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His Cup of Tea - Part Five

I could think of only one thing as Chase and I walked to the restaurant and that was his growing body. I was very careful not to touch him at all; taking precautions to make sure our arms didn’t accidentally brush up against each other. I was pretty sure that even some slight growth in the big man’s upper body would make his black shirt shred instantly in many places. I couldn’t fathom how a touch from me could cause Chase’s body to suddenly pack on more muscle. What was this mysterious connection between the two of us and why did it manifest itself only with him? In between these thoughts of Chase I began to notice some important facts about myself. The first thing that registered was how hungry I had become. I was starving and it felt like I hadn’t eaten for days. I started wondering if the empty feeling in my stomach was related to my ability to help Chase grow. Did I somehow transform power to his body and become depleted in some way? I checked to see how I was doing elsewhere in my body and realized that I actually felt fantastic. My entire physical being was electrified in some way as if I had just downed about ten energy drinks. At the risk of sounding really cheesy I would say that I truly felt more alive than ever in my life. I also immediately realized that my body was not growing like the man walking beside me. My clothes did not feel tight and I didn’t find myself moaning uncontrollably when I touched him. I only moaned out loud when I saw his bulging muscles grow bigger. Still, something was happening to my body. I was more alert and amped-up than ever before. I was also very hungry and I knew that Chase felt the same way. It dawned on me that the exchange of power between us must use up some of the stored resources in our bodies and that caused us to become famished. I became a little worried about what would happen to Chase if he and I were full of food and we touched or did even more than just touching. This thought caused my cock to become fully hard making it very hard for me to walk comfortably. I wanted to get to the restaurant quickly so I could hide my hard-on underneath a table.

“It’s right around the corner, Nick. By the way, I think I’ve figured something out.”

“What’s that?”

“This thing between us, whatever it is, has made us very hungry. I feel energized beyond belief and my body has certainly grown, but I also think I’ve lost some fuel. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I understand completely, Chase. My body feels the same way.”

“I wonder why you aren’t growing, though.”

“Beats me, Chase, beats me.”

Chase suddenly stopped at the corner and turned to me. I continued to take a few steps before I realized he was having a revelation. I stopped and looked at him. I could immediately see he was having trouble figuring out how to ask me a question. He finally spoke after making sure no one was near.

“Do you want to get bigger, Nick?”

“No. I want you to grow Chase.” I didn’t hesitate at all before answering.

“That’s probably the most unselfish thing I have ever heard anyone say.”

“Then I must have you fooled pretty well, Chase. Do you really think I won’t get any pleasure from your body getting bigger? I hope I am able to make you grow a lot because I will then be able to worship your huge muscles and fulfill all of my wildest fantasies. And if you call that unselfish then, yes, I plan on being one of the most giving people in the world, but I will also be receiving a hell of a lot.”

Chase smiled at me and I could tell that my words pleased him very much. I saw in his eyes something that had not been there before. I could not determine what this new revelation was, but I knew it had something to do with our abilities to give each other what we most desired.

“I still can’t believe you wouldn’t want to be massive.”

“That may come later, Chase, but for now I just want to experience you getting off on your own growth. That will give me more satisfaction than you can imagine.”

“Well I promise not to let you down, Nick. This growing body is all yours. We’ll have to think of some fun ways to show off my growth so you’ll be pleased.”

“I’m sure I will be an endless fountain of ideas, Chase. Trust me.”

The big man laughed out loud and then held his big arm out to the side indicating that he wanted me to go first down the sidewalk towards the restaurant. As I passed him, he reached out with his other big hand and grabbed my ass. I jumped away from his touch quickly.”

“No touching, young man, no touching.” I moved a few more steps away from him and then looked back.

“I just wanted to pop off one more button before we go in. I think everyone in the restaurant should get a good look at my huge chest, don’t you?”

