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Old January 12th, 2009, 06:40 PM
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His Cup of Tea - Part Two

I seemed to float through the rest of the afternoon in a ďfull of romanceĒ sort of way. I tried to focus on anything that would take my mind off of Chase, but nothing worked. I found myself wishing the date has been planned for that night. I was finally able to distract myself for a while with some television and then finally turned in around eleven. I found it very difficult to fall asleep. I could tell that my mind, not to mention my body, was really amped about the date with Chase. After tossing and turning for an hour and a half I decided to get up and go online to see if there were any new stories to read on my favorite muscle growth site. It was certainly my favorite now because it had connected me to my dream man.

I logged on and saw that some of my favorite authors had started new stories. I began reading one that dealt with some older man turning into a beefy stud because of a wish at a famous fountain in Italy. It was full of huge muscles and feats of strength - just what the doctor ordered for a sleepless night. Suddenly an instant message popped up.

ďWhat are you wearing?Ē

The suddenness of the message caught me off guard and then I noticed it was from Chase. This made my stomach flutter a little. Then I noticed what he had written and smiled. I messaged back, playing it a little coy.

ďSo, you couldnít sleep either?Ē

There was a slight pause and then his response flashed on my screen.

ďToo busy thinking of you, Nick. What are you wearing?Ē

Again, I smiled at his message and was very flattered by his honesty. I knew that was one of the benefits of communicating online. I finally focused on his question and answered.

ďJust some old boxers. What are you wearing?Ē

There was another pause and then his answer made my dick begin to swell.

ďIím not wearing anything. Just sitting here the way God created me. Take your boxers off.Ē

My mind went in many different directions. First I tried to imagine the guy totally nude. I knew that my fantasies probably didnít come close to what he really looked like and that made my cock grow harder. I then thought about how God had laid the foundation for the body, but the manís work had continued to perfect the original mold. And what perfection it was! The room suddenly got very warm. My blood, as well as other juices, was pumping vigorously through my body. I wanted to play, too. I ignored his directions for the time being.

ďDo you always sit at your computer totally nude?Ē

I was impressed with my direct question and excited about the promise of some fun online foreplay. There was a longer pause this time. I began to think he was chatting with other people at the same time, a thought which made me somewhat sad.

ďNot usually. Tonight I needed easy access to certain parts of my body as I chatted with you. Iíve been here for a while hoping youíd come online. Do you have those boxers off, Nick?Ē

So, the pauses before his responses were because his hands were busy elsewhere. This made me fully erect before I even finished reading what he had typed. The stud was stroking his huge piece of meat thinking about me. That was so unbelievable! I felt myself turning red from the thought of him wanting me that much. It was flattering and embarrassing at the same time, but I couldnít figure out why. He sent another quick message while I was pondering all of this.

ďBoxers off. Now! I mean it, young man.Ē

I actually laughed out loud, but I also immediately slid my striped underwear over my protruding, pre-cum dripping hard cock. I couldnít tell if I moved quickly to please the man or was responding to an order like a well-trained slave. It didnít matter. Either way, I was just happy to be able to get my hand on the hardened rod and start moving it up and down. I knew that both of us would have trouble typing now, but it didnít matter. I knew, instinctively, that I needed to report that the boxers were now removed.

ďI can now say that I am fully naked and reporting for duty, sir.Ē

The sexual euphoria I was feeling obviously made me more playful than usual and gave me enough cockiness to push the big guy forward. I somehow knew that Chase would like the ďsirĒ part of my response. I imagined his hand moving slowly up and down his own cock, just as mine was doing.

ďThatís a good boy. Now we can have a little fun. I havenít stopped thinking about you all day. Every time I lifted some heavy weight I imagined your face and body. I was able to lift more than ever before. Sometimes I pretended that the barbell I was holding was your body. I was painfully hard for the entire workout. I think weíll have to do some lifting together at some point. What do you think?Ē

I couldnít believe what I was reading. It was difficult to not let doubt creep into my mind. What if Chase was toying with me Ė playing some elaborate joke? Why was I conditioned this way? Why couldnít I accept that this muscled guy was into me? I tried to re-focus on the words in front of me. I decided to funnel all of my doubt and nervousness into flirting with Chase. I hoped this would make me surer of my worthiness.

