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Muscle for Hire, Part Six

“I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. There is really no way to prepare someone for meeting me for the first time.”

“I, I, I guess . . . um . . . not.” I reached down, even in my shocked state; to lift the chair back to its upright position.

“I should welcome you to my home, Mr. Smith.” Mr. X walked over and held out his hand for me to shake. I completely froze when I held out my hand and his engulfed mine completely. It was the largest hand I had ever seen and it was connected to the largest arm I had ever imagined. And the arm was attached to what I knew was the largest man in the world – probably even the universe.

“My God, you must be over…”

“I am nine feet five inches tall, Mr. Smith - in my socks.” Mr. X smiled as my mouth dropped open.

“But how?”

“Let’s not worry about that right now, shall we? We’ll just say I ate all of my vegetables growing up.”

“Give me some of those fucking vegetables.” I was too much in shock to monitor what came out of my mouth. Mr. X laughed out loud and the whole room seemed to shake. I looked closely at his face – even though it was over three feet higher than mine. He was a good-looking man, with dark hair that had flecks of gray throughout. It was a very sexy look. His eyes were dark, as well, and he had what looked like a three-day beard, but I suspected a man this big probably had to shave twice a day. I somehow knew the shadow across his face was just from the afternoon. Even through his tuxedo I could tell the man was as built as he was tall. I sensed he had a chest the size of a small car and arms as thick as my entire body. There was the outline of a monster piece of meat down his right quad and it made it look like he was hiding a small tree in his pants.

“I hope my body meets with your approval, Mr. Smith.”

“As if I had a choice Mr. X. No telling what you could do to me if I didn’t approve.” He laughed again and I was suddenly glad that my sense of humor could charm him.

“Shall we sit down? Let me just take care of that little spill.” The huge man bent down and scooped the broken pieces of my dropped glass into a small pile. He then grabbed the pieces in his hand and picked them up. I heard the sound of grinding beneath his fingers and when he stepped over to the fireplace he merely brushed dust off of his palm into the flames. I moved like a zombie back to the chair I had been sitting in. We both sat down at the same time. Our wing-back chairs were exactly the same, but mine swallowed me while his looked small and definitely strained supporting his huge body. It was at that moment I realized all the furniture in his place was extra large for a reason – to hold up this giant’s frame.

“The claims, in your ads, about your size were correct, Mr. Smith, and the name ‘Mr. Big Enough’ suits you.”

All of my life I have been huge. I chose the nickname Mr. Big Enough because it pleased my clients and it showed off my cockiness – something that also pleased people hiring me. I was fucking proud of my body and I loved making smaller men cream in their shorts by simply standing beside them and flexing my muscles. I could not remember a moment in my life when I had been intimidated by someone or insecure about my abilities at making a man weak at the knees. That had all be true until this moment. For the first time ever in my life I felt small and weak. I tried to regain some of the attitude I had given to all of Mr. X’s workers. I desperately searched for even an ounce of inner strength to make myself appear in control. But nothing I did could replace the feeling of powerlessness that overcame me when I looked at the muscled monster in front of me. I felt like a tiny Ken doll or a GI Joe next to its giant owner. I could tell that this man had more power in one of his arms than I had in my whole body. A new feeling was being awakened inside of me. It was a feeling of “being less than” and a feeling of incredible lust all at the same time. I knew this giant could easily dominate me and that scared and thrilled me simultaneously.

“I suddenly don’t feel big enough.” Mr. X laughed again, at my comment, and the humongous chest under his shirt and tuxedo jacket heaved up and down. The sight caused my cock to begin to stir.

“Now Mr. Smith, don’t let my size intimidate you. You have not let me down so far. The reports from each man I’ve sent your way have been mixed with an intense infatuation and a deep desire to watch and feel that body of yours. I think poor Jamie will never have sex with a woman again. He basically plowed both pilots in the ass and made them worship his body for the entire flight back to the mainland. I’m also pretty sure the Chirard brothers have not yet awakened from their little rendezvous with you this morning. Not to mention that I know Axle is somewhere still beating off every hour from thinking about how you easily lifted him with one arm. I chose you from many muscled candidates, Mr. Smith, and I’m pretty sure I made the perfect decision.”

