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Muscle for Hire, Part Four

The Chirard brothers didn’t wake up the entire time I was trying on the racks of clothes that had been designed especially for me. Everything was a little tight because of the extra muscle I had packed on since placing the ad that listed my measurements - the ad that Mr. X had sent to the brothers so they could make the clothes in advance. Each item I tried on was impeccable, from the tight Speedo that purposefully emphasized my huge cock to the incredible tuxedo that made me look like some beefed-up James Bond. I chose a pair of black slacks to wear out of the store since the brothers had covered my jeans with their juice when I bear hugged them to the point of exploding. I heard the front door open as I zipped up my pants and panicked that a customer would find the brothers passed out on the sofa in the middle of the store with cum-stained crotches. I quickly grabbed my leather jacket and stepped out front. To my delight, it was Axle, my driver for the day. He was standing in front of the two sleeping men curled up like children on the large couch. Axle glanced up at me as I walked into the room.

“It seems the Chirard brothers came to know you in a special way, too, Mr. Smith.” The pun in his sentence was not lost on me.

“Let’s just say I squeezed a little juice out of them, like two fresh oranges.”

“From the looks of their pants, I believe we could have filled a gallon jug, Mr. Smith.” Axle was smiling at me.

“There you go again, Axle. All of these compliments are going give me a big head. And, in turn, I should do the same for you.” I was standing right beside the man so I reached out and grabbed what I knew would be a hard cock at his crotch.

“Ah, Mr. Smith, as much as I would like, because of your body, to shoot my third load this morning, I am afraid we must get going. You’ll just have time for a workout, a massage, and lunch at the City Club before I have to take you to the airport.” Axle stepped away from my hand because he knew I could, with little effort, cause his cock to erupt.

“Like I suggested before, Axle, I could skip the workout at the gym and just use you and the brothers, here, as my weights.”

“Somehow, Mr. Smith, I don’t think the three of us would be heavy enough to give you a good pump. Am I right?”

“True, Axle, true. But I think we could find other things to pump for a different kind of workout.” Axle laughed out loud and turned toward the door. I watched him reach down to adjust his hard-on as he walked away.

“You are incorrigible, Mr. Smith. Shall we go? Don’t worry about the clothes; they will be shipped out today.” I glanced down at the twins on the sofa. “Don’t worry about Messieurs Chirard and Chirard. I’ll lock the door behind us. I have a feeling they are going to need a day off, no make that a week, to recover.” This made me laugh and I followed Axle out the door.

I was excited about going to this town’s premier gym and spa – the City Club. I believe affiliation fees for the club started at a hundred thou! Mr. X was certainly the kind of man I could fall in love with – rich and, obviously, powerful. The place was as incredible as I thought it would be. I was treated like royalty. Everyone seemed to know who I was, and if they didn’t, they certainly wanted to. I had a pretty intense workout, focusing on my chest and arms after Axle told me those were Mr. X’s favorite part of a man’s body. I could tell Axle was trying to give me as many tips on how to prepare for my upcoming week with Mr. X as he could. He wouldn’t answer any direct questions about the man, but he continued to give subtle hints. After my workout I was scheduled for a massage by Frederick – the club’s best masseuse. But when Fred-boy walked into the room he immediately called for a second guy. He explained that I was too big for him to massage alone, because he’d be worn out after finishing only half of my body. Soon we were joined by Jans. Both men got their own major work out trying to massage my hard-as-stone muscles. Their cocks were rigid the entire time and each man had to step out of the room at least once to go jerk off. I had a little time in the sauna and a long shower before I finally dressed to go to the airport.

Axle was waiting by the limousine when I stepped out of the club. I could tell he had been thinking about me because he had both hands down at the front of his body to cover up his hardened tool. We locked eyes as I approached the car and he immediately realized I knew he was, shall we say, in a stiff way.

“Been dreaming about my body, haven’t you Axle?” His face turned slightly red as he turned to open my door.

“It’s hard not to, Mr. Smith.” He said smiling.

“It looks like it is hard either way, Axle.” I smiled back.

“Indeed it is sir, indeed it is.” I slid into the car and he shut the door.

Because of traffic, it was a long ride to the airport. We went down some back road that took us to where I figured the private jets were kept. I saw four or five large planes lined up along a runway and knew immediately that the largest one belonged to Mr. X. As if on cue that’s the one that Axle steered the limo toward. It was a beautiful jet and I started getting hard just thinking about how it was there just for me. I definitely could get used to Mr. X’s lifestyle. I stopped that thought immediately. What was I doing? Those kinds of words were the first step to breaking the hustler’s number one rule – don’t get attached to a client. I calmed my throbbing dick and forced thoughts of a mega-rich lifestyle out of my head. This was just a week-long gig and that was all. I needed to stay focused on the job at hand. I was a professional and needed to keep some distance and perspective on this task. But hearing the engines of the jet rev up, as Axle opened the car door, made it difficult to not get wrapped up in the pleasures that Mr. X were showering on me. I stood up from the car and looked at Axle.

