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Post NEW STORY - Transform: New Blood (Postscript, Part 2)

Transform: New Blood

Postscript, Part Two

Jackson was instantly at the keyboard to his computer, the hard on between his legs wagging like a flagpole in a stiff wind. He was considering doing the online version of the transformation, but the fact that he could have one of these men as a guest in his own apartment, all to himself, was almost more than he could stand.

The site came up slowly. It was probably getting hammered. He wondered whether there were enough trumen to meet demand. He looked at the Join link for a moment, rubbing his fingertip across the mouse button, before moving his cursor to ‘Contact’ and waiting for the form to fill the screen.

There was a short paragraph of greeting and some copy about congratulating him on his decision. He filled in his personal information and came to the menu of choices for his coming transformation.

a) Make an appointment at my local T Gym
b) Receive a packet containing Transforming fluid
c) Link to the online Transformation method
d) Request a T Gym representative to pay me a very personal visit

He clicked D and hit the enter key.

Shockingly, it was only a moment later that his cell phone rang, vibrating in his pocket eagerly. The caller ID showed that it was coming from T Gym World HQ, and the area code meant that was in New York. Trembling with excitement, he clicked the line button and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Jackson, my name is Chuck.” Even over the slim connection of his poor cell signal, the other man’s voice dripped sex. He had a deep, dark, husky voice and Jackson could practically hear his grin through the phone line. “I understand you’re interested in meeting me.”

“Yes.” His mouth was dry, He was literally shaking.

“How interested are you, Jackson?”

He gulped. “I’m extremely interested.”

“Are you hard right now, Jackson?”


“Is your hand on your cock?”

He placed it there. “Yes.”

“How close are you, Jackson?”

“How close…?”

“Are you gonna come, Jackson? Are you one stroke away? Two strokes? Or do you need someone’s eager and talented mouth to suck on your fat joint and make your toes curl?”

“Oh, holy fucking Christ.”

“Mmm, perfect. I can almost taste you already.” The man on the other end of the line laughed softly. “I’d love to come… and meet you, Jackson. When would it be convenient for you?”

He swallowed hard. “Any time.”

“Right now?”


“Yeah, Jackson. Do you want me to come over right now? Do you want me in your house, at your feet, kneeling before that huge hard-on you’re holding in your grip? You want my tongue wrapped around it as I finger your hole and massage your balls? You want to look down into my eyes while I swallow every last gush of cream you can deliver, Jackson?”


“I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.”

“Where are you?”

But the line was already dead.

Jackson felt a sudden sense of panic set in. His apartment was a mess. He was wearing yesterday’s T-shirt and unwashed jeans, which he attempted to re-button over his angry, urgent erection. The carpet needed vacuuming and the whole place was filthy with dust. He wanted to impress this man, he realized, and worried he’d be a disappointment to him. He was just starting toward the kitchen to put the dishes into the sink when his bell rang. Someone was downstairs. Someone wanted in.

Jackson wandered toward his front door and activated the camera attached to the intercom that faced his guest’s visage, to help him determine if it was friend or foe seeking access. The camera was positioned at around Jackson’s own height, he knew, and was equipped with a fisheye lens to gather all the visual info it could.

But all he could see in its view at the moment, in grainy black-and-white, was a man’s naked chest. It was huge, stretching to fill the entire screen, with a clearly defined, deeply etched crevasse sandwiched between a set of gargantuan pectoral muscles. The skin that spread itself across those mountainous pecs seemed to gleam, slightly, its furry expanse broken by two fat, firm, lickable nipples pointed toward the sidewalk. Their caps looked as large as peanuts, with silver dollar rims aching for Jackson’s mouth. His cock grew harder.

He pushed the intercom’s talk button and said, “Hello?”

A deep and powerful voice answered. “Hello, Jackson. It’s Chuck.” The chin of the man dipped into view as he leaned down to speak. It was chiseled and firm and square of jaw, with a dark shadow of whiskers surrounding his obviously full and moist lips. He smiled then, and his perfect teeth shone as if lit from inside.

Jackson answered, “You’re very quick!”

“Not in everything,” he answered. There was no mistaking his tone. “May I come up?”

“Oh! Oh, yes, sorry. Of course. It’s number 406.”

“Yes, I know. You put it on your application form.”

Jackson admitted the mysterious man into his building and looked around hurriedly, trying to figure out what needed the most attention, but he had no time to do anything because there was a knock on his door, and he stood there excited and afraid in equal measure. He reached out and closed his hand around the doorknob, and turned. The door opened with a loud complaint and Jackson raised his eyes to look at his guest.