“You chose me for what, Mr. X?”

“For a week of muscle fun and games, of course.”

I had no idea what the man meant exactly, but I was turned on and scared shitless at the same time. I could not imagine this man getting any satisfaction from me showing off my body or my strength. And I was really nervous about what his huge body could do to me in the middle of those fun and games. What if this giant man liked to rip other men apart with his bare hands? How could I possibly stop him? And there was no place to run to. Again, this thought both terrified me and caused me to be very excited. I was worried that what I was feeling was truly the sign of a sick man, but then I remembered how many of my clients would have me wrestle with them roughly, actually bruising them or knocking the wind out of them, and how much they got off on it. I forced myself to return to the present moment and smiled at my host.

“Why me, Mr. X?”

“I sense a desire in you, Mr. Smith. It is the same desire that exists in me. I believe that you love being in control. I’m pretty sure that making a man cum just from showing off your body or from one powerful squeeze of his cock with your hand makes you higher than if you took a batch of good drugs. I think you crave the rush that comes from being able to suck a man off quickly when he is desperately trying to keep from blowing his load. I bet you get hard instantly when you enter a room and you notice that men, who believe themselves to be straight, stare at you and then worry about the lust they feel. And you come close to orgasm if you are able to make those same straight men’s cocks hard as two-by-fours just from standing near them. I also know you love being bigger than most men – and I mean taller as well as having larger muscles. You like being the gentle alpha-male, the guy that could easily crush a man or cradle him like a baby. It’s the mixture of fear and desire you create in a man that makes you tick. Am I right, Mr. Smith?

My mouth was dry. My entire body tingled like one giant raw nerve. My cock was fucking hard and a heartbeat away from shooting. I also felt more alive than any other time in my entire life. No one had ever come close to getting inside my head and, yet, here was this behemoth man saying things that were rarely even revealed in my own diary. I let some silence calm my body and I didn’t move a muscle, for fear of staining the crotch of my new tuxedo pants the first time I wore them. I just sat there and listened to the sound of the fire. It was clear that Mr. X had orchestrated his short talk to bring me to the brink of ejaculation, but no further. He was toying with me and we both knew it. When I finally spoke it was with a weak voice, at first, but I took a giant gulp of my new drink and then continued.

“If that was the criteria you used to find your man Mr. X, then I’d say you have the right one.”

“Oh there is not doubt in my mind, Mr. Smith. I knew it from the first phone conversation you had with Mr. Jones. I merely sent the other men your way to give you a little pleasure and to see how much you get off from having men lust for your body. You have left a trail of muscle starved men in your journey here. I have been very impressed with your abilities.”

“Thank you Mr. X, but I’m not sure if I will be able to give you much pleasure in your so called fun and games. I don’t think my body will be able to impress you the same way that it did those other men. I believe your own muscles and your huge body make you the alpha-male here.”

“But maybe I can give you a little pleasure Mr. Smith and impress you.” Mr. X smiled and leaned forward in his chair. My cock was in pain from being so hard. I really did not want to shoot a load sitting here before dinner. I forced myself to not focus on the huge man in front of me. I even closed my eyes for a few seconds. “Are you ready for dinner Mr. Smith?”

“Yes, please.” I answered quickly because I knew food would help take my mind off my desire for this big man. We stood at the same time and I gasped out loud because I saw, for the second time, how much larger Mr. X was compared to me. I had to look up to see his face. He turned and walked toward the dark part of the room. I followed and my eyes adjusted slowly. He opened a huge door and we stepped into the dining room. Candles were lit on a long table with two place settings at either end.

