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Old Man Stevens - Part Seven

The mere fact that this silver-haired Hercules standing in front of me had just asked if it was time for my cock to release the load of cum that had been building all afternoon, caused my body to quiver hard in anticipation. I stared at the huge man that made the rest of the big room look small. His body looked like it was so hot and hard that it was ready to burst into flames like a meteor any minute and shoot through the wall of the building into the air. I couldn’t begin to imagine how Bud was going to top any of his previous moments of showing off his super human strength. It was obvious, however, that the intention was that I would offer my greatest thank you gift to this muscled master-daddy, which was gobs of Bud-induced, thick, hot jism bursting from my tensed body. I knew there was much more his armor-plated like body could do, but my wildest fantasies had already been met – when he easily put his fist through the wall and made a larger archway, when he pressed an almost three-hundred pound grown man against the ceiling with one arm, when he flattened two bullets in his mouth like he was biting down on cereal, when he compressed a revolver the way most children crushed Styrofoam, or when he made a thick cock ring with what used to be the gun, or, maybe it was my favorite, when he held two men in the air – with a combined weight nearing six hundred pounds – with nothing but his giant, steel-like dick. How could I even begin to “think outside the box” and come up with something new his body might do, when I was still shaking from memories of all that my senior muscleman boyfriend had already done? Bud obviously mistook my body’s motion as something else – or he was just using it for an excuse for what came next – I wasn’t sure.

“Is little Connor, cold?” asked the behemoth as he moved to stand behind me, reached up with his monstrous hands, and pulled my body back against his. “Why don’t you let your muscle daddy’s fucking hot, hard body warm you up, sweet buddy.”

As my head met his immovable massive chest, my back curved in to hit his chiseled abs, and my ass bumped into his still hard, straight-in-the air, giant prick, there was a loud smack that echoed in the room. It was as if my body had backed into a solid brick wall – no, Bud’s body was even harder than that. Pain shot through my head, back, and ass cheeks. I cried out a little, but the feeling also made my cock jerk a few times in amazement of how fucking solid a body he had. I could not believe how his flesh didn’t dent in at all when my body pressed up against it. I wasn’t sure a bullet or even a damn missile could have penetrated his thick metal-like covering.

“Sorry, little buddy, I forget how stone-like my muscles are and how a simple tug from these arms can be like the force behind a wrecking ball.” I could tell from his voice that Bud was smiling as he said this. I’m not saying he did it on purpose, but I do believe he liked the little reminders of what his body was capable of taking and how he was able to show it off every now and then. I could tell he was actually getting quite used to his incredible body and loved every chance he got to explore its improbable limits. “Is this a little better?”

Bud wrapped his thick arms – that seemed the size of a small man’s body – around my upper torso. I felt like I was being surrounded by wide steel girders used to hold up skyscrapers. Heat radiated from every pore of his skin and caused my body to immediately feel more welcomed by his womb-like embrace. He gripped the front of my shirt and pulled away from my body. The fabric had no chance, and I felt the shirt rip down the back and slide away from my body as easily as water drips off my skin. I instantly loved the way our skin felt - now that it was able to freely touch the each other. He squeezed me carefully, causing no pain – only a feeling of total security and a comfort I had never felt before. My small frame had begun to mold itself into the hard ridges and bulges of his body. I felt, at all parts of my body, how his muscles were so large that they seemed to be exaggerated. My mind still could not comprehend how this man’s body had changed – everything still seemed as if I were in some kind of incredible morphing dream. Bud simply held me still for a few moments and my racing heart finally began to beat differently, in perfect rhythm with his own powerful pulse. Even his pulse was strong enough to conquer others. You would have thought all of this womb-like calmness would have soothed my aching cock, but it actually had the opposite effect. I was harder than I had ever been – even harder than when I witnessed the muscle god lift two huge men with own giant piece of meat – the same piece of meat that was now twitching strongly against my back. It seemed that our intimate embrace was exciting Bud Stevens as much as it was me. I swear his powerful rod could have easily shoved me through the opposite wall if he had just willed it down. Several large drops of pre-cum seeped out of the slit of my hard dick when I suddenly felt moist lips press against my neck. I bent my head to the side, as if I was offering my open neck to Dracula, but I knew the muscle monster behind me could actually dominate anything – even vampires. Bud used his strong lips – yes, even his lips were powerful – to pull at my skin. He sucked in slightly and I began to dream of having marks left there that would remind me of my huge boyfriend every time I glanced in the mirror. I wanted him to claim my body, as well as my love. I wanted my strong protector to conquer me – but I also wanted something more. How was it possible that these simple actions of intimacy – his kisses on my neck and his soft embrace – were giving me more pleasure than all of his displays of super strength combined? I was a guy that had wanted and secretly worshipped giant muscled studs all of my life and had fantasized more about what a guy could do with his inhuman strength than anything else, but here I was moving closer to the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced just because my insanely huge lover was hugging and kissing me warmly. Then it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I had absolutely no care in the world at that moment. I doubted or feared nothing. There were no worries existing in any part of my brain or body. This realization made my cock ooze more of my milky juice into my sweats. I knew, throughout every cell of my body, that the arms holding me and the body pressing against me could protect me and take care of me completely. This man was everything I would ever need in life – and his strength would make him able to solve any problem I faced. I knew that Bud’s body couldn’t prevent me from death, but, then again, maybe it could. Did the mixing of our blood make him huge, super strong, and also immortal? Could it do the same for me? I let that thought go for the time being; I knew I could return to it later. Right now, I just marveled at the fact that I was completely free, free of any thoughts other than total submission to the massive older man holding me. I wanted to only think of his muscles, his strength, and his love for me. It wasn’t a slave-like submission – although the thought of that made me a little excited, picturing myself bowing down and kissing his huge feet – no, this feeling was more of a submission that was full of an awareness that he was everything I would ever need in life. He would provide for me and fill my every day with new and exciting ways of making any fantasy I dreamed up to come true. He was my fairy-tale ending, but he was also a hell-of-a lot better than any Prince Charming I could have imagined. He was as strong as the prince, the horse, the castle, and the entire kingdom put together. I finally landed on the word that described how the bulging biceps on either side of my head, the massive rock-hard pectorals behind my head, and the tree trunk sized cock at my lower back made me feel – it was limitless. Yes, limitless was the perfect word to describe all that I was sensing about this moment. I felt like there was no limit to the love that Bud and I shared, and that there would be no limit to how his body and his strength would continue to impress me. I began to purr with complete satisfaction. My newfound awareness resonated deeply with the giant muscle bear behind me. His cock understood how I felt and responded to my new insights by throbbing even more.

