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The Alpha Dog Gets A Leash - Part Three

I continued to kneel on the floor by the bar as Mr. Masters walked slowly to our table. His heels on the marble echoed through the empty restaurant, mixed only with the light jazz playing on the house system and my heavy breathing as I tried to calm my spent body. My cock still pulsed and ached from the titanic eruption that had forced me to my knees. My arm continued to throb in pain from the abuse Walter Masters had inflicted during our arm wrestling match. Even after being beaten by the smaller man so easily, my mind had trouble grasping that someone who weighed only about a hundred and fifty pounds could be so powerful. It had felt like I was struggling against a man five times as big as me, but I knew that no human that size existed. How had he beaten me, I’m a man that weighs over three hundred and eighty pounds? I began to feel my sticky wet cum seeping through my pants. I reached up and grabbed hold of the bar in order to steady myself as I stood up. I forced myself to move toward the bathroom to clean up. My body felt like I had just finished a super intense work out session. I glanced in the mirror as I entered the bathroom and saw that I was white as a ghost. The color was caused mostly from the shock of my massive muscles being overpowered so effortlessly by the scrawny man in the other room, but it was also because in the middle of our battle of strength I had become fully aware of a desire that had been hidden from my consciousness until this moment. I now knew why Mr. Masters had made my knees wobble and my heart beat faster whenever he was near me. I, instinctively, knew of his power, his strength. I was aware on some level that he could control me – all of me. My mind and body were now his completely. I desired him more than anything in the world. It was as if he owned me now, like he had some kind of otherworld influence over me. No, it was more than that; it was about me, about what was going on inside of me. I wanted to submit myself fully to his power. I wanted to please him in a way that showed my life depended on it. I wanted to give myself to this man no matter what the cost. When I looked in the mirror I no longer saw the six foot five monstrous man that had been there since junior high. Now I saw a man that craved another man as if he were a vampire needing blood or a plant that could only grow if it received life-giving sunlight. I looked at my huge body and now viewed it only as a tool to please Mr. Masters. I surrendered to his dominant power gladly and found comfort in knowing that he could protect me. As difficult as it was for me to believe I knew I had found someone that could control me in a way that I had always unconsciously desired to be controlled.

I pulled my tight pants down and immediately saw the huge wet stain on my briefs. When I tried to pull my underwear from my body it felt like duct tape being removed from my crotch, that’s how much sticky cum had cemented the fabric to my skin. I took one of the fancy cloth hand towels, ran it under hot water, and began to clean up the huge mess my spewing cock had made. As I worked I started to think back to the strength in Mr. Masters’ small arm. His power had been unfathomable and only the soreness in my own arm confirmed that his muscle force had been real. My limp cock started to harden again as I thought about how my two enormous arms had not been able to budge his own even slightly. The physical ability of this man seemed impossible. I had been like a small flea trying to move a mountain as I arm wrestled Mr. Masters. I began to wonder what his arm or, for that matter, his whole fucking powerful body must be capable of and this made my semi-stiff rod shoot completely rigid. If my entire weight could not nudge his one arm even a small bit, then I could not start to imagine what his whole body might be able to withstand. I let my mind picture Mr. Masters holding back a semi with just his two arms or stopping a train with just a tap from one of his shoulders. This was just freaking impossible – that this small man’s body could have so much strength. By this time I was pumping my now strained purple-colored cock. I had to rest my other big hand on the counter top to balance my body as I stroked myself with quick and strong thrusts. I focused on the idea of Walter Masters pushing a tank backwards with just one arm as he pumped his hard cock with his other hand. This image brought me quickly to a point of needing release. After a particularly tight thrust of my hand down my hard shaft I, again, started to spew copious amounts of Masters’ induced cum. The white milky substance flew into the air and hit the mirror with a force so strong that I instantly worried it might crack the surface. I continued to ejaculate for a while and my juice covered a large part of the mirror as well as the counter below. I was concentrating so hard on the images of Mr. Masters in my mind that I did not realize I screamed out in ecstasy as my jizz shot everywhere. Walter Masters certainly heard my repeat performance as my cries echoed through the empty restaurant.

