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Old Man Stevens - Part Five

So, if you don’t know about Bud Stevens, then you don’t know about the biggest and strongest older man that has ever walked the earth. Bud is 82 years old and a blood transfusion from me did something incredible to his body – now he’s some kind of muscle god, oh yeah, and my boyfriend. That still sounds strange, but there it is. I, Connor O’Leary, am in love with an older man (I’m only thirty five) and my life has changed completely in the last twenty-four hours - after Mr. Stevens’ incredible transformation. Let’s see if I can remember all that happened right after both of us agreed that I’d stay small, not getting some of his blood, and having him stay as my muscle lover and protector.

Bud kissed me hard as he held my smaller body off the floor easily in his big arms. I kissed the giant back passionately, as he squeezed the breath out of me, because I had just watched him hold a grown man in place with just his forefinger, put his fist through a solid wall as if it had been paper, shove his hard cock through a thick oak door, and crumple three solid cast iron skillets like they were sheets of aluminum foil. As my tongue explored his mouth and attempted to give him immense pleasure I began to fantasize about all the ways we could begin to explore the limits of his strength. My hard cock was pressing against his raging, hard, tree-trunk-sized dick sticking up between us. I finally pulled my face away in order to get some air flowing into my lungs and to ask a question. Mr. Stevens, obviously disappointed that I stopped kissing him, squeezed my trapped body even tighter to show me how he felt.

“I can’t breathe, big guy!” I said in a very strained voice.

“Sorry about that, Connor, I still can’t get a handle on how strong I am,” Bud said releasing the hold his arms had on my body and I slid back down to the floor. My face ended up smack between his two massive slabs of pectoral muscles and the fat head of his cock pressed against my chest. If Bud hadn’t kept his forearms across my back, the force of his raging hard-on would have shoved me to the floor. “I was hardly squeezing you at all, little man. I gotta remember that when I go to hug you. My excitement could get the best of me and I’d squeeze your insides out like a tube of toothpaste.”

His words scared me immediately and I looked up at him between the two mountains of muscle on either side of my face. I could barely see his teasing, devilish smile because of the shelves of hard flesh above me – and his chest was relaxed! I could still not fathom just how big this man had become. He must have seen the awe in my face and wanted to really shock me, because he tensed his pecs together and my face was immediately compressed between two stone-like walls of muscle. The feeling was both exciting and frightening at the same time. It was a huge turn on because I felt the freakish power that existed in his chest, and it was frightening because it felt like two bulldozers trying to press liquid from my head.

“Yoeur gomma mmashh mii fasse,” I screamed into the tightened valley between his pecs.

“What’s that, Connor?” he asked, “I couldn’t hear you. It sounded like you had a ton of super muscle pushed against your face.” With that, Bud relaxed his chest and let my body fall backwards slightly. He continued to support me with his huge arms, though. Mr. Stevens was looking down at me and laughing. “What?” he asked when he stopped chuckling, “Didn’t you like feeling some of the power in your boyfriend’s body? You don’t like it when I show off what I can do?”

“You know I do, Bud,” I said smiling, “but I think I’ll like it a lot more when someone else or some big object is used to test your strength. I think I’ll reserve the right, as your boyfriend, to simply worship you all the time.”

“I like the sound of that, little man.” Bud’s smile grew bigger. “Both the idea of demolishing some big, heavy thing and having you by my side to appreciate what these muscles can do. Pleasing you is my main goal, Connor.”

“Well, my muscle stud,” I began and noticed that it pleased Mr. Stevens very much, “I’d like to begin by moving in with you so I can be around your huge body all the time. How does’ that sound?”

“Like heaven, Mr. O’Leary, like heaven,” Bud answered. He removed his arms from my backside and allowed me to step back a little.

“Great. I’ll get started now,” I said as I walked to his kitchen. Mr. Stevens followed me, and I saw that he had to come through the doorway with one of his shoulders in front of him or he would have taken out part of the frame on either side. This made my still-hard cock twitch a few times. I grabbed the thick city phonebook. “I’ll call the same company I used to move to this building.”