At that moment the next button on his shirt shot into the air between us and hit me in the stomach. I could feel the force behind it, caused just by his expanding pecs. He now looked like some perfectly built flamenco dancer with his shirt open almost down to the middle of his abs. It was borderline distasteful, but because of his gorgeous chiseled chest I knew no one inside would mind. I had a feeling people would be staring at him all night long. I knew that I certainly would. He opened the door to the restaurant and I kind of backed in making sure he did not try to touch me again. He smiled devilishly when he realized what I was doing. I kept my distance as Chase told the host that we were two for dinner and that we had reservations. I smiled to myself as I watched the young man behind the greeting stand stare only at Chase’s chest as they spoke to each other. It was an incredible feeling to have people staring at him and realize at the same time that they were jealous of me because I was his date. The buff man kept looking at me and smiling in a way that seemed lustful and playful at the same time. A crowd of restaurant staff suddenly materialized around the host in order to get a good look at the muscled bodybuilder that had just entered. It seemed that there was a little fight between some of the waiters to see who would get to seat us. Once we were at our table, I pulled my chair back from the table a little more than usual to prevent our knees from touching underneath. I was determined to make it through the meal without Chase losing more buttons or his shirt ripping at the seams.

“My, we are being careful aren’t we, Nick?”

“Yes I am and you know why.”

“I wouldn’t mind showing a little more muscle and, based on the glances we’re getting, I don’t think anyone else would care if I busted out of my shirt in some places.”

“Well I care, Chase. I don’t mind if people get to gawk at your body but I don’t think I want to share the pleasure of watching you shred your shirt with anyone else. You see, I can be selfish now, can’t I.”

“Yes, I see that and it makes me very horny.”

I was very thankful that Chase whispered his last comment. The restaurant was a little small and the neighboring tables were not that far away. As it was, the comment was shared right when our waiter stepped up to the table. He heard Chase’s final sentence and it made the twenty-something, nicely built waiter smiled knowingly. My gaydar shot off the charts as I watched the young man become mesmerized by the aerial view of Chase’s full muscled chest and the deep crevice between the mountainous pecs. The shock of my date’s size and his bulging physique caused the waiter to completely forget his normal spiel to customers. The poor young man just stood there silently staring at muscles that made his surprisingly substantial cock balloon in his pants. Chase knew what his body was doing to the man beside our table, but he pretended to not notice and just stared down at his menu. I finally cleared my throat to snap the waiter out of his Chase-trance. He was so flustered, however, he completely forgot where we were in the customer to waiter agenda.

“Um, gentlemen . . . do you have any questions about the menu?”

“Yes, do you have any steaks the size of one of my massive slabs of pectoral muscle?”

Chase was now choosing to toy with the poor boy and it caused the waiter to become even more flustered. The big man across from me didn’t look up from his menu but he did make sure I could see that he was smiling. I had to struggle to keep from laughing.

“I’m sorry. What was that sir?”

Chase looked up at the waiter with an innocent face that gave nothing away. I watched as he glanced at the nametag so he could make his next comment more direct.

“I was wondering, Todd, if you have any steaks as big as one of these?”

Chase bounced his protruding pecs slowly, making sure they moved in an alternating motion that highlighted their size even more. It was the kind of sight a muscle whore like me waits a lifetime to see in person. The muscleman made them bulge upward almost in slow motion, which somehow emphasized his strength and incredible control. My cock began to ache because my tight pants prevented it from shooting into the air away from my body. Even in the midst of my sudden pain I was able to pull my eyes away from Chase’s dancing pecs and watch the color drain from Todd’s face as he froze in a lust- filled stare. I got the feeling this was the closest thing to a muscle monster that the waiter had ever seen, as well.

“I mean, do you think these pecs are very big, Todd?”

“I . . . uh . . . I . . . haven’t ever seen . . . um . . . anything so incredible. They are gigantic.”

