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Old September 6th, 2004, 01:36 AM
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The Roommate, Part XV

Dear Readers,

Sorry again for the wait. I'm trying to think of ways to describe the mounting growth spurts that I haven't used before, even while pushing the plot along. I don't want these stories to be boring.

Anyway, this one required a bit of work. We're moving toward the end, but there will be a few more convolutions before the conclusion.

A lot of the things I was certain about--that this story would be a stand-alone, that good would triumph in the end, that I wouldn't let this story become as ridiculously oversized as Jason's endowments--are beginning to fade. Nonetheless, I still have a vision of the ending.

I hope it will be ultimately satisfying.

Oh, another thing. I don't want to post directly to folks because I'll inevitably miss someone, but there are a number of you who have really spurred me to keep writing, by either actively e-mailing me or posting on the forums. For goodness sakes, keep it up. Sometimes that's the only motivation I have. Now that "The Roommate" has unfurled into the realms of the monolithic, it's getting harder and harder to push onward. There's not much new to be explored, and the guidelines are getting more constricting.

I will definitely finish. Just keep me on track if you're interested. [email protected] and this forum are two Internet points I keep a close watch on daily, so... you know where to reach me.

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Old September 6th, 2004, 01:38 AM
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Xyggurat will become famous soon enough
The Roommate, Part XV

Hatred. No. Not hatred. Loathing.

That was all I felt for Trevor as his hand worked ineptly over the stalk of my penis. My balls were churning with the agony of holding back the tide, begging for wet release. A disastrous release, if the wicked look of anticipation on my molester's face was any indication. I almost wished that Phil were still in the room, but he had left after striking a bargain with Trevor. I wish I'd been able to overhear what had been worth fifteen minutes alone with me. Maybe Phil didn't realize how potent a catalyst for growth I was becoming.

"Fifteen minutes with him," Phil had said as he sauntered out of the room. "It's all you, Trevor."

Not that Trevor was making the best possible effort to get his money's worth. His hands were rubbing at my member frantically, as if I were some sort of cow to be milked. It was almost humorous, which helped me keep from spewing at the coarse meanderings of his hands. If I could just hold out for about ten minutes longer, I'd be free again. And Trevor would not have what he wanted. But on the other hand, my balls were still full from earlier denial, when Phil had not let me produce my full load. My firm little six-pack kept clenching with the effort, but my struggles were getting weaker. After all, it's natural for a body to want release.

But there was nothing natural about this. The world had turned upside down, and I felt like I was falling off. No, maybe that was just the blood rushing out of one head and into the other.

Sweat gave Trevor's newly-refined musculature a defining sheen. I tried to keep my mind away from the leaping of his slender biceps and triceps as he jerked on my throbbing cock. Strove to ignore the bobbing of his average-sized cock. Fought to maintain control over the urge to cum. Oh boy, was I ever going to explode.

Then, abruptly, Trevor stopped.

He looked into my eyes, the mad thirst in his meeting the desperation in mine. He was panting as if he had won an Olympic event. A silky coil of bleach-blond hair was plastered down across the tanned plane of his brow. He licked his lips, which spread into a thin smile.

"It's called irony, you know," he told me matter-of-factly. In contrast to his fervor of just a few moments ago, the tennis player's dispassion was jarring.

"Irony?" I grunted, sending a frantic thought of puppies and green fields running through my mind. This was a chance for salvation I would not miss.

"This whole thing, with you helping me grow. I remember how nice you were about teaching me on the weights." He shook his sweat-matted head. "But I never learned how to get results. You know why?"

I breathed in, intentionally biting back my response for a few moments. Time. "Because you never devoted yourself to it?"

"Buzz! Wro-ong." Trevor laughed to himself, a quiet bark of air. "It's all about genetics. I just don't have the right makeup for this. Sure, I'm tall enough. But I've got small bones, thin muscles... nothing like the potential that you have." With a shrug, he corrected, "Had. Hell, you're still buff."

Frustration blazed. "So, what. You weren't born with it, so it's all right to steal it? To take it from someone who doesn't want to give it to you? I tried to help you."

"You don't understand at all. I deserve to have a body that men will envy and women will want. I'm special."

"Yeah, you're special all right."

"You think it's so funny, don't you. You won't be laughing for long."

Hysteria overcame my common sense, and I began to laugh. Hard. "Do you even hear yourself?" I managed to speak between thunderous bouts of laughter. "You sound like a fucking evil villain. Why don't you just pull out the laser cannon, leave an evil henchman in the room, and let me escape?"

"Stop mocking me!" His voice was sharp, clear ice.

"Mocking?" Tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes. I stared at him, but I couldn't escape the feeling that my eyes betrayed hints of insanity. I realized now that, whatever my physical changes, I was not the same person I had been at the beginning of this harrowing experience. "I'm not mocking you, Trevor. Not any more. I pity you. You've made a deal with the devil. You watch. Some day, it's going to come d--ohhh, oh!"