The man on the other side of the door was completely naked from the waist up. Gloriously, erotically, fantastically naked. He was huge in every sense. Seven feet tall. Possibly taller. His body was overwhelmed with brawn. That was the word that leapt into his head. Brawn. Not mere muscle, not the bulging bellies of tight power that a bodybuilder possessed. The man’s muscles were more beautiful, more powerful, more amazing in their sheer size and perfection. He looked, to Jackson, like what a bodybuilder would look like if everyone else already looked like an ordinary bodybuilder, and this is what they would become if they worked out.

The thick forest of dark curls that spread across his chest and wound down between the egg crate of his 8-pack abs only heightened the effect of his overwhelming masculine power. Fat, perfect nipples poked through the fur. His shoulders were gifted with thick lobes of power and his arms owned a collection of massive muscular beauty accentuated with fat veins that seemed to pulse and bulge as he stood there. Though his legs were caressed by the tightest pair of blue jeans with the lowest possible waistband that Jackson had ever seen – they were very, very close to being indecent – it was crystal clear that his legs were every bit as muscled and defined as the rest of his body.

A scent surrounded the man, and it quickly enveloped Jackson. Untamed and wild, it was a funky collection of sex and ball sweat and leather and earth. It was a toxic perfume of heavenly erotic bliss, and it sank into Jackson’s senses like a hot shower.

The smell reminded him of cock and ass, and his gaze naturally fell to the man’s crotch, where there appeared the obvious outline of one thick, amazing prick. Inches long if not an entire foot, the fat shaft, beer can thick, pressed forward proudly against the straining denim, winding across to his narrow hip and ending in a full, heavy cap easily identified under his jeans. It was a thing of epic sexuality and made Jackson’s mouth water.

A voice said, “Hi, Jackson,” and the sound drew his attention up from the collection of muscle and cock to a face that had him on the edge of creaming his jeans. Chuck had green, green eyes and a mouth of sensual beauty surrounded with a dark collection of whiskers carefully trimmed. He looked devilish and handsome, and that sensuous mouth broke into a sideways grin that made Jackson feel faint. One eyebrow arched on his masculine brow and a gleam of mirth and lust shot through his bright jade gaze. “Can I come in?”

“Fuck,” Jackson said quietly.

“Well,” he answered, slowly easing the door further open and stepping around the much smaller man, “that, too.” He walked with a sleek, sexual grace and his ass moved like two heavy globes. A furry crevasse could be seen peaking above the hip-hugging jeans between the two bubbles, bobbing around each other. From behind, his legs were lined with more of that consummate and perfect muscle, thick cables and heavy wedges dancing and flexing as he moved. He turned around and smiled, and Jackson melted. “But introductions first. Then fucking. I’m Chuck. I’m exceedingly happy to make your acquaintance, Jackson.”

The god held forth his hand and waited for Jackson to accept it. When he did so, a heavy shock of something sexual and orgasmic passed through Jackson’s body and the other man, rather than simply shaking his hand, pulled him easily into his muscular embrace and leaned his heavenly face down toward Jackson’s and set his full, moist, warm lips to Jackson’s own.

It was a kiss like none Jackson had ever experienced. Passionate, hot, lustful, erotic, needful, loving and complete in its delivery. The man could definitely kiss. And his body felt as hard as iron, but the skin that covered that collection of muscle was warm and smooth and silken under Jackson’s groping hands. The scent of the man grew very strong, and Jackson decided he never wanted to smell anything else ever again. Something shoved at Jackson’s belly, and he realized all at once that it was the man’s huge cock, already swelling toward erection, growing thicker and longer by the heartbeat.

He sucked in a breath and broke the kiss, pulling back slightly to catch his breath. “Fuck,” he said again.

“I like a man with a one-track mind,” Chuck observed. “Particularly that track.” He straightened, more than a head taller than Jackson, and folded his arms across that gigantic chest. His cock was definitely lengthening, Jackson could see it growing fatter in the giant man’s pants. The tip seemed already to be drooling a steady stream of precum that made a dark, growing stain on the blue denim. The gigantic appendage was slowly, but continually, plumping with size, pumping hotter and fuller and longer every passing second. It seemed to be shoving his jeans outward, as if it were some kind of muscle in itself and wanted to rip free of its cage. “Did you like the show?”

“What?” Jackson couldn’t look up from the amazing display that Chuck’s cock was providing.

Chuck nodded his head toward the television, where his comrades were still being interviewed on national television. “The show. I wanted to be on it, but they were afraid I might do something rash.”