Once my body stopped convulsing and I was able to erase visions of super strength from my mind I returned to the task of cleaning my sticky body. I decided to leave the streaks of cum on the mirror and counter top to give a thrill to the person sent to clean the room. I hoped it would be some guy that would immediately recognize that this kind of cream release was certainly due to the muscle master of all masters. I stared at my huge body for a few more minutes after I was ready to go back into the restaurant. No wonder Mr. Masters wanted me to take my shirt off; I could see how hot I looked. My body was pumped up from the exertion of two volcanic cum eruptions. Thick veins snaked across all parts of my body, but they stood out especially up and down my thick forearms. I marveled at how powerful they looked in the mirror and then my mind began to drift back to the fact that Walter Masters had so easily beaten my massive guns. My cock started to get hard again, so I decided I needed to get back out to the table quickly. Without any provocation my rod went completely stiff as soon as I saw my new master sitting at the table. He didn’t even look up as I walked closer.

“Let me guess, you busted out another wad of your cum just thinking about my power while you were in the bathroom, didn’t you.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

I felt like I had done something wrong; like I should have saved my man juice for this powerful master before me. I turned into some kind of small child that had been caught doing something dirty. I stood there and let my head fall forward in shame. I could see my own enormous powerful chest below my chin, but I felt weak and small.

“It’s okay Jack. I like the idea that my fucking power can make you shoot a load just from thinking about me. Tell me, what image made you lose control?”

“Um . . . I was . . . uh . . . thinking about you . . . um . . . holding back a tank with one arm while you masturbated with your other hand.”

“Nice, Jack, nice. I like the way you think. So you like all the power wrapped up in this small body, don’t you.”

“Yes sir.”

“Sit down, Jack. No need to feel ashamed. I’m sure I’ll be able to get you to ejaculate many more times this evening. I’m counting on that huge body of yours to have a lot more cum power than most men. Let’s get back to our lovely meal, shall we?”

“Yes sir.”

I sat down and at the same moment Francois appeared with our meal. It was an incredible lamb risotto. More wine was poured and we settled back into our lovely comfortable conversation from before, but much had changed. I knew my place now. I also knew that I was completely spellbound by Mr. Masters. I wanted him in a way that both thrilled me and scared the hell out of me. After a sudden pause in the midst of our conversation I felt empowered to ask a question that had been burning in my mind.

“Mr. Masters, sir, do you mind if I ask . . . I mean I was wondering how . . . I was curious if you’ve . . .”

