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Muscle for Hire, Part Five

Jamie was standing in the shower with a raging hard-on from watching me strip down to my underwear. When I peeled my pants over my massive quads and calves it made him shake with delight, just like a five year old waiting for an ice cream cone. I have never seen a rigid cock deflate so fast, however, as his did when he got his first view of the giant schlong that hung between my legs. As I pulled down my underwear his mouth fell open and the stiff upward pointing prick attached to him looked like an abandoned building that was imploded from the inside. I think the young stud had thought my tool would surely be smaller than his monster piece. He was still suffering defeat from the fact that my arms, chest and legs made him look small. He had obviously hoped he could regain some equality with me by beating me in the dick department. The kid looked so dejected. As I entered the shower I smiled at him supportively and then wrapped my big right hand around his ample piece of meat and pulled hard two times in a row. At the same time I reached up with my other hand and turned on the water. Just as I anticipated, his cock sprang back to full attention after I grabbed it. As a matter of fact the blood rushed to his huge log so quickly that Jamie got lightheaded and swayed a little, as if he might fall over. He was like some wild animal in heat, or worse, he was like some horny teenager that had just found out about sex. I knew for sure the stud had just learned about how fucking hard muscle sex could make him feel. He craved it like an addict wants drugs. When I pulled his hardened pole the third time he fell back against the fiberglass wall so hard I thought he’d break the shower. Jamie thrust his crotch forward, forcing his cock to slide upward through my tight grasp. It was now official – I had created a sex starved muscle monster. Jamie grabbed my hand with both of his and held it in place as he slid his cock back and forth quickly.

“Please Mr. Smith, play with my chest.” The pleading in the big man’s voice made it sound like his life depended on it. “My girlfriend says my chest has gotten too big and she doesn’t ever touch it!”

It crossed my mind that Jamie’s girlfriend was soon to be discarded for either some wild woman who could match Jamie’s need for the pleasure that comes from a little pain, or, better yet, for some other huge guy that could dole out abuse and take it. He had his head up against the shower wall with his eyes closed. He arched his back to force his big pecs forward. He looked magnificent. I actually let the thought seep into my mind that I could be the guy to help this huge man transform fully into the cocky muscle master that was being released today. I knew that Jamie had a few years worth of days and nights filled with “catch up” sex. I bet this young maverick could even outpace my desire for never ending orgasms, just because of how new it all was for him. I suddenly shook my head as if to make these thoughts go flying into the air. What was I thinking? I was not the type of guy to settle down. I was letting my heart rule me instead of my cock. My anger at myself would now have to be released on this eager young muscle boy.

I gripped his rod harder with my hand and he let a rush of air escape from his mouth in pleasure. I also brought my other hand up to his chest. I made a fist and punched his right pec twice – directly on his protruding nipple. The force of each punch sent his back against the shower wall and Jamie smiled in ecstasy. I then repeated the action on his left pec. This only made him want more. He tightened his hands around mine on his cock and increased the thrusts of his crotch. I opened my fist at his pec, turned my hand slightly sideways and latched my entire palm and fingers around his left muscled mound. I squeezed so hard it was like I was trying to get a glassful of his pec juice to drink. I pulled his monstrous pec toward the ceiling and my strength made him go up on his toes.

“Hell yeah, Mr. Smith! Hell yeah!”

I lessened my pull on his tight pec and he went down fully on his feet. I knew Jamie was almost ready for his second muscle-induced ejaculation, so I brought my open mouth to his free nipple. I sucked so hard that I anticipated the small hairs around his wide aureole to be ripped from his skin. At the same time I squeezed harder on his cock and tightened my grip on his other pec. The combined action was too much for the big boy and, for the second time in a very short while, Jamie’s body went completely stiff and there were a few minutes when time was completely frozen. Then his cock and crotch jerked violently forward and I felt his hot cum hit my own hard prick and balls. His eruption was longer and harder than the first time. When his body finally stopped rocking wildly from the force of his orgasm, Jamie’s body fell against mine. I was shocked to realize that even this jock-boy’s body had its limits. I could tell he could take no more abuse from me at the moment. Jamie was murmuring like a baby as I held his body tightly to mine.