ďI think that sounds very nice. Iíd like to watch you work out sometime. I need some pointers on how to get the best results from lifting.Ē

It was hard for me to let myself go and say all the things I really wanted to. I had to play it safe and just ask about getting pointers for exercising. I couldnít go to the place where my cock wanted to lead me. I wanted to say that it would be great if his huge hands grabbed my body and pressed me into the air. I wanted to say that Iíd be glad to be his barbell. I wanted to tell him that I wanted him to let me attach my body to his during every exercise so I could intimately feel each muscle straining and growing as he lifted. I also wanted to tell him that I had not stopped thinking of him since the minute he left the coffee shop, but I couldnít, for some strange reason. I was so full of doubt and shocked by what he was writing. I kept thinking all of this was some fantastic dream.

ďYou want me to give you some pointers, huh? I can tell you that something is pointing straight up right now. Howís that for a fun beginning? Are you hard, too, Nick?Ē

This guy didnít seem to beat around the bush at all. He obviously had only one thing on his mind.

ďAre you always this direct?Ē

I hoped to God that my question didnít come off stupid, I was trying to be cute.

ďOnly when it comes to things I really want. And I want you, man. I wish you were over here right now so I could look at your beautiful body. I wish I could feel those lips that turned me on so much today in the coffee shop Ė feel them up against my lips. If you were here right now Iíd do everything in my power to make sure you were really happy. What would make you happy Nick?Ē

My cock ached from its desire for release. My head ached because I could not fathom how this guy could find me so irresistible. I was so lost in my confusion of the moment that I quickly typed a response and hit return.

ďYour huge body makes me happy.Ē

It was the most honest thing I had typed all night. As soon as I had sent the message I began to regret it. I felt like I was giving up some kind of power or revealing some dark secret. I immediately wanted to reach into cyberspace and pull back my words. His reply came quickly.

ďSee, that wasnít so hard, now was it? That answer makes me very happy, Nick. Iím glad you like my body. Thatís why I have worked on it all these years Ė to, hopefully, make certain people happy. Today it actually felt like Iíve worked on it all these years in anticipation of meeting you. I havenít felt this sure about something for a long time, Nick. During all of our previous chats I hoped that when we met each other you would be excited. Because, today, you excited me beyond belief. As a matter of fact, Iím still very excited. Weíre going to make each other very happy, Nick. I can tell. Now, what exactly did you like about Chaseís huge body? And donít leave out any details, young man.Ē

I had now officially moved into the Twilight Zone. What Chase was writing was so incomprehensible and unbelievable; I simply shut down all mental processing. I seemed to move to auto-pilot and began to only think about what he was writing. I didnít let any of my fears or doubts filter my answers. I took his words as they came.

ďI liked how I noticed you right away in the coffee shop. My eyes were drawn to you just because of your size. It was like my gaze was a magnet and you were some huge piece of muscled metal. I noticed first that, even though you were in baggy clothes, a person could tell your body packed some big muscles. Your sweatshirt looked stretched, as if your body was pushing it to its limits. The size of your chest made the bottom of the front of your shirt ride higher than most guys and it didnít rest against your stomach because of your meaty, protruding pecs. And then your arms! Man, they were beautiful. When you talk you move your arms a lot, so while you were standing in line talking to that woman I glanced over every now and then to catch you bending your arm. The bulge that your biceps made was so beautiful.Ē

I hit enter and sent my response. I didnít even stop to proofread what I had typed. I just went with my immediate response to Chaseís request. There was not a response right away from the other end and I was jerked back to reality and imagined Chase being offended by something I said. I began to panic that I had already ended our relationship before we even went on a date. I almost started to send another quick note telling him I was just kidding and then his reply appeared on my screen with the standard tone announcing it.

ďYour response almost made me shoot my load all over the computer. I had to sit still for a few minutes and not move Ė just to calm my cock. Man, than was hot Nick. I am so glad you are into my body. I think we are going to make each other very happy. Mind if I take you to the edge now? Remember, I know what you like.Ē

Every fiber of my body was ready to cum. I couldnít even begin to contemplate the fact that I was able to make this muscle stud excited. I didnít, however, focus on that at all. At this point I only wanted him to help me get off.

