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Old December 29th, 2008, 12:55 PM
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Mr. Muscle Daddy's Prize

[Okay, so I wrote this story as a little Christmas present to myself with the hope that others might enjoy it too. If so, happy holidays. Here's to a muscled New Year!]

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m into older musclemen. I haven’t ever tried to figure out why and I really don’t care to analyze it too much. I just know I like huge muscle guys that are around fifty-five years old or beyond. That’s why I chose to go to the Mr. Muscle Daddy 2008 contest at what you might call a “rough club” in downtown Los Angeles on a work night – yes, on a work night. I don’t usually do that, but when I saw that a place called The Dungeon would be hosting this special event for the first time in this city, I knew I had to be there. I figured I could make it through a Wednesday at work with little or no sleep, even if it would be the first time. I was pretty sure it would be the only time, too. You see, I’m one of those conscientious cubicle workers that never wanted to cause waves or let the company down. That’s also why I chose to work late and head down to the club straight from the office – it helped me feel good about going out on a Tuesday night knowing that I worked some extra hours.

The Dungeon proved pretty hard to find and when I got there I almost turned around and went home because it was down some dark street. I was determined, though and searched out the place. When I opened the heavy door of the warehouse-looking building, I was met by the sound of loud music. I didn’t recognize the song, but I knew it was some classic hard rock song – an oldie of some kind, which made me smile. I stepped inside and my heart sank as I realized I had gotten the wrong night. I looked around and saw that there were only three people in the entire place. The bartender was washing some glasses, a guy was over in the corner dancing by himself, and another man was playing a video poker machine at the far end of the bar. I turned to exit, but was stopped by the bartender’s voice.

“You here to watch the show?” asked the stocky bald headed guy as he stopped drying the glass in his hand for a second.

“Well he’s certainly not going to be in it,” said the guy at the poker machine laughing.

“Shut up, putz,” barked the bartender without even turning to the other man. “Down those stairs to the right.” He motioned with his head in the direction of a staircase and then continued to dry the glass.

“Those guys are going to eat you alive, preppy boy,” scoffed the guy at the poker machine.

“Ignore him,” added the bartender encouragingly. “Just down those stairs.”

It wasn’t until that moment I realized how my work outfit was all wrong for this place. I had on a light blue button-down and khakis. I didn’t let this deter me from heading toward the staircase, though. I was somewhat proud of myself for at least not wearing the tie or the dark blue blazer. Those were back in the car. I headed down the dark staircase and came to some double doors.

As soon as I opened one of the doors the small stairway was filled with light and noise from a huge crowd gathered in what was a large room with a big stage at one end and a long bar at the other. There were tables scattered in between and hundreds of guys were packed everywhere. There was a drag queen on stage rambling about something and I realized quickly that he was the emcee. The show must have been about to start because everyone was moving closer to the stage – with lots of eager boys pressing up against each other like a mosh-pit. I realized quickly that I did not care to get mixed up with that crowd. I noticed that the bar area had suddenly become pretty empty. I walked over, sat on a stool, and ordered a beer. I was very happy with my choice in seats because I could see the stage clearly. My doubts about my clothing were confirmed when I noticed that most of the guys at the club were either in jeans, leather, or nothing but shorts. I was definitely cheered up, though, by the ratio of older men at the place – most of them looking pretty beefy. Maybe I would find some daddy who would make me his slave.

Suddenly the high-pitched voice of the emcee announced that the 2008 Mr. Muscle Daddy contest was beginning and he would introduce the twelve contestants one at a time. Each man would come out on stage, strut a little, and then join the line up at the back of the stage so the audience could compare the daddies. The winner would be awarded based on the audience’s response. The winner got a thousand dollar prize and a huge, heavy-looking trophy that stood at the edge of the stage on the right. After explaining the rules the emcee began introducing the contestants. After the first three guys had come out I was already pleased with my decision to come to the bar – even on a work night. Each man was packed with muscle and met my criteria for a daddy. Most of them had gray hair or salt and pepper hair, wore revealing clothes like t-shirts or leather, and seemed to be self-assured just like a good master should be. I was in muscle daddy heaven by the time we had watched nine of the contestants enter the stage and do something to try and get the audience to like them the best. One guy even ripped off his t-shirt, revealing a pretty nice body and causing the crowd to go wild.