“So many muscles, Mr. Smith. So many muscles.” He was rambling on and on as his body hung there limp and spent. I pushed his large frame away from mine and let the warm water stream down both of us. Jamie had his eyes closed and I swear he was in some kind of pre-sleep state. After I had let the water clean his jism off of our bodies, I pulled him back close to me. I turned the water off and reached outside the shower to grab a towel. It was hard, but I managed to half-dry both of us. I dropped the towel on the floor and then turned our bodies sideways so I was able to lift the huge man into my arms. Even though he was in a semi-comatose state I could tell Jamie was shocked at how easily I picked him up.

“Mr. Smith is so strong. So strong.” I looked down at him and he had a smile of satisfaction across his resting face.

I carried Jamie to the large bed and placed him down gently. He immediately curled into a muscled ball. I lay down on the bed beside him and turned my body toward his. Jamie instinctively pressed his back against me – creating a natural spooning feeling. I wrapped my beefy arms around his mid-section and pulled him up against me. I was surprised at how Jamie shoved his ass up against my still-hard cock, causing it to shoot up even more. It crossed my mind that I could easily fuck his tight ass right now and he’d certainly enjoy it, but I wanted to save that special part of my skills for Mr. X. The man paying for my pleasure trip deserved to have some part of me that no one else got. I just let my hard cock rest between his bubble cheeks and I moved it up and down teasingly. This caused Jamie’s entire body to immediately be covered in goose bumps. The stud was obviously ready for someone to plow his ass. I refrained from letting the tip of my cock find the inviting tense hole. I knew I would never stop myself if I began to pry apart those taut sides of his ass with my monster piece. I also knew that, no matter how much he thought he wanted it, he could not handle all of my massiveness the first time. He needed to be eased into welcoming a monstrous prick like mine.

I finally stopped sliding my rod up and down his ass crack and just held Jamie close to me. I knew he was sound asleep and dreaming of my muscles. That pleased me a lot. Before I knew it, I fell asleep, as well. My dreams were of tight spaces and big men trying to fit through those small openings. Boy, Freud would have had a ball with those dreams. I knew he wouldn’t have to think very hard to figure them out. I began to wake up when I felt something familiar and pleasurable. Before I opened my eyes I knew that Jamie had turned his body around in the bed and was taking turns sucking on each of my huge pecs. Once I was fully awake it struck me that the newbie had some skills when it came to using his lips, mouth, and suction abilities. I felt the tip of his re-energized hard cock pressed into my balls as his mouth did its great work on my mountains of muscle. Jamie was obviously pleased with how my nipples were springing to attention from his masterful job. One of his big hands also gripped my cock tightly as he went to town on my pecs.

Jamie reached around my torso with his free hand and grabbed hold of my ass cheek. He squeezed hard and began to moan a little even as he sucked my right nipple. I decided to help the boy a little. I rolled my body on top of him as he took his hand from my cock and reached around to grab my other ass cheek. I could tell by his body’s reaction that Jamie loved having the full weight of my body on top of him. Gravity caused my monster pecs to press into his face and Jamie let his tongue explore the cavernous valley in between. My cock was pressed up against his raging hard-on. I started grinding my crotch into his and his moans escalated. His strong fingers groped my ass like he was trying to pull me into him completely. I increased the pressure of my thrusts into his crotch because I knew he was, for the third time, ready to explode. I suddenly let the full weight of my body come crashing down on him at one time. My right muscled pec slammed into his face cutting off his air supply, my crotch rammed up against his with a force of a locomotive, and my ass tightened so much that his fingers were forced out completely flat. This was too much for the cum-thirsty muscle boy. His warm juice shot out of his hard cock into the tight space between us. God, how I loved that feeling on my abs – warm Jamie juice streaming between my cobble-stoned eight pack. Jamie’s scream of pleasure was muffled by all of the muscle pressed into his face, but the room was still filled with multiple cries of release. I was confused, until I glanced backwards toward the doorway and saw our two pilots with their pants down around their ankles shooting streams of their own cum into the air as they leaned against the wall. Jamie’s body stopped shaking around the same time that both pilots slid down the wall and ended up sitting on the floor with faces full of satisfaction.

“Who the hell is flying the plane?” I was concerned about our safety. Neither pilot spoke at first, but one held up a hand requesting me to give him a few minutes to recuperate. I tried to wait patiently as he tried to speak.

“We landed about fifteen minutes ago!” The struggle to get those few words out exhausted the poor guy.

