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Old May 23rd, 2009, 11:28 AM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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The Alpha Dog Gets A Leash - Part Four

[Just a little mini-chapter for the three-day weekend. I hope you enjoy it.]

Mr. Masters was not a man that waited for anyone. I knew this instinctively. I stayed right behind him as he exited the restaurant, even as I struggled to put my tight shirt back on my pumped up body. It was still very odd to be this massive guy who towered over the man in front of him and, yet, realize that the little guy in front of you could whip your ass. I still couldnít get my mind wrapped around that fact. And then there was this all-consuming desire to submit myself completely to my new master. I only desired to please this small man with the strength of what seemed like fifty men of my size. I glanced at our reflection in the limousineís windows as we stood at the edge of the curb. I was a fucking giant beside this guy. For a second I completely forgot how he had easily beaten me in our recent arm wrestling match. I dismissed the fact that he had stood there with his arm perfectly still as I used both of my arms and my entire body weight against him. I had been breathing heavily and perspiring like I had just finished a marathon and he was as calm as a baby taking a nap. But looking at our reflection I started to gain a little of my well known bravado back, I became slightly cocky because I saw that my bulging muscles and my size made Mr. Masters look like the ninety-pound weakling on the beach standing beside the huge bodybuilder. It occurred to me suddenly that my loss to this man could have been some kind of trick. Had he somehow hypnotized me or drugged me when I wasnít looking? Were my feelings of submission just a momentary lapse in judgment? What I saw in the windows of the car in front of me confirmed the fact that I was definitely the alpha dog in this so-called new relationship. Walter Masters was stunning and very successful but his body didnít hold a candle to mine. My beefy upper arms were almost bigger than his chest. Even if you put two of him side by side my fucking broad shoulders would be wider by far. It was clear that I could squash this guy with just one of my brawny hands. I took a deep breath and let my enormous chest inflate to a mind-blowing size. I could tell that the fabric of my shirt was straining not to burst at the seams from the pressure. A feeling of superiority swept through my body and I was finally able to regain the self-confidence that comes with being bigger and stronger than anyone youíve ever met. I was Jack McGaw, for goodness sakes, and Iím a muscled monster. I looked down at Walter and smiled in a way that made it clear I was reclaiming the title of the dominant top in this relationship.

The guy didnít turn to look at me. He only stared at our reflection in the limoís windows. A very sinister smile crept across his face and it caused a chill to run down my spine. It was like he could read my mind and he knew that I was dismissing his power over me. I also believe he still realized I wanted him deeply, but I now intended to take control. The guy then actually chuckled out loud. This reaction infuriated me and my muscles tensed all over my body. It seemed that little Wally boy still thought he was my master. I began to look forward to showing him who was truly the boss. I contemplated grabbing his puny body, slamming him against the car, and plugging his ass with my giant cock right there on the street. I was sure that action would make it clear that from that moment on I was going to lead this relationship.

Walter turned to look at me, but the smile was gone. He now had a serious look on his face that immediately sucked some of my confidence away. The guy simply shook his head and then placed one of his small hands on my wide biceps. I look down at his fingers spread out completely and, yet, still not covering much of my bulging upper arm. He began to gently rub my hard muscles. He let his fingers slide across the indentions caused by the layers of bulging mass. He cupped my un-flexed, but giant, peak and we both noticed that his hand couldnít come close to covering the entire thing.

ďBig Jack has some pretty impressive muscles, doesnít he? As a matter of fact heís thinking his big body should automatically make him in charge. The last few hours have somehow melted away and the giant man wants to re-claim the obvious role of alpha male. Itís just common sense that the larger and stronger man should be on top, so to speak. Well, Mr. McGaw, those are some very beautiful and massive muscles. You are one slab of perfect Grade A muscle beef. I certainly canít take that away from you. Your size and your chiseled body get my inner juices churning like never before. But letís remind you of something, shall we? Follow me Mr. McGaw.Ē

Just the sound of Walter Mastersí voice made my mind and body tumble back into a confusing world of self-doubt and some kind of submissive desire. The mixture of cockiness and something akin to super powers that dripped off of every word he spoke made me go weak in the knees. My mind was suddenly filled with visions of me licking his expensive shoes. I shook my head to clear it of stupid ideas and glanced back at our reflection, hoping to regain some previous self-assurance. I still towered over the smaller man and I got one more glance at how massive my arm was compared to his hand before he removed it from my biceps and turned to walk to the back of the limo. My legs followed Mr. Masters without any signal from my brain. I watched his bubbled ass move in front of me and my mouth opened slightly from being overwhelmed, again, by a desperate desire to please the man. We stood facing the rear bumper.

