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Old August 12th, 2008, 05:18 PM
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That Kid Next Door-Finale.

Hi guys, well this is it! Thanks again for all your support and inspiration, and this episode will be followed by a short epilogue. Enjoy!

T and Henry were shaking, pleading impotently at the muscle giant who stood above them, ready to crush them into little pieces.

'Son, please, you don't really want to hurt me. I'm your father. I'm your flesh and blood. I know now that I did wrong, but you have to forgive me and stop all this nonsense. I promise you we can start over again.'

Todd looked down at him, seemingly pausing for a moment in thought. I wondered if his Dad's words had moved him, shaken his terrifying resolve to do harm. Though I supported him completely, I still wondered if there was a chance to escape what was coming. Todd put a finger to his lips, silencing his Dad's entreaties. Then he started laughing. Laughter that rolled out of him in waves, deep resonant and powerful, at once mocking and belittling to his father.

'Are you kidding me little man? Do you know what motivated me to become what I have become? Every day that I lifted those weights, every moment that I gorged on food and flexed and worked, I thought about you. Yes, I thought about the wrong you had done and that fueled my anger. It made me grow and grow into an unstoppable machine. But I also thought about what you would say when you saw me. That maybe, just maybe you would understand what you had done to me, how you had destroyed me all those years. But you didn't did you? All you did was tell lies and pretend not to know the truth, anything you could do to protect this bastard, this nothing beside you. So now it's too late, too late for your words to save you. This time things are going to go MY WAY, and because you are my father, I'M SAVING YOU FOR LAST!!'

Todd turned now to Henry, reaching a massive hand towards him. In a panic, Henry ran, slipping past him, stumbling upstairs. T followed close behind, calling after Henry. Todd just smirked, turning toward me with a wink. 'You better come with me, they just made this even more fun!'

I followed Todd upstairs, completely obscured behind his massive back as he set one huge foot in front of the other. 'I GUESS YOU TWO LITTLE BOYS WANT TO PLAY HIDE AND SEEK?' he bellowed as he closed in on them. We both knew they had barricade themselves in the bedroom, their heavy breathing audible from the other side of the door. Todd purposefully opened every other door, calling their names sweetly as he swung each door open. Dramatically he stopped at the bedroom door, breathing heavily, his head now grazing the top of the door frame. 'Maybe they're in here, in the LITTLE BOYS ROOM, ' he mocked, laughing again. Then he drew back his fist, punching a hole in the door, right at his eye level. I heard Henry scream, muffling the sound with his hands. 'There you are, you two naughty little boys. I guess I better come in there.' Todd then gave the locked door a little push, swinging it open and then with a huge grunt, he ripped it off the hinges. 'YEAH!!' he growled, cracking the door in two, throwing the pieces at the two cowering men. Todd then gave them an impromptu muscle show, flexing his chest and arms, his huge muscles throbbing with rage and animal strength.

'WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW, BOYS?!!' he shouted, crossing heavily towards Henry. He picked him up, holding him aloft with one hand, as he tore his pants off with the other. 'YOU'RE GONNA KNOW WHAT IT FELT LIKE, BEING A BOY, NOT ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST SOMEONE BIGGER AND STRONGER!' Todd was screaming now, holding Henry as he ripped off the rest of his clothing, exposing his naked, doughy body. 'Who's the man now Henry? You don't even have enough strength in your whole body to fight against my one hand!' Todd was right, he was now holding Henry down on the ground as Henry struggled wildly, pinioned to the ground by just one massive hand. 'THAT'S RIGHT, BITCH, STRUGGLE! LIKE I DID AGAINST YOU. FEEL THE POWER IN THIS BODY, DOMINATING YOU LIKE A SMALL CHILD!'