“How did I get so strong? That’s what you’re asking isn’t it Jack?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, it’s simple Jack. My story is very similar to yours. Somewhere in the middle of seventh grade I began to notice a change in my body. It was bizarre and hard to explain. I just began to notice little things like I would break shoestrings easily when tying my shoes, I would break things easily – especially if I was mad, and I started to feel a kind of energy running through my body that made me confident beyond belief. Secretly I would start to test my strength. I would do things like put as many pounds on my brothers’ weight set as possible and lift it easily. I was able to lift the entire set of weights with one hand by the time I entered eighth grade. I didn’t want to call attention to my strength because it also made me very scared. I had hurt my brother, who was about six years older than me, a few times when we were wrestling and I feared that I was some kind of freak. I also found it very strange that I wasn’t getting bigger in size. It was about that time that I finally put a word on another feeling going on inside of me and I quickly knew I was a homosexual. I jumped into being gay like a duck to water. I did it secretly, but I started jerking off to visions of big men. More specifically, I got off to the idea that I could control big men or make them submit to me in some way. High school was pretty normal and I stay very closeted – about my strength and my sexual orientation, but college gave me a chance to rip both doors off the hinges. By some stroke of luck I was assigned as roommate to the biggest freshman our college had ever seen. He wasn’t as big as you, but he wasn’t shabby either. One night he was a little drunk and challenged me to a wrestling match in our room. Well, needless to say, my desire for his body kicked in and I didn’t hold back as we wrestled. I would hold my ground, as he would try to move me or push me over, never moving an inch. This caused him to get frustrated and he tried to pick me up. I easily wrenched his hands from his body, being careful not to use too much force to hurt him, and then picked him up as if he were a pillow. I tossed him across the room onto his bed and he sat up with a look on his face that I’ll never forget. It was a mixture of shock and lust. I was so turned on that I began to cream in my pants just standing there. I also saw that he was sporting one of the hardest and largest cocks I’d ever seen. From that moment on I was on top, so to speak, in our relationship. He became my submissive boy in many different ways. It was great for four years, but he never admitted to being gay. We just lived a secret life of me being his master for all of our college years and then he got engaged to his girlfriend second semester of our senior year. We graduated and I never heard from him again. I have a funny feeling that he still beats off all the time thinking about me easily holding his body down with one hand or lifting it in the air as if it weighed nothing. It’s funny now that I think about it. He would never arm wrestle me. What a shame, really, cause I would have liked to make him shoot a load just from overpowering his big arm. He used to cum in his pants when I would lift his body over my head and then toss it in the air a few times. We might have to try that some day Jack. I think you’d like it a lot. Little old me lifting huge you into the air without any strain at all. Then I could send your body flying into the air a few feet and shock the hell out of your body when I easily catch you. Your cock is harder than concrete right now isn’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

“You like hearing this power master talk about his strength, don’t you?

“Um, yes sir.”

“That’s nice, Jack. I’ve had a few big boy toys since college and they were really into my strength, but there is something much more consuming about your lust for me. It’s as if your desire matches your size. I think we are going to be a very fine match, you and I. I’m very turned on by your muscles and you get off on my strength. What could be better?”

“Um . . . you fucking me.”

I shocked myself with my sudden answer. Walter Masters looked at me silently and smiled. I know I turned red from my embarrassment. How could I say something so bold? It was so unlike me. I knew the answer to my own question. I had answered from some base need that now controlled everything I said or did. I wanted my master to be happy. I wanted to please Mr. Masters as much as I wanted to breathe. I also wanted him to show off his strength. I wanted to feel his arms lift my big body in the air and I hoped he would even do it with one hand. I also wanted to see what his power could do to man-made things, like furniture or automobiles or even buildings. I craved to watch him destroy things. I wanted to listen to him talk about things he had done with his hands, things he had easily molded or broken. I wanted to see if his powerful legs could propel him high into the air. I wanted to watch him test his strength in any way he wanted to. My dick began to ache again from the need to release my already built up third load of cum. It was very apparent that he was pleased with my quick response. He knew it was completely honest and came from some deep desire that he, himself, had unleashed in me.

“It’s certainly in the plans, Jack. You don’t need to worry your pretty head about that. It’s just not time for it right now, though. We have to explore this special bond between us a lot more before my super powerful cock plows your muscled ass. As a matter of fact I’d like to go for some muscle dessert right now. Chef Martin!”

Mr. Masters turned his head as he called out towards the kitchen. A few seconds later the door opened and a short stocky guy in a white uniform bounded into the room with a big grin across his face. The guy was built like a miniature linebacker. He couldn’t have been over five feet five inches tall, but you could tell he had a pretty solid body. He stole long glances of me as he walked to the table, but he quickly grabbed Walter Masters’ outstretched hand when he got beside him and kissed it twice.

“Bonsoir, Monsieur Masters!”

“Bonsoir, Martin. Dinner was delicious. Thank you very much. This is my friend, Jack McGaw. We were wondering if you’d like to join us for a little muscle dessert?”

The chef turned to me and took a deep breath, as if he were preparing himself for tasting a fine wine or looking at a famous painting for the first time. His eyes stayed on my face for just two seconds and then made a beeline for my shoulders, chest, and arms. I was worried the guy was about to start foaming at the mouth.

