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Jessie's Girls (Part 1)

By Richard Jasper


Back in the day...

Jessie (March 5), Henry (April 11), and Frank (May 19) were just weeks apart in age and their respective families had all moved to Magnolia Terrace within a few months of each other when they boys were just getting ready to start kindergarten.

The Millers (Jessie's family) arrived first. They lived in No. 17, a 2-story fake Tudor with Jessie and his two older sisters, Nancy and Helen.

The Judsons (Henry's family) showed up next, taking up residence at No. 20, an ersatz Dutch colonial directly across the street from the Millers. In addition to Henry, they had a baby girl, Bonnie.

The Hunters (Frank's family) arrived last, moving into No. 22, a "contemporary" ranch next door to the Judsons. Unlike Jessie or Henry, Frank was an "only" child.

The boys hit it off immediately, although it was clear there were some basic differences. Jessie was outgoing and athletic; Henry, even at five, was prone to have his nose in a book; and Frank had a flair for the dramatic, which is by way of saying he was a bit high strung and capable of total, "drama queen" meltdowns.

The Millers, the Judsons, and the Hunters counted themselves lucky that the three little boys, none of whom had brothers, played so well together, and at any given time all three of them were apt to be in any one of the houses. The dads often teased the boys that they were really "Hunjudders" or "Millhunsons" or "Judmilters," not Millers, Judsons, and Hunters.

The moms were pretty pleased, too.

"They complement each other," said Mrs. Hunter. "Frank's a little bit less of a flaming sissy when he's around Jessie."

"And it certainly doesn't hurt Jessie to look at a book every now and then," agreed Mrs. Miller. "Before Henry and Frank showed up, I practically had to tie him down for story time."

"We have our own little troupe of musketeers," Mrs. Judson pointed out. "It's going to be fun to watch them grow up together!"

And, in fact, that's exactly what they did. As luck would have it, the three families seemed to miss out on most of the crises that afflicted the typical late 20th century suburban American family. They stay married, they kept their jobs -- and they loved Magnolia Terrace.

(Nearly 30 years later, the three couples are still on Magnolia Terrace, albeit retired now and forever traveling to see kids and grandkids or to check out couples resorts in places like Jamaica. But that's another story!)

* * *

Summer 1981

Frank's mom liked to listen to the radio while cleaning the house and while playing in the back yard, usually with Jessie and Henry, Frank like to sing along:

Jessie is a friend, yeah
I know he's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's changed
That ain't hard to define
Jessie's got himself some friends
And I want to make him mine

Oh I wish that I was Jessie's girl

Frank belted it out. Henry started laughing.

"What?" Frank said.

"That's not how the song goes," Henry said.

Frank pouted.

"I'm sure that you are wrong," he replied, using his dad's best professorial tone.

Henry shook his head.

"No silly, it's goes like this...I wish that I HAD Jessie's girl."

Frank frowned.

"What's the difference?"

Henry blushed.

"Well, dummy, think about it. You're NOT a girl."

Frank blinked.

"Hmm," he said, thinking about it. "Well, yes, that's true but I still like my version better."

Henry laughed.

"Well, just don't sing it around Jessie, or he might get sore."

Frank was beginning to think that Henry was a know-it-all.

"Where IS Jessie, anyway?" he asked.

"Canada," Henry answered. "They're visiting cousins or something."

Frank sighed.

"I know," Henry said. "I miss him, too."

Then Frank giggled.

"But it's a great time to play dress up, huh? Jessie always *hates* to play dress up!"

Henry brightened.

"Good idea!"

The two raced inside Frank's house.

[More to cum and, yes, there WILL be muscle eventually! -- rpj]

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