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The Transfer of Power Phase II

Hi guys:: This is the sequel to "The Transfer of Power", a story which I wrote almost 5 years ago, and is currently in the MGS story archive. Enjoy!


The Transfer of Power – Phase II

Kevin Kielar had just transferred to his new school and started out the new school year in the seventh grade. It was his first semester at the new Middle School, so he obviously didn’t know anyone. He spent his first day trying his hardest to write down the names of all the teachers and memorizing the schedule. Then, he looked around to see who would seem to reach out to him, to become a potential friend or someone he could relate to.

During the first few days, Kevin tried his hardest to concentrate on learning the rules and the names of all the teachers. Next, he studied the location of all the classrooms where his classes were, since this middle school was much bigger than the previous school which he attended the year before. It was a real challenge for him to get around, since the rooms were spread out more, the main building was three floors high, and the halls were long and wide.

Adding to the fact that Kevin was new and didn’t know anyone yet, he had just gotten assigned a new locker, but he didn’t have a padlock. Since he couldn’t lock his door, he still had to carry all his books around from class to class. This also added to the stress of being the new student at a big school.

Finally, during lunch hour, another student walked up to him, since he spotted Kevin sitting alone in the corner, eating his hamburger and fries all by himself. When the student sat down, he grabbed the bottle of ketchup, which was on the table right in front of Kevin’s tray.

“So, you must be new here, huh?” the other boy asked him.


“Well I’m David… I saw you sitting here all by yourself, and since all the other seats were taken, I figured I’d come and take this seat. What’s your name?”

“My name is Kevin… I transferred from Betton Hills…”

“Cool! Are you in to video games?”

“Sure!” Kevin replied excitedly.

“Do you play any sports?” David wondered.

“I played Little League for awhile… How about you?”

“I was on the track team…”

“That’s cool!” Kevin responded. He was happy to finally have met one of the students at the school.

“Well since you’re new here, I guess I could help you find your way around the school, if you want…”

“Yeah, I really appreciate that! This place is much bigger than my old school! I almost need a GPS to find my way around this place…”

“The school is BIG… I guess that’s one of the good things about this school…” David chuckled.

A couple of blonde girls walked by the table, where David and Kevin were sitting. David immediately turned around, and followed them with his eyes. Kevin had just placed his hamburger in his mouth when he noticed how easily David had become distracted by them. When David noticed that, he turned to face Kevin and leaned closer towards him.

“That’s another nice thing about this school… Some of the girls are really HOT, you know?” David whispered to Kevin.

“Ooh good… Are there a lot of parties here, at the school?” he asked him.

“You kidding me? All the time!” David assured him. “Just make sure you bring some cash to the parties so you can buy something to eat and to drink…”

Then Kevin placed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a five-Dollar bill and placed it on the table. He then found a few quarters and dimes in his pocket as well, and placed those on the table on top of the money.

“What are you doing?” David said, as he looked at Kevin with disgust.

“Just seeing how much money I got on me…” Kevin replied casually. “Why? What’s wrong with that?”

“Are you crazy? Put that money away!” David said, almost in panic. “Don’t let anyone see that you got money on you!”

“Why not?” Kevin wondered, as he watched David frantically collect the money in his hands and stuff it in Kevin’s palm of his hand.

“If any of the bullies see that you got money with you, they will make you an instant target and they will hit you up for cash on a regular basis!” David whispered back. “Put that money away! I’m serious! That’s one of the bad things about this place! Don’t ever bring a lot of money to school!”

“Oh come on…” Kevin laughed. “It’s just a couple of dollars…”

“Dude… Just the fact alone that I touched your money alone, might mean that they’re gonna question me later on as well! They know me! They don’t know you… Not yet, at least… But they know me… Oh, man…” David groaned. “Don’t bring money to school, dude! I’m serious!”

“Alright, alright… Don’t get all worked up… I’ll leave my money at home…”

Just then the bell rang, indicating the end of the lunch break and the start of the next class period. The students put their trays away and walked out the hallway, looking for their classroom where their next classes were held. Then they got in their seats as quickly as possible, so that classes could begin as soon as the second bell rang. Any student, who was not seated in their chair at the second bell, was written up as being late.

Kevin and David hurried into their history class and took their seats and opened their notebooks, ready to take notes and read from their books so the the teacher could start the next lesson.


After school was over, Kevin and David were walking towards the lockers in the hallway.

“This is my locker” Davis pointed out. “Do you have one already?”

“Yeah, but I need to get a lock for it…”

“Oh, I got an extra combination lock at my house. I’ll give you mine… Come, I’ll show you where I live, when we’re on the school bus riding home, alright?” David suggested.

“Sure…” Kevin shrugged, as the two guys walked out the big doors together. They walked up to the bus stop where the large school bus was waiting. Unfortunately for them, one of the members of the football team, whose name was Troy, was standing a few feet from them when they were talking in front of David’s locker. Troy had seen David handle some money during lunch, and he wanted to confront David alone about that first…


Next morning, David had arrived early so he could go into the classroom and finish up some of his incomplete homework. He still had an English assignment to complete, and he just didn’t feel like working on it at home, so he decided to come to school about twenty minutes earlier so he could finish it up in an empty classroom instead.

While he was just walking past his locker, Troy came strolling down the hall.