I was amazed that Todd was able to speak, let alone make a somewhat coherent sentence. The poor young man was standing there with his mouth wide open and his gaze fixed on the pumped-up chest in front of him. Chase took a dinner fork from the table and slid it between his pecs quickly so that only Todd and I noticed. He squeezed the muscled slabs of beef together slightly and trapped the fork between them.

“Not only are they gigantic, Todd, but I believe they are pretty strong.” Chase was whispering now. “I’m not really sure to tell you the truth, but let’s test them out a little, shall we?”

“Yes, please.” Todd was whispering too, but he never took his eyes off of Chase’s chest.

We both watched as Chase continue to look at his menu nonchalantly but at the same time he tensed his muscled pecs together. The fork was not so deep in his chest valley to prevent us from watching what was happening. Todd let out a whimper and I stopped inhaling as we saw the prongs of the fork start to bend in together. Striations appeared across the parts of Chase’s two bulging mounds that were not covered by his shirt. I was stunned even more as I saw the handle of the fork start to be crushed, as well. Then suddenly the power display was over. Chase reached up and pulled the smashed piece of silver from between his pecs. It looked like someone had taken a hammer and pounded the fork into a thin stick. Chase finally looked up at Todd and held out the demolished fork to the stunned waiter.

“Todd, we’d like to start with two glasses of your house Chianti and an order of bruschetta. And I think I’m going to need a new fork. This one seems to have been disfigured by something big and powerful.”

“Yes . . . Yes, sir. Right away, um, sir.”

Todd sounded like some kind of servant talking to his master - and in a way he was. He was now a sexual slave to a muscle master. I think Chase could have asked for our meal to be free and Todd would have personally paid for it just to make the big man happy. I watched Todd as he walked away from the table and chuckled as I saw him slip the fork into his pocket. I was sure he was going to save that as “jerking off” material for later on. Usually, the fantasy of someone doing a feat like that with their chest would make me shoot a major load of cum but it was pretty clear that later on that night I was going to get a much more intense display of muscle power. This thought made my cock-head drizzle pre-cum and there was enough for me to feel a wet spot materializing on my pants. I pulled up my napkin to hopefully soak up some of the moisture.

“He seems like a nice young man, don’t you think, Nick?”

“I’m sure he’ll be very attentive for the rest of the evening. You are very evil, you know that don’t you?”

“Little old me?” Chase tried to do a southern accent but it was terrible.

I could tell he was searching for my leg with his foot as he spoke. I turned my body in the chair so he couldn’t reach me, even with his long legs. I smiled at him as I averted any contact. If he was disappointed he didn’t show it.

“Yeah right, there’s nothing little about you anymore, Chase, which brings up a question. Just how much bigger do you want to be?”

He smiled and contemplated the question for a few seconds. He never took his eyes away from mine. He finally spoke and his voice dripped with sensuality.

“The important question is how big do you want me to get, Nick?”

His question caught me off guard. I had never really thought there would come a day when I actually could decide how big is just right for a muscle god. Here I was sitting across from a man that had the potential of growing to any size we determined and, yet, I couldn’t grasp that thought as reality. A panicked thought swept across my mind. What if we couldn’t ever find a way to stop his growth? Would that mean we wouldn’t be able to touch each other again after we got him to some yet-to-be-determined size? My face obviously showed my sudden fear.

“We’ll figure out how to control it, Nick. Don’t worry. Trust me, I don’t want to be some fifty-foot giant having to sleep in a football stadium when it rains. Although that sounds kind of hot, doesn’t it? On some level, at least.”

The thought of Chase being as big as a skyscraper did turn me on a little. Being able to climb all over his muscular body like it was a mountain or something seemed like it might be a lot of fun, but I knew that wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted a big man that I could sleep and cuddle with. I was fine with having to buy an extra large bed to make sure it could support my dream man, but I definitely wanted him to be able to fit in my home.

“I guess I’d like you to be bigger than you are now, but small enough to still be able to buy clothes.”

“So you don’t want to see me naked, Nick?”

