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Muscle for Hire, Part Seven

I slept most of the day. The two volcanic orgasms caused by Mr. X’s body and his displays of power had wrecked my body. I woke up a few times in the late afternoon, but it felt like I had either a major hangover or I had been run over by a tank – so I went back to sleep. When I thought of Mr. X’s body I decided it was a run in with a tank. My dreams were full of muscle, though, and that caused me to want to stay asleep even more. At 5:30pm I finally woke up completely. I tried not to move too much because my body still ached from my encounter with Mr. X. Even awake my mind focused only on muscle. I imagined that Mr. X was with me beneath the sheets and had his arms and legs wrapped around me. I could feel the heat his muscles radiated and the hardness of each stone-like bulge. I fantasized about him squeezing me with his legs and arms to show off his strength – causing me to feel protected and threatened at the same time. What if he forgot how fragile my big body was compared to his and applied to much pressure? But, at the same time, I wanted him to tighten his arms and legs in order to make me unable to move and show me how little power he needed to use to dominate me. I had never desired a man like I did Mr. X. Hell, I had never desired anything like I did this man. I had crossed over some unseen line and had become like most of my own clients. I was a slave to Mr. X’s body in the same way that Mr. Jones, Axle, Jamie and countless others yearned for mine. I knew that there would never be an hour that passed in my future days – either awake or asleep – that I would not think about Mr. X’s muscles. I began to panic about the end of the week when I would have to return home and leave this island. I felt my pulse quicken and my heart begin to race at the thought of not being near the huge man on a daily basis. My anxiety about leaving began to grow so much within me that I felt tears forming in the corners of my eyes. The fact that I had not cried since elementary school made me come out of my momentary insane fixation of Mr. X. I forced my body to calm down and I slowly slid to the edge of the bed.

As I stood up the room began to spin a little and my legs wobbled. I had to place a hand on the edge of the bed to prevent myself from falling. I could only compare the way I felt to a time when I decided to foolishly spend ten hours straight in the gym and work out every possible muscle in my body. I had felt a lot like this the day after that abuse of my body, but, actually, this felt a lot worse. I was able to stumble into my bathroom, fill the large tub with hot water, and soak my tired muscles for about an hour. This improved the way I felt a lot. After soaking I was able to at least stand without getting dizzy and I dressed in a tight pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. I knew I chose the outfit for Mr. X. My desire to please him fueled everything I did. I lay on the bed for a quick rest before going down to dinner - just before eight o’clock. As I walked down the stairs slowly, mainly because it was still hard for my body to move, I heard some distant clock marking the hour. I was happy that I was being punctual this second night. As I entered the same living room as the night before, I saw Mr. X’s huge body in one of the chairs by the fireplace. There were a few lamps turned on tonight, probably because he didn’t need to hide the shock of his body. His size did, however, still overwhelm me – even though I had already seen it, felt it and been introduced to what it could do. Mr. X was still so fucking huge even sitting down. He stood up as I approached the chairs and I let out a slight gasp because I was blown away by how massive he was in every way. He looked quite handsome in a pair of blue jeans and a white oxford shirt. He reminded me of some giant preppy stud.

“Good evening. How are you feeling, Mr. Smith? You slept for most of the day.”

“I am beginning to come back to normal. I’m afraid someone wore me out last nigh and this morning.” I smiled at the fact that I could still, even in my worn out state, be funny.

“But hopefully there was some pleasure in the process, Mr. Smith.”

“Oh, I think I had some explosions of pleasure that proved how much I enjoyed the work out, if you know what I mean, Mr. X.” I motioned for him to sit down and I sat in the chair across from him. I suddenly felt better, mainly because blood was now rushing throughout my body and congregating in my excited cock. Mr. X poured me a drink.

“Not only do I know what you mean, Mr. Smith, but I believe I was in the line of fire for some of those explosions. Let’s just say I had a front row seat.”

“I think you were the entire front row, Mr. X.” We both took a sip of our drink and just smiled at each other.

It was at that moment I knew I was in love with this giant man. This realization caught me off guard and I became covered with goose bumps. I also turned red, but I think it was unnoticeable in the firelight. My heart and head were in major conflict over this newfound awareness. My head screamed at me for breaking the cardinal rule of hustling – don’t fall in love with a client. My heart felt differently, and it shouted that here was the man of my dreams, fantasies, and late night desires all wrapped up in one fucking huge package. How could this be wrong? My cock, heart, and head pounded at the same time. I brought my hand to my forehead to try and calm the turbulence in my body.

“Are you okay, Mr. Smith?” It was clear that Mr. X’s concern was sincere.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just still a little light headed from this morning and drinking alcohol before having anything to eat isn’t helping at all.