“And this is where I say goodbye for now, Mr. Smith. We will meet again soon.” He held out his hand towards me. I didn’t take it. Instead, I quickly grabbed him at the waist and lifted his body into the air. It happened so fast that Axle didn’t have time to think or react. I wanted to give him a thrill to remember me by and I knew he loved being lifted. He let out a slight yelp and his body shook all over with pleasure. “Mr. Smith, please, don’t. I can’t take it.”

I ignored his plea for mercy and squeezed his hips hard with my hands as I brought my mouth to the bulge that was level with my face. I quickly got my moist lips around one of his large balls through the fabric. I sucked in and moved my face slightly back, pulling my mouthful away from the rigid pole above it. I knew the mixture of pain and pleasure made Axle close to losing his third load of cum that day. I knew this because the ball tensed smaller in my mouth. I let the fabric and the ball fall out of my mouth, turned my head to the right and clamped my lips and teeth around his ready-to-explode cannon. I bit down hard and Axle’s body became stiff as a board. For a few seconds I feared he had suffered a heart attack, but then his body started bucking from the release of cum obviously spewing from his cock. You could hear his raw manly scream over the sound of the jet. I kept my teeth clamped down on his metal-stiff rod until his body seemed to be over the powerful release. I opened my mouth to let go of his dick, bent my head backwards and raised his body high into the air over my head. He was like a limp doll, but his face was lit up with a big smile. He looked down at me with eyes full of deep gratitude.

“That’s so you don’t forget me, Axle.”

“That would be impossible, Mr. Smith. That would be impossible.”

I brought his body down a little and put my mouth against his chest, finding the hardened nipple of his left pec. I grabbed it through the fabric of his shirt with my teeth and tugged a little. I then pushed his body back in the air stretching the nipple. Again, the mixture of pain and pleasure made Axle’s face light up. I released the nipple and tossed his body into the air, easily catching it when he came down. I then placed Axle back on the ground. He stared at me with eyes that told me he was in love. I could have gotten the man to do anything for me at that moment. And that was how I loved to leave my clients – in love and wanting more.

“See you soon, Axle-boy.” And with that I just walked toward the steps to the plane.

“Um, Mr. Smith.” Axle wanted my attention. I turned around and looked at him. “Enjoy Jamie; he’ll be your attendant on the plane.”

Axle was pointing to the top of the steps. I turned to see who he was referring to. At the door of the plane was a man that equaled my size. He was wearing shorts that did nothing to hide his muscled legs and a polo shirt that looked like it was three sizes too small, but I knew it was at least a triple extra large. My cock twitched with excitement. The guy was huge, just like me. I turned back towards Axle.

“I can only hope he is as accommodating as you are, Axle.” I smiled at the man and glanced down at the wet spot growing at his crotch. “Remember, you now owe me three orgasms!” I turned to walk up the stairs, eagerly anticipating my flight with Jamie.

As I ascended the final steps to the plane I took my time, allowing my view of Jamie to start with his tennis shoes and move up. I noticed right away that the man had some big feet. This made me excited for what was to come. The legs of the big man rivaled mine. I licked my lips a little as my eyes feasted on his beefy muscled calves and insanely thick quads. I could see the guy’s rippled abs even through the cloth of his shirt. I stopped in my tracks when I got to his pecs. His chest was fucking impressive. I made a mental note that we’d have to compare later on to see who was bigger. I was sure I was the winner, but it would be fun finding out. I was glad to see that his arms were definitely smaller than my guns. Still, he had biceps that would make most men cream in their pants from jealousy or lust. When I stood on the top step I was shocked to see that we were eye to eye. I looked down to see if where he was standing was somehow raised up, but quickly realized we were just the same height. That made my cock get harder, knowing this guy was close to my size. That didn’t happen very often. I immediately hoped Jamie liked to wrestle and I wished for a long flight.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. Welcome aboard. My name is Jamie and I’ll be your flight attendant today. Please come in.”

