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His Cup of Tea - Part One

Why in the hell had I not requested a picture of the guy before we met face to face? What was I thinking? Or maybe the better question to ask could be, “What was I thinking with?” I knew the answer was clearly not my brain, but another part of my body - that was much lower on my anatomy. I had been chatting online with Chase for about three weeks. We hit it off the first night we met on a website dedicated to muscle growth stories and ended up writing back and forth for about three hours. I remembered having a difficult time getting up for work the next morning, since I had gotten to sleep way past my bedtime.

And here I was three weeks later waiting in a coffee shop a few blocks from my condo planning to meet this guy without ever having exchanged photos of ourselves. Come to think of it, we had never even described ourselves to each other. Chase said he loved this particular shop because they had a wide assortment of teas. He didn’t drink coffee, but he loved tea. He had also devised a plan for a way we could pick each other out of the crowd. During one of our chats we had discovered that we both loved the author Michael Cunningham and had a particular fondness for his book, “The Hours.” Chase suggested that we both bring a copy of the book and we’d be able to spot each other because of it. That night the idea had sounded so romantic and, almost, mysterious. But now that I was sitting with my latte and pretending to read the book I felt totally stupid. Every time the door opened I quickly glanced up. If I had really been reading the book it would have taken me three hours to get through one page. It was even crazier because I practically had the book memorized anyway - because I had already read it three or four times. I forced myself to focus on a paragraph sprawled on the page in front of me.

The door opened and an elderly gentleman walked in. I noticed right away how handsome he was and if I squinted my eyes tightly he looked a little like an older George Clooney. I felt the pace of my heart quicken a little. It would be great if this guy was Chase. I liked older men. I glanced at his hands and noticed he wasn’t carrying a book. He did, however, have a leather carrier case slung over his shoulder. Again, I noticed that my heart did little to hide my excitement at the thought that this might be Chase. I scanned the line that had developed from the counter to almost as far as the door. I wanted to check again to see if there was someone scanning the shop for me. There was the Clooney look-a-like, a couple of different guys talking with their girlfriends, a young guy that looked like a college student and then some women. Out of the four men I saw in line I figured only the elder guy could be Chase. First of all, he looked like the only one who would even know who Michael Cunningham was. The college guy, forgive my stereotype, looked like a math geek. Big glasses, short sleeved white shirt, and pens in his pocket. It did cross my mind that this would be the kind of guy that might like muscle growth stories, though. He was, after all, kind of small like me and not much to write home about. I did notice, upon a second glance, that he was actually very handsome and pretty built. His body looked tight and wiry. I began to feel more comfortable about the possibility of this guy being Chase. I wanted to force myself to not pre-judge the guy when I first saw him. We had, in fact, hit it off so well that I hoped we would date. I got the feeling from our online chats that Chase hoped the same thing. The two straight guys with the girls were both eye catchers in their own way, but I knew for sure that Chase was gay. We had immediately established that fact during our first three-hour exchange. I had chatted with too many men over the last few years that had ended up being married, but curious, and didn’t want to ever meet. They just wanted to explore the side of themselves that felt different. I had started asking right away, when chatting with a guy, whether he was fully out or not. I didn’t want to rule out a guy just because he was still struggling with his sexuality, but I also didn’t want to sit around a wait for someone to “come to know themselves fully.” One of the couples in line was obviously foreign. The guy had very long hair and looked French. His girlfriend was as thin as an anorexic supermodel and only pretty in that “I starve my body so my boyfriend will keep me” sort of way. I actually felt myself feeling sorry for her. The other woman in line was a cradle robber. She looked to be about forty and had a twenty-something hunky boyfriend. I tried not to stare at him for too long but he was the kind of muscleman that I loved. He had on a sweatshirt that did nothing to hide his worked out, bulging body. I knew that I would get myself pretty excited if I stared at him for too long, so I concentrated on my soon-to-be Mr. Clooney-like boyfriend.

