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Old March 16th, 2008, 09:54 AM
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Muscle for Hire, Part 2

I opened the envelope that Mr. Jones had brought to me as soon as I got inside my place. I almost fell backwards when I saw a bunch of Ben Franklins looking back at me. I didn’t even count it. I knew it was $50,000. Just who the hell was this Mr. X? It would usually take me at least three or four months to make this much money. And it usually meant I had to spend the evening with a lot of people I didn’t really like. Even if Mr. X was butt ugly I could spend a week with him for this kind of money. I sounded so much like a whore, but, hey, if the shoe fits, as they say.

I pulled out a nicely printed sheet of instructions that was also in the giant envelope. The sheet informed me that a driver would be at my place at 8:00am the next day. He would take me to a tailor to get some outfits needed for the week. I immediately panicked that I’d have to spend some of my new money on clothes, but the next line of the instructions made it clear that all items to be purchased have been paid for. The instructions told me to pack very few clothes because I would be getting a bunch of new ones. I was also encouraged to get more if I wanted to. Hell, yes, I would want to! The instructions said that I would be taken to LAX at 3:00pm to catch a four o’clock flight. I worried that one hour would not be enough time to get through security, but, in true Mr. X fashion, the next line informed me that I would be taking a chartered flight just for one. Damn, just the thought of it made me hard.

The rest of the instructions were very specific and got me excited even more. I was told to bring tight t-shirts – two white and two black ones. I was to wear very tight blue jeans (as if I had any other kind), and to bring anything leather I owned. There was a hand written note beside this line. It took me a while to decipher it, but I finally figured out it read, “Especially if you have a pair of chaps.” What kind of hustler did Mr. X think I was? Of course I have a pair of leather chaps. One of the final lines made my heart beat a little faster. It told me to bring any costumes that I regularly used in my work. I had too many to bring them all, but I could choose some of my favorites to please Mr. X. I’d make sure I brought the ones that showed my body off the best. At the end the instructions gave me details about when I would return home, emergency contact numbers for friends, and little more in way of information. I was beginning to get incredibly curious about our Mr. X. I wished I knew who he was and where I was flying to meet him. It was probably Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, or San Francisco. I liked all of these places, but I actually hoped for somewhere more exotic.

I spent most of the day getting things together and I definitely went to the bank to immediately deposit my easily earned money. I felt anxious all day and this caught me off guard. I spent a few minutes trying to relax myself. I did not want to waste important energy on things I couldn’t control. I needed to be more patient. I would meet the mysterious Mr. X soon enough. That evening I had a few glasses of wine with my dinner to celebrate my upcoming week. I contemplated going out for the evening to meet up with friends, but opted for a good night’s sleep so I would be ready for Mr. X. With the money he was planning on dishing out, he deserved the best. I couldn’t believe I was in bed by 11:00pm. That was so early for me. A guy in my kind of business is also not used to getting up early. I rarely stayed overnight with any guy and I usually didn’t get up before 10:00am, at the earliest.

I woke up that morning before my 7:00am alarm went off. My body knew I needed to look my best so it gave me a few more minutes to prepare. All of my best grooming habits would be used today. I chose an outfit that best highlighted my physique: tight jeans, tight black t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I looked in the mirror when I was done and I knew I looked hot. I finished getting ready just before the phone rang. I picked it up after a few rings; I didn’t want to look like I was anxious. I forced myself to use the coolest voice possible.

“Smith, here.”

“Mr. Smith. This is Axle and I will be your driver today. I wanted to let you know that I am downstairs and ready when you are. Shall I come up and help you with your luggage?”

I liked Axle’s voice. I could tell by its sound that he was probably a big guy. It was deep and very sexy. My cock actually stirred as his words vibrated in my chest.

“No, Axle. That’s fine. I can handle it. I’ll be right down.”

“Fine, Mr. Smith. I’m out front across the street with the limousine. You can’t miss me.”

I forced myself not to get excited about the limo, I’d been in them many times before, but it was still kind of a rush. I knew I needed to stay in control of all situations this day brought.

“Sure, Axle. You won’t miss me either. I’m the biggest and the best looking thing coming out of this building.”

I could tell my statement caught him off guard, but I also noted how his mood shifted when he answered me. He seemed to be purring the words, as if he were anticipating us getting along in some special way.

