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Old December 27th, 2008, 11:45 AM
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Robby's Imaginary Muscleman V

Part V: There’s Something About Charlie

I was still trying to fully grasp the fact that I had just made the biggest man I had ever met turn bright red with embarrassment. All I did was agree with my five-year-old son that Charles was indeed very huge and equally as handsome. It had been a truthful statement, but I’m sure the monstrous muscleman understood all that was underneath my simple statement. I was basically telling him that he rocked my world tremendously, and not just because he pumped out a bunch of push-ups with my son and me sitting on his back, no, it was much more than just the reaction of the hardened cock in my pants. Charles had seeped through the cracks of a wall within me that had been put up years ago, when my partner - the one that decided to have a child with me and then abruptly left – ripped my heart from my body. It was pretty symbolic that the muscled giant in the room had brought down my protective wall like Samson toppling some huge structure. Yes, Charles was some kind of superhero that had flown into my world and within three hours had made me open myself to the point where I said things that were profoundly honest and very revealing. Charles knew everything that had caused me to take this incredible risk – the fact that my son liked him very much, the fact that his body turned me on beyond my wildest fantasies, the fact that I needed someone very strong to offer support secure enough for me to trust it, and the fact that I desired to please him as much as he did me. This is what made the pumped up, gorgeous, muscled stud turn red. He had no idea how much his reaction pleased me. I knew better, however, than to draw attention to his feelings.

“Who is ready for dinner?” I asked, attempting to move focus off of the heaving chest and bulging arms of the huge man that had swept up my feelings so quickly.

“I am, I am,” shouted Robby and he ran out of the room, headed down to the kitchen.

Charles and I stared at each other. He turned a deeper red as we simply looked at each other with an intensity that filled every inch of the room. The big man started to breathe harder than before – as if his body had just caught up with the fact that he pushed the weight of all three of us into the air for a multitude of push-ups that were perfectly performed. I knew better, though, and smiled at the fact that my mere presence – just a few steps away – was causing so much excitement that his body was having trouble keeping up. Suddenly, I felt even more powerful than the muscle god before me. I knew that I was in control at that moment and I also knew that this feeling might never come again. I walked over to the big man and he took a deep breath as I moved within touching range. I raised my right hand and placed it on his massive chest – which was protruding out so much that I knew he couldn’t begin to see his own feet if he glanced down without bending over. My hand immediately felt heat coming from his body. His t-shirt also felt like I was touching fabric that had been thinly stretched over an enormous thick boulder. I didn’t move my hand at all; I simply let it rest against his powerful chest. I concentrated on letting my energy slowly flow from my body through my hand into his pecs. I could visibly tell that my touch excited him, but the longer I pressed my palm into the shirt over his hard skin and let my calmness flow into him, the more he started to breathe normally and his heartbeat stopped racing. Charles shut his eyes and I knew he was being surrounded by a peacefulness that was created by our bodies beginning to syncopate their rhythms. I longed to do so much more than rest my hand on his chest, but now was not the time. I knew Robby was waiting for us at the dinner table. The big man began to smile, before he even opened his eyes. We had made a connection that no words could describe. I removed my hand and we looked at each other again. We were both still on fire with desire for the other, but we were also ready to join my son for dinner. There was the unspoken promise of something happening between us later, but for now it was all about the three of us sharing a meal.

“Shall we head to dinner?” I asked. All Charles could do was nod his head in affirmation. I turned and led him to the dining room downstairs. He took the seat on the other side of Robby and I went into the kitchen to bring out food. Robby, of course, talked non-stop during dinner. He raved about the fun he had riding up and down on Charles’ back as he did push-ups and then he moved on to even more important stuff like the latest SpongeBob episode. I would catch Charles’ eyes every now and then and we’d smile at each other – both about Robby’s enthusiasm and the growing lust between the two of us. By the time we started to clear dishes from the table, I was nervous that one of us was going to jump the other in a fit of uncontrollable passion. I opened a few windows in the dining room and kitchen to help cool down the fire between the big man and myself, but it didn’t help. After dishes were done and everything was put away, Robby begged us to play a few rounds of Crazy Eight. Both Charles and I got lost in the game, forgetting about our desires for a few moments as we watched Robby get excited and then frustrated as he would begin to win, but end up losing. My son was very competitive and would cheat if you didn’t watch him closely. I could tell that Charles threw a few games just to make my son happy. This pleased me a lot, mainly because I, too, was very competitive and found it hard to let my son win. I always felt Robby needed to learn to win and lose, but I wondered if I really just wanted to justify my need to win!