“Please have a seat Mr. Smith and I will bring out dinner.” He motioned to the chair nearest us and I had a seat. “Please pour yourself some wine.” Mr. X disappeared through some double doors into what I assumed was the kitchen – or one of the kitchens in this huge place. I noticed a bottle of a very nice Argentinean wine in front of my place setting and I poured it into my glass. I saw, at the other end of the table, that he had his own bottle. I swirled the glass, checking for the legs of the red wine, giving it time to breathe, and then took a sip. It was exquisite. I was impressed with Mr. X’s taste. He returned with two salad plates easily sitting in one huge hand. I noticed there was room for something else on his palm if he had chosen to place it there. He carried some baskets of bread in his other hand. He placed the food in front of me and my semi-relaxed cock instantly got hard again when he stood beside me. There was a very masculine and pleasant smell that surrounded Mr. X. It brought to mind power and comfort at the same time. I was entranced by his smell and inhaled deeply as he walked away. When he sat at the other end of the table we caught each other’s gaze in the candlelight. “I thank God that you decided to come, Mr. Smith, and I thank God for this food.”

“Amen.” That’s all that I could think of to say. I was so caught off guard by his words. They were so heartfelt and open. We both began eating our salad. Throughout the meal Mr. Smith asked me a million questions, but answered very few about himself. I kept pouring myself wine, upon his suggestion, and began to feel very comfortable about sharing intimate facts concerning my life. Mr. X seemed very interested in how I had become so big. He appeared to love my stories about being big all of my life, and how I really got into working out during high school and maxing out my body’s potential in college. When dessert was served, Mr. X became somewhat serious with his questions.

“And do you dream of becoming bigger Mr. Smith?”

“Bigger?” I had never thought that it was really necessary or possible until I met Mr. X. “I guess I had never thought about it. But . . . yes, I guess the answer is yes. I would love to get bigger. If it was possible.” The wine had definitely made me looser with my tongue!

“Good for you Mr. Smith, good for you. And why would you like to be bigger?” Even with the slight buzz from the wine his question made me go into a deep thought. I had never really contemplated why I wanted to be bigger, because I had never thought I could be bigger than I presently was. I began to search my desires to answer his question. I directed my answer not to him, specifically, but spoke to the room in an almost trance-like state.

“Can you ever really be big enough? I look at my body and, as perfect as it is, I always notice areas for improvement. To be bigger would mean I could do things that I only dream of doing now. With size comes strength and that’s what, in my opinion, proves a man’s worth - his power. I love the fact that I can overcome a man with my strength, but I can also do it by letting that same man worship my body. I love how I can control someone just by flexing my arms or expanding my chest. If I were larger there would be no end to the sexual satisfaction I could bring to myself by causing other men to explode in orgasmic pleasure.” I suddenly focused on Mr. X. “Why do I want to be bigger Mr. X? To be able to impress you.”

“To impress me or to dominate me, Mr. Smith?” He smiled.

“There’s a very thin line between the two, Mr. X. A very thin line.” I smiled back.

“Indeed there is Mr. Smith, indeed there is. And now I must say goodnight. It is past my bedtime for I am an early riser.” Mr. X stood at his place, pushed back his chair with the his legs, and then walked around toward me. I knew he wanted me to do the same. I met him halfway and stood there staring up at his much taller body. I, again, felt very small. “And now the fun and games begin, Mr. Smith.”

With that, Mr. X bent down, wrapped his colossal arms around my upper body and effortlessly lifted me into the air. My cock shot instantly hard as my upper torso pressed into his mega muscles. I was certainly not used to being picked up. My face was even with Mr. X’s muscled neck. The feeling most obvious in my body was one of comfort and safety. It was a new feeling to me. I felt an incredible urge to start kissing this big man’s neck and the upper part of his huge chest. That’s when Mr. X’s arms started squeezing. At first it was the most pleasurable feeling I have ever felt, but slowly I began to notice that I couldn’t inhale fully and that made me begin to panic. The most bizarre part of what I was feeling was that my cock was getting harder as his arms tightened around me. Mr. X increased the pressure of his arms and finally I was unable to expand my lungs to take in air at all. My head became very foggy and I felt severe pain in my arms, chest, and back. I also felt something like a telephone pole pressing against my own crotch. I could not get enough air to even scream, but I also knew I wouldn’t give the man that satisfaction anyway. Just before I was surely going to pass out, Mr. X dropped my body to the floor. I landed on my feet but immediately crumpled to a big mass before him. I took a deep breath and was happy to fill my lungs with air. But I also instantly missed his powerful arms around my body. It was insane how I wanted to be back in his incedible muscled bear hug. I could not prevent a small whimper from escaping.