Contestant number ten was introduced and when he walked out from behind the curtain at the side of the stage my heart stopped beating. I noticed the light brown work boots first. They looked big enough for a family of four to sleep in. I then let my eyes wander up a pair of well-worn, skin-tight jeans that left nothing to our imagination. You could see striations and veins in this man’s thick-as-tree thighs through the denim. His calves bulged out so much that the right pants leg had a rip that revealed part of the perfectly formed muscle in the back. The guy wore no belt because, the way his thighs flared out and the way his ass ballooned out in perfect bubble fashion, he didn’t have to worry about those jeans moving down at all. I couldn’t believe how tight the jeans were - except at the waist. The muscle daddy of my wildest dreams had the stomach of a teenager and that made it possible for someone to easily slide their hand past the waistband of his pants. He wore a flannel shirt that was unbuttoned and had the sleeves cut off, no; I believe it was more like the sleeves had been ripped off. His arms and his torso were tanned in a way that made his skin look hard and tough, but in a very sexy way. His hands caught my gaze and made my cock stiffen. They were huge with thick fingers and I could see that his palms were rough and calloused – probably from lifting.

The two giant beefy arms that hung from his monstrous shoulders, barely covered by the flannel shirt, were streaked with thick veins in that way that happens to older men that work out constantly. I couldn’t decide if I loved his triceps or biceps more – both seemed to bulge out to insane proportions and the guy wasn’t even flexing. When he did bend his arm I became light-headed because I could see the peak of his biceps split into two distinct mounds of muscle. The rest of his upper arm burst into different indentions and striations to emphasize some definition that would make a younger professional bodybuilder jealous. My lust for his huge arms was only interrupted because the guy pulled the two sides of his shirt back to fully reveal his tight cobblestone-like abs that, even though they were well defined, bulged out a little like those massive guys that participate in the world’s strongest man competitions. No matter how much his stomach stuck out, his enormous muscle-packed chest pressed out so much that I suddenly realized the shirt wasn’t buttoned because it couldn’t be. If the guy had managed to get the buttons through the holes on the other side I was sure that even a shallow breath would have ripped the shirt to shreds. One of his meaty pecs, alone, was thicker than my entire body.

The man’s face was like the perfect finale to his incredible body. Most guys my age would not have found this man beautiful, but to me he was sex-on-a-stick – a very thick, bulging stick. He had silver hair that was full, but cut short. He had a closely trimmed beard that matched the color of his hair. His face was tanned, as well, but it also had manly wrinkles at his eyes and around his mouth. It was a face that demanded your attention because it was so masculine. The guy had a smile that made my body quiver all over – it was both inviting and threatening at the same time. He came across as someone that could charm the socks off of you in one moment and in another he could make you piss in your pants because he had barked out orders like a drill sergeant.

Most of the contestants up to that point had run around the stage dancing or doing other things to get the crowd wound up. This muscle daddy merely walked to the middle of the stage down front and began to flex different parts of his body. He started with a double biceps pose that actually caused the room to go silent for a few seconds. I have a feeling that everyone shut up because at that exact moment all of their blood was rushing to their cock – just like mine. As soon as everyone regained control of their bodies the room erupted in screams of lustful delight. The man then put his hands behind his head, pushed one leg forward a little, and crunched the middle of his torso hard. I knew if we had put bricks in between his abs they would have been crushed to smithereens. That’s how much power was in this man’s stomach muscles. In the middle of his flexing I noticed two things about the guy that excited me even more. First of all, he was beginning to break a sweat, just from how hard he was tensing his body. I licked my lips from the thought of running my tongue between those hefty pecs and catching the drops of man musk that were running down his body. I was pretty sure I could smell this daddy’s powerful muscle aroma across the room. The second thing I noticed, and I was sure that every one else saw it, as well, was this guy’s cock growing in his skin-tight jeans. This rock-hard daddy was getting off on his own muscle display. His thick tube of man-meat was pressing down the inside of his left thigh and looked like it might bust through his jeans at any moment.