During the last round of our card game I noticed that Robby’s eyes were beginning to close as he became more tired. It had been a very exciting day for him. Both Charles and I maneuvered it so that my son would win the last game, which seemed to renew his energy. He did not argue at all, though, when I said it was time for bed.

“I’ll just be a few minutes,” I said turning to Charles.

“I can come too, if it’s okay. I know the routine,” Charles replied, “brush our teeth with Spongebob and then we read three books.”

“That’s right!” I said, before it even registered that he had nailed our evening routine. I could not believe he would know this. “Did Robby tell you that?” I looked at my son.

“Naw, dad, Charlie’s been here, remember?” Robby answered. But before I could say anything in response Robby added, “Charlie, you come too. And you sleep with my dad again tonight.”

I stood there shocked at what my son had just said. I was sure my face turned bright red. I suddenly forgot everything else that had happened and became confused as to what to say or do. I could not believe Robby would say something, but I forced myself to remember how young and innocent he was. He did not mean anything more than what he was saying.

“Robby, that’s not a nice thing to say.” I said, a little too quickly. I should have thought for a second before I responded.

“Why?” my son asked.

“Well, it’s just that we don’t . . . I mean we have to ask people if . . . you can’t . . .” I was trying hard to figure out how to explain what I meant.

“It’s fine, Robby. I’d love to sleep with your dad,” interrupted Charles. I turned to him quickly and he was smiling at me. He winked, as if to say, “Just humor the boy,” but I wasn’t sure that’s all he meant.

“Well . . . okay, then,” I answered, immediately getting hard again as my mind drifted to the idea of lying in bed beside this huge man. I then added, “It will be like a sleep over.”

“Gee, dad, old people don’t have sleep overs,” responded Robby laughing, “Charlie’s going to sleep with you because he’s gonna be my new dad.”

This was too much for me to handle. I was completely lost in my lust for Charles, my bewilderment at my son’s remarks, and the pressure I felt at my crotch. I quickly realized that I was staring at my son with my mouth wide open. I gathered my strength quickly so I wouldn’t freak out too much. I remembered some of the things that I had been reading in all the parenting books piled up beside my bed and I moved in the direction I thought best. I simply ignored what Robby had said. I knew that if I didn’t make a big deal out of what he was suggesting, it would simply fade away from our memories. Well, at least, that’s what I hoped.

“I think it’s time for us to brush our teeth,” I said quickly, trying to cover up my confusion and embarrassment.

“Yippee!” Robby yelled, throwing his hands in the air, and turning to run out of the room. I heard his steps as he ran up the stairs. I followed immediately, not even looking at Charles. I could not even imagine looking him in the face at that moment.

“I think I have an extra toothbrush in my bathroom,” I said as I left the room.

“Don’t worry Marshall, there’s a SpongeBob toothbrush for me in Robby’s bathroom,” replied Charles. I stopped in my tracks for a quick second, confused by this statement since I had forgotten about the extra toothbrush until that moment. I regained my momentum and continued up the stairs to join Robby.

The three of us brushing our teeth together proved to be much harder than I anticipated, and I mean that in many different ways. First of all, there was little room in the small bathroom once the hulking frame of the gorgeous muscleman visiting us filled it. Our arms kept brushing up against each other and something akin to electricity would shoot through my body and come to full force in my cock each time. It was difficult also because there is a huge mirror in Robby’s bathroom and I found myself wanting to stare at Charles’ bent arm as he brushed his perfectly white teeth. The bicep bulged and stretched the fabric of his shirt so much that numerous times I just stood there staring as toothpaste foamed out of my mouth and down my shirt like I was a rabid dog. I realized midway through our teeth cleaning that Charles was completely aware of what I was staring at and that he was flexing his arm even more just to torture me. At one point I caught his eyes in the mirror and he smiled as he stopped moving his toothbrush up and down just so he could pump up his bicep extra hard – so hard, in fact, that the fabric made a noise as it screamed from being stretched too far. I almost shot a load as I began to imagine what it would be like to watch the sleeve of his black t-shirt rip across the beautiful thick peak of his upper arm. The only thing that prevented me from cumming in my pants was my son picking up on the chemistry between Charles and me.

“You guys like each other, don’t you?” Robby asked. I looked down at him quickly and saw that he had a huge smile across his face. He had obviously been done brushing his teeth for a while.

