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Old March 31st, 2008, 08:31 PM
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Birthday Wishes, Part Two

I took a quick shower to clean my cum-covered body and to help rid myself of the nasty hangover. I did feel better after letting the hot water stream over my body for a few minutes. I was even able to keep some coffee and semi-stale crackers down in my troubled stomach. The three aspirin I took had started to help a lot by the time I heard someone pounding on my front door. Because of my throbbing head, it sounded like the Jolly Green Giant was knocking. I didn’t realize how close I was!

The thing I thought of first when I opened the door was the letter V, because I was staring at the definition of a v-shaped upper body. And the craziest thing was that I had to look up to see the face. Usually I had to look down to see someone, but the guy at the door must have had me beat by about five or six inches. That’s when my mouth fell open and I came close to falling over in a stunned faint. Yep, me, the huge guy that I am, almost blacked out because of the sight in front of me.

“Holy fuck!”

That’s all I could say. Jeremy, now transformed to the epitome of a muscled God, stood sheepishly in front of me. He had nothing on but a pair of cotton gym shorts that hugged his crotch area in an extremely profane manner. It was apparent, immediately, that no shorts on earth could have hidden his thick-as-a-Sunday-newspaper cock draped across the top of his right quad. So, Jeremy hangs to the right – I never knew.

“Is this what you wished for?” His booming now-baritone voice caused shivers to run up and down my spine. It was Jer’s voice, but it sounded much more powerful. His question caused my attention to move from the insane bulge in his shorts to his now manly face. I marveled at the fact that even his neck was draped in muscles that were beyond comprehension.

“I . . . umm . . . I think so.”

More events from the night before came streaming back into my head. I remembered at one point in the evening Samantha had asked me to flex my huge arm for her. I, as always, was happy to oblige. She reached up and felt my peaked gun and then, for the first time ever, Jeremy had reached over to feel it, too. My bicep was large enough that both of their hands looked small as they groped the rock-hard flesh. No one at the table thought it was weird Jeremy took the chance to feel my muscles, mainly because all of them were dying to do the same thing. I was the only one, however, who knew what a huge moment it was for Jer. In a drunken stupor Jeremy had whispered, to no one in particular, something like, “What I would give to have a body like yours, Ivan.” It had been one of the most real and heart touching things my best friend had ever said. Samantha let out a slight giggle and told Jeremy he was cute just the way he was, but I had locked eyes with him and nodded my head because I understood what he was confessing. My best friend wanted to be huge. My love for my friend was so strong at that moment. A few minutes later the cake was brought to the table, people sang to us, and, right before we both blew out the candles, Samantha yelled, “Don’t forget to make a wish!” I had forgotten the earlier moment, but as I was inhaling I glanced at Jeremy and I knew what I wanted. It wasn’t something for me. My life was pretty good – a great job, good friends, and the potential of a relationship with the cute girl sitting beside me. My wish was for Jeremy. I wished that he could become a muscle stud that was bigger than me. It was such a selfless wish and a far-fetched fantasy. I chuckled to myself and smiled at my foolishness. As soon as we blew out all of the candles, Jeremy asked what I had wished for, but Samantha told him I couldn’t say or it wouldn’t come true. I snapped back to the reality in front of me and looked at Jeremy’s new wide shoulders filling up the entire doorframe.

“I wished that you would be a muscle stud that was bigger than me.”

I said it with a far-away voice and the words floated into the silence between us. We just stared at each other. I reached up and pinched my cheek. I grabbed it with two fingers and squeezed really hard. I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a dream. The pain that shot through the side of my face told me I was awake.

“Well, I think you got your wish, Ivan. Do you think I could come in now? I’m not sure how long these shorts can hold up. I couldn’t find anything that could fit over my legs. I ripped two other pairs of shorts and four shirts trying to get them on.”

I didn’t say a word. I just stepped to the side to give the giant some room to come in. Jeremy had to lower his head and turn his body kind of sideways to get through the doorway. As he stepped by me I got a glimpse of his back and I know my eyes got as big as saucers.

“Oh my fucking goodness!”

“What?” Jeremy immediately turned around with a nervous look on his face. I think he thought his huge body had accidentally broken something – like the floorboards.

“Jer, your back is as wide as a house. Turn back around.”

