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The Alpha Dog Gets A Leash - Part Two

I started the next day with a workout that was much more intense than usual. I believe I was trying to subconsciously emphasize my size and strength because of the weird feeling that had been present when I awoke that morning. My first thought had been about Walter Masters and how much I desired him. My second thought had been full of embarrassment and a little shame at how I had acted around him. I had been reduced to some kind of wimp or ass-licker and I did not like it. I usually towered over any man I met, both physically and mentally. Why in the hell had I allowed this man to get under my skin so much? Why had I shot a giant load of cum just from thoughts of Mr. Masters plowing my ass? Why did I still have this strong desire to make the man immensely happy, even after all of my feelings of displeasure at how he affected me? This is what made me load extra weight on every bar I lifted that morning. I was worn out at the end of my workout and sitting in the locker room when my cell phone rang. I saw that it was Sean, so I answered.

“Hey Sean.”

“Well, you made quite the impression last night, mister.”


“Walter couldn’t stop talking about you after you were gone.”

Even though I was exhausted, my cock jerked hard at Sean’s words. I immediately felt a surge of happiness envelope my body because Walter Masters had talked about me. For a brief second I realized how idiotic and childish my reaction was, but it didn’t matter. I was giddy like a love-stricken eighth grade school girl. I tried desperately to hide my excitement from Sean and attempted to speak very calmly.

“That’s very kind of him. I’m flattered.”

“Come on Jack, it’s me, Sean. I know you are a lot more than flattered. This is the Walter Masters, a man that makes me sometimes wish I had never met Curtis, and you know how much I love my man. So, don’t be playing all innocent and calm with me, spill baby, spill. Tell daddy Sean all that happened! How did I miss this love connection happening?”

“Really, Sean, don’t get overly dramatic. We just talked. Mr. Masters spoke to many people. It was no big deal.”

“The man made me rearrange people’s places at my table so he would be beside you, Jack. Don’t tell me it wasn’t a big deal. You know I’ve had that table arrangement planned for weeks and put you where Stan, the no show, would have sat if he could have been there. Walter knows what a control freak I am. He would not ask to be moved unless there was something very important that he would gain. I also saw him follow you outside after you left. The man has set his sights on you, young man. Mark my words.”

“You are a control freak and you notice way too much. Yes, he did follow me out to my car and he asked me out.”

“I knew it! Please tell me you said yes. If you didn’t I swear I will come down there and punch you out, that is, if a punch from me could hurt you in any possible way. Seriously, tell me you said yes.”

“I said yes.”

“Good boy! Now I’ll be able to live vicariously through you. What did you think of Walter?”

There are people in our lives that are somehow able to get us to share anything. Sean was one of those people for me. I knew I needed to confide in someone about the diverse feelings that Walter Masters caused to well up in me, so this was a perfect opportunity to come clean.

“He turns me on so fucking much, Sean!”

“Join the club, honey, join the club!”

“But there’s something more. I can’t really describe it. When I’m around him I get all flustered and turn into some sort of subservient idiot.”

“Wow, even the big alpha dog, Jack, falls under the Walter Masters’ spell.”


“Listen, Jack. Everyone I know has a similar reaction to Walter – even me. I can’t explain it, but the guy has some kind of super power that makes other men go weak at the knees and act in strange ways. I’ve only known a few guys that Walter has dated, but one thing has been in common with all of them. They were all huge and they were all insanely devoted to the man.”

There was something in Sean’s words that both soothed and agitated me at the same time. I was immediately happy to hear that Mr. Masters liked big men. I didn’t usually use my size to catch a person, but if my body pleased Masters that made me very happy. But at the same time I was really disturbed by the fact that other people had a similar bizarre reaction to the man. The kind of attraction that made people do crazy things, like spend an entire workout session daydreaming of what the man’s cock would feel like shoved up your ass. I was becoming a little more distressed by my overwhelming desire to have this man approve of me. I felt like I was some small child looking for my parents’ affirmation about something I had done. It was really hard to explain, but I wanted Mr. Masters to give me his blessing in some way – just to let me know that I was worthy of him. All of these conflicting feelings were very confusing and immensely frustrating.

“So did he ever date one of these guys for a long time?”

“Listen to you, already planning a wedding. I don’t know Jack; he’s such a private man. I know he hasn’t dated anyone for a very long time. I met one guy about five years ago, but I can’t remember his name. One thing for sure, though, the dude wasn’t as big as you. I think you might be a keeper for my man Walt. Like I said, he likes giant muscular guys that aren’t afraid to show off their size and strength. That’s one of the things I remember about the last guy he dated, he wore a lot of tight clothes and was always making sure Walter was taken care of, you know, like always getting his drink, holding his coat, opening the door, and much more. I think Walter loves to be taken care of, even though he doesn’t need anything or anyone.”