A big hand grabbed the phone book from me. I turned to look at Mr. Stevens. He held the book long ways about a foot from my face with his big palms wrapped around either end. He then simply pulled the book apart, tearing it down the middle as if it were a piece of Wonder bread. I could not believe that he didn’t need to bend the book back and forth like circus strongmen used to do. He easily ripped the fucking huge phonebook apart in one quick pull with his hands, leaving it in two clean pieces. Then, just to prove a point, he placed the two pieces together, turned them sideways and repeated the strength task, as if it were nothing. Mr. Stevens tossed the four even thick pieces of the torn phonebook on the counter beside me. It was at that moment that I realized my mouth was wide open and drool was sliding down my chin. His muscle show had astonished me that much. Bud took one of his big forefingers and ran it up the trail of liquid flowing from my lower lip. He then slid the thick finger into his mouth and sucked on it loudly.

“Mmmmm, tastes good,” he said looking at me, “just like muscle induced drool candy. I like that my body can make you leak all types of liquids, Connor. Just think what I’m going to cause your body to do when we get outside and see what these muscles can really do – unencumbered by the walls of this building. Yeah, Connor, I bet even the thought of that is causing spurts of cum to rush to the end of your cock.” He was right, of course, but I didn’t have time to contemplate it.

Mr. Stevens bent slightly down and wrapped one of his arms beneath my butt. He lifted me into the air, making sure my head didn’t hit the ceiling. He held me at his side like a mother would hold an infant. A feeling of security, pleasure, and lust flowed through my body immediately. Mr. Stevens then made the juices in my body boil even more because he raised his other arm into a monstrous flex of his biceps. He brought the peak of muscle-covered rock near my face.

“This, my little friend, is the only moving company you will ever need. I don’t think you’ve grasped that this one arm could probably lift the entire company truck filled with all of your furniture and the team of weaker men sent to lift things in pairs or groups. There’s nothing over in your apartment that’s going to give me even the slightest trouble to move. I’ll be done in less than an hour. That moving company of yours is going to take a full day, Connor. Hell, this old man of yours, could easily rip out the counters, the bathtub, and the toilet if you like them, boy. You just tell your muscleman what you want and I’ll move it over here for you. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the Stevens Moving Company. We guarantee customer satisfaction in more ways than one. First of all, we move everything in the buff, so you get to see every muscle as it lifts and carries. Does that excite the customer?” Stevens looked down at my cock, which had begun to leak pre-cum. “Yeah, I thought so. And secondly, we can easily take care of anything you won’t need moved to your new place, and we let you watch as we destroy it. My guess is that you’d like to see these arms demolish that refrigerator of yours, now wouldn’t you, Mr. O’Leary? I mean you could sell it if you want to, but I think you’d rather skip the money you’d make just to watch this old man tear it apart like I did that phonebook.” We both glanced down at the counter. I could see we were both imagining how easily his hands would tear apart all parts of that stainless steel fridge across the hall. “That’s just the beginning of our services, Mr. O’Leary. So, what do you say? Do you still want to call a group of semi-large guys to come over and move you or do you want your old man Stevens to do the job?”

I swallowed hard before I answered. I was now staring at the bulging mass of biceps muscle still flexed in front of my face. Stevens began to make the peak bounce slightly up and down. My cock twitched every time the peak of his arm shot higher. Just when I thought the muscle could not grow any more, Bud would pump his arm and the peak seemed to expand before my eyes.

“Maybe we could invite the moving guys over just so you could show off,” I said softly because I was in some kind of low-grade muscle trance. My comment pleased Bud to no end. He bounced my body up and down a few times as he brought his flexed arm down and put an open palm at my chest. I noticed immediately that his large hand stretched across my entire upper body. He tilted my body with his arm so it was resting on his outstretched palm. He then quickly brought his other hand around to my crotch. His thumb pressed into my abs and his fingers shot up between my legs and around part of my ass. I realized what he was doing right as he pressed my body into the air above his head. He was looking up at me.

“Connor, my friend, I actually think you get into muscle more than me and I thought that was impossible.” Bud said this laughing and then effortlessly lowered my body almost to his face. He then pressed me back into the air. “You’d like to see the look on the faces of that moving crew as they gazed on my monstrous body, wouldn’t you?” I nodded quickly, because I couldn’t even begin to speak. I was too focused on his gigantic arms as he pressed me up and down. It was as if I weighed nothing at all. Bud tightened his hand at my crotch, causing my dick to pulse with excitement. He knew that the display of strength from his arms was a huge turn on for me and that I wouldn’t be able to hold out very long if he kept lifting me up and down. Thankfully, Bud had mercy on me – for the moment. He brought his arms to the side and lowered my body so my feet finally touched the floor. He let go of my crotch after he gave it one last squeeze. I had to stand there motionless for a few seconds so I wouldn’t ejaculate. “You need to put on some weight, Connor. Your entire body didn’t even give these guns even a slight pump. We’re gonna have to find something that can give my massive arms a little resistance. I’m not so sure, however, that it is possible to get these fuckers bigger, what do you think?” And with his last statement, Mr. Stevens raised both of his arms into a mind-blowing double biceps flex.