The elder man had dark hair that was graying just around the sideburns and edge of his hairline. God, that was one sexy look for a man to have. He appeared to be a little bigger than me and had only a slight gut. This could definitely be my new boyfriend. One of the things that had made me like Chase right away was the fact that he enjoyed a wide range of muscle growth stories. He found pleasure in the realistic stories and in the fantasy pieces, alike. He even enjoyed the ones where the lead characters like to show off their strength. Most guys on the website clearly had their favorite type of story and didn’t pay much attention to those that were different. My taste ran the gamut, just like Chase’s did. We even confessed an interest in some of the violent stories that turned most readers off. It was freeing to chat so openly about what I liked and fantasized about. I wouldn’t begin to say something as stupid as Chase seemed like a soul mate, but I would say it was great having a friend that shared a lot of my interests. Besides the love of the story website, we also both liked reading novels, hiking, movies, cycling, and, the biggest shock, bowling. My heart got even more excited when I saw that “the close to Mr. Clooney” guy ordered some Earl Grey tea.

As the elder man received his cup of tea from the guy behind the counter I quickly tilted my head down and stared at the book. I didn’t want him to see me staring. I even closed my eyes in anticipation of the handsome man walking up to my table to speak to me. I was not disappointed.

“That’s a great book, “The Hours,” isn’t it?”

I didn’t respond right away. I let the sexiness of his voice and the smooth rhythms of his words fill my entire being. I wanted to lock this moment in my memory forever. I smiled to myself, calmed my heart, and, with my head still tilted down, open my eyes. Sure enough, there was a second book of “The Hours” sitting on the table beside mine. I was almost too excited to look up, but I forced my head to move. My eyes feasted on Chase as I advanced from the table to his body and then landed on his face. A rush of confusion enveloped me. I quickly looked around and caught a glimpse of the “Clooney-look-alike” leaving the coffee shop. He had obviously gotten his tea to go. The man standing in front of me cleared his voice again and I looked back to him.

“Are you Chase?” It was a stupid question, but the only one that came to mind.

“Yes. And I really hope you are Nick.”

I was still too stunned to respond right away, for standing in front of me was the beautiful muscled younger guy that had been in line with the older woman. I tried to process everything as quickly as possible. Nothing had prepared me for the fact that Chase might be some kind of built super-stud. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out at first. Finally, I was able to form two words.

“I’m Nick.”

“Well, Nick, it’s great to finally meet you!” Chase’s joyful enthusiasm helped to bring me out of my shock. I forced myself to reach up and grab the huge hand he stuck out to me. I was able to regain some control of myself as we shook hands and, after we finished, I pointed to the chair across from me.

“Please sit down. Forgive me; I just didn’t expect you to be Chase. I mean when I looked at the people in line I saw that you were with a woman, so I assumed the older man in line was you. Not that I thought you were old, mind you. I just didn’t think you . . . were you.” I realized how stupid I sounded and I forced myself to shut up. Chase seemed to actually follow my stupid slew of jumbled sentences.

“Oh, I get it. I didn’t know that woman. She started talking to me when she saw the book in my hand. She was a big fan of “The Hours,” as well. Oh, so you noticed the George Clooney looking guy in line too, huh?” I was immediately amazed and, yet, not amazed that we both thought he had looked like the famous actor. I had come to realize, through our online chats, that we viewed many things in the world in very similar ways. Chase smiled at me. “I hope you’re not disappointed - since he wasn’t me.”