“I sense that my little Connor finally gets what I’ve been saying all day.” Bud cooed in my ear softly as he began to run one of his large hands across my chest. I noticed that two of his fingers could pinch one of my nipples even as the base of his palm easily rubbed the opposite hard nub roughly – that was the size of his hand and this thought thrilled me. His skin was also hard and seemed rough, almost as if his once weak hands had become calloused when they changed, just to emphasize their new strength. His pinching and rubbing made my nips shoot rock stiff immediately. I believe that Bud could have easily caused pre-cum to seep from this part of my body, as well, if he had wanted to. “So you finally understand that I can give you anything you’ll ever want. I can make any muscle fantasy of yours come true. Today was just the beginning, Connor. Your old man, here, hasn’t even begun to show you what this big strong body can do. I can’t wait for you to start giving me tasks to do – just like the king that gave Hercules those measly labors to complete. You old man’s huge muscles can outdo that Greek hero without any problem. I’m sure your freaky muscle-worshipping mind can come up with some pretty inventive things for me to do. Am I right, little lover? And then we also haven’t given you the chance to really explore this body, have we? I’d love to get a tongue bath from you every day – how does that sound? Would you like the chance to get a good whiff of what a fucking huge muscleman really smells like? Would you like to personally scrutinize every bulge, thick vein, and striation?” While he spoke, Bud used his other hand to untie my sweats, pull the waistband away from my middle so my hard cock could be freed, and then let them drop to the floor. “Yeah, now we have your body completely free, just like we’ve freed your mind from all worries, fears, and doubts. Your muscled elder, here, is going to always take care of you, Connor. Just let these hard-as-rock muscles surrounding you fill every part of your mind and enable you to let go completely. I’ll take care of you, Connor. Let old man Stevens, your personal giant, make every dream come true. I’ll fill every part of your mind with massive bulges.”

His hard rod felt like a gigantic log burning in a bonfire against my back – that’s how much heat it was putting out. Our bodies seemed to mold together like two clumps of clay that have been pushed hard into each other. Bud’s heavy breathing made it obvious that he was getting as much pleasure from our embrace as I was. His hands roamed all over my upper body and he would teasingly pinch my nipples with his thick fingers ever now and then – just to make my body jump. I’m sure he also did it so I would repeat the deep moan that escaped my mouth every time. I pressed my ass into his large balls and the base of his cock, moving it back and forth roughly to give him some extra pleasure. Each time I pushed against him Bud would take my earlobe between his lips and give it a hard tug. It was quite obvious that both of us were nearing that “place of no return” that always followed heavy foreplay.

“You’ve been a very good boy this afternoon, Connor.” Bud whispered in my ear. “I’ve been very impressed at how you have been able to prevent yourself from shooting your cum. Even after everything I’ve done to show off for you – demolishing a gun with my bare hands, manhandling two guys as if they were stuffed animals, and even busting down a wall with just these powerful fists. You were still able to save your orgasm just for me. I think I’ll be rewarding you for a few days to come, just to show you how happy you’ve made me. But right now, I’m going to give you the best gift ever. I’m going to beg you to cum and you’re going to explode like it’s the fucking Fourth of July and your cock is the entire Macy’s fireworks show all wrapped up in one hard stick. You see that wall across the room – yeah, the one that’s about fifteen feet away – well, our goal is to create a little cum artwork right there. That should be no problem, since we’ve been building this eruption for hours. But here’s the best part, Connor. The moment your aching cock begins to spew I can guarantee that the huge pole pressing against your back is going to cause a volcanic sized amount of hot cum-lava to rain down over you. You see, little lover, nothing gets me hotter than making your dick release huge amounts of Connor juice. And it’s magic to me when my body is the cause of that release. That’s the best compliment you can give your giant boyfriend, allowing my muscle to milk you of your semen. My own cock is aching so much it’s like it has never shot a load before. No one can make me cum like you can, Connor. I’m your mammoth muscle slave for life. The only reason I have muscles or fucking super strength is to impress you. I live to make you happy. I hope you realize that. No day will be complete if I don’t please you in some way. I only want this huge body because it can do things to excite you. I think all of this new found awareness for both of us is only going to make our impending orgasms that much fucking stronger. What do you think, my little master?”