I couldn’t believe it. Jamie and I had been so involved in our thirst for muscle-on-muscle pleasure that we had not even noticed that the plane touched down. The pilots had obviously come back to check on us and got turned on by the two studs grinding their huge bodies together. I looked down at Jamie and saw that he was asleep again. I loved how I could wear this well-built guy out like his body was nothing. I glanced back and saw that the pilots had both fallen asleep from over exertion, as well. I thought that this must be a record for me – wearing three guys out at one time, but then I remembered an orgy in Vegas once where I caused five guys to shoot their load all at once and they immediately went into a two-hour rest period. I hadn’t broken my record after all.

I rolled off the bed, went and took a second shower, dressed, checked to make sure all three men were still breathing, and exited the plane. As I stepped out into the bright sunlight I knew we had traveled with the sun and had gained time. I glanced down the stairs that had been rolled up to the plane and saw a topless vehicle that looked like something they would use to transport people at an airport or a theme park. There, leaning against the front of the vehicle, was my good friend Axle. He smiled as he noticed my mouth drop open. I shouted down to him from the top of the stairs.

“How the hell did you do that?”

“You don’t think that Mr. X has only one plane do you?” His smile grew wider and I realized I was in way over my head with this client. I knew I needed to “up the ante” when it came to thinking ahead of Mr. X. There didn’t seem to be an end to the surprises this man could offer. I descended the steps and walked a few yards to stand in front of Axle. I instantly noticed there was something different about the man – he acted more confident, as if I had now entered his “turf” and was a target for his pleasure.

“Where am I?” It struck me that I could be almost anywhere within a certain radius of my home.

“You are about an hour south of Hawaii on Mr. X’s island.”

“His island?” I was instantly hard at the thought that my upcoming client owned an entire island.

“Yes, Mr. Smith. His island. He owns every part of it. By the way, where are the pilots and our good friend Jamie? Don’t tell me you introduced them to the pleasures of your incredible body?” I noticed that Axle was boldly looking at my torso – as if I were some kind of livestock at the county fair.

“As a matter of fact, my good Axle, Jamie has been introduced to the thrills of muscle on muscle sex and is a little worn out from his tutorial. The pilots seem to be indisposed because they like to watch two huge men explore each other’s bodies. I think all three will need a brief respite before they return home. You can’t hold me responsible for any of that, now can you?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith, I can. I can hold you responsible for all of it. I hope you know that there is going to be a lot of explaining to do for a certain young woman back on the mainland. And I certainly hope that Jamie remembered to start the video camera.” I actually felt my face flush a little red at this comment. The thought that a video existed showing me sort of deflowering the big stud made me all aflutter! I would have to get a copy of that footage soon.

“Now, Axle, if you had a choice between this and a cute young girl on the mainland which would you choose?” I flexed both of my arms and enjoyed watching Axle’s eyes widen. I noticed the crotch of his pants widening, as well.

“Mr. Smith, I hope you know there is nothing in the world I would choose over you.” His honesty blew me away. My own cock twitched at his compliment. “Please lift me over your head. It’s all I’ve thought about on my flight across the Pacific Ocean.”

I saw the incredible need in his expression. I could hear the deep pleading in his voice. I knew he had focused on nothing but me since we parted. I had a sudden incredible urge to make this man completely happy. I knew exactly what would please him. I placed my huge hand down at his crotch – being careful to grab his hard cock, his cum-filled balls, and the buckle of his belt in my grasp. I grabbed tightly and with little effort I lifted his body into the air with one hand. This obviously pleased him because his cock started pulsing in my hand. I raised him higher into the air above my head. I looked up into his face, noting it was full of pleasure. I lowered his body toward me and brought his face close to mine.

“I can lift you with one hand, Axle. What do you think about that?” I sensed immediately that he was having trouble breathing, let alone speaking. His eyes were full of deep desire for me.

“Mr. Smith, I have dreamed of a man like you all of my life.” The smaller guy then closed his eyes and bought his lips together in anticipation of a kiss. I did not want to disappoint the excited muscle worshipper. I brought my lips to his and pressed against them softly. Axle moaned like a wounded animal. I was holding him over six feet in the air with one of my huge arms and kissing him passionately – as if he were my junior high sweetheart. After a few seconds of our intense kiss, I pushed his body into the air extending my arm. I held him high above my head and stared at his face. He was looking right at me.