Even though, by this point, I had been around the man’s arms for a little while, I was still overwhelmed at the height and the bulk of his twin peaks. I could tell the superman was flexing hard – just to impress me. The skin on the bulging boulders in front of me was tight and tanned. Thick veins criss-crossed over the massive, triple-layered tops of his biceps. They were so broad that I could have placed a tablecloth over one of them and had room for two full place settings. The big man stood there staring at me as I became completely transfixed by the size of his guns. He tightened his fists and made the peaks burst into more layers and stretch higher than before. More veins blossomed over his entire arms and they both seemed to pulse with enough power that he could have stopped two elephants with nothing more than a tap from his hands. My whole body craved to see what those two arms could do. I was ready to cream in my pants just from staring at the fucking control he had over his arm muscles. It was obvious that he could make any part of his upper or lower arm ripple just by concentrating on the titanic muscle underneath. Suddenly, as if he could read my mind, Stevens caused his arm muscles to bulge more – starting at his wrists and working down his forearms, which were sticking up in the air, and then across his huge flexed biceps and triceps. It resembled a stadium of people doing the wave – and with each ripple of muscle I moved closer to releasing my building fountain of cum. Just when I was about to move to the point of no return, Bud lowered his arms and smiled at me.

“Looks like these huge bazookas got you close to the edge, isn’t that right my little muscle-pup?” He chuckled loudly at the end of his question.

“Yes sir,” I replied meekly, as I tried to prevent myself from shooting my building load.

“Well, I’ll leave you alone for a few seconds so you can calm down. I think if we get you close to spewing a few times, and then let you rest, when we finally make you shoot it will be the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever experienced. What do you think of that?” Stevens wasn’t moving at all – he knew even the slightest motion of his muscled body would cause me to lose control.

“I’m not sure I can last that long,” I whispered, “and I think it might put so much strain on my body that I might have a heart attack.”

“Oh, I think you’ll do just fine, boy,” Stevens said laughing. “Come on. I think I want to finish something I started earlier.” With that, the giant man started out of the dining room over to the wall where he had put his fist through – busting through as if it were a paper bag. He stared through the hole into the other room for a minute. “This wall was no problem for these powerful fists.”

“Bud,” I said, causing him to look towards me. “Can I ask you a question?” The big man smiled.

“You just don’t get it, do you, Connor?” Stevens turned his entire massive body facing me. “You can ask me anything. You can even ask me to do anything. I am here just for you, man. You are the reason I’ve become this huge muscled stud – so I want to make you completely happy. And that makes me happy in return. So, go ahead and shoot with that question.”

“What does it feel like?” I asked, overwhelmed with a sense of freedom caused by his open invitation. A look of deep concentration swept across Bud’s face and he paused for a few drawn out seconds. I could tell he was thinking about my question seriously before answering.

“You know that adrenaline rush that athletes talk about when they are about to compete in some kind of tournament or that rush that comes over your body when you are on an exhilarating amusement park ride? My body feels like that all the time. It’s hard to explain, but I feel jacked-up constantly – like I’ve had gallons of caffeine or something. Every muscle in my body pulses like electricity is shooting into it. And the crazy part is that I am aware that I can move every muscle in the same way you can subconsciously move your hand. That’s a real jolt to my mind and body. I can actually focus on any muscle and cause it to ripple or tense. It’s a bizarre feeling, but it also makes me realize that I have some fucking incredible control over all this bulk. Right now I’m focusing on my right quad muscle.” Bud continued to look at me as he spoke, but my gaze shot to his upper right leg. I watched as the monstrous muscles of his right thigh blasted into an incomprehensible display of power. There were so many ridges of sinew and valleys of tensed flesh exploding in that one area of his body that doctors could have spent years studying and learning what the perfect human form is like. Michelangelo would have creamed in his pants when looking at this leg as a model for some painting or sculpture.