There was no possible way I could have lied to anyone at that moment – having a six foot seven mature muscle monster call you master was definitely the biggest turn on possible. I could not believe that I had been blessed with this opportunity. Simultaneously to the mental pleasure caused by Bud’s words, was the enjoyment that his colossal hand was bringing to my body. He moved his wide strong palm down my stomach, making my breath stop from anticipation, and then separated his first two huge fingers so they slid on either side of my rock-hard cock. My knees buckled a little as soon as I felt his hand near my hard dick. Bud kept his hand still, so it wouldn’t cause me to shoot my load immediately. He finally used his other powerful hand to pull my body more tightly into his. With his thumb and the tips of his fingers he squeezed my balls. My body fell back into his more completely as I cried out loud. Bud held me there, in place, for a few minutes – just to let my body recover from the sensation of his colossal hand on my balls and dick. I don’t think my heart had ever beaten as strongly as it did at that moment. My mind rushed through all the incredible strength tasks I had seen his hand do – hold a man in place, bend iron and steel, bust through walls, and much more. The knowledge of what his hand could easily do to my body only made me more excited. His fingers started to massage my aching balls as his first two fingers pressed firmly against my hard cock. These were the same fingers that had easily molded steel like it was paper. I moaned out loud at the pressure his fingers gave to my hard prick. It actually felt like some kind of giant wrench was tightening a vice-grip on my cock. The presence of his fingers caused my ready-to-explode pole to stick straight out from my body. I suddenly realized he was taking aim for the wall across the room. I was instantly happy that I had not made a bet against his prediction that my shooting cum would reach the far wall in front of me – for, at this moment, I knew it would be true.

There were many feelings that raced through me at that exact moment. Bud began to whisper softly at the side of my face and the words he was saying, as well as the moist air tickling my ear, caused me immense pleasure. He had also begun to rub his hard massive cock up and down my back; while at the same time his giant hand on my chest pulled my body into his even more tightly. The grip of his fingers around my balls made it feel like he was squeezing me like a large ripe orange – preparing to get every drop of juice he could. I had begun to moan uncontrollably and this only seemed to excite my muscle- daddy even more. We both could actually feel the fluids churning in my body getting to a super-pressurized boiling point in anticipation of this life-altering release. Bud squeezed his two muscled fingers – which presently felt stronger than titanium – more firmly into my cock. His hand was acting like Hoover Dam holding back a tidal wave of flooding cum. It seemed as if we were frozen in time and the incredible Bud Stevens was causing the intense moment of orgasm to last as long as he wanted. This unbelievable action was almost more impressive than all of his feats of strength rolled into one. My elder muscle master could even make my body stay suspended in a fucking awesome pleasure zone for as long as he commanded. Bud was playing the part of Zeus and my stream of hot jism was going to be the lightning bolt he threw to the earth. I began to get nervous that my ejaculation was going to knock down the wall across the room – that’s how powerful Bud was making me feel.

“Yeah, my little muscle worshipper, you’re body is so fucking hot right now that you’re about to cause a nuclear meltdown,” Bud whispered, and let his lips graze my ear – sending shivers through both of us. “Your big daddy, here, is going to milk you for all you’ve got. This is going to be the biggest damn explosion you’ve ever felt. You have nothing to fear, though. My huge arms are going to hold you tight through the entire cum drenching volcano moment. And you’re going to make me explode right along with you. Feel my muscles getting harder, boy? See what your body can do to me – not only does it make my cock turn to stone, but also every piece of my skin becomes like impenetrable armor. You’re huge muscle lover doesn’t need some fucking suit like Iron Man, my body is already much stronger than that – and being around you only makes me more powerful. You turn me on so much that I think I actually want you to ejaculate more than you do. Together, we’re going to make you propel your juice farther than you ever have in your life. Your knees are surely going to buckle when you release, little Connor, but these pillars of muscle beneath me, and those strong girders wrapped around your body, are going to support you as if you were on some gigantic mountain. Yeah, just think of me as your muscle mountain.”

I was still listening to everything Bud was saying, but I had moved into something akin to a muscle comatose state. My entire body was some kind of power source that just registered hard muscle and strength. I was aware of all that was happening, but the only thing that mattered was giant biceps that rested against my shoulder and stomach, beefy forearms that pressed into my abs and side, fucking strong fingers that gripped me at my cock and my nipple, a massive chest that pressed into my shoulders and head, and a prick the size of tree that throbbed noticeably up and down my back. I knew my entire being existed merely to soak up the power being radiated from every sinew, bulge, and marble-like inch of Bud’s huge body. I never imagined my heart or mind could take so much muscle-lusting induced excitement. I also knew, instinctively, that this exact moment would be repeated with my master muscle-daddy for the rest of my life. That made the impending orgasm within me grow even more powerful.

