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In the Cabin, Part II

So there we were, the five of us together, in a cabin in the woods, our muscles growing and bulging, our quads ripping through the fabric of our pants, our shoulders broadening, our backs widening, our pecs pushing outwards and forming shelves of muscle on our chests. There we were, in each other's thickening arms, inflating with size, becoming ever more massive and muscular, the strength of our bodies increasing and our sexual excitement rising to a fever pitch.

You could say we were enjoying ourselves.

I admit that, sometime during our growth, I lost track of what exactly was happening. I had started making out with my boyfriend Luke, but Dennis, Tom and Jason must have joined us (or did we join them?) at some point, because when I woke up the five of us were all cuddled up together on the floor, a heap of torn clothes, naked flesh and shredded muscle.

I disentangled myself from Luke's embrace as well as from Jason's, and after managing to get my left leg out from under Tom's - not without a slight stir of excitement as my swollen calves brushed against his - I got up. I had a stretch, flexed my arms a little, watching my biceps bulge. I delighted in bouncing my pecs up and down, although it proved a bit distracting. I was actually trying to concentrate in order to understand what had happened.

It wasn't that hard to put the facts together. We had watched that strange movie, and then our muscles had started to grow, changing us from regular guys into incredibly hot muscular hunks. What was more difficult was to explain the whole thing, to detect a scientifically acceptable causal chain, and to understand the deeper meaning of these strange events. It was impossible, and yet it had happened.

Stroking my hard, brick-like abs, I realized that the thought didn't really bother me all that much.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flicker, a little flash of light. I turned my head and read the words on the TV screen: "Want MORE?"

My friends were lying on the floor, still asleep, oblivious to what was going on. I looked at them, then back at the TV. Did I want more? While I pondered the question, my hand picked up the remote control, and my thumb pressed a button. The menu disappeared, and my eyes watched the movie on the screen while my mind wondered whether more might be too much.


I heard somebody say my name, and felt his hands on my shoulders, realizing that he was shaking me. I looked up at him. It was Luke.

"Hey, big guy, what have you been up to?"

Still somewhat puzzled, I looked back at the TV screen. It was blank. The remote control was lying on the table.

Luke gave me a kiss and started to run his hands over my chest: "Just sitting there, hm? Thinking about this hot new body of yours. How nice it would be if your boyfriend came over to caress your bulging pecs, right? To feel his tongue on your nipples, like this. Perhaps even to feel his hips pushing against yours, this way. His legs wrapped tightly around yours. Hearing him breathe, harder and harder, full of excitement because he feels your muscles against his own. Flexing his biceps for you - showing off a bit, you see. Telling you how glad he is to be with you, and how much he loves you?"

I responded eagerly to Luke's playful advance, wrapping my arms around his torso and exploring his broad, muscular back with my hands. I felt myself getting hard, and I pressed my hips forward to meet Luke's. I picked up his rhythm and we lay there, our hips moving back and forth. I loved the new size of Luke's body, to feel his hard, bulging muscles against mine, and to see his swollen pecs bounce up and down. I was just about to give Luke a deep, passionate kiss when I suddenly felt sick. I dropped back, and Luke asked what was wrong.

"I... don't know. Perhaps... I must have watched..."

I couldn't go on. I just leant back and tried to concentrate on my breathing. I could feel the sweat pouring off of me, and I felt much worse than after watching the movie for the first time. For a second, I thought that I would faint, or that maybe the movie would end up killing me. Slowly, however, it became easier to breathe, and the sick feeling began to fade away.

I straightened up and gave Luke, on whose face bore an expression of mixed relief and reproach, an apologetic look: "I really don't rememeber watching the movie again. There's only a blank. Perhaps I didn't. After all, my muscles aren't groooooooooowwww..."

There was no way I could finish the sentence because I felt a wave of energy washing over me, an incredible feeling of power building up inside of me. I moaned in sexual ecstasy as I began to grow once more, only this time the growth was much more intense. My pecs, already as big as a pro-bodybuilder's, blew out at an amazing rate, and I could feel them getting heavier with the additional amount of muscle that was being pushed into my chest. My quads began to inflate, fighting against each other for more room to grow and pushing my legs further and further apart. My lats flared up, lifting my arms higher, away from my body, competing for space with my bulging triceps and my steadily rising biceps. I felt my shoulders broadening, felt my neck becoming thicker and thicker with each passing second, and roared with pleasure when I realized that the growing muscles in my back and my butt were lifting my body up from the couch. My dick throbbed with lust at the thought of the two firm, inflating globes of my muscle butt, and my excitement only grew when Luke overcame his first sense of surprise and began to explore my growing body with his hands as well as his mouth.

I felt Luke's tongue tracing the deepening crevice between my ballooning pecs, and was thrilled to feel the firm grip of his hands on my growing muscle butt. He sucked my nipples for a while, which stood erect on the pulsing, growing mass of my incredible pecs, and I relished in the feeling of strength and continuing growth.
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