He held out his hand and we shook. I have been a hustler for so many years that I have learned to read men in the first few seconds after meeting. Our handshake told me a lot about Jamie. I knew immediately that the twenty-two looking stud was straight. I kid you not. I mainly knew it because he didn’t have an ounce of lust in his eyes, but the handshake revealed more. There is a certain way that straight men shake hands – as if they need to show off their strength and mark their territory. Jamie gripped my hand hard and I could tell he was shocked, and a little taken aback, that my grip was stronger. His ego was bruised, so he quickly puffed up his chest and tried to stand taller, as if he could force me to have to look up. This was a second way straight men tried to show their dominance over other man. I instinctively stood taller myself, tensing my huge body, and Jamie’s eyes showed he recognized I was the alpha male. I didn’t want the guy to feel too bad, so I slapped him on his muscled shoulder and smiled at him. I could tell this instantly made him feel better.

“It’s great to meet you, Jamie. It’s always a pleasure when I meet a guy as big as me.”

This made Jamie’s face brighten up and he felt included in some imaginary “big guy’s club.” I stepped toward the door and, suddenly, it struck me that Mr. X had sent Jamie on this flight as a test for me. Mr. X wanted to see if his big muscled hustler that he had booked for the week, could even charm the cum out of a straight man. Damn, Mr. X was good. I got a rush of excitement from his challenge. My cock started to swell even more from the thought of getting the straight jock to beg for my muscles and special talents by the end of the flight. Game on, Mr. X, game on! I could tell Jamie was going to be somewhat of a struggle, even for me, but I was confident that my skills, as well as my fucking huge body, could crumble the straight man’s defenses. All of these thoughts were interrupted by what welcomed me inside the plane. It was like someone had placed the coolest living room inside. There were a few large chairs, a couple of sofas, a dining area, a huge ornate bar, a large desk and many other mind-blowing accessories in Mr. X’s plane. I could see through a door behind the bar that there was a large kitchen area and through a door in the back I saw a large bedroom. It was unbelievable and it was all mine. Well, mine and Jamie’s. I moved to the middle of the open space as Jamie shut the door and did the pre-flight stuff required of an attendant. I decided to sit in one of the oversized chairs near the window. I watched as the stairs were rolled away and then Jamie came to join me in the living room area.

“After take off, Mr. Smith, I will be glad to get anything you need. Just sit back and we’ll be leaving shortly.” The big guy stepped to the front of the plane, having to turn sideways to get through the doorway to where the pilots sat. I marveled at the beauty of his ass and back as he walked away. I began to plan my strategy for conquering the Jamie mountain.

I watched the city disappear in the distance as we rose into the clouds. I felt secretly powerful because I didn’t wear a seatbelt during take off. I heard the intercom come on and the captain told me it was safe to move about the plane. He invited me to relax and let them know if there was anything they could do to make the flight more enjoyable. By that point I already knew what would make the flight better and it involved the big Mr. Jamie. I went towards the kitchen in search of him. I heard him speaking before I could see him. He was obviously on the phone talking to Mr. X. I listened without interrupting.

“Yes, sir. I promise, sir. Anything he wants. Yes, I can do that. I certainly appreciate the bonus, sir. I intend to make you proud of me. Yes, whatever he asks for, I will do my best. Thank you, sir. I’m glad you trust me. Yes, Mr. Smith, is very big. As a matter of fact, sir, he’s huge. Yes, I’ll call you right before we land. Goodbye, sir.”

I hurried back to my seat. I couldn’t have asked for a better conversation to overhear. This is exactly what I had hoped for – that Jamie wanted to please his boss very much. The eager young lad would be putty in my hands – although he would be hard-muscled putty. Jamie appeared immediately with a smile on his face.

“Is there anything that I can get you, Mr. Smith? What would make your trip more pleasurable?”

Let the games begin. “Well, Jamie. Could I get some sparkling water? And do you have anything to eat?”

“I have Pellegrino or Perrier. Do you have a preference, Mr. Smith? And we have a fully stocked kitchen so please name anything you’d like.”

“Pellegrino will be great, Jamie. A full kitchen, you say? Then how about some fruit and cheese.”

“Certainly, Mr. Smith. I have a few choices of cheese that I will bring out and a variety of fruit. I’ll be right back.” But before he turned to leave, I reached out and grabbed his arm.

“And one more thing, Jamie, that will make my trip even more wonderful.”

“Anything, Mr. Smith.” He was eager to please me, and, in turn, please Mr. X.

“I’d like you to go completely nude for the rest of the trip. I’d like to see that entire big body of yours.” I watched his face closely. There was a slight falter in the smile and his eyes widened just a little bit. For a second I thought he might either try to punch me out (as if he could) or say he had not understood my request. But, Jamie-boy was a pro.