“No! I’m mean, no, I’m not disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, he was handsome and all that, but I’m glad that you are you. I just assumed you had been with that woman and therefore couldn’t be you.” Again, I was starting to sound stupid. I tried to force myself to shut up again, but it didn’t work. I was just too darn nervous. As I continued to jabber about nothing I took a closer look at my online crush. He had very short brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. The eyes weren’t piercing or what I would call “sky” blue, but they were still nice. Chase’s face was also nice – he wouldn’t be what I called drop-dead gorgeous, but he had a very masculine shape to his features. His nose was strong looking, his chin was pretty regular, his cheeks were sunken in that low percentage body fat sort of way, and he had nice full lips. It was obvious that Chase had not shaven this morning, so he had one of those “I really don’t care how I look” appearances. I did not let my gaze move lower than his face. My peripheral vision told me that his shoulders were wide and muscled, but I did not allow myself to go there. I needed to appear sane and coherent, but I knew one glance at his body would send me into an abyss of drooling muscle worship. I had absolutely no idea what I was saying. I heard myself ending a sentence about the fact that the elder Clooney-like gentleman had gotten some Earl Grey tea, so I had just assumed that he was Chase. I forced my lips tightly together and just stared at the stud across from me. He was smiling in a way that made me embarrassed – I could tell he knew I was nervous. And then, just to add salt to my wounds, he let a moment of silence surround our table. During that time I was able to regain my composure. I felt the redness in my face start to dissipate, and my heart rate went back to something near normal. I took a deep breath, and then another one. I sensed that Chase realized I was now much calmer. He widened his smile and began to speak.

“I knew that you were Nick as soon as I entered the place. Not only by of the book on the table, but because you look exactly like I thought you would.” The sudden change in my expression must have shown how uneasy his comment made me feel. “And that’s a good thing. We never gave each other descriptions of ourselves, but I had a picture of what you’d look like in my head. And I was happy that you matched my imagined picture.”

“Well you certainly don’t match mine.” I didn’t have time or the ability to filter the statement that popped into my mind. It just came out. Now it was Chase’s time to have a changed expression on his face. “No. That’s not a statement of disappointment, just the opposite. I simply didn’t expect someone like you. That’s all.”

“What do you mean?” Chase seemed totally oblivious to my surprise at his built body.

“Well, I just don’t picture people like you . . . I mean . . . I, uh, I didn’t think guys that are so . . . oh, shit, this is embarrassing. I guess, Chase, I didn’t think guys that are really built got into stories about muscle growth. I pretty much imagined it was mostly small guys like me that got turned on by that stuff. And now that I say all that out loud I realize how stupid and stereotypical it sounds, but that’s what I thought.” I couldn’t believe all that was coming out of my mouth so easily. I didn’t even turn red, this time. I felt, somehow, okay with sharing these thoughts with this man. I felt very close to him – especially from all of our chats online. The grin on Chase’s face grew larger.

“Wow, that is being stereotypical, but I forgive you. I’ve gotten the same response from other people, too. I don’t know why muscle growth turns me on so much, Nick. I think it’s partly because I still want to grow – a lot. I know I can get bigger and that really excites me. I also like getting ideas from stories about things I might do when I get bigger, you know. I like reading about what guys with big bodies do – like feats of strength, showing off their different body parts, and, to be totally frank, I really like the stories that involve sex. But I’ve told you all that before.”

What Chase said was true, he had told me all of this online, but at the time I didn’t realize that many of the stories he described could be written about him! I was getting a little excited hearing the big man in front of me talking so freely about muscle growth, muscle worship, and muscle sex. It was also a little surreal. There was safety when talking about these things via the computer, but here, out in the open, it was all a little too revealing. I was worried that my obvious attraction to Chase would mess up our friendship. If I were being completely honest I would have to admit that I was a little disappointed that he was such a huge stud. My idea that this friendship would move into something more went out the door when I looked at his body compared to mine. Chase knew what I liked from the stories that I would mention from the different sites we knew. I remembered a fantasy story we had both liked a lot that was about a statue of Hercules coming to life in a museum and being at the beckoned call of a skinny night watchman. At the time I thought we both liked the story because we were both like the guard in the story, but now I realized that Chase was just getting ideas on how big men acted – he was more like Hercules. I began to feel like I really didn’t know the guy at all, but he knew me completely. I think Chase sensed the change of mood within me.

“Are you sure you’re not disappointed, Nick?” His question both dumfounded me and snapped me back to our conversation.