“Bonsoir, Monsieur McGaw. Oui, oui, I would like to join you very much, Monsieur Masters. It would give me much pleasure. Much pleasure indeed.”

I glanced at my new super strong master sitting across from me and was puzzled about what was coming next. I could tell by the look on Masters’ face that he had a plan of action devised to give himself much pleasure. I also knew that it mattered little to him if Chef Martin or I received any benefit from what we were about to do, but somehow I could tell his idea would thrill all three of us. My cock returned to full mast immediately.

“What shall it be this evening Martin? Should we play Mt. McGaw and do a little muscle climbing?”

“Oui, sil vous plait!”

“I thought you’d like that, my friend. Stand up Jack and step into this open space.”

Walter Masters was pointing to a spot nearby that was void of chairs or tables. I stood up immediately and stepped to the appointed area. My powerful date turned his chair so he could look directly where I stood. I realized quickly he was not going to take part in what was coming next. He was merely using us to put on some kind of pleasure show for him. This made me feel even more excited and I began to hope that I could please him deeply. I turned to see Martin removing the top of his chef’s uniform. As soon as it fell to the floor I was rewarded with a view of his tightly muscled upper body. My intuition had been right; he was built like a short tank. His arms looked powerful and he had a big chest covered in dark fur. In one quick movement the small chef removed his pants and underwear, having already kicked off his shoes and socks. A short, but very thick cock slapped against his firm abs with a slight smacking sound. The short chef stood up straight and looked at with me with eyes full of lust. My new master barked orders at me.

“Give me a double biceps pose Jack and make it very strong. Now.”

My arms shot up in the air like I was part of a test of Maslow’s theory. Someone stronger than me had asked me to do something and my need to please him made me respond immediately. I instinctively spread my legs a little to give my body a firm foundation. My arms locked in place as if they were set in stone or marble. I flexed my monstrous biceps like they had never been flexed before. I wanted Walter Masters to be blown away with the size of my arms. I looked directly at him and saw the edges of his mouth turn upward in approval. This caused my cock to pulse harder. I was ecstatic because I had made my master happy.

“Procedent, le chef Martin.”

It was obvious that the chef had been given an order. I realized that Mr. Masters was not only in total control of me, but he also gave directions to the stocky man standing to my right. I braced myself for what was coming. The built short man walked behind me. He jumped up a little and reached his hands up around my right biceps. His thick short palms grabbed hold of my bulging peak and held on tight. I immediately realized that I should not let my body move even a fraction of an inch. I tightened my entire body and my bicep actually rose a few inches more. My arm did not move at all. It was holding the entire weight of the bulky man like he was nothing more than the sleeve of a t-shirt. I gritted my teeth in order to hold my double bicep pose completely. Chef Martin cranked out ten quick chin-ups using my biceps as his bar. I continued to stare at Mr. Masters and it was obvious that the display was pleasing him. He had a big smile across his face as he watched. I was a little disappointed because he had conveniently crossed his legs so I could not see if he was getting a hard-on or not. Without any warning the short chef swung his body around my arm and ended up on top of it like an expert gymnast on a pommel horse. He locked his arms and was holding his body in place above my solid peak. Chef Martin began to bend his arms and lower his body and then push it up. He continued to do this for twenty reps and I’m sure it gave his shoulders and traps a great workout. Each time he brought his body upward his hard cock rubbed against my thick arm and this caused the man to shiver a little and moan out loud. I wanted to turn and watch the guy using my big bicep for his exercises but I forced myself to stare at Water Masters. I was sure this would please him and that was my only goal at the moment. My arm was beginning to feel the weight of Chef Martin but I refused to let it show. Beads of sweat began to appear on my chest from my exertion, but nothing else gave away the fact that a small well-built man was climbing all over my body. Chef Martin maneuvered his body so his right leg swung up over my head, turning at the same time so he sat down on my wide shoulder with his back against the side of my face. There was relief in my arm since his weight was now mostly on my shoulder, but I continued to hold my double biceps pose. Chef Martin immediately got comfortable, slid his body slightly forward, and then used his hands to press his hard cock against my bulging biceps. I knew what to do without even being asked. I began to lower and raise my forearm to make the massive mound of muscle against his stiff shaft give him pleasure. The small man began to breathe hard and started mumbling what I’m sure was cuss words in French. Whenever my biceps would be tensed hard at the peak of my pose he would push his cock firmly into it. The friction caused by my actions quickly brought Chef Martin to a place where his body was begging for release. It was at that moment I realized I could see what was going on in the reflection of the mirror behind the large bar. I tried to not look because I wanted to please my new master, but that’s when he decided to give me a little present.