“Shall we move to dinner, then?” I looked up at these words and my heart won the war – I obviously spoke from a place of pure desire.

“I’d rather move directly to the fun and games, Mr. X. Or, specifically, I’d rather move directly to the sex.” The giant across from me got a huge grin on his face. I also saw the mammoth dick that was prominently outlined in his jeans begin to rapidly enlarge, like someone was morphing it quickly on a computer. I watched as the jean fabric of his pants was stretched tighter by the growing monster.

“Are you sure you don’t need a little rest, Mr. Smith?”

“I can rest when I’m dead, Mr. X. Besides, I may seem pretty small when compared to you, but remember, by most standards, I am fucking huge and freakishly strong.”

“Is that so?” Mr. X slid from his chair as he teasingly asked his question. I swallowed hard as I saw his large frame move gracefully in front of me. He towered over me, resting one hand on the back my chair. He leaned down and brought his face to mine. My entire body shivered as I prepared to feel his lips on mine for the first time. I turned into some kind of teenager on a first date. The kiss I anticipated was surely going to be feel like my first one ever. I actually curled my toes in my shoes and closed my eyes to prepare myself. Thank God none of my fellow hustlers back home could see what a whipped little puppy I had become. I ran my tongue quickly across my lips and parted them slightly. But the kiss didn’t come.

I suddenly felt a huge hand slide between my legs, with long fingers going under my ass and a large palm cupping my balls and cock. I then felt Mr. X’s other hand grab the front of my t-shirt, with a forefinger and thumb wrapping halfway around my neck. In one quick movement my entire body was hoisted out of the chair and into the air. I knew instantly I was over ten feet above the ground. I opened my eyes and saw that Mr. X was holding my entire huge body over his head. He was looking up at me with a big grin. My legs dangled down and I found it a little hard to breathe, mainly because of his thick fingers at my throat, but also because his huge hand was cupping my tensed balls and stiff prick so tightly. Mr. X then masterfully maneuvered his fingers at my crotch to unsnap and unzip my jeans. Before I knew what was happening he had my hardened pole freed from my pants and it was sticking straight down toward him. He moved my body slightly over, so my rod was just above his face. He then looked me directly in the eyes. In a complete slave-like fashion I just nodded my head in a pleading fashion. He bent his arms slightly and lowered my body until the tip of my dick was almost touching his lips. His tongue shot out and ran across the tip, causing my body to shake in joyous appreciation. My legs shot straight out as my body turned completely rigid from the enjoyment and anticipation. Mr. X opened his mouth and lowered my body even more, causing my cock to slide into the warm, wet, inviting hole. He closed his lips around the base of my pole and sucked forcibly a couple of times. I cried out like I was getting a blowjob for the first time in my entire life. Mr. X then pushed my body back into the air and my dickhead popped from his tightened lips making the sound of a champagne cork. Mr. X walked away from the chairs as he effortlessly lowered and raised my body a few time – making sure my rock-hard cock slid in and popped out of his mouth each time. He knew I was close to orgasm. He could feel it in the way my body jerked every time he sucked on my pole. Mr. X, unfortunately, did not want to give me the satisfaction of a quick release.

Before I could register what was happening next, the giant man brought my backside to the wall in front of him. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt me, but it did knock the air out of my lungs a little. Luckily, it was not forceful enough to make my head hit the wall. I abruptly found my body pressed up against the wall parallel to the floor, although nine feet away, and I was perpendicular to Mr. X’s body. It was apparent that the huge man exerted no effort to hold me in place. I looked at both of his biceps and they looked completely relaxed, even as he pressed my entire frame into the air. Somehow Mr. X got the forefinger and thumb of his hand at my crotch around the base of my cock. He then leaned in and kissed the pulsing head – pressing in hard to cause a little pain, which was actually pleasurable, as well. I felt my back and ass pressed against the wall harder just by the force of his lips, head, and neck. It felt like, if he wanted to, Mr. X could have pressed me straight through the thick stone wall. He, however, had other plans. While pressing my body completely sideways into the wall, he smashed the head of my cock against his lips and then sucked in. My cock slid into that now familiar warm, wet place and his lips quickly slid down to meet the roughness of my pubic hair. My fucking huge cock seemed small in this giant man’s throat, but that didn’t prevent me from experiencing over-the-top pleasure from his swallowing skills. Mr. X allowed his lips to move slightly away from the skin of my hard prick and he’d suck a large amount of air as he caused the tight hole at the back of his mouth to close around my dickhead. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I have been with some great cocksuckers in my time. Mr. X then pulled in his cheeks firmly and pushed my cock firmly against the top of his mouth with his powerful tongue. My cock felt like it was in a vice grip of some kind. That’s when Mr. X pressed his face into my crotch even further, causing pain in my lower back as it was ground harder into the wall. But in the midst of the pain there was great pleasure from the mounting pressure within my hard rod. The talented Mr. X took me to the edge of orgasm by somehow sucking in harder, even as he continued everything else his mouth was doing. It’s like there was a powerful vacuum somewhere deep in his throat.

