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The Alpha Dog Gets A Leash - Part One

There is really no way to know in advance how our lives will turn out. You just finally look back one day and see the clear path that led to what you’ve become. I would have never guessed I would become a huge professional bodybuilder and that I would ultimately be the perfect example of what it means to be hen-pecked. Yes, that’s right, hen-pecked, pussy-whipped, a boy-toy, or whatever you choose to call a man that no longer makes any of his own decisions. Now, before you go feeling sorry for me, please understand that I truly enjoy what my life has become – I really do. It’s just a shock to think that a guy that’s six and a half feet tall and weighs over three hundred and eighty pounds would want to do nothing more each day than please a man that stands five feet six inches and weighs, even when he’s sopping wet, barely one hundred and fifty pounds. And, yet, that’s exactly what my life has become. I guess I should do some explaining.

It all began the day my voice dropped a few octaves and my head shot upwards by about a foot. It was sometime in the middle of eighth grade. Looking back, it feels like I went to bed one night - just a scrawny kid with a high-pitched voice and then woke up the next day - a towering muscle head with a voice like a tuba. I kid you not. I got huge in just a few months. I saw the high school coach’s mouth actually begin to water when he saw me on a scouting visit to our school. He was recruiting eighth graders that might be good for any of his teams the next year. That day he signed me up for football, wrestling, and basketball. All of them sounded good to me, but what excited me the most was the fact that he said he would teach me how to build up my body even more by lifting weights.

You see, by this time, I knew I was gay – well, I knew I was different, anyway. I had already shoplifted a few bodybuilding magazines from the local drugstore so I could whack off while I looked at what I thought, at the time, were huge guys. Little did I know that in just twelve more years I would be bigger than any of the guys that I beat off to. But that’s exactly what happened; I lifted weights in high school and college to become something just shy of monstrous. My mom still shakes her head sometimes when she looks at me; she thinks no man should be so big. I can tell, though, that she’s actually very proud of me and a little turned on. My dad doesn’t even begin to hide his awe of my size. Each time I visit them, wait, no, each time I am allowed to visit them, my dad schemes up crazy things that will make me have to show off my strength. Like the time he hid his car jack just so I’d have to lift the back of his Cadillac as he changed a tire. I was pretty sure he even punctured the tire himself, but I couldn’t prove it. I also knew he had Triple A, but I really liked to show off for him. Making my dad proud made me feel good – which, I’m sure plays into what happened to me later, as well.

Anyway, by the time I was out of college I was winning local bodybuilding contests and was also doing very well on the regional Strongest Man circuit. Because of my training schedule and my fear of what people might say, I had done very little as far as living out my homosexual tendencies. I had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious. Quite a few guys, however, did come up to me after contests and offer me money for an evening of muscle worship or just some posing, but none of those seemed to interest me. I knew, deep inside, I was waiting for something more, and I knew it whatever it was it was going to be intense, but I just didn’t know what it would be.

Right out of college I was given a job managing one of the best gyms in a city that was about two hours away from home. It was a perfect job for me – I got to mix my business degree with my love for pumping iron. I quickly became aware of a group of gay men in the area that were what you might call the “A” crowd. These were guys that made a crap load of money and tended to only hang out with gay men just like them. Well, anyway, the size of my muscles seemed to make up for the fact that I wasn’t rich, and I began to be invited to elite dinner parties around town. Two of my favorite members of the gym were Curtis and Sean. They took me on as a close friend and began to invite me to their place, often. Curtis owned some major international marketing firm and Sean was some kind of high-end lawyer. I never have understood exactly what kind of law he is involved with.

One day, when I was giving Sean some pointers on how to increase the benefits of biceps curls, he asked if I was free for a small dinner party that evening. He knew it was short notice, but one of the guests had backed out that morning and it was going to throw the table balance off. I knew that Sean saying the dinner party was going to be small usually meant it would actually be about twelve to sixteen people. As it happened, I was completely free and thought it would be great to spend an evening at their fantastic house and have a nice meal. Sean told me the only down side was that the meal was formal. I’d need to wear a tux. I told him that was no problem, having had one made for myself about six months before because I got so tired of shops freaking out about my size when I came in to rent one. I could tell my yes would make Sean’s large dining table have equal numbers on both sides and how much this pleased him. He gave me the details and encouraged me not to be late. He then told me the reason for the dinner party and my desire to go increased. It seemed that he and Curtis were giving a party for a friend that was visiting. When Sean mentioned the guest’s name I recognized it immediately, because Walter Masters was one of the biggest independent film directors in the world. I knew his incredible work – having seen all of his “art-house” films over and over. He was what you’d call a director’s director. He was respected by everyone in the business, mainly because he had never sold out by making big-budget crap. He only made films he personally loved and that usually meant they were a reflection him. He had won two Academy Awards and countless other honors in his career. Everyone knew Walter Masters was gay, but everyone also knew that he was somewhat of a recluse and you rarely heard anything about him. I was even more excited about the party now that I knew I would meet the famous Walter Masters.

