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Old February 12th, 2009, 07:53 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Old Man Stevens - Part Eight

[Please forgive me for resurrecting one of my favorite characters.]

I was slowly beginning to realize that my massive, senior boyfriend’s abilities were causing my deepest muscle fantasies to seem puny and childish. Old man Stevens appeared to have strength beyond anything I had ever dreamed of and a body that was chiseled from some kind of unknown super-hard stone or metal. I was still trying to get my mind around the fact that the magnificent man was probably indestructible, but was that truly possible? These were the thoughts that streamed through my head as I watched the two buffed policemen lick streaks of cum off of my muscle master’s chest. The two officers acted like, and actually looked like, two starving children let loose in a candy store. They had to slightly jump up in the air to get high enough to reach the upper part of the huge man’s chest. The room was filled with only slurping sounds and moans of pleasure as their lips and tongues came in contact with the super-pumped, hard muscle of Bud Stevens. My cock was hard as a two-by-four as I monitored the cleaning job. I was beginning to realize that this was going to be a permanent state for my dick - now that I was in the presence of the muscle daddy of all muscle daddies. Just gazing at the big man’s mountainous shoulders, super-pumped-up arms, and expansive chest was enough to make any man – gay or straight – ejaculate without even touching himself.

“That’s enough boys; papa’s going to take you for a little ride. I need to do some work on a man’s car! We all better put on some clothes, because we’re going outside. I think the only thing around here that’s going to fit me, though, is a sheet from the king-size bed. You get dressed and I’ll be right back.” The big man pushed the smaller policemen away from his body and exited down the hallway. He had to bend over to fit through the door.

Derek, Bennett, and I scrambled around the room grabbing pants and shirts. By the time Stevens came back into the room we were mostly dressed. I smiled when I saw that my golden-aged muscle daddy had used the bed sheet to make a kilt-like wrap for his waist. He looked just like a bare-chested Hercules from some sword and sandal film. No, he actually looked too big to be an actor from some film; he more resembled some gigantic Greek statue that might be found standing in the middle of Athens. I hoped to God that the makeshift skirt would stay wrapped around the man, especially if his freakish cock decided to get hard.

“So let’s get the three of you on my shoulders. I know there will be enough room for about three more after that, but that will make the ride more pleasant. Let’s start with you, my little boyfriend,” he said turning to me.

I walked over and stood in front of him. He motioned for me to turn around. Bud bent his knees and then grabbed my waist, lifting my body over his head so I was sitting like a small child with my legs draped down his chest and my hard cock pressed up against the back of his head. He then motioned to Derek, who walked over and climbed onto his right shoulder. Bennett did the same on his left shoulder. I looked to both sides and saw that, indeed, there was enough space to add a few more people to Stevens’ wide shoulders.

“Hang on tight, boys, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” Bud said jokingly; as he got on his knees to maneuver all of us out the front door. The ceiling in the hallway was very high, thankfully, so Bud was able to stand erect. The big man carried the weight of all three of us like we were nothing. He stepped to the railing just across the landing and swung one leg over – followed by the other one. Then, suddenly and without warning, he jumped out into the open space in the middle of the staircase. It didn’t really dawn on me what was happening until we were soaring through the air – downward to the floor, five stories below. Bud held on to the three of us tightly. I anticipated that the impact would be painful when the big man’s body met the floor, but his muscled legs somehow absorbed a lot of the shock and we were jostled about only slightly. I looked down at his feet and noticed that there were now many cracks in the floor – caused by his powerful body hitting it so hard.

“That was fun,” Stevens said laughing, “We’ll have to try that someday from the top of the building. What do my little men think about that?”

“Yes!” We all three yelled at the same time.

My huge boyfriend carefully opened the front door and carefully moved his body, including the three of us, out into the evening air. I was very glad that we didn’t live on a busy street because I was suddenly nervous that the sight of Bud would frighten most people. When we got to the large mechanical metal gate that slid back and forth to let cars in and out of the garage, Bud stopped. I immediately realized we both had forgotten our key to the small door at the far right side of the gate and my opener was in my car – parked inside..

“Well boys, it looks like this old man is going to have to do a little bar bending. Let me set you down so you can get a good look at my muscle work,” Bud said, as he knelt down allowing us to slide off his massive shoulders. We immediately gathered to one side as the big man walked up to the gate, not wanting to miss any of the show. The gate had thick metal bars, running up and down, close together to prevent anyone from getting through. Bud looked at the bars and then turned to us, giving a big eat-shit grin. “They think these bars can keep little old me from getting in. What do you think, Connor?”

“I think there’s nothing little about you, Bud,” I said teasingly.

“Good answer, man, good answer. I think I’ll show you boys, again, what incredible fucking power exists in just my forefingers. Does that sound like a plan?” he asked, knowing our answer already.