This last part of our conversation made me very happy. I felt like I was getting some inside scoop on how to win over a potential boyfriend. Sean was like my Cyrano de Bergerac feeding me lines to woo Walter Masters. I memorized everything he said and immediately started thinking of ways to impress the man on our date. My mind was so focused on the upcoming evening that I didn’t realize that Sean had been silent for a few seconds.

“Oh shit, Jack, you’re really smitten aren’t you? This is great. I like you both so much and it would make me very happy if you two were together. Of course you’ll have to promise to tell me everything. I’m serious. Promise me Jack. Promise me right now.”

“I know better than to make that promise, Sean. I will, however, promise to tell you as much as I can. There’s something fiercely secretive about Walter Masters and I get a strong feeling that I shouldn’t do anything to displease him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like people sharing his personal stuff.”

“That’s a wise choice, young man. I’ll settle for you telling me what you can. That will have to do. So, this little pact starts right after your date. When are the two of you going out?”


“Dayyum, boy, you move fast. Or, more likely, Walter moves fast. Well that means you’ll have to call me tomorrow and tell me what you can. Okay?”

“Yes, I will. And listen, Sean, thanks for inviting me last night. I had a really nice time.”

“Well I do believe you had the nicest time of anyone, well except for Walter, of course. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, big man. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do tonight and you know that leaves it wide open. Ta ta for now!”

“Bye Sean.”

I sat in the middle of the locker room thinking about my conversation with Sean. I was now even more confused by Mr. Walter Masters than before. It was hard for me to believe that other people had the same kind of reaction to the man as I did. I wondered if their reaction was just as intense as mine had been. Did they shoot a gob of cum into their pants, as well? Sean said he was attracted to Masters, but his desire did not seem to be as overwhelming as mine. Was it because he had known the guy for so long? Did the intensity wear off the longer you knew the man? Or was it something else? After a few more seconds of contemplation I had a revelation. Maybe the size of the man that was attracted to Masters had something to do with the severity of the reaction. Could my three hundred and eighty pounds of solid muscle have something to do with the way that Walter Masters reduced me to such a total slave pup? A feeling deep inside of me said that I was right. I also began to think that this also had a lot to do with the fact that Walter Masters was drawn to big men. I became determined to fight the feeling this evening. I decided that Masters would not have the same intense power over me as he did the night before. After all, I was fucking strong and powerful myself. I would use my strength to not fall under whatever spell the man had on people. I had just spent three hours lifting more weight than two or three men can lift together. I surely could withstand the attraction of a small man like Masters. I suddenly had a lot more energy than I had a few minutes before. My cock was still hard as stone, but I had been empowered by my reminder of who I was and what I could do. I was going to be the one in control on our date. Tonight, Mr. Walter Masters would definitely see that I am the alpha dog in our budding relationship. He would be the guy shooting a wad in his pants this evening – just from being around my body and my strength. I felt more powerful than I had felt in a long time and I was very much looking forward to my date with Walter.

At ten until seven that evening I was standing on the front steps of my townhouse covered in a nervous sweat as I waited for Mr. Masters. The confidence I had felt that morning in the gym had slowly dissipated during the day and completely drained from my body around six o’clock. I began to worry about every little detail as I prepared for my date. I changed clothes about eight times because I was desperate to find the right outfit to please Walter Masters. I washed gel out of my hair two times because I was sure I could make it look better for my date. When I noticed it was a quarter until seven I grabbed and put on the tightest shirt and pants I owned, combed my hair quickly, grabbed my wallet and keys, and rushed downstairs. I did not want to keep Mr. Masters waiting, even for a minute. I was nervous he might arrive early so I wanted to be down there just in case. As I stood there waiting for the man I noticed that my heart was pounding loudly in my ears as it had the night before when I first met Masters. I also realized that my stomach was full of butterflies and I felt very light headed. I knew I needed to calm myself down so I spoke to myself out loud.

“Shit, get it together McGaw. Where’s that bravado you had this morning? Remember who you are boy! Look at you. You’re a fucking huge man and Walter Masters is basically a short little guy. Why are you getting so worked up? Calm down, Jack, calm down. You’re just as good as Masters. You have nothing to be nervous about.”