For some reason I got really nervous as I began to get ready for the dinner party that evening. I was acting like some young school girl getting to meet the boy-band heartthrob of her dreams for the first time. As I arrived at Curtis and Sean’s gated mansion I began to sweat a little in my tux – just from the anticipation of being at a party with Mr. Masters. I was ushered to the expansive back yard of the house where, just as I thought, about sixteen men in various styles of tuxedos were drinking, eating appetizers, and trying not to be obvious in their desire to speak to Walter Masters. It was clear that I was the last guest to arrive; the vultures had all come early in hopes of getting some kind of lead on being near the guest of honor.

Now I know what I share with you next will sound very cheesy and stupid, but I can only tell you the truth. When I first gazed at Walter Masters, standing there in a simple tux and running his hand through his thick, curly dark hair, I fell in love. I am not joking. I fell fast and hard. I had seen pictures of the guy for years and I thought I knew what he’d look like in person, but I had been wrong. Most of my adult life I had been surrounded by much better looking men, but no one from my past came close to affecting me the way this guy did. I don’t exactly know what made me so attracted to him – was it his looks, was it his incredible talent, was it his money, or was it something I couldn’t explain. I would only learn the answer to that question a few months later – when I was finally open and ready to fulfill my destiny. At that time all I knew was that Walter Masters made my more-than-ample cock shoot achingly hard just by gazing at him. Thank goodness black tux pants tend to hide most everything. I also pulled the jacket closed in hopes that I would cover part of the thick, tense log snaking down my muscled thigh.

Let me give you a little more information to digest about Mr. Masters. He had a wide and gracious smile that seemed to jump at the slightest chance to beam across his face. I was mesmerized by his laughter from across the huge patio of our hosts’ home. It was infectious and full – as if everything he laughed at was the funniest thing he had ever heard. Forget what people mean when they say someone’s eyes sparkle – his gaze felt like a fucking fireworks show and he tended to focus on people in a way that made them feel both engaged and self-conscious. It was as if he was reading your mind and, yet, didn’t judge what he found there, even the slightest. When you first looked at the guy he was short and kind of scrawny, but then, as you stood near him and listened to him, you could see that his personality more than made up for his smallness. Even out on a large patio the guy seemed to “fill the room” with his presence. He didn’t have a gorgeous face, but he was handsome in that confident-as-hell sort of way.

I had not realized that I had stopped moving as soon as I laid eyes on Walter Masters. The only thing that brought me out of my engrossed staring was Sean’s hand grabbing my arm and leading me towards the small group of men across the patio as he spoke.

“Hello stud. He’s amazing isn’t he?”

I didn’t know what Sean was talking about at first, but when I looked down at his face I could see that he, too, was staring at Walter Masters and smiling broadly. I was taken aback by his frankness and my face turned a little red. I didn’t really think about my answer and I just said what was on my mind.

“He’s incredible.”

“And you haven’t even spoken to him. I swear he can make your dick leak pre-cum just by saying hello.”

Sean laughed out loud and I did, too, as we joined the group of men standing around the object of our awe. There seemed to be a natural lull in the conversation so Sean took advantage of the moment.

“Gentlemen, most of you know our trainer, Jack McGaw, but I’d like to introduce him to the guest of honor. Walter Masters, this is Jack.”

“Hello Mr. Masters. It is a pleasure to meet you.” I stuck out my big hand and spoke quickly – making a complete ass of myself. That’s the kind of reaction this man evoked from me.

To show what a gentleman Walter Masters truly is, he did nothing to acknowledge or draw attention to my weird behavior. He simply stared at me with his emerald eyes, smiled broadly, and grabbed my hand in the same quick manner as I had done.