“Maybe I should be asking you that question.” Again, I didn’t filter my thoughts before they came streaming out of my mouth.

“Why would I be disappointed?” The look on his face convinced me that he truly was perplexed.

“Chase, come on. Look at me and then look at you. We aren’t exactly the same, you know. I didn’t expect you to look like one of the guys we love chatting about from the stories online. You’re huge, Chase. That sweatshirt doesn’t even hide a small fraction of your pumped up body. I thought you’d be small like me. I thought you’d look like the night watchman described in the story ‘Hercules Comes to Life.’ I didn’t think you’d actually look like Hercules. And damn it, I thought this might move into something more than just an online friendship.” I was so wound up that I blurted out the last sentence without even knowing what I was going to say. As soon as it was out I became embarrassed and cringed. I closed my eyes tightly because I didn’t want to see Chase’s handsome face feeling sorry for me.

“I thought the same thing, Nick.”

I opened my eyes quickly. Again, I could tell he was serious.

“What do you mean?” I was suddenly very nervous for some reason.

“I was hoping we would get to know each other a little and then our friendship might move to another level.”

“You mean like best friends?” The humor of my question and the nervousness in my voice was not lost on Chase.

“Well, that would be nice, but I have to admit I was thinking something a little more, shall we say, intimate.” A sly smile stretched across the big guy’s face. He leaned forward in his chair and across the table so he was much closer to me. “I think you know exactly what I mean, Nick.”

There was no way for me to comprehend all that he was saying at first. My belief that I was somehow not “enough” for a guy like this overwhelmed my perspective and I had trouble grasping that he wanted to date me. I could feel myself rejecting the idea that I could be desirable to a man like this. I had been formed in a gay community that taught me guys were attracted to other guys that were just like themselves. Muscle studs liked muscle studs, tall guys liked tall guys, twinks liked twinks and so on. I stared at the smiling giant in front of me.

“I think I know what you mean, but I’m not sure that I believe what you are saying.”

“Why not?” He has a very serious face and that made me more nervous.

“Chase, come on. Aren’t you looking for some other big guy to date? It seems strange that you’d be attracted to someone like me.”

“Why?” It was obvious by the look on Chase’s face that he was not teasing me. He was truly sincere in his question.

“I don’t know. It just goes against the law of the gay world, I guess. I’m not the kind of guy that turns heads.”

“You would certainly make me take a second, a third, and many more looks, Nick. I don’t know why this is so bizarre to you.”

“Okay, this conversation has just moved over into the twilight zone – especially for our first time meeting each other. Please don’t make me sound like the crazy guy here; I’m just saying that guys like you are usually attracted to other muscle men. It’s not like the stories we read on those websites, the ones where the small guy gets the muscled prince charming. It just doesn’t work that way in the real world.” I was beginning to get a little frustrated.

“Again, Nick, why not? How do you know what I am attracted to?”

“I guess I don’t, Chase. It’s just that I imagined . . . I mean I thought . . . it’s just that . . . oh, hell, man I really don’t know what you’re attracted to.” Again the somewhat devilish smile crept across his face.

“Then ask me.” It was such a simple statement. It was such an invitation. It was such a calming moment. I took a deep breath and stared into his handsome face.

“Okay. Hey, Chase, what kind of guy are you attracted to.” I couldn’t ask it seriously because I was still so surprised by the guy. I made it sound like I was following some teleprompter over his shoulder.

