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Promoting Jet (Part 2)

Mick was up and had already checked the stock market and made a few calls to the east cost from the study connected to his bedroom, when he smelled breakfast food. He came downstairs to find Jet preparing what looked like a vegetarian omelet and fresh fruit. It was definitely a surprise to see the younger guy up so early, Mick was sure Jet would sleep in on his first day of living in the house.

“Good morning, Jet. You’re up mighty early.”

“Good morning. Yeah, I figured I’d need some nourishment before I started training. You know, the early bird gets the worm and all that.”

Mick knew that this kind of attitude would be what would make Jet attain all of their goals in this new business agreement. Mick wondered, though, if the energy and enthusiasm in Jet would wear off after a few weeks, or if the guy was really in for the long haul. He hoped Jet was as much of a sure thing as Mick’s gut said he was.

“How did you sleep in your new bed?”

“Like a baby. My head hit the pillow and I was out cold. And you, how did you sleep, Mick?”

“Soundly, Jet, I slept soundly and I don’t usually sleep that well.”

“Yeah? You mean you didn’t sleep half awake with your door locked and a gun or knife under your pillow?”

“No. Why would I do that?”

“I guess I thought you might be afraid I’d come in and do something to you, or, at least, steal a few things during the night.”

The statement caught Mick off guard. It hadn’t occurred to him, at all, to protect himself in any way last night. The thought that Jet might do something to him or to the house didn’t enter his mind at any time. Mick was actually surprised by his own actions. He was a very cautious man in all things, but he had not doubted, in any way, Jet’s desire to enter into their business deal. Mick smiled at the fact that he had trusted Jet so completely, because he usually trusted no one. He knew this was a fucking good sign about their potential together.

“You know, Jet, the thought that I shouldn’t trust you never entered my mind. I took you at your word last night. I went to bed more content than I can remember for a very long time. I completely trust you. I get the feeling that you want our little business deal to work out even more than I do. I also want you to know that you don’t ever have to steal anything; I’ll give you anything you desire. All you have to do is ask. We’re going to turn you into a fucking powerful muscle machine. You are going to make us both a lot of money and you, my friend, are going to enjoy the added benefits to your body in ways you’ve never dreamed before. What do you have to say about that?”

“Well, besides the fact that I have the hardest boner in my entire life, I say let’s get this deal started. That’s what I say, Mick, I’m ready to make you proud.”

Mick saw that Jet had his hands at his crotch covering a hard on caused merely by the fact that Mick trusted the kid and wanted him to grow into a fucking muscled monster. Yeah, Jet wanted this even more than Mick. This was the beginning of an incredible journey together. Mick started to get hard himself. He contemplated for a second forgetting his rule about not mixing business with pleasure and throwing it down with Jet on the kitchen floor. He immediately pushed the thought out of his mind. Even though he knew sex with this stud would be magical, neither man could afford clouding their desired goals with sex. Mick regained control of himself quickly. He needed to view Jet as just a racehorse that needed a lot of attention and training. Mick knew that he had to keep Jet focused on the ultimate prize. Mick was the coach that would push and support Jet until that body of his was way beyond even its present beauty. Mick’s moment of weakness, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Jet.

“Does Mr. Jacobs want me to show him some of my special skills?”

“No, Jet, I don’t. We have to get one thing clear from the beginning. Like I said last night, we can’t mix business with pleasure. I don’t mean to be cruel but I need to view you as a commodity now. I promise I’ll always treat you as a person, but I need to completely focus on turning you into an unbeatable force. I hope you understand. And now I need to make a few phone calls and get you the best trainers money can buy. I think I’ll take my breakfast to go.”

“I understand completely coach. Like I said, I’m ready to make you proud.”

Both men smiled at each other. Mick liked the sound of the new title of coach. He grabbed some food and went back to his study. Jet moved to the kitchen table and ate his breakfast. Both men knew this was the first of many mornings that would play out exactly as this one had – with Mick doing business from the study and Jet eating healthy to bulk up. Both men were entering into this deal fully aware of its demands and its promised outcomes. The making of super Jet had begun.