“You know, of course, that I could hold you here forever. You weigh nothing to me.” I bounced his body with one arm just to emphasize my power.

“And you know, of course, that I could stay here forever – feeling your strength lifting me. I would never tire of your body, Mr. Smith. I hope you know that.”

“I do know that, Axle. But what about your boss, what would he say?” I knew that bringing up Mr. X would bring us both back to reality.

“He desires you more than ever, Mr. Smith. He chose you from millions of men and has been very pleased with all of the reports, from Mr. Jones, the brothers Chirard, Jamie and myself. He is sure you were the right choice. He is eager to meet you.” Axle’s comments only excited me more. I lowered his face close to mine.

“And tell me about your great boss, Axle. What is he like?” I started slowly lifting Axle up and down into the air. My shoulder and bicep started to get a little work out. Axle became distracted by my bicep, but tried to concentrate on our conversation.

“None of us have ever met him, Mr. Smith.” His words impacted me greatly and he knew they would. I paused with his body again close to mine.

“What do you mean, Axle?”

“No one has ever met Mr. X. He is a complete mystery to us, Mr. Smith.”

Axle’s comment did not make me nervous at all; it actually had the opposite effect. I became very excited and my face showed it. I started lifting Axle into the air and back down with quicker motions. It immediately dawned on me that Mr. X was as much of a question mark to all of the hunks I had met as he was to me. I began to feel very special.

“Axle, are you telling me that you’ve never even seen Mr. X.”

“Never. You will probably be the first.”

“Fucking shit.” That’s all I could say at the moment. I was completely flabbergasted! This new information did excite me completely, though. I stopped lifting and held Axle’s body high over my head again. I could see he was still in heaven. “You know, Axle, Jamie and Mr. Jones seemed to like my big body, but I have a feeling you crave something more – I think it’s my strength you love the most. Am I right?”

“Yes sir.” His quick answer and the shivers I felt shoot through his crotch area confirmed that I needed to show off a little. I walked to the back of the long vehicle that was a mixture of a jeep and a truck. I continued to hold the smaller man in the air. He had begun to run his hands up and down my forearm, marveling at the flexed tendons and powerful striations. I bent down and grabbed under the bumper of the vehicle.

“So if I continue to hold you in the air like you’re nothing but a stuffed animal, and I also easily lifted the back of this truck, that wouldn’t affect you in any way now would it, Axle?” I straightened my legs and then curled the back of the vehicle like it was a twenty-pound barbell. I felt Axle’s hands on my forearm freeze as his eyes feasted at the strength in my other arm. The back of the truck was bobbing up and down as I cranked out about ten reps. The peak of my bicep pressed against the sleeve of my shirt and I knew this is where Axle’s gaze rested. I squeezed his stiff cock harder through the fabric of his pants. “What do you say, Axle, should I make you shoot your third load of the day?”

“Mr. Smith, I’m not sure I could.”

“Axle, man, I’m sure my muscles and my lifting you and this truck into the air so easily is making your little body churn out some quality muscle-loving cum. I’m sure I could get this hard cock of yours to explode again with little effort. Let’s see.” I set the back of the vehicle on the ground. I then grabbed the closed tailgate of the truck with my hand and tightened my grip. The sound of metal being compressed made Axle’s body to start to tense. We both looked down at the dent my fingers were causing at the top of the thick piece of metal that prevented items from sliding out of the back of the truck. I knew that Axle was ripe for a little show of what I could do so I jerked my hand back quickly and ripped the tailgate off of the truck with one clean tug. The hinges and the locking system pulled apart as if they were just toothpicks. I held the now v-shaped slab of metal in my one hand. “They just don’t make these things like they used to, do they?”

That statement sent Axle over the top. I was impressed that he had held off spewing his juice until that moment. His body started jerking in the air, as if I were shaking him strongly with my one hand. Suddenly, I felt something warm and wet through the fabric at his crotch where I held him. Axle made no noise, which surprised me. I looked up and saw that his face was red and covered in veins as he strained to release his precious depleted supply of man juice. His body was as stiff as a board, so I lifted him up and down again to get a little more exercise. As I pushed his body up the third time, Axle finally let out a suppressed gush of air mixed with a cry of exhaustion. His body collapsed around my arm – folding in like a puppet whose strings have suddenly been cut. I was glad to see him finally taking some breaths. I tossed the tailgate up into the back of the truck and then brought Axle’s spent body to the open edge. I placed him on his ass, but slid my hand up to his chest to give him support as he regained full control of his body. Axle was finally calm enough to brace himself with his own hands and look up at me. He was smiling, but still taking deep breaths. I took my arm away and stepped back to look at him and the damage I had done to the truck.