Todd continued to hold him down, struggling with his other hand to rip off his own underwear. He looked over at me, and without having to say a word, I ran over, pulling off his underwear, forcing his monumental cock to pop into view. Henry looked panic-stricken, clearly imagining what would happen next. 'That's right, Henry, it's time,' Todd said, stroking his shaft with his free hand. 'You're gonna get a true taste of my muscle.' Henry tried to crawl away then, but Todd grabbed his legs in one paw, pulling Henry's ass towards him. He started slapping his meat on Henry's ass, circling his virgin hole, slowly taking aim at his prize. Todd glanced at his Dad then, who was frozen in terror, mouthing the words, 'please stop,' but barely audible over Henry's whimpering.

'Oh you want me to stop, do you Dad? Did you tell Henry to stop when you came into my room that night?' He grabbed Henry closer, rubbing his monster cock up and down his face. It actually was longer than Henry's head, more like a steel rod now than human flesh. 'Still defending him, aren't you? Beg me, Dad. I want to hear you beg me not to hurt your friend. COME ON NOW, BEG ME, AND YOU BETTER MAKE IT GOOD!'

'Please my big, strong son. Take mercy on us, take mercy on Henry. I get it now, really I do----I hurt you. I can't change the past, and this won't make anything better.'

Todd's cock was now between Henry's lips, choking him distractedly with the massive head. 'That's where you're wrong Dad, this will make things better---BETTER FOR ME!' I will take away his manhood, and your worship of him. I will turn him into my bitch, powerless to stop me. And the best part is that you will have to sit there and watch the whole thing!'

In one swift movement, Todd picked Henry up, impaling him on his king kong-sized cock. Henry screamed, tears running down his face, as Todd lifted him up and down on himself, feeding his own cock with Henry's tight virgin hole, pummeling him, submitting him to his power. 'THAT'S RIGHT, YOU LITTLE BITCH, TAKE MY COCK, TAKE MY MUSCLE!' It was incredible erotic, watching as Todd picked up the pace, supporting Henry's full weight like a feather, Todd making him look like a small child anchored to a teen monster. I got increasingly aroused by his dominance, watching as his every muscle tensed into a diamond hardness, anticipating the eruption that was coming.

Henry held on for dear life, and then Todd was cumming, roaring like a wild beast, rivers of cum exploding from his cock, filling Henry's ass as Todd held him firmly in place. After what seemed like minutes, the geyser subsided, cum spilling out of Henry's ass, pooling in a lake around Todd's feet. Then, nonchalantly, Todd walked across the room to where his father was, still supporting Henry on his cock, hands-free, finally saying, ' I believe this is yours.' With disdain, he dislodged Henry from himself, dumping him roughly on the bottom bunk beside his father. Todd looked at Henry with disgust as Henry looked back at him with a strange, wild-eyed expression.

'Please, Todd, he started, don't stop. I...I need to feel you inside of me again. I want you inside of me forever, I want to worship you for the rest of my life. You are a true man...and I am nothing but your servant, a servant of your muscle.' Desperately, Henry reached out towards Todd, trying to grab his massive calf. Todd swatted his hand away.

'NEVER, EVER TRY TO TOUCH ME AGAIN!' he yelled, ferociously, his eyes black with anger. 'I did that not for you, or your pleasure, I did that to show my Dad how pathetic and weak you are. Look how he begs for me , Daddy, your simpering, ridiculous hero, the man you sacrificed everything for. Are you still turned on by him, still ready to sell us all out?! You two deserve each other.'

Then Todd reached down, grabbing Henry, pulling him upward between his massive arms, up into his chest. Henry sighed rapturously at first, the sound soon muffled as Todd began to crush him. Slowly and cruelly he bore down, using his muscles to punish Henry, to show him who was boss. Henry started to look panicked, his head lolling about, eyes bulging as Todd continued submitting him to his power. Henry started to lose consciousness, passing out just after blowing a load right up against Todd's rock-hard body. Todd shook him then in anger, dangling him against his abs, until Henry went silent. He released him, Henry tumbling to the floor, his body arranged awkwardly on the carpet. T rushed over in a panic, feeling for a pulse. Todd smiled at this, rubbing his hands together. 'ONE DOWN', he growled, looking down at his father.