ďLetís see what you got, big guy.Ē

I knew that response would do two things. First it would thrill him and bring him closer to climax. Secondly it would challenge him and I got the feeling that Chase loved being tested. I held on to my hard cock tightly and watched the screen with a body on fire for more muscle talk.

ďLetís set up a scene, shall we? Imagine that we had stepped into the alley behind the coffee shop and I push your body up against the brick wall. Before you can do anything in response I press my body fully into yours. I press my chest, abs, crotch, and quads into you - hard. You canít move at all. A wall of muscle has pinned you against the weaker wall of bricks behind you. You know my body has a helluva lot more power than the thick stones pressed against your back. You are actually worried that I might press our bodies through the bricks. Then you feel my hard chest up against your face. Itís hard for you to breathe, but you donít care. The sensation of tight muscle against your cheeks turns you on."

Drops of sweat began to appear on my forehead and across the hairy skin surrounding my throbbing cock. This guy was making me fall over some imaginary edge of reality. I was so turned on that it felt like we were actually in the alley he described. I could feel his muscled body pressed up against me Ė so much, in fact, that I found it hard to breathe. The room was also filled with a scent that seemed to be from Chaseís body Ė it was a mixture of healthy sweat, muscles, and a heavy manliness. I was so amazed at how real everything felt that I stopped pumping my hard cock and, yet, I continued to feel something like a hard quad muscle pushing against it. This was so mind-blowing that I would soon be blowing a different load, as well. I knew that Chase understood how close I was to shooting. I also knew, instinctively, how close he was, as well.

"But hereís the kicker, Nick. As my body pushes yours against the wall you begin to notice a change. Even in the midst of our heavy make-out session you can feel something happening to my body. First, you realize that you have to suddenly bend your head slightly backwards to even kiss me. Your first instinct is that your legs are giving out and your body is sliding down the wall, but then it dawns on you that you are still standing straight up. Even while your mouth continues to explore mine it dawns on you that I have grown taller. This is also the point when your groping hands actually feel my bulging biceps expand. This turns you on more because you think that Iím flexing my arms for you, but then you realize that Iím not flexing. My arms are actually growing as your hands try desperately to keep their grasp of them. The thought of my biceps actually getting bigger as we are making out causes you to slightly doubt your sanity while, at the same time, it makes you dizzy with excitement. Your imagination begins to run wild and you begin to think that your lust for my body can actually make my muscles instantly become thicker. You run your hands up my chest and then bring them to my shoulders. Thatís when it finally sinks in that my body is getting bigger. Your hands can feel my delts expanding. You use all of your strength to push my body away from yours. You stare at me as I stand there breathing heavily Ė obviously getting off from the fact that my body seems to be morphing right before your eyes. I look you in the face and smile a devilish grin. I tell you not to be scared. I explain that there is a connection between us that causes the cells in my body to multiply at an unbelievable rate and it all turns into hard muscle. You shake your head as if you are drunk and you need to sober up Ė but then you realize you havenít hand anything to drink. Thatís when the alley is filled with the sound of fabric ripping. You look at my arms and realize my biceps have split the seams of my sweatshirt. One glance at my bulging arm muscles and your vision goes dark."

My world didnít go dark, but I did see a flashing bright light as my cock erupted and sent cum flying into the air. I could not have prevented the explosion if I had wanted to. Chase had nailed a ton of my deepest fantasies in one quick paragraph. I could only sit there as I watched semen splatter against my chest, the screen and keyboard of my computer, and the top of my desk. The force of my ejaculation caused my hands to flail all over the keyboard. After my body made it through a period of heart-stopping convulsions and returned to something slightly normal I looked back at the screen Ė now dripping with my man-juice.

"Alandl,a/.tnjakq/a.ka/diklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll k."

Thatís what my orgasm had caused me to type and send to Chase. I was immediately embarrassed beyond belief. I didnít know what to do. I knew I needed to clean my computer before the sticky mess began to dry, but I also wanted to send Chase a message to explain what had happened, but what should I say. I tried to find some lie that could explain the jumbled letters on the screen. A message from him came before I could do anything.

"You came didnít you?"