Jackson realized Chuck wasn’t talking about his amazing dick. “Like what?” He licked his lips and swallowed, eager to pull that fat tube of hard meat into his throat.

Chuck shrugged. His shoulders split and reassembled as the muscle swelled and flexed. “Fuck Williams. Send some sex vibes through the network. Something like that. I mean, look at the dude! Wouldn’t you fuck him?”

“I don’t think I ever really…”

“Yeah, he’s right fuckable all right.” Chuck’s deep voice drew Jackson’s attention away from the screen and he looked at the huge, furry, half-naked muscular man standing in his apartment. He scanned along the furrows and bulges and let his eyes rest on the massive shank of meat between his thighs and one of his eyebrows shot up. “Something amiss, Jackson?”

“I was hoping…”

Chuck looked down at himself. “Hoping what?” He moved his hands along every inch of bulging muscular glory until he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the straining jeans. “Oh, I see. Well, there’re still a few laws concerning public nudity, Jackson. Not that there are any jails that could hold me, but we try not to be too overly stimulating when we’re making house calls.” He started to undo the top button. “After all, it’s not everyone who can handle all I have to offer.” He popped the second button. “There’s a hell of a lot of me to love, Jackson.” The third button, evidently tired of trying to strain to contain all of Chuck’s ample cockmeat, popped open on its own. Then the fourth followed suit, and suddenly a thick inch of dick neck appeared. Chuck folded his arms across his chest again, and allowed his amazing colossal cock to continue its inexorable push towards its inevitable reveal. “And I’m very anxious to get started.” The final button popped and Chuck’s enormous wealth of prick fell out of his pants.

It was, indeed, a glorious sight. Huge, thick, perfect and beautiful. A cock created by god to showcase the perfection of man. The head shoved free of its cowl of foreskin and a thick silver strand of precum drooled to the carpet. Chuck moved his hand into the crotch of his jeans and pulled the rest of his ample equipment free, revealing a set of balls to make a hen jealous, large round eggs resting in a hairless sack. Chuck stroked himself toward erection and groaned deeply. “Ohhh, fuuuck,” he said softly.

Jackson gulped and blinked and watched the huge muscle man push the tight jeans off his body. His skin was bronzed and the muscle on his thighs and calves echoed the incredible size and definition already revealed by his upper body. He straightened and looked at Jackson, chuckling softly. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m pretty impressive ain’t I?”

Jackson nodded mutely.

“Cat got your tongue? Maybe you wanted someone bigger?” As Jackson watched, the entre collection of muscle that was packed on Chuck’s tall frame began to amplify. His chest swelled thicker and wider, each huge pectoral shelf divided and continued to swell, with each cable and fiber distinct and defined as they multiplied. His arms bulged even thicker and harder. His biceps ballooning with meat under his silken skin, and his triceps keeping pace, swelling outward magically. Each lobe of his tightly defined ab wall grew larger until his 6-pack became an 8-pack on its way to a 10-pack. The lobes of his calves spread wider and the fat wedges of brawn fighting for room on his thighs blossomed with new growth. Chuck was developing before his eyes, every muscle growing fatter and bulging with power. “How big do you want me?” Chuck’s head was slowly rising higher. He was approaching the seven foot mark and the muscle just kept swelling.


“What do you want, Jackson?” He smiled as the muscle continued to swell everywhere on his huge, majestic body. His chest kept gaining size and heft, the meaty muscular globes growing outward and downward as they just kept getting larger and larger. The hair across the powerful expanse spread across it all, and his fat juicy nipples increased their size to keep it all in perspective. The cords of his neck thickened. His entre body was continually growing taller and wider and ever larger with nothing but thick, amazing power. “Just tell me.”

“I thought… I was wondering…” Jackson’s eyes were locked on Chuck’s increasingly amazing but singular cock.

Chuck laughed softly and asked, “The twins?”

Jackson swallowed hard. “Yeah.”

“You want to see both of my cocks?”

“Yes, please.”

Chuck’s lopsided grin brightened into a smile of pure sexual lust. “Fuck, Jackson, why didn’t you just say so. I love letting the boys out for some fun.” He wiggled his eyebrows and looked down, and Jackson followed his gaze. Another massive prick unfurled from the man’s furry loins with a surprising suddenness, jutting out and down and hanging abundantly next to its partner before joining it in erect perfection, inflating with shocking speed and achieving its ultimate glory in seconds. Two perfect, fat, long, thick, massive and beautiful cocks. The top of Chuck’s head was now only inches from the 8-foot ceiling of Jackson’s apartment. His shoulders looked at least a yard wide, and the lats that flared below them were a foot wider than that. He was packed with muscle everywhere, thick and hard and bulging with power. His scent was stronger than ever, wrapping Jackson in a heavenly sexual embrace. His two cocks stood in throbbing perfection by the foot over a fat, massive ball sack, and his face was devilishly handsome, highlighted by that shit-eating sideways grin that said more than any words the man’s sensual voice could utter.