The next few weeks seemed to soar by. Jet took to his training like a madman. Mick could not believe how hard his little protťgť worked. Mick was able to get all the best trainers available in Los Angeles. Jet worked hard with a nutritionist, a boxing coach, a kickboxing coach, a personal trainer, and even had a special masseuse to help him with the pains that came with the beginning of any intense training regime. Jet was seen by all the best doctors and given an impeccable report on his physical condition. Each doctor told Mick that Jet would be able to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently. While Jet trained for eight hours a day, and sometimes more, Mick became obsessed with learning everything about Ultimate Fighting that he could. Soon he knew all the other promoters and their fighting machines. Mick was so busy with his part of the business deal, and his other money-making projects, that he was surprised when the four month anniversary of Jet living with him rolled around. That’s also when the signs of definite changes in his muscleman began to happen.

Mick was working away in his study one afternoon when there was a knock on the door. Mick merely yelled the word ‘enter’ and Sid Falcon, Jet’s personal trainer, walked in. Mick immediately noticed that Sid was quite shaken. The trainer looked worn out and was having trouble speaking.

“What is it Sid? Is there a problem?”

Sid could only nod his head in affirmation. He quickly sat in a chair across from the desk and caught his breath. Mick was beginning to get a little impatient and then Sid finally spoke.

“I can’t keep up with him Mr. Jacobs. The man is a fucking beast. He’s worn out two of my best trainers and now me. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s gained more muscle in four months than most men gain in a lifetime of working out. There’s almost no body fat on the guy and he’s as strong as an ox. I’m not helping him in any way. He’s taken to this stuff like he’s been doing it all his life. He doesn’t need a trainer; he needs an endless army of men he can work out with so there’s always someone for him to lift with. I’ve only been with him for two hours today and I’m so worn out I may have to rest for a week. The guy’s fucking incredible. I can’t work here any more, Mr. Jacobs, there’s nothing for me to do. I’d just be wasting your money.”

Mick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Sid Falcon was one of the most sought after personal trainers in the world. He had whipped many people into incredible shape – from actors to presidents. Mick had been blown away the first time he had met Sid. Sid was this twenty-six year old stallion that exuded masculinity and strength like he was super human. Here was this huge man telling Mick that he was basically worn out by Jet – a guy that only recently began intense work outs. Mick didn’t know what to say. He just couldn’t fathom how any of this had happened.

“Jesus, Sid. Jet’s just been at this for a little while. What do you mean he’s worn you out? I can’t believe it. Can’t you just send someone else to work with him? I’ve got to get this guy ready for a fight coming up in about six months.”

“Listen, Mr. Jacobs, maybe you haven’t understood. I can’t help the guy any more. He’s grown beyond anything I might be able to show him. Hell, he’s basically been training me for the past few weeks. Like I said, you don’t need another trainer for Jet, but you might need a bigger and heavier set of weights. The kid is doing bicep curls with almost all the weights in the gym. He actually needed me to sit on the bar yesterday to somehow make it heavier. As far as being ready for a fight in six months, he’s damn ready now. He’s been taking on three guys at a time when Claude’s been teaching kickboxing. The guy’s a maniac, I tell you. You wanted a muscle machine, Mr. Jacob, but what you got is a fucking muscle god. I’m sorry, but I’ve trained with Jet for the last time. I got to let my body recover from the punishment he put it through. Jet will do just fine, I promise you. The guy’s ready to take on a tank in my opinion.”

Sid grabbed the sides of his chair and pushed himself up like he was an unsteady man of eighty-seven or something. Mick watched the guy painfully move to the door and leave. Mick could not believe what he had just heard. He immediately decided that Jet had done something wrong to make Sid want to leave. Sid must be making up all this nonsense just to have a good excuse to quit. None of this was logical, since Jet had been so dedicated since the beginning, but Mick still could not understand what Sid had been saying. He figured that Jet had somehow messed up. He began to get angry and thought it was best to confront Jet right now. He left his office to go to the gym that had been created in the west wing of the house.

When Mick entered the huge mirrored weight room he immediately noticed the strong aroma in the room. It was a powerful smell of sweat, bodies working out, and men – or could it all be from just one man. Mick’s cock began to move to attention just from the overpowering masculine odor that filled the room. But that’s not what stopped him in his tracks, no, what he saw made him freeze completely and instantly get a fully engorged, painful boner. He could only see the back of Jet’s head and wide shoulders as he worked out on the incline bench across the room. What Mick noticed first, though, was that the bar seemed to be loaded with every possible weight in the room. As Jet pushed the bar into the air it bowed dramatically from the mind-blowing poundage on either side. That’s when Mick noticed that in order to hold the plates in place on the bar the ends had been roughly bent upward. It took a few seconds for Mick to realize that Jet had simply bent the tips of the bar in order to prevent the massive weights from falling to the floor. Mick’s hand went to the front of his crotch without any forethought – it was just a natural reaction to seeing this kind of strength. He started rubbing his hard cock through his linen pants. He felt a slight wet spot forming in the fabric at the head of his stiff rod.