“Hello, Mr. McGaw, the pleasure is all mine. Please call me Walter. May I call you Jack?”

“Of course, sir.”

I was fumbling for words and quickly spouted my response, not fully sure why I added the word “sir.” This made the group around me laugh a little, but they took the lead from Walter Masters and he was still holding my hand while he stared at me. My body turned to jelly and I got a little dizzy. The combination of the man’s grip on my hand, his invigorating smile, and his soul-piercing eyes made me weaker than I had ever felt in my entire life. It was a feeling that I was not used to and it was quite obvious that Mr. Masters sensed what his presence caused in me. I could tell he was partly continuing to hold my hand to give my body a little support, but then I also noticed he was using our connection to get some kind of read on me. I can’t explain it, but I knew his hand touching mine enabled him to send and receive some kind of secret signal. I was not the same when we released our grips; I was now under a spell that tied me to the man in a way that could only be described as magical. I also noticed that, whether because of my temporary weakness or something else, his handshake was extremely powerful. It didn’t really register until I felt my hand slightly throbbing when I returned it to my side. Another amazing thing about Walter Masters’ greeting was that he never took his gaze from my face. Most guys I met either never looked at my face or landed there for mere seconds before moving to what was obviously their favorite part of a hugely muscled body. Mr. Masters continued to look me in the eyes through our entire exchange and then turned to look at whoever spoke next in the group. I, however, could not take my eyes off of the man in front of me and I shamelessly stood there gawking until I heard Sean invite everyone into the house.

I didn’t budge from my place until Mr. Masters did. Don’t ask me why I did this – it could have been that I was being polite to the guest of honor, but I sensed it was something else - something deeper and more intense that hospitality. I was not at a point, however, to fully understand and I simply followed this man as he led the group into the dining room of the wonderful house. I found it very hard to contain my surprise and my joy when I noticed that I was seated right beside the man of my sudden desires. It was even more exciting since Walter Masters was seated at the final chair on one side of the table, next to our host at the head and me on his other side. This meant that while Sean was talking to the guest on his other side or away from the table, Mr. Masters would find it easiest to turn my way and chat with me. It was still pretty uncomfortable in my crotch area because of my rock-hard cock, but, at least, I had the table to help cover it. My body seemed to be on fire from the heat caused from the close proximity to the man beside me. As we began the meal I found it very hard to think of something to say to this man that made me so weak at the knees. I began to panic that I would be silent the entire meal, but then Mr. Masters turned to me and spoke first.

“I hope you don’t mind, Jack, I asked Sean to move me to this spot. I was originally going to be placed at the center of the table, but I thought I would like this seat much more.”

I was caught off guard by this revelation and didn’t know how to respond, at first. I found myself just staring into the eyes of Mr. Masters with my mouth slightly open. I must have looked like a simpleton. I somehow gathered enough energy to answer him.

“I don’t mind at all, Mr. Masters . . . I mean, Walter.”

The man laughed lightly at my small slip up and took a sip of his wine. He continued to look at me the entire time. I began to feel a little self-conscious. He turned back to his salad as he spoke.

“Why do you seem to have the need to be so formal, Jack?”

“Well, you are pretty famous.” I was being very honest and quick in responding – as if some force was making me answer his questions efficiently.

“Oh, is that it? I was hoping there might be more to it than that.”

I was, again, not prepared for that response. I had no idea what he meant by the comment, but something in his words triggered a part of me that had never been awakened. I sensed some thought or some desire being born in me, but I still had no clue as to what it might be. I believe he saw the seed of what was being planted in my eyes and he smiled in a way that was inviting and disturbing at the same time. He did not wait for me to respond.

“Well, maybe there is something more, which you have not felt before. Wouldn’t that be interesting? My guess is that right now there is a feeling deep in your gut, Jack, which you can’t explain. You are probably trying hard to sort through emotions that my presence causes within you. I’m sure it is as if you are repelled by me and drawn to me at the same time. You’re becoming aware of a great need at your core that has never been exposed before. Maybe you’re even becoming a little scared, huh Jack?”

