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My Roommate's Body Part XVI

[This is the end of a story that I have really loved writing. Thanks to everyone that has been so patient for each chapter. It really does feel good to end a story, but you know you'll also miss writing it. I've included chapter 15 since some people missed it.]

Part XV

There was a point where we ceased to be conscious of the world as two different people. We both started to feel the same thing at the same time. It was an unbelievable sensation to suck on a hard cock in your mouth and feel in your own body, immediately, the effects of what your lips and tongue were doing. We knew what to do to give ourselves more pleasure without even asking or suggesting. It went beyond the satisfaction that comes from masturbation. It was more than what reading someone’s mind must be like – if that were possible. We could instantly meet any desire or need that emerged from our foreplay. The thrill that came from grabbing hold of tensed muscles was experienced by both of us at the same time. The joy that came from flexing the muscles, that were being grabbed, was also shared.

After a while, our bodies instinctively moved toward a more intense connection. Our beings continued to function as one and as we began to have sex there was no delineation of who was fucking whom. If there was a desire for the rhythm of the cock to pump faster and harder, it happened automatically. Or if the ass was ready to accept more of the throbbing meat, it opened without even registering what was taking place. Each kiss was experienced as the giver and the receiver simultaneously. Intense pleasure and complete gratification came with every movement. Tears of happiness dissolved into passionate words of gratitude and then blossomed into sweat covered bodies completely entangled.

Mouths found sex-hardened nipples and tried desperately to suck on massive pectoral muscles, unable to open wide enough to surround them. Thick bulging biceps were pushed higher by bent arms just to satisfy groping hands. Teeth bit tight bulbous ass cheeks teasingly and warm tongues slid down between those cheeks causing bodies to tense with anticipation. Wet lips kissed perfectly defined abdominals one at a time, to emphasize their firmness and beauty. Bodies moved silently to some mysterious music that seemed to fill the entire room. Finally, the oncoming orgasm caused every muscle to become so rigid that the powerful release created screams of total bliss and, finally, complete darkness when cum finished spewing forth. In the last moments of consciousness, souls seemed to separate and move to individual bodies.

Part XVI

I knew I was in my old body before I was fully awake. The intensity of our sex had caused us both to pass out in pleasure – worn out by the complete mixing of our beings. We had not known who was who during the entire passionate exchange. We were both Sam and Nolan at the same time. Before I opened my eyes I could feel Sam’s beefy legs draped across mine. My hand lay across his soft, but huge, cock. One of his muscle-packed arms stretched out over my chest. I could tell Sam was still sleeping by the sound of his breathing. My own cock started to get hard as I thought back over the lovemaking that happened before we both fell asleep from exhaustion. It had been beyond magical. It had been beyond anything I have ever dreamed of. It was indescribable now. It just was.

I took a moment, in the silence of the room, to check in with myself on how I felt about being in my own body. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I panicked for a second, but then I realized it was because I was so incredibly happy. I tensed my ass cheeks a few times in appreciation of having that fine part of my body back. I felt myself smiling as I imagined myself dancing at the bars – knowing, now, how sexy I looked when I did it. My body was so hot! And, now, I had a boyfriend that knew how hot I was, as well. That was so new! I knew how Sam felt about me. He thought I was the cutest guy at the bar. He had wanted to fuck me the day he first met me.

Suddenly, it hit me. These were thoughts in my head that I knew at the core of my being. They weren’t something I imagined Sam felt – I knew them. Immediately, I had the idea that I needed to test a theory out. I concentrated on my own body and named all the different muscles that make up a person’s arms. Shit, I thought. That is not something I knew before. I went further and named every kind of exercise that could be done to pump up the muscles of my arm. I even checked to see if I knew what kinds of foods were best for muscle growth. Oh my God! I had Sam’s knowledge in my head as well as mine. I started to panic – did we not get fully restored to ourselves? I checked my own mind to see if I could recall all the details of myself that should have come rushing to my mind. Old Steve Reeves movies were one of the first things to alert me to the fact that I might be gay. The first time I ever jerked off with another person was with my cousin Ronnie. I have never done drag, but, secretly, part of me always wanted to. Yes, all my old personal memories were there. I didn’t seem to have memories of Sam’s childhood. I tried to conjure up a face of his father or mother, but couldn’t. This was strange.