By this time the crowd had gone wild. The big man turned sideways, pulled his shirt back from his pecs and gave us a chest shot that made his upper body appear thicker than a tank. This was also when I noticed the other contestants. They were all looking at the man with a mixture of disappointment, because they already knew they were beaten, and deep lust because they all wanted him. It was obvious that they had known early on, even when they were backstage, that this big man was going to win. They had each been going through the motions – hoping that the alpha daddy, at center stage right now, might notice them. I glanced back at the muscle master still dominating the room and saw that he had his mouth open wide and was teasingly flicking his tongue at the audience – just to get them even more riled up. I was in daddy heaven because he was sweating even more by this point and that’s when he brought both of his fists down in front of him busting into a most muscular pose that I’m sure made a few guys cream in their pants. Something happened next that caused me to hear nothing else in the room but the pounding of my own heart. The big guy on stage had scanned the audience and he suddenly locked eyes with me. And he kept his gaze on me – not moving on to anyone else as he tensed his body harder, making all of his muscles pop out even more insanely. Veins covered his upper body and even poked out across his forehead. He relaxed his tense body and stood back up, but he never broke eye contact with me. His stare scared me to death and excited me at the same time. I watched mesmerized as the guy flexed his right arm, causing the peak to go even higher than before. While he was still staring at me he took his left forefinger and pointed at the bulging biceps, turning to look at it. He then looked back at me and pointed at me with the same finger. It was as if he were saying, “This biceps for you.” It barely registered that the crowd had turned to look at me because I was so entranced by the huge daddy on the stage. And just when I thought my private show might be over, the guy turned his face back to his bent arm and brought the massive biceps to his lips. He kissed his own arm lovingly and then turned towards me again. He blew me a kiss and ended by licking his lips.

I was so blown away by his actions that I completely missed the emcee saying that there was no reason to bring out the final two contestants because number ten was obviously the most massive Mr. Muscle Daddy the audience had ever seen. This caused the crowd to go crazy with excitement. They brought out a sash with the title written on it and draped it across the new winner. They had a little trouble getting it down over his massive chest and I breathed a little heavier as I watched the white material become darker where it soaked up some of the muscle monster’s sweat. The emcee re-announced that the prize was one thousand dollars and the huge trophy that two men now carried over to the new champ. The huge muscle daddy easily took the trophy with one hand from the two men and lifted it into the air above his head. The emcee then invited the 2008 Mr. Muscle Daddy to say a few words. When he spoke my cock twitched in my pants because his voice sounded like a whole driveway of gravel. It was a sexy baritone voice that boomed throughout the room. He looked at the drag queen and smiled.

“I’m glad to represent all you muscle daddies out there. Here’s to only getting bigger and better as you get older.” With that, the beefy guy took a deep breath and inflated his chest so much that the sash ripped in two places and fell to the ground. “And I don’t mean to seem ungrateful or anything, but you can keep your money and your trophy. The only prize this muscle daddy wants is that pretty little thing sitting back there in the blue button-down shirt.”

At first I didn’t believe what I heard. The big man was staring right at me, but I still wasn’t sure of what he had just said. The crowd looked at me again and then erupted into loud cheers. My mind was rushing in many directions at the same time. I began to get a little scared of what might happen next when suddenly guys on either side of me hoisted me off my stool and carried my body over to the crowd. They kind of tossed me to the waiting hands of everyone and I was passed overhead up to the stage. It sort of registered that the emcee was telling Mr. Muscle Daddy he could have anything he wanted because no one was going to stop him. When the crowd finally pushed me onto the stage the massive guy walked over to me, grabbed the back of my head with one of his meaty hands, and then bent down pulling my face to his. I was close enough to get a good whiff of his manly scent and it made my knees buckle. He pressed his lips against mine and the feeling of his beard and mustache thrilled me. A strong tongue shot between my lips and filled my entire mouth. His kiss definitely reflected his cockiness and his obvious strength. The power of the suction of his mouth caused my cheeks to pull inward sharply. The kiss ended and there was tremendous applause and hollering from the crowd. Mr. Muscle Daddy let go of my head and let his hand fall down to my ass – grabbing it tightly. He then stood up and I was easily lifted off the ground. He pulled me close to his body and held me there like I was his trophy. The crowd continued to go wild. He continued to squeeze my ass roughly and then turned his head towards me.

“Yeah, fucking great ass,” he said, in a way that worried me and thrilled me at the same time.

After that he walked to the edge of the stage – carrying me as if I weighed nothing – and then jumped down to the ground. The crowd parted for him as he carried me back up to the bar. Mr. Muscle Daddy placed me back onto the stool where I sat earlier with his one hand and then looked at the bartender.