My screams of join reverberated throughout the entire castle, I’m sure. It wasn’t that my cock shot a load of cum, it was more like it was forcibly sucked out of me by Mr. X. I could not have held off from releasing my juice even if I had wanted to. The suction from his throat battled the push of his mouth and face – causing me to feel like my entire cock was going to be pulled from my body and go shooting down the tight hole at the back of his mouth. My body didn’t jerk back and forth a few times like in most orgasms, because Mr. X’s suction skills caused my jism to stream out like it was a busted fire hydrant. My pleasure scream lasted as long as my orgasm. It was not the typical staccato moans of ecstasy, but a steady cry of pain that felt so good. My body began to ache because it was so tensed from the violent discharge. And Mr. X didn’t stop sucking just because I had no more cum to give him, he continued to work the muscles of his mouth and throat on my cock even after I stopped shooting. It was as if he wanted to make sure he got every last drop of me he could. Finally his throat released my dickhead and his mouth lessened its grip on my still rock hard cock. As Mr. X pulled his head back he did short, quick sucks with his mouth just to tease my body and make it go flying back to its previous tensed state each time. His mouth finally left my cock completely and I was thankful that it was to receive some much-needed rest. The pole still stuck out, pointing straight at Mr. X’s face as if it were begging for more.

Mr. X released his grip of my crotch, but kept his hand at my chest. My legs and lower body slid down the wall like the second hand of a watch - until my body was straight up and down. This was good because I had started to get light headed, so I was glad to be in an upright position. My feet were still a few feet above the ground, though. I was trying to recover from my intense orgasm, but I could still see that Mr. X was smiling at me.

“You don’t appear to be fucking huge or freakishly strong right at the moment, Mr. Smith. Is there a problem? I don’t think I have to tell you that it’s absolutely nothing for me to hold your body in the air as long as I want to. You may be huge, sir, but my arm has more power than your entire body. What happens if I begin to press my palm a little harder into you, Mr. Smith? How long would it be before that strong chest of yours caves in? Shall we check to see if your body would give in before the wall behind you or vice-versa?” My chest began to feel like it was being pressed by a bulldozer – no, three bulldozers. Even in my post-orgasmic dazed state, I began to panic because of the intense pressure on my body. The pain did not prevent my cock from registering my excitement from his display of strength, though. I was in awe of how strong this man was – with one hand he could restrain me as if I were a baby in his complete control. “Well, well, well, Mr. Smith, it looks like someone gets turned on by my strength even when it’s used to dominate him.”

With that comment Mr. X pulled his hand away from my body and I quickly slid down the wall. I landed on my feet, but my knees buckled as soon as they hit and I slid down to the ground against the wall. I landed on my butt and when I looked up I saw that Mr. X had turned and walked away. He moved to pick up his drink, took a sip, and then turned back towards me. I was too weak to move – partially from the explosion of my cock, but mostly because I could still feel the imprint of his hand pressing into my chest. I simply stared at the man and didn’t care that my face made it obvious I wanted him more than anything else in the world. I was sure that Mr. X knew he had me wrapped around his little finger - the finger that was still twice as large as my biggest finger!

“How much do you want me, Mr. Smith?” His frankness caught me off guard and embarrassed me at the same time. I didn’t speak, at first. “Don’t worry about some secret hustler code, Mr. Smith. It’s quite clear that you desire me almost more than air, itself. I can sense it from every part of your body. So, I repeat, how much do you want me, Mr. Smith?”

“I have never wanted a man as much as I crave you, Mr. X.” My honesty made him smile and caused a feeling of peace within me that I had never felt before. Suddenly, my feelings were completely naked and vulnerable. For some unknown reason I trusted the giant man completely. I knew, instinctively, that he would never betray that trust.

“Do you crave me, personally, Mr. Smith or do you crave to be as big and strong as me?”

“Both.” I didn’t hesitate in answering his question. I knew I wanted the beautiful man in front of me – I desired his body, his approval, and his love. But I was also completely aware that I wanted to be him. I wanted to have a body that was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of – a body that could demolish a truck as if it were a Styrofoam cup. I wanted his size, his strength, his confidence, and his ability to make men, even a man as big and powerful as me, go weak at the knees from complete lust. I felt as if I was ready to become Mr. X’s personal muscle-worship slave. He must have sensed all that was happening within my heart and mind. He put his drink down on the table and came over to me. He bent down, grabbed my body underneath my arms and lifted me into the air like I would lift a shirt from a laundry basket. He carried me to and set me down in one of the big chairs in front of the fireplace, poured and handed me a drink, and then sat down in the other chair. Just as in me, something had changed within Mr. X, as well. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but he seemed gentler and more powerful at the same time. We sat in silence for a few minutes and simply sipped out drinks. With each gulp of whiskey the pain in my chest subsided and my cock began to throb less. Finally, the pensive giant spoke.