“Of course, Mr. Smith.” His voice was a little weak and I could see that he was flustered a little, but he immediately kicked off his shoes and used his feet to push of his socks. At the same time he undid his belt, unbuttoned his shorts, and pulled out the bottom of his polo shirt.

“Do you have another shirt, Jamie?” I interrupted his disrobing.

“Yes, sir.” I think he knew where this was headed. I could see it in his eyes.

“Good. I’d like to see you rip that one off your body. Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind at all, Mr. Smith.” And with that Jamie grabbed the shirt by both sides of the collar, just under his chin, and strongly yanked out and down at the same time. His chest popped out like a balloon being quickly pumped with air. It was a spectacular site. His shirt ripped straight down the middle, freeing those slabs of pec meat, which seemed to expand to double their original proportions. His huge nipples were pointing almost straight down because of the size and weight of his mammoth chest. He took a deep breath, probably the first real one he’d gotten since the shirt had been put on.

“Damn, boy, that is one fucking gorgeous chest.”

I could tell my compliment both embarrassed Jamie and made him proud. So, the jock boy was a pec man. I filed that information to use later on in the flight. Jamie’s face was a little red, but he finished shedding what remained of the shirt. He then let his shorts drop to the floor and stepped out of them. I saw a slight hesitation when he moved to take off his perfectly white briefs, but Jamie, in true muscle servant fashion, slipped his thumbs inside the elastic waist band and then peeled the tight underwear down his monstrous thighs. Once he kicked the briefs to the side, he stood straight up, but avoided looking directly at me. God, this boy was built like a fucking brick shit house. His pecs were monstrous, his abs were a cobblestone road, his quads looked like someone had filled them almost to the bursting point with chiseled granite, and the piece of meat hanging down between his legs looked like half of the St. Louis Arch. Two beautiful grapefruit-sized balls forced his cock to curve out and then hang down for what looked like ten inches. And the big thing was totally flaccid.

“Jamie, that’s one helluva weapon you got between your legs. I bet most people don’t know whether to throw it over their shoulder and burp it or look for the elephant you stole it from. You are a piece of number one, grade A beef, big guy.”

Now the poor kid turned beet red, but he was still smiling. His shyness, coupled with his huge body, turned me on more than anything. My hand instinctively went to the rising mound at my crotch and squeezed it roughly. Jamie watched my hand and there was a flash of something across his face. What was it? My cock continued to grow and Jamie stared at its outline through my slacks. The same look flashed across his face, but this time it stayed. Jamie actually had a face of pride. Yep, that was it. The boy was proud of the fact that his body could make the bigger alpha man sitting before him hard. It wasn’t a gay thing – it was more of a feeling of power over other men. Jamie was happy that I was unable to control my dick when I looked at him. Here was the key to my conquering the stud boy. We shared the same desire – that all the work we had done on our bodies would please other people. So, little Jamie was kind of a hustler, as well. He built up his muscles to get noticed, just like me. I was already to first base with the kid and we were only fifteen minutes into the flight. Jamie didn’t seem to be breathing. He just stared at my enlarged cock and continued to feel proud.

“Uh, Jamie, could I get that water now? My mouth seems to have gone pretty dry?”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Smith.”

And as he turned to move towards the kitchen I got the first view of my intended goal, his muscular virgin ass. The firmness of his butt muscles as he walked away made my mouth water so much that I didn’t need the Pellegrino any more. This guy had two perfect globular cheeks that look like flesh covered hard melons. Oh, how I longed to bite, kiss, lick and tease that ass. My cock was now completely hard and stretched down my upper leg completely. It looked like a huge log resting on a giant boulder, only covered with black fabric. My pants seemed to be straining from the added pressure caused by my monster rod. I forced my juices to calm down before precum started leaking out. I needed to remain in control of the situation with Jamie. He needed a more experienced hand to lead him down this path of muscle to muscle adoration. I also needed to be patient and wait for the right time to unleash the part of him that secretly wanted to take a walk on the wild side. I erased the memory of Jamie’s protruding ass from my mind and started planning my next move. Ten minutes later I heard Jamie returning from the kitchen and I had a foolproof strategy for deflowering the boy. When he walked out he had on a red apron, a habit he couldn’t break I guess, and the thin straps at the top only highlighted his huge chest. The apron barely came down far enough to cover the tip of his gigantic cock. I could see that beautiful arch even through the fabric.

“Here you go, Mr. Smith.” He set a tray of sliced apples, grapes, figs, a variety of cheeses and some mixed nuts on the table beside me. He then opened a bottle of Pellegrino and filled my glass, being attentive enough to add a lime wedge to the water. It was a perfect spread and then I made my next move.