David looked up and noticed that it was Troy and he cringed. He wasn’t exactly friends with him, and Troy had bullied him before about money, among other things. David had just placed a few items in his locker, when he quickly slammed the door shut, and made a quick twist on the dial of his combination lock. Then, he quickly turned around, and acted like he didn’t see Troy coming…

Troy saw that David was ignoring him, so he ran up to David from behind, and placed his large hand on David’s shoulder. Troy was over six-and-a-half feet tall, and he was one of the linebackers on the football team at the school.

“Hey runt… What was that silver you were flashing around during lunch yesterday, huh?” Troy growled at him. “I guess it’s time for me to collect some of my protection-tax from you…”

“Beat it, Troy… I don’t owe you any money!” David shouted back as he pulled his arm back from Troy’s grip.

“Man… we’re a little aggressive today, huh?” Troy sneered, as he walked closer to him and reached out with his thick, muscular arm. Before David could move away far enough, Troy had grabbed hold of David’s t-shirt and he had pushed him with his back against the locker steel door.

“I think I need to teach you a little more respect around here, my little friend… Need I remind you that I’m still bigger and stronger than you, runt?” Troy said with an evil grin.

“You’re not gonna get away with this, you jerk!” David shouted at him. “Do your worst!”

“So, where’s that money you were showing off in lunch yesterday?”

“What money?”

“Look Davey… I’m not stupid, you know?” Troy growled, before he tightened his grip on David’s shirt and SLAMMED his back into the wall of steel lockers!

“Auuuwwwww!” David groaned, as his back got slammed against the lockers, which made his entire body hurt. He felt like he was hit by a train.

“One more time, before I squash you like a bug…” Troy said calmly. “Where’s the money?”

“I don’t have it! It wasn’t even mine!”

“Whose money was it then?” Troy sneered.

David bit his lip tight.

“Tell me, you little bug!” Troy shouted at him.

“Never! I don’t rat about my friends! Get lost!” David shouted back.

“Is that this new guy, who was sitting next to you during lunch yesterday?” Troy noted. “I’ve never seen him before, but I know he’s one of the new guys…”

“Leave him alone! He doesn’t know anybody!”

“Hold it!” Kevin shouted. “I’m the guy you’re talking about!”

“Kevin! Stay out of this!” David shouted.

Troy let go of David’s shirt, as he turned around so he could face Kevin.

“So, the new guy is a rich kid, huh?” Troy growled, as he slowly approached Kevin.

Kevin remained standing where he was, and he just stared at Troy with a very serious expression on his face.

“Since you’re the new guy in school, I guess you need to learn the rules…” Troy hissed at him. “Well then, here goes….”

“Don’t listen to him, Kevin!” David shouted.

“SHUT UP, you little twerp!” Troy yelled back at David.

Then he turned around and faced Kevin.

“Rule number one: Every student must pay a Tax so that they will make it through the month without getting beat up by me… If you don’t pay it…” Troy said calmly, as he slammed his right fist into the palm of his left hand with a loud BANG.

“You’re nothing but a big, overgrown bully, Troy, and you know it!” David shouted. “Leave him alone!”

“Davey!” Troy shouted at him. “ONE MORE TIME…. ONE more peep out of you…”

Then Troy turned back to face Kevin.

“Rule number two: Any money you bring to school belongs to me and will be confiscated by me, understood?”

“Ooh boy…” David groaned.

“Rule number three: Payment is due by the THIRD day of the new semester…” Troy laughed. “No late payments accepted. My fist is the interest charge… Any questions?”

Troy then made a fist and rubbed his knuckles up against Kevin’s chin. Kevin just remained standing and looked him in the eye, not showing any fear at all.

“The third day of the semester?” David gasped. “That’s TOMORROW!”

“I know that boy must have learned something during all those years in school…” Troy grinned, as he rubbed his fist against Kevin’s chin. “Yesssss… I can see it, that sweat, the sweat of fear. I love being bigger and stronger than all of you… especially you, you make even Davey look huge. Bring me twenty dollars, alright?”

Then Troy slowly turned around and walked out the door, laughing out loud.

For a few seconds, the two boys remained standing in deep silence in the hallway. Both David and Kevin stared at each other in anger, as they pondered what had just happened, and what they had just heard.

“Well, there you have it… You gotta start paying him twenty bucks in protection money, starting tomorrow, or else he’s gonna start beating you up…” David mumbled. “Welcome to my school!”

“Forget it…” Kevin stated.

“Kevin! If you don’t come to school with twenty bucks tomorrow, he’s gonna make ground beef out of you! Have you seen his muscles?” David gasped.

“He won’t be able to do a thing to me…” Kevin said confidentially. “Trust me…”

“What… What are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell someone?” David asked him, as the two boys started walking down the hall.


“Do you have a big bro or something? Is your dad a police officer?”


“Dude! I hope you’re not planning on bringing a gun or a knife to school, because you’re gonna get into BIIIIGGG trouble!”


“Well, what then?” David pondered. “OH! I know! You got a black belt in Karate!”


“Kickboxing? Judo? Self defense? Some other Martial Arts?”


“What then? I mean… I’m running out of ideas!”

“It has nothing to do with ME, dude…” Kevin chuckled. “If Troy is gonna pick a fight with me, then I’m gonna make sure he won’t even have the muscles to fight me with at all in the first place!”

“Huh?” David responded. “That made no sense to me at all!”

“You’ll see…”

The two students went to class and spent the rest of the morning attending their classes as usual. Nobody bothered them, and nothing unusual happened.