“Goodnight, Mr. Smith.” The giant man turned and walked away without saying anything else. There was nothing more to say. He knew I was now totally smitten. I craved his power more than life itself. I was like a little puppy when its owner goes to work during the day. I lay on the floor wishing for my master’s return. It wasn’t until I tried to stand up for the first time that I realized my crotch was wet and warm. Mr. X had made my cock erupt just by squeezing the cum out of me. I was still dizzy from the powerful hug, but just as much from the pleasure of my orgasm. I slowly walked up to my room, still a bit shaken from Mr. X’s dominance of me. I fell fully clothed into my bed and was immediately asleep.

I felt sunlight hitting my body before I even opened my eyes. The next thing my body sensed was pain. I was sore from my encounter with Mr. X the night before. I was also sure that my arms, back, and, possibly, my chest were bruised. It hurt a little to even breathe. And finally I realized that my cock was hard as fucking stone and extremely sensitive to any movement. I forced my mind not to float toward thoughts of Mr. X, knowing it would cause me to ejaculate even without encouragement from my hands. I simply lay in bed and focused on how great the sunlight felt on my fully clothed body. As my cock became less like a raw nerve and more calm, I began to think of Mr. X. No, I began to obsess about Mr. X. I wondered what he was doing at that moment. I wanted him to be in the bed beside me – holding me and forcing me to worship his body. That’s when I heard a door open and close onto the patio that led to the pool below my room. I was standing beside my bed in a flash, in spite of the pain, and shedding the tuxedo. I looked out the window and saw Mr. X, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt (look at those fucking arms!) walking around the pool. I ran into my closet, grabbed some shorts and a polo shirt. I put them on quickly – praising the Chirard brothers for the perfect fit – and grabbed some sandals. When I walked onto the balcony outside of my room, I saw Mr. X walking down a path at the other end of the pool.

I ran down the steps from the balcony and took the last four with one leap. I was at the other end of the pool just in time to see Mr. X’s giant body disappear around the corner of a large building down a slight hill on the edge of an area full of trees and foliage. I decided to travel around the building hidden in the forest of trees and plants. When I was able to see around the large building, which ended up being part garage and part storage shed, I hid behind a large tree to watch Mr. X. He was standing on the wide asphalt driveway leading to the double garage doors looking at the truck that Axle had used to pick me up at the airplane the day before. Mr. X had his huge hands on his hips, which only highlighted his broad shoulders and thick arms, as he surveyed the vehicle. It looked small compared to his body. He moved around to the rear of the truck, so his back was to me, and reached down to grab the dented tailgate I had ripped off. My energized cock became rigid quickly and began to ache as I watched Mr. X’s huge hands fold the metal tailgate together like it was a piece of cardboard. He then folded it over again - easily and began to squeeze it flat with just his forefingers and thumbs. His hands were so large it looked like a normal man smoothing out a crumpled piece of aluminum foil. When it was about as thin as a hardened tortilla he threw it to the side on the pavement.