“I think you already know the answer to that. I’d just like to still have a normal life.”

“Well, I don’t think there’s anything normal about what’s happening between us. I also have a feeling my body and my abilities are going to be beyond what is normal very soon.”

Chase grinned in a way that made a wave of excitement sweep over my body. Our wine and appetizer was delivered and we were able to order our entrees without giving Todd too much grief. The poor waiter could not take his eyes off Chase’s chest any time he came to the table. I also saw him constant grabbing his pants pocket so he could get a quick feel of the smashed fork. I had a strange feeling that Todd was taking many quick visits to the men’s room so he could jerk off thinking about Chase. After a few sips of wine I was empowered to ask a question I had been dying to get the answer to for a long while.

“What does it feel like, Chase?”

“What does what feel like?”

He tried to fake a confused look but I could tell he understood my question completely. He just wanted me to say it out loud. By this point I was so curious that I wasn’t scared to ask anything.

“What does it feel like when you grow?” I smiled at him encouragingly.

“It’s incredible, Nick. It’s also kind of hard to describe but I’ll try. When it begins my entire body becomes . . . becomes electrified or something. I don’t know, I guess it’s something close to what guys who take steroids define as being ‘jacked up.’ I get this huge rush of energy, no, it’s more than energy, it’s like something has injected power into my body. Yeah, it’s like a humongous burst of fucking intense strength has been absorbed through my skin and I can actually feel my muscle tissue regenerating or something. I’m serious. I’m aware of my muscles increasing in size. And that feeling, that glorious power sensation overwhelms me, causing me to focus only on the growth of my body. Right when the transformation seems to be peaking all of the power rushing through my body blasts into my cock, giving me this mind-blowing internal explosion that coats my body in sexual pleasure. It kind of feels like a hundred men are running their tongues over every part of my body that is growing. As the surge of electricity starts to lessen I become fully conscious of where I’ve grown and how much mass I’ve gained. It’s really uncanny how my mind picks up on facts like my chest becoming fuller, my biceps packing on more mass, or my thighs expanding. I know some of this must sound pretty crazy . . .”
“Not crazy at all, Chase. It sounds hot as hell.”

“Yeah, I guess it does. But the fact is that my body now craves the feeling. You have no idea how much restraint it’s taking me to not grab your body, throw it down on top of this table, and lay on top of you so I can intensify the thrill and the growth that you cause.”

We just stared at each other. For a second I was full of fear that he was going to do exactly what he had just described. I saw this extreme need sweep through his eyes and I could tell he was using a lot of his strength to calm his desires. His chest was heaving up and down and its movement forced me to remove my gaze from his face and stare at those incredible mounds of muscle as they pressed against the weakened shirt on top of them. My body wanted him to take me right there in the restaurant, but my mind kept reminding me of what was permissible in a public space. I had a feeling that our bodies would soon be taking control of any decisions we would make, leaving logic and common decency behind.

“Chase, I have a feeling we should eat our dinner as quickly as possible when it arrives.”

“Maybe we should get it to go.”

We both laughed out loud. It caused people around us to again stare at the huge man across from me. It suddenly dawned on me that everyone was waiting for Chase to bust out of his shirt. This thought made me even more jealous than I had been with Todd, the waiter. I was not interested in sharing my muscle fantasies with anyone. I was the one that caused Chase to grow so I should be the only one that reaped the benefits.

“Are you okay, Nick?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I was just overcome with a feeling of irritation at all of these people staring lustfully at you.”

My own honesty shocked me. This was the kind of statement I would usually choose to hide. Chase seemed to be pleased by my comment and he sat there silently smiling at me. The big man loved the fact that I wanted him completely for myself. It obviously made him feel more secure that our mysterious bond had a hold on me as much as it did him. Chase wanted me to crave the growth of his body as much as he did. Little did he know that he had no worries in that area. I desired to see his body become more massive. I was beginning to realize that wanting to see his body grow was like a drug that had instantly become an addiction. We were both obsessed with thoughts of what his muscles would become and that ruled everything about us.