“Well, of course I like Charles,” I said and sprayed toothpaste all over the mirror in front of us. I had forgotten to rinse before speaking and this caused Robby, as well as Charles, to start laughing uncontrollably. I managed to regain some order in the room, rinsed my mouth, and said, “Okay, you two, into the bedroom for some reading.”

Robby squirmed passed me and then I pressed my body up against the sink as Charles walked by. There was plenty of room for the big man, but he purposely pressed his body against mine as he walked behind me. I gasped out loud and this caused him to chuckle a little. I was pretty sure that I felt his very hard cock as he passed by and this caused my body to shake with excitement. We caught each other’s glance as he exited the room and I saw him mouth the words “You’re beautiful.” I had to stand at the sink for a few seconds after he left the room to calm myself down. I pressed my hardened rod up against the tiled top of the sink cabinet to intensify the feeling that Charles had caused. I knew if I didn’t stop daydreaming about seeing the big man naked I was going to blow my wad. I pushed away from the sink and moved toward Robby’s bedroom.

“Okay Captain, time for a book or two,” I said moving towards the reading chair. “Charles can sit on your bed and listen.”

“No, daddy,” Robby said, pulling at my hand, “Charles will sit first and we both can sit in his lap. That way we all get to see the pictures.” I felt my face flush red for the umpteenth time that evening.

“Robby, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said looking at my son.

“Please, daddy!” Robby pleaded. “I know Charlie wants to.”

I looked at my son’s happy face and then turned to Charles. The big guy shrugged his shoulders and lifted his palms upward as if to say, “What are you going to do? - We should please the boy.” I knew I would get no help from him. I looked back down at Robby as he tugged on my hand with excitement. I knew instantly that I would not disappoint my son, but I wondered if I was going through with his new request just for him or if it was really for me. It didn’t matter; Charles moved to the chair and sat down. He then spread his big, thick legs and patted his massive right thigh inviting me to sit down. I suddenly became immobile as I anticipated touching his bulging body. Robby brought me out of my lustful coma as he pulled on my arm, leading me over to Charles.

“Umm, what book should we . . . I mean what story do you want to . . . uh, you need to choose something to . . .” I tried to force words out of my mouth as I moved towards the beautiful man before me. If Robby had not been leading me I would not have been able to make it the few steps across the room. “Robby . . . what do you think . . . um, would be . . .?”

“Don’t worry dad, I’ve got some books,” interrupted my son as I turned my body so I could scoot between Charles’ big legs.

I was being careful not to touch him while I moved and I kept my eyes locked on his, mainly so I wouldn’t stare at his gigantic body as I got closer. I inhaled loudly right before I bent my knees and let my ass connect with his solid-as-steel leg. When my body touched his it was like some kind of explosion went off in my stomach that sent shock waves throughout every part of me. I could not believe how sturdy his leg felt. Suddenly, Robby climbed into my lap and let his body lean partly against me and partly against the protruding chest of Charles. I felt a giant arm reach around my body and then a strong hand grabbed my outside shoulder and pulled my frame into the same wall of firm muscle my son leaned against. A small whimper escaped from my body. Immediately, Charles lessened his grip on my shoulder.

“Did I hurt you Marshall,” the big man asked and I could tell he was truly concerned.

“Umm, uh, no . . . no, I’m fine. I just wasn’t ready to feel all of your . . . I mean, I wasn’t expecting for you to feel so solid . . . no, what I meant to say is that you just caught me off guard, that’s all.” As I spoke I sounded like a complete idiot. I looked at Charles’ face and saw that he was smiling at my response. I could tell he completely understood how his body affected me. And by the feeling of his large, hard tube of man-meat pressing up against the back of my legs, I could tell that Charles was impacted by me in the same way. Touching his stiff dick caused my heart and crotch to start pounding harder. I was sitting as straight as a board because I was nervous that even the slightest movement would send me beyond a point of no return and I would fill my underwear with cum. My breathing became slightly labored and I was suddenly nervous that I would not be able to read any of the stories that Robby had chosen. I glanced down at my son and saw that his tiny head was resting up against Charles’ massive right pec. I noticed the outline of an erect nipple, which seemed the size of a wine cork, pressing against the fabric at Robby’s eye level. I suddenly had an urge to switch places with my son and let my dry mouth wrap itself around that hard nub of muscle and suck like my life depended on it. Robby’s laughter snapped me out of my dream-like state. I looked down at his face and saw that he was chuckling at me.

