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Old April 14th, 2009, 01:00 PM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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His Cup of Tea - Part Six

The fact that my mind was overwhelmed by Chase’s obvious obsession with getting bigger had prevented me from realizing that his moans of pleasure had become very loud during his most recent intense growth. I was too focused on my fear of the giant man pressing me against the wall that I had not realized our interaction had sounded like some kind of mugging or attack.

“Everything okay here, guys?”

Both Chase and I turned our heads in the direction of the voice. Four men were standing a few yards away from us and I could tell by the look on their faces they were concerned for me. Two of the guys had obviously picked up some metal piping from the ground and were holding it like gang members carrying bats. I was sure that the size of Chase, not to mention the fact that he was completely nude, had freaked them out, but they still came to what they thought was my rescue. The four men seemed to get even more intense once they saw my face, making me realize I had not been able to hide my fear of the big man in front of me. I noticed that each of the men was pretty muscular and they looked like a bunch of frat boys out for a night of fun. I was genuinely touched by their concern and hoped this interruption would knock some sense into Chase.

“Everything’s fine, boys. Me and my boyfriend are just having a little make-out session. Why don’t the four of you just run along home now, okay?”

Chase’s cockiness both turned me on and scared me tremendously. I felt his body tense harder than it already was as he surveyed the group of men. His cock twitched a little between us and I could sense that he was getting more excited from the prospect of a little rumble. The guy that had spoken before cleared his throat before responding. I think he was getting a little nervous about the size of Chase. I’m sure he realized that the brawn of the four of them hardly matched the muscled body before them.

“Why don’t we let your boyfriend tell us that himself.”

Again, I was really touched by their concern and prayed that it would help my situation. I was truly scared that Chase was nearing some point of no return. The big man turned his face to me and smiled. When he spoke it was in a whisper.

“Oh goody, we get to have some fun Nick. You’ll get to see what this body you helped create can do. I bet you cum a few times from just watching me play with these little men. I think I’ll fuck all four of them when I’m done, just as a little prize. You’d like to see my muscled cock plowing each one of them wouldn’t you.”

It was at that moment I realized that the Chase I had met earlier that day was gone. Somehow the intense connection between us not only made his body grow bigger but it also made him so aggressive that he only focused on more muscle and more power. It was like some form of extreme roid rage. But the truly scary part of the situation was that in the midst of my complete fear I also found the situation so fucking hot. I was turned on in a way I had never been before in all of my life. My adrenaline was pumping hard and it was because I was afraid for my life on the one hand, but on the other hand I longed to see Chase’s muscles in action. Standing in front of me was a man that met all the muscle fantasies of my adult life. He was huge and powerful. I could see that his shoulders had grown so wide that my entire upper body didn’t even go beyond his pecs. His delts seemed big enough to support a refrigerator on either side and at the same time. Chase’s traps bulged so high that his neck all but disappeared. He looked like someone had morphed an original picture of him to insane proportions. His arms were now so enormous that his biceps stuck way out and actually pressed up against the wall behind me, trapping my body in a muscle-like cocoon. One of my palms was smashed against the bricks at my back and the other pressed against Chase’s stomach. I could feel no difference between the two solid foundations. The man’s abs actually felt stronger than the thick wall of the building behind me. These incredible sights and sensations caused me to lust for the man even though I feared him. I was finally getting to live the dream of my lifetime, but I was sane enough to see that it was slowly turning into a nightmare. Chase was no longer the sweet built man I had chatted online with for weeks or the nice guy I had met at the coffee shop the day before. I could see I no longer mattered to him as a person. I only served as a source of his growth and he wanted to keep getting bigger no matter what. These thoughts helped me to return from my temporary lust-filled trip to muscle fantasyland. I could see that Chase’s behavior would only become more aggressive and destructive as we continued to “connect.” I immediately feared for the life of the four men standing in the alley. It could be that Chase had moved beyond even caring about other people. The giant pressing my body into the wall turned his head again and spoke loudly to the men.

“My boy Nick doesn’t need to say a word to you guys. He’s the one that made me this big, gentleman. He gets off on my size and strength just as much as I do. He’s going to watch me easily out muscle you guys and then get off when I plow each of you in the ass one at a time. But first I want you to see in person what he and I can do together. I want you to get a taste of what you’re dealing with. Let’s give you a little show of pure muscle growth.”