Mr. X then reached down, grabbed the bumper, and lifted the back of the truck off the ground. He continued lifting until the truck rested on its front bumper and stuck straight up in the air. He stepped up to the vehicle and I noticed he was as tall and as wide as the truck. He grabbed the vehicle at the side and I could see his hands squeeze the doors inward a little, while his fingers punctured into the metal like it was paper. Mr. X then effortlessly lifted the entire truck high into the air and slammed the front end back down into the pavement. With no thought at all I unzipped my shorts and released my engorged cock, grabbing it with my right hand and starting to pump vigorously. Mr. X lifted the truck again and then smashed it back down onto the pavement like it was a play toy. The second pounding was so hard that the windshield of the truck shattered, the front bumper was pushed back beyond what used to be the front hood, the front tires both exploded, and there were huge cracks now in the driveway. When Mr. X lifted the truck the third time and turned it around as if it weighed nothing. The rear bumper now faced down. The noise created by the impact of his forceful hammering of the back of the truck into the pavement was so loud that hundreds of birds in surrounding trees took to the air in fear. It was also so strong that the rear tires exploded while the entire open bed crumpled in to meet the smashed front of the truck. The compressed box of metal in his hands now looked nothing like a truck. Mr. X turned the compacted piece of junk to both sides and slammed them down into the concrete. At this point his back and arms looked like a sudden freakish morph of his already giant self, even though he it was covered by a shirt. He raised the block of jumbled metal above his head and sent it flying powerfully into the thick forest at the other side of the garage. My cock exploded in a violent orgasm as I watched the heavy clump of squashed truck knock down three large trees that were in its path. My knees gave out and I slumped into the tree in front of me. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done not to make a sound and give away my hiding place. I ejaculated for what must have been ten minutes. I was breathing very hard as I glanced around the tree to notice that Mr. X had returned to his earlier stance – with his now insanely pumped arms sticking out to the sides as he rested his hands on his hips. He was shaking his head as he surveyed the cracks he had created in the pavement.

“Did you like the show Mr. Smith?” I held my breath when I heard his question. He didn’t turn to look in my direction. He simply assumed that I had followed him. I realized that all of his muscle work had simply been a show for me. “Yesterday you told Axle to tell me that the truck had been in an accident with something bigger and more powerful. I think that’s definitely true today, don’t you, Mr. Smith?”

I didn’t answer, partly because I was still worn out by his display of incredible strength and because I was embarrassed he knew I had followed him. I was also somewhat ashamed of the cum-mess I had made all over my shorts and shirt. I didn’t take my eyes off of his arms or chest, though. I was in complete awe of the giant man’s body and, in some ways, I didn’t care that he knew it.

“I suspect you need to clean yourself up right now, don’t you, Mr. Smith? Meet me at the hot tub.”

I knew by the sound of his voice that it was not a suggestion - it was an order. His voice and his directness made my worn out cock begin to stiffen again. I looked down as I forced it back into my sticky-wet shorts and zipped them up. When I glanced back toward the garage the colossal man was gone. I looked around and did not see him anywhere. It amazed me that someone so large could move so quickly and so silently. I stepped out of the cover of the foliage and walked back toward the house. Even before I reached the edge of the Olympic pool I could make out his massive body in the large Jacuzzi at the other end. Only his head, arms, shoulders and chest could be seen, but it was still enough to stop me in my tracks while still yards away. From this distance I could still make out deep indentions, monster bulges, large veins, and chiseled body parts. I felt like I was staring at an enormous Roman statue from across a courtyard. I could also see that Mr. X was smiling broadly as he watched me approach. I began moving again, as if some kind of muscle magnet forced my body to seek him out. There was no way in hell I could choose to do anything but join him in the hot tub.

I stepped up to the edge of the pool and the first thing I noticed was that his chest looked like two skin covered armor shields used in medieval times to protect a crouching man’s entire body. They looked as hard as metal plates, as well. I then noticed that there was not much room in the ten-person Jacuzzi because of his huge body. And then my gaze landed on the expanse of his arms, which rested along the edge of the tub – his reach went more than half way around. Even relaxed his arms looked like each one was more powerful than my entire body and I noticed they were still insanely pumped after demolishing the truck so easily. I knew he was fully naked before I even noticed the pile of clothes on a nearby chair, mainly because in the water I could make out the outline of what again seemed like a telephone-pole-sized hardened cock sticking out toward the middle of the tub. Mr. X stared at me with a grin that made me knees weak. He knew he had me under a muscle-induced spell.

“Well, well, well, didn’t we make a big mess, Mr. Smith? Was that all because of me?” He was staring at my body. I looked down and noticed that my shirt was covered with numerous streaks of cum stains and my shorts were equally messed up. “Thank you for the compliment. Now why don’t you join me and clean yourself off.”