“I’m going to be huge and powerful just for you, Nick. You don’t need to be jealous of anyone. I’m going to fulfill all of our wildest muscle growth fantasies. Just wait and see. But, right now, I hope you will excuse me for a second, I need to step into the restroom.”

I was glad that Chase chose that moment to step away from the table. His comments had caused my dick to become so hard that I was in great pain. I needed a brief respite to calm my body down. It felt like I was standing in the middle of a raging fire, that’s how hot and bothered Chase had forced me to become. I was able to release much of the tension in my body before Todd arrived with our food. I could see that he was disappointed that Chase was not at the table. He was hoping for another look at my date’s massive chest.

“Do you need anything else right now, sir?” Todd looked directly at me and it felt like for the first time he was actually acknowledging my presence.

“No, I think this is fine . . .”

“I think we’ll be needing the check now, Todd. If you don’t mind.” Chase’s voice interrupted mine.

I could tell by the sound of his voice that the big man was standing directly behind my chair. As he spoke he placed his huge hands on my shoulders and I immediately noticed they almost extended to the end of my delts. He grabbed me tightly and held my body in place as he began to massage my shoulders. I knew there was no way my body could match his strength. I was trapped. I had let my guard down for a few minutes and Chase had taken advantage of it. He bent down and brought his face next to mine; letting his lips move gently over my right check and down my neck. I knew he wanted, no needed to grow more so he was getting as close as he could in a public place. He stood back up, continuing to massage my shoulders with his strong grip.

“But Todd I suggest you stay right there for just a few minutes. You’re about to get the show you’ve desperately wanted to see all evening. All I’ve got to do is make a little bodily contact with my handsome date here and then I just seem to grow all over. Kind of like that thing growing in your pants right now, little fella.”

I glanced at Todd’s crotch and saw the hefty sized penis shooting hard across one of his thighs. At the same time I started to hear the sound of material ripping. Todd’s mouth dropped open and he was forced to grab the back of the chair beside him as he gazed at what must have been Chase’s muscles bursting through his shirt. I also registered that the restaurant had instantly grown quiet and everyone was staring at the man standing behind me.

“Man, look at my pecs, Todd. This shirt just can’t contain such huge mounds of muscle. See how my hard nipples easily break through that fabric? I wish you could watch this Nick. But don’t worry, my friend, you’re going to get the full show in just a little while. I couldn’t wait any longer for another shot of whatever juice your body feeds my muscles. I’ve got to keep growing man; I can’t get enough of this jacked-up feeling you give me. Yeah, Toddy boy, do you see how much power this chest of mine has, just busting out all over, aren’t I.”

Todd actually cried out like a little puppy and his knees gave out. The poor young man fainted and crumpled to the floor. I could see the big cock in his pants twitching violently as it spewed cum, even though he was out cold. I heard a few women at tables throughout the restaurant gasp out loud, but not loud enough to cover up the sound of Chase’s ripping shirt. I squirmed hard in my chair and the big guy behind me got the message. He took his huge hands away from my shoulders. I immediately slid out from the chair, stood up, and turned around to face him.

“Are you crazy . . .”