At that moment I looked down my street and noticed a shiny black limousine making its way slowly in my direction. I knew it was Mr. Masters right away. I stepped down to the curb and waited. I glanced at my watch, but I knew it would be seven on the nose before I even looked. The limo pulled into the empty space in front of my place, which was reserved for drop offs and pick-ups. I clasped my hands together to try and prevent them from shaking. I also held them straight down to try and cover the blaring hard-on that pressed against my pants. My mouth went dry as the driver opened his door, said good evening, and then opened the back door for me to get in. I bent low, grabbing the side of the car to steady myself, and entered the spacious back of the limo.

“Good evening, Jack.”

God, just his voice alone sent shivers down my body as I slid into the seat beside Mr. Walter Masters. I didn’t respond to him immediately. I just stared at him like a man that was seeing water for the first time after being lost in the desert for days. He looked incredible. His hair was perfect in that messed-up-but-it’s-supposed-to-look-like-this sort of way. He had on a collared Ted Baker shirt and some dark slacks. He was a beautiful man. That’s the only thought that kept running through my mind. My mouth opened but I could not speak. I just continued to look at the man beside me.

“You look very nice, Jack. That shirt and those pants show off all of your bulging attributes.”

I was instantly embarrassed and realized that he was mostly referring to my hard cock. My hands shot to my crotch to cover the thick piece of stiff meat. This made Walter Masters smile and that, in turn, made me flush a darker shade of red. I took a deep breath to calm my shaking body. I also finally realized that the car had begun to move.

“Why so nervous, Mr. McGaw?”

“I don’t know. You just seem to have some kind of power over me that makes me weak at the knees.”

I was surprised by my own honesty, but I was also trying to keep the conversation light and fun. Masters reached over and placed his hand on top of mine, which was resting on the other one that was covering my cock. The moment his skin touched mine I was overcome with a need to cry out in pleasure, but it quickly passed and my body began to settle down. He grabbed my hand tightly and my heart began to beat slower, as if I was falling into the rhythm of his body. Once we both knew my body was peaceful, as well my cock, he took his hand from mine and placed it back in his own lap. Again, I was amazed at how this man could manipulate my body’s needs so easily. I was breathing normal and I felt natural.

“I don’t believe your knees are very weak, Jack. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s a weak part to that beautiful body of yours. I’d say you’re pretty strong.”

His compliment soothed me even more. I was filled with happiness at the thought that he noticed and liked my body. I felt affirmed and it was like I had pleased him in some way. I turned to look into his beautiful eyes. He was staring at me with a smile that invited me even more deeply into his mysterious power. I felt protected and comforted in a way that was hard to explain. I also desired the man more than before, if that was even possible.

“We’re feeling a lot calmer now, aren’t we, my friend?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Your heart’s not pounding uncontrollably and you’re not sweating up a storm, right?”

I could not believe he knew my body had reacted this way. Was the guy a mind reader or something? I was blown away at how well he knew me, but at the same time it felt natural and familiar.

“No, that’s all stopped, sir. But how could you know that was happening to me?”

“Call it intuition Jack or something like it. Maybe it’s because I can sense weakness in other men. I don’t know what it is, but I know you’re a lot better now.”

His words stung me in a way that I couldn’t explain. It was a mixture of being hurt and also knowing that he had hit the nail on the head. I still had enough self confidence to chuckle at the fact that he thought I was weak. I initially wanted to grab his skinny neck with my massive hand to show him just how powerful I was, but there was a feeling still buried somewhere in my subconscious that bubbled up to my mind and told me his statements were absolutely true. I could not believe this little man beside me could even begin to dream that he could find a weakness in me, but the fact that I had gone limp like a wet noodle beside him only made it worse because it affirmed his words. Even though I didn’t understand it at all, Walter Masters did have some kind of unknown power over me. I made no move to prove my strength to him; I merely sat there like a submissive puppy.

“You had the urge to show me your power just now, didn’t you? You were hurt by my comment about weakness. But something deep inside told you I am right. You can’t explain this feeling within you, but there is a desire fueling your actions now. It’s a desire that you’ve never fully felt before, but it has always existed. Not since childhood have you met anything or anyone that has this kind of impact on you, have you Jack?”

“No . . . No, sir.”

“Even the automatic need to add the word ‘sir’ to your response is an indication of this soon-to-be blossoming awareness inside you, Jack. You’re responding to something very primitive, my friend. You are connecting with a part of you that has longed for release for quite some time, but there has never been anyone that could harness that inner desire. That is, there hasn’t been anyone until now. Ah, here we are at the restaurant.”