“Jamie, it would please me a lot if you would join me. It would also make me happy if you would make yourself a drink – something alcoholic and make sure it’s strong.”

“I don’t think that is permitted, Mr. Smith.” I quickly made a very sad and disapproving face, which obviously made Jamie nervous that I would tell his boss I had not been taken care of properly. “But if it would make your flight more enjoyable, then I’m sure it would be permitted, Mr. Smith.”

“Oh, Jamie, it will definitely end up making my flight, how shall I put it, more productive and enjoyable.” Jamie’s face showed that he didn’t understand my statement, but he went to the bar and started mixing a drink.

“Would you like something, Mr. Smith?”

“Oh, no, water is fine for me, Jamie. I want you to enjoy something refreshing, though. What are you making?”

“My favorite drink is Jack and Coke, Mr. Smith.”

“Good for you, Jamie-boy. Good for you.” And then Jamie was back beside my chair. He did not sit down, which was fine with me. I liked looking at his body, even when it was partly covered by the apron. I chuckled to myself as Jamie downed his drink in two nervous gulps. “Why, Jamie, I believe you were thirsty. Go make yourself another one.” He started to protest. “Ah, ah, ah, Jamie. It would definitely make me happy.” I had found his weakness and I didn’t hesitate to exploit it. He was quickly back beside my chair after making a second drink. I picked up a piece of cheese and handed it to him. He ate it as quickly as he downed his second Jack and Coke. I now needed to make it to second base. “I had a fucking awesome workout today Jamie. I pounded my arms and chest.” I tensed each body part as I mentioned it. Even through the leather jacket Jamie could see how big I was. I leaned forward in the chair. “Will you help me take off this jacket and shirt, Jamie? I need to let my muscles breathe a little.”

Jamie sat his glass on the table and leaned down to pull the jacket off my huge body. It took a lot of effort from both of us to get it off. I then decided that Jamie needed the same thrill from me as he had given earlier. I reached up and grabbed my black t-shirt at the collar. With just one quick pull of both hands I ripped my shirt completely down the middle. I saw Jamie’s eyes widen a little when he saw my upper body muscles unclothed. If there had been any debate earlier who was the alpha male between us, the conclusion was now firmly put to rest. Every part of my upper body rippled with power. Jamie was transfixed by the valleys, the peaks, the striations, the bulges, and the veins that covered my large frame. I pulled the rest of my tattered shirt from my body with a sharp tug of my strong right arm. I tossed the cloth to the floor and tensed my shoulders and chest upward as I took a deep breath. The tops of my pecs touched my chin. I exhaled and then bounced the two huge mounds to emphasize their size for Jamie.

“Man my chest is sore, Jamie. I had a couple of guys give me a massage after my workout but their small weak hands couldn’t even begin to dent the muscle in these monsters.” With that I slapped my left pec with my right palm and the sound echoed through the plane. “I’m thinking those big hands of yours could give me a better rub down. What do you think, Jamie?”

“I certainly know how to give a good massage, Mr. Smith, but my girlfriend sometimes says I’m too rough and I hurt her. She doesn’t let me massage her any more.”

I could tell the two drinks had made Jamie a little more comfortable with his situation. He was talking to me, but he continued to stare at my chest and arms. The guy wasn’t turned on exactly; I think he just wanted to someday be built as big as me.

“Come stand right here, Jamie. You can be as rough as you want with these two big puppies and I promise you won’t hurt me a bit.” I squeezed both pecs as I said this and made them rise up together. Jamie smiled at the control I had over my chest. He moved to the side of my chair where I had referred to. “Why don’t you throw a couple of punches into these muscled bags just to get warmed up.” Jamie looked confused. “Don’t worry, man. I can handle it. Just take a swing or two. Unless you’re scared you’re going to hurt your hand.”

That was all I needed to say. I knew I could egg him on with a little man to man challenge. He balled up his right fist, pulled back his arm, and then sent it flying into my right pec. I had enough time to flex it pretty tight. The punch stung a little, but I didn’t show any signs of discomfort to Jamie. His mouth dropped open as he pulled his hand back and shook it out a little. I think the punch stung his hand more than it did my chest.
Of course, this only fueled the jock-boy on more. He brought the fist back again and sent it flying into the same pec, only this time I tensed it even more. The sound of his big powerful fist hitting my hardened muscle was like two monster trucks colliding. This time I barely felt a thing, but I could tell my muscles really hurt his fingers. He stifled a cry of pain and immediately shook his hand out again. Jamie just stared at the red mark his powerful hand had made on my pec. The boy was completely impressed with my hard-muscled chest.