“Yes,” was the reply from all of us.

Bud wasted no time. He wrapped both of his long, thick forefingers around two bars in front of him, but then he got another idea. The big guy realized that his fingers were so huge that each of them could hook around two bars each, so that’s what he did. I could also tell he knew that the gap he made would have to be pretty big to get his body through. Bud barely pulled, but suddenly the night air was filled with the sound of metal being bent apart by fingers that obviously had the power of two Hummers, maybe even more. The two police officers and I watched, as many bars on either side were easily pulled apart in the middle, causing a big gap in the gate. We all knew this took little effort from the muscle gramps in front of us, but it still turned us on. Each man realized that all three of us together would not have been able to even slightly bend one bar, let alone maneuver four of them apart as if it was as easy as pulling back a cloth shower curtain. Bud stood back after the hole looked big enough for each man to pass through. He turned to us and held up both forefingers.

“That was too easy. Those bars bent like they were made of wet toilet paper. These fuckers have more power than tanks. Shit, that gets me horny,” he said smiling and flexing his fingers up and down.

“Me too,” Derek answered and we all laughed.

“After you, my little muscle worshipping puppies. The real show is about to begin inside,” Bud held out his hand as he said this, inviting us through the gaping hole in the gate.

Derek, Bennett and I slid through easily and then turned around to watch the big man squeeze his massive torso between the bent bars. As Bud bent down and turned his body sideways to come through, everyone realized quickly that his massive chest and back were too thick for the opening. He only got his head and shoulders, turned perpendicular, beyond the bars before hard muscle at his front and back wedged in solidly. If we had not known better, it would have looked like the big man was stuck. Bud tilted his head up, looked at us, and, again, grinned in a way that made our cocks stir with excitement.

“Here’s a little muscle show interlude to keep your cocks hard until the big finale,” Bud said and then, with little indication, he took a deep breath. His chest expanded, pressing his solid muscles against the bars on either side of him. You could see that his body was so hard that the bars made no indention into his skin; it was like metal pressing against metal. Suddenly, there were many loud popping sounds – almost like gunshots – as the top of six bars, three on either side of Bud’s body, snapped free from the heavy beam above. Our elder muscle man had caused metal to rip apart just by inhaling deeply. He was now able to easily move his body into the garage to join us. I was so impressed by the power of my senior boyfriend’s chest muscles that I completely missed the moans of enjoyment coming from the two police officers. They both had their hands down their pants and were stroking their hard cocks furiously. The three of us stared at the opening in the gate. It looked like some battering ram had busted through, and, in a way, it had. The metal bars were completely bent outward, abused by something much more powerful. Bud looked at me, with a face full of pride, just like a little boy. “Did you like that Connor? Did you like how this massive chest destroyed that metal easily?”

“You know I did,” I answered, and then added teasingly, “Now don’t forget to fix it. I don’t want the homeowners association after me.”

“Little Connor doesn’t have to ever worry about anyone being after him again, now that Super Bud is here,” he replied as he bent down to give me a kiss. “But I’ll still fix it, don’t worry.”

The huge man turned back to the gate. He reached up with his just his forefinger and thumb, pulling the first pole back to its place. With just the tug of his fingers he was able to force the metal bar back to its straight position. The three of us watched, with our mouths open wide, as Bud molded the end of the pole back into the metal beam at the top, as if he was working with clay. When he was finished with the first one it looked like some professional welder had done the job. I could actually see thumbprints in the manhandled steel. It took Bud about three minutes to put all the bars back in place and I knew they were now actually stronger than before. The big man wiped his soot-covered fingers on his abs as he surveyed his work.

“Damn, I love working with metal. It’s so easy to manipulate, don’t you know. We got to try this with some giant I-beams soon, don’t you agree Connor?” he turned to me as he spoke. “Just think of the time I could save a construction company. Hell, I could probably build a skyscraper with just these big paws. That would be a fun challenge.”

“Aw, fuck man, you’ve got to give my cock a break, please,” Derek moaned loudly.

We turned to look at the two policemen. They both had their pants at their ankles and were busy yanking their cocks with full force. It was an incredibly sexy sight – cops with their pants down and stroking hard-ons. I could tell both men needed a break from the lust overload caused by my big boyfriend, but they also couldn’t help but beat themselves furiously while watching Bud bend metal so easily and talk about his strength with so much self-assurance. I was worried that one of the two was going to have a hemorrhage from beating off so much.

“Sorry about that little man, I just can’t get over what this senior-citizen body can do. I must have the strength of about two hundred guys your age - put together. Shit, it gets me so fucking horny just thinking about what these massive, old-man arms can do. I’m so ready to put these big-gun muscles to a more challenging test. Would that be okay with you?” Bud asked as he tensed his arms teasingly.