I was so lost in what he was saying that I didn’t realize the car had stopped and my door had been opened by the driver. I was trying desperately to make some sense out of Walter Masters’ comments. On a deep level I knew everything he said was true, but I simply could not understand it. Why did I have this need to say sir to him each time I responded? Why did he have this unimaginable power over me? And why in the hell did I find him so fucking irresistible? I forced myself to turn and get out of the car. My entire body could sense that the man was staring at me and smiling as he followed. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed that we were in front of the most popular and most expensive French restaurant in town. I had only been here once for drinks, and that had been because Sean wanted to check it out. This place was even too high-end for Sean and Curtis, let alone me.

When we stepped into the restaurant the first thing I noticed was that there was no noise. The place was as quiet as a library. We were met by a tall young man that spoke to Mr. Masters in French. As they shook hands I took a moment to look around the large dark restaurant. I suddenly realized why it was so quiet, there was no on there. The entire place was empty. I turned to my date with a very puzzled face.

“I thought it would be nice if we had the place to ourselves.”

“You mean they opened it just for us?”

“No, I’m afraid not. I simply rented out the entire restaurant for the evening. I hope that’s okay. I wanted us to have some privacy. I also didn’t want to share you with anyone.”

I’m sure I looked like some kind of country bumpkin with my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide with surprise. This guy had, in less than twenty four hours, rented out one of the most expensive restaurants in town. That was so fucking incredible. It was also something extremely foreign to me.

“But what about the people that had reservations? What about all the wait staff?”

“Don’t worry your pretty self, Jack. Everyone has been taken care of. Other patrons have either been given a lovely dinner at home or a free meal at another restaurant and the staff has been taken care of in a very profitable way. We’ll have my favorite waiter, Francois, and Chef Martin has prepared a wonderful meal just for the two of us. Shall we?”

Walter Masters was holding out his hand in the direction of a table in the middle of the restaurant. If the place had been filled it would have been the perfect spot to see everything and to be seen. I felt like I was in some kind of romantic comedy film or a fairy tale. I noticed a very handsome man, I assumed was Francois, standing beside our table and he greeted us as we walked up. He pulled each of our chairs out for us as we sat down. He then unfolded our napkins and laid them in our laps. If he saw the outline of my hard cock bulging at my crotch he did nothing to show it. He poured us both a glass of champagne and then disappeared into the kitchen. It became very quiet and I simply stared at the perfectly set table that reflected the candlelight beautifully. Soft music was playing through the house speakers. I had never been on a more romantic date. Mr. Masters lifted his glass of champagne, so I did the same.

“Let’s drink to unleashing hidden desires, shall we?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll drink to that.”

I brought my glass lightly against his and the crystal made a perfect ringing sound. We then sipped our champagne. I was no expert, but the way the drink went down so smoothly told me it was very nice champagne. Francois came out of the kitchen with a platter of mixed oysters. He and Mr. Masters spoke to each other in French and the only thing I understood was “merci,” which was said by both.

“I’m sure you know that oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac.”

“Yes, I did know that . . . sir.”

We sipped out champagne and ate a few oysters in silence. No one came to bother us. It became clear that Mr. Masters would let Francois know in some way when we were ready to move to the next part of our dinner. I felt myself feeling extremely comfortable with the man in front of me. We simply stared at each other and let the thrill of the evening surround us completely. Walter Masters smiled at me and then spoke sweetly and, yet, firmly.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt, Jack.”

My hand put down the glass of champagne without me even thinking about it. I reached down to grab the shirt and pull it from my pants. Not until then did it fully register what I was doing. I hesitated, but then I noticed a stern look appear on Mr. Masters’ face. I didn’t move for a few seconds. I started to speak, but the man across from me raised his hand and the motion silenced me.

“Give in to the desire, Jack. You know you want to please me. Having you shirtless at the table will make me very happy. I’m pretty sure it will also make Francois very happy. We are the only ones here. Why fight what you know is your destiny. I know you can feel it deep inside. Take your shirt off for me.”

My hands moved even as my brain screamed for me to stop. I pulled the shirttail from my pants and then struggled as I tried to pull the tight shirt off of my upper body. It was usually difficult to get this particular shirt up over my big chest, large arms, and massive shoulders, but today it seemed almost impossible. Mr. Masters noticed that the shirt had become stuck halfway off of my huge upper body. He called out to the kitchen.

“Francois, could you assist us please?”