Chuck folded his arms across his massive chest and asked, “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable out of those clothes, Jackson?”

“What?” He looked up, finally.

“Wouldn’t you,” he said, stepping towards him, “be more comfortable,” he set his hands to Jackson’s T-shirt, “out of those clothes.” He pulled the shirt over Jackson’s head and tossed it aside. Chuck moved his hand over Jackson’s naked chest and belly and let out a low, soft moan of pleasure. “You have a beautiful body, Jackson. I can’t wait to watch you swell with power.”

Chuck’s touch along his skin was magical, sensual, almost electric. “How does it happen?”

Chuck moved his hands to Jackson’s belt buckle and undid it, then deftly unsnapped his jeans and unzipped his crotch. “How do you want it to happen?” Chuck moved his hand inside Jackson’s pants and grabbed his equipment and gingerly, but forcibly, started to grope his cock and balls. Jackson was already rock hard, and a gush of his precum erupted under the huge man’s expert manipulations. “Do you want me to go slowly,” he asked, stroking Jackson’s cock with aching patience, “or quickly?” And he suddenly thrust his hand under Jackson’s briefs and pulled his cock out, grasping the shaft and rubbing his thumb around and over the helmet before pulling his precum-slickened digit into his mouth and sucking Jackson’s salty essence off.

“Fuuuuck,” Jackson repeated, rising up onto his tiptoes.

“Well, that’s a given, Jackson,” he volunteered, “but that comes later.”


“For what? You’re doing everything absolutely right. Frankly, I’ve never found a wrong way of doing this. And besides, I’m here for your pleasure. I’m going to welcome you into my family in the best possible way. I’m going to enjoy this no matter what, belieeeeve me. So my question is… how do you want it to happen?” Chuck fell suddenly to his knees with a heavy thud and sucked Jackson’s stiff prick into his mouth, sucking with vigor and evident pleasure.

The warm, wet slurping of Chuck’s hungry mouth all over Jackson’s stiff prick was driving him batshit. It felt like there were two or three mouths pleasuring him. Chuck’s huge paw grabbed him by the shank and he felt the man’s furry head rub his belly as he started to quickly suck and lick Jackson’s rod. He was on the verge of cumming a fat load of hot cream when Chuck suddenly stopped and squeezed his cock hard. “Not yet, Jackson. Not yet. You’ll want to hold onto all that delicious juice for me. I’ll let you know when it’s time to cum.”

A firm, hot pain erupted in Jackson’s balls when he was denied his orgasm, but then Chuck set his hand against Jackson’s body and a wash of incredible pleasure radiated out from his touch. Filling him up from the inside with a glowing, powerful sexual bliss. “There you go, Jackson. Just hold on. The rewards will make it all worthwhile.”

Chuck pulled Jackson’s pants and underwear off his body before rising effortlessly to his feet again. He carelessly tossed Jackson’s clothing aside and looked down at his patient. “Yes, you’re going to turn out beautiful, Jackson. I can already see your new body emerging. Can you feel it? I’ve started changing you into someone even more amazing than you already are. Your outside is going to match your inside. Beautiful, powerful, strong and passionate.”

Jackson felt a sudden warmth coating his body. There was a perceptible tightening along his limbs, and around his chest and stomach, and across his shoulders. It felt as if his skin was growing smaller, and the accompanying warmth grew stronger.

“We’re going to do this slowly, Jackson, so you can enjoy every inch of muscular growth, and every second of your second cock’s development, and every moment of pleasure that comes with transformation into your new body.” Chuck grinned and winked. “By the way, Jackson, this is a hand’s on process. I hope you won’t mind.” Chuck lifted his hands and paced them against Jackson’s chest, resting his palms against each pec. “Here we go.”

The subtle tightening Jackson felt in his skin suddenly grew very strong, and he could feel something dramatic happening to his chest, in particular, and a strong sexual tingling erupted in his nipples as if they were being super stimulated. Looking down, he watched his pectoral muscles swelling outward as if by magic. His chest was inflating, and he felt the weight and power increasing in equal measure to the sudden muscular growth.