“Yeah, Connor, it’s pretty nice to be able to control any part of your body that way. But there’s a lot more than that, my friend. There’s a certain kind of awareness that comes with a body like this – an awareness that changes how you approach life. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’ll try. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to hear any kind of motivational speaker, but I remember one guy I went to see telling the audience a story. The story had to do with learning how to adapt to situations. The speaker was making the point that most people beat their head up against the wall when they encounter a situation that they can’t change and he was saying that what we really need to do is learn to adapt or change our perspective. Anyway, he used this analogy – he told us to imagine that we were walking on a path and came upon a giant boulder covering the path. The boulder is as big as a small house. The speaker said that you don’t give up, turn around and go home, no – you must learn to adapt by either climbing over the boulder or traveling off the beaten path and going around the boulder. This was the speaker’s way of showing how we, as humans, should adjust our perspective when we meet a challenge. Well, Connor, I realize now that I am not a normal human – it is a feeling that comes from the bottom of my being. I realize that the boulder doesn’t have to make me adapt at all – as a matter of fact, I can adapt the boulder in any way I want. I can take one of my powerful fists and break that boulder into a pile of pebbles with a few punches. Or I can easily lift that boulder and toss it into the next county. There’s something that comes with that knowledge – it’s more than confidence or self-assurance. It’s something akin to what the Greeks must have thought Zeus or Poseidon felt like. I take things for granted that you see as impossible. When you look at the huge, thick door of a bank vault you see something that protects what’s inside, something that would take dynamite to open. But when I look at the door, I see something that will give one of my arms a mediocre workout. I know, instinctively, that I could easily rip the door open, as if it were made of cardboard. Again, it’s not cockiness, Connor, it’s just an inner awareness. If a gate had a padlock on it, you’d either leave it alone or attempt to pick the lock. I’d just pinch the lock between my thumb and forefinger and crush it without much effort.”

Bud had moved into some “other world” place as he spoke. I was completely present in the moment with a raging hard-on from his description of what he felt. I could only slightly fathom what he was talking about. This kind of inner power – his awareness of what his body was capable of doing seemed like science fiction to me. Even though I had seen what his muscles were able to do, I still grasp the almost limitlessness of his strength. My entire body was like a huge firecracker and each time he spoke the spark of my fuse got closer to igniting the inevitable explosion. I also knew, instinctively, that Mr. Stevens, was fully aware of how his words were affecting me. He was determined to bring me to the brink of ejaculation – by only describing his abilities – and then he intended to stop, to give me a chance to rest. He was still planning to cause my eventual release to be the biggest I have ever felt. I knew that no matter what I said or did he would have his way. There was no boulder big enough to prevent this man from getting what he wanted. He didn’t have to adapt in any way, the world adapted to his muscles and to his strength. I began to pray that his mercy would be swift and that he would allow me to cum soon.

“There’s more Connor,” he said, smiling at me, “if you care to hear.” He knew the answer before he even asked the question. I simply nodded my head and thought about my grandmother’s naked body to take my mind away from all thoughts that would cause the floodgates of my cock to open and spew forth. “Yeah, little man, I thought you could handle more. This muscle god before you is going to reward your devotion in a big way. You are going to have the chance to live out every muscleman fantasy that has ever crept into that beautiful head of yours. You’re going to have to come up with new fantasies once we fulfill all your dreams and you realize my full potential. And I think that we’ll have a fucking fun time getting to that point. We’ll even seek out other people that have muscle fantasies and make them happy, how about that Connor? Would you like to become this superhero’s sidekick and go out to make other grown men happier than they ever thought possible?”

“Yes sir.” That was all I could say. It made the muscle master in front of me smile even more than before.