In only a few seconds I suddenly felt two hands tugging at the bottom of the shirt that was tightly wrapped around my raised arms. It took a little maneuvering for Francois to pull the stretched fabric over my bulging triceps. Once the shirt was off I reached up to smooth down my tussled hair. I avoided looking at Mr. Masters by watching Francois neatly fold the shirt and place it on a neighboring table. I also saw the waiter take many lustful glances at my muscled body. Mr. Masters was right, the man serving us tonight was happy that I was now shirtless. Francois lingered at our table for a bit more by pouring us more champagne and asking my date a question. I’m sure he wanted to know if there was anything more he could do for us. Walter Masters answered in French and the waiter reluctantly walked away, stealing glances back at my chest and arms as he made his way to the kitchen. Once he was gone there was nothing more for me to do than take a big gulp of champagne and then look at Mr. Masters. The man had a very sly smile across his face. He looked me straight in the eyes. He did not, as most men did, stare at my body.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, now, was it Jack? You are one beautiful man. No, to be more specific, you are one beautiful massive man.”

My entire upper body flushed warm with embarrassment. I’m sure my meg pecs even turned red. I quickly took another sip of champagne. I desperately wanted to look away from the man across the table, but something in his gaze made me keep my eyes locked on his. I think a combination of the champagne going to my head and the taste of the wonderful oysters made me quickly return to my earlier calm state. I became comfortable again with my surroundings, in spite of being half naked.

“Tell me about becoming big, Jack.”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Tell me what it was like to grow so massive. When did it happen? How did it feel? What are the benefits of being so huge? Are there any drawbacks? Tell me a little about your life. Can you see that I’m avoiding all those ‘first date’ questions that are so boring? I figured I’d move quickly to the stuff that is really good.”

I stared at the object of my affection and searched for words to answer his questions. I had never been asked most of these particular questions before. Most guys wanted to know things like my measurements, was I a bottom or a top, how much I could lift, and stuff like that. Here was a man that wanted to know more about my past and my feelings about being big. I was filled with a deep need to find answers that would please the man in front of me. I watched as Mr. Masters took a sip of his champagne and waited patiently for me to organize my thoughts.

“I, um, I . . . I mean I’ve kind of been big since junior high school. I sprouted up to six feet in eighth grade. It was . . . it was really awkward at first and I was really clumsy. But that all changed when I started working out with a coach in ninth grade. I was the only freshman in the history of my school to start on the wrestling team, the football team and the basketball team. Coach Simmons was really kind to me. I became like a pet project of his. I think he was astounded by how well my body responded to working out with weights. He always looked shocked when I would increase in size or hit new amounts of weight when lifting. Somewhere at the beginning of my sophomore year I passed him up in size and strength. I didn’t really like the sports, but I really loved lifting weights. I guess it was then that I started dreaming about being a bodybuilder.”

“What was Coach Simmons like, Jack? Did you like him?”

“Yes sir, I did. Man, though, he was tough. He never let up on me when we would work out together; always pushing me beyond what I thought were my limits. But, yeah . . . yeah, I liked him a lot. It was good to have someone directing me in my training. I followed his plans for me completely and devoutly. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car crash my junior year of high school. A drunk driver hit him head on. It was one of the saddest things that ever happened to me. I didn’t work out for a few months because I missed him so much, but then I remembered it was his dream that I would enter and win some local bodybuilding contests. I went back to working out like a fiend and put on about seventy-five pounds of muscle that year. By the time I got to college I was winning every competition I entered. I also started doing Strongmen Contests on the side because it was great showing off my strength. I basically won all of those, as well.”

“I think Coach Simmons would have been very proud of you, Jack.”

“Yes sir . . . yes sir, I think he would have been.”

Francois appeared at that moment with our salads. I had no idea how he knew we were ready for dinner, but his timing was perfect. Again, he and Mr. Masters spoke in French and a red wine was poured into the glasses before us. I was feeling a little tipsy and quite bold, caused I’m sure by the way Mr. Masters continued to smile at me - like I was really pleasing him. I lifted my wine glass making it clear I would like to make a toast. Masters raised his glass, as well.

“Here’s to the men in my life that I’ve made proud.”

The beautiful smiling man across from me brought his glass to mine and then we both tasted the wine. It was full and robust, with a taste that seemed to compliment the evening. It was at that moment that I knew I would allow myself to get drunk. I made the decision to enjoy the evening completely. I knew I was in safe hands with Mr. Masters. We took a few bites of the delicious salad in silence and then the conversation began again, moving in a new direction.

“Do you hope to make me proud, Jack?”

The question caught me off guard, but felt comfortable at the same time. I knew deep down that Mr. Masters was already aware of my answer. This was just a way to move to a new plateau in our relationship. I answered honestly and calmly.

“I have never wanted to please someone so much, sir. I don’t understand where this desire comes from or what it means, but making you proud seems like the most important thing in my life at this moment.”