“Two whiskeys, Pete,” he bellowed out smiling.

“Yes sir,” answered the guy behind the bar.

Two shot glasses were placed on the top of the bar as Mr. Muscle Daddy looked over at me and winked. I was still too in shock to do anything – speak, run, or even pee in my pants. I just sat there like a good little boy. Once the glasses were filled to the brim, Mr. Muscle Daddy grabbed one and downed it quickly. The strong liquor seemed to have no affect on the man. He swallowed like it was water. I instinctively reached out to get what I thought was my shot glass.

“Not yet, son,” said Mr. Muscle Daddy and his voice made my entire body freeze in fear.

He put his hand on my shoulder, obviously to calm me down. He then dropped his beefy paw to my lower back. He grabbed my belt and the top of my pants and lifted me off of the stool, turning to face me as he did it. He then reached over and picked up the full shot glass. I watched, mesmerized, as he put the glass in the valley at the base of his two muscled pecs. He squeezed the mounds together slightly and then took his hand away. The glass stayed in place with some of it sticking slightly out. He bent over slowly, making sure he didn’t spill any of the whiskey.

“Now,” he said looking at me.

I brought my lips to the glass. He bent over a little more and that allowed the whiskey to flow into my mouth. I didn’t know if the burning sensation in my body was because of the liquor or because I was so close to his muscled chest. I pulled back and he pushed the glass further into the space between his pecs. I could not see the glass anymore. I watched as he squeezed his chest together and I heard a muffled shattering sound. Mr. Muscle Daddy then relaxed his chest and little shards of glass fell to the floor. He reached up and brushed off the pieces still sticking into his skin as if it were just a little dirt.

“How much for the glass, Pete?” the big man asked.

“Nothing, sir,” Pete answered. “I’ll pay for it because the show was worth it.”

This caused the massive man to smile. He didn’t turn to me when he spoke next. But he did slap me on the back – I’m sure it seemed like a light tap to him, but it sent me flying into the bar and it hurt a lot.

“What do you think of my prize, Pete?” he asked, ignoring how my body had been abused.

“I think he’s a keeper, sir,” Pete answered.

“So do I, Pete, so do I,” the muscle daddy responded and then he turned back to me. “What’s your name little man?”

“Um, Dexter. Dexter Robertson,” I answered, fumbling for words since I was still in shock and a little pain from being forced into the edge of the bar.

“Good name, little man,” He replied. “I think I’ll call you Dex. My name’s MD.”

“Nice to meet you MD. Are you a doctor?” I asked and Pete laughed out loud. I also noticed that the muscleman in front of me smiled.

“No, boy, it stands for Muscle Daddy,” He said. I quickly nodded to show that I understood that it should be his name, since he was the epitome of a muscle dad. “Well, I think it’s time for you to help me get cleaned up. Come along Dex.”

And with that he grabbed me around the back of my neck, tightened his grip, and led me through the bar to the bathroom located off to one side of the stage. There were a couple of guys at the sink when we entered and they turned to look at MD as soon as they sensed something huge was in the room. The giant man merely signaled at the door with his head and the two guys quickly left – one even forgetting to zip his pants. Once they were gone, MD pulled me around so we faced each other.

“You into older musclemen, kid?” MD asked.

His tone and his words bothered me a little, but I was so in awe of the man that I didn’t let on. I simply nodded yes.

“I thought so,” he replied. “And are you a good little muscle pig?”

“Yeah,” I answered quickly.

“You might want to rethink your answer, Dex.” MD said with a sudden serious tone. “You’re in the presence of someone older, bigger, and much stronger. There’s a proper way to show respect. Now, once again, are you a good little muscle pig?”

“Yes sir.” I replied – a little weakly, because I was disappointed that I had let MD down.

“That’s a good pig. And tell me, does this little piggy want to go to the muscle market?” MD said teasingly.

“Yes sir.” I answered, a little more strongly.

“Well then let’s give you a little taste of what’s to come. I think you probably noticed that your muscle daddy got a little sweaty out there on stage, didn’t you, boy?” MD asked and I’m pretty sure he knew how excited his question made me.

“Yes sir,” I answered.

