder...

* * *

"And, yes," Frank said.

"About a week after school started."

Jennifer looked at Sylvia.

"About time," Sylvia said.

"Well, you know..." Henry continued.

"It's just that..."

Jennifer shut them off with a cutting motion that worked well for her in karate class.

"Oh, give it a rest, guys," she said. "We know that you're totally in love with him."

"And always have been," Sylvia added. "But he's just not..."

"Gay?" Frank asked.

"Into us?" Henry queried.

The two lesbians hugged their two gay best friends.

"He's clueless, fellas," Jennifer pointed out.

"He likes dipping his wick," Sylvia added. "My guess is..."

"Any hole will do," Jennifer continued. "But he hasn't figured that out yet."

Frank and Henry hugged each other.

In the meantime, Frank thought.

"In the meantime," Henry said.

Jessie isn't the only one who is clueless, Sylvia thought.

But they'll figure it out, Jennifer said to herself.


[I never write stories this long. What's up with that? Next...]

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