Again, his request was more like an order and my mind could not even contemplate refusing him. I reached down, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Mr. X whistled like some obnoxious construction worker seeing a beautiful young thing walking by. I actually felt my face turn red. The body that had given me much confidence for so many years now seemed inadequate compared to this man and that made his approval thrill me. I then pulled my shorts down in one quick movement. When I stood back up, my erect man-pole slapped up against the middle of my ripped abs like it was a seasoned soldier at attention. This time Mr. X let out what sounded like a red-neck yell of pleasure.

“The reports from my men didn’t do you justice, Mr. Smith. That’s one fine looking tool you got there!”

I turned a darker shade of red. The feelings this man created within me were all new and exciting. I craved his flattery. I desired this man so much that I would have settled for any kind of attention he cared to give me. I wanted only to give this man my total adulation and, in return, be completely satisfied. I was turning into a slave for his muscles and the role reversal brought me as much enjoyment as I used to get from being the one who is worshipped. A floodgate of new awareness had been opened in my psyche and I loved it.

“You better get in this water quickly, Mr. Smith, before I attack you like a dog in heat.”

His humor did very little to disguise the direct order. I stepped into the warm water and sat between his stretched-out legs. I noticed that, because of their length, his legs were bent with his knees sticking out of the water. He still had not moved from his original position when I had walked up to the hot tub. I continued to stare at his enormous chest, baffled that a man could be that big. Mr. X knew what I was staring at. He slowly tensed his pecs and made the mammoth mounds of muscle come out of the water like two whales surfacing in the ocean at the same time. The silent show of his chest control continued for a few minutes and then he spoke.

“It looked like you had some pretty powerful quads, Mr. Smith. They seemed well developed and huge for a man of your size. I bet they can squeeze something pretty tight.” The way he said this made me feel small and, when it came to my legs, I never felt small.

“I’ve never had any complaints, Mr. X. But I guess, compared to you, any man’s legs might seem small.” The big man smiled at my mixture of cockiness and humility.

“I’d like you to use those monster legs to put some muscleman pressure on my cock, okay?”

I was still amazed at how his suggestions continued to, in my mind, sound like a drill sergeant barking orders. I would have done anything this man asked. Without saying a word I stood up, spread my muscled legs, and moved forward. I straddled his massive pole and then bent my legs, lowering my body into the water. His prick was so long that my quads embraced part of it and, yet, the tip of it went beyond my ass. I also marveled at the fact that my knees barely reached the inside of his quads. I looked down at his quads and they seemed as thick as the trunks of redwoods. Mr. X just stared at me as I moved into position.

“Don’t be afraid of hurting me, Mr. Smith. I can take anything you’re able to dish out.”

His confidence both infuriated me and excited me at the same time. I brought my legs together, trapping part of his cock between the thickest parts of my muscled upper legs. I was blown away by the thickness of his tool. I could not have brought any part of my legs together even if I had wanted to – that’s how wide his cock was. I wasted no time squeezing my legs together. I knew I had enough power in my quads to break a man’s back. In all of my years of hustling I had always been able to make a man cry “uncle” with the pressure of my scissors hold. There had been many clients that blacked out from the mixture of pain and lack of air caused by my legs. But as impressive as my previous feats of quad strength were, their power today only made Mr. X get more excited and caused his cock to expand larger. I gritted my teeth and forced my legs to tighten around his huge shaft.

“That feels real nice, Mr. Smith, real nice.”

His comment only made me angry and I began to get light-headed from the exertion my legs were putting out. I realized I wasn’t even denting his muscled cock. Suddenly Mr. X reached up and grabbed my hips. He then started sliding my body up and down his engorged cock as I squeezed my quads with all my might. He even brought his legs together squeezing mine more firmly against his raging hard-on. It occurred to me, as I felt his log-of-a-dick sliding between my quads and against my ass crack, that there was no way I could ever let Mr. X fuck me. I knew that his length and width would cause my body to be ripped apart. There might be a little pleasure at first, but then death would surely follow. These thoughts caused me to immediately mourn the fact that this huge man would not be able to plow my ass. I desperately wanted to give him that pleasure. I wanted to submit myself to his strength and his master-like body. I wanted to offer him the temple of my tight hole. Mr. X pushed my body away from his and held me there – still on his hard dick.

“Press your hard cock down against mine, Mr. Smith.”