I could tell Jeremy wasn’t used to hearing his body referred to in this way and he was a little taken aback, but he slowly turned around. There are not words to adequately describe what my eyes beheld. His delts flared out as if he were wearing three sets of shoulder pads stacked on top of each other. The ends of his monstrous upper frame were molded into huge muscled balls that then tapered down into freakishly thick triceps. His lats were so muscled that his arms were pushed out far from his body. It looked like he had a flesh-covered keg under each arm. There were so many individual muscles bulging across his upper back that any movement at all made it look like a rolling earthquake shaking a massive mountain range. All of the insane width of his jacked up back tapered down in that unreal v-shape I had noticed before into a waist smaller than mine. I don’t think there was an ounce of fat anywhere on Jeremy’s body.

My eyes were somehow drawn to the mammoth calves that supported this man’s unbelievable massive size. It looked like some pro bodybuilder’s lower legs had been morphed five times and was flexing his perfect teardrop shaped calves. But the mind-blowing part of all of this was that Jeremy was completely relaxed. From behind it looked like he was tensing every sinew and muscle in his body, but it was just how he looked all the time – even when he was calm and natural. I raised my eyes and saw how the stretched-to-the-max shorts he was wearing hugged his wide as a fucking silo legs and his tight bubble ass. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jeremy’s muscled butt cheeks for some reason. There was a feeling inside of me that was new and unexplainable.

“Can I turn back around now?”

“Sure, Jeremy, sure. Sorry.” I became light headed again as he turned around and my eyes feasted on the front of his body. I had been too stunned earlier to clearly see how amazing his chest and arms were.

“Ivan, are you okay? You look a little pale.”

“No, I’m not okay Jeremy. I can’t get over what’s happened to you. You are huge! Every part of your body is bulging. You’re a fucking muscle monster!”

I noticed that what I was saying was going straight to Jeremy’s head – well, the head of his cock, that is. I saw the enormous bulge in his pants start to twitch and grow. The front of his shorts were pushed out even more by a piece of meat that had started to look like a fireplug. I suddenly heard the sound of cloth ripping and watched as the sides of his shorts ripped completely up the seams. The elastic band at the top, held, though. It looked like Jeremy was now wearing a loincloth. I saw the tip of his giant cock poke out of the side of his torn shorts. It was so big that it could have easily been mistaken for a third leg. I knew I might have to start calling Jeremy “Mr. Tripod.”

“Ivan, I’m sorry about that. I haven’t been able to control the new beast between my legs all morning. It’s like it has a mind of its own and hearing you refer to me as a muscle monster woke it up quickly. I’m going to have to borrow something to wear home, okay?”

“Jeremy, I don’t know if I have anything you’d fit into!” I started to feel even more light headed than before and worried I was going to really faint - so I stumbled to one of the chairs nearby to sit down. “I need a few minutes to process all of this.”

“Are you kidding? I can’t wait a few minutes. I’ve been waiting a while to do this.” Jeremy grabbed the front of my sweatshirt and pulled me out of the chair. The heels of my feet left the ground completely. It suddenly dawned on me that Jeremy was angry about what I had done to his body.

“Don’t hit me.” I cried out and covered my face with my arms at the same time.

“Hit you? Why would I hit you?” Jeremy’s tone assured me that he wasn’t about to take a slug at me. I lowered my arms.

“Because you’re mad that I did this to you.” My comment brought a look of shock across Jeremy’s face.

“Why the hell would I be mad? This body is fucking fantastic. I’m not going to hit you, Ivan. We’re going to wrestle. I’ve wanted to be the bigger guy when we’ve wrestled for years.” The thought of wrestling Jeremy immediately made me scared because he was now so huge!

“I don’t want to wrestle you, Jer!”

“Who says you have a choice little man! Just like all those times with you in the past, I’ve obviously got some sexual frustration I need to work out of my body. You’re the biggest guy I know Ivan, and I need a little bit of a challenge.” We both knew that I would be no challenge for the new Jeremy. I looked down and saw his large pole now forcing the front of his torn shorts to tent up.

“I don’t think wrestling for two days straight is going to make that thing go down, Jer.”

“Well we’ll just have to see, now, won’t we!”

Jeremy released me and as I fell back onto my heels he quickly wrapped his huge arms around my body and pulled me roughly into his chest. My face slammed into the valley between his monster pecs. The muscle meat of the two mountains beside me stuck out farther than my head! Jeremy then easily lifted my huge body by bending back a little and began to squeeze with his arms. At first it felt like a tight muscle blanket wrapped around my body, but then he increased the pressure and my arms, my back, and my chest began to feel like someone had thrown me in one of those machines that smashes cars into the size of a large suitcase. I tried to pull my head out from between his pecs, but I couldn’t get it back far enough to clear his muscled chest.

“Mjrmy, I cmant brmeathme.” I was trying to get his attention to tell him it was hard to breathe, but the big guy didn’t seem to care.