My question trailed off into silence as I gazed at the newly enhanced Chase. It looked like someone had taken a box cutter and sliced his shirt into many different strips. The pieces seemed strategically placed to emphasize the massive muscles breaking through the cloth. I could see his dark round nipples bulging between thinly stretched sections of his shirt that looked like they would instantly shred if he even slightly exhaled. I saw mammoth biceps protruding from the destroyed sleeves of his shirt like bowling balls that had busted through a paper bag. My mouth dropped open wide when I noticed that his lats had burst through the sides of his button-down and were now causing his arms to stick out from his body in a way that made Chase look more powerful than twenty men put together. There was only one button still clasped, just above the waistband of his jeans and it seemed to be hanging on for dear life. The growth of his traps and delts had caused the shirt to pull upward, free from his pants. We all could see his incredibly tight abdominal muscles, which looked like they were cut in stone. Of course they had to be as strong as rock to hold up the colossal chest that towered above it. I’ve always been a sucker for a chest so full that small children could stand underneath it to be in the shade and that was exactly how Chase’s pecs looked to me now. I pulled my eyes away from his vast chest to gaze at his face. I saw a look of deep ecstasy and desire in his eyes. I could tell that the big man was experiencing a more powerful rush than he had at any other point today. Our contact had been more sustained, yes, but I could also tell that it was increasing in its intensity every time we connected.

It registered that the patrons of the restaurant were slowly coming back from their lust-filled moment of shock and I realized that I needed to do something to prevent a big scene. I noticed that the manager of the restaurant was trying to calm his own body’s reaction to Chase’s Hulk-out scene, but was also making his way to our table. He kept his hand at his crotch attempting to cover a growing wet stain. Todd began to stir on the floor beside me and moaned out loud. I grabbed my wallet from my pocket, took out a couple of hundred dollar bills, laid them on the table and then turned to meet the manager.

“That should cover our meal and our little disturbance. Don’t worry; we are on our way out. Come on Chase.”

I did not even turn to see if he was following me, I knew he would. I walked to the front door, not looking at anyone and stepped out into the cool night. The street was pretty busy, so I just kept walking. I could sense that Chase was right behind me, mainly because of the reactions from people around me. Everyone stopped and stared as the huge muscled man, barely clothed, walked by. The crowds started to thin a little as we moved away from the business part of my neighborhood and entered a more residential area. I saw an alley up ahead and turned into it. Once I determined that no one was around I turned to look at Chase. I almost bumped into his massive pecs because he was so close. I jumped back, not wanting to chance another growth spurt. I knew his jeans were about to disintegrate into shreds and I did not want to have to try and explain his nudity to police officers.

“Damn, what a rush, Nick! Did you feel it? And what about how turned on everyone was, pretty unbelievable, huh? Fuck, that was so incredibly hot!”

I was furious and wanted to say so many things to Chase, but seeing his body made me stop in awe again. The guy was standing there in all of his magnificent muscle glory. You could barely tell that the material draped on parts of his upper torso used to be a shirt. His giant neck made the collar look small and child-like. There were only a few strands of cloth dangling from his titanic shoulders across his chest, flapping in the wind like sheer drapes in a window. His huge chest heaved up and down with excitement, making my deflated cock go stiff and at the same time my anger started to disappear.

“What were you thinking Chase? You can’t do that in a restaurant. We could get arrested for indecent exposure. If we had touched for any longer your pants would have ripped off of your body. You probably would have even busted out of your briefs, because I can tell you’re growing down there, too.”

“Ah, you noticed, didn’t you, Nicky boy. Pretty hot, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I noticed. How could I not notice? Just look at your jeans. Those things are so tight I can see the outline of veins on your thighs.”

“Yeah, man, I can’t wait to see these giant legs pop through this denim. And just look at my fucking huge cock. It’s been growing too, Nick. Damn, it feels good when it grows. You have no idea how hard it gets when I touch you. It’s like all of my growth starts from my balls or something. Look how you can make out my big cock-head even through the jeans. Just look how fucking thick this thing has gotten.”

I watched as the big man in front of me continued to get off on his improved body. He ran one of his broad forefingers around the tip of his colossal piece of meat protruding obscenely through his jeans like some X-rated children’s pop up book. My mouth began to water as we both stared at the improvements to his very hard dick. My gaze wandered over to the sides of his insanely wide thighs. I could see that the denim was beginning to tear at the seams and you could actually see skin through the open gaps. Only the waistband of his pants was not stretched to the max. His cobble-stoned abs seemed so marbleized that they reflected the light from the street down the alley. I looked down and saw that his monstrous calves had already split open the sides of his pants legs. I could see hard muscle through the tears and I immediately became lost in my desire to run my tongue over his lower legs, which were now bigger than my thighs.