'Looks like I've worked up quite a sweat, Dad. I think you better get over here and clean me up, before, you know, we get to other things.' T hesitated, waiting a moment too long, still worried about Henry. Todd knew this and it angered him anew. 'I SAID NOW, LITTLE MAN!'

T did as he was told, crawling over to where Todd stood. 'Start with my feet, and you better do a good job.' T started tentatively at first, tonguing Todd's huge feet, licking at them, tasting their hardness, the salt and the sweat. 'Tell those big muscle feet how much you like them.'

'Yes, Todd, I love your big, strong feet. They are like the feet of a God.' T couldn't believe what he was saying, but it was coming from somewhere deep within. He started licking Todd's calves, kissing the wet hairs, rubbing his face against them. He moved up to his thighs as Todd glowered down at him. 'I love your thighs, sir, they are so powerful, the biggest and hardest I have ever seen!'

'That's right, bitch, keep talking, right now you are the luckiest man alive!'

T was working on Todd's ass, licking and caressing it feverishly, working his way towards Todd's hole. 'Don't stop now, worship that sweaty hole, open it up and get your tongue in there.' T did just that, tonguing and licking, feeling overwhelmed at Todd's animal musk, luxuriating in the scent. "OK, now get up here, Todd yelled, moving his Dad up to his abs. 'Lick this cum off of me, It's unfit to be on my perfect body.' T obeyed, licking up Henry's cum, cleaning Todd's torso with his tongue. Todd pulled his Dad into his arms, craddling him into his chest like a little baby. T felt himself losing control, wanting to be held like this forever, to feel small, overpowered by his massive son. 'Bite that nipple, little man, come on, bite it, YOU CAN'T HURT ME.' T bit as hard as he could, hoping for any reaction, a hint of pleasure, but Todd was impassive, barely seeming to notice. 'Put your tongue in my armpit, actually put your whole head in there, lick it clean, show me how much you love this body.' He guided T into the massive cavern, stroking himself absently as his Dad lapped away at him.

'Please Todd let me worship your arms. Bring me up there so I can show you, so I can try to give them the respect their strength deserves.' Todd propped his Dad up, offering him a massive flexed peak to devour.

'That's right little man, kiss the power,' Todd almost whispered as T lavished his bicep with attention. As I watched this show, I started to feel a little jealous, wondering at what Todd was feeling. I felt somewhat reassured by the look on his face; a look at once intense, but certainly not one of pleasure. In fact, he seemed very unmoved by all his father's ministrations.

'Oh, son, please let me try to suck your cock. I know I am not worthy, but I want to show you that I can please you. I want to show you that we can start all over again.'

Suddenly, Todd stopped supporting his father on his arm, dumping him roughly onto the ground next to Henry. T looked up at his son, offended and hurt, but heard a sound coming from nearby. He looked over to notice that Henry was coming to, moaning painfully, rolling himself into a ball and crossing his arms across his battered chest gingerly. T barely had time to register this before he felt Todd's big foot crushing him in the middle of his chest. He slapped at it pathetically, unable to budge Todd as he he moved his toes up closer to his face. He moved them forward slowly, until his big toe was just kissing his father's lips.


The room fell silent. Slightly softer now, Todd continued, looking over at me and smiling. 'There is only one man here that can give me any pleasure.' Then Todd, started stroking himself, slowly and deliberately, his eyes never leaving mine. His huge fist worked his shaft, even his hands were dwarfed by the size of his meat. He continued, bucking his hips now working himself into a private frenzy. The whole time, he looked at me, still trapping his father under his massive foot. Then he started cumming, this time he growled and moaned, closing his eyes in pleasure, rope after rope of cum shooting out of his cock, drowning T and Henry in his seed. The load continued endlessly, Henry and T were slicked with it, looking more and more like they had been in some sticky, dense cum bath. When Todd was finished, he moved his foot onto his Dad's face, covering it completely, resting it there a moment, cementing his dominance over him. T looked like he was suffocating, trying to catch his breath as he inhaled Todd's man-scent from underneath his foot. But Todd paid no attention to his struggle as he reached out a cum-filled finger to me, inviting me into him, placing it lovingly between my waiting lips.