“I guess it would be stupid for me to ask if you’re enjoying the show, wouldn’t it, Mick?”

Jet’s voice surprised Mick and he immediately moved his hand to his side. He noted, however, that his cock continued to throb dramatically. Mick looked into the mirror across the room, just beyond the incline bench, and he could see the reflection of his latest business deal pushing up the loaded bar as easily as someone might lift a broom. Jet was wearing a heavy gray sweatshirt and sweatpants, but Mick could tell the guy had gained a shitload of mass. Mick shook his head to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. He simply could not believe that he had been too busy these last few months to notice changes so dramatic – changes so mind boggling. Jet seemed to be as wide as two grown men standing beside each other. The big guy brought the bar to its resting place and Mick noticed Jet had to turn his body sideways to come up between the poles that were obviously straining to hold up the incredible weight. Jet stood up and Mick swore the man was taller. That was impossible, but the bulk the kid had added to his body made him seem to have grown at least six inches in height. Maybe it was just the fact that his cockiness seemed to have increased – the mere act of standing up, turning around, and straddling the bench was so infused with masculinity that it could have easily caused Mick to spew loads of cum, if he hadn’t been so entranced by the changes in the man. Jet looked directly at Mick and smiled. It was the smile that Mick had become accustomed to – the one mixed with something eerie and that blasted cockiness that seemed to be increased tenfold at this point. Jet turned his palms upward and grabbed the bar, with his hands forced more towards the middle because of the added plates. Mick could feel globs of precum oozing from the slit of his dickhead when he realized what Jet was about to do. With no strain whatsoever, Jet lifted the heavy weighted bar, stepped slightly backwards, and then began to curl the bowed monstrosity up to his chest and then back down to a right angle with his body. Mick could see bulging mountains through the heavy fabric of Jet’s shirt where mere arms used to reside. Mick actually moaned out loud and this made Jet chuckle slightly. As he continued to easily curl the bar Jet spoke with a voice that showed no sign of strain.

“I’m really sorry about wearing Sid out, Mick. I’m afraid he just wasn’t man enough to last through my work outs. I’ve just been training really hard to make you proud. I didn’t know I’d fucking love this shit so much. You know, feeling super heavy weights as they make my muscles grow, watching my body bulge out in places I never thought it could, feeling strong as other men fall down from exhaustion trying to keep up with me, and easily wrestling three men to the ground at the same time. I hope you know that I’m doing all of this for us, Mick. I’m trying to keep up my end of the bargain. I can’t wait to show you what this body can do now. By the looks of that growing wet spot in your pants I think you like the results of my hard work, as well. Want me to take care of that hard piece of meat for you Mr. Jacobs?”

Mick was so mesmerized by the huge muscle stud that he almost gave in and begged the guy to fuck him right there on the bench. Mick had been staring at the heavy weights going up and down, amazed at the strength of his housemate. Then Mick became engrossed in the darkened v-shape on Jet’s sweatshirt caused by the man’s sweat. It was like a wide trail of water starting at the top of that monstrous chest that narrowed to just a thin trail as it streaked downward – toward the man’s hard package in his sweats below. Jet’s knees wobbled a little as he noticed the man’s cock and balls must be sweating, too, since there was a dark spot at his crotch. Or did lifting that much weight excite Jet so much that he would sometimes unload his hot manly jism into his underwear as his arms pressed every possible plate from the gym into the air. Mick wanted to run to the man, press his lips into the wet part of the shirt, and suck in the salty sweat for hours. He wanted to taste what this young man’s hard work had produced. He wanted to smell that shirt more than anything in the world – well, maybe second to having that stud’s raging hard-on shoved up his ass. Mick tried to reign in his thoughts and desires, but not before he asked one question. It came out mostly as a whisper.

“How much weight is that, Jet?”

“This light thing? I’m not sure, Mr. Mick. I think somewhere between a Volkswagen Bug and a Greyhound Bus.”