“So, Axle my man, that’s three times this body made you cum today. You really owe me.”

“Actually, it’s five, Mr. Smith. I jerked off twice thinking about you on the flight over.” Axle’s face was like that of a school boy who received his first ever “gold star” from a favorite teacher.

“Then you really owe me.” I smiled down at him. Axle turned and looked at the crumpled tailgate.

“And what do you propose I say happened to the truck when I talk to Mr. X.”

“Just tell him you had an accident with something bigger and more powerful.” This made Axle turn back to me and I filled my chest with one big gulp of air – causing it to swell up and press against the fabric of my shirt menacingly. As if on cue, Axle’s crotch started to swell up, as well. This boy’s appetite for sex seemed almost unquenchable, so I knew we should get moving.

“Shall we go?” I didn’t wait for an answer. I reached down and grabbed Axle at the waist. I lifted him into the air, kissed his inviting lips, and then placed him down on the ground. I was careful not to remove my hands until I was sure he could stand on his own.

“Yes, Mr. Smith. We should go. I think there are untold adventures waiting for you.”

“And for Mr. X.” I patted Axle on his ass as he turned to walk to the driver’s side of the vehicle.

“Yes, Mr. Smith, and untold adventures for Mr. X. But I believe it might soon be your turn to need rest.”

“Why is that, Axle?” I walked around and squeezed into the passenger side of the roofless truck.

“I don’t know. Just a hunch, I guess.” There was something in Axle’s voice that intrigued me, but the starting of the truck’s engine and the sudden movement of the vehicle made me focus on our upcoming drive to meet my new client.

I saw Mr. X’s castle when we were still about two miles away. And when I say castle, I mean castle. It looked like someone had taken a medieval structure from Europe and placed it in the middle of a tropical forest. It stood high up on a hill that seemed to be at the exact center of the island. I could feel Axle turning to look at me as we got our first glimpse of the place. I said nothing. I wanted to keep cool about all that was happening to me. I did not want the man sitting beside me to know I was actually nervous about meeting my new client. The confidence I had exuded with every one of Mr. X’s workers up to that point was a little shaken. I actually let the question, “What if Mr. X doesn’t like me?” cross my mind. I decided I needed a little reassurance of my alpha-male status. I reached over and placed my hand between Axle’s legs, easily finding his hard-on. I squeezed the cock and enjoyed the moan that this action caused in the man. I then pinched his dickhead with my thick forefinger and thumb, enjoying how that forced him to uncontrollably press harder on the gas pedal. I pulled my hand back to my own lap and placed it over my hardened rod. Somehow, I was sure that Axle knew my stiff prick was caused by the sight of the huge castle and not by our little foreplay. I also realized Axle knew I was nervous.

When the truck pulled in front of the structure I had to tilt my head completely backwards to take in the full height of the towers. The place was fucking huge. It looked like some romantic mega-hotel that should have been in the Swiss Alps. I noticed that everything about the place was huge. The gigantic wrought iron doors leading into the place were a little intimidating. I stepped out of the truck and looked up the stairs toward the doors.

“This is where we say goodbye, Mr. Smith.” I turned toward Axle, his words bringing me back to the present moment. My face must have shown my disappointment that he was not coming in. “You’ll be fine, Mr. Smith. There will be notes on the table in the entranceway that explain where your room is and what time to be downstairs for pre-dinner drinks. You will soon meet Mr. X. I will return at the end of the week. I know you will have fun, sir.”

“Thank you, Axle.”

“No, thank you Mr. Smith. For all of the pleasures you have brought me.” Axle smiled and then turned to look ahead as he drove away. I assumed he had to make it a fast exit or he would begin to wish for one last round with my body. I felt sorry for the guy as I watched him disappear. He really did have a thing for me.