“You may watch.”

Such a simple statement, but what a flood of joy it released into my body. I lifted my gaze immediately and my cock throbbed harder because of the sight I beheld. Here was this hot little man straddling my shoulder using my flexed biceps to jerk himself off. I was huge compared to Chef Martin. I must admit that the view of me standing there pumping my huge arms while the guy on my shoulder just stared at my biceps and cried out each time I made it bulge upward turned me on very much. I felt like Walter Masters had given me a giant present by creating this little scenario. I realized it was all for his own pleasure but I was excited at the same time. I focused on the tensed head of Chef Martin’s cock scraping slowly up and down the ridges of my multi-layered biceps. Each of us was holding our breath in anticipation of the upcoming eruption. The room was only filled with the lust filled panting of the man that was struggling hard not to shoot too soon. My lips parted and I ran my tongue along them as I watched the small man’s cock head turn a deep purple from the strain. I was impressed with his ability to withhold orgasm. It was obvious by the look in his eyes that my enormous biceps thrilled him beyond belief. He stared at it with deep longing each time it swelled upward. A thin sliver of pre-cum stretched from the tip of his dick to the top of my muscled peak and extended even further when I flexed. I was impressed even more when I witnessed Chef Martin bring his head down to my biceps, actually folding his body forward at his center and lick the top of my bulging arm and the tip of his cock at the same time. I was sure this tight little man was capable of giving himself a blowjob and that thrilled me even more. When his tongue ran across the peak of my biceps I flexed harder and made it push upward to an insane height. This was more than the little chef could take. He sat straight up quickly, threw his head back, and screamed so loud that I thought it might shatter glass. At the same time his cock released a geyser-sized amount of cum that shot out into the middle of the room, some of it hitting my flexed forearm and much of the last spurts falling all over the top of my bulging biceps like someone was pouring cream sauce over a huge boulder. I looked down and could see a line of cum stretching across the floor for about six feet from where I was standing. The small man again impressed me; he certainly had a powerful ejaculating cock. As his body began to recover from the explosion he leaned his back against my head. I knew I should give the poor soul a few minutes to regain some composure. I lowered my arms and from the burning sensation that pulsed through my biceps, triceps, and forearms I realized just how tight I had held my pose. Chef Martin continued to rest on my wide shoulder. Once he had caught his breath and his heart had returned to a regular beat, he turned and tapped the top of my head. I somehow knew this was a signal to help him down. He swung his leg draped down my back to the front and actually sat on my shoulder facing the mirror. It was incredible. I could see that there was still a little room on my huge shoulder even with him turned fully forward. I reached up with both hands and grabbed his waist. I easily lifted the man in the air. Mr. Masters’ voice caused me to stop as I held Chef Martin above my head.

“Wait. Let’s get Chef Martin’s ass ready to give my big stud some pleasure. I think you deserve a reward Jack. Your strong master wants you to be happy. Why don’t you use that tongue of yours to lube up his tight hole.”