Damn, I thought immediately, he figured it out. Of course it was pretty fucking obvious Ė he didnít need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduct I had lost control. I didnít even begin to lie, I simply told the truth. Thatís what this man called forth from me Ė honesty.


It seemed like those three letters took an hour to type. My mind was so filled with mixed emotions. I was embarrassed, even though I didnít know why. I was also deeply satisfied and still turned on. Somewhere in the back of my head I realized that this chat session had turned into something all about me. My desire to cum had become the only thing that mattered. I began to worry that Chase had not gotten any pleasure from our exchange, and he had been the one that started it.

"I shot buckets of cum, too."

When those words appeared on the screen my heart leapt for joy. I began to get excited again, even after such a huge cum explosion Ė just because this muscleman at the other computer had gotten off by our little sex chat. I had never been so glad that another man had shot his load. Before I could type anything, Chase, again, sent a message.

"Itís all over my screen. Iím sure yours is, too. Letís not clean it up tonight. Leave it so weíll think of each other when we see it in the morning. It will make us both more excited as we anticipate our date. Promise me youíll leave your cum on the screen, Nick."

My cock was fully hard again. Did this guy have no mercy? He knew his words would excite me. I knew immediately that I would probably not clean my screen for a week or two, just to remember this moment. I quickly typed back my response.

"I promise. That was one fucking hot role-play, Chase. Thank you."

I waited for his response and began to get a little nervous since; again, it didnít come quickly. I started to wonder if I had said something wrong, or if, even worse, he was chatting with someone else at the same time. The thought that he might be having this kind of conversation with other guys made me slightly jealous. Just when I was about to type something else Ė something that I probably would have regretted Ė came his baffling reply.

"What would you think, Nick, if I told you this wasnít just a role-play?"

After staring at the question for a few seconds and becoming a little confused, it dawned on me that he was saying that he wanted to make out with me. A rush of joy consumed my body. I certainly could not wait until I got to feel his body against my and his tongue in my mouth. I smiled as I wrote back.

"Thatís nice, Chase. I, too, am very excited about our date and eventually feeling our bodies pressed against each other. I also cannot wait to kiss Ė I really like kissing."

I could not type fast enough. I was so excited about our date that I almost ended our chat session just so I could go to sleep and make the next day come sooner. When Chase responded I became a tad more confused.

"Yes, Iím looking forward to all of that, as well, but thatís not what I meant. What would you think if I told you that today my body grew Ė like in our fantasy session?"

I stared at the screen and didnít know what he meant. I began to ask for clarification, but then realized what he probably meant.

"Of course you grew, Chase. Thatís why you work out, isnít it. Iím sure each time you lift weights youíre probably growing. Arenít you?"

I began to realize that he was probably fishing for compliments about his body. Could this guy need encouragement? He seemed so perfect and confident, but we all have our issues, right? I began to formulate a way to start talking about his big body. I also thought we might each be able to shoot a second load before we said goodnight.

"Yes, thatís true, Nick. We do break down and build up muscle every time we work out. But thatís not what Iím talking about, either. Now I donít want you to freak out or anything, so please try to be open to what Iím saying. Today, I packed on a lot more muscle, but it wasnít because of my workout. I grew because I came in contact with you, Nick. Your lust for huge muscles mixed with my desire to have bigger muscles has somehow made me grow larger. A considerable amount larger. I canít explain it, but I knew it would happen the second I saw you in the coffee shop. I really donít know what it is, but something in you causes some kind of special juice to flow in me and I start building muscle even when Iím standing still. Itís like some kind of intense muscle stimulator or something. And besides all of that, today I was able to lift a lot more weight that Iíve ever lifted before. I know that had something to do with you, too. You cause my body to morph, Nick. Iím sure that sounds crazy, but itís true."

I looked at what Chase typed in shock. I couldnít figure out if he was making fun of me in some way or if he was just off his rocker. The scariest thing about what I read was that it turned me on beyond belief. My cock was rock hard again and sticking straight up. One thing was true, though. It was obvious Chase knew my deepest fantasies, like he had alluded to earlier. Maybe that was it; he was continuing the role-play so we could get off again. Of course! How stupid of me not to realize it sooner. My juices began to flow even harder than before. I was ready to continue the fantasy.