“Here we go my little cum spewing cannon,” Bud teasingly whispered in my ear. “On your mark, get set . . .” he paused just to tease me. The muscle stud knew I wouldn’t release until he told me I could. I would wait until he allowed me to reward him for his show of strength and his beautiful body. I was his slave and his master at the same time – and he was both to me, as well. We were now completely connected in a way that was impossible for anyone else to understand. “Please shoot for daddy, Connor.”

His polite request registered in my mind as if he were a drill sergeant barking out a loud command. As soon as he gave the word my cock shot a rope of cum out of it that made it seem like some kind of military missile was being deployed into the stratosphere. My stomach contracted in so much that I’m sure the front and back of the inside walls actually touched. I shook as if my body had turned into a magnitude eight earthquake. The incredibly loud sound of my cum hitting the wall across the room was obviously too much for even Bud Stevens to handle. In the midst of my mind-boggling orgasmic eruption, I was able to register that my muscleman’s balls tightened unbelievably and his giant rod then began to jerk uncontrollably – sending volumes of his hot, thick, lava-like cum into the tight space between out bodies and into the air above my head. It felt like someone was trying to caulk any open cracks that existed between us. The feeling of his warm man-sauce eventually sliding down my ass crack made my own orgasm intensify. We continued to see and hear cum splattering against the far wall for seven or eight of the numerous powerful thrusts of my now strained, purple, but still straight-as-a-board cock. I knew, somehow, that Bud’s powerful grasp of my balls and his fingers’ vice-grip of my rod enabled me to shoot a load of semen that seemed to come from Superman. I did, in a bizarre way, feel invincible at that very moment. I could not determine if it was because of my super strong ejaculation or because I was surrounded by the fucking most powerful man in the world. It didn’t matter - either way, all I knew was that I felt like I could do anything. Globs of my off-white syrupy spunk covered the wall in front of us. It dripped down the wall as if were part of some horror flick that involved dangerous slime. By the time my still-rocketing cum-missiles began to fall short of the wall, Bud’s strong arms were supporting me completely. I could not feel any part of my body below my cock – as a matter of fact, my exploding rod was the only thing I felt, besides the strong muscles surrounding me. I noticed that Bud’s huge body has ceased to spew forth his juice and our bodies had begun to stick together as if someone had put superglue between us. I was surprised that my orgasm was lasting longer than the huge man behind me, but then I remembered this is how he had wanted it to go since earlier today. Bud brought me to the edge of release and then forced me to back off so often that the intense ejaculation would have clearly caused my body to lift off the ground if he had not been holding me. Finally, my cock stopped its uncontrollable jerking, but the senior muscleman squeezed with his hand one last time just to make the pole he held send one last semi-painful fist-sized splattering of cum to the floor in front of us. I was breathing as if I had just finished a marathon – and my body felt like it had recently been through a hurricane. As feeling returned to all parts of my body, I realized I had a huge smile on my face. My legs still could not support me, so the giant hand at my crotch and my chest pinned me comfortably upward against the massive slab of muscled beef behind me.

“You little virile bastard,” chuckled Bud. “Look at that wall. It looks like Jackson Pollack had a few buckets of your juice and decided to create a Connor-cum painting. That’s a work of art, my boy, that’s a work of art. That cock of yours is some kind of new-fangled miracle paint sprayer. You should patent that powerful gun, boy. I know I’ll be using your cum spewing cannon a lot more in the future. We might have to set up some bull’s eyes and do a little target practicing. I’m surprised we didn’t put a few holes in the wall. How you doing, my prized little bull?”

His description of the cum-stained wall and his compliments made my semi-limp cock spring to attention again. This made Bud laugh out loud and caused his own cock to snake back up my back – prying our cum-caked bodies slightly apart. The noise of our sticky skin being forced apart from each other turned both of us on even more.

“I still can’t feel my legs, big guy. I’m hoping you don’t mind holding me for a little while longer, because if you didn’t I’d surely become a pile of jelly on the floor.” I pressed my ass against his balls and the base of his cock as I spoke. When I moved I could feel his dried cum in my ass crack and I quivered from excitement.

“I’ll hold you as long as you want me to, muscle-pup. I’d carry you forever if that’s what you wanted. Your body is as light as a feather to these strong-as-fuck arms. You have just made me feel so incredibly good, that I believe I could tear down an entire city block without taking even a short break.” Bud knew his words were making me extremely hard again. As a matter of fact, I realized that was his goal. “Would you like that, my sweet baby? Would you like to see this muscle gramps bring down building after building with just his bare hands? Or would you like it even more, if I used my fucking strong hard cock to knock a few structures to nothing but a pile of rubble?” My cock twitched happily between his steel-like fingers. “Yeah, I thought that would make my little muscle-lover happy.” Bud leaned down, turned my head to the side by shifting his massive chest slightly, and then kissed my lips. His forceful pressure against my mouth and his probing tongue assured me that he had enjoyed our little sex explosion.