Suddenly, Chase pressed his fucking gigantic body into me, pushing me harder into the wall. At the same time he brought his lips to mine and forced my mouth open with his powerful tongue, even though I fought to resist. I tried to move my head and free my body but it was no use. Every part of this huge man was a hundred times more powerful than me. Chase started humping his crotch against my body, causing his huge pole to slide up and down between us. At the same time his big right hand grabbed my ass and squeezed it roughly. I sensed his growth immediately. Our connection was so strong now that we didn’t have to wait very long to see the response in him. My shirt ripped at my back as my body slid upward against the wall, caused by Chase growing much taller. Even as I struggled against the man it registered that he was probably at least seven foot tall now. I could also tell that his muscles were growing to match his height. His biceps pushed more firmly into the wall beside me as his upper arms expanded. My body was compressed more as the muscles surrounding me blew into insane sizes. Chase moaned out loud and it sounded like some giant beast growling. All of a sudden there was a warm wet feeling between out bodies. Copious amounts of cum shot from Chase’s hard cock as he continued to buck his crotch backward and forward into my body. His ejaculation appeared to only intensify his growth. I could feel his mammoth chest packing on more muscle as if they were steel-like balloons being filled with lead. I found it hard to breathe again because of his huge powerful body smashing mine against the wall. I began to panic that the building might give in and fall because of his incredible strength. Chase finally stopped spewing his juice between us and then he pulled his face back from mine.

“Fuck, Nick, that was incredible. Did you feel my body growing? That was the most intense growth ever. Damn, you should feel the power coursing through my body right now. And how about that cum explosion? I’ve never shot like that before and it only increased my power. I am so fucking jacked up, man. I have become indestructible. Look at the size of my pecs, Nick. One side of my chest is bigger than your entire body. And check out these guns!”

Chase brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. My mouth dropped open and my cock started oozing pre-cum when I glanced at the multi-layered mountain peaks that only slightly resembled biceps. Forget the term arms as big as bowling balls; Chase’s arms resembled the huge stones they used in strongman competitions. Drool started gathering at the corners of my mouth as I looked at the massive arms before me. Chase started to tense and un-tense his fists and forearms making the epic peaks of his biceps bounce up and down. I longed to sit on top of those muscled monsters and ride them like a bucking bronco. Come to think of it, I was pretty sure a horse’s saddle might have fit on one of those colossal arms. Chase was staring at his biceps, as well. Suddenly, he pulled his body back from mine and I dropped to the ground. It was unnerving that I dropped at least a couple of feet. That’s how tall the man was now. My legs gave out, but I braced my body against the wall. I found myself staring at Chase’s bulging eight-pack of a stomach. It was the most incredible set of abs I had ever seen. Thick ridges of muscle were defined so clearly that it seemed like someone had spent years chiseling them from marble or pounding them into shape from metal and then covered them in skin. I fought the all-consuming urge to reach up and run my fingers down that wall of muscled beef. His thick cock was still rock hard and it stuck straight up like a telephone pole at the center of his abs. My appreciation of his new body was interrupted by Chase’s voice.

“Look at my arms Nick! They’re the biggest fucking things I’ve ever seen. My arms are three times the size of any man that’s ever won Mr. Olympia. Shit, I make those guys look puny. My arms are bigger than your whole body, little man, that’s for sure. And look at my fucking chest. No, it’s not a chest; it’s a small continent. Damn, those pecs are so full of muscle I could break the thickest chain possible just by taking a deep breath. Bouncing these puppies could probably cause an earthquake!”

Chase started to move his gargantuan pecs up and down. I actually moaned out loud as I watched a giant wave of muscle go skyward and then come slowly crashing down toward my face. It reminded me of giant mounds of earth being moved by a huge bulldozer. When Chase made his chest swell upward his face would completely disappear from my sight because of the protruding pounds of muscle. His nipples were bigger than three of my fingers put together and they stuck out straight as if the mountains of muscle upon which they rested also turned them on. I almost lost consciousness when Chase began to flex one huge pec at a time, leaving the other one completely relaxed as he tensed up the other side. It was the kind of muscle control that had always filled my dreams, but I had never thought it was truly possible. I tore my eyes away from his chest for a quick second to glance down, wanting to see this giant man’s legs. I, however, was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. Chase’s tree-trunk sized quads forced his legs to be spread out wide. I knew that if this man squeezed his legs together tightly that anything on earth would be completely flattened between those two bulging giant barrels of muscle. I knew he could have easily crushed the bones of my hand if I placed it between his thighs. When I glanced down even more I first noticed the shredded remains of his clothes. They looked like a bunch of rags discarded in the alley, resembling nothing of the outfit they once had been. His shoes were now only tiny strips of black leather, the size of string. I then noticed that his calves were actually bigger than my waist. They looked like two short bodybuilders instead of one guy’s lower legs. Super strong looking veins traveled up and down the bulging mass of muscle beneath his giant knees. His calves flared out as wide as sacks of cement mix and they looked like they had been set in stone just recently. My gaze moved back up but stopped when I saw his ball sacs hanging down as big as a college student’s two bags of laundry. They looked like they weighed more than what I could curl with one arm. I was also pretty sure that I would not be able to get one of his balls into my mouth no matter how hard I tried. Chase cleared his voice, which sounded like a clap of thunder, and this made me look upward. I had to tilt my head completely back to see his face, which was now a good three feet above me. He had to tilt his head forward to look beyond his massive chest.

