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Old August 6th, 2008, 04:21 PM
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That Kid Next Door-Part 6

Hi everybody thanks for your patience, especially 1bigwoof, bribear1042, hearmenowu2, bradykins, soccerstud88 and all the others who have been kind enough to comment. Life intruded for a bit, but I'm back and the story may be going in a slightly different direction than some expect, [ie johnd-love your stories by the way]! Here we go...

'I'm Todd senior by the way, but people call me Big T for short or just T.' d How strange it was that I had never known Todd's father's name this whole time. I suddenly realized that I still hadn't spoken a word yet, and T was starting to look at me a little strangely.

'Oh. I'm sorry, it is nice to finally meet you. And Todd was great, no trouble at all,[yeah, right]. It's just, that from what Todd toldme, I didn't know quite what to expect, and I'm a bit surprised that...,' oh my God, why couldn't I just shut up?!

What I was having trouble articulating, or even understanding was just how unremarkable Todd's father actually was. In fact, by any measure, he was a pretty average guy. He was probably about 5'7'', maybe 150 pounds or so. His build was neither muscular nor athletic, his face neither strikingly handsome nor repellant. He did have Todd's blue eyes, but they were more muted, almost tired looking, and the rest of his colouring was bland, his brown hair sprinkled with the odd grays. He was dressed conservatively, in monochromatic tones. His best feature was definitely his warm smile. This was the object of all Todd's malevolent passion and energy?! This was the person that he was hell-bent to exact his revenge on, to prove his dominance over?! In his present state, it looked like Todd could squish him with one finger! I started to feel uneasy for him, wondering what Todd might have in store.

'I'm not surprised he's not rushing down to see me. We haven't been on great terms lately.' He looked at me more intensely. 'I just can't seem to connect with him anymore. It was so much easier when he was a kid; he looked up to me, worshipped me almost. Now when I talk to him, he argues, challenging me, stomping into his room. I really miss the way it used to be.'
He looked sad, eyes downcast. After a moment, he said,'I'm glad, at least that he trusts you, has you to confide in. I don't know if my wife told you that he actually requested that you look in on him while we were away, even after meeting you so briefly. You must have made quite an impression on him.'

I felt touched by that, but I tried not to show it, not wanting to hurt T. Big T seemed a ridiculous name to call him, perhaps that was when Todd was a small child. There was definitely a new Big T around here! Still I struggled to say something reassuring, failing in my attempt to think of one positive thing Todd had said about him. In some weird way, I felt so close to him, someone superficially so like myself...

OH MY GOD! That was it! How could I have been so stupid? 'YOU'LL DO.' he had said! T and I were the same height. The same weight. We were both soft-spoken, almost shy even, the kind of guy the world took little notice of. Passably handsome but not stand-out. We had similar builds. In fact, we could have been mistaken for brothers! Todd didn't care about me, I wasn't someone special, I was just some sort of weird surrogate for his father! Not only had I helped him achieve his goals, I'd been the virtual inspiration for it! He had been using me, his new little bitch daddy---how long had he waited to cast somebody in this role? I felt sick at the realization, it was clear he wouldn't be needing me around for much longer.

I felt desperate and sad...already lonely and miserable. T's voice shook me out of my revery. 'Todd, is that you?' he said excitedly. I noticed it too, the floor was shaking with heavy footfalls. T looked confused. 'Maybe he has some friends up there with him, sounds like a whole group,' he said, looking in my direction. I averted my eyes, thinking, you have no idea!

Like on that first day, Todd started to descend towards us. First his huge, muscular feet, veiny and strong, pounding unmercifully in our direction. Then his monster calves and thunderous thighs, thick and powerful, impossibly wide. Todd was clearly excited about revealing himself to his dad; he sported a massive bulge tenting his athletic shorts, definitely in proportion to all the other muscle on display. Angry though I was, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the show, stealing a glance at T's face intermittently, as it grew redder and redder. Todd took his time, now revealing his cement-like midsection, stopping a moment to punch himself savagely in the gut a few times. He stopped near the bottom of the stairs, powering his way into a terrifying double biceps pose, the vein on his forehead throbbing as he locked his eyes in a death-grip on his fathers. He was actually bigger than he was this morning, his growth seemingly fueled by his anger.