“Everything you do makes me happy,” I answered. “I have never known such happiness as I have felt today. I’m just glad that I am able to make you happy, as well.”

“You make me more than happy, Connor,” Bud whispered in my ear. “You make me whole. My life would end if you were not in it. I love you.”

“I love you too, my silver-haired giant muscleman,” I responded, knowing my comment would give him the rush I wanted it to. I could see that he was grinning from ear to ear.

“I know another thing that would make me happy, Connor, and that would be a maid to clean up this intense semen we’ve shot out all day.” Bud was laughing as he spoke. “It’s beginning to smell like a bathhouse in here. That’s not necessary a bad thing, but what about when we have guests over?” I laughed with him.

“Hey, I know. Why don’t we hire a huge male muscle-maid that cleans in the buff, so you could grab a quick fuck every now and then, just to calm that giant beast that hangs between your legs?” I laughed hard and Bud playfully squeezed me tighter. My laughter ended because my flow of air suddenly stopped. This made Bud laugh harder and then he immediately lessened his grip. He knew my legs were still very wobbly, so he didn’t let go completely. “I’ve got an even better idea. Why don’t we see if Officers Derek and Bennett want to move in and become our maids? I think they’d love it more than we would.”

“Aw fuck, yeah, that would be real nice.” Derek’s sudden, strained voice surprised both Bud and me. Before we turned around to look, I guessed why his voice sounded so weird, but when the big guy behind me easily lifted my body and we soon faced the sofa, my hunch was proven right.

Staring at us from the sofa were the now very awake Officers Derek and Bennett. It was quite obvious that the two men had been watching us for a while and that they were now very excited by our recent cum explosions. The younger cop was still lying on top of Derek and his long hard dick was slowly sliding in and out of the inviting ass below him. Derek began to moan each time the thick tube of Bennett beef penetrated his hole. Drops of sweat were falling from Bennett’s glistening body onto Derek’s back. The sight on the sofa turned my big Bud on a lot, not to mention what it did for me.

“Muscle daddy wants to play with his two new toys, Connor,” Bud said out loud, not even turning to look at me. He just stared at the two men and his muscles began to harden again – indicating that he was getting very excited. “Would that be okay? I promise not to hurt them. I just want to show them more of what my big body can do and, in the meantime, cause them to shoot a mega load just like you.”

I turned my head to look up at the giant’s face. He looked down and had a pleading look that reminded me of a two-year old. I nodded my head and then used my chin to point to a winged-back chair near the sofa – it sat there looking kind of like a throne. If the older muscle master was going to play then I better have a ringside seat. Bud clearly understood what I wanted. He slid his arm that was at my crotch down behind my knees and his other arm moved to my back. He lifted me into the air as easily as most men would pick up a pillow. He carried me like I was precious cargo and placed me gently in the chair. He then brought his lips to mine and gave me a deep and passionate “thank you” kiss.

“Go on; make your little stud happy, big man,” I said shooing him away. “I want to see you show off your muscles and your strength. But, play nice, now. Remember that you’re a hundred times fucking stronger than other men.” I loved this conversation, but not as much as it obviously pleased my muscle master – and certainly not as much as it excited the two cops. They never stopped, though, their slow, methodic movement of cock and ass. “Make sure you share yourself with both of them. Don’t play favorites with your huge muscles. You need to be fair to all the little men – those that like your feats of strength like Derek and those, like Bennett, that get into your ability to fuck like some mythological god. I’m going to sit over here and watch what my big muscle man can do. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. Make those two cops happy beyond their wildest dreams. Make sure you empty them of every drop of their precious cum.”

Bennett was unable to really focus on what was happening across the room at my chair. He was too ecstatic because he was finally getting to fuck the partner he had lusted after for years. Derek was also still too busy enjoying his first day of new sexual self awareness. No one could have told me the older tough cop would get off so much from being a big old bottom. Hell, no one would have convinced me he’d get into anything gay, but here he was moaning loudly with pleasure every time Bennett’s fat cock sank deeper into his happy chute. Both men barely registered that my large muscled boyfriend was now standing beside them. All of Bud’s body seemed to be glowing with excitement caused by the anticipation of giving the two men in front of him a muscle experience to remember. This wasn’t close to the thrill I was going to get from watching whatever he was going to do from my ringside seat. Every muscle that covered the big man’s massive body seemed tensed beyond belief, but I knew they were all relaxed and calm – he continuously looked like he had just pumped extremely heavy weights to make some part of his body bulge out insanely. But that was just the way his entire frame constantly appeared.