“Nice,” Chuck growled. He shifted his green gaze to Jackson’s arms and watched them start to swell in concert with his chest. The biceps filled in his upper arms and the triceps quickly caught up, creating highly defined horseshoes and swollen bulges of power that inflated under his skin. He watched Jackson’s network of veins manifest and thicken, feeding his muscles size and strength as Transform quickly multiplied and began to infiltrate every cell in his body. “Feel good?” he asked softly.

“Feels great,” Jackson answered, because it did. He’d experienced the subtle and satisfying burn that came with muscular development that happened at the gym, but it was nothing compared to this feeling of swelling power saturating his senses. He shifted his own gaze toward his shoulders because they were manifesting into his peripheral vision as they grew. His chest was easy to see growing, but it surprised him that his shoulders could get so large.

And it was only beginning. Suddenly he felt a throbbing sensation in his already hard prick and realized it was getting bigger. He reached down with his growing arm and grabbed hold of his hot, hard cock and felt it swelling in his grip, it was actually enlarging as he held it, the shaft shoving against his fist, forcing his fingers wider to encompass its quickly swelling size. The throbbing sensation echoed through his whole body, as if his heart was beating so strongly that it was physically enlarging him to accommodate its power.

Jackson watched Chuck move his hands down his body onto his belly and felt a sudden surge of strength and growth there and watched each abdominal muscle pop into power. His belly sucked down on the six-pack and it quickly grew fantastically defined, as well as the intercostals and the twin wedges of his Apollo’s belt grew distinct and thick.

“I think of myself as a gardener, Jackson. Used to think of myself as a sculptor, y’know, creating these works of art out of flesh and blood, adding muscle here, lengthening a cock, making a new one sprout and swell. But a sculptor takes something and makes something else out of it. A slab of marble becomes a man. That sort of thing.” Jackson’s chest blossomed forward, each globe of power swelling with mass and definition. “A gardener only helps things along, lets them bloom into their most beautiful form.” Chuck rubbed his fingertip around Jackson’s right nipple and it grew larger and larger. “A gardener can guide the growth, nurture it, use his talents to help something realize its own ultimate perfection and beauty.

“That’s all I do, Jackson. It’s already inside you. I only help you grow.

“A little more room, I think,” Chuck aid, and something inside Jackson seemed to snap like a rubber band stretched too far, and he felt the sensation of tightness and stretching suddenly grow very powerful. His bones were stretching to accommodate more growth, and his whole body was rising higher. He raised his eyes and looked at Chuck’s face, and the handsome god looked back at him and smiled. He was making this all happen. He was making Jackson grow taller, and wider, and heavier.

Jackson still had one hand on his cock and he was enjoying the sensation of it continually swelling in his grip when another sensation in his crotch made him gasp and blink. Chuck said, “Yes, here it comes,” and looked down to watch. Jackson joined him, gazing over his broadening chest and the tight six-pack of muscles on his stomach and saw something happening in the full, dark curls of pubic fur crowning his swelling prick.

It was the oddest sensation Jackson had experienced yet. It was both a pushing and a tugging in his groin, a tingling of sexual power accompanied by the now-familiar sensation of growth. He watched a tiny nub of flesh poking its head from his pubic hair, to the right of his still growing cock, exactly at the base where its massive shaft emerged from his groin. It was unmistakably a very tiny dickhead, with a small piss slit just visible inside a tight, thin cowl of foreskin. It emerged like a snake from his body, providing a growing sexual thrill as it emerged, as if his free hand was stroking it to erection, the entire new cock tingling with the sexual bliss that accompanies the stimulation of a man’s prick.

He watched with careful fascination as his second cock materialized from his body, so tiny at first and perfectly formed, but inflating with accelerating speed. The head shoved forward and a small shaft formed behind it. It moved straight out from his body until it was about three inches long when its weight and length allowed it to droop downward, which seemed suddenly to make it grow at a fantastic rate.

Now that it was a fully formed cock, it was swelling with amazing speed. Inch by inch it grew, and suddenly it was rising and swelling and growing shiny as the skin stretched tightly around its girth. The helmet was sheathed in a wealth of foreskin, so much that it covered the mushroom cap and gathered into a wrinkled donut around the tip, but the size of his second prick was gaining quickly on its brother, and it became evident that all that skin would be coming in very handy very shortly.

It was throbbing and tingling and felt that it was going to blow his load any second, and the two cocks together multiplied his sense of sexual power. His balls, too, were swelling larger, perhaps, he thought, to accommodate enough jizz to fill his two cannons for explosion. He moved his free hand onto his new cock and a hard, intense shock of erotic bliss shot through his body, and Jackson gasped and sucked in his stomach and felt his balls seize up. He closed his eyes and sank entirely into its power.