Then he turned back to his two captives, his voice cold and deadly serious. 'After this day, you will never see me again. You will move out of this house, and out of this town, and you will leave a note telling Mom that everything is hers. Don't even think about defying me about this, as this time I am letting you live. Next time, you won't be so lucky. Now get out of here, both of you.' The sun was shining brightly outside now, and it was hitting Todd fully on the chest, highlighting his sweat-drenched muscle density. He gave them one last double-biceps pose, awesome in it's hardness, and the sun made him sparkle like a true musclegod.

T and Henry reached for their clothes, but Todd's growl sent them scurrying down the stairs naked. We watched through the window as they crossed the lawn, running past my house, trying to enter Henry's place from the back. Unluckily for them, Belle was home, and we saw her cotton-candy head opening the door for them and her hands were gesticulating wildly. Both men were bruised, bloodied, broken and drenched in cum. We shared a laugh thinking about how they would explain the state they were in!

Todd picked me up, cradling me gently in his massive arms. He smiled, his gorgeous face bright, his eyes sparkling again. I felt faint, overcome finally by everything and sensing this, he held me closer, securing me in his muscular embrace. He kissed me gently, rubbing his hand on my cheek. After a few instants, he turned me around towards him, his eyes serious. 'I hope you realize that that was just business back there. I did not get any erotic pleasure out of that, well at least none that was a result of what they were doing. You are the only man I want now, if you will have me.' I flushed then, warm all over, ecstasy and contentment spreading throughout my body. I couldn't even speak, just nodding shyly. 'Good then, that's settled. I guess we better see what it's like to have a normal relationship. It's time I started treating you the way you deserve. But first would you mind making me one of your delicious meals; this big boy is awfully hungry!'

I laughed then, kissing him on the eyelids. 'Coming right up. But it's I that hopes I can live up to your expectations.'

Todd pulled me closer, tenderly, bringing me into his muskiness, I could hear his big, strong heart beating. 'Don't worry little, man , I have a feeling that you'll do.'


After T and Henry reached his house, Henry tried to explain to Belle what had happened, but finally, for her, it was one explanation too many. Belle moved away, eventually meeting a good, solid man who loved her for all her simple, good kindnesses, and appreciated every moment of devotion. The house was put up for sale, and was eventually bought by a stylish male couple, who immediately started updating it to their liking. We became great friends with these new neighbours, who doubtless used Todd as the inspiration for many any erotic encounter.

Mary eventually returned to pack some things and collect her son to be with her. She was of course uber-shocked at his transformation, yet she couldn't help but feel a tremendous pride at having somehow produced such an impressive muscle specimen. Todd explained the events in her absence as best he could, of course censoring certain details, only saying in essence that he and his father had reached a 'new understanding!' Mary didn't question him much, or ask about T's whereabouts upon reading his letter; she was more focussed on re-shaping her own future. Though of course saddened that Todd wouldn't be accompanying her, she felt comfortable knowing I would be at his side, and it was clear that he was quite capable of taking care of himself now. She immediately expanded her design business, moving to the city and with help from some of my contacts there, she gained instant success. Still an incredibly attractive woman, she quickly met a man 10 years her junior, had a child and lived the life she'd always dreamed of with a real man.

As for Big T and I, we moved into my home with Patty of course, while he finished school and graduated. Instead of college, he started a renovation business using his tremendous size and strength to great advantage. He insisted I keep up my writing, and under his adoring gaze I flourished. I never again witnessed a rush of anger towards me from my big man, but nobody dared to even approach me while he was around. In time, Todd met all my city friends, who were speechless,[ and frankly jealous!] at what I'd snagged out 'in the sticks'! Though we enjoyed our trips to the city, we mostly loved being together out in our little home[which Todd was continually expanding]! Todd stopped growing the day after the reckoning with his dad, levelling off at 6 feet 8 inches tall and 340 pounds of crushing muscle. Though his stats remained unchanged, his strength continually increased, and he loved to entertain me with impromptu feats of strength. Sometimes I would have to chastize him as would press a dumpster overhead, or twist a jungle gym into a pretzel just to see my reaction! Mostly, we just loved each other, passionately and enduringly, and that was all we needed.