During lunch hour, David and Kevin decided to sit together, like they did since they day they had met, which was only one day earlier. They ate their lunch and they talked about the classes, the teachers, the girls, sports and video games. When David finally brought up the subject of Troy and the protection money he owed him, Kevin just brushed it off.

“Oh David… Troy can forget about his money… he ain’t getting’ a dime outta me! I’m not paying for a bully!” Kevin announced.

“Dude… I hope you’re insured…” David sighed. “You’re either very brave, or very foolish….”


“Have you taken a good look at Troy?” David spoke up. “He’s twice as big as you! His muscles are humongous!”

“Having big muscles doesn’t mean that you’re a great person, dude… It’s what you DO with those muscles what counts! What I’m concerned; Troy is nothing but an overgrown baby… If you take away all those muscles, he’s nothing but a wimp!”

“What are you talking about?” David wondered.

“Man… I wish I had kept those huge muscles I had gained at my previous school… I was bullied once, and then I became really huge! But, a friend of mine was stuck in a wheelchair, and I gave all my muscles to him, so he could walk again…” Kevin explained.

“Dude… You’re not making any sense! You just can’t give your muscles to someone else!” David realized.

Kevin just stared at him with a slight grin.

“Trust me…”

“All I know is, there is a price on your head, and Troy is out to get you!” David remarked. “You’d better be ready to defend yourself…”

“I’m ready… Troy had better be ready for what he has coming…” Kevin said calmly. “I’ll be the LAST person in this school he’ll ever bully…”

David just stared at him in awe.

“You… You’re not gonna kill him, are you?”


The boys finished their lunch in silence, as they were in deep thought. David had decided he was going to watch Kevin like a hawk. Somehow, in the back of his mind, he realized that this afternoon was going to be very unusual…

After lunch was over, Kevin and David went back to class and attended all their lectures like they normally would. Everything seemed to go like normal, until the final period of the day had ended. Kevin had walked up to his locker to retrieve his books, and let up with David so they could walk out to the parking lot together in order to wait for the school bus.

When they were outside, one of the other students walked up to them. It was Justin, another member of the football team. Justin was tall and muscular, but he wasn’t as big as Troy.

“Hey, you guys…” Justin said to Kevin and to David. “Come over here. I need to show you guys something, over by the football field…”

“Right now? Dude! We’re about to catch the bus to go home!” David protested.

“The bus won’t come for another ten minutes. This will only take a minute or so…” he replied.

Then David and Kevin followed him to the football field. As soon as they arrived there, the moment they turned the corner, Troy jumped from out of hiding and leaped in front of them. He then grabbed a hold of Kevin’s arm, and forced him to the ground.

“Alright, you twerp. This time, it’s serious…” he growled at him. “Where’s my twenty dollars?”

“Auuwww!” Kevin cried out in pain.

“Let him go!” David shouted. David then leaped on top of Troy from behind, but Justin pulled him off. Justin then started pushing David to the ground as well.

“I don’t owe you any money!” Kevin shouted.

Troy then let go of Kevin, as he made a fist with his right hand.

“Then, it’ll be my pleasure to send you home with a black eye, for your lack of payment of my Protection Tax…”

As Troy drove his right first straight into Kevin’s face, Kevin raised his right hand, and blocked the punch with the palm of his hand. Then, he reached out with his left hand, and placed that on Troy’s right wrist with a tight grip.

“You’re nothing but a big bully…” Kevin said calmly. “You use your muscles to hurt people… What would you do if you no longer had your muscles?”

“What?” Troy wondered.

Then something strange began to happen to both of them. Kevin’s arms began to thicken and his legs slowly started to widen at the same time. Meanwhile, Troy suddenly began to feel his strength being sucked out of him, very slowly but noticeable.

“Hey… What’s going on?” Troy wondered. He began to feel strange. He could no longer push his fist hard enough into Kevin’s face anymore, so he could give him a serious black eye. Was he getting weaker? When he looked down he noticed that his arms started to lose some of their muscle. His legs weren’t that thick anymore, and his shoulders didn’t feel that wide. His shirt felt a lot wider than before, and his pants seemed a few sizes too big now.

“What are you doing to me?” Troy gasped in panic, as he felt his muscles deflate even more. Years of weight training in the gym were about to be lost in a matter of seconds, as Kevin appeared to be hulking out and growing more and more muscular!

“I’m making it so you won’t bully anyone after this is over…” Kevin said, as he tightened his grip on Troy’s thinner arm. “Now you’ll feel what it’s like to be skinny and weak…”

“No… NO! Stop… STOP IT!” Troy shouted at him, almost begging him to make it stop.

The commotion made David and Justin stop their fight and look on. Both of them realized that something strange had happened, since Troy looked a lot skinnier than before, while Kevin appeared to have gained some serious muscle!

Finally, after a few moments had passed, Troy had become skinny to the bone. All his muscles had disappeared, and he was reduced to an ordinary weakling while Kevin was now a short muscle jock. When Kevin let go of his arm, the two just stared at each other from a distance.

“Wow! Look at Kevin! He’s huge!” David exclaimed.

Kevin remained just as tall as before, but his shoulders were almost a foot wider than earlier. His arms were as thick as pythons and his legs were like tree trunks, loaded with muscle. His calves looked like soccer balls that were implanted in his legs, and his pectorals were like giant spheres of muscle. Kevin had grown so much that he had practically burst out of his shirt and his pants. He had transformed into a teen Hulk, and he now walked around with over 300 pounds of muscle on his frame!