I instinctively knew he was now awake. I also knew that he immediately began to get hard when he was fully alert. He was thinking of me, my ass, my kissing abilities, and my other abilities with my mouth. This started me thinking about his massive chest, his beautiful lips, and the way that his ass tensed up when you first press your dick in his tight hole. I was immediately hard, as well.

In a flash Sam was sitting up and yelling out loud. The pressure that his weight put on his legs caused me to cry out in pain, as I was smashed underneath him. He also pressed my chest pretty hard with his arm as he forced himself up. He looked down at me with an alarmed face.

“I knew you were awake, Nolan. I didn’t even need to ask. It was just a knowledge I had inside, just like I know that I’m awake now. And then I knew how you felt about my chest, my lips, and my tight ass. How did I know that? How the hell did I know that?”

I could barely breathe, let alone talk. “You have to get off me first.” I said this almost in a whisper.” Sam immediately realized he was crushing me.

“Oh, sorry, Nole.” And with that he lifted his legs off me. I had to shake my legs out a little, to get rid of the pain.

“Don’t panic big guy. It’s okay. I know, as well, that you like my ass and all of my oral abilities.” Sam immediately smiled. It was a devilish grin. “I want to test something out. Do me a favor, Sam. Get up and dance.”

“What?” He had a bewildered look on his face.

“Get up and just start moving to some music in your head. Just do it. You’ll see, I promise. Go ahead.”

Sam spun his giant legs off the bed and stood up beside it. He instantly started moving his big body as if he were a very talented Chippendale dancer. His half-hard cock started flopping around as he moved and it was very difficult for me to not reach over and grab it. Sam was moving in ways that his body has never moved before. I could tell he understood what was happening as soon as he moved his body in new ways.

“You know how to dance. Instinctively. That’s something new, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never danced before. I didn’t know how. But I must have part of you still inside my head. I immediately heard music, found the beat in my head, and automatically knew how to move my body to the rhythm. This is so amazing.” Sam was still moving his body and it was turning both of us on. He was making sure his muscles moved in ways that would highlight their size, their thickness, and their strength. I could have watched him all day. Sam had a giant smile on his face and was staring at me in a way that made my balls begin to tingle as they started building up for an orgasm.

“Okay, sexy man, stop for now. Unless you want me to jump your massive body right away!”

Sam stopped, and then jumped on the bed beside me. I bounced up in the air because of his heavy body. “Promises, promises.”

After I stopped bouncing around I looked at Sam seriously. “Has it dawned on you that we’re in our own bodies?”

“Yeah, does that make you sad, Nolan?”

“Hell, no. I have the best of both worlds. I have my old sexy body back and your body close enough for me to hold any time I want.” This made Sam smile. “Are you sad?”

“Not if I’ve kept some of your talents and, what I think is, some of your personality. It’s so bizarre, buddy, I can feel what you are feeling right now. It’s not like reading your mind. It’s more than that. I know what your body desires and what your heart wants. Can you feel the same from me?”

“Yes. And you’re absolutely right, it is very bizarre. And, like you, I know things that you know. I can name muscles in my body that I never knew before and I know what exercise will make them grow. I can’t wait to get to a gym.”

“We could work out together here. I would love to watch you work out. Maybe we should do it in the nude.” Sam was smiling his new evil grin again, and it pleased me that his newfound boldness was a little bit of me left over in him. I liked it a lot and realized that I also sounded equally as sexy when I flirted. This new relationship was going to be great. We could sense what the other was feeling long before we said a word. I knew at this moment that Sam really wanted me to kiss him. I leaned in, grabbed the side of his head with both of my hands and pressed my lips hard against his. Sam moaned a little and then parted his lips and teeth allowing my tongue to move into his waiting mouth. I pressed harder and ran my aggressive tongue all around the back of his mouth, teasing his tonsils and throat. I then pulled my tongue back into my mouth and bit Sam’s lower lip teasingly. I knew instinctively this would excite him greatly. I also knew Sam’s monster cock was getting hard. It was something I just knew inside of me. I let go of his head and pulled my mouth away from his. He tried to follow my lips with his, but I put my hand on his face and pushed him back.

“Hold on, big guy. I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything. Just don’t stop kissing me. You know I love the way you kiss. I know you know I love the way you kiss. So, I think that means we should kiss.”

“Not until you prove to me, again, that part of me is now guiding your personality.”