“Well, Nick, it’s very kind of you to ask.” He decided to match my playfulness at first, but then he changed and became a little more pointed. “I’ve been pretty big all of my life. I was taller than and outweighed most of the guys I knew throughout junior high and high school. That’s also the time I began to notice I was different than most other guys. I didn’t join in the childhood tales of getting to second base with a girl or look at all the nude pictures of women that guys hid in the locker room. In seventh grade I truly knew I was different when I began to have dreams about one of my best friends named Jimmy. He was a short, skinny kid and my dreams usually involved me carrying him around, having him lay on top of me, or him asking me to do feats of strength. I had my first orgasm one day when I was daydreaming of little Jimmy running his hands all over my body. And it wasn’t just his smallness or his lust for my bigger body that turned me on. I was also excited when I thought about touching his dick and having him touch mine. I loved the thought of his small hand against my larger hand, his smaller prick against my bigger one, and me holding his smaller body against me. Looking back, it was a mixture of wanting to protect Jimmy and to dominate him. When he started talking about asking Louisa Stevenson to go steady with him, I got jealous and started ignoring Jimmy. Our friendship was never the same and, at the time, I didn’t understand. At one point I shared my thoughts with my mom and she told me that I was jealous and wanted Louisa for myself, but I knew at that exact moment I was really jealous of Louisa. I wanted Jimmy for myself. I didn’t know the term ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ at that time in my life, but I was certainly introduced to it in college. It was such a relief to be able to name all of my feelings. I embraced my homosexuality easily and began to look for someone like Jimmy that would make me happy. There was one gay bar in my college town and it was mostly filled with couples, old men, or hustlers. Most of the young smaller guys would never talk to me. Now I understand that they were intimidated, but at the time I thought they were stuck up or rude. I tried dating guys that were big, but they didn’t interest me the same way a smaller guy did. That’s when I turned to the internet and found the world of muscle growth stories. My life has never been the same since then! I mean it. I was able to find lots of stories where larger guys met smaller men and they lived together - happily ever after. I’ve met some great guys on many of the sites and that brings me to you, Nick.”

I could not begin to respond to what Chase had just told me. It felt like this conversation was part of an “out of body” experience. I simply sat there and stared at the beautiful man in front of me. When I was finally able to speak, I tried very hard to sound somewhat coherent.

“Um, thank you. I’m glad you are able to define, so clearly, what you are attracted to.” This statement made Chase laugh out loud. We sat in silence for a while. I was still trying to process all that Chase had shared and I know he was allowing me time to “catch up” with our conversation. Finally he cleared his throat a little and spoke.

“So, Nick, where do we go from here? I’ve made it clear that I’d like to date you and I think you’d like to date me. Am I correct?”

It is a weird thing to find yourself standing on the doorstep of your wildest dreams. There is part of you that wants to jump in and let the shock of all your desires surround you completely, but there is another part of you that can’t believe it and wants to close the door to keep things the way they have always been. I liked being in control of my life. I am a Blackberry kind of guy that has his life planned out to each minute. Here was a fucking huge bodybuilder asking me out on a date and I was hesitating. Why was I so afraid of living my dreams? Why did I find it hard to trust what was happening to me? I fought against all of the voices in my head - that were telling me to protect my heart - and I jumped through the imaginary door in front of me.

“You are correct, Chase. I guess where we go from here is on a real date.” The words that came out of my mouth seemed unfathomable as I spoke them. I looked around to see if people were laughing or staring in awe that the little guy was saying he and the muscled dude should go out. I was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to us.

“You mean right now?” Chase’s smile made it clear that we could have gone somewhere right then and there. As incredible as that sounded, I knew moving that fast would have put me in the funny farm. I needed time to process all that was happening.

“Uh, if it’s alright with you, Chase, I was thinking we could go out to dinner some night. I think I mentioned online last night that I need to go into work for a while today and I have some errands to do.” The face that Chase made was overly dramatic and very pouty. “Please don’t take that the wrong way. I really do want to go out with you.” This made Chase’s face light up with another smile.

“Then how about tomorrow night? I know that it is Sunday night, but I don’t want to wait longer than that.” His words, again, caught me off guard and caused a reaction in me that was a mixture of excitement and something akin to terror. I was still trying to get my mind around the fact that this man, that matched all of my fantasies, wanted to go out with me. Part of me still didn’t want to go because I was fearful I’d botch it up and we wouldn’t stay friends. I swallowed hard and tried to ignore the frantic beating of my heart and the raging hard-on in my pants.