“How old do you think I am, Mr. Smith?” I thought it was a very weird question, but I contemplated it for a few seconds before answering.

“I would guess somewhere near forty-five.” I prayed hard that I wasn’t guessing way over his real age. I immediately took another sip of my drink.

“I am three hundred and twenty years old and I’m only halfway through my life.” The shock of what he said caused me to spit whiskey into the space between us. This mad Mr. X laugh. I didn’t doubt what the man told me because it explained so much, not only his freakish size but also his need to live in solitary confinement. I imagined that he had known many people throughout his life that had eventually passed away and he finally decided to avoid that pain. My heart told me he was telling the truth.

“How it that possible?”

“It is time for you to know, Mr. Smith. But first I must ask you a question and I want you to think seriously before answering. Will you do that for me?”

“I will try.” My heart began to race because of all the questions I anticipated he might ask.

“That is all I can ask.” He paused and set his drink back on the table. Mr. X leaned forward and rested his elbows on his monstrous quads with his hands cupped together. “Would you like to be as big as me, Mr. Smith, or even bigger? And would you like to live for over six hundred years?”

This was not a question I had anticipated. The most I had dreamed of since our conversation had begun was that he would give me some new work out tips. The room began to spin from the rush of adrenaline that was released into my body. I felt like I was two hundred yards away watching the scene unfold – as if it were happening on the distant screen of a drive-in theatre. I could hear my own heartbeat as if filled my ears. I knew my answer as soon as he asked the question, but I forced myself to contemplate all that came with my decision. I knew I would be here, on this island, for the rest of my life. I felt a slight feeling of loss when I thought about how disappointed my clients at home would be, but the joy that came from servicing that long list of men could not even come close to the pleasure I would receive from using my best talents to please this one giant man. My desire to be with Mr. X was stronger than anything that tugged at my heart from my present life on the mainland. I knew if I were bigger, he and I would be able to have muscle giant on muscle giant sex and that made my heart, my head, my gut, and my dick full of joy, anticipation, and lust. I looked Mr. X in the face – knowing my gaze pierced his heart and that my words confirmed something he had known the moment he read my advertisement.

“The only thing that could please me more would be that my yes would mean we would be together for every second of those remaining three hundred or so years.” My heart almost exploded as I saw tears well up in Mr. X’s eyes and slide down his huge handsome face. I have never seen a face so full of joy or a smile so broad.

“It would definitely mean that, Mr. Smith. It would definitely mean that. I pray that you will never tire of me, though.”

“That could never happen, Mr. X.”

Suddenly the man was standing up and grabbing my body into his huge arms. He gave me a hug that caused my cock to harden, my arms to go numb, and my own eyes to get a little wet. I had never truly known pleasure until that moment. I felt complete and joined to this man in a way that was indescribable. He released me and then stepped back a few feet.

“Come with me, Mr. Smith. It is time.” The behemoth turned and walked quickly away. I had to slightly run to catch up and then keep up with him. We went back into the grand foyer and up two flights of stairs. He led me down a huge hallway that was large enough to land a small plane. I tried to glance at the large paintings that lined the walls on either side. It seemed that each painting was of some beautiful god-like man. I noticed quickly that the styles of the paintings seemed to grow older as we neared the huge doors at the end of the long hall. It became harder and harder to keep up with Mr. X. As we neared the two-story tall doors, he turned to me and held out his hand for me to stop. “Are you sure Mr. Smith?” I couldn’t believe his question. I thought I had made it perfectly clear that I understood all that he asked and wanted it more than anything. I raised my hand and motioned for him to bring his face down closer to mine. When his face was near I grabbed the side of his huge head with my hands and pulled his lips firmly into mine. I know I’m a great kisser – it’s something I love, but I also knew that this kiss was the most important one I would ever give. Mr. X’s mouth opened to my probing tongue and he actually moaned a little as I used my kissing skills to answer his question. When I finally let go of his head and pulled my lips away, he didn’t move any part of his body for a few seconds. He finally opened his eyes and spoke. “That’s the only answer I need.”