Jet’s answer was so full of cockiness that Mick lost control of his body. He had to grab hold of the barbell rack beside him to remain standing. Mick’s wildest fantasies could not have prepared him for what Jet had become. Mick made a mental note to send Sid Falcon a huge bonus check very soon, and, hopefully, it would make up for the pain this young muscle god had put him through. It took every ounce of strength in Mick’s body to push away his desire for Jet. He finally stood without the support of the rack. Even the throbbing pain in his cock subsided as he began to let his business side take over his brain. He started planning the next step in their joint venture - even as he stood there calming his body down more.

“Aren’t you supposed to be working with Claude and his trainers right now? Isn’t this time for kickboxing, Jet?”

The big man quickly placed the bar back in its resting place. There was sudden silence in the room and Mick noticed a change in Jet’s demeanor. Some of the cockiness drained away and Jet’s face turned a little red.

“I . . . uh . . . I mean . . . they’re kind of . . . resting right now.”

“What do you mean resting, Jet?”

“Don’t be mad Mick, please. I didn’t mean to knock them all out. It just kind of happened. I made sure they were okay, but they’re all out cold. I couldn’t do any more without fighting partners, so I just decided to lift weights.”

Jet turned to look towards the adjoining room that had been turned into a space for fighting. Mick fallowed Jet’s gaze and then quickly went to the door and pushed it open. There in the corner of the ring built in the middle of the room were three men sitting against each other, as if each man was using the others to take a nap. Mick quickly jumped into the ring and checked the pulse of each one. They were all breathing and seemed fine. Mick knew, though, they’d all have a massive headache when they finally woke. That’s when Mick noticed that all three were fully hard and had stiff pricks pressing against their shorts. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Even though they were knocked unconscious, each man had a fucking boner. Even in defeat, they had been turned on by Jet’s abilities. Mick turned to see the big guy's fucking wide body coming through the door and marveled at the fact that Jet had to turn slightly just to fit through.

“I’m sorry, Mick. I didn’t mean to do it. I promise. Claude told me to use everything I had and I did. He kept saying I needed to focus so much that nothing else mattered above winning the fight. I guess I got carried away and, well, I won. I’m sorry.”

Mick burst out laughing. He couldn’t help it. He was just so incredibly impressed and happy. He went to the corner of the ring and looked down at Jet – smiling uncontrollably.

“Jet, my man, there is absolutely nothing to be sorry about. You have become everything I ever dreamed for you and more. Don’t worry about these guys or, even about Sid and his men. Don’t worry about anything. We’ll get you some more work out partners tomorrow; we’ll get a fucking army of them if we need to. We’ll also get you some bigger weights – even if they have to be concrete slabs connected to twenty-four inch thick steel girders. You, my muscle machine, have made me so very happy. We aren’t waiting for six more months before we unleash you on the world, Jet. I’m going to work on setting up some fights for you as soon as possible. I want the world to get a glimpse of what a fucking bull you’ve become. You are going to be rich, my man, I promise you that. I am going to help you make a lot of money. But tonight, you get to take a break from training. We are going to dinner to celebrate your hard work. Go shower, my good friend, and get ready for a night out on the town. You deserve it. Go on, go get ready. I’ll take care of Claude and his men – don’t worry. Just look at the stiff pricks on these guys. They must be dreaming of the muscle machine that knocked them out. They’ll be fine. You should be really proud, Jet. Go on, get moving. I’m taking you somewhere nice, so squeeze that monstrous body into something formal, if you can, and we’ll be off.”

As Mick spoke Jet’s face moved from saddened contrition to beaming pride. His cock also seemed to respond to the praise, as well. Mick noticed the impressive bulge in the big guy’s sweats began to stir and then grew massive. Mick thought, yeah, this guy just needs encouragement and direction. Mick was ready to make this stud, and himself, rich from some fights. Mick was also ready to see Jet’s muscled body in action. Jet turned and left the room quickly. Mick knew the young man was excited about a night off from training and some fun out on the town. Hell, the bulging monster deserved it. Mick jumped down from the ring and walked over to grab some bottled water to throw in the faces of the unconscious men. He knew he’d have to give these guys a bonus, as well. It didn’t matter, though. He was ready to move to the final step in his business deal with Jet. It was time to unleash super Jet onto some other men in fighting challenges. Mick was ready to watch his stallion win a few trophies and lots of cash.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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(The sound of appreciative laughter) Oh my God. That man must be a monster. Great work, Londonboy.

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