“You like what you see, don’t you Nick. You want your boy, Chase, to keep getting bigger, isn’t that right. My growth turns you on as much as it does me. Just think of the things we can do once we make me bigger than any man on earth. Think of the power these huge muscles will have when they increase in size beyond even our greatest fantasy. This is what we have both dreamed of for so long. We’ve chatted online for so long about what it would be like to have a lover morph into a muscle monster and now that dream is coming true. I’m going to be so fucking immense, Nick, and so fucking strong. You’re going to make me into the muscle god of all your wet dreams. I just need to touch you man. I need to feel your body against mine right now. I need more size and power, little man, and you’re going to give it to me.”

I was so lost in Chase’s words that I didn’t notice that he had moved closer to me. In one swift movement Chase grabbed my smaller body underneath my arms, lifted me off the ground with the greatest of ease, and then pressed my back against the brick wall beside me. His strength turned me on so much that I didn’t care about what consequences would come from our connection. He pressed his massive chest against me and brought his face close to mine. My mouth seemed ready for his kiss even before it happened. There were too many feelings and desires running through my body to focus on a specific one for very long. Even his lips felt huge and super strong against mine. Our kiss caused the intense power that our bond created to somehow double. I knew immediately that Chase’s growth caused by this interaction would be mind-blowing. I didn’t have much time to stay on that thought because right then I could feel his pecs beginning to swell into my body harder as they started to grow. The only way to describe what it was like is to say that his skin seemed to become thicker and harder each time he breathed. His body was pushed further away from mine as my smaller frame was smashed more firmly into the bricks behind me. Chase had to bend his growing neck more to keep our lips together. The big man was breathing very hard and growling like some kind of giant bear – even as we kissed. It suddenly registered that my body was sliding slowly up the wall and I knew that Chase was actually growing noticeably taller from our bodily connection. His guttural sounds were overpowered briefly by the sound of denim ripping. It was obvious that the growing legs of the behemoth holding me in the air were destroying what little material still covered his body. I was filled with disappointment that I had not gotten to see vein-covered thighs bursting through denim, but all the other feelings rocketing through my body helped to take my mind to other places. I became aware that Chase’s hands were getting larger as they held me. I could feel his fingers stretching further against my torso and his grip became stronger. Because of his expanding hard chest and his tight grasp of my body, I was beginning to have trouble breathing. Chase noticed this problem and immediately lessened his grip on me, as he also pulled his body slightly back from mine. Air began to flow back into my lungs and I was able to concentrate again on how huge he was becoming. I noticed his freed giant cock was now pushing against our two tightly compressed bodies. It felt like someone had rammed a steel I-beam between our stomachs. My dangling feet shook with excitement as I soaked up the sensation of his dick increasing in size. I placed my hands on Chase’s shoulders and they continued to explore giant muscles as they got bigger and harder. Finally, the electricity that was shooting between our bodies lessened a little and the muscled stud pulled his face from mine.

“Did you feel it, Nick? Did you fucking feel that? My body must’ve gained fifty pounds of pure hard muscle. Shit, what a rush. I feel so jacked-up that I could tear a tank apart. Damn you make me big and horny, Nick. And do you feel this?”

Chase pressed his giant hard cock into my stomach. I moaned out loud as I felt his thick piece of meat sliding up and down my body playfully. I took a moment to glance down at his bulging pecs just beneath my chin. They were now so huge that even if he had stepped back from my body he would not have been able to see anything below them. They still felt hard as stone against my body, but they were warm and I could feel the blood pumping through them. My mind returned to his rock-like staff between us.