Mr. X turned and opened the huge doors. I could tell they were heavy and that most normal men would have been unable to make them move even an inch. We stepped inside and I found myself in a room as large as an airport hangar. There were roaring blue and red flames in a large circular fireplace in the center of the room and not much more light in the room. Most of the giant windows were open and a nice tropical breeze made sheer curtains float up and down towards the center of the room. My eyes were immediately drawn to a bed that was the size of two giant Hummers pushed together. There were several giant pillows at the head of the bed and lying in the center was a man as big as Mr. X. I looked at the man and knew immediately he was dying. His face was wrinkled and his hair was completely white, but he was still incredibly handsome. I could also see that his body was still as muscular as Mr. X.

“This is my lover, Mr. Smith. His name is Geoffrey. This is the man who summoned me to this island over two hundred years ago – just as I have brought you. I was a large man that hid my love of and talent at pleasing smaller men in a seedy part of London. Geoffrey sent someone to entice me to travel to this place. I came, fell in love, and have never left. It is what I ask of you now. It is also the same for all of the men in the paintings you noticed along the hallway. This place has existed for thousands of years. There is a book that tells the history and gives the names of the men that have come before you. We know that our line of giant men started even before the rest of civilization, but its origins have yet to be discovered. I will show you all of this after your transformation. But now, you must wait here. I ask for a few minutes with Geoffrey before he passes life onto you.”

I stood there dumfounded as Mr. X walked away. He moved to the side of the huge bed and then leaned in to place his lips close to Geoffrey’s ear. I could not hear what Mr. X was saying, but I could tell it was very hard for him to speak. At one point, Geoffrey opened his eyes and stared right at me. The way he stared at me made my legs weak and my heart very heavy. Geoffrey nodded and smiled, slightly. Mr. X then leaned in and wrapped his arms around the older man’s body, kissing his forehead. I could tell Mr. X had begun to cry. He squeezed Geoffrey tightly and then released him, pulling his body away and wiping the tears from his face. Mr. X turned and motioned for me to step closer. When I came to the side of the bed, Mr. X placed his huge left arm around my shoulders. Geoffrey turned his head to look at me and said nothing. He moved his arm toward me weakly and I reached out to take his hand. He held my hand tightly and then closed his eyes again. Mr. X placed his huge hand over both of ours resting on the bed.

“Goodbye, Geoffrey.” Mr. X spoke softly and with such profound love that tears began to fall down my cheeks, as well. “Please kiss him, Mr. Smith. On the lips. Do not be afraid at what happens. It is your time.” I looked at Mr. X with a look that asked if he were sure and he nodded his head. I turned back toward Geoffrey and leaned in. I placed my lips on his and pressed into him. His grip of my hand intensified, causing me pain, and his eyes opened again. Geoffrey’s entire body went stiff and his lips parted. Suddenly my mouth was filled with warm air that blew in with such force that I was scared I would choke. It was quickly obvious that I could not have pulled my mouth away from Geoffrey’s lips even if I had wanted to – the air somehow connected us in a way that could not be controlled. I knew the air was coming from every part of his body and was penetrating every molecule of mine. Suddenly, his hand went limp, his lips moved from mine, his body stopped moving, and his eyes glazed over. I stood up and looked at the gay-haired giant man, knowing part of him now existed in me. I found myself silently crying. Mr. X placed his hand on the side of Geoffrey’s face and began to sob. I backed away and he fell onto the bed laying his head on the dead man’s chest. I knew I should leave the room. I needed to give Mr. X time to mourn his lover. I was very light-headed as I walked out of the room, not even trying to pull the doors shut. As I slowly walked down the long hallway I could hear the giant man’s screams of loss and pain. I went straight to my room and fell into bed. This day had been so full of different emotions that I quickly fell asleep to the sound of Mr. X’s sobs.

I did not see Mr. X for four days. I woke every morning and spent the day exploring the house and the island. I knew that part of my job during this time of mourning was to become familiar with my new home. I did not hear anything from the bedroom at the end of the long hallway and the doors had been shut. I was slightly disappointed when I awakened each morning and found that I had not grown at all. I was beginning to worry that I had somehow broken the chain that had lasted for so many years. I almost knocked on the huge doors one evening, but decided against it.

On the fifth morning after Geoffrey’s passing, my bedroom doors were flung wide open with a loud bang just as the sun crept over the hills and through the windows. I sat up in bed and saw a disheveled Mr. X. His eyes were bloodshot, his clothes were the same from five nights ago, and his beard was thick and uncombed. He stepped to the middle of the room and looked directly at me, even though I knew his mind and heart were somewhere else.

“Today is the day of the change. There is a lot to do. Please meet me downstairs in fifteen minutes.” Mr. X then turned and left the room.