I turned and walked up the steps to the huge doors and pulled one open. I stepped out of the bright sunlight of the afternoon into a room that looked like it was ready for the cover of Architectural Digest. The foyer of Mr. X’s castle looked like something out of a little girl’s fairy tale. It was like stepping into a well furnished gothic cathedral. I could not take it all in at one time. There were many huge staircases that went in all directions, but one main one straight ahead that led upward for about four or five levels. There were tall archways and doorways that led in all directions and two story glass windows that showed a beautiful courtyard in the center of the monstrous building. I could see that the entire building was indeed a castle and it stretched backward as far as it did to the sides. I knew instantly that it would be easy to get lost in the place and be missing for weeks. All of the furniture in the vast front room matched the look of the place. It was large and impeccably placed for maximum comfort. I glanced to the right and saw a huge room that looked like a mixture of library and living room. Turning back to the lobby-like area I noticed, as Axle had said, there was a note resting on a large round table in the center of the open space. I walked over and felt a jolt of excitement as I looked at what I knew was Mr. X’s handwriting. The note welcomed me and apologized for not being able to greet me personally. Other than that it simply gave me directions to my room, warned me about not exploring too much because I might get lost, and then asked me to be in the living room I had noticed earlier at 8:00pm for drinks before dinner. I was also instructed that my clothes were already in my room and that dinner was formal.

My mind was racing in numerous directions all at one moment. My curiosity about Mr. X had reached an insane level. My desire to check out this incredible building tempted me to ignore Mr. X’s warning, but then I forced myself to remember my golden rule – I followed the client’s wishes completely. After all, the guy was paying wasn’t he? I took the note and followed the directions to the second floor, finding my room at the end of one hallway. As I opened the double doors to my room I was blown away by what awaited me. The first thing I noticed was the smell of fresh flowers, which I saw accented any flat surface of the room. Secondly, I felt the warm sunlight streaming in the floor to ceiling windows and French doors that opened onto a large balcony. The bedroom was larger than my entire condo. It had a sitting area that welcomed me with fresh cheese, fruit, and champagne on ice. The large bed, which seemed to be a double king, sat against the wall to my right. It rested on a raised part of the room with steps leading up to it. It felt like everything in the room forced attention towards the bed and then once on the structure you could survey the room and the grounds outside the windows. I stepped out onto the balcony and gasped when I saw an Olympic sized pool neatly outlined by tall trees and a beautifully manicured side lawn. There were steps from my balcony that led to the pool and an extra large hot tub. Returning to the room, further exploration revealed a bathroom larger than most bedroom suites at fancy hotels, a closet that was big enough to park two cars in, and a adjoining study with television, desk, computer, and any other amenity I could think of.

I returned to the little sitting area of the bedroom and ate a few bites of cheese and fruit. I then uncorked the bottle of champagne and took a few swigs straight from the bottle. I felt so incredibly decadent. I kicked off my shoes and walked up the steps to the large bed. It was like a boat! I actually had to jump up a little to get on top of it. The feeling of its perfect mattress and comfortable pillows made me want to live there for a few days. I took some more swallows of champagne and stared at my room, my balcony, and the grounds beyond. I did not know what Mr. X was going to ask me to do for him, but he would certainly get my best work. I was ready to fuck the living daylights out of the man, if that’s what he wanted – or vice versa. I didn’t care what he looked like at this point, his gifts to me made him deserve anything he desired. If he wanted a muscle show I’d give him enough hardness, bulges and peaks to make him cum just by watching me pose. If he wanted a gentle giant then I could hold him until he slept like a baby. Mr. X would not be disappointed with me. That was for sure. He deserved to be treated like a God.

My tranquil daydreaming was suddenly interrupted by something that sounded like screams of passion. The male staccato-like pleasure cries were obviously caused by someone being plowed in the ass. The mixture of my champagne buzz, the deep beast-like sounds coming from somewhere near, and the feeling of the incredible bed caused me to immediately get hard. I took a few more gulps of champagne and then reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants. I allowed my stiff pole to be freed of any cloth impediments and began to pump it with my tight fist. My juices were extremely ripe from all of the encounters of the last twenty-four hours. As I listened to the moans of ecstasy in the distance increase in intensity, I remembered the pleased faces of Mr. Jones, Axle, the Chirard brothers, Jamie, and the two pilots. It struck me that I had already earned some of my pay from Mr. X. I knew he had gotten favorable reports from all of his workers. By the power behind the cries coming through the open French doors and windows of my room, I knew someone was close to release. I found that I, too, was ready to explode. I heard a deep voice scream “yes” three times while another person seemed to be emitting something like a growl at the same time. I pumped my now purple-tensed cock with each burst of sound. Suddenly I was yelling from my spewing eruption at the same time the two men in the distance shouted from theirs. My built up load shot all over me, but I didn’t care. I figured one of the voices in the distance was Mr. X. I realized he intended me to hear the sounds of his lovemaking. I began to wonder who the second man could be. I kept my eyes closed even after my cock stopped shooting. I also kept my hand around my hard cock. I felt my body slowly begin to drift into sleep. I began to think I had only dreamed the distant sounds of two people fucking and then I was out.