“That was a good warm up, Jamie. Now, how about that massage. I can tell your powerful hands are going to be able to work out some of my soreness.”

Jamie didn’t have to bend over at all because my chest jutted out so far. He reached down and placed his right hand on my pec, amazed that his large palm and fingers didn’t come close to covering it. He grabbed as much of the hard muscle as he could and stated squeezing it roughly. It felt great. My cock immediately responded to his strong grip. I don’t know if Jamie noticed my piece of meat springing to life, or not, but he doubled his efforts on my chest anyway. He began to alternate back and forth from my right pec to the left. Jamie was right, he did give good massages. I knew this was my time to move in for the kill. I could tell that Jamie was entranced with the thickness and the width of my monstrous chest, so much that he didn’t even acknowledge that my right hand had slid up his flared out quad and was not groping his left ass cheek. Man, this guy’s body was solid. His entire bubbled butt was complete rock hard muscle. I slowly moved my hand to the front of his body and slid it under the apron. I had no problem finding his giant ball sac. I fondled those two large balls, pulling at them roughly and then crushing them together. Jamie moaned out loud, but never stopped working on my pec. I needed no more encouragement than that. I let go of his balls and forced my fingers up between his muscle quads and past his tight ass cheeks. I slid my forefinger across his now-clenched asshole teasingly. I could feel his ass relax a little after my finger rubbed up and down his tight crack a few times. I pulled my hand out from under his body and from behind the apron. I parted my lips and slid two fingers into my warm wet mouth. I closed my lips around the fingers and pulled them in and out slowly. I made sure Jamie, still working on my pecs, watched the whole thing. He seemed to be in a pleasure zone that could not be shaken.

I finally pulled my wet fingers from my mouth and returned them between his ass cheeks under the apron. I pressed my forefinger teasingly against his tight hole. The virgin ass tensed up nervously, but I just took my time, pressing against the hole and then pulling away. The third time I pressed against him I gave a little more force and the tip of my finger penetrated the tight doors of his forbidden temple. I didn’t pull completely out. I just moved the tip of my finger slowly around the rim of his asshole and allowed his muscles to get used to the invasion. As soon as I felt his ass lessening its grip on my finger I pushed it completely in. I did it quickly and I know it sent a shot of pain and surprise through his entire body. I knew it mostly because Jamie cried out softly and his grip on my chest tightened so much it caused me pain, as well. There was a moment when both of our bodies froze in a rigid state. Then the pain we both had felt suddenly dissolved into something that began to feel like pleasure. The vice-like grip that the inside of his asshole had on my finger began to lessen and, at the same time, my chest started to adjust to the powerful force of his hand. I pulled my finger partially out of his hole and Jamie took a quick deep breath. I then brought my other finger to the opening and pressed both into the tight space. This time Jamie’s ass surprisingly welcomed the wider intrusive action. I looked up and saw that he had closed his eyes. He was no longer working my pec over with his hand; he was merely resting his body against mine through that powerful arm.

I slid the wet fingers into his hole, shoving them forcibly upward until my other fingers met the edge of his ass and I could go no further. I pulled back and slid back in a couple more times and then stopped with my fingers shoved as far into his ass as possible. That’s when I started moving my fingers apart and then bringing them together inside of Jamie’s ass chute. I also turned them in a circle pressing hard up against the edge of his tight hole the entire time. By this time Jamie was breathing hard and moaning slightly. I then got the prize I had been seeking since the moment I saw him standing at the top of the steps. The apron was being pressed out and up by a quickly hardening monster cock. Little Jamie-boy obviously loved my talents in ass play. His body was responding to the pleasure, even though it was being given by a man. His giant pole was now sticking straight out and the bottom of the apron was draped around the base. I saw little drops of cum forming at the slit of his dickhead. I pressed my hand even harder into his ass and, at the same time raised my back from the chair. This caused Jamie to move his hand from my chest to my shoulder. I then guided his body around to the front of my chair. I think I was pressing my fingers so hard into his ass that he actually walked on his tip toes. It was almost like I carried him to the front of the chair with one hand. He placed his other hand on my second huge shoulder. I leaned even further forward and began the motion with my fingers again – this time with a little more speed and force. Jamie’s moans were now so loud that I worried one of the pilots would come back to see what was the matter.