“Name it and I’ll do it, but you have to promise to do something for me after that.” It was wild because we both knew the other person would only ask us to do something that we really wanted to do. This connection between us created a bond of trust that went beyond what lovers feel. It was almost like the ESP they say twins sometimes get with each other. I loved Sam completely, and knew he felt the same way about me. I doubted nothing about our relationship. I had never felt something so freeing and controlling at the same time. I would do anything for this man and I knew he would do the same for me.

“You’ve got a deal. But, first, I want you to stand up and pose for me.” Sam was off the bed and standing in a flash. “But, wait.” I held up my hand. “I want you to describe yourself to me as you pose.” I smiled at Sam and he got a big grin on his face. I knew immediately that he was a new man. I knew that he wanted to share his body with me – even verbally. It was like the baggage from his past that had limited him before was gone. I knew his posing and comments would not be boasting or conceited, it would be done to please me. My intense love for him, and his trust in that love, freed him to be the perfect human he was created to be. I felt the same freedom in myself. We were more completely ourselves because of the other person. We didn’t need the other person to “complete” us – we chose to be fully ourselves because of the love shown to us by the other. It was mind consuming when I thought about it, so I chose not to. I just placed a few pillows behind my body, sat up on the bed, and put my right hand around the base of my cock as I looked up at Sam. I could tell Sam was ready to put on a show for me. This made my cock spring to life immediately.

“I think I’ll just stand here for a while so you can drink in my size and my definition, even when I’m not flexing.” This comment made my cock twitch to life even more, because it was such a confident statement for Sam to make. I instantly knew I was in trouble. I knew I would be releasing an intense load of cum before Sam was even halfway through his routine. I started stroking my cock without even thinking about it. Sam took this as a sign to continue. “Look at Mr. Nolan’s pole standing at full attention just for this relaxed body. Can you imagine how that piece of meat is going to respond when I start flexing?” A deep moan escaped from my mouth. I don’t know where it came from, but I had entered some animalistic coma-like state. All I could do was focus on Sam’s body.

“What if I just bounce my pecs a little like this, Nolan, boy. Do you like that?” Sam’s pecs vibrated together a few times, like they were dancing to music that only he heard. He then brought his hands together in a v-shape, tensing his biceps a little (which made me pump my cock a little harder) and then bounced both pecs up and down in slow motion. It was an incredible display of muscle control. Suddenly he alternated bouncing each pec. I, again, moaned out loud and Sam’s eyes moved from watching his own pecs to looking at me. He smiled and gave me a look that told me the best was yet to come. Sam ended his pec dancing with a quick three bounce of his right one and then followed with three of his left. I was mesmerized by his ability to make every part of his chest do any thing he wanted. I also attempted to follow the many veins that streaked across those huge pillows of muscle, but kept getting lost. His nipples were fully erect and looked as if they could shoot out loads of man juice at any second. I have never seen aureoles so dark and full. My mouth began to water with desire. I wanted to feel those mounds of muscle bouncing when my lips and face were pressed hard up against them.

Without warning, Sam threw his body into a most muscular pose and it caused his pec muscles to burst into mind blowing striations and emphasized every part of his massive chest. It was like an invisible force field hit me, because my body went flying back deeper into the pillows behind me. The motion of my hand stopped as I was caught off guard by how powerful Sam looked. His giant traps shot up almost higher than his ears and every muscle in his arms seemed to increase in size by tenfold. I actually moaned twice as loud and was scared my cock would show Sam how much I enjoyed this by sending cum flying across the room. I somehow held out and knew not to touch my engorged rod for a few seconds.

“Yeah, my big chest almost made you cum, didn’t it Nolan. Good for you for holding out. That must mean you want more muscle.” Sam said all of this through gritted teeth because he was still holding his most muscular pose and was turning his body to the right and then to the left. He was watching me, but also caught glimpses of himself in the mirror on the other side of the room. “If my chest didn’t make you shoot, then how about these guns.” Sam released his most muscular pose and without a break for my hardened cock he shot his arms into a double bicep pose. He stared right into my eyes and held his arms there for a few beats. He then lowered his forearms and raised them again slowly. “BAM.” He snapped his biceps back into their fullest height with a sudden yell and jerk of muscle. I swear the peaks rose higher than before. “Just look at these mountains, Nolan. You want to climb them? Or better yet, do you want to ride them? Maybe later we can put that tight ass of yours on one of these biceps and let it fill that pretty ass crack. What do you say?”