Bud reached down and began to massage Bennett’s bulbous ass with his huge hand. I was shocked to see how my giant’s wide palm reached around the entire butt is kneaded so roughly. My cock leapt straight up with excitement when I saw Bud basically palm Bennett’s ass like a basketball. My muscled lover was able to lift Bennett’s body off of the older cop beneath him with just one tug of his hand. Bud looked over at me grinning like a child that just learned a new skill. The big man also began to chuckle lightly as he started lifting the ass, and along with it the cock, of Bennett and then slamming it back down into the welcoming hole of Derek. I thought I might pass out at what I was witnessing. Bud was able to intensify Bennett’s plowing of Derek’s ass tenfold because of his strength and how fast he could move his arm. Both men’s moans on the sofa started to sound like yelling cowboys on bucking broncos. Bud didn’t realize how hard he was shoving and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of wood splintering as the middle sofa legs shattered and the piece of furniture buckled to the floor – right below where the big man manhandled Bennett’s ass so intensely. Neither man reaping the benefits of Bud’s super strong hand seemed to notice that the couch broke. Bud looked over at me with a face full of joy at what he had just accomplished. I smiled at him approvingly.

By the sound of the quickened moans of both police officers, Bud realized they were both about to unload their cum-filled ball sacs. The big man did not want his fun to end so soon and I sensed that he had some sort of devilish plan for his two play toys. He released Bennett’s ass and the large man fell on top of Derek, plunging his hard tool into the man and then they both lay there for a few seconds – resting from being forced around by the behemoth that stood above them as if they were children’s dolls. Soon, Bennett began the slow thrusting of his crotch and began to fuck Derek’s ass deeper than before – mainly because Bud’s strength had definitely reamed the older cops hole much more open. I watched in joyful anticipation as my old muscle man brought his left hand up to his face and slid his long, thick forefinger in his mouth. He closed his lips around the appendage between his lips and I could see that he was making sure it was totally lathered with his saliva. Bud then brought his hand back to Bennett’s ass and teasingly pressed the huge finger between the big cop’s cheeks. I knew that Bud was pressing the thick tip of his finger against the opening of Bennett’s hole, because suddenly the younger cop paused the slow thrusts of his cock and arched backwards, while he moaned loudly. I then saw the muscled finger get shoved into the hole with great force. Bennett actually screamed out loud – not because of the size, since Bud’s enormous cock had already been in that ass – but because of the tremendous power behind the finger. Then, as quickly as he had felt the pain, he adjusted to the intrusion and his body began it’s rocking motion from earlier. Bud carefully slid a second long finger into the now inviting hole of the ass below him. The big man was able to match, with his fingers, Bennett’s methodic pulsing action to bring the younger cop the same great sensation Derek was receiving.

I glanced up at Bud’s face in time to see a thought come into his mind like a light bulb turning on. The big man removed his middle finger from Bennett’s ass and then slid his forefinger in deeply - all the way to the top end of the now wide hole of the handsome cop. By the movement of his hand I could tell that Bud was hooking the top part of his finger around the upper part of Bennett’s interior sphincter. My mouth dropped open in amazement as it began to dawn on me what my monster daddy intended to do. With strength that was still able to amaze me, even after everything I had already seen the man do, Bud lifted Bennett’s body into the air with just his finger that was hooked to the insides of the bulging ass. The younger cop moaned so deeply and loudly that it didn’t sound human. I was sure that the man had never felt anything like this before. I then noticed that Bennett had wrapped his strong arms, well strong for any normal man, around Derek beneath him – pulling the older cop’s body tightly to his. As Bud lifted the top man like a fisherman might raise a fish on a hook, I became aware that both men were actually about a foot above the sofa. I did not know if a man’s anus cavity could take this kind of abuse, but, from the sounds that were being emitted from Bennett’s mouth, I knew it was giving him much pleasure. He used his arms to hold Derek close to him and they interlocked their legs. Derek’s huge smile made it clear that he knew the fucking strength of the mature muscleman was easily lifting both men into the air. He had no idea, though, how it was being done. I made a mental note to share the story with him later – knowing it would probably cause him to shoot another load. Bud wanted to show off a little, so he turned around in a small circle, causing the bodies to float around the room even with the giant man’s waist. Bennett’s face told me there was some pain caused by my strongman’s action, but the pleasure it produced was obviously greater. When both men were dangling over the sofa again Bud straightened his finger and the intertwined bodies fell with a heavy bounce to the cushions of the busted piece of furniture below. I heard more wood breaking, but the moans of joy that the motion caused in the two policemen was much louder. Bennett immediately resumed his plowing of Derek’s ass – clearly now turned on even more.

“Well, boys, that was a lot of fun, wasn’t it. Now, what about something really freakish to make your muscle worshipping afternoon complete?” Bud asked, looking at the two cops below him. It had been a while since someone had spoken, so his voice surprised us all a little. I could tell that the old man had some kind of fantasy-busting display of strength on his mind. His little butt play had thrilled the younger cop a lot, so now he wanted to do something to make Derek very happy. I knew it would involve using his strength – because that’s what turned the older cop on the most. “I want you to just keep doing what you’re doing. I think Bennett has longed for this fucking for a quite some time, and something tells me that Derek has also always wanted it subconsciously. I’m just going to make your little sex session even more pleasurable, if that’s okay with you fellas.”

“Umgfh, whatever you want, umgfh, sir. So, umgf, fucking strong,” was all Derek was able to get out between thrusts of Bennett’s fat cock. Some primal grunting from Bennett followed this comment. This was all the encouragement the humongous god-like Stevens needed. He rubbed his big hands together and smiled with utter glee. He glanced at me, winked, and then turned back to the sofa.