"Well, Mr. Chase, I can tell you that your little revelation has caused one of my muscles to grow and become harder, too. Iím glad that I can assist you in your goal of getting bigger. Iím sure you are aware that we share that goal, for, you see, I want you to get massive, too. Iím here to support you in any way you need, Chase."

I was so proud of my response. It was sexy and aggressive. I knew he would love this new side of myself I was sharing with him.

"Iím serious, Nick. My short encounter with you today helped me to pack on about five pounds of hard muscle. It was incredible. I have never felt as strong or virile as I have since meeting you earlier. You cause some kind of explosions within me that help me to grow. This is real, Nick. Iím not role-playing."

Man, I thought, this guy is great at keeping a fantasy going. I looked forward to our date more than ever. I knew just how to answer him.

"Well, Chase, you are about to cause a major explosion to happen to me for the second time tonight. Are you close to shooting again, too?"

This time, I instinctively knew that the long pause before Chase answered me was because I had done something to disappoint him. I wasnít quite sure what it was, but I knew he was sort of frustrated with me. I thought it might be that I hadnít taken the role-play in the exact direction he had hoped, but Chase didnít seem like the kind of guy to get upset by that. I was worried that he was going to cancel our date because of my mistake. My cock immediately went limp and fell across my right thigh. I waited patiently for his response. I could not figure out what I had done to cause Chase to be cold to me.

"I think Iíd like to save our second round for our date tomorrow night. Is that okay with you, Simon. I have a feeling that youíre going to need a lot of strength to make it through our time together. Letís both get some shut-eye and Iíll see you in less than twenty-four hours. Is that okay with you, man?"

I didnít know quite how to read his latest message. It didnít seem like he was upset. As a matter of fact, it appeared that he was looking forward to exhausting ourselves during the date. That sounded promising. It could just be that Chase wasnít a night person and he was tired. It was pretty late. Still, I had a feeling in my gut that I was missing something in his messages. I did not want to press him on it, though, so I decided to just sound natural and a little playful.

"Thatís fine, big guy. I want you to rest, too. Weíll meet up tomorrow night. Iím looking forward to it. Maybe you can even grow a little while you sleep tonight! Iíll see you tomorrow. Sleep tight."

I hit the return button and was pleased with how I said goodnight. Suddenly, I realized that I was tired. I glanced at the dried cum that streaked down the right side of my screen. The memory of our mutual ejaculations made my cock stir a little. A final note from Chase came onto the screen before I noticed he signed out.

"See you tomorrow, Nick. I think you have no idea how much my body will grow tonight Ė and all because of you. Sweet dreams."

I laughed out loud and signed off myself. I shut down my computer and moved over to my bed, forgetting to clean up any of the dried cum on my chest, desk, or computer. I only wanted to fall asleep as quickly as possible and dream of Chase.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Again: Great story. Great detail. And I'm really excited to see where this is going... Though to be honest, it's very obvious where it's going. :3
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Great Start

I am totally captivated by this story. Good work Londonboy!
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One of the earlier comments posted regarding part one of this story stated, "Get out of my head!" Well, that statement holds true for me now. The scene where Nick is being pressed into the wall while Chase's body is growing... Oh-my-god! ;-)

Great work as always.
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Nice twist!

As with all your stories I've read, great going. You've introduced quite a twist and I'm interested where this may lead, or to what extent. Will Nick get to share in the growth somewhere along the line, or even want to? I just have to be patient.
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So great, so hot!
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That is one of the most romantic things I have ever read!
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I couldn't just let it go with that 1 comment...

... like, I mean, who WOULDN'T love to have some gargantuan gorgeous muscle hunk tell you, "I have worked out all these years building this body for YOU... And now that I've met you, you've stimulated some special kind of 'energy,' some special kind of 'juice' in me that's making me morph and build more muscle, for YOU! I mean, this is REAL, you've got this POWER to make me grow bigger and it's all because of YOU!"

Sshheeezzz! You've gotten into a lot of readers' heads with this one LB! Let me stop this or I'll "explode" all over MY laptop! What a goshawful cleanup mess THAT would be! < heh heh >
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Great continuation, I look forward to even more.
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