“Yeah, Ivan, feel my arms as they squeeze all of the air out of your body. You’ve done this to me for years. Did I ever tell you how much I liked it? I got to feel your hard chest with my face and your hard body pressed up against mine. And even when I began to worry about blacking out, you’d continue to squeeze your big arms. Just like I’m doing right now. Yeah, man, do you like the feeling of all of this muscle pressing into you?”

I started to hear a buzzing in my ears. I couldn’t expand my chest or diaphragm even a little to catch a breath. I panicked that Jeremy wouldn’t know when to stop. What if his newfound strength got the best of him and he crushed me. Right before I was sure I was going to black out, Jeremy released me and I fell to my knees on the floor at his feet. I immediately gasped for air – to quickly refill my lungs. Jeremy, I found out, had other plans. He grabbed a handful of sweatshirt at my back and pulled tight. He then lifted me up on my feet and grabbed around my left quad just below my ass. For a brief moment my mind focused on the fact that Jeremy’s hand was wide enough to get a good grip on my muscled upper leg. And just the day before his hand wouldn’t have reached halfway around my forearm! I didn’t have long to think about this miraculous change, though, because I suddenly felt my entire body leave the ground. With absolutely no effort at all Jeremy stiff-armed my six foot two body above his head. The motion was so quick that it made me dizzy. My face was abruptly only a few inches from the ceiling of my living room.

“Man, Ivan, you need to gain some weight. You’re as light as a kitten. It barely feels like I’m holding anything. I could probably press you up and down all day. Let’s see. One, two, three.”

As he called out each number Jeremy lowered my body in front of his face and then easily pressed me back up. It was so mind-blowing that I turned my head to try and get a better look of my best friend. That’s when I caught our reflection in the large mirror above my sofa. So many different things about what I saw impacted me immediately. First of all, Jeremy looked like an Olympian God. His body was gigantic and muscled beyond comprehension. When he would lower my body his biceps would explode into mountains of split peaks and rivers of veins. His shoulders looked only slightly narrower than the entire length of my body. Secondly, the monster cock that had previously been hidden was now sticking straight up in the middle of his muscled abs, which looked as hard and as defined as curved bricks. His man meat was so long it shot up almost to his insanely muscled chest. I knew if he sat on a chair and crunched his abs tightly he would be able to slide his mammoth rod up into the valley between his own pecs. But what was most noticeable to me made my entire awareness of life shift completely in one second. I knew immediately that Jeremy had not seen what now caught my full attention. I had been so abused by Jeremy in the last few minutes that I had not been able to notice it before. As the big guy lifted me up and down the crotch of my sweats tented high in the air because of my raging hard-on. And seeing my stiff prick through the material made it possible for me to now feel it. I had been so wrapped up in the pain from Jeremy’s bear hug that I did not register how fucking turned on I was. In a flash many emotions flooded my brain. I was embarrassed by my inability to hide my lust for my best friend, and, yet, I was enthralled at how much I craved to touch and lick his entire muscled body. I wanted to hide these feelings from Jeremy and the world, but at the same time I wanted to shout it from some rooftop. I was instantly more confused than I had ever been in my entire life. I had a flashback to the day that Jeremy told me he was gay. He had danced around my question when I asked what kind of guy he was turned on by, and then I finally got him to admit he liked muscles. I knew he specifically meant my muscles, but I didn’t press the subject anymore. I didn’t want to embarrass him. But, more than that, I really liked knowing how much he craved my body. It was such a compliment. For some reason at that exact moment I remembered my morning hard-on and how strange it had felt. I started to process what it all meant, but that’s when Jeremy must have gotten bored with how easy it was to lift me.

“And now, little Ivan, man, I’m going to end my domination of you the same way you used to.” Jeremy held me high in the air and carried me sideways down the long hall to my bedroom. He had to lower me to get through the door. And from just inside the doorway he lowered his arms and then sent me flying across the big room. I landed with a thud on the bed. I landed on my stomach and my hard cock rammed into the mattress. Pain shot through my crotch and I cried out. “How does it feel to be toss around like you were nothing, Ivan? Who’s the smaller guy now, huh, punk?”

I could hear in Jeremy’s voice that he was playing a part for me at that moment. He wasn’t really being mean. We both knew he had really liked our wrestling matches and me showing off my muscles and strength. He was just really getting into being huge. And I was really getting into him being huge, too. I knew I had to do something before my cock exploded. I scrambled to the edge of the bed. When I glanced up at Jeremy he was flexing his humongous biceps in the mirror above my dresser.