“Wow. Tomorrow night. That soon. Well, sure, I guess that would be fine.”

“Gee, please hold down the excitement, Nick.” Chase was now making fun of me.

“I’m sorry. It’s just this was so sudden and I really didn’t think we’d . . . I mean I didn’t think you’d be so . . . oh, forget it. Tomorrow night is great. I’m looking forward to it.” I flashed a fake smile and tried to sound energized, instead of confused.

“Great. How about I pick you up around 6:30? I know a great seafood place near here. Would that be okay?”

“Yes. I love seafood.” I tried to make my answer as positive as possible, but it only sounded forced. I think Chase understood what I was feeling completely.

We stayed at the coffee shop for about another forty-five minutes. We chatted mostly about stories we loved on the site where we met. These were similar to conversations we had previously had online, but they now had completely new meanings since I knew what Chase looked like. When he spoke about a story where this construction worker flexes his muscles and performs feats of strength for a businessman that has watched him from his office window for weeks, I no longer thought we were two guys getting off on dreaming about meeting the construction worker. No, now I realized that Chase dreamed of being the construction worker and meeting the businessman. I knew, from that moment on, when I read a story about a muscled guy on the website; he would have the face of Chase. For a second I became even more excited when it crossed my mind that Chase would think of me when he read stories featuring smaller guys. Toward the end of our conversation we had fallen back into something very close to the banter we had via our computers. I knew we’d never be able to completely go back to the way it was before, mainly because he was so fucking huge and I needed to readjust my views about him.

“Well, Nick, I know you need to get to work and I’d like to spend some time in the gym today. I need to pump up this body in order to get ready for a date I’ve got tomorrow night.” Chase slapped his sweatshirt-covered left biceps with his right hand to emphasize his point. He knew exactly the effect his words and actions would have on me. I reached under the table and adjusted my re-energized hard-on. “Both hands on the table, mister.” Chase smiled at me and I turned a deep red, again. He stood up, swung his right leg over the back of the chair in a very dominant male sort of way, and then pushed the chair into the table. He looked at me with a face that seemed to say, “Are you walking out with me?”

“Umm, if it’s okay with you, Chase, I think I’ll sit here and finish this cup of coffee.” I was looking for any excuse to use so I wouldn’t have to stand up at that moment. There was no way I would be able to hide the fact that my pants had a wet circle at the crotch and something that looked like a large cucumber pressing against the fabric. Chase reached down and lifted my cup off the table.

“This cup’s empty, Nick.” The man was a heartless tease. “I guess you’ll have to get in line for some more.” He smiled and it was such a mischievous look he gave me. I lifted the book in front of me from the table.

“Well then, I guess I’ll just sit here and read a few more chapters of “The Hours.”

“The let me give you some good advice, Nick.” He reached down and turned the book in my hands right side up. “It’s a little easier to read when the pages aren’t upside down.”

“So I hear.” There was no way that my face could have possibly gotten redder. I was like a blabbering idiot in front of this man. Well, a blabbering idiot with a tremendous hard-on. I looked down at the pages, trying to act like I was reading. Chase grabbed the sides of the small table between us and leaned down towards me.

“I hope the reason you don’t want to walk out with me is what I think it is. And for the record, I’m having the same problem.”

I looked over the top of the book and saw his face first. His smile had grown wider and full of white teeth. Chase then stood up and my mouth dropped open. There, slightly higher than the table, was his crotch. I was astounded at his lack of concern that there was a huge bulge – in the shape of a long, fat, hard penis – stretched out across the top of his thigh. I was speechless. My own hard-on twitched and more pre-cum leaked out, causing the wet stain to grow larger, I was sure. I knew, now, I’d be sitting in the coffee shop for at least another forty-five minutes. Chase was obviously as proud of his package as he was his body. He put his hands on his hips and let his middle finger press into the large tip of his outlined penis. He knew this would make my body shudder.