While my hand continued to work its magic, I brought my mouth to the engorged head of his stiff cock. I kept my lips tightly together and pressed them against the tip of his dick. I was using my mouth to replicate a very tight hole and it sent waves of joy through every fiber of the big stud’s body. Jamie understood what I was doing instinctively and he began to press his fat cock into my lips, forcing them to part slightly so he could finally get the mushroom head into my warm, wet mouth. I used my tongue to prevent his cock from going any further. I also began to suck, just his fat dickhead, as if I was trying to pull his entire insides out that way. I knew Jamie had never felt anything like this before. With every suck of my powerful mouth he called out, his voice sounding like a gravelly roar.

“Yeah…yeah . . . aw, yeah.”

I began to pull my head back with each vacuum like suck to enhance the pull on his throbbing dickhead. After about the fifth pull, I moved my tongue, opening my throat at the same time, and forced my face completely down his long shaft. My nose pushed into the apron. I had not prepared myself for how this would affect his body. Jamie lost all control and his huge powerful hands tightened on my shoulders. I actually felt some pain and it made me press his now stone hard cock deeper into my throat. Jamie also let out a beastly yell that could probably be heard by people thousands of feet below us. Suddenly the intercom came on and I heard the captain’s concerned voice.

“Everything okay back there, Jamie?”

“Hell, yeah, Captain.”

At that point Jamie’s voice sounded more real that it had all day. I knew I had brought him to his most base self. His answer to the pilot was confirming that things were good, but it was also an order to not bother us again. I could tell that something was being unleashed in Jamie that would make him more powerful than ever before. What I was doing would cause the muscle monster within this boy to desire this kind of raw sex, this kind of intense pleasure for forever more. This was something his little girlfriend would never be able to accomplish. Hell, this was something most men wouldn’t be able to accomplish. This was that unspoken connection between two huge guys that everyone noticed and everyone wanted. Most people’s bodies could not take the abuse his hands were showering on my shoulders, but then most people did not have my huge body. We had become two massive animals that wanted only one thing – the pleasure that could only be given by the other.

I pulled my head back again and thrust it back down his pole in my mouth. At the same time I slid a third finger into his now inviting hole. It crossed my mind that if we had a week together I could probably get this huge man to open his asshole wide enough to take my entire fucking fist. That thought made my cock press so hard against the fabric of my pants that I anticipated hearing ripping sounds down there soon. The momentum of my fingers plowing his ass and my mouth sucking his cock increased to a frenetic pace. I wanted to see Jamie’s huge body convulse in such a powerful ejaculation that he wouldn’t be able to stand for a few hours. I pulled my mouth from his dick and, before I replaced it with my free hand, I reached up and ripped the apron from his hard torso. I then gripped his prick tightly, knowing his body could take some abuse from my powerful fingers. My mouth had gotten his pole good and wet, perfect for pumping out the load of sweet juice that was causing his giant balls to shrivel up in preparation of the explosion. I wanted to see his cannon shoot. Again, I forced my fingers into his tight hole and spread them wide once they were deep inside him. At the same time I tensed my grip on his cock and slid my hand down with enough pressure to crush metal. Jamie’s body stiffened harder than his pole, he went up on the tips of his toes like some ballerina as he tried in vain to resist the volcanic eruption that was coming, and his ass squeezed my fingers so tight that my hand went numb. Time froze for a few seconds and I just stared at his fucking beautiful body – every muscle tensed to insane proportions. And then all hell broke loose.

“FUUUUCKKKK MEEEEE!!!” The wind behind Jamie’s yell forced my hair to blow backwards. The stream of cum that shot from his strained purple cock went higher than both of our heads. It wasn’t just a few spurts of Jamie juice, no; this was a steady flow - like someone had uncapped a fire hydrant. The noise of huge globs of jism hitting my chest, my head, the chair and the floor behind me sounded like some kind of hail storm. I could not believe the amount of cum that came out of this guy. Then it hit me, Jamie’s ass wasn’t the only thing that was virginal. This boy was shooting his first load ever that wasn’t caused by a wet dream. The big stud had obviously been saving himself for marriage or something. I suddenly felt a little shameful about seducing the kid. And he was still releasing steady globs of thick cum. I knew Mr. X was going to have to pay a pretty penny to clean the chair and carpet. The room began to smell like a week long orgy had just ended.

Finally, Jamie’s cock shot its last wad and his huge frame collapsed on top of my body. I wasn’t prepared for his full weight and the wind was temporarily knocked out of me. His ass also released its death-grip on my hand and blood started streaming back into my fingers. Jamie’s huge back heaved up and down as he tried to re-fill his lungs with air. The boy was obviously spent. I could actually feel his cock still hard and still pulsing with life between our bodies. We just remained in this position for a short while, letting the sticky substance between our still-tense muscles begin to dry. When Jamie’s breathing had returned to normal and the pounding of his heart, which I could feel where our chests touched, subsided, he placed one big hand on the arm of the chair and pushed his body away from mine. The sound of our skin pulling apart because of the tons of glue-like cum between us made me chuckle. Jamie looked down at my chest and abs and I could see he panicked about the mess he had made.