“I gotta take a piss, Jer. I’ll be right back.”

I tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, but I also made a dash for the bathroom. Once inside I quickly slammed the door and locked it. By the time I got across the floor and lowered the toilet seat my shirt, sweats, and underwear were off of my body. I looked at my hard cock and was shocked at how it had turned a deep purple. It was desperate for relief and nothing was going to stop me from bringing on the orgasm of my life. I started stroking the stiff rod as I leaned back against the tank of the toilet and let my head rest against the wall. My legs were as tense as my cock and spread wide. My back arched upward with every hard stroke of my hand.

“Watcha doing in there, Ivan, buddy?”

Jeremy was at the door and I could tell he knew something was up. It didn’t matter. At that point I could not have stopped my oncoming ejaculation even if someone had a gun up to my head. Jeremy tried the door and found it was locked.

“I . . . uh . . . will . . . uh . . . be . . . out . . . in a minute . . . Jeremy.” I knew the heavy breaths between each word were a dead give away to what was happening, but I didn’t care.

Suddenly my body started tingling all over. My toes went numb and my giant balls started twitching as they forced semen into my rock-hard cock. I squeezed the stiff rod in the middle and prevented it from shooting for a few seconds. My loud moans covered up the fact that Jeremy had easily ripped the metal knob away from the wooden door and pushed it open. I yelled out like a wild man as I released my tight grip and shot a load all over my chest. My body almost fell off the toilet because it was jolted so much from the orgasm. I had to hold on to the counter around the sink to steady myself. The convulsions seemed to last forever. I knew my chest and stomach looked like some abstract white painting because it was so streaked with cum. I had held my eyes tightly shut during the entire explosion, but the sound of heavy breathing made me open them and turn towards the door. I first noticed that there was a gaping hole where the doorknob used to be. I then noticed a giant hand moving furiously over what was the most beautiful fucking huge man tool I had ever seen. I knew by how tense his abs, chest, and arms were that Jeremy was about to shoot his load. His eyes were open and he was staring right at me. Even with the oncoming powerful orgasm he was able to speak.

“That was fucking beautiful, man. I have never wanted something as much as I want you. I love you, Ivan.”

The words that had never been spoken out loud filled the room at the same time as Jeremy’s cock sent semen shooting across the bathroom. Even his ability to ejaculate was increased by his new super strong body. A stream of cum splattered on the wall beside me and across my midsection. The next two powerful bursts landed at different parts of the floor between us. I worried that the bathroom walls were going to cave in because of the supersonic sound that came out of Jeremy’s mouth as he shot his massive wad. And just as suddenly as it had begun, the sound ended and there was only deep breaths filling the room. I watched, with pleasure, Jer’s humungous pecs heaving up and down as he filled his powerful lungs. His body had a slight sweat-gleam to it that made him more beautiful than anything I had ever seen. A thought I never imagined entering my brain caught me off guard. I wanted this giant man to fuck me senseless. I shook my head as soon as I registered where my mind had gone. But the simple fact was there for me to admit openly. I wanted my best friend in a way that I had never wanted anything before. I knew I wanted to have as much sex with him as was possible in any given day. I knew I wanted to explore his muscles with my entire being. I knew I wanted to love him until the day I died. That’s when everything came into a perfect focus for me. I broke into a huge smile and Jeremy, who was staring at me, knew what was happening. He actually turned red. The big giant of a man turned a deep red.

“Jer, what did you wish for last night?” He looked down at the ground. “Come on, buddy, tell Ivan what you wished for.” He glanced back at me and broke into a sheepish smile.

“You promise not to be mad?”

“I promise nothing, Jeremy. What did you wish for?”

“I wished that you would be gay and that you would want me. Please don’t be mad. I never thought it would come true. I’m so sorry Ivan.”

I could tell by his voice that he was truly worried that I would be angry. For a few seconds I thought he might cry.

“Jeremy, man. Why would I be mad? If you can promise me orgasms like that for the rest of my life, then I am more than happy to be gay. As a matter of fact, why didn’t we both wish for these things years ago!”

And with that, I stood up from the toilet and met the big man in the center of the bathroom. We wrapped our arms around each other and our two open mouths met in an intense kiss. After exploring each other’s lips, tongues, and throats for a few minutes, we pulled apart and smiled at each other.

“Happy birthday Jeremy.”

“Happy birthday Ivan.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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ooooooooooooh man--that was hot! and really sweet, tender too. Am i surprised to see yet another stellar, orgasmic story from you? not a bit ;p am i glad though? you can bet your life on it ;p
thanks for another terrific story
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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