I have no idea what turned me on more - Sam’s body or his comments. I loved the new him. He was so proud of his own body. And I could see that he was turned on by it, as much as I was. His own monster cock was sticking straight out at me. Every time Sam flexed or even talked about his muscles his cock would bounce a few times from excitement. Sam’s tool looked ready to explode. I began to wonder who would cum first.

“These things are monsters, Nole, buddy. My arms are bigger than most men’s thighs. Look at all that power.” Sam brought his lips to his right bicep. He didn’t have to move his arm or his head very much, that’s how big the muscled peak was. He opened his mouth a little after kissing the bicep and ran his tongue up the side of the huge mound. That was enough to send us both over the top. Somehow, we both knew what would make us each cream. In the same exact moment that Sam’s cock started shooting streams of white juice all over the bed, my own geyser erupted and looked like “Old Faithful” skyrocketing into the air. We both called out simultaneously. This is when I got the final confirmation that Sam had part of me in his body, because Sam cussed.

“FUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” The word was only interrupted once when the jerking of Sam’s humongous body caused him to lose his breath. I simply made some unintelligent sound and doubled up on the bed as I violently released all of my built up lust for Sam’s body. I couldn’t time our orgasm but I believe it was the length of a sitcom. Sam’s huge frame crumpled to the bed when he was finally done shooting his load. I, miraculously, continued to spew forth my insides even after Sam was finished.
Finally the room was filled with only our mutual heavy breathing. It took us a while to recover.

“It seems that little Sammy boy likes his body as much as I do.” I was teasing, but I also was congratulating him on this newfound love of himself and he knew it.

“Thank you, Nolan. Really. You know how much this moment means to me.” His face was buried into the bed beside me, but I reached over and stroked his hair. “It’s because you love me so much that I can finally be free.”

“You’re welcome. I hope you know that I am the same way. I have never been happier in my entire life. I have also never been happier with myself. I don’t think I ever knew a person could love himself this much. Thank you for that, Sam.” He turned his head to look up at me. He raised his hand and caught the tear beginning its path down my cheek. He then placed the finger with the tear in his mouth and sucked lightly. My worn out cock began to harden again.

“And now it’s time for you to do something for me, Nolan.” Sam raised his huge body up on his arms to look at the clock beside his bed. “It’s almost six o’clock and I’m starving. I would like us to get cleaned up and then go out to dinner.”

“That sounds great to me. Is it that you want me to pay?”

“That’s not what you’re going to do for me. We are going to eat and then we are going out. We are going to Jacks and Jokers and you are going to dance the entire night with me. I want every man that has lusted over your body for years to know that you are with me and only me - forever. I also want you to tell your friends that we’re together. And then I want you to acknowledge how they have been great friends to you and even tell Drew that you have known he is in love with you. He needs to know that you appreciate him and love him. He’ll be fine since you are with me, I promise, but he needs to know that you love him, too.”

I knew Sam was right and I actually wanted to do everything he suggested. I was ready to be a better pal to my friends. They deserved it and I was now at a place to live up to my own expectations. I could be a good friend, now that I had a best friend and lover.

“It will give me great pleasure to let my friends know how much they mean to me. And it will give me even greater pleasure to make sure people know I am now off the market.”

“Even Big Daddy and Atlas?”

“Especially them.”

“Good. And now for the part of this that is for me.” I looked at him with a surprised look on my face. I figured that was all, but he had something else to add. “We are going to dance all night long with our shirts off and then you are going to come home and fuck me until the sun rises.”

“And what part of that is supposed to be something I’m doing for you?” I laughed and he did, as well.

“All of it.” Sam grabbed a pillow and hit me in the face with it. I grabbed it and put it on my hardening cock. I looked down at this man I loved so much.

“Sam, it will give me great pleasure to show off my hot little body tonight. I’m just sad that I can’t show my tight ass to everyone. That would really make some guys happy. It will also bring me hours of enjoyment to plow that muscled bottom of yours. I’m afraid this will be the best night of my life.”

“And mine, too. But, remember, that tight ass of yours is all mine, mister. This is the beginning of the best life, Nolan. The best life. We have the rest of our days to explore and get to know each other completely.”

“I think we already do, Sam, but it will be heaven trying to find out if that is true.”

The End.
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Didn't want it to end, but I think it was a fitting conclusion. Maybe a bit over the top, but at least it was a happy ending!
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