It took me a few seconds to fully understand what had just happened and then my heart began to race in anticipation. I jumped out of bed, showered in five minutes, dressed, and was downstairs in the foyer just as Mr. X came down the stairs with the lifeless body of Geoffrey in his arms. He carried his lover carefully and with a heavy heart. He did not speak to me as he walked out the open front door and down the huge stairs. I followed Mr. X as he walked down the driveway and then began to follow a path that led up a hill. We walked for about forty-five minutes in silence. Mr. X carried the other huge body the entire way showing no signs of strain. I realized that we traveled upward for the entire time and that the forest around us kept getting thicker. Suddenly we stepped into an open field-like area. I saw, immediately, that we were on the edge of a very high cliff that overlooked the ocean on one side and the rest of the island in the other direction. Toward the edge of the cliff I saw a large structure that looked like an altar. As we got closer I realized that it was a funeral pyre. Mr. X walked to the structure and laid Geoffrey’s body on top of it. Without any warning he grabbed a large log wrapped on one end with a cloth and lit it with a lighter. He walked around the pyre and thrust the flame into different parts. In no time at all the fire was so big and the heat was so intense that we had to step back a few feet. Mr. X stood beside me as we watched everything burn. He finally turned to look at me and I could tell by his body that the mourning was over.

“You will do this for me, here, when I am gone. Do you understand?” I nodded my head. “And you will ask someone to do the same for you when it is your time. That is how it has been for all time.” I nodded my head again. Mr. X held out his hand to me. I was confused at first, but then I reached out and grabbed it with mine. “My name is Daniel.”

I was not prepared for how hearing his name for the first time would impact me. My mouth dropped open and I froze, but he anticipated this and he shook my hand strongly. My life had changed so much in he last few days that I was beginning to not be able to process other moments as they unfolded. I knew what I had to do, but it was something that I had not done for so many years and I found it suddenly very difficult. I returned his vigorous handshake, looked him in the eye, and spoke.

“My name is Colin.” I smiled as I said my real name. I knew this moment would somehow always be viewed as when we committed ourselves to each other. I felt connected to Daniel in a way that could not be described or even spoken about. He pulled me into his body and grabbed me at my waist. He lifted me so my face was even with his and then we kissed passionately. Once our lips and tongues had helped us to seal our unspoken bond, Daniel placed my body back on the ground and he turned toward what remained of the funeral pyre.

“Goodbye Geoffrey.” His words were soft but not full of the same pain as days before. I felt an incredible urge to say something too.

“Thank you, Geoffrey.” Daniel turned to me, smiled, placed an arm around me and pulled my body towards him.

“And now, Colin, it is time for you to become one of us. We must return home soon.” The word ‘home’ impacted me greatly. I was overcome with a sense of belonging and of having someone special in my life. These were all new feelings, but they also seemed familiar at the same time. We started walking back down the path and Daniel did not take his arm from me the entire way. I began to realize that he needed me at this time as much as I wanted him. That made me happier. As we started up the stairs toward the front door my body began to seize up. It was like someone was controlling it by remote control. My limbs began to jerk as if they had a mind of their own. Daniel knew exactly what was happening and swept my body into his arms quickly. He moved to the second floor by taking four and five stairs at a time. He did not take me to my room. We continued to the third floor and made our way down the huge hallway. Even in my freaked-out state I realized that the master bedroom was now ours. I felt regret that I had not gotten to know Geoffrey better. When we entered the room I realized it was now completely different. There was new furniture and new decorations. The room spoke of Daniel’s tastes now – and mine. The same large bed was the same, but I could tell it had new mattresses and linens.

Daniel laid my body in the bed and I immediately started convulsing like some demon had taken over my body. It felt like someone or something was trying to rip my insides out through my skin. And then, suddenly, there was intense heat. I started sweating and cried out in pain as the shaking motion increased. Just when I thought the heat and the pain could not get any worse it would double in intensity. Daniel was holding my body firmly, but gently on the bed. He kept saying soothing words trying to get me to focus on anything but the changes my body was going through. At one point I looked down at my arm and saw that my skin was actually bubbling – as if large balls were pressing against and popping up everywhere on my body. The heat suddenly got so intense that I thought I was going to explode and then everything went dark for a few seconds. I didn’t feel or register anything. Then I slowly began to hear a voice – and it seemed to be coming from miles away. I knew my eyes were open, but I couldn’t see a thing.

