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Jessie's Girls (Part 3)

By Richard Jasper


Part 1:

Part 2:

Spring 1993

"Oh," Frank said. "That song."

Henry nodded.

"Apparently, we're 'Jessie's Girls' now."

Frank winced, then giggled.

"Weren't we always?"

Henry socked him in the arm.

"Owwww," Frank complained. "What was that for?"

That evening they headed over to Jessie's for dinner and video games. Jessie had been at the gym when they were on the way home and, well...

Fuck, he's hot, Henry and Frank thought to themselves.

At 17 and 6 ft. tall, Jessie was 185 lbs. and in tip-top shape, not an ounce of fat on his body, broad shoulders, beefy 17 1/2" biceps, and 45 inch chest tapering down to a minuscule, rock hard 29 inch waist.

Frank and Henry had finally caught up, or close enough, in terms of height, 5'11 and 5'11 1/2 respectively. Otherwise, the same dynamics that had seen them through childhood continued to apply:

Henry was a stork thin 135 lbs.

Frank was 10 lbs. heavier than Jessie but with no muscle tone; he was basically a pear-shaped version of Henry.

"So what are we going to do about prom?" Jessie asked.

His two friends looked at him like he was a loon.

"Well, duh," Henry said. "You're going to prom with a gorgeous girl..."

"And we're going to stay home," Frank added. "And pretend like we have the flu.

Jessie leaned back and put his hands behind his head, bouncing his softball size biceps up and down, completely oblivious to the effect they were having on Frank and Henry.

"Well, see that's the thing," Jessie said. "There's not anyone I want to go to prom with. Right now they're all either mad at me or totally in lust with me and if I pick one and not the other I'm never going to hear the end of it."

Frank and Henry stared at Jessie, their mouths hanging open.

"And I mean, well, you ARE my 'girls,' aren't you?"

Frank choked, Henry spluttered.


"Oh, c'mon, you know the guys that say that are all a bunch of tards," Jessie said. "You've been my best pals forever. I think we ought to go stag."

The word "stag" sent images crashing through Frank's and Henry's respective imaginations in a way neither would really want to admit.

"You know it will be fun," Jessie added. "And I've seen the two of you dance, you'll do better than anyone else there!"



Jessie snorted.

"You just THINK I don't pay attention when you put on that disco crap," he pointed out, running his hands through his golden tresses. "You're wrong!"

So that's how they ended up going to the junior-senior prom together.

They stood in the middle of the dance floor, as if they were the prom court, not Bobby Hester (Billy's younger brother) and Michelle Quatrain. Jessie danced with every girl who asked him to do so, including Michelle, and every girl who came back for seconds got Frank or Henry.

"Hey, Jessie," Sally Ribicoff said. "I'm glad you dragged these two clowns out here tonight."

Sally was hands down the hottest girl in their class, a perfectly proportioned brunette who could (and would someday) be a fashion model.

"Would you like to dance, Sally?" Jessie asked smoothly.

Sally pinched Jessie's cheek, as if she were some ancient babushka, and the said.

"I sure would like to dance -- with Henry!"

Henry was only too happy to grab Sally and head for the dance floor -- the girl had the best moves of anyone at the party, after him!

Jessie and Frank just stood there with their mouths hanging open.

"You're attracting flies," Sylvia Sydney pointed out to them.

"It's a new world order," Jennifer Jones noted.

"But WE will dance with you," the two said together. "Unlike Sally, we're NOT picky!"

* * *

A year later...

"Uh..." Jessie started.

Henry and Frank looked at him.

"It's OK," Henry said.

"We've heard already," Frank said.

Jessie gave them a glance.

"Heard what?"

"You're going to the prom with Sally," Henry pointed out.

Jessie spluttered.

"I haven't even asked her yet!"

Henry and Frank laughed.

"It's OK," Frank said. "We've already talked to her. She's asking you tomorrow."

Jessie winced.


"But what?" Henry asked. "We know you want to go with her."

"And we already have plans," Frank pointed out.

Jessie's eyes bulged.


Frank patted Jessie on the knee.

"We're double dating," he said.

"Us and Sylvia and Jennifer," Henry added. "They're not Sally, of course, but they're still good dancers and they don't mind if Frank steps on their feet."


"Just make sure YOU don't step on Sally's feet," Frank added. "Or I'll never hear the end of it."

But, but, but, Jessie thought to himself, his mind reeling.

"It's like you said," Henry allowed. "We're your 'girls' -- who's gonna watch out for you, if not us?"

It turned out that Henry, all 140 lbs. of him, and Sylvia, who outweighed Henry by a good 30 lbs., most of it in her chest and ass, were elected King and Queen that year, not Jessie and Sally.

"I, well, uh, I mean, gee, Sally..."

Jessie was mortified. The 210-lb. football stud wasn't sure what to think of being outshone by his geeky best friend. Sally just laughed.

"Babe, not to worry," she pointed out. "You don't get to be Prom King with two left feet, no matter how good looking you are. I knew what I was getting myself into."

They slipped out a while later, headed for, well, Frank and Henry didn't quite know but they had a good guess, mostly because Sylvia and Jennifer were headed to the same place.

"You guys are the best," they said, hugging each in turn.

"What would girls like us do without guys like you?"

Funny, Henry thought.

"I was thinking the same thing," Frank finished for him.

[Some real growth the next time, I promise!]

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