“You see, Connor, that’s another part of the answer to your question concerning what it feels like to be this huge and this strong. I know immediately how my body impacts anyone near me. I don’t care if a guy is gay or straight; the first thing that happens to most guys when they get around me is that their dick shrivels up. No, it doesn’t get hard like yours did, Connor. You’re a different kind of guy and I’ll address you later, but the first thing that happens to most men is they realize how powerless they are around me. I don’t say this to you with any kind of cocky attitude, I’m just telling you what happens. Its just part of Darwin’s theory of evolution – the bigger animals usually overpower the smaller ones. It happened with Rocky and Mr. Jenkins. Both men became like limp spaghetti noodles as soon as they saw me. The straight UPS man’s fear immediately turned into desire and he wanted the muscle beast in front of him to overpower him and fuck his brains out. I was hoping I would be done with him before you got home, but that didn’t happen, did it? Rocky’s reaction was to submit to the bigger and stronger man in front of him. I actually think he’ll be back often, because he seemed to really like my muscled cock up his ass. Maybe he wasn’t as straight as he pretended to be – or maybe he just feels dominated by the stronger of the species. Mr. Jenkins was different. He simply lost control of all bodily functions when he came in contact with all of my muscle. I won’t lie; I wanted to scare the man. I wanted to scare him in a big way. I wanted to make sure he remembered forever, from now on, who was the boss – or the alpha male – in the building. What pleased me the most was the fact that Jenkins couldn’t prevent his little cock from getting hard when I held him in place with one finger. Sure, he pissed all over himself, but his cock also shot as hard as a two-by-four. I’m tickled pink when I imagine him downstairs unwillingly beating off thinking about my body. Yeah, Connor, that’s one of the best feelings from having this body – what it does to other grown men and women. I love the idea that my biceps can make a man hard just from one glance. That kind of power over people is impressive – as long as I don’t abuse it. That’s where you come in, Connor. What gives me the most pleasure – and what can make my cock get harder than anything – is you. Sure, you are like other men and feel a certain powerlessness as soon as you come in contact with me, but then there’s something much deeper and more powerful that I feel from you. You long for something so much more than sex – as Rocky did. Yes, you want the muscle stud to fuck you, but you also want me to show you what the muscles can do. You get off on my strength and much as you get off on my body. And you know, deep down in your soul, that I get a rush from showing off my strength for your enjoyment. We are tied together in a way that no other guy could even come close to matching. We both know that I want to please you more than I want to do anything else in the world. One favorable glance from you can light up my entire day – and one disapproving look can make me become immobile. I can’t explain it, but you mean more to me that anything in the world. I know it’s love, but I also believe it has something to do with the blood transfusion. We are intertwined more than lovers – we are part of each other. I am connected to you for making me this way, but you are also connected to me because I embody everything you have ever dreamed of. You see, Connor, I know that you loved me even before the change happened. I loved you, too. We both wanted someone like Rocky – big and strong – but, God decided to bless us with more. I am a huge muscle god because of your blood, but more because you desired an older muscle daddy to come take care of you. And I desired a younger man to take care of – specifically; I fell in love with you and wanted to protect you, because you loved me so much. Am I right Connor?”

Tears began to stream down my face. There were too many feelings swimming around inside my body to even begin to focus on one. My cock was aching because it was so hard. My heart was beating harder because of Mr. Stevens’ words. My mind was racing from the perfect, massive chest that flared out in front of me to the idea that Mr. Stevens wanted to take care of me. Ultimately, all of these emotions and feelings were too much for my normal body. My knees became as light as feathers and my body began to sink towards the ground. It was like a slow motion movie as I lost all control of my muscles and I began to faint. I was still coherent enough to register that Bud’s massive body moved as fast as lightning. It was as if he knew what was coming. Suddenly his massive arms were at my back and behind my knees and he was easily lifting my limp body into the air. The feeling of his rock hard arms against my body made me even dizzier. I shut my eyes to gain some kind of equilibrium. After a few seconds of darkness and silence, I opened my eyes and feasted on the beautiful smiling face of Mr. Stevens.

“That’s a little bit of what if feels like, Connor,” Stevens said.

“Thank you.” That was all I could answer.

“You’re welcome,” Stevens replied as he brought his mouth to mine and kissed me with an exploring tongue. I had never felt any feeling as powerful as this moment. I was sure that the only thing that came close was the bond that I had with my mother the moment after being born. The security of my muscle god’s arms matched the comfort of my mother’s loving embrace or her warm womb – I couldn’t tell which was closer. I only knew that I was completely happy and totally secure. We finally finished kissing and he pulled his face from mine, but continued to stare at me.

“I believe we came in here to finish a task you had begun,” I said, staring at the big man holding me. “I’d like to see what the task was.”

“Your wish is my command,” Bud replied. He then set me down on the ground, making sure I was able to stand on my own. He was careful to place me on the ground away from the wall and I instantly realized he was going to continue where he had left off when Jenkins was there. “I really meant what I said about an archway here. Let’s see how I can make the process move quickly.”