“That’s very good Jack. I was hoping you would feel this way. You have already made me very happy by being so willing to let me lead you this evening. It’s a new feeling for you, isn’t it? You’re not used to someone else being in charge.”

“No sir. I don’t think anyone has made me feel this way since Coach Simmons. I’ve always been so much bigger and stronger than everyone else that no one has ever intimidated me. I can’t understand why I feel this way around you. I mean, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I’m more than twice the size of you and, yet, you can make me start shaking just from the sound of your voice. I’m so confused, but at the same time it all feels so right and comfortable.”

“It’s really quite simple Jack. You just instinctively connect with something about me that makes you feel this way. Call it an animalistic sixth sense or whatever, but you feel this way for a specific reason, I promise. I’ve met many people that connect with me this way, but no one has ever felt it as strongly as you. I noticed it immediately last night, even before we were introduced. It was apparent to both of us the minute you stepped onto that patio last night, wasn’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you like me to help you understand the indescribable desire you feel inside your body? Shall we clear up the mystery once and for all, my friend?”

“Please, sir.”

I watched as Mr. Masters looked around the restaurant. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but I finally figured out he was checking out pieces of furniture. Something he saw made him smile and then he turned to me.

“Let’s leave our meal for a minute or two, Jack. Follow me to the bar over there.”

Walter Masters placed his napkin on the table, pushed his chair back, stood up, and then started walking to the large wooden bar on the other side of the room. He didn’t look in my direction because he knew I would follow like a small child following his parent closely because he is afraid he might miss something. As I moved toward the bar it registered again that I was shirtless. I had been so engrossed in our conversation and was feeling so comfortable that I had forgotten. The cool breeze in the room and my excitement over what was to come made my nipples as hard as my aching cock. The small man in front of me moved to the corner of the heavy wooden bar. He moved around the edge and turned to look at me. He broke into a large smile as he faced me.

“You really are one gorgeous massive man, Mr. McGaw. I am very impressed with your size and definition. That chest is amazing and your arms are unbelievable. You have worked your muscles to perfection, young man. I love gazing at you.”

I became embarrassed again, as if I were some shy adolescent boy that had just been praised by his idol. It was the first time that I noticed Mr. Masters actually look at my body. I could see a deep lust in his eyes, but there was something else mixed up in his gaze. I could not figure out what it was, but it felt a little like he anticipated surprising me in some way. The man actually looked like he was about to reveal a deep dark secret. This all made me very excited and very horny.

“Promise me that no matter what happens you will not let it ruin our lovely evening. No matter what happens, okay Jack.”

“I promise, sir. I don’t understand, but I promise.”

“Very well then, let’s proceed.”

Mr. Masters unbuttoned the cuff of his right sleeve and slowly folded it up his forearm. I looked at his small wrist and lower arm, surprised by the fact that it looked very sexy and fairly muscled. It occurred to me that my date might actually have a pretty tight body underneath his clothes. This thought made my cock twitch a few times. Walter Masters then brought his arm up to the bar, bending it at the elbow and placing it on the solid wooden surface.

“Let’s arm wrestle, Jack.”

I looked at the smaller man in front of me and laughed out loud. This was the craziest thing I had ever heard. Sure he had lots of money and he was famous, but the guy was not even one hundred and sixty pounds. I outweighed him by over two hundred pounds, not to mention that I towered over him by almost a foot. The man was insane if he thought this would even be a slight contest. I could lift four or five of him put together. I bet the guy could barely bench press his own weight. I glanced down at his arm and actually got nervous that I would snap it in two if we even thumb wrestled. My forearm was double the size of his upper arm. My hand would almost wrap around his twice.

“You’ve got to be kidding, sir. I realize you like to be in control and everything, but this will be no contest at all. Why don’t we just return to our nice salad and that great wine? I don’t want to ruin the evening by embarrassing you or, worse, hurting you.”

“Now, Mr. McGaw.”

I raised my arm quickly as if in a natural response to his order. I couldn’t believe his voice could still have that kind of power over me after his crazy challenge. I had to step back from the bar and bend my arm out more because my palm was so much higher than his. I grabbed his palm in mine and chuckled again when I noticed how puny his hand felt.

“This is fine sir, but I don’t want it to ruin your evening either. Promise me that you’ll be fine with whatever happens. I’ll do my best not to hurt you, but I’m pretty competitive. Maybe I should let you use both of your arms or I could just use a few fingers. Promise me that you’ll still enjoy the evening after this.”

“Don’t worry Jack, I’ll be fine. Ready, set, go!”