“You sure are small beside Charlie, dad!” he said innocently, but it still stung a little. I looked down at my own chest and then back to the slabs of marble-meat behind Robby. What I saw caused me to laugh too. My body seemed so small compared to the huge man supporting us. I even noticed that my toes barely touched the ground sitting on Charles’ bent leg. “Read us this story, daddy.”

I looked down at the book that Robby placed in my hand and almost choked on my laughter. It was called “Simon Becomes a Big Boy.” All I could think of was how big the boy sitting in the chair beneath me was. It was a short book about a small boy named Simon whose parents marked his height growth on a doorframe in his house and how Simon never seemed to grow. The story ends with Simon being very pleased when he finally gains a few inches. It was a short book and didn’t take long to finish. It was strange that as I read the story I completely forgot about sitting in the lap of a big man and I simply enjoyed the feeling of Robby, Charles, and me being so close. I shut the book after reading the last page and looked at my son. Robby was still awake, but I could tell he was fighting sleep.

“Well I get as big as Charlie, daddy?” he asked me, without looking up.

“Not many people get as big as Charles,” I said quickly without thinking and then added, “but maybe you will, captain, maybe you will.”

I suddenly felt a hand on the side of my head. Charles pulled me gently so the side of my face rested against his beefy shoulder. It was so comfortable and secure that I simply let my body mold into the contours of his muscle. Charles let his meaty arm slide down my body and left it wrapped around me as I opened the next book chosen by my son. It was a book we had read a thousand times about a dog that gets separated from his family, but finally reunites with them and all ends well. It was one of Robby’s favorite and he usually chose it to fall asleep to. I glanced down as I started and saw that my young boy had already shut his eyes. I knew he would be asleep before the second page of this story. I did not anticipate, however, that I would also fall asleep as quickly. My voice trailed away as I finished the second page.

I woke up a little later and was confused as to where I was – but it suddenly came rushing back when I looked over at the massive chest beside me. I glanced up at Charles’ face and saw him smiling down at me. I then looked at my boy in my lap and saw that he was fast asleep. He was nestled between Charles and myself – something that pleased me greatly for some reason. The big man that I was resting on let his arm drop from my body. It was as if he read my mind, I slid from his leg and held my son in my arms as I stood up. I moved to Robby’s bed and Charles stepped over to turn down the covers as I approached. I placed my son down so his head rested on the pillow. I then pulled his sheet and blanket over him. I kissed him gently on he head and then stood up. I was a little surprised as the big man beside me bent down to kiss him, as well. I wasn’t jealous, but it did catch me off guard – even if I was secretly pleased. I stood there looking at Robby as I felt Charles leave the room. I knew he was giving me a few minutes alone with my son. When I exited Robby’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar, I knew instinctively that Charles was waiting for me downstairs.

As I entered the family room connected to the kitchen the big man was standing in the middle of the room with a glass of wine for me. I quickly noticed that the glass contained a red wine, and I could tell by its look that it was my favorite Malbec. How did this man know me so well was a question that filled my mind, but I pushed these thoughts aside as I quietly accepted the glass from the bodybuilder in front of me. I also noticed that he had poured a glass for himself. We silently brought our glasses together and the sound of them touching each rang through the room. I stared at his emerald eyes as we quietly toasted each other and was mesmerized by his beauty. It was the first time that I realized his face was one that I could have easily dreamed up in a fantasy – Charles looked similar to the men that I longed for at night. We both took a sip of wine as we stared at each other. I knew nothing about the man standing in front of me, but I was sure that my feelings for him were more than a mere friend.

“Here’s to Robby,” Charles said raising his glass again.

“He likes you a lot,” I said raising my glass to his.

“And what about his dad?” Charles asked after taking a sip of wine, “Does he like me too?”

His question caught me off guard. I froze with my glass in the air. I needed a moment to process his question. I watched as Charles calmly took another big gulp of his wine – obviously waiting for my response. I gathered my thoughts and processed the events of the evening that had passed by this point, before I answered.

“I think you already know the answer to your question. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I felt something that firmly confirmed your answer to the question as to whether you like Robby’s dad.” I said in response, sounding a lot cockier than I truly felt.

“You are very correct,” Charles answered, smiling at me. “I was wondering if you noticed. I have never wanted something as much as I want you – how does that answer your question?”

My cock ached even more than it did before his comment. I could not fathom that this muscleman wanted me as much as I wanted him. I began to doubt even the hard-on that pressed against my pants, wondering if all of this might be some kind of strange erotic dream. I took another sip of wine to prove to myself that what was happening was, indeed, very real.