I had no idea what voodoo magic this man was pulling on me or how he had hypnotized me, but his description nailed all that was going on in my head and body perfectly. Small drops of sweat had begun to gather on my back and across my forehead. My heart was thumping like it was being pounded by a bass drummer on acid. I felt a little queasy and worried that my food might be filled with some kind of mood altering chemicals. But the truly fucking strange thing was that I also felt like some hidden strength was being released inside me – or maybe it was some demonic power being unleashed. Whatever it was, scary and all, it was incredibly invigorating – pumping my blood and cock into overdrive. Again, Walter Masters did not wait for a response from me.

“It is okay, my huge friend. This moment has been enough. There is no need to find all of the answers right now. Just sit a while with that new feeling that has been uncovered. There will be plenty of time for exploring what it all means at a later date. For now, just relax and enjoy this lovely meal. I think we have some mountains to move later, Jack, but, for now, we’ll settle for the small boulder that has been turned into pebbles. We, my friend, have a lot in common. How do you like the salad?”

A slight breeze would have caused my body to erupt in orgasm – that’s how charged this man’s words had left me. My mind could not begin to understand what was happening. It felt like and “out of body” experience, but the pressure in my cock assured me that I had not left my skin. Somehow, I found the strength to raise the fork in my hand to my mouth and take a bite of my salad. I could taste nothing, though, because my senses were too busy trying to prevent the hard stick of dynamite in my pants from exploding. I forced myself to turn from Walter Masters and stared at the plate in front of me.

“Steady on, Jack, steady on.”

Even the sound of his voice made my body quiver in excitement. I inhaled deeply through clenched teeth and held my breath for a few seconds. I had never been this “out of control” in my entire life. I was baffled, embarrassed, stunned and extremely excited all at the same time. I wanted to get up from the table and run from the room, but at the same time I wanted nothing in the world more than to be sitting beside Walter Masters. I was worried that my body would not be able to live with such intense feelings pulling me from both sides. And then suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, everything stopped. My head stopped spinning, my heart stopped pounding, and my cock even began to subside.
The sudden calmness scared me as much as the intense disorientation that had preceded it. I began to eat my salad calmly and I knew that Mr. Masters sensed the change in me.

“There, you see, it has passed. All is right with the world again. But be forewarned, Jack - when you remember this moment, and you will remember this moment, you will begin to slowly understand the calling that has begun within you. And please know that I’d like to be part of your response to that desire as it grows. This doesn’t make sense right now, but it will someday. I just want you to, hopefully, think of me when you are awakened fully.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about or what just happened, but I’m pretty sure you were part of what caused it – so I think it would be safe to say that you’ll be part of whatever benefits you think will come of it.”

As I said these words I knew how strange they sounded, but I also knew that my body, not to mention my mind, had become somehow intricately connected to this man. I also knew that the path to self discovery, which I seemed to be starting, began with him and would ultimately lead to him.

The rest of the evening passed without any more sexual eruptions in my body. Sean dominated Mr. Masters’ attention for most of the meal, but I could tell that the object of my lust was still very conscious of the effect he continued to have on me. When we moved back onto the porch to have some after-dinner drinks, I was disappointed that Mr. Masters seemed to be ignoring me. He was caught up in a conversation with a gentleman I barely knew, but I could tell, by the way they were talking, the conversation had to do with some kind of high finance. I finally decided it was time for me to leave, and I said my farewells to our hosts and left – a little sad that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Mr. Masters. As I was walking down the huge staircase from the front door of the house I heard a voice call out to me.

“I can’t believe you would leave without saying goodbye.”

I recognized the voice without turning around. I could hear his footsteps as Walter Masters descended the stairs to where I was standing. I turned around to find him right behind me – his closeness caught me off guard and I stumbled back a little.

“Careful, big guy. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to that beautiful body, now would we?”

I was simultaneously embarrassed and flattered. I looked down at the ground, having moved into a genuinely shy mode.

“Ah, the big man is sometimes shy. How cute is that?”

I glanced up quickly, detecting something condescending about his comment. I couldn’t believe it when my cock also sprang instantly hard at his words. There was something in the way he spoke to me – something that I still could not name – that made me both hard as a two-by-four and, at the same time, somewhat ashamed of myself. I was beginning to realize that I felt intimidation and a little fear when Walter Masters was around. I also had this growing urge to do whatever I could to make this man happy. I hadn’t a fucking clue where all of this came from, but I felt it just the same. The freight train of awareness that was obviously coming gave no hint of what it might birth within me and, yet, I desperately wanted it to arrive soon.