“Fuck yeah, muscle master, fuck yeah,” Derek said and he began to slide his hand up and down his rigid cock even harder.

“Then let’s move this little party to that Cadillac over there,” the big man said, with a flick of his solid chin and a big smile. All of us followed Bud as he walked to the car. We were like little children excited about some kind of magic trick about to be performed, but deep down each man knew whatever the big guy was going to do to the car in front of him was not going to be a trick and it would be phenomenal.

“I need to first take care of the windows,” the hulking man said, to no one in particular. He was guy on a mission and, at that point, and we didn’t exist.

He gave no warning as he raised both of his hands to the right side windows where he stood. He made circles with his forefingers and thumbs and then thumped both the front and back side windows at the same time. Glass shattered and was sent flying into the interior of the car. Both Derek and Bennett yelped out load. I was too stunned to make any noise. Bud then moved towards the back of the car and quickly brought a huge fist down against the long rear window. The entire window cracked into millions of pieces, stayed in place for a while like it was a slow motion movie, and then crumpled into the back seat of the car. I was completely in awe of the man’s power. I could sense that Bennett and Derek had resumed the hard pumping of their cocks, but I just stood there shocked by what my big boyfriend had done so easily. I was so stunned that I almost missed the fact that Bud walked around the car and basically poked the two windows on the other side with his forefingers, causing them to explode into tiny pieces and go flying into the middle of the Cadillac. Little did I know that my favorite part would come next - when the senior muscle man stepped toward the front of the car and swiftly brought his forehead down into the middle of the front windshield and, again, blasted fragments of glass into the front seat. I watched as the man straightened up and wiped particles of glass from his face – which had not even the slightest blemish from his display of power.

“That was sweet,” Bud said loudly. “Next let’s give this puppy a muscle daddy power elbow drop.”

Without waiting for any comment from us, the big man raised his right arm up in the air, turned his body sideways and, since he towered over the car already, basically let his massive upper frame and his bulging triceps come down hard in the middle of the roof of the car. His bulk hit so strongly that the top of the car dented quickly into the bottom part of the automobile’s frame, causing the ends to spring up in a v-shape. Bud looked like some giant wrestler that had just leapt from the top ring rope at the corner turnbuckle onto a smaller body lying on the canvas below. Now I understood why he had busted the windows in advance. The power from his drop on the car would have caused the windows to explode in every direction, showering the garage with hurricane force shards of flying glass. The sound of the car being flattened in the middle by this humongous human sledgehammer was deafening. All four tires simultaneously burst before both ends of the car shot up in the air - as the middle of the car smacked against the cement below. Bud quickly raised his body off the vehicle and stepped back. We all looked at the amazing damage that just a simple power drive from his enormous body had inflicted on the car. It really did look like the letter ‘v,’ now that the middle rested on the floor of the garage, flattened roughly, and the ends stuck up in what seemed to be sixty degree angles.

“Fuck, that was easy,” Bud said, laughing hard. “I crushed the damn thing with just a little slam from this huge body. That gets me so fucking horny. Get ready for some ass pounding when I’m finished, boys. I can tell that my cock is going to need to plant some of my mega-man seed deep in your holes when I am done.”

I looked down and saw that the makeshift kilt Bud was wearing looked like it had a huge log sticking out - making the sheet rise in the air. He was looking at the two policemen as he spoke and they were now breathing hard and sweating in anticipation of what was to come, as they stroked their stiffer-than-hell dicks. I knew they could hear what the big man was saying, but all they really registered was what his huge muscles had just done to the Cadillac.

“Let’s see if I can come true on my promise to compact this car into the size of a suitcase,” Bud said, turning back to the demolished piece of junk in front of him.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old February 13th, 2009, 07:59 AM
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Old Man Stevens is one of my favorite characters. Thanks!
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Old February 13th, 2009, 09:35 AM
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Thanks for bringing us another adventures with Old Man Stevens and friends.
I will look forward to more. Any chance of you resurrecting and continuing the An American Muscleman in London?
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Old February 13th, 2009, 09:58 AM
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Thanks for the reminder, imfit. I want to continue AAMIL soon. I will do my best. I really love that story. Thanks, again.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old February 13th, 2009, 04:50 PM
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You've continued a wonderfully fun story, I'm glad you got him outside to wreck havoc on some really big stuff!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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great story, love the showing of the power
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Old February 15th, 2009, 06:22 PM
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man! this series is tooo hot - keep it going! I like Conner without the cops (my thing)
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Old February 16th, 2009, 01:20 AM
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Man, sorry for taking so long to comment, I am a huge, huge fan of this story and of your recent writing in and of itself, I can't wait to see how many ways Bud uses his power, the power of his fingers alone is worth 50 men!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I love this series!
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