“Hey… H-how… How did he do that?” Justin stuttered.

“Look at me!” Troy cried out. “My muscles! He STOLE my muscles!”

Troy looked down at his arms and his legs as tears started rolling from his eyes. He was very skinny now.

“Kiss your protection Tax goodbye, Troy…” Kevin said, as he turned around and started to walk towards the parking lot. “Come on, David… I gotta find a large shirt to wear…”

David quickly ran after his hulking friend, leaving Justin and Troy behind at the football field.

“Dude… How on earth did you do that?” David asked his best friend. “I mean… Look at you! It’s like… You robbed him of all his muscle!”

“That’s exactly what I did, dude…”

“How does it feel, having all that muscle?”

“It’s great! I can give you some of it, if you like… I can even have you try on all of it…” Kevin replied.

“Are you serious?” David wondered. “You can make me have all that muscle?”

“Sure! It’s very easy for me to transfer all this muscle to you…” Kevin responded. “I just need to hold on to you long enough to make the transfer!”

“After you do that, can you always transfer it back?”


“Oh okay… Let me think about this for a minute, alright?”

Kevin just stared at David with a wide grin on his face…

“Um not right now I don’t think,” David said as he ran his eyes across his friend’s new muscular physique. “Those clothes are way too small for you.”

“Yeah I noticed.”

“How strong are you now?”

“Well, my guess is that I’m probably as strong as Troy used to be!” Kevin chuckled. “And I feel like it, too! I feel much heavier than before…”

“Well…” David noticed. “Nobody’s going to bully you anymore!”

“Don’t worry… Nobody’s gonna bully you anymore either… Not as long as I’m around!”

“I appreciate that, Kev…” David nodded. “Now that you’re big, I feel a lot safer at school!”

The two friends walked to Kevin’s house, where he rummaged through his closet for an extra-large shirt which he found in a storage closet somewhere. The shirt had belonged to his father, so he decided to wear it now because it would barely fit him now.

“Dude… I’m only a little concerned about Justin…” David realized. “He was one of Troy’s closest friends, and he saw what you did to him!”

“I’m not worried… What’s the worst thing he could do?”

“Tell the other guys on the football team, who were also friends with Troy?” David suggested. “Some of them might be very upset with you right now!”

“We’ll deal with them as they come, dude… Don’t worry!” Kevin assured him.

Then David and Kevin just played video games and hung out. After a few hours, David finally walked back to his house.

The next day, Kevin enjoyed all kinds of compliments from the minute he walked into the schoolyard. Everyone stared at him, since he had gained over sixty pounds of muscle, compared to the previous day. When people asked him how he did it, he said he used magic potions, secret workouts, and he spent all night working out in the gym.

In class, Kevin was struggling to sit in his seat, and he had to get a bigger chair to sit on. During lunch break, he was surrounded by several girls, who wanted to feel his bulging biceps.

Finally, when school was over, Kevin and David were walking out of the main building where all the classrooms were, when they were confronted by Justin and by Tyrone.

“What did you do to Troy?” Tyrone said, as he grabbed hold of Kevin’s shirt with his fist. Tyrone was even bigger than Troy or Justin. He was practically the biggest guy on the football team. Justin grabbed hold of David, and he held him pinned with his back against the wall.

“Let go of David…” Kevin said calmly. “If you need to talk about Troy, then you just need to deal with me… But leave David alone!”

Justin then hurled David to the ground, as he turned his attention towards Kevin.

“I’m right here, Kevin… I’m staying right here with you…” David assured his friend.

Then, Justin made a fist, and drove it into Kevin’s stomach.

Kevin groaned loudly, absorbing the pain.

Tyrone then followed up with his own punch, slamming his fist into Kevin’s chest.

Kevin buckled for a moment, bending forward.

Then, when both men weren’t expecting it, Kevin reached out with both arms, and grabbed hold of Justin’s left arm, and Tyrone’s right arm. Immediately, he started draining the strength out of them!

“Oh my God… What are you doing?” Tyrone gasped, as he felt his muscles decreasing in size.

“Oh NO! He did that to Troy yesterday!” Justin exclaimed.

David just grinned as he realized what was going on.

While Tyrone and Justin still kept their height, both men saw their muscles decreasing rapidly, right before their eyes! Their large pectorals turned into a flat chest; their chiseled abdominals transformed into a flat stomach, and their huge arms and broad shoulders were soon reduced to average arms and normal-looking shoulders that you would find on students who had never worked out in a gym before. Their thick, muscular thighs, glutes and calves were soon reduced to thin legs and their shallow muscles, and the men soon found that their overpowering strength had completely left them along with their hulking muscles!

In the meantime, Kevin was experiencing the most incredible muscle growth spurt of his life. He was absorbing the muscle of two large men, in addition to the muscles which he had already gained from Troy, just the day before. It was as if he had practically tripled in size in less than twenty-four hours! David could only stare in awe as he watched his best friend’s muscles inflate like hydrogen balloons as if they were attached to a pump. His chest continued to push out forward and sideways by more than two feet, making him look absolutely humongous! His shoulders practically doubled in width, making him impossibly huge!

“Uuuhhhhhh!” Kevin moaned, as his muscles just continued to expand to no end.