“Mr. Smith, I’m so sorry about this…”

I immediately put a finger to his lips to shut him up. “Jamie, don’t you dare apologize. That, my friend, was incredible. Your body was unbelievable and this,” I looked down and the huge white splotches that covered me, “is the greatest gift you could give me. You are fucking awesome.”

I reached up and pinched the nipple of his right pec. Even though his body had recently been ravaged, he tensed up and his cock shot back to fully hard. I had anticipated the boy would have pecs that were super sensitive. I also knew we had the rest of the flight to test this theory to the fullest. I looked up at him and smiled. The size of his returned smile told me that the boy was now officially a sucker for muscle on muscle sex. I had a feeling I would be making that huge cock of his explode a few more times before we landed.

“There is a shower in the back, Mr. Smith, if you want to get cleaned up.”

“How about we take one together, Jamie?”

I could tell the thought had not entered his innocent mind, but at my suggestion he lit up like a Christmas tree. He stood, although a little wobbly, and held out his beefy hand to me. I grabbed it tightly and he pulled me up out of the chair. God, he was beautiful. I reached out and grabbed both of his nipples with the fingers of my hands. I clamped down hard and his knees actually buckled a little. But I was not ready for the eruption that came from his hardened cock. Jamie actually shot another load – just from having his chest manhandled. Oh, there was so much to explore with my new muscled toy, and I was just the man to do it.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

Last edited by Londonboy; March 31st, 2008 at 03:42 PM.
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lazlong (October 17th, 2013), msclpatrol (May 6th, 2013)
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[COLOR=Yellow]What an absolutely incredible story. All your stories are excellent; I really enjoy them! Thank you very much.[/COLOR]
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Londonboy, you've done it again. You have taken incredibly hot situations and made them even hotter! This is another great addition to your collection.

I must say that I love the build up to Mr. X, but I'm beginning to wonder where/if it all ends.
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A fantastic story, so well written. Thanks Londonboy
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keep writing this story

Would love for you to keep writing more of this story, especially more with a the "firsts' with Jaime and Mr. Smith. I think you pared such two great guys together and they deserve to have much much much more written about them and you have yet also to get to Mr. X. Please continue this story and I hope that no matter what happens next Mr. Smith and Jaime get to have lots to do with each other.

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It took me a minute to stop chuckling. That Jamie is in for one hell of an education. Lucky Fuck. This is Just So Good, Man. And Damn if I can't see the whole thing in my mind. You, Sir, Paint one Hell of a Picture.
Please Keep Writing.
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You've got a real talent for writing, have you done anything outside muscle growth?
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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More to come soon!

Thanks everyone for keeping up with this story. I know I'm dragging it out, but there's a reason. I promise. Redroger11, you made me chuckle with your post. Those are the kind of posts that make me want to write. I'm mean it, if I can get people like you to encourage me I'll keep writing for a long time. Curious - what a great compliment to me in your question. I haven't finished anything, yet, that isn't related to muscle growth, but I am working on a gay novel about first love and lost love. Maybe someday I'll post a message in the general information part of the forum to give a site to read some of it. I'd be interested to get feedback on my writing in a different genre. Thanks for asking. It really made my day. Thanks to all who support every writer on the site. I just try to give my two cents while I'm overwhelmed by the talent of others! Here's to having people who like the same thing as you do!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Fantastic story. Keep going.
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my god londonboy - this story is jsut fantastic!! I shot several loads... I hope that the fifth part is coming soon!!!
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This is a fucking awesome series! I can't remember how often I got hard
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Londonboy you rock! Your stories always grab me and hold me off the ground, they are great. Keep writing man want to hear more. Thanks for taking the time to write, I know it keeps you busy but it appears that you enjoy what you do. Thanks again, see you around, Billy
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Another series I haven't replied on yet, but I'm really enjoying it, and especially this one. I've been re-reading it quite a bit. Thanks so much!
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Londonboy, when will you post the next part?

I can't stand it anymore to read how the story goes on!!!
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After re-reading the first chapter of this story, I decided to go back and read the others in this tale of Mr. Smith and sometime soon the meeting with Mr. X.
The adventure with Jamie was definitely worth the reading.
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