“Just something for you to think about, Nick, before our date tomorrow night. Please email me your address. I’ll see you tomorrow night at 6:30pm sharp. I’ll make sure to wear something to make you happy, or excited, you choose. Thanks for meeting me today. I think this will be a friendship that definitely grows – just like other things seem to be growing.”

Chase held out his hand and I raised mine placing it into his open palm. Chase turned my hand upward and bent down to lightly kiss it, never taking his eyes away from mine. I have to tell you, I have never had a man kiss my hand in public before. A myriad of emotions streamed through my body. The prevalent one was that of pure joy. A muscle god was kissing my hand and telling me he was looking forward to a date – with me! But I also immediately noticed that people around the coffee shop looked at us with some shocked faces. I also felt a rush of desire for this man and it was overwhelming. All of this seemed like only things in the background when I focused on the feeling of his soft, full lips pressed up against my skin. I could think of no feeling that would equal the one at that moment, well there was one other feeling that could top this one, but I wasn’t ready to go there with this man – at leas, not in the coffee shop. We had just met! I was not a slut. I always liked taking the time to get to know someone. I knew the dangers of fast, lust-filled romances that ended quickly and weren’t that pretty. I knew that this beautiful big man could break my heart as easily as he could flex one of his monster biceps and that made me cautious. I wanted to get to know him as completely as possible before jumping into bed. I hoped, with all of my fragile heart, that he wanted to do the same. And all of my fears about going too fast seemed to slightly disappear as I felt those sexy lips on my hand. It was quite obvious that I was smitten. But the look in Chase’s face, as he pulled back from my hand, was the face of a man deep “in like,” as well. He let go of my hand, but I left it sticking out in the air like a statue. I was too captivated by the body of this man to notice anything I was doing. Chase pushed the hand back down to the table.

“See you tomorrow night. Have a great day.”

“You too, Chase. You too.” My voice was soft and dreamy.

Chase just smiled and then turned to walk away. Even as my gaze stayed focused on his muscled ass I could sense that other people were watching him leave, as well. At the door, he turned around to look back at me. I could see the large bulge in his pants even at this distance. Chase winked at me and then exited the shop. I didn’t breathe for a few seconds. It was as if I had forgotten how to inhale and exhale. After about thirty minutes, I was finally able to leave the coffee shop. It took that long because I could not get my mind to focus on anything but my memories of Chase – his body, his smile, the large bulge in his pants, how comfortable he was with himself, his body, wait did I mention his body? The man was unbelievable. I began to wonder if I had fallen in the shop, hit my head and, because of my concussion, dreamed the entire meeting. The rest of my day was completely shot. I went to work, but I did nothing. I went to my home email or to my messenger account every five minutes to see if there was something from Chase. I remembered that I needed to send him my address, so I did – along with a note that I re-wrote twenty times before hitting send. I was still under whelmed with my final choice:

Hey Chase. It was great meeting you today. I’m looking forward to our date
tomorrow night. Below is my address. See you then.

Yes! It took me twenty times to come up with that. I know, I know, I am so lame, but I didn’t want to come across too excited or too laid back. I wanted it to sound casual. When I re-read it later in the day, long after sending it, I panicked because I thought it just sounded idiotic and as if I were some junior high school dweeb. After four hours of just moving papers from one side of my desk to the other I decided to go home. As I walked the ten blocks to my place I began to daydream about Chase working out at the gym. I found myself wishing I could have been there to watch him exercise those muscles. It struck me that we might become close enough for me to ask him if we could work out together. I loved that thought. By the time I got to the front door of my building I had a raging hard-on for the umpteenth time that day. Simon, our building’s attendant, greeted me as I entered the lobby. He was an elder father-like man who loved his job and cared a lot about the tenants of the building. He had a special fondness for me and he knew my complete story from day one.

“It looks like someone has had a magnificent day!” His easy going attitude and cheerfulness brought me out of my dream-like state.