Kevin’s arms grew as big as thick columns. His biceps were the size of basketballs, and they were rock solid! His legs grew larger and thicker, becoming as wide as the biggest redwood trees! His calves were like soccer balls already, and his quads were huge slabs of muscle, which were completely covered with thick ropes of veins all over! Truly, Kevin looked absolutely freakish by now, and he resembled the biggest teenage bodybuilder around!

Finally, he had drained every ounce of muscle from Tyrone and Justin. When he let go, the two cronies just stared at one another, when they turned around and ran away in complete fear.

“Well, we’re not going to be bothered by those two anymore!” David said, as he slowly walked up to Kevin. “So, how are you feeling? You look amazing!”

“I-I don’t know… I feel so heavy…” Kevin sighed.

David realized that something was wrong.

“Man… You’re absolutely titanic! But, what’s wrong?”

“David… It’s too much…” Kevin said calmly. “I got too much muscle on me… I can barely move…”


“Dude… I’ve become immobile!”

“You’re kidding!” David gasped.

“Dave… Come closer…” Kevin whispered to him. “You gotta help me…”

“Sure, dude… Whatever you say…” David said, as he slowly walked closer to his friend, who just seemed so huge, that he was freakish.

When David stood close enough to him, Kevin suddenly reached over and grabbed hold of his arm.

“Hey, man… What are you doing?” David gasped.

Suddenly, David felt his strength increasing dramatically. His biceps started to inflate, as they began to fill up and harden right away. His chest began to push out further, and his shoulders widened. David felt his abdominals push out from his flat torso, while his lats continued to spread out. His back widened and his legs grew thicker and wider. His calves and thighs grew wider as well, and soon, David had turned into a bodybuilder as well! Meanwhile, Kevin had just lost enough muscle, so that he was able to move his huge body again. Kevin was still incredibly huge, but at least now he was able to move his arms and his legs again.

“Dude… Please… That’s enough… I’m big enough… Please don’t make me any bigger…” David pleaded with him.

“Alright… Just a little more…” Kevin said, before he finally let go of David’s arm.

The two boys just stared at each other and realized that they were now both big and muscular now!

“Hey! What’s going on?” David gasped. “Am I bigger than you?”

It had suddenly dawned on David that he was looking down on Kevin. Not only was he slightly taller, but he was a lot more muscular than Kevin as well.

“Yeah… You’re right!” Kevin chuckled. “You really are the bigger guy now!”

“But, why?” he wondered. “Why did you make me bigger than you? Did you do that on purpose?”

“Yeah… To make up for all the bullying you’ve endured…”

“Oh… Well, I guess it finally happened… We’re the biggest guys in school now!” Kevin cheered.

“Yeah… Both of us…” David laughed, as he flexed his arm and admired his huge bicep.

Kevin just stared at him with a wide grin on his face.

“I like being so big…” David chuckled. “Now remember, dude… If you want to still be bigger than me, then just say so, alright? I’ll let you take back some of my muscle! I got more than plenty of muscle to spare, you know? Maybe you want to borrow some for on weekends or something?”

“Don’t worry… I’ll let you know…” Kevin replied. “Come on, dude… Let’s head home…”

“Yeah… I want to get before a mirror and do some poses…” David chuckled.

Then the two super-muscled teen turned and walked out the main gate of the school, before walking down the street towards Kevin’s house. Now, they were two big muscle men, and nobody at their school never even dared to bully them again….
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Very Good Muscle Transfer Story

Rex--A very good story,I like how just a normal kid can drin a bi muscled kid and transfer all his muscles to him,I wish it can happen in real life
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Amazing story. I can't wait for the next installment! Great job dude! ^_^!
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Nice to see a sequel to one of my personal favorites of your old stories. I loved the brief bit of muscle immobility the most, though since I like that a lot, I do sorta wish he had stayed immobile, to be honest.
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Here is the original, written back in 2003. I had to copy this out of the story archive.

Transfer of Power (original version)

The miserable weather had almost set the tone of how Kevin's day would end up. It was cold and wet all morning long, Kevin was almost late for school when he barely missed the bus. He forgot his homework assignment and he got splashed by a passing car while standing at the bus stop. What else could go wrong?

Kevin Kielar was a skinny little boy. Since he barely had any muscle on his body, he was an easy target for every bully at school. He was 12 and in the 6th grade, but he was only 5 foot 2 inches tall and he easily could have passed as a fifth grader since he was so small and so skinny. He had short, red hair and brown eyes, with freckles on his face. He was the oldest of two boys, his younger brother, Matthew, was a year younger and in the fifth grade.

When Kevin got in line in the cafeteria, his friend Sean rolled up to him, sitting in a wheelchair. "Hey Sean, what happened to you?" Kevin asked his wheelchair-bound buddy. "I got in a car accident over the weekend and the doctor said that my legs were hurt in the crash. I guess they're not strong enough for me to walk on them yet. But I'll manage, dude… Could you do me a favor?" Sean asked him. "Sure, what can I do for you?" Kevin responded. "Give me a push and roll me to the head of the table so I can eat, could you?"

"Yeah, I'll take care of you, Sean. Gosh, I wish there were anything I could do to make your legs stronger so you could walk again…" Kevin wondered out loud, as he pushed Sean's wheelchair towards the edge of the table before sitting down to eat himself.
Kevin's best friend, Adam, had just gotten his food from the kitchen counter in the school cafeteria, when he walked over to the table to sit down. Just before he had gotten to his seat, he accidentally slipped while walking on the wet floor, which had just been mopped by one of the custodians. Adam's large soda went flying from the tray, and ended up spilling all over Jared's lap. That was not a good thing, since Jared was a big kid, and he was known as one of the class bullies in school.