“Colin. Don’t be afraid. You body has shut down from the trauma of the change. This is normal. You are in something like a coma. I know you can hear my voice.” My mind registered that it was Daniel speaking, but no other awareness was possible. “Your body has to shut down so the inside can change along with the outside. Try to sleep. It will be hard at first, but make yourself give in to the desire to shut down. Don’t be afraid. Let your body completely stop.” I knew exactly what Daniel was saying – even though it sounded like he was speaking through a tin cup on the end of a long string. I could tell that all of me was fighting the urge to ‘let go’ because it seemed like death or something worse. I tried to calm my fears, but couldn’t. “Let go Colin. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will be here the entire time. Trust me, Colin. I will take care of you.” Daniel’s words had an immediate calming effect on me. I found myself allowing my body to slowly close in on itself. Just before I faded away completely I heard words that made it possible for me to let go. “I love you Colin, trust me.” And then darkness and silence came.

Without even opening my eyes I knew that Daniel lay in the bed beside me. It had either been just a few minutes or a few months since I fell into darkness, but I couldn’t tell which. I opened my eyes slightly and saw the ceiling. I could not tell if it was day or night. I began to register feeling in my body and it seemed like I was wearing thirty heavy coats and the same amount of pants. It felt like I weighed a ton and everything hurt like hell. I could even feel pain in my smallest toe. I was pretty sure that even the tips of my hairs hurt. I tried to speak but my lips felt like they were swollen to the size of Rhode Island. I heard Daniel’s voice and felt his hand on my burning forehead.

“Go back to sleep Colin. You need rest. Let your body catch up with the change. Sleep.” And suddenly everything was dark and silent again.

I opened my eyes after what seemed like a few minutes, but somehow I knew it was much longer than that. I was lying on my back and my head was turned to the side on my pillow. The first thing I saw was Daniel’s smiling face. His beard was full and it made him look like my childhood imaginations of the mighty Paul Bunyan – an image that matched his huge body. I realized quickly, because of the growth of his beard, that much time had passed and that he had stayed here, beside me, the entire time. I smiled back at him.

“Welcome back, Mr. Smith, or do I have to always call you Colin? I love calling you Mr. Smith.”

“You can call me anything you want, but just don’t call me late for dinner. I’m starving.” My stomach was screaming for food. This made Daniel chuckle. He brought his huge hand and laid it on the bed between our faces.

“You’ve been out for three days.” This news shocked me. In some ways it felt like a few seconds and in other ways it seemed like weeks. I brought my hand up to rest on his. Daniel’s eyes sparkled, as if he knew some secret, but I didn’t realize what made him so happy - at first. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. My hand was as large as his – maybe even larger. I lifted my hand and stared at it. “Take a look at the rest of yourself, Colin.”

My gaze went from my huge hand down my insanely large forearm, over my mountainous biceps to my incredible shoulder. I stopped breathing because of what I saw. I shut my eyes tightly as I turned my head to face downwards across my body. I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw – or what I didn’t see. I could not see anything beyond my bulging chest. I saw two huge mountains with beautiful erect nipples sticking up into the air like flags thrust into the surface of those peaks. Daniel brought his hand to my right pec and I gasped again when I noticed that it was small compared to my bulging muscle. He grabbed what he could of the vast amount of pec meat and squeezed hard. An indescribable thrill shot through my entire body. I had always been proud of my previous chest, but this newer and larger model was mind-blowing. Daniel released my pec and immediately I missed his seemingly puny grip.

“Flex them Colin.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I tensed my pecs and they shot up into the air even higher and larger than before. I relaxed them and then made just the right mound of muscle bulge higher. I released that one and then tried out the left side. I started making them both bounce at the same time and then did the same individually. Each time I made them tense higher, half of the room disappeared because they blocked so much of my view. I inhaled and watched the insanely wide chest, now connected to me, expand beyond my wildest dreams. It was not until then that I figured out I was now as tall as Daniel, or even taller. I lifted my head off of the pillow in order to peer over my monstrous chest. Daniel reached down and pulled the sheet off the lower part of my body at the same time. I first noticed that the muscles in my quads bulged almost as high as my chest. I could see that each of my legs was now larger than my entire previous body. What I noticed next made me cry out in shock. The cock that I had known all of my life, my best friend since I had experienced my first ejaculation, was now a fucking monster. It matched Daniel’s telephone-pole-sized dick. As soon as I noticed its size the gorgeous thing sprung to life and started growing and rising off of its resting place between my thighs. I was amazed that something so big could lift itself into the air. Daniel moved his huge hand to my giant pole and grabbed it. His hand couldn’t wrap completely around my tool. This made me harder than before.

“I’m fucking huge!” That was all I could think of to say.

“And your body is gigantic, too.” We both laughed at Daniel’s reference to my growing cock. “Welcome home, Mr. Smith.” Daniel leaned over and kissed my lips as he began to stroke my cock. “What would be your pleasure this morning, sir?”