I could not believe how much the thought of doing this excited me. I reached into the water and pressed my incredibly stiff cock down on top of his monster pole. I noticed it looked like a small child was comparing his pre-pubescent dick to the full-bodied cock of his huge father. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of awe at the man beneath me. With one of my hands I began to move my smaller cock across the width of his and had to brace my other hand up against his chest for support as I bent over. My palm ended up falling into the deep valley between his massive pecs. I looked up and was amazed at how my hand disappeared because the muscles of his chest came back together to meet over it. As I continued to press my cock into his, Mr. X began to squeeze his pecs together. At first it felt like my hand was buried in a tight warm oven mitt, but as he continued to press his two mounds together it began to feel like someone was slamming two giant boulders into either side of my hand. The pain became so much that I finally cried out, stopping the motion of my dick on his. I registered that his display of power hurt a lot, but it also caused my cock to become harder. Mr. X. tightened the pressure of his chest a little more just to show me that what I was feeling wasn’t even the full extent of what he could do and then he relaxed his pec muscles. The pain I felt was incredible. He reached up and pulled my hand from between his pecs. He opened his mouth wide and slid my entire hand into his mouth. He closed his lips around my thick wrist and began to suck. The warmth and suction strength of his wet mouth immediately soothed the pain in my hand. He sucked slightly harder and my fingers slid down his throat a little. I got the feeling that this guy could have taken my entire arm down his throat. My hand began to feel normal and he released it from his mouth. He then invited me to more pleasure.

“Let’s see if that tool of yours can take more pressure than your hand, shall we Mr. Smith?” The giant man reached down again, grabbed me at the waist and slid my body upward along his torso. I reached out and attempted to grab his humongous biceps for balance, but my hands were so small they could only rest against his unbelievably wide peaks. As he pulled me higher on his body my cock nestled perfectly into the same tight deep valley where my hand had previously rested. Mr. X started sliding my body up and down against his and, at the same time, he lightly squeezed his pecs around my cock. It only took three up and down motions to cause me to shoot my load. Streams of hot cum shot from between the deep valley of his pecs and hit the bottom of his chin. It was five or six long eruptions and cum also ended up all over his neck and the top of his chest. After the last forceful ejaculation my body went limp. Mr. X laid my exhausted frame on top of his body and I rested in muscle heaven as my breathing started to subside. His still hard cock prevented me from sliding down into the water. His hardness felt magnificent against my ass. I lay there for a while on his mattress-like slabs of muscled beef. Mr. X wrapped his arms around me tightly and, for the first time, I realized that one of his biceps was almost as big as my upper body. I suddenly felt very safe and secure. I dozed for a while – moving from reality into some kind of muscle dream. The next thing I knew Mr. X was carrying me through my bedroom door and placing me gently on my giant bed.

“Now you should rest until dinner, Mr. Smith. You’ll need your strength then. Our meal will not be formal tonight.” And with that the big man walked out of my room and I fell fast asleep.
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Many, urg, thanks!


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*has to calm down first* My, I'm lovin Mr. X quite a damn bit!

Now I have to go take a shower.
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Man! The most impressive read I have ever had... and by far probably the largest (yet somewhat possible and relistic proportion) person I have read in many years! Mr X sure sound like a huge muscle god that I love to see.

I can't wait for next installment, and looking forward to see you compiling all the stories into a nice full length short novel. I have to re-read this again and spending more times between each sentence. I'd be busy with my free hands... LOL
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Incredibly vivid description and a good combination of the realistic and the incredible. Mr. X is not only dominant in his body but his whole character is engimatic and powerful.

The development of the main character has been so well done throughout this story that the effect of Mr. X on him is all the more powerful.

Really a wonderful story. One of your best I think and that's saying something!!
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6 awesome chapters....

and counting! I love the way the build up has led to a real turnabout. The biggest, strongest alpha male meets someone who makes his outstanding physique and strength accomplishments pale in comparison. Doesn't get much better in my book. This is a great series...thanks!
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Quite an amazing story! Great character development so far. I'm really looking forward to reading the next part, but I have to take a break first...
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