ďLift it.Ē

That was all Mr. Masters said. He didnít point, he didnít look at me, and he didnít expect me to question his order in any way. How could I? My body had now returned to the place where anything my master asked of me became like an undeniable demand stemming from my own brain. I reacted to his request as if I were some kind of robot activated only by his voice. I bent down and grabbed underneath the bumper of the car. I gripped hard and then stood up slowly. It wasnít much of a struggle for me, but I could feel the incredible weight of the limousine in my arms as I lifted the back tires off of the street. I was easily holding the big car at waist level.

ďCurl it.Ē

Again, my body reacted to his order without my brain processing it at all. I raised the carís bumper to my protruding chest, letting the metal scrape across my now hard-as-rock nipples. Mr. Masterís voice and his attitude had made my entire body as rigid as my full-mast cock. Even as I stood there lifting the car in a obedient trance I was completely aware that my cum was building for another volcanic-like eruption inside my dick. I continued to lower and raise the heavy limousine for twenty repetitions. My arms, my chest, and my shoulders ballooned from the workout and my shirt actually began to tear at the seams across my biceps. The sound of the fabric ripping made Mr. Masters take an appreciative deep breath, which, in turn, made pre-cum ooze out of the slit of my dickhead. My body didnít know what feeling was giving it the most pleasure Ė the building orgasm, the powerful pump from lifting a car, or the intense desire caused by the man standing beside me. I was on some kind of sexual overdrive that was either going to cause me to have a heart attack or give me the greatest gratification ever in my entire life.

ďPut it down.Ē

Again with the simple order and again my body followed the order automatically. My chest was heaving slightly from the exertion, but I was not tired. I was energized beyond belief. I turned to face my master. He looked up at me and smiled.

ďVery impressive Jack. You are certainly stronger than most men. And might I add that your pumped muscles are one of the most beautiful things Iíve ever seen. I look forward to having all of that hard body of yours pressed up against mine at some point. But now I want to remind you of your proper place in this relationship. I want to confirm for your brain what your body continues to tell you loud and clear. I want to make sure you continue to follow your intuition, which overwhelms you with a desire you still do not fully understand. Thatís not a problem Jack. You will come to understand this uncontrollable urge within you over time. You are learning to reconstruct your preconceived idea of the pecking order of life. Soon you will fully grasp Darwinís theory of Ďsurvival of the fittest.í Let me demonstrate.Ē