“How ‘bout if I help you guys see what it would feel like to be two superheroes fucking each other while you fly through the air?” Bud asked and I could hear the excitement in his voice.

Derek, Bennett, and I all three yelled yes at the same time. This made gigantic Bud laugh out loud.

“Bennett, my man, you just keep plowing that ass and hold on tight,” my lover said, as he bent over and reached between the sofa cushions and Derek’s body with his arms spread wide - one palm turned upward at Derek’s chest and the other one at his thighs. Derek crossed his ankles in anticipation of what was coming. Bud stood up straight. The two men came off the sofa as if they were one big barbell that my old man Stevens held easily at his waist. He didn’t lift like some strongmen picking up heavy weights, those that do it quickly so they can use the momentum to help. No, the senior Hercules brought both men into the air so easily it looked like he was picking up a folded blanket. He then curled both bodies up to his chest as if in slow motion – just to prove to all of us that the limits of what he could do had not even begun to be explored. My cock was rock hard by the time that Bud turned to face me with the big bodies of the two cops held a short distance from his massive chest – not against his pecs for support, but about a half-a-foot out like he wasn’t holding anything. I looked at the man’s two biceps, which were clearly larger than the two men’s waists put together – and not because of any kind of pump from the strain of lifting so much weight, for I could see that Bud barely registered he was curling almost six hundred pounds. Those two mounds of muscles that bulged out in all directions looked like two beach balls covered in skin. My muscle daddy brought his face to the clenched ass of Bennett and bit teasingly at the two rounded cheeks. He then forced his tongue, which seemed to match the strength of his body, down into the crevice of the younger man’s butt. The power of Bud’s huge tongue actually made the tight cheeks push apart as it snaked lower, even though I knew the cop wasn’t lessening how tightly he squeezed. I heard Bennett moan loudly and I knew the tip of Bud’s fat wet python was penetrating the guy’s closed hole. Each time the big man shot his tongue into Bennett’s ass, the younger cop pushed his own cock further into Derek’s hole below. It was quite obvious that Bud’s tongue could have caused Bennett to lose his load into the older man’s insides, but the big man had other plans. He ended his oral abuse of the man’s tight ass and moved on to something more fun.

I watched Bud lower the bodies back to waist level. He carefully kept his giant palms flat during the movement so the two cops could continue their slow fuck. Bud moved his long fingers toward the floor and I saw that the two bodies began to slide off. Right as the bodies reached the big man’s fingertips, he flicked his hands upward. There was no way I could have been prepared for what happened next. My mouth dropped open in amazement as the two huge cops went flying into the air and turned over – even as they continued to be joined together by cock in ass. Bud easily caught the bodies as they came back down from their trip through the air – with Bennett’s upper back and legs now landing in the waiting huge palms of the big man. Derek yelled out loudly when they landed and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the younger cop’s cock being shoved further into his ass from the impact or because he was so amazed at what the elder muscleman was able to do so easily. Bud looked up at me with a face full of pride.

“Pretty cool, huh? Just like flapjacks,” the big man said, beaming.

Bud glanced back down at the bodies below. He easily repeated the same motion, as before, and sent the two bodies back into the air, spinning. He caught the two cops again, with palms at Derek’s chest and thighs. The two men, even in the midst of fucking, moaned loudly to show their pleasure at what the big man had just done. Bud then raised the two men into the air, turning his palms so he was pressing both above his head. Here was my strong, giant boyfriend holding both men in the air as Bennett continued to slowly force his cock into Derek’s ass. It was like no other sight I had ever seen – well, until all the things Bud had done earlier today. It was still amazing, though. I have always had a fetish for big men lifting other men over their head, but here was my boyfriend lifting two guys above him – and they continued to fuck as if they were lying on a bed. It did kind of look like two superheroes making love as they flew through the air.

“Hey, little men, we got to put some weight on both of you if I’m going to keep lifting your bodies like this. It doesn’t feel like I’m hoisting two big police officers, it feels like a large helium-filled balloon. We’re going to have to strap a bunch of forty-pound weights to your body or maybe we’ll call all the guys at your precinct to come over and stack all of you on top of each other. I don’t think that would even give my colossal guns a good work out, though. We’re just going to have to find something super fucking heavy for me to press up and down. I don’t want to get weak from lack of exercise, that’s for sure.” Bud laughed hard as he pressed the bodies of both men up and down a few times and I saw that Bennett’s back came close to the ceiling.

The two cops definitely registered that the gargantuan senior citizen they had just met was easily pressing their bodies into the air, but they both continued to focus on the pleasure they were getting from one man’s cock and the other man’s ass. Bud bent his legs slightly so he would be able to extend his arms up and down more quickly and not worry about sending the two men through the ceiling. The sight brought back many childhood memories of old sword and sandal movies where the Greek hero lifted some guy above his head, but the biggest difference was how easy my real-life Hercules made it look. In the movies, the hero would lift the guy quickly and always got help by the giant leap from the guy he was pressing overhead. I had watched this massive muscleman lift two guys slowly and effortlessly – and he had been holding them in the air for quite a long time by this point. There wasn’t any kind of strain showing from any part of his body; as a matter of fact he looked totally relaxed. If we had been outside I was sure that Bud could have tossed both men about twenty stories high and then easily caught them. I also believed the two cops would have continued to fuck through the entire trip into the air and back.