"You clumsy idiot, look at what you've done!" Jared growled at Adam, who was on the floor. "I'm sorry!" Adam said to Jared, as he began to pick up whatever was left over of his hamburger and fries, when Jared got up and walked towards him, clenching his fists.

Kevin was well aware of the fact that his best friend was in danger, and he decided to speak up. "Hey Jared, leave him alone! It was an accident! Didn't you hear him apologize? Leave Adam alone!" he shouted, sitting opposite Jared at a long table in the school cafeteria.

Now, Jared was already 14 and he was still in the 6th grade. He had to redo a year, and therefore was one of the biggest and oldest kids in the class. He was also strong and muscular, and he had no problem showing his younger, smaller, and weaker classmates that he meant business when he said that he was the boss!

Jared turned around and sat back down in his chair. He grabbed his spoon and dipped it in a small cup of ketchup. Then he swung the spoon and splashed the red blob of ketchup in Kevin's face, covering his nose, mouth and eyes with red ketchup! Kevin then grabbed his half-empty cup of cold soda, and splashed all of it in Jared's face! All the other kids at the table were laughing, until Jared stretched out his arm and grabbed Kevin's hair and started pulling it! Kevin began to scream, just as he extended his arms in order to try to break free from Jared's grip, when Jared suddenly let go.

"Alright, you two! Break it up! Let's go to the principal's office now!" Mister Jones shouted. He was one of the teachers who was on duty in the cafeteria when the food fight broke out. Kevin and Jared were escorted into Mister Rook's office, who suspended both boys from school for starting the fight in the cafeteria. Jared didn't appreciate it at all, and placed all the blame for the fight on Kevin. When they were done listening to how and why they were punished, they confronted each other outside as they were leaving the school grounds.

"You had better watch your back, Kevin! You're on my hit list now. You know what that means?" Jared sneered at Kevin. Kevin didn't dare say anything to the big bully, and just turned around and began to walk home.

As soon as Kevin walked in the door of his house, he was confronted by his mother. "Mister Rook just called! You got suspended from school again? What do you have to say for yourself, Kevin?" she asked him, with an angry look on her face.

"Jared was about to pick a fight with Adam for accidentally spilling his soda all over him. All I did was stand up for Adam, and then Jared threw ketchup in my face! Then I…" Kevin began to explain, while he began to cry at the same time.

"Kevin, how many times have you been in a fight with that boy? Now you're suspended from school for the second time in two months! You have to stay home tomorrow, but you got five chapters of extra history homework to do! Not only that, but you're grounded for the rest of the week. No TV, no computer, no video games and no music! Now, go to your room and stay there!" his mother shouted. "But mom, it's not fair! He's such a big bully! I didn't do anything…" Kevin began to plead. "Go to your room! I don't even want to hear it!" his mother shouted back, cutting him off in mid sentence.
With the pouring rain outside, accompanied by lightning and thunder, it only seemed appropriate that Kevin would sit in his room with the door closed, staring out the window. What a miserable day it has been. Tears started rolling down the boy's cheeks, as he watched the rain coming down. He was grounded. Again. All because of the big, overgrown bully at school named Jared. Not only was he being punished for standing up for a friend, but he was threatened by the big bully as well. All he had to look forward to, once the suspension was over, was to return to school with the fear of getting a black eye, in addition to all the humiliation and the punishment he had already had to endure over the past day. Kevin just closed the blinds in front of the window and crawled on his bed. It wasn't long, for he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Kevin woke up the following morning when his mother had just set down a plate with some toast and a bowl of cereal on his desk. She had poured him a glass of orange juice, and she had just walked out when he was awakened by the sound of his bedroom door being closed. He knew why she had brought him breakfast. She only did that when he was confined to his room while he was being punished for something.

He ate his cereal and his toast, and he only finished half of his cup, leaving some juice for later. He then grabbed his American history book, and began to study out his five chapters, for which he had to write an outline, to hand in to the principal the next day. He decided to get started on it as soon as possible, so he could be done with it. He worked on it through lunch time, when he crawled on his bed and dozed off again. When Kevin woke up that afternoon, he walked out of his room to go get something to eat for lunch. His mother let him sit at the kitchen table, and gave him some left over spaghetti she had made the previous night. Then she ordered him to wash and dry all the dishes, to water all the plants in the house, to collect all the garbage, to scrub the toilet in his bathroom and then to clean the bathtub and the sink. When he was done with all that, she had sent him back to his room, for she was going to bring him his supper.

Kevin hated being grounded and he couldn't stand being locked up in his room. Eventually he would run out of things to do and he would just be bored while sitting on his bed and looking out the bedroom window. After he had eaten his supper, he decided to stare out the bedroom window, before going back to bed again.

He hated being punished, but he was even more afraid of what was waiting for him the next day at school. He knew he had been placed on Jared's so called "hit list", which basically meant that he was now prime target for the big class bully. He felt it was so unfair that he had to fear the big gorilla; he saw it as being his hopeless destiny for the next day. He realized how great the chance was that he would go home from school with a black eye, especially now that he had gotten on Jared's bad side.