“Do you feel how big my cock has grown, Nick? It’s bigger than your arm. Aw fuck man; you’ve made me a freaking muscle monster. I’ve got to get more, man. I need to get bigger. We’ve got to figure out how to make this even more intense. Wait, I’ve got it. You’ve got to fuck me Nick. Yeah, what could be more intense than that? I need you inside of me, man. Just think how much bigger I can get if you cum in my ass. Hell yeah, you’ve got to fuck me right here, Nick. Or maybe we just start with me sucking you off. Yeah, that might be good. Let’s make my growth happen in stages. This way we get to enjoy me getting bigger slowly. Oh, hell, I don’t know. I just got to keep getting massive, Nick. This feeling is so fucking intense.”

Chase took one hand away from my body and let it fall between us. My small frame was pressed up against the wall by his massive chest so I didn’t move an inch. His big hand found my hard-as-hell dick and he grabbed it roughly and began to squeeze.

“Damn, you’re so fucking hard, Nick. Does huge old Chase make you want to cum? How do you want to get off, man? Do you want this super vacuum to suck the juice out of you? Or do you want to plow my muscled tight ass? It doesn’t matter to me, Nick. Just don’t ever let this feeling stop. I’m on a muscle high and I’m not ever coming down. No one can stop me from growing. I am unstoppable, Nicky boy, unstoppable. I’m going to use you up until I’m the biggest fucker around.”

These words cut into my mind like a razor blade. My lust for the giant man in front of me ceased immediately as I recognized the words and the attitude that had made me nervous earlier. Chase had begun to sound like some kind of addict. I was no longer a person to him. I had become merely the source of his growth and I could tell that nothing I said or did would prevent him from getting what he wanted. I actually began to feel scared. I could not believe what Chase had become or what this intense feeling between us had created.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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This story is getting hotter every part I read of it. I like the obsession with guys' chest and I like that he wants to grow in phases. But the addiction and the possibility of immobility makes it even better! I hope you continue this wonderful story in the same vein!
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lazlong (October 17th, 2013)
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Just incredible

Great writing, good plot, different twist - you've got it all going on here!
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Well addiction is a poison! Way to leave us hanging off the ledge of the cliff! *winks*
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What a rush! I still hope that Nick gets to grow to match Chase, but this addiction could be the death knell. Or, perhaps Chases sudden loss of control could lead to a reckless error to increase Nick's size. Who knows what you've conjured up for us in the forthcoming chapters!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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I wish I was Nick. Can you just imagine being with Chase and just feeling him grow against you...?

Such a rush.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
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Great story, and I really like the twist. After all, I like if characters keep their humanity and personalities; this lets the story be all the more realistic.
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Hey Londonboy,

It will DEFINITELY be interesting to see where you take this story from here.

Thanks for another great chapter,
no name
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Londonboy - Glad to see another chapter of this fascinating story. Poor Nick seems to be realizing that everything might not be completely perfect with his muscle-god Chase at the end of this installment. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take the two of them from this point. (PS: Great writing as always!)
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I can only say that your muscle daddies are among the hottest and most sensual characters ever imagined! And your storytelling skills are awesome, because on each chapter we have noticed the sexual tension packing and now you have brought it into a whole new level of pleasure even though we are still in the "foreplay".


Thanks a lot for your stories,

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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If I were to be charged with loving your stories, I would have no choice but to plead guilty. However, I must say I'm a little worried about the direction Chase is headed. His muscles are taking over. If I were Nick, I'd have a difficult time balancing my attraction to Chase and my fear of his ego!

That being said, LOVE your work and can't wait for more!
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Great story - loved the restaurant scene... maybe the egomaniac Chase can go back for a demonstration to show Todd how massive he is...

Love the way Chase's character is developing. IF a muscle obsessed addict was faced with this situation - he would of course see Nick as his fuel. Make him bigger and egomaniac muscle monster - yum

Fantastic writing as always. You have a gift as a story teller.
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To Be Continued...?

Hey Londonboy,

Do you plan to continue this story? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd appreciate it...

no name
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