“Yes I have Simon. How did you know?”

“Mainly from the pup-tent at your crotch.”

“Simon!” My hands went quickly down to cover my hard-on. I shook my head. “You don’t have to call attention to it.”

“Are you kidding? That thing was screaming for attention so loud on its own that people four blocks away know you met some guy today.” Simon laughed at his own joke. I suddenly felt bolder, but I think it was mainly because the counter, where Simon was stationed, now prevented him from seeing my crotch.

“Well, as a matter of fact, I did meet a great guy. His name is Chase and we are going out tomorrow night.” Simon tilted his head down and looked at me over his wire rimmed glasses.

“Now don’t be too easy, young man.” This was Simon’s way of being intimate with those in the building – feeling comfortable to joke, but also giving fatherly advice.

“Don’t worry, Simon, my mama raised me right. I’ll make sure he pays for at least three dinners before I put out.” I knew that Simon loved it when I teased back. I actually think he liked to live vicariously through me. And the wild part was that he was a married man. He just felt that comfortable with people. He could comment about my hard-on and even seem to flirt with me, but I knew it was all friendly teasing. He had a lovely wife and three grown daughters. Simon was the kind of straight man that all gay people wished was their friend. “Now, I must go upstairs and begin to search for what I’m going to wear.” I began to walk toward the elevators.

“Well, if were me, I wouldn’t be wearing khakis and a button-down. You need to get hip, little Nickie. You tend to dress like an old man.” Simon laughed again at his fake cool-talk. I laughed out loud and looked back toward him as I entered the elevator.

“Well it’s not you and I think Chase happens to like little preppy guys. So there.”

“Suit yourself, Nick, suit yourself.” And with that the elevator doors shut.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I wonder how many people have similar feelings here? I guess it's a pretty varied crowd, but still, there are probably a variety of people who are looking for something or another in the stories they read.

Still, you did a really good job with this scenario. It was a good mixture of conversation and insight between the guys. It's nice to see something like this, and it was a good read on the whole.
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tojfs7931 is on a distinguished road
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Wow! Let me be the first to say your stories and the way you construct them leave me utterly breathless!
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Old January 7th, 2009, 11:14 PM
It's a Secret
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Synth.x is on a distinguished road
I really enjoyed that. It's a story crafted from the stuff of my dreams.

Thanks so much for it; I eagerly await more...
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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As always:

Very nice!

I'm looking forward to the next installment (and hopefully a shirtless Chase, with stats!)



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It's nice to see that romance is alive and well and living on the MGS Forums.
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philat99 is on a distinguished road
What a craftsman!

You crafted another great one. I really appreciate your attention to the mental gymnastics of a first meeting between seeming opposites. It's a great read and I'm looking forward to your follow-up chapters.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Fun - but lost, LOL
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That was both awesome and intriguing. Well done! LOL
Our three great gifts are life, the ability to laugh and to love. The greatest is life, but it is worth nothing without the next two.
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Originally Posted by Synth.x View Post
I really enjoyed that. It's a story crafted from the stuff of my dreams.

Thanks so much for it; I eagerly await more...
Yeah! Mine too!
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Londonboy, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! How did you break through into my fantasies?

Great job, as always!
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In all my years as the little guy who couldn't build or bulk I have yet to find that one muscle man that wanted a what I have to offer. All DO seem to want muscle for muscle.

I continue the fantasy, which is so easy Londonboy since you got in my head to write the story.
Fan of muscle strength power growth
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SuparMagicks is an unknown quantity at this point
Every story I read of yours is just perfect, Londonboy. Great structure, beautiful detail, realistic in a way too. To be honest, I never found a story of yours that's actually mediocre, however, I'm still searching as you could guess. Please keep up the good work, as I'm sure you'd do no less.

~five stars out of five~
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Very romantic to me. Thanks for a great start to this story. This muscle monster started off so nice. Pity.
worshipper, 5'8
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