Bud placed his left hand on the wall in front of him. He knocked a few times, on the wall, with his right knuckles. I didn’t hear what he obviously noticed when knocking. Without warning, Bud brought his right fist back, even with his shoulder, and then sent it flying forward through the wall creating a perfect hole a few inches from the one he had made earlier. When he brought his arm back from the hole I was able to glance in and see through to the next room. He waited just a few seconds and then sent his fist back through the wall a few inches from the hole he had just made. Bud continued to do the same until he had made a dotted line across and down, in the form of a wider arch, along the wall. When he was done, he stepped back even with me, and we both looked at the row of holes punched through the wall that went from the present opening into the other room further into the wall, turning to go down t the floor. I marveled immediately at how it looked like some kind of perforated paper cutout that could be separated by a simple push of your finger. Bud had made the perfect arch he had envisioned for entrance into the other room. I began to fantasize about the next step to his plan and my cock grew hard again.

“Remember the ‘cut out’ dolls your sister used to play with as a child and the clothes that she could punch out to dress them up? Well, this is just like that!” Bud said pointing towards the wall. “Watch, I’ll show you what I mean.”

Stevens brought his right index finger up to the center of the wall in front of him. It was directly in the middle of the arch of holes he had made with his fist. He took his finger and pressed against the wall near the center of all the holes his powerful fist had made. I watched as he pressed slightly with just one finger. I had already seen what power that one forefinger had, holding back Mr. Jenkins and flicking the arm off of a chair, but nothing prepared me for what came next. The entire wall within the holes his fist had made suddenly collapsed onto the floor. It was like his finger broke through the page of your sister’s coloring book and collapsed the cutout figure. The wall was nothing compared to the strength in Bud’s finger. When the dust settled, I saw a semi-perfect archway into the other room.

“I’ll call a carpenter tomorrow and ask him to bring some molding to place around the archway. I’ll tell him not to bring a hammer because this finger can push the nails in easily,” Bud was again smiling as he spoke to me and he held up a forefinger. My mouth was still wide open from the display of power from his fist and finger. “Maybe I’ll bend a few of his tools – like a wrench or crowbar – just to get him excited. What do you think, Connor?”

“I, uh, umm, I think that, umm, is…a fine idea,” I said, trying to recover from the rush that came over my body when Bud pushed the wall down with just his finger.”

“I think we probably need to take another short rest – to give your cock another rest – am I right, Connor?” Bud asked teasingly.
“Yes sir,” I said quickly. I then froze for a moment, so my body could take a break from his display of strength. I wanted to give my body a pause, so it would be able to wait out the ejaculation that Stevens anticipated from his conversation about his muscled body. “Can I ask you one more question, Bud?” I could tell he liked me using his name with my question. He smiled at my question and at my quizzical face.

“Of course, Connor,” he replied.

“How strong are you?” I asked. This made the big man smile broadly. We both had anticipated this conversation.

“How strong do you wish me to be?” he asked smiling at me.

This question caught me off guard. My body was covered in a rush of anticipation and excitement. I began to form my well-thought out answer. I wanted Mr. Stevens to know how important he was to me. I smiled a little devilish smile and answered clearly.

My answer caused Bud to shake in excitement. At the same time, there was a pounding at the door. We heard a loud voice yell.

“Open up. It’s the police. We’ve heard a complaint about the noise.”
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Weeeeeeee! Another episode with Bud Stevens!!!!

I actually had forgotten about the story, but got very excited when I saw this chapter. I remembered about Bud and the previous parts, and to read this one felt just great!!!

I especially liked the fact that this was so good, that I just had to find the other parts. Thank you for forcing me to read them again. It was a great evening!

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Welcome back! Your writing continues to amaze and delight. Hope all is well.
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Two thumbs up for that scene of super human old man muscle power.
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Where can I find parts 1-4 of this amazing story?
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Old October 17th, 2008, 12:52 PM
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They should still be posted here (try search); or you can find them on omelissokomos' site
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Originally Posted by Poor Horatio View Post
They should still be posted here (try search); or you can find them on omelissokomos' site
Also, simply scrolling to the "Similar Threads" at the bottom of the page leads you to various parts of it.
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OK Thanks guys. I guess I should have investigated further down the thread~!
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