I awoke with a start. I panicked that I was late for dinner. I sat up quickly and felt how my cum-drenched shirt stuck to my chest and stomach. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. My heart stopped racing when I saw that it was only seven fifteen. I had only been asleep for a little while. The room was much cooler and darker than earlier. I slid off the bed, still holding on to the champagne bottle and went over to shut the windows and doors to the balcony. I saw that the pool looked even more spectacular lit up at night. By the time I had showered, primped for my upcoming meeting, and gotten dressed in the beautiful tuxedo the Chirard brothers had made for me, it was a few minutes before eight. I took a swig of the warm champagne to help calm my jittery and left to go downstairs.

When I reached the huge living room I heard a clock in the distance striking the hour. I liked to be punctual. I was slightly disappointed to find no one in the room. The only light in the cavernous room came from a giant fire burning in the large stone fireplace at one end of the room. I noticed two large wing-back chairs and a table full of different “spirits” between then. I moved toward the fireplace and saw that there was ice and two glasses on the table. There was also a note that said “help yourself.” I poured myself a glass of Bush Mills over ice and then sat in one of the chairs to watch the fire and wait. The chair kind of swallowed even my large frame. After a few minutes I thought I heard a noise on the far side of the room and quickly turned around, but the light from the glow of the fire didn’t shine throughout the entire space. Much of the room was pitch black. I turned back to watch the flames. The deep voice that suddenly filled the room scared the hell out of me.

“Good evening, Mr. Smith.”

I knew it was Mr. X right away. He had a voice that was not like what I expected. It was sexy and very full. My cock stirred in anticipation of meeting him. I tried to be as calm as possible. I didn’t turn around.

“Good evening, Mr. X.”

“I trust your stay has been a pleasant one so far.”

“How could it not be when anything I desire is given to me immediately?” I did turn at that point and looked into the void that was the far side of the room, where the voice seemed to be coming from. I strained my eyes to try and make out anything in the darkness. Mr. X slowly stepped into the center of the room and the light of the fire revealed his formally dressed form.

I stood up so quickly from the shock of seeing Mr. X for the first time that the large chair I was sitting in was pushed over backwards. I also dropped my glass and it shattered on the stone floor. I was frozen from shock.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. There is really no way to prepare someone for meeting me for the first time.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

Last edited by Londonboy; April 20th, 2008 at 08:56 PM.
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So, in our next episode, we meet...Mr. X.
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You realize that black text on an almost black background is a b!tch to read.
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Other than black text on black background like what martinp13 said... the story is getting real interesting...

definitely one of my most anticipated story that I've been waiting and hoping it gets released sooner... (not to offend other authors, but...) I've only visit this forum with high hope to see something as exciting and teasing as what londonboy wrote... However, thanks to many other talented writers though...

now, onto part 6 please!
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Help with color

Sorry about the black on black letters. I have no idea what happened. I hope I fixed it. If someone knows what I did to cause it please let me know. Again, sorry for the difficulty reading the story.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

Last edited by Londonboy; April 20th, 2008 at 08:58 PM.
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did you do copy and paste from Word or a word processor? If so, the formatting might have carried over... don't worry... it is not a showstopper (just annoyance to delay our eager reading).

Just do a select-all and change colour when it happens again :-D
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It wasn't that hard to read. Seems fixed though.
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Hey thanks Kezzz and Skumbum! I now understand what I did. I'll try not to make the mistake again. I don't want people to have to struggle to read the story. Now on to part six and Mr. X!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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london boy you have really done well with this one. But why do I get this feeling of a classic beauty and the beast. It just seems to gel around this idea in my head from the point he arrives at the private island, Keep up the good work . you have brought the lurker in from the cold with this one
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