It didn’t take a genius to know what Mr. Masters was suggesting. I could sense that the stocky man I held a few feet off the ground liked the idea as much as I did. He lifted his legs into the air as I held him high, causing the cheeks of his ass to part slightly. I could see his inviting hole pulsing with excitement. I was sure this man’s ass was one of the tightest I would ever encounter, kind of like the rest of his fucking hot body. I tilted my head upward and then lowered his body toward my mouth. His ass cheeks brushed up against my face as I forced my extended tongue into his clamped shut hole. I forced my tip to pry apart the closed door of his love shaft and then slammed the entire bulk of my powerful slippery python into his ass. Chef Martin moaned loudly and I could tell my tongue was giving him immense pleasure. He was able to cry out as I explored his tight cavity.

“Sa langue est si grande!”

I wasn’t sure what he said, but I know it had to do with how big my tongue felt in his ass. Chef Martin began to rock his body back and forth on my face like some kind of expert gymnast or sex enthusiast. He tried to force my exploring tongue further into his pleasure hole. This made me sure that the small man was ready for my monster cock up his ass. I moved the tip of my tongue to the walls of his ass chute and loved how this made his body shake in ecstasy. By this point I was so ready to fuck his tight hole that pre-cum was bubbling from my dickhead like some kind of not-so-dormant volcano. I lifted his body from my face and my tongue popped out of his hole with a sound that resembled the uncorking of a champagne bottle. I carried his body toward a booth table across the room. I lowered him to my waist as we got to the table. Chef Martin used his arms to shove everything on the table to the floor when we got there. He didn’t care that wine glasses, plates, silverware, and centerpieces fell to the floor. He was focused only on getting fucked by my giant hard cock. I placed his body on the table with his ass sticking out at the edge. I reached down and undid my pants. They didn’t fall to the floor because they were so tight on my muscled legs. My rock hard massive cock fell out and slapped against one of Chef Martin’s bulbous ass cheeks with a loud smack. This made the chef to cry out.

“Veuillez le coller dons moi!”

“He wants you to plow his ass, big guy.”

I actually didn’t need Mr. Masters’ interpretation because the small built man’s body made it obvious what he wanted. The chef had raised his ass slightly off the table and he had somehow made his hole open up for intrusion by my mega cock. I wasn’t too overcome with excitement and desire to miss the pleased tone in the voice of my master. I instinctively knew that the super strong man was not stroking himself or even planning to ejaculate as he watched, he was just pleased that I was following his orders so well. I also knew he would love seeing Chef Martin’s ass being plugged by my massive cock. To toy with the small man on the table, and to please my watching master, I took two fingers and slid them into my mouth. I made sure they were covered with my warm saliva. I then lowered my hand to the waiting hole beneath me. I shoved the two fingers into the tight opening, making sure Chef Martin quickly felt how thick they were and received the full force of my action. The man cried out and I could tell it was in response to both pleasure and pain. I immediately started twisting my fingers and separating them slightly so they’d scrape up against the walls of his anal cavity. This caused Chef Martin’s ass to rise higher in the air as he attempted to make my fingers travel deeper into him. I was amazed by the fact that the small man seemed ready for me to fill him with something much bigger than my fingers. I pulled my hand from his ass and he moaned loudly as my fingers passed the walls of his opening. I quickly slid the tip of my cock to the puckered gap in his ass crack. I pushed my dick into him and his hole held tightly closed as if it were fearful of what was coming. This actually caused my monster rod to push his body across the table. I quickly leaned forward and grabbed his shoulders with my giant hands. This was all the leverage my body needed. I pulled his body toward me and at the same time I shoved my crotch forward. The head of my cock blasted through the tensed gate of his love chute. The sound that came out of his mouth seemed like a sonic boom. It was a cry of intense sexual satisfaction. At the same time his ass seemed to open fully to accommodate my giant cock. Chef Martin raised his butt again to cause my rod to slide deeper into his body. I pushed hard at the same time and our bodies hit with a loud thump when I was completely in. I thrust my crotch into his ass cheeks so I could ram in even more deeply and this caused my dick head to press up against his prostate hard. This caused even more intense screams of joy from the man. I began to pull back and push forward with my muscled legs at a pace that made the muscled ass of Chef Martin quiver in excitement. I grabbed hold of the man’s midsection after pulling him fully into my body and then lifted him off the table. While holding him in the air I began to turn his small body around. The limber chef raised his legs upward as I turned his torso. I could tell this motion made my monster cock bring his ass more enjoyment than he had ever experienced before. When I had his body completely turned so he was facing upward I could see that he was extremely happy. The man certainly was a good fuck. I laid him back on the table, reached up and grabbed his raised legs by his calves, and then proceeded to plow him at almost superhuman speed. By this time I was so fucking excited that I didn’t care how rough I got and, by the look on his face, Chef Martin didn’t either. Without any warning the thick hard cock, which was sticking straight up his tight abs, began to spew forth gobs of thick white cum. His ass tightened and his face turned dark red as he stopped screaming and breathing to ejaculate like some wild beast. My legs continued to pound up against his ass and it took only a few more slams to cause my own cock to shoot what seemed like gallons of juice into his deep fuck tunnel. He began to breathe again and purr like some kind of kitten as he felt my warm sex sauce coat his insides. He was finally able to speak, but only in a whisper.