Trevor had, swift as a striking asp, bent down and taken my member in his mouth. His tongue worked over my painfully stiff cock, begging it for its power. Caught unawares, my body responded as it had long wanted to do. My back arched. Toes began to clench in uncontrollable spasms.

I felt my balls churn, their hot wet payload roiling with the finality of their triumph. I had lost. The shame of that was only momentary against the explosion of senseless, searing flame that burned through my system. It rippled outward from my erogenous zones, tearing down the walls of my sense until my entire body was consumed in the eruption of pleasure.

I came so hard that Trevor's head rocked backward, but somehow he kept his mouth around my cock even as he began to cough on the seed of his superiority. After the first shot, he took it down like a champion. Each pulsing of my cock was heaven in my veins, and it just kept blasting out of me. I spent myself at the same time that Trevor pulled off.

He fell backwards, his eyes rolling up into his head.

Blissful, incoherent moans bubbled out of his throat as he settled himself on the floor, arms and legs splayed out, his pounding cock pointing toward the ceiling. It began an abrupt series of spurts. Gouts of pale fluid erupted from the tip, spraying two or three feet into the air. Of course, his erection did not subside.

It was swelling. The cock thickened as if preparing for another round of spurts, but instead it retracted slightly, then pulsed even larger. As it thickened, Trevor's tool lengthened, and suddenly, Trevor was no longer average at all but big and growing.

I had been so absorbed in the massing immensity of Trevor's member that I'd missed many of the bodily changes. The shape of his face had been altered; his jaw had broadened, his hazel eyes had deepened to a warm amber. Even his tan had shaded slightly, becoming a wealthy caramel. Cords of muscle wormed their way under the tennis player's former lithe build, strengthening him, expanding him, improving him.

His neck was bulging outward, swelling in time with the bordering traps. His shoulders were literally broadening. I could hear the cracking and settling of expanding bone, but Trevor looked to be in too much pleasure to feel any sort of pain. His delts were expanding at the same time. They could have been balloons but for the writhing striations and sharp cuts as they segued into his mounding triceps and biceps. Veins wound their way under the surface of his skin, dark blue even against the perfect depth of his tan.

His back looked like it was arching, but really his glutes and lats were working in concert to push the small of his back off of the ground. At the same time, his chest mounded up, creating a rippling indentation between the two burgeoning muscles. They expanded outward, bulging toward the sky and forcing his nipples to point downward. His pectorals were an exquisite, massive shelf that protruded out over his abdomen by at least two inches. It was quite a feat, given how his abdomen was reshaping itself.

Trevor's abdomen had been flat before, with the barest traces of rounded abdominal muscles. Now they were framed by rippling obliques, and the recession of remaining fat had left his abs a cobbling of squared muscles, one row only slightly offset from the other in the march toward his cock. The downy hair there had thickened into a coarse treasure trail, but his cock and balls were still nestled in thin golden silk.

He bent his right arm slightly, causing a vein crisscrossed grapefruit of muscle to bulge out. It was pristinely balanced by a larger tricep with a full, sharp-edged belly. I felt my cock stirring again.

The man I had resisted creating came again as I watched. White gouts sprayed up toward the ceiling, splattering there with drumbeats of force. His cock was easily over nine inches, and judging from the size that he had gained, he was bigger than Jason now. As his overlarge paw moved to clutch his huge member and jerk the last few pulses of cream from its span, I noted his size. One time, and he was almost as big as Jason.

Clapping sounds came from the doorway. I did not even bother to look.

Phil's voice said, "Dane. I've got to admit, I'm impressed."


The symbiote rested in the darkness of Phil's mind. It pulled its inky tendrils away from his brain, no longer hearing with its host's ears or seeing with his eyes. Sometimes, it had difficulty separating itself from the Phil, and that would not do. The symbiote knew that none of this was quite right, that it had been made with some other purpose in mind, but since it had come to meld with the Phil, it had ceased for the most part to care about the others.

The torture of the darkness, of loneliness, of the slow segueing of ideal conditions into the desperate days of self-consumption and adaptation to avoid death... all of those were long gone. The loneliness had scarred it, but that, too, had passed. The symbiote had no brain to store those memories on its own, and it would not let the Phil share that particular secret. And there were so many secrets that the humans were not quite ready for. The symbiote wondered if its host even comprehended his part in all of this.

The Phil was so very refreshing, invigorating, with its fury and hatred, with all of its imperfections. Best of all, the Phil kept the symbiote from being alone. Had it been a normal symbiote, such words would have carried no meanings. It would not have needed words. But they had become different. The Phil's simple needs had deepened and been modified to accommodate the will of the symbiote. And the symbiote had learned that it liked its current existence.