“Not yet, Jackson,” Chuck said. His voice sounded close, intimate, intense, as if it were inside Jackson’s own head. “You have so far to go. You’re so beautiful, Jackson. You’re perfect. Are you ready for more?”

“Yes,” he answered. “God, yes.” His own voice sounded strange to his ears. Deeper, purer, incredibly masculine and powerful. He felt lips pressing against his own. Soft, warm, moist lips. A tongue pushed against his mouth. He opened his lips and welcomed it inside. He sucked against it and kissed the mouth back, hungrily, eagerly, totally.

Jackson removed his hands from his twin erections to embrace and surround the god who was kissing and changing him. The other man’s body felt so warm and hard, he could feel every muscle move as Chuck began to pour immense quantities of Transform into Jackson’s system.

“The best part, Jackson?” Chuck paused as he pushed renewed Transform into Jackson’s swelling muscles. He let his own body radiate a saturation of The Touch, passing deep erotic bliss into Jackson’s entire body. “The best part? This is only the beginning. This is just a taste of what’s to come.” Suddenly, a cavalcade of muscular perfection started playing through his head. Chuck joined Jackson to the collective and sent him through the hundreds of men all waiting for his acceptance into the Brotherhood. African men with dark, smooth skin and monstrous muscles, European men with blue eyes and fat cocks, Asians with shining hair and dark lickable nipples, Hispanics with heat in their gaze and mouths ready for kissing, Native Americans, Russians, Indians, Thais, Koreans, Swedes, Frenchmen, Brazilians, Iranians, Israeli, and on and on and on and every combination of the above, huge, beautiful, perfect men defined not by their birthplace or their skin color or their language but by their unending, overwhelming, uninhibited lust and passion for him.

“Oh, Jackson, we are going to have so much fun fucking each other. Shit, Jackson, you think you’ve been fucked before? Just wait, Jackson. Wait until you feel me inside you. Wait until you feel me blasting gallons of warm, salty cream inside your guts, feeding your muscle, making you get bigger and bigger. And then, Jackson? You get to fuck me. You get to use those two huge cocks throbbing between your legs and shove them deep inside my tight, hot, perfect ass. Oh, Jackson, just you wait.”

“Awww, fuck… I’m gonna cum,” he growled. The tide was building. The dam was bursting. It was all too much.

“No you’re not, Jackson. Not yet. I know how you feel.” Chuck’s lips were at his ear. He was whispering into Jackson’s head. He was licking his neck. “I know you feel like you’re going to explode. I know. But you’re not going to, Jackson. Not yet. I’ll tell you when, Jackson. And it’s going to feel so good you’ll think you’ve died and entered heaven. Feel it? Feel that surging, swelling, explosive load in yur balls? Feel how your cocks – both your cocks, Jackson, you can feel both your cocks now – feel them down there? So hard? So hot? So thick and long? Fuck, you want to cum so bad right now. You’re right at the edge, aren’t you? Right at the edge…”

Jackson’s mouth was covered with Chuck’s. He was kissing him again, and flooding his body with Transform. His growth suddenly kicked up several notches and he groaned and swooned and felt energized and horny as hell. His cocks bulged and his muscles shoved against his tight skin and he got larger, still, and thicker, and stronger.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. “Oh, fuck.”

The two men stood naked in Jackson’s apartment. Jackson’s clothing lay shredded on the carpet at their feet. Jackson’s shoulders were visibly stretching wider. His neck was growing thicker. The lobes of muscle mounted on his arms were swelling fatter beneath his skin, the cables and fibers multiplying as veins appeared and reached across their ever widening expanses. The muscles that formed his back separated and grew ever more distinct as they grew, heavy rounded bulges moving beneath his flesh. His butt, each rounded glorious projection, grew thicker and higher, almost a shelf of brawn below the Christmas tree at the base of his spine. His legs pushed against each other. The muscle was so large that it was shoving his legs apart for more room to grow.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. His voice was a powerful bass growl. He rested his forehead against Chuck’s own massive shoulder and felt the other man’s masculine force pouring into his own body.

“Yes, Jackson. That’s it. Right there. That’s the beginning of understanding. Now you know what it feels like to be really alive, really a man. It’s fucking awesome isn’t it? That feeling of muscle and strength, so pure and hot and powerful. Fuck, your cocks are so big now they’re gonna fucking explode with cum, aren’t they my man? Aren’t they, Jackson?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“I’m going to fuck you even bigger, Jackson.”

“Fuck me,” Jackson pleaded softly. “Fuck me hard.”