Jared was nothing but a big, muscular, overgrown bully, and Kevin somehow hoped that Jared would enjoy beating him up just as much as Kevin would enjoy watching Jared getting beaten up by some guy his own size. It just seemed so unfair, that a guy like Jared would use his muscles to beat up on other kids, while a nice kid like Sean is confined to a wheelchair just because he can't walk and his legs are too weak. Life would only seem fair to him if somehow all of Jared's muscular strength be transferred to Sean, so that the nice kid could walk again. As Kevin looked out the window, staring at the pouring rain, he began to wish out loud for a change.

"Jared is a bully because he has big muscles and he is strong. That's why he is so mean! I wish I could take his muscles and his strength away from him and add it to my own body, so I could give some of it to somebody else later on. Maybe I can give his muscles to somebody who would deserve it, like Sean, not some overgrown bully like Jared who would just use his strength to beat up other kids in school…" Kevin wondered to himself out loud, while watching the rain come down.

Then Kevin crawled back on his bed and started reading a magazine, but he only got through a few pages, before falling asleep, with the magazine laying flat on his chest.
Kevin was nervously walking down the hallway to go to his first class, when his shirt was grabbed from behind. When he turned around, he was staring right into Jared's face.

"After school, we'll meet out on the parking lot, you punk!" he sneered, making a fist with his left hand and raising it up to Kevin's chin. "We need to have a little talk, Kevin buddy! I'm really looking forward to it…" Jared said, as he pushed Kevin against the wall. Kevin just gulped; he knew he was in trouble now and that he would end up walking home from school with a black eye. He was scared, lonely, angry, and nervous. It just wasn't fair. He was always the one to get picked on, just because he was skinny, weak and small. Jared was a big guy, and he loved to use his strength and his overgrown muscles to pound the little guys at school. At first, Kevin began to feel helpless and sad. How could he escape Jared's wrath? Why did he have to come to school and spend the whole day living in fear of this bully? He had already resigned himself to the fact that he was going to endure a couple of blows after school, as if having been suspended for one day wasn't enough punishment already. What a miserable situation to be in! Why couldn't he be a little bigger, or a little stronger? Then he would teach Jared a lesson he would never forget. What would Jared do if he were bullied by someone who was his size, or perhaps even bigger, stronger, and more muscular?

When the final bell had rung, Kevin just walked out on the parking lot, just looking straight ahead, and minding his own business. If he had left the building before Jared, then he could at least try to postpone the execution for another day, and deal with the bully tomorrow. He was almost up to the gate to the street when he spotted Jared, along with Chuck and Frank. "Oh no, the three bullies… Jared and his henchmen" Kevin said to himself, as he looked the three big, muscular bullies straight in the eyes.
Jared walked up to Kevin, slamming his right fist into his left palm, in front of his chest. "Time to take care of the shrimp who just got me suspended for one day in school.

You're going to pay for that, you little twerp!" Jared sneered, as he approached Kevin.
Kevin just threw his backpack on the ground in front of him. "Alright, let's just get this over with. I'm tired and I'm hungry and I want to go home. So let me have it so we can finish this episode right now!" he said out of desperation. He just didn't seem to care anymore, for he knew he was going to get punched, no matter what. "I wish I could have some of that muscle of yours, then I would show you guys what it's like to being bullied all the time. Some day someone is going to bully you, and then you'll be thinking about me!" Kevin said out loud.

Something very strange had begun to happen. Just as Jared swung his fist at Kevin, he held out his hands while trying to block Jared's punch. As soon as Kevin touched Jared's fist, Jared began to feel weaker, while Kevin began to get stronger. Jared swung the other arm at him, and Kevin grabbed Jared's arm with both his hands, holding on to Jared's wrist. Kevin squeezed as hard as he could, and he gasped when he realized that he was draining all of Jared's strength and muscles out of him, and into his own body!

Jared's arms grew thinner, and his legs got smaller. His biceps were now flat and his pectorals and abs began to disappear! In the meantime, Kevin felt his own arms and legs growing thicker and harder, his muscles were expanding at an incredible rate! His legs were suddenly muscular and covered with veins, while his pectorals became at least five inches bigger and rounder than they were when the fight began.

"What is this? I'm weak!!" Jared screamed, as he struggled to let go and pull away from Kevin's hands. Kevin squeezed his arm even harder, and in a few seconds, Jared had grown from a big, muscular bully into a tall, skinny kid with no strength or muscles at all!
Kevin let Jared go and pushed him away from him with such force, that he fell on the ground. When he got up, he looked at himself and began to panic out loud.

"What have you done to me? All those workouts in the gym… My muscles… They're all gone! You stole my muscles and my strength!" Jared whimpered, as he looked down at his skinny body in complete shock.

Before Chuck and Frank could react, Kevin jumped in front of them and grabbed both their wrists. Kevin held on to them as they struggled to break free, but they couldn't resist Kevin because he was getting stronger while they were growing weaker every passing moment! Chuck and Frank felt their bodies deflate as their huge muscles grew smaller and smaller, until neither of them was muscular anymore! Meanwhile, Kevin was just adding on the pounds as his body absorbed all the muscle and strength from whoever he touched, and he was absorbing Chuck and Frank's strength and muscles at the same time, and he loved it! He just grinned as he felt an incredible surge of muscular strength and power soar through his body. He kept on squeezing their arms; until he realized that he had completely sapped them of their abundant muscles, robbing them of at least three years of working out in the gym per person! Kevin gained all the muscle and all the strength of his two victims, gaining six years of working out in just thirty seconds!

Chuck and Frank began to cry when Kevin let go of their arms and stepped back. They looked down at their bodies, their arms and their legs, and realized that they had become skinny to the bone! Where had all their muscles gone?