“It’s time for me to help you get your rocks off, boys,” Bud said as he continued to lift the two men overhead. “Let’s see if I can add a little to the ocean motion of your bodies. Hold on tight to your man, Bennett, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Hey, Connor, how about a little counting to see how quickly these guys lose their loads. I predict we don’t make it to twenty and that’s a shame because I think it would take about two hundred reps for me to even register that I’m lifting something. That’s okay, though. I want to help these two guys have the best fuck ever. Here we go, gentleman.”

I saw that Bennett wrapped his arms more tightly around the body below him. Both men also tightened the grip of their intertwined legs. Suddenly, Bud started pressing the two men into the air with what seemed like super speed. By the time he had gone up and down three times I realized I had not begun to count. I immediately started counting, even though I was behind. I watched closely as the two men’s bodies went up and down – even coming off Bud’s hands a little. Bennett held on tightly, which helped to keep the two men’s upper bodies together. But the force of the giant’s reps caused Bennett’s crotch to go into the air, pulling away from Derek’s ass, every time it went upward. This meant that the impact when they came down was intensified and a hundred times more pleasurable. Both men began to scream like two teenagers on a huge rollercoaster. I could see, and hear, that Bennett’s cock was slamming into Derek’s ass with an unbelievable powerful thrust. The entire time that the two bodies were being easily rocked up and down by Bud’s monstrous arms, the big man increased the pleasure by describing the situation loudly.

“Fuck yeah, this old man is tossing your bodies around like you were two Raggedy Andy dolls. Lifting you two is nothing for my arms. I’m making that Bennett cock plunge deeper into that Derek ass. Yeah, I’m going to make you two shoot so hard that your body will need a week to recover.” Bud seemed lost in some muscle-crazed world. He had lifted both men about eight times, when I heard the child-like screams of both men turn into deep powerful growls that indicated the much-anticipated cock explosions were about to happen. “That’s it boys – shoot your man-juice for this muscle daddy. Let these fucking huge, strong muscles milk you dry. Cum, NOW!”

Bud’s super-sonic voice surprised me so much that I instantly stopped counting and thought I might piss in my pants. I was jolted out of my temporary fear only by the screams of complete orgasmic joy coming from the mouths of the two cops. Stevens held the two men’s bodies frozen above his head as both jerked wildly from the powerful ejaculation. It was clear that Bennett’s body was emptying its largest load of cum ever into the worn-out ass of his partner, while Derek’s hard pole sent a stream of semen all over Bud’s giant chest below. The thick, white cream-like sauce made criss-cross patterns all over those two giant hard pecs. I forced myself not to shoot my load – knowing I wanted to wait and offer it to my muscleman boyfriend later. Soon, the bodies of the two cops ceased to flap around, like two giant fish out of water, in the big hands of Bud Stevens. Everyone in the room, except the man easily holding the two guys in the air, was breathing hard and trying to prevent their hearts from stopping. I knew that the two cops were doing the same thing I was, re-living in our minds the incredible sight of Bud Stevens pumping their bodies up and down as they pumped each other. I became slightly envious of their view from above his monstrous body, but also knew that my ringside seat had been perfect. Bud lowered the two cops to the floor, being careful to hold on to their bodies because he knew their legs would be weak. He wrapped his arms around their waist and pulled them into his body. Their faces were even with his cum-covered chest. Bud straightened his legs and the feet of both men left the ground.

“Look at the mess you two caused,” Bud said looking down at his protruding pecs. “I think you two need to help clean me up.” Neither man needed any other words to be spoken. They immediately started licking the Derek-juice that covered the hard muscle in front of them. It was obvious that Bennett wanted to get the most.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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That was a really intense chapter, i loved how teasy and overprotective Buddy became, certainly the kind of daddy of my own dreams

Congratulations on another thrilling chapter
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No words. Part 8? Both want and fear it. Not sure I can survive it!
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The Best

Well Londonboy, you're the best! What an excellent story.
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Wow, wow, wow! Each chapter gets better and better. I'm looking forward to reading about Old Man Stevens' super strength and what he can do with it. Great job, Londonboy!
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Let's see what he can do outside the apartment. Looking forward to your next chapter.
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Sorry for not saying anything Londonboy, but this chapter was awesome! I just hope that we can see more of Bud's strength in future chapters, I'm sure when he was pressing that near 600 pounds over his head, he was using an infinitesimley small percentage of his overall strength, hope that part 8 dwelves more into it.
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By far one of the best stories ever written.
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A really great intense story. I too look forward to seeing Bud outside the apartment. He has superhero level strength--will he be greeted with fear or admiration or both? I also would love to see Connor gain some muscle as well.

Obviously this might be the direction you want to take the story but the characters are so fun I want to see them in further scenarios!!!
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