T looked ready to pass out, his forehead dappled with sweat, and he sunk back into his armchair. With a blazing smile that solidified his superiority, Todd said, 'Hi, Dad,' nonchalantly. He approached his father, sweat dripping down his massive chest, the floor literally shaking with each step. He stood in front of the armchair, crouching low in front of his father. With a slight grunt, he hoisted the chair upward, keeping his dad in front of him. He pulled the chair up, levelling his dad's face with his own. 'I'm glad you're home,' he rumbled, pulling the chair inward with his dad still on it. Then he planted a kiss on his father's lips. His dad struggled to get away, futilely, as Todd lingered, crushing his lips into his fathers. Placing him back down on the ground, he patted his dad on the head, letting his massive hand rest there a moment.

'Sorry it took me so long, but I was upstairs talking to mom. Looks like you screwed up again, didn't you? Todd's dad sat there, tears at the corners of his eyes. 'Speechless, huh?' He looked pointedly at his dad's crotch. ' I guess I'll give you some time to pull yourself together. I've got to go pick up a package anyway. Don't even think about moving.'

Then for the first time he looked at me. 'And you, he said firmly but not unkindly. Don't even think about leaving. I want you here for this.' I didn't answer, barely looking at him. He almost left but turned back in my direction. Something in my eyes must have defied him, he came towards me. Grabbing me by the shirt collar, he held my full body weight at arms-length off the ground. He crossed the room, effortlessly holding me up as he went. When he reached the door, he hoisted me upwards, hanging me from a hook on the back. 'JUST IN CASE' he growled. Then he opened the door, slamming it behind him, sending me swinging side to side, humiliated, my feet dangling way off the ground.

T and I looked at each other, each one clouded in our own thoughts. I could only imagine what he felt, wondering how this monster had replaced his son in only a month. After a time, T explained to me about Mary. Apparently she was staying with her sister for a time, and she had just phoned Todd to let him know where she was. The holiday had started off great, with both parents enjoying the chance to relax and unwind. After a couple of weeks, Mary started to miss Todd terribly and wanted to return early. T was adamant about staying, saying he need to refresh himself in order to confront his ever-more difficult son. Despite Mary's protests, they stayed, but she grew increasingly more sullen and resentful. As was his pattern, T started to stay out, coming home drunk and belligerent, all the time knowing he was driving a wedge between them. 'I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn't stop myself. I love them both so much but sometimes I feel trapped: like I'm living someone else's life. So finally she left me, saying it was time for her to figure out what she wanted. I can hardly blame her, she deserves better than me.'

As he talked, I felt more and more bewildered by Todd's anger. What exactly was he so angry about? I decided to try and ask T about it, but I didn't get the chance to. Suddenly the door swung open, almost sending me crashing into the window. Todd had returned with a heavy burden balanced under his arm. It took me a second to realize it was a person.

T stood up then, shrieking. 'Todd what are you doing with Henry?! Put him down, now you've gone too far with all of this!' Sure enough, Todd had Henry cinched comically under his arm, with his mouth taped, half-dressed and shoeless. Henry's eyes were darting frantically between the two of us.

'YOU DON'T GIVE THE ORDERS AROUND HERE, LITTLE MAN!' Todd thundered, dumping Henry onto the carpet. 'Nobody is going anywhere. It's time to get everything out onto the table, don't you think daddy?' T looked nervous, flushed and sweaty. Todd ripped the tape off Henry's mouth, pointing him towards an armchair beside his father. Finally, he looked at me, his face softening. He lifted me gently off the door, helping me over to the larger sofa. He ruffled my hair a little, visibly calming himself down.

'I'm sorry I was so rough on you. I know you're angry with me, but I couldn't take a chance on you leaving without hearing the whole story. Please just listen to everything first.' Todd's blue eyes were locked on mine, and for the first time that day, they were not angry or maniacal, but soft and pleading, like a 17 year-old boy. My anger abated slightly, and I smiled shyly at him.

Turning back to the others, I saw his shoulders set massively. 'As for you two, it's time to tell our new neighbour here the truth. And I suggest you don't try to lie, or you'll have to deal with this!' Todd then crunched into an incredible most muscular, every striated, dense muscle group bulging outward. I gulped, grateful I was on this side of the room, marvelling at how huge he had become as two grown men were now dwarfed by his size.

'All right, he said, plunking down next to me. Who want's to start?'
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Interesting twist. I look forward to reading the next chapter.


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Old August 6th, 2008, 05:53 PM
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Ahh we're getting closer and closer to the end.
Kinda sad really...
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Plot-twist indeed! I gotta go make some popcorn for this...the old-fashioned way!
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Old August 6th, 2008, 06:55 PM
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Chapter 6

Excellent! Well worth the short wait. Thanks, banania7!
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Old August 6th, 2008, 08:07 PM
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Not at all what I expected! I'm looking forward to hearing the truth.
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