Suddenly his hand felt like some kind of super vice-grip on mine. I actually let out a little cry as he squeezed my palm. I had intended to just hold his hand in place for a while to taunt him, but I quickly realized that he actually had a little power so I decided to just slam his hand down to the surface of the bar so we could get back to our meal. I began to apply pressure against his palm intending to push it down. To my surprise his hand didn’t budge at all. I gripped harder and pushed more intensely. My biceps bulged upward beautifully from the exertion. I was feeling very cocky and knew that I would swiftly put Mr. Masters in his place. I pushed harder against his palm and nothing happened. I was not moving the small man’s arm in the least. I immediately put all of my strength into the task, knowing that there wasn’t a man around that could resist my full force. Veins were streaking across my forearm and biceps. Beads of sweat were appearing on my chest and forehead. I was using all of my arm’s power and the thin arm against mine didn’t budge even a fraction of an inch. Two thoughts ran through my mind at the same time. At first I figured there must be some kind of trick to his inhuman opposition to my strength. I tried to figure out how he might have braced his body in some way that I had not noticed. The second thought, however, was intense and caused a reaction I could not have anticipated. I suddenly focused on the fact that Mr. Masters was somehow stronger than anything I could have imagined. Just the thought of his power made my cock pulse harder than ever in my entire life. My knees wobbled a little from the exhaustion of losing to this man’s weak looking arm and because all the blood in my body was rushing to my hard dick. I glanced from our arms to the face of my tormentor. Walter Masters had a big smile across his face and, to my shock, was not straining at all. The guy’s body was as relaxed as ever. This was fucking impossible. This scrawny gorgeous man was overpowering me with as much energy as it takes to lift a piece of paper. Seeing him so calm caused me to become crazy with a desire to win. I grabbed the edge of the bar with my other hand to get more leverage. I tried to double the strength I was already using, but the small hand in mine stayed in place. I squeezed my hand harder thinking I might crush his hand a little to make him lose some ground. He didn’t seem to feel my powerful grip at all. As a matter of fact he tightened his own hand more and I felt pain shoot up my arm. I cried out again from the unbelievable pressure of his fingers. But the most insane reaction was happening in my pants. My cock was beginning to spurt gobs of pre-cum as I got off on this man’s dominance of me. I couldn’t believe it when Masters spoke because his voice was so natural and calm. I was breathing heavily as I struggled against the man, but he acted like he was just standing there doing nothing.

“You are very surprised aren’t you, Jack? You thought you could beat me easily. You even thought you might crush my hand a little just to show off your strength and, yet, here I am causing you pain just by squeezing my small fingers. You know deep inside that I haven’t even begun to really tighten my grip. You are starting to get a little scared that I might break some of your fingers just by compressing my hand a little harder. But the best part of this little moment is that I’m absolutely sure your cock is harder right now than it has ever been in your entire life. This moment is even better than the first time you figured out how to ejaculate as an adolescent. I bet your body feels like it is about to explode like some kind of super bomb just from the pressure that is building in your aching rod. You find my fucking power so unbelievably hot that you wish we could stay locked in this uneven strength match as long as possible. This is like mind-blowing foreplay for you. You’ve never known what it feels like to be dominated before. You’ve always been the guy in control and now a man you thought was just a little wimp is showing you what a true immovable force feels like. You suggested earlier that I might use both of my arms against you. Well, I think that I should give you the same opportunity to gain a little ground in our competition, but you know deep inside that using two arms isn’t going to help you at all. My hand isn’t going to move until I allow it to and that’s going to be when I force both of your arms down to the top of this bar. And here’s the best part, Jack, you’re going to shoot the biggest load of your sweet man juice ever when I beat you. You are so fucking turned on right now that it is hard for you to focus on anything else other than your raging hard-on. Go ahead Jack and use both arms. Let’s see if having most of your three hundred and eighty pounds behind your grip is going to make a difference.”