Chuck lowered Jackson to the floor and looked down at the man before him, all his muscles slowly swelling larger, the mounds of his chest bulging wider and higher, the width of his shoulders growing by the inch. Jackson met Chuck’s gaze and said, again, “Fuck me hard,” pulling his knees to his chest and opening himself up to Chuck’s twin monsters.

Chuck smiled and set his hands to his cocks, one on each, and lubed up his steel-hard meat with the wealth of precum pouring from each eye. Then he moved his fingers to Jackson’s rosy pucker and slowly circled the entrance to his ass, pushing against the other man’s hungry hole and marveling at the way in which it sucked him inside. Jackson wanted him badly. His growing body was gleaming with sweat and his scent was growing stronger as Transform continued to change him.

Chuck dropped to his knees and leaned it, positioning his cocks at Jackson’s tight hole, playing them against and around the entryway. They were drooling clear honey that felt hot and wet to Jackson, and again he begged “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Chuck smiled, and shoved himself inside. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, Jackson. I’m gonna fuck you big and hard.”

Chuck started thrusting his hips and shoving his cocks into Jackson. With every deep thrust, the man before him swelled with sudden growth. Chuck was literally fucking Jackson bigger, pushing in waves of Transform with every piston fuck.

He pulled his 16-inch pricks nearly out of Jackson’s ass, slick and hot and hard, and Jackson moaned from their absence. Then, with a sideways grin and a powerful thrust, Chuck plunged his fat dicks fully into Jackson’s sweet, hot ass with an accompanying heavy dose of Transform, and Jackson’s muscular form suddenly swelled outward in every direction, bulging with fresh, hard brawn that piled upon itself in huge, thick cables.

Chuck withdrew again. 18 inches of cock, now. Fat and hard and hot. Feeling every inch of Jackson’s ass. Then pushing in again, slapping Jackson with his heavy ball sack, gushing hot cream and another wave of Transform, and again Jackson’s body grew. His chest exploded outward, the valet between each pec deepening by the inch. His arms stretched wider, and the muscles bulged and throbbed. His cocks stretched and thickened. His neck grew fat with muscle and his face resolved more fully into the perfected masculine vision he would become.

Jackson groaned and his voice was saturated with sex and male force. It shook Chuck and made him fuck him with renewed vigor, now easily pistoning his two 24-inch cocks in and out of Jackson’s ass, and every deep push made the other man grow bigger and bigger. Chuck watched Jackson’s development with open lust and wonder.

It never failed to impress him. No matter how many men he personally Transformed. Each one was better than the last.

“Oooohhh, fuck, yes.” Jackson’s voice was deep and powerful.

“Yes,” Chuck echoed. “Are you ready now, Jackson?” Chuck leaned forward, his cocks buried deeply inside Jackson’s ass. The two were one. Jackson opened his eyes and met Chuck’s gaze with his own. “Are you ready?”


Chuck nodded. “Here I come, Jackson. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Chuck. I’m ready.”

Chuck smiled his sideways grin. “I believe you are.”

He pushed his mouth onto Jackson’s lips and rested his chest against Jackson’s enormity and poured himself into Jackson’s body, suddenly shoving the full, unleashed, untempered, unbound power of Transform in its purest form into the other man’s hungry body through every orifice, every pore, every inch of his magical body, and Jackson was exploding with muscle and sex and growth.

Bigger and bigger, now. Growing by the foot in every direction. Bones breaking and resetting. Skin stretching. Muscle expanding with size and power. Bigger and bigger.

“Dude,” Chuck said softly, his voice a soft growl of restrained lust and unrestrained masculine power, “you’re amazing. You’re so beautiful. You’re perfect. I wish you could watch yourself. Feel yourself. Feel your muscles growing against mine. Feel your skin, so soft and smooth. You smell so fucking good, Jackson, Fuck, you make me hornier than anything, just watching you grow and get bigger and better and more beautiful by the second. Feel this?” Chuck blasted a thick, hot fountain of cum into Jackson’s ass. “Ooh, so good. You feel so, so good.” Chuck bent his mouth to Jackson’s again and kissed him deep and hard and true. He came again, his twin guns blasting another fat load of cream into Jackson. Then again. And again. “Fuck, you’re so good, Jackson. I could fuck you forever.”

"Do it, Chuck. Fuck me forever."

And Jackson kept growing.
The Following User Says Thank You to AKA For This Useful Post:
timaanv (September 2nd, 2013)
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Yay!!! This was awsome AKA!!!
Raimeiou Ikkitosen
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Wow, a classic ends. And my dick's as hard as ever.