And T and Henry, well they actually had something of a happy ending of their own, staying together and moving deeper into the woods to try life as a couple. Unfortunately their relative happiness was rather short-lived as Henry only lasted another couple of years before passing away, and T was disconsolate forever after. He continually tried to re-connect with his son, but Todd never renewed contact. I actually hoped that T and Henry had enjoyed their time together as it would have been unnecessarily mean-spirited to begrudge happiness for others when I couldn't have been more happy myself. But Todd no longer needed his father, he was now the essence of manhood himself, and he couldn't have been a finer or more benevolent example. Big T had found his little T he often told me, and he needed no other--and that was good enough for me too. So little T I became, and everyone called me that, especially all our new acquaintances, none of them ever knowing that my real name was Darryl!

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WOW! Just WOW!

banania7, I've been following this series since it began, and I must tell you that I cannot be more happy with how it ended. This was just great.

I felt surrounded in warmth, and love when I read that last paragraph. It made me giddy. THAT was the feeling I was hoping to see at some point. And what an emotional reward for sticking with it until the end.

"Then Todd, started stroking himself, slowly and deliberately, his eyes never leaving mine." This was really strong stuff. I could feel it. I could sense Todd just watching me as he did that. Damn, this was good!

Thanks for the story, and I hope you keep sharing with us your works, as you write them.

Wait... What's this? There's still an epilogue? Oh, wow... the anticipation is just too much now

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Old August 12th, 2008, 08:09 PM
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Wow back , thankyou so much for your kind words, they truly touched me; it makes all the hard work[and pleasure] worthwhile! Glad you could sense Todd watching you, exactly the effect I was going for. I'll have the epilogue up soon-- just to tie up some loose ends. All the best!

[QUOTE=dimarvalc;78401]WOW! Just WOW!

I felt surrounded in warmth, and love when I read that last paragraph. It made me giddy. THAT was the feeling I was hoping to see at some point. And what an emotional reward for sticking with it until the end.

"Then Todd, started stroking himself, slowly and deliberately, his eyes never leaving mine." This was really strong stuff. I could feel it. I could sense Todd just watching me as he did that. Damn, this was good!
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I think you did a nice job on this conclusion. I admit I was having a difficult time understanding Todd's motivation in previous chapters, but now I think I can see what he was going for.

Thank you for a great story about a dominating, muscle teen, kicking serious ass!!! I loved it!
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Old August 13th, 2008, 12:17 AM
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well done!

Many thanks for crafting a very erotic and well written tale that had me hooked in anticipation. Hope you'll find the time to share even more of your creativity with your fans.

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Old August 13th, 2008, 04:35 AM
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1bigwoof is on a distinguished road

Thank you, Banania7....the conclusion wrapped up the wonderful package you had been creating. It still contained additional twists but also tied previously-loose spots together. Well done---thank you for sharing your talents.
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Brilliant ending, a feel good for sure well done on a great story x
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Just to add my voice to the chorus. This was a truly great series!
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Old August 13th, 2008, 09:35 AM
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I join the others in thanking you for bringing it all together is one great finale! Very well written and inciteful. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to your next story.
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Old August 15th, 2008, 08:29 PM
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HI guys have added epilogue to the story, just so everyone knows have it all ended up---needless to say, that equation includes a 'happily ever after!' Sigh!
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Old August 16th, 2008, 04:16 AM
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a_lost_prophet is on a distinguished road
WOOOOO! Awesome!
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That was a great story and a great ending. I hope you write another series soon.
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