“Ceci doit etre ciel.”

“Chef Martin says this must be heaven.”

I turned my head to look at my master. He was sitting there with a very pleased face and smiled approvingly. I smiled back as I reached up to wipe sweat from my forehead. I had not realized how hard I had been working this poor man’s ass. I looked back down and saw that Chef Martin was so spent that he had fallen asleep. There was a childlike look of deep satisfaction on his face. I gently pulled my cock from his ass and when it was fully out he mumbled something and then curled into a fetal position on the table. The man was in a dreamlike state and I was sure it included visions of me. I reached down and shoved my still hard cock into my pants. I turned to face Walter Masters. I also glanced at my body in the mirror and saw that it was gleaming in the light because of the coating of sweat that covered me. The sheen caused my muscles to stand out in a way that was a huge turn on. I stared at myself and hoped Mr. Masters saw me in the same way. I realized at that moment that all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was to please this man. I was his completely. If he said jump I would only stop quick enough to ask how high he wanted me to go. I was certainly ready for the man to show me more of his incredible strength, but I was also ready to spend every moment making him happy. I freely admitted that I was now his sex slave. I would continue to build up my body in hopes that it would somehow make me worthy of him. Deep down I knew he was also connected to me in a powerful way, but I also knew he was the master and I was his servant. This was a position I gladly accepted.

“That was a fine fucking, Jack. You made your master very proud. In fact I’m so pleased that I am going to reward you. Get your shirt and let’s go. I think I need to show off a little for you. You’ve earned it.”

Mr. Masters reached into his wallet and pulled out a bunch of bills. He tossed them on the table in front of him and then stood up. He turned and began to walk out of the room. He knew I would follow like some kind of puppy. I grabbed my shirt quickly and then followed him out of the restaurant. I was ready to follow Walter Masters anywhere he wanted.
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Wow, very nice, dude! I loved it, especially the thought of Mr. Masters being so freaking strong despite being older and not having muscles, that's always one of my favorite fantasies, seeing small, regular guys overpowering, dominating, lifting big, strong, muscular guys, and doing feats of super strength. I can't wait to read more.
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imfit is on a distinguished road
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Great continuation of your tale. I love the control and dominance Mr. Masters has over Jack. The picture you paint with the details is very vivid. I feel like I am standing off to the side watching the whole story unfold.

What feats will you take us to next?
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
Mastering the art of French Cooking

Sacre Bleu!

This episode was amazing! The descriptions make the reader feel as if he is right in the room.

One thing keeps niggling at me -- I keep wondering if Masters' super strength is somehow partially a result of hypnotism or mind control. That is, our narrator believes Masters to be dominant over him, and so he is.

Regardless, this is an unusual muscle story!

We'll all look forward to the next episode!

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Great descriptions. Keep up the great writing.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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All I have to say is WOW!
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Gotta ask again, will this ever be continued, I'm completely intrigued by how Mr. Masters will show Jack his appreciation for the show he put on.
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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