I stood there mesmerized by Mr. Mastersí words. My body was trembling with anticipation, but I was not sure what was coming Ė well, that wasnít exactly true, I was pretty sure I would be cumming pretty soon. I watched as Walter Masters took his right hand, palm facing upward, and pressed the tips of his forefinger and second finger against the thick metal bumper of the limo. My ears began to buzz and my head became dizzy as I watched those two small fingers push into the metal like other people poke through a piece of plastic wrap. I cried out in disbelief as I saw the tips of those little fingers demolish steel so easily. Before I fully comprehended what was happening Mr. Masters had his forefinger and second finger completely dug into the bumper. Walter Masters then turned his head to look at me. I glanced at his face momentarily and saw that the sinister look had returned. I quickly returned my gaze to his hand but I could tell he continued to simply stare at me. Without any strain at all and with no sign of even the slightest effort Mr. Masters lifted the back of the limo off the ground with just two fingers. My cock exploded uncontrollably, but I simply stood there staring at this man holding the back end of the huge car in the air like he was lifting a piece of paper. It didnít register at all that my body was shaking violently or that my entire crotch area was seeping with warm sticky cum. I only focused on the fucking incredible power of those two fingers. And just when I thought the show might be over, Walter Masters began to lift the back of the car up above his head and then lower it back down. His two fingers raised the car high into the air like an ordinary man might lift a five-pound weight. After the car went up and down three or four times quickly, I heard the driverís door open and the guy tumbled out of the jerking car. I also heard him tossing his cookies, obviously unable to handle the unnatural rocking of the limo. Mr. Masters continued to lift the car up and down for about fifty reps and my cock continued to spew juice for the entire time. My super strong master continued to stare at me the entire time. I could tell he was getting off on my astonishment at his unbelievable strength. Without taking his eyes from me he finally lowered the car to the ground and pulled his imbedded fingers from the metal bumper. I could see where his fingers had bent back steel as if it were cardboard, leaving a gaping hole in the bumper. As soon as Walter Masters freed his fingers from the bumper and stood completely up, my legs gave out and I fell to my knees in front of him. The force of my orgasm was finally catching up with my body. I realized I was sweating like I had been in a sauna for an hour and my entire frame ached. Mr. Masters brought his two powerful fingers to my upper lip and I automatically inhaled through my nose marveling at the smell of a mixture of steel and oil or gas. The super man then pressed those fingers between my lips and I immediately let them slide in. I swallowed quickly and let the metallic taste register throughout my mouth. I let my tongue move around his fingers and, at the same time, I re-lived the extreme power that existed there. This memory caused my cock to jerk a few more times but there was nothing left in my body to emit. I had never felt so exhausted or satisfied in my entire life.

ďSo the big man gets off yet again on the his masterís power. Thatís a good boy, Jack. You just needed to be reminded of what youíre dealing with. For a while there you thought your size and your muscles could overcome the super strength in my body, didnít you? Thatís all right, Jack. It will take some time for you to fully grasp what I can do. You need a few more demonstrations of the force inside this small body before you fully understand why you want me to completely control you. But you will absolutely submit to your master, Jack. Youíll see how much you want this strong body to dominate and protect you. Weíve only begun to explore ways to make you feel weak and small, Jack. Itís a new feeling for you isnít it? You hate this feeling inside of you and, yet, you crave it too. You want a master as much as you want your body to be huge and muscled. Itís a mystery about yourself that is just now awakening within you. But youíll come to understand it fully and youíll come to love it. I promise you, Jack. And this strong man is going to take care of you in ways you never thought possible. You just need to remember whoís boss, okay Jack?Ē

With that, Walter Masters pressed his two fingers against the roof of my mouth and lifted upward. I felt like a fish caught by a giant hook. Pain shot through my mouth as the man pulled me to my feet much like he lifted the car. I could not begin to fathom the power in just one of his hands. Walter Masters was some kind of fucking super strong god and I was almost his servant completely. As he pulled his fingers from my mouth he reached over with his other hand and grabbed my still rock-hard cock. He squeezed tightly, causing me slight pain.

ďGod, I love how hard my strength makes your giant cock get, Jack. And we havenít even begun to explore what I can do. Letís get you home now so you can have some dreams about what your masterís powerful body can do.Ē
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Nice one LondonBoy. I just finished the series.
Love Mr Masters being freaky strong yet dominating the bigger guy.
Totally Hot.
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Old May 23rd, 2009, 04:20 PM
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Wow! All I can say is this story just gets more and more awesome! I love how strong you made Mr. Masters, and the fact is he hasn't even used close to his limit with those two fingers lifting the limo like it was a pillow, awesome stuff. I can only hope there's many, many more demonstrations like this going forward, with much, much heavier weights.
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I love it when he uses his strength on people. Thanks for the update.
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Thanks. I love your stories.
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The long waits between these chapters are definitely worth it. Your display of Mr. Masters domination and control of his "pup" is amazing. Where will you take us next?
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I don't usually go for the domination/subordination sort of thing, but well, when you write it, it's HOT! I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is just something about the "normal" tables being turned (and a muscled French chef being bent over a table). Congratulations on yet another successful story!

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You continue to demand my attention to this story. As I've said, domination isn't really my interest, but your style sure makes it interesting and intriguing!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Your writing skills are exemplary! Especially being lifted with just two fingers by the roof of his mouth! Awesome!
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great series
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