“Well, then let’s use your pretty face to wipe up some of that sweat, shall we.” MD added as he grabbed the back of my neck again..

He brought my face to his chest – hard. My nose shot with pain as it met his pecs, which felt like a massive stone wall. I instantly forgot about how bad it hurt after I inhaled deeply and got a huge whiff of his pungent, masculine scent. A blind person would have been able to easily recognize how big and built this guy was just from the smell that radiated from his strong body. It was a mixture of something sweet and something raunchy. Only a man that ate all the right things and was all natural could exude a fragrance that was so nice, but only a man that worked out with a mind-blowing intensity could produce an odor so enticingly offensive. I wanted my face to stay in this position forever. MD had other plans, though. He gripped the back of my neck even tighter and I knew I would be very sore the next day, but for right now it felt fucking incredible. He dragged my face back and forth across his sweat-covered chest - letting my cheeks, my forehead, my hair, and the rest of my head soak up the heavy sheen of liquid his body had produced. I knew, in that instant, that I would never wash my face again because I wanted to be covered with his smell for the rest of my life. If this night ended with MD no longer in my world, at least I would have this incredible remembrance of him. The big, heavy hand at my neck forced my face down across his rigid abs and I heard the huge man laugh when he cleaned out his belly button by shoving my nose into the big hole and twisting my head around to get every drop of sweat. Every now and then I’d let my tongue escape from my mouth and run across part of his firm-as-concrete skin. My taste buds would be rewarded with what seemed like a combination of sea salt and something earthy, as if his body was squeezing out a musky protein drink.

“Yeah, that’s a mighty fine job, boy,” said MD in what sounded like a very pleased voice. “Now it’s time for what you really want.”

I felt his huge body bending down as he turned my head upward. I saw where my nose and mouth were going and my cock began to dribble pre-cum in excitement. MD had raised his right arm and he thrust my face into his cavernous, hairy, sweat-drenched armpit. I registered no pain from how hard he pressed against my head, because I instantly began to lick, suck, and kiss that magnificent, muscled part of his body. I let my teeth pull at his damp pit hair while my mouth was rewarded with what seemed like the juice of the Gods. My tongue worked overtime, not wanting to miss any part of this muscle cave, and I could hear MD grunting with pleasure. Finally, the big hand pulled my head from the armpit and I whimpered like a disciplined puppy. MD laughed and then brought his lips down to mine and kissed me harder than he had earlier on stage. I was worried that the man was going to shove my teeth down my throat, so I merely opened wide and let his tongue pound the inside of my mouth and throat. As we were kissing MD switched hands at my neck and I knew what was coming next. He stopped kissing me and I was quickly rewarded with a trip to his other muscled, sweaty armpit - repeating the pleasure and the tongue bath I had given him earlier. I, again, whimpered loudly when he finally pulled my face from his second pit. He chuckled as he looked down at me.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do,” he said, moving his hand to the side of my face and forcing his thumb between my lips into my warm mouth. I immediately began to suck hard and realized he was giving me a little reward for doing such a good job of cleaning his hard body. He continued to talk as I sucked on his big thumb, which actually felt like a cock in my mouth. “Good job, little man. I think we’re going to get along fine. I knew you would be good for me the minute I saw your preppy little body perched on that stool. There’s just one more thing I need to check out, though.” He pulled his thumb from my mouth and I ran my tongue around my lips just to get another taste of his salty, manly sweat that covered my face. MD took a step back from me. My body immediately missed his massive presence and my neck longed to be gripped by his powerful hand. “Turn around Dex, drop your pants, and bend over. Daddy wants to check out what he’s won.”

I knew it wasn’t a polite request, my new muscle master was giving me an order and my body was so on fire for him that I could not have refused even if my life had depended on it. I turned around and my pants dropped to the floor before I finished the movement. I bent over quickly and grabbed my ankles, wanting to show off how flexible I was. MD let out a long whistle and, afterwards, I looked up at him from between my legs and watched as he licked his lips slowly. My cock was pressed up against my bent stomach because I was so excited that my ass pleased him.