“Look at what you’ve created little man. I can tell that this huge body has more power than you and I ever dreamed of in our little online fantasies. I’m bigger and stronger than a fucking tank. I’m sure of it. And we’ve only just begun. I can’t wait until I’m so powerful that a missile will bounce off my chest like a little gnat. I’m almost there Nick. You’re going to make me the strongest thing in the world. There won’t be anyone or anything that will be able to stop me. Just look at this fucking unbelievable giant body. I’ve got to be over seven feet tall and as wide as a semi. It’s time for some fun, Nicky boy. It’s time for this huge body to be unleashed on the world. I’ve got to see just how dominant I already am. And I know just the place to start.”

Chase turned to face the men still standing in the alley. My first side view of this behemoth made my legs completely buckle and I slid down the wall. He was as thick as the base of a redwood tree. His chest stuck out so much that I quickly realized the only reason he didn’t fall forward was because of the equally dense calves and thighs supporting him. His arms hung at his sides but they appeared to be tensed beyond belief, that’s how cut up and bulging they were. His mammoth cock was leaking juice and I was sure it was because of his excitement about testing his strength. I wanted to scream and warn the men standing in front of him, to tell them to leave quickly, but I could not make a sound. My desire to see what this huge man was possible of was too great. I craved to see how powerful he had become. My fear of him still overwhelmed me, but it was temporarily covered by my need to see his muscles in action. Chase smiled at the four men in a way that made my stomach tighten.

“Care to see what real power is, boys? But first I have an idea. Let’s give you some more weapons, even though all the artillery in the world isn’t going to help you.”

Chase reached out to the bottom of a raised fire escape, which was now only slightly higher than his shoulder. He grabbed hold of the metal piping supporting the base of the first platform. With one quick pull he not only broke off a thick long metal pole from the side of the structure but he also pulled the entire bottom half of the fire escape from the wall. Bolts flew across the alley and the entire lower part of the contraption swung precariously in the air. Chase brought the six-inch thick pole up to chest level. The seven-foot strip of metal piping looked small in his big hands. He easily bent the pole in the middle and I watched him make sure the two pieces were even. I was amazed at how simple this task was for the man, but the real show came next. He then moved his hands to the crease and, using only his fingers, he pulled the piping apart. It was like he was tearing a piece of paper. The big man actually chuckled out loud as he realized how easy this feat of strength had been. Chase was realizing how powerful his body had become and this thrilled him immensely. He looked at the two guys that were empty handed.

“Here you go gentlemen. Don’t worry; I’ll pass these pipes to you gently. If I put a little force behind my toss I’m afraid I might send you into the next state.”

The two men easily caught the pipes as Chase basically flicked them in their direction. I could tell by the look on the guy’s faces that it still hurt when the metal met their hands. I definitely saw fear in each man’s face. They were simply astounded by the size and power of the man before them. I noticed that each guy also had a huge boner, probably caused by the display of strength and the incredible growth they had witnessed. It was clear that they were not going to back down now, though. It was as if they had marked their territory and were not going to budge even though a bigger dog had entered their yard.

“I wish I could make the battle a little more fair guys, but I don’t see four tanks for you in this alley. I promise I won’t use all of my strength. I’ll try not to hurt you too much, but I’m just getting used to this fucking huge body and all of this incredible power. I can’t guarantee anything. Ready to be reminded what puny weaklings you really are?”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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There are so many ways that this could end badly. And yet, because of that, it gives a good sense of tension and excitement. I'm not sure whether I'd want to be in that situation or not, though it's certainly one that's great to imagine.

Nice job with the chapter!
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I had a feeling that the amassing of power would lead to lust for more and more power. Will he come to his senses before he annihilates people and things? We'll see
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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This is great

This is great! Now I want to see your ways for us readers to become more involved! Expect an email later today.
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Has Nick not said a word because Chase nearly crushed him or because of his emotional state? Cause for all the turn on Nick would get from Chase man-handling four guys at once, I don't see anything but loathing coming from him if Chase kills the guys. What would loathing or a real solid hate do to Chase, through the Nick/Chase connection? aw shit. I got a funny image of this five foot tall three foot wide muscle monkey {Chase} walking up to Nick and saying "Could you please stop hating me?"

But that's not my suggestion, cause I know Londonboy has a path he want these guys to walk down, and I really want to see it. Keep Writing.

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I really like this story, mainly because I want to see how Nick will adapt to this. Will he avoid Chase, even though he is the fantasy of his life? Will Chase return to his former loving self? Personally I liked the loving Chase more then what he has become and if I was in Nick's place I would try to run away while he was going after the four men.

Anyway GREAT story please continue, please?
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Hopefully Londonboy will continue this story, it's too good to just end as is, even though it's been a year... Fingers crossed!
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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I have started working on chapter seven. Than you very much for the encouragement!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
I have started working on chapter seven. Than you very much for the encouragement!
Woohoo! "And there was much rejoicing..."
6'3", 225#, growth-oriented lifter. Inquisitive guy looking for compatriots for workouts, growth tips and conversation.
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