“Like I was saying, Jack, I can’t believe you would leave without saying anything to me. I distinctly got the feeling that you liked me – was I mistaken?”

I stared at the man, unable to form words. I knew my feelings had been pretty transparent and that he had somehow sensed my wild physical reaction to him as we talked at dinner, but hearing him say those words caused me to become embarrassed and somewhat disoriented. I fumbled so say something to answer his question.

“I, uh . . . I mean . . . I do really . . . what I mean is . . .”

“That’s fine, Jack. No need to speak. Be ready tomorrow night at seven and standing outside your place. I’ll pick you up then. Please, don’t keep me waiting. I’m not a man that likes to wait.”

“Yes sir.”

I answered immediately and with an obedient tone that shocked me. My response made Masters smile broadly. He didn’t say another word. He simply turned around, not even acknowledging that our conversation was over, and walked back up the stairs into the house. I stood there dumbfounded. As soon as he was away from me the cloudiness in my head and the unexplained magnetic pull of Walter Masters seemed to lessen. I became coherent enough to analyze what had just happened. I had been invited out by the Walter Masters and I had said yes. This is not what held my attention the most, however. I focused on how this man could render me so completely useless with just his attitude and a few words. If you compared the two of us physically there would no contest. I could basically squash the guy with one hand – my arm being almost as big as his upper body. When I trained guys like him I could usually lift with one hand what they were bench pressing with their puny bodies and sometimes I could do it with just two fingers. But here was a guy that made me go weak at the knees and turn into some kind of ninety-pound weakling. Walter Masters was the guy on the beach kicking sand in my face and not the other way around. I tried to get a handle on what it was about him that created in me a desire to do whatever he said. The word that came closest to describing how I felt was “slave.” I had become this man’s bitch after just one meeting. If he had asked me to get down on my hands and knees to lick his shoes, I would have gladly done it – even in the middle of the dinner party.

I shook my head hard and started walking to my car again. What was I thinking? This is Jack McGaw thinking this nonsense. I’m no one’s bitch. I’m fucking huge. I’m stronger than most men – even if you put a few of them together. I didn’t need to answer to anyone – and hadn’t for many years. I could probably throw Walter Masters farther than he could throw a baseball. I opened my car door and slid into the seat. After I shut the door I sat in silence for a few moments. I felt something dark bubbling up inside me as I emphasized, in my mind, how powerful and big I was. There was a desire growing slowly in the center of my gut. I was beginning to let something unknown to become even stronger than the awareness of my own strength and size – and it was becoming more influential the more I tried to ignore it. A flood of uncontrollable lust for Walter Masters shot through my body and many other things shot off at the same time.

First of all, my mind became completely aware of my insane need for Walter Masters’ approval. I wanted the man to like me, I wanted the man to use me in any way he desired, I wanted the man to take control of me completely, and I wanted the man to fuck me so hard that I wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days. This final realization made my uncontrollable hard cock begin to spew inside of my underwear. I had not shot a load without help from my own palm, or someone else’s, since I was an adolescent. I also began to cry out like a wounded beast as my dick erupted. I knew that anyone within a hundred yards of my car would have been terrified by the sound and probably would have started running, but luckily no other person was around. No one saw or heard my instant descent into an orgasmic place of no return, where I fully understood that I was now connected to Walter Masters in a way that could not be explained or even described. The man had a power over me that seemed demonic and angelic at the same time. When my body stopped jerking and my screams of pleasure ceased, I instinctively glanced toward the house. There, in one of the front windows I saw the outline of my tormentor, my desire, my master. I knew, somehow, that he was fully aware of what had just happened in the car and in my pants. This frightened me a little, but also made me feel proud in some odd way. I started the car, turned on the lights, and began down the driveway. I was already counting the seconds to our rendezvous planned for the next evening.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Just, wow. And in the good way.
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Like a reverse Mr. X.
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I havent even read it yet, but I've got to say one thing:

Best. Title. Ever.
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Awesome beginning. Can't wait for the continuation.
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Great story!!
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Great story - love where it's going. Wanna see Mr Master's beef up his boy a lot more. And read your descriptions of it I hope you are gonna have fun with this one.
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Nice to see a story where the muscle guy is the one getting dominated. :3
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please continue
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