Thanks for writing this and seeing it through to the end, AKA. I've been reading this ever since I started discovering my own sexuality, and the series has definitely grown with me.
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Thank You AKA. And thanks for ending with Chucker the Fucker.

Such a classic on such an historic day.

Here's to wishing you many more inspirations.

aka Braun1
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Old November 5th, 2008, 06:25 AM
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Thank you for this novel-length story, AKA; one of the very best ever presented on this site. I'll miss looking forward to more installments of this amazing work, but rereading it is still a pleasure. Well done.
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Old November 5th, 2008, 10:14 AM
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Talking You're Welcome!

And thanks for reading it all! I'll probably revisit one or two of the characters in some one-off stories, mainly because I really enjoy writing about them. Chuck, obviously, is my favorite of the several dozen Transformed dudes so ending it with a visit from the Fucker seemed both apropos and satisfying.

I've really enjoyed writing the series and I'm gratified and happy that some of you enjoyed reading it. I look forward to new works from our other authors, old and new, and thanks again to everyone in the forum for your support, reviews, suggestions and continued attendance.

Here's to more muscle!
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I wish you could of heard the laugh that came out of me. That is just sooo hot, man. Jackson is a lucky lucky man. And we are very lucky readers with authors like you posting stories like that. WOOF!!
Please Keep Writing.

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I've been a fan since the All-Male Muscle Archive days, and it's been a pleasure seeing your writing ability grow as big as the men you've transformed.

Congratulations and kudos on a job very well done.
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Old November 5th, 2008, 04:50 PM
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AKA, I keep forgetting to ask you about Sam! Remember Sam, one of the original guys who got transformed? He had the big dick, but wasn't ever able to fly. If you figure on doing a couple of one-offs, maybe you can let us know what happend to him. Unless - and this will put egg squarely on my puss - you've already developed his story further in one of the previous installments. I just can't remember.

Anyhoo....thank you again for this magnum opus.
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What a fantastic end?? to your Transform series. This series originally attracted me to the Forum and I've not been disappointed. What could you have up your sleeve to even consider a 5th part? New world order? Thanks for the great read!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Originally Posted by JohnNewEngland View Post
AKA, I keep forgetting to ask you about Sam! Remember Sam, one of the original guys who got transformed? He had the big dick, but wasn't ever able to fly. If you figure on doing a couple of one-offs, maybe you can let us know what happend to him.
That's going waaaaaay back, now. The way that Transform evolved, the individual fits and starts and differences that affected the initial group (one got very hairy, one was extremely tall, Sam had a gigantic phallus, etc.) disappeared and more and more men, and their genetic make-ups, joined the pool. Also, the all-encompassing meet-ups, as in the end of this "book," means that any individual powers or eccentricities that pop up during Transformation are shared by all, eventually. So Sam has become his most perfect self. And if he wants to walk around with a huge dick in his pants, he certainly can. But they all share the same attributes now, even though they are each also different in temperament, appearance and personality.
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Originally Posted by philat99 View Post
What a fantastic end?? to your Transform series. This series originally attracted me to the Forum and I've not been disappointed. What could you have up your sleeve to even consider a 5th part? New world order?
Yes, that is the end of Transform: New Blood. I don't have plans to make Book 5 of the series, but one never knows where or when inspiration may strike. It's very probable that I'll offer up some one-offs about guys getting Transformed, and it's most likely that Chuck will remain the protagonist of choice. I have ideas about some kind of superhero type stories, inspired by Patrick Fillion's comics like "Guardians of the Cube" and "Naked Justice" but no plans to do anything for a while. It took me months to finally get around to finishing this one!
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Originally Posted by AKA View Post
Yes, that is the end of Transform: New Blood. I don't have plans to make Book 5 of the series, but one never knows where or when inspiration may strike. It's very probable that I'll offer up some one-offs about guys getting Transformed, and it's most likely that Chuck will remain the protagonist of choice. I have ideas about some kind of superhero type stories, inspired by Patrick Fillion's comics like "Guardians of the Cube" and "Naked Justice" but no plans to do anything for a while. It took me months to finally get around to finishing this one!
Another great Transform story closes. Thanks for all the hard work...and hope to see some of the characters in the some form!
Without change, there can be no growth
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A nice and tight End to a great big story. Thanks so much for writing. As others have said, your stories were what brought me here in the first place.
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Ya know, I had a kind of a dream about that very same scene - a Truman on a talk show. We both know it has to be Oprah! Chuck wore a thong in deference to the sensors, but it did more to showcase his endowment rather than hide it. The thong was bright green, making a mockery of the fig leaf.

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