The cocky little man holding my monstrous arm in place as if I were a small child was beginning to piss me off, but he was also turning me on more than anything I could ever remember. I let go of the bar and placed my other hand on top of our seemingly frozen strength battle. I poured every ounce of power my body could still give into my two bent gigantic arms that rested against his straight as a board wrist. It was as if I were pushing against a mountain. My added pressure did not cause our arms to move at all. Mine was a body that could probably bust through steel doors if I wanted to, but here I was helpless against Walter Masters’ one thin arm. I began to grunt from the strain of trying to make his wrist bend even a little and from the mounting force in my engorged cock. I could feel my entire body beginning to weaken from my losing battle. The sounds coming from my mouth must have been a sign for Mr. Masters. He began to slowly squeeze my hand harder and, at the same time, push it toward the surface below. The cocky asshole, who continued to excite me beyond belief, forced my arms down at what seemed like a snails pace, just to mess with my mind. I started to scream out from a mixture of pain and a last ditch effort to hopefully show off some strength. It was useless, though. A man that was less than half my size was manipulating me easily. My two almost-thirty-one-inch mega guns were being beaten in an arm wrestling match by something that looked like a teenager’s tiny limb. But the truly mystifying part to all of this was the fact that I was getting closer to what I knew would be the most awesome ejaculation of my lifetime and I was in heaven. I never stopped using all of my muscle power to try and gain a little ground on Mr. Masters, but it didn’t help. The man easily pushed my arms down towards the bar and stopped when we were a mere inch from the wood. I was straining with all of my might and sweating up a storm. The gorgeous bastard smiled at me, as he continued to toy with my body. I was having trouble focusing because of the different pains shooting through my body.

“And now, Mr. McGaw, we finish this little exhibition. We end with two consecutive big bangs, if you will. One will be mental and one will be physical. The first is that you will now know fully what has been eating away at you since you met me last night. We will have unleashed the new you in a giant way. Secondly, you will finally get to release that load of juice that has been building inside you since before I arrived at your place this evening. You were rock hard just from thinking about me all afternoon, but now you will explode in ecstasy because you have been dominated by a power even stronger than your fucking huge muscles. You thought this day would never come, but now you’re willing to spew your juice as a sign of your desire for and your submission to me. When I slam your hand down on this surface you will cum for your master. You will cum as if it is the last time you will ever cum again.”

With that comment Walter Masters forced my hand down to the wood with a quick and powerful thrust. I registered absolutely no pain in my hand because at the same time my cock erupted like some kind of semen filled super volcano. I fell to my knees from the force of my violent discharge. It felt like gallons of warm sticky cream were being released into my underwear through a fire hose. My entire body was rocked by the convulsions overpowering my stomach and crotch. Mr. Masters kept his vice like grip on my hand as I shook violently beside the bar. His hold on my hand seemed like the only thing keeping me from becoming unconscious. The strength of his hand around mine kept me grounded and allowed me to simply let go, enjoying the unbelievable pleasure coursing through my body. When my cock finally quit jerking in my pants and the ringing in my ears began to subside the small man around the corner of the bar let go of my hand. My arms dropped to my side as I continued to kneel on the floor trying to catch my breath. Mr. Masters walked around the bar and moved so he was standing beside me. He began to run his hand across my hanging head, as if he were patting a tired puppy. This physical expression from the man that had just overpowered my muscles so easily both comforted me and, at the same time, made me feel weak and small.

“That’s it, big man. Just rest and catch your breath. I’m sure you find it difficult to meet someone so much more powerful than you. You see, Jack, it’s my strength that you’ve been responding to since last evening. When you met me your subconscious sensed what you have now fully discovered. You were the big alpha dog that instinctively knew to surrender to a more dominant force, but it was such a new feeling for you that you couldn’t figure it out. Right now your mind and body are catching up with your instincts. You are beginning to realize that the only thing you desire in this world is to please your master. You want to submit to me completely. You also know deep down that your obedience will be justly rewarded, don’t you. You know your master will take care of you. You seek my approval as much as you seek to make yourself big and muscular. You’re a good boy, Jack. You make your master very happy. Just think about all the ways that I can continue to show you how proud I am. And if you are a really good alpha dog, Jack, I might give you what you most desire. One day I might pound that beautiful muscled ass of yours. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Jack? No need to answer right now, I know that’s what you desire the most. Now get up and go clean yourself off in the bathroom. Our main course will be served when you return. We’re going to have a really nice evening now, my pet. Your master is going to make sure you’re really happy and, in return, you’ll please me very much. I’ll be waiting at the table.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Very hot! This story is really turning me on. Subtle, smooth and very well timed. Wonderful!
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Oh hot.
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I don't usually go for the master/slave stories, but this is a big exception to that rule. I am hooked! Thank you for creating this one for us.
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I am thoroughly enjoying this Hot Tale. This character reminds me a little of
"The Wimp" by Corwin in the Continous Story, at least in the way he controls big, muscular guys.
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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
We’re going to have a really nice evening now, my pet. Your master is going to make sure you’re really happy and, in return, you’ll please me very much. I’ll be waiting at the table.”
Jeeeeeeeez... this is such a hot story. Londonboy you are amazing. Keep going! Get the collar on that massive monster muscle pup!
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This story is waaay hot! I'm really digging it!
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Hot,hot,hot. Gets my dick revving.....
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