“I wasn’t just trying to appease Robby earlier when I said that I’d like to sleep with you, Marshall. I’m hoping that you really will ask me for a sleep-over,” Charles said, pulling me out of my stupor of doubt. It took me a few seconds to register what he had just said, but it took me no time at all to ask my next question.

“Would you stay the night here, Charles? It would please me very much.” I said staring at the big man and speaking firmly, but softly.

“Yes,” he replied simply.

We stood there staring at each other. You could have cut the sexual tension in the room with a butter knife. It felt like neither of us blinked for a full ten minutes. I had no idea what was racing through Charles’ mind, but mine was full of visions of him undressed. I desperately wanted him to take the lead because it had been so long since I had made it to this point with any man. I was beginning to lose my nerve when he slowly, but deliberately, moved into action. He put his wine glass down on the counter, walked over to me, took my glass from my hand, placed it on the table beside me, and then bent his knees slightly placing one hand on my back and one behind my knees. He lifted me into the air effortlessly and never took his eyes from mine. I let my body fall into his strong arms, giving him control completely. Charles then began to walk around the room and took me to every light that was on so I could turn them off. Mid way through the task I realized he was taking me to each lamp or switch in the exact pattern that I did every night. It was as if he had watched me many times and had memorized my late night ritual. I smiled at this thought and closed my eyes in delight as the man of my dreams easily carried me up the stairs toward my bedroom. I only opened my eyes, taking me out of my thoughts of coming pleasure, when he stopped walking. I knew immediately that we had stopped at Robby’s door. Charles was maneuvering my body through his bedroom doorway so we could check on my son. This small action did not go unnoticed by me. I was overcome with even more desire for this incredible man because he seemed to care for my son almost as much as I did. Once we saw that Robby was sleeping soundly and was covered by his blanket, we continued down the hall to my bedroom. Charles walked directly to the bed and gently placed me down. He stood back up, remained at the side of the bed, and looked down at me smiling.

“Will you indulge me in one little fantasy, Marshall?” he asked in a whisper.

“Of course,” I replied quickly, without even thinking about it. I wanted to please this man that much. No matter what he wanted, I was ready to live out many fantasies with him.
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Oh.. I have waited a long time for the next chapter. You certainly have a way with the words. You so aptly put the love and lust they feel for each other into words.

Don't keep us waiting too long for the next installment.
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Very nice. Loved the way you captured the concept of restrained lust. I was hanging on each word. ;-)

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"Restrained lust" respecting the innocence of childhood. What a concept. Keep up the great work.
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What a great holiday gift!
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Oh WoW!!. Keep Writing please. It's just so good.

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This just makes the holiday season extra-special!
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Goose flesh! I have goose flesh from this captavating story! Thank you for the warm and fuzzy feelings your words bring.
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Augh. What might Charles' fantasy be? The mind boggles at the possibilities from the pure sex that (that will surely follow) to the sublime happiness of wanting to become Robby's dad. Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter.
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and now we must agonizingly wait till part 6
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Lovin' every minute of this muscle mystery.
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I keep fearing...

... that Marshall will wake up and this will all be just a dream. Archaeon's and Philat's comments about "restrained lust" and "respect for the innocence of childhood" were especially perceptive. For some time, this forum has featured stories that go beyond mere lust or muscle growth. This one is another classic! This story does leave me all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for your effort, Londonboy!
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Man, I LOVE SEXUAL TENSION!!!! This story is just great. Personally, I could die a happy man if I had a flirtation like this!
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Dayum, this is THE best story I've ever read, no joke. Initially I was a little opposed to having a small child feature in a muscle-growth story, but you wove the intricacies and subtleties of the narrative with all the finesse of a master storyteller. Now I'm thinking that the story simply wouldn't work without Robby. Your work is, quite literally, a stroke of genius. I know what's coming in the next chapter and I'm just so pleased and relieved that Robby is sleeping soundly in his room.

This story gets 10 out of 10. My 24 year old nephew is straight and has never read muscle-growth, but he knows quite a bit about my stories. I was going to one day let him read one of mine to start him off (he's very open-minded), but fuck it, I'm getting him to read this instead.

Londonboy you are the BEST writer on this forum, if not one of THE best writers I've ever experienced. I'm not ashamed to admit that you make my work look like kindergarten stuff, cos Im just honoured to read you. Fantastic. And now that Robby is sleeping soundly.... let the man-muscle-frolicking begin. "Yippee" I scream with arms raised, and onto chapter 6.
"Flex for me! Grrrr, I said FLEX, dammit!!!"
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