So constant, the hatred, the burning desire to be more and to level the artifices of others' lives... through the Phil, the symbiote knew power. It was more than willing to offer a few simple biological changes in return. Especially because of what was yet to come. A convergence was on its way.

One biological imperative is shared by all life. The need to reproduce. That was another way in which the symbiote knew it was different than its kind. Perhaps it was because of its dependence on the Phil that it had come to a realization. Yes, an epiphany. Why make only one of itself when the time came to reproduce? Human males produced copious amounts of sperm.

With a few more modifications to its host's systems, the symbiote could spread exponentially. Let the Phil choose the new hosts. Yes. Not so long, now, as the symbiote reckoned time.

Not long at all.

The symbiote set about to making the necessary changes. It liked this idea.
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OMG...that interlude gave me chills. Awesome story! Keep it up!
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Old September 6th, 2004, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Xyggurat
The symbiote set about to making the necessary changes. It liked this idea.
And I, for one, would like to welcome our new symbiote overlords.
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Old September 6th, 2004, 07:17 AM
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Thanks Xyggurat!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much for this latest (hot, super, hot, awesome, hot, intense, hot) chapter! ;-)

Once again, you have left me eagerly anticipating the next installment. In your preamble, you expressed concerns about the story exceeding your originally intended length. You're nuts! Those of us who come here savour every word, every bulging muscle, every drop of cum. Why would we ever want this to end? When you're totally engrossed in a great story, to the point where this make-believe world becomes a temporary reality, you find that you want to stay forever in this fantasy (this super-hot fantasy).

A great story has enough depth that it can maintain its readers interest for an indefinite time. This is a great story! There are so many story line options, so many places that you can go forward from this point.

In the short term, I am eagerly anticipating seeing Trevor stand up. How huge is he? How massive is that throbbing tool? Will he pay Phil for another 15 minutes with Dane? Will Phil become envious of Trevor's (and Jason's) size and finally have that LONG ANTICIPATED one-on-one with Dane? [recall that we haven't see Phil overpower Dane since Phil became stronger than Dane - and how hot would that be?] And Phil, who wanted to be bigger than Dane, now has to look up to Jason and Trevor. How does he feel about that? Perhaps while Trevor is begging for another shot from Dane, Phil will reach over and milk Dane's tool for himself? Or what about another shot from Dane for BOTH Phil and Trevor (simultaneously)? How hot would it be to see (from Dane's perspective) both Phil and Trevor growing together? (gasp!) I don't think I can go on!!!!!

All of the above are just some of the possible short-term story lines that spring to mind after reading this latest chapter! Obviously, such a fantastic story has tons of potential. I won't even begin to type out some of the long-term possibilities for this story (yikes!). If you don't want certain individuals to get too huge (i.e. Jason is hot and he would look hotter with another shot from Dane, but after a certain point he might be oversized for the parameters of this story), you could have Phil or Liam reduce them in size. This story has all of the possibility to become a full-on battle between good and evil; each "side" growing their own and reproducing while shrinking the other side.

At this point, I feel as if I am just rambling to try and get you to post the next chapter. And these delays between chapters are killing me!!!!!

I can't wait to find out what happens next!

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Old September 6th, 2004, 08:48 AM
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Talking Awesome.


This new chapter was excellent -- well worth the wait. I've been checking every day since your last post, and you certainly didn't disappoint.

Like the others, I am eagerly anticipating the next installment. I hope you continue this story as long as it needs to go. You seem to be dedicated to finishing this work -- which is an incredible relief to those fans you have. As I've said before, this is THE best story I've read on MGS. I can't wait to see where you go with it next. This is a great story! There are many places that you can on from here -- which only makes waiting for the next installment so painful.

Like theseventhwave, I'd like to see Trevor stand up because I am dying to know just how big he's become. I'd love Trevor to show off for Dane -- a sort of reverasal and fulfillment of what Trevor and Dane spoke about before his transformation. I'd also LOVE to see a showdown between Phil and Dane?

I could go on, but theseventhwave has captured it all: "[recall that we haven't see Phil overpower Dane since Phil became stronger than Dane - and how hot would that be?] And Phil, who wanted to be bigger than Dane, now has to look up to Jason and Trevor. How does he feel about that? Perhaps while Trevor is begging for another shot from Dane, Phil will reach over and milk Dane's tool for himself? Or what about another shot from Dane for BOTH Phil and Trevor (simultaneously)? How hot would it be to see (from Dane's perspective) both Phil and Trevor growing together? (gasp!) I don't think I can go on!!!!!"

This story is just too great.... I don't know how I am going to pass the time between this chapter and the next. I spend more time looking for this story during the night than doing my homework. Please continue soon!

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Old September 6th, 2004, 10:05 AM
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Frightful Fun!

That was marvelously different, X. I've got to hand it to you, you've done well by this chapter. I'm desperately awaiting more!
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