“Yeah, boy, that’s the only trophy this big daddy needs,” he said as he let his hand come down and whack my ass. It hurt like hell, but I knew I shouldn’t squeal or budge an inch. I took the spanking with pleasure and concentrated hard so I wouldn’t shoot the load that had been building within me since he walked out on stage. “Good boy. Way to turn pain into pleasure. That ass looks fucking tight. You’re going to make your daddy really happy later on. Now pull up those drawers, son, we’ve got some fun waiting for us out in the bar.” I pulled up my pants and turned to face my master. “But first, I think we need to take care of a little business. Give me your cell phone.”

I reached in my pocket, pulled out my phone, and laid it in his big palm. I smiled because it looked like a child’s small toy in his huge paw. I doubted his giant fingers were going to be able to push the buttons.

“You got your boss’ number in here, little man?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I responded, without even questioning in my mind why he wanted to know. I just automatically followed the lead of this muscle daddy.

“What’s his name?” MD asked as he turned on the phone.

“Henry. Henry Smith, sir.” I answered.

Somehow the big fingers of MD were able to maneuver the buttons of the tiny phone to scroll down and find the number of Mr. Smith. It was his office number. I knew no one would be in the office at one in the morning, but even if they had been I wouldn’t have cared. I still didn’t get what MD was going to do, but I was on fire with anticipation. I could hear my boss’ voicemail pick up on the line. MD waited for the tone and then spoke with such a masculine voice that I envisioned Mr. Smith getting a hard-on as he listened to the message later that day.

“Yeah, Smith, this is Dexter Robertson’s muscle daddy calling.” The big man’s words caused me to shiver with delight. “I wanted to tell you that my boy won’t be able to make it to work today. He’s going to be busy taking care of some fucking huge muscle. As a matter of fact, little Smithy-boy, Dexter won’t ever be in again. His services are needed elsewhere and his new boss pleases him much more than you ever could. You can just give everything in his tiny cubicle away and forward his last check to his home. And listen, puny man, don’t even think about causing trouble for my son in any way, because I’ll have to come down there and tie your little body into such a tight knot that they’ll have to cut off limbs to set you free. And by the way, little Henry, you can pull your hand out of your pants now.”

MD then hung up the phone and closed his hand around it. I watched as he tightened his fingers and I could hear the body of the phone being crushed. My face must have shown some distress, because the big man just smiled and opened his hand. The only thing that remained was a tiny ball of crushed metal.

“You won’t ever need that thing again, little man. You won’t need anything but what I can provide for you. And with these guns,” he said as he raised his arms into a double biceps pose, “I can provide you with everything you’ll ever desire – and then some. You understand what I’m saying, Dexter?”

“Yes, Mr. Muscle Daddy,” I replied, like a good boy.

The giant older man in front of me smiled and then placed his big hand at the back of my neck again – it was a feeling I already cherished greatly. He pulled me into his hard body and kissed the top of my head.

“Yeah, Mr. Muscle Daddy has the best prize ever,” MD said lovingly. “Let’s go begin a life of muscle fun.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Wow an awesome story! Just hope the IRS doesn't come a calling when he is late on his taxes.
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It looks like Dexter...

... is the one who won first prize.
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where can i find my muscle daddy
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I was just thrilled! You gotta love those stories where the muscle daddy is so much manlier, stronger and more capable than the younger guys, it really feels amazingly hot!

Thanks a lot for sharing it with us dude

Happy new Year!
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Feel free to share your gifts with us anytime you want. Super hot story that sounds like a dream come true.
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nice!!! keep going!
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Old January 4th, 2009, 08:01 PM
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GAMuscleFan is on a distinguished road
Great job! Looking forward to seeing what MD can do with that mass & strength of his!
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Old January 4th, 2009, 08:35 PM
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You have a knack for writing. the description you used was tremendous. I don't usually go for muscle daddy stories but I like the dominance/control theme without that much forcing, kind of a self-confident respect owed and received. Way to go. Would like to read more of MD and Dex.
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Old January 11th, 2009, 06:42 PM
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Can't wait for follow up to the next part of the story to read about what's this daddy's up to!
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Old January 11th, 2009, 07:09 PM
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I've enjoyed every story of yours that I've read, and this is certainly no exception. I really admire your quality and enjoyable sense of fantasy.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old August 29th, 2009, 04:07 PM
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Oh my God, that was one of the hottest stories I've read in a while... :/

What I would give for that to happen to me, LOL.
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Old September 4th, 2009, 06:58 PM
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going for a second part i hope to see what happen next? great story so far
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