Then Jared, Chuck, and Frank gasped when Kevin raised his arms in front of him and showed his first muscular pose. He suddenly had 18 inch biceps, 16 inch calves, a washboard of abs and veins all over his legs. His quads were hard and thick, and his calf muscles looked like melons, that were about to rip out of his legs. His arms were hard and thick, his back was as solid as a rock, and he felt the ground shake with every step he made, as it absorbed the muscular weight of three men, now combined into one body.

"Now, do you guys still want to fight me?" Kevin said, while flexing his arms and showing off his 18 inch balls of muscles on his arms. All three former bullies turned around and ran towards the street, leaving the red head muscle boy by himself. Just as Kevin grabbed his backpack, Adam came walking out of the building.

"Kevin? Is that you?" Adam said out of amazement, as he studied the muscle boy who had the same face as his best friend, but sporting a body of an Olympic athlete instead of that of a skinny middle school student.

"Yeah, Adam. How do you like my muscles?" Kevin asked his buddy, while flexing his left arm in front of him, showing off the bulging ball of a bicep that was almost ripping out of his forearm.

"Holy cow! What did you do? What happened to you? How did you get so big?" Adam began to ask him.

Kevin smiled, as he gently grabbed hold of Adam's right hand. Suddenly Adam felt a surge of power creeping through his body, as all his muscles began to expand slightly, while Kevin was shrinking again.

"I have gained the power to take away all the muscle and strength from one person, and to transfer it to myself or somebody else, just by touching you. I can give you some of my power, or I can transfer it back to me, making your muscles shrink back again. These muscles belonged to Jared, Frank and chuck. Now they're mine, and I can give some of them to you if you want!" Kevin explained to his best friend, who stood there with his jaw wide open while he watched his muscles grow bigger and bigger.

"Come, Adam, let's go home!" Kevin said, as they were getting close to the street in front of the school. Just as the reached the sidewalk, they heard a familiar voice. `Hey guys, could I get a push from either on of you?" Kevin and Adam turned around and noticed Sean, waving at them from his wheelchair. Kevin suddenly had a big grin on his face, for he knew that this were the purpose of him suddenly gaining this awesome power of taking away the muscle and strength of the bullies, so he could give it to someone who was weak, like Sean.

Kevin and Adam walked up to Sean, who was sitting in his wheelchair. He wore a t-shirt and shorts, with tennis shoes. Sean was skinny and tall, so he wasn't muscular or strong at all. When Sean saw Kevin standing in front of him, his jaw dropped wide open as he marveled at Kevin's big, muscular physique.

"Holy smoke! What happened to you?" Sean asked Kevin. Kevin just motioned that Sean be quiet, as he gently reached out his right hand and grabbed hold of Sean's left leg.

"Hey… What… What are you doing?" Sean stuttered, as he felt a surge of power go through his body. His legs began to swell up, as his quads became almost 22 inches thick and his calf muscles became round and hard. Then the rest of his body began to inflate, as his muscles swelled to freakish proportions! His pectorals inflated to the point where the top three buttons on his button shirt popped off, through the size of his pectorals. His undershirt ripped down the middle, and his biceps ripped through the sleeves of his shirt, on both arms! After a few moments, Kevin found himself back to normal, while Sean had become so big and muscular, his legs and his back had practically become too wide for the wheelchair! Kevin and Adam extended their hands to Sean and they helped him to get up on his own two feet again, cheering when Sean was suddenly strong enough to walk.

"Wow! This is awesome!" Sean said out of complete amazement, as he took his first steps out of the wheelchair.

Adam grabbed the wheelchair and pushed it in front of him, while Kevin and Sean were walking side by side.

"How do you feel, Sean?" Kevin said, looking at his tall and muscular buddy, who was constantly admiring his new muscular body. Sean flexed every muscle in his body, as he pulled his ripped shirts off of his chest, revealing his huge abs and his pectorals. The boy who was an invalid only ten minutes earlier now looked like a young bodybuilder!

"Kevin, I can't thank you enough for making my legs strong again so I could walk. I don't understand how you got this ability, but thank you for transferring that strength to me! Where did that come from?" Sean asked Kevin.

"Don't thank me; thank Jared, Frank and Chuck! They spent all those years working out in the gym, growing these huge muscles. But they used their strength to bully others, and now I have received the power to take that strength, which was misused, to give it to someone like you, who needed it!" Kevin replied. "Those guys won't have their strength anymore, so now they can't bully anyone in school!" Adam responded.

With that thought, the three boys laughed out loud, as they went on their way home from school. Kevin was glad that he could use his ability to transfer the strength from the bullies to someone who was in need, like Sean. Jared, Frank and Chuck would no longer bother Kevin, for they were afraid of him.

Sean would eventually join the football team and play for their school. Adam would join the swim team, and Kevin would end up on the basketball team. Kevin watched out for any other kids who decided to bully the little ones, for he would secretly reduce the muscles and strength of anyone who appeared to act like a bully in school, and he would transfer the strength and the muscle to Adam, Sean or himself. Only those three boys knew of Kevin's power, and they made sure that the school remained free from those big, mean bullies. And if anyone had suffered an injury or felt weak, then Kevin would quietly touch them and increase their strength. And every time he would transfer some power to the weak, he would look up to the sky and be filled with appreciation and gratitude for his awesome talent.

The end •
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