My gaze left my body and wandered over to his. I saw that he was completely naked, as well. I stared at his magnificent body and focused, specifically, on his erect monster cock. It was true. I was home. I felt more alive and content than ever in my entire life. I knew this was the beginning of something wonderful. Memories of my past life evaporated. The only thing that mattered was my new body, my new home, and, especially, the beautiful man beside me. I looked at Daniel’s face and smiled.

“My pleasure would be to have your giant cock inside of me for some massive muscle on massive muscle sex. And after we spend half of the day in bed wearing each other out, I’d like to go outside and see what this new body of mine can do.”

“I have a few more trucks we could destroy.” Daniel knew exactly what to say to get me going.

“That sounds very nice, Mr. X.” We both laughed. Daniel then let go of my cock and got up on his knees. He moved over between my legs, spreading the huge thighs apart. I raised my legs and he grabbed them from underneath, lifting them to rest on his wide shoulders. I stared at the size of my calves and my cock shot even harder. I felt the tip of Daniel’s telephone pole pressing against my muscled, tight ass and I knew this was the beginning of three hundred years of unbelievable giant muscle sex.

And they lived happily sex-filled ever after!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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amauiguy (February 21st, 2013), Freaker!! (September 3rd, 2013), Terrylee Long (December 1st, 2012)
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I've got one word for you Londonbutt...err...boy


And btw....

In the MGS FC's I am Psycho Mantis!

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It's not a secret I am a sucker for romantic massive muscle monsters, and this tale had it all! i loved how it started as a mundane tale and grew each time more intriguing and complex the sex scenes were just amazing, every single one of them. The way how Colin went from "super stud" to "tiny" then into "MEGA STUD" was just beyond awesome.

Congratulations, all in all it was an amazing fairy tale muscle growth story!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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I had a great pleasure to read the last chapter, although it is quite a sad-happy ending but made the whole lot a great read with the picture of how huge these giants are and with their sexual play... mmm i just wish i am there watching it all happening in front of my eyes! Oh if only this will ever be made into a movie-length story... mmm

I think I must read from the start till the end!!!

Any chance to see you compiled this into a single Word documents for a mini/short novel read? Like to keep a copy on my PDA.

Hehe.. Thanks very much... any chance to see a sequel or side stories (like perhaps Axle or Jamie)?
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Wo, wo, wo!

There are 300 years you're leaving out.

Start writing!

Great story... and I hope you write more, either to this one or a new one. Either way, you're stuff is GREAT to read!
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Blake is on a distinguished road


I've really enjoyed it as I guess everyone else whose read it has too

well done once again
..... Lover of all things musclegrowth
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londonboy is one of the best writers around!!
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Misters X and Smith

Thanks for the support on this story. It was a lot of fun to write. I, personally, would be happy with either Mr. X or Mr. Smith as my island companion! I'm sure they will return to the Forum in a sequel at some time. I like the fact that there are 300 more years to write about. The continued interest in this story was greatly appreciated. Now on to others!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Londonboy, can you develope further into Axle and Jamie?
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Jamie and Axle

Thanks for the message. Right now I'm going to focus on my story called "Caleb's Big Problem" and another story I haven't finished called "Read My Lips." I might get back to Axle and Jamie at some point. There's a lot to them, huh? I like the idea of following them post Mr. Smith! Great idea.
We'll see.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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wow. As one writter to another I (hmnnnn) would like to say (uhhhhnnnnng) something encouraging, but (ahhhhhhh) all I can s..sss...ssa...AYYY (hmnnnnnnnnnner......huh....huh....huh.....) is that.... (aaaaaaoohhhhhh MOTHER FUCK!) IneedtouhmgousetherestroomSORRY! (sound heard way in the distance from the computer..... OOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!)

And that about sums it up.
Frank Easky aka F_R_Eaky
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Fantastic story!

"Muscle for Hire" is absolutely incredible! The mingling of muscle worship and muscle slavery is terrifically exciting! More! More! More!
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Muscle for hire

Hi Londonboy
I want to thank you for a very hot story. It would be kool to know How much
Caleb and Mr X weighted and Arm size etc. after the final change. I like Muscle storys. I like the guys to be Muscle big, The bigger the better. This goes back to when I graduated high school I was 6ft 1inch tall and 135lbs..I have always wanted to be bigger. I now weigh 180lbs.
Sorry for taking up so much of your time
A Big muscle want a be
Terrylee Long
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One of Londonboy's best. Well-worth reading -- there's a mystery, a lot of sex, and some interesting characters. Very enjoyable.
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This story was absolutely a beautiful one, Londenboy. ^^
Though aside from a sequel to this, I was slightly disappointed that we didn't learn anything about Geoffrey though. ;3 And learning how Daniel (it's funny to say his name, seeing as my real name is Daniel too, lol) got seduced and all, plus why Geoffrey had to send someone else to guide Daniel to him and all. x3
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