“Yes, sir. I’ll look forward to it.”

“See you soon.”

I hung up the phone and was very happy that I had impressed Axle. I checked myself out in the mirror by my front door and knew I could not improve on this perfection. I started to hope that I got a chance to make Axle’s day just like I had for Mr. Jones.

I stepped outside a few minutes later and was immediately impressed. Not by the limo, which was nice, but by Axle. The guy was easily six feet tall and clearly some kind of bodybuilder. He wasn’t as big as me, but he was still impressive. I bet he weighed about 230lbs. When I walked out the front door I saw his eyes light up in excitement. I also saw the crotch of his pants get a little tighter as something (also impressive) began to grow. That was all the encouragement I needed. Again, it was a great compliment that his cock would respond to my body that way. I would have to find a way to reward the nice welcome his crotch gave me. Axle was on his cell phone as I approached. Even as he carried on his conversation he came over to take my bags. I signaled for him to forget it, but he pointed to the phone and mouthed the words Mr. X. My curiosity about our mutual employer increased and I let him take the bags. He put them in the open trunk.

“Yes, sir. He’s here. Yes, he’s as big as Mr. Jones said. I think even bigger. From the sound of it, I don’t think Mr. Jones was in the best place to make objective opinions.

Axle and I caught each other’s eyes at that point and we both smiled. We immediately understood each other in a special way. There’s a secret connection that exists between huge guys and we were both part of that community. Axle went to open my door, but I could tell he was going to be on the phone for a few minutes. I made hand motions that I would wait for him to finish his call before I got in. He knew I really wanted to hear the rest of the conversation with Mr. X and he didn’t try to hide any part of it. He leaned up against the side of the car and looked me up and down. I moved in front of him, a few steps away, so he could get a better view. I could not believe he wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was checking me out – especially my crotch. He also made it obvious that he liked what he saw. He reached down and blatantly adjusted the impressive hard package at his crotch. I could tell it wasn’t fully hard, but it still filled up the front of his pants.

“Well, sir, he has on pants that look like it he needed two guys to help him get them over his legs.”

I held up five fingers and Axle smiled, then nodded. By this point I was getting excited myself. I had the feeling that was the desired outcome being instigated by Mr. X through my driver. Axle continued to speak as he stared at me intently.

“A black t-shirt and a skin tight leather jacket. Yes, sir, he’s definitely six four, but his size makes him look taller.”

It was a little weird to be spoken and about like I wasn’t standing there, but I also liked it a lot. I took a few steps closer to Axle, knowing instinctively it was what he wanted. I also knew it was what Mr. X. wanted. Axle responded with a smile and then brought his hand up to my chest. He pushed back the left side of my jacket and immediately zoned in on my erect left nipple. He pinched it hard and my cock skyrocketed to its full length. There was no way that I would have been able to hide my immense tool from Axle. The speed at which it hardened and the massive mound it made in my tight pants drew his attention south immediately. He then looked back up to me, gave me an approving smile, licked his lips slowly, and then bit his lower lip. I smiled back and tipped my head forward in response. It was clear that Axle stopped paying attention to Mr. X when he focused on the python stretching down my leg.

“I’m sorry, what was that sir? Yes. Uh. Yes. It is also extremely huge. It matches the size of the man. He was definitely telling the truth about that. Again, I actually think it is even larger than he said.”

I liked the sound of that. I reached out and grabbed his hand that was still at my pec. I moved his open palm to my hardened cock. Axle seemed to know what I was going to do even before I did it. His hand went willingly. Once there, he began to squeeze my big log of meat and we were both pleased that his whole hand couldn’t cover it. Axle let a slow whistle emit from his lips as he tried to get a good grip on my pulsing dick.

“I’m having a little trouble concentrating sir, because my hand is trying to wrap around it as we speak.”

This blunt comment caught me off guard and I tried to step backwards, but Axle’s grip was firm and strong. His hold on my cock didn’t hurt, but it did make the rod become even harder.

“Sir, I’ve never felt anything like it. Yes, it’s much larger than his. And his, too. Yes, even his. Sir, it’s the largest I’ve ever seen – or felt. Like I said, the cock certainly matches the man.”

By this point Axle was pressing his open palm on my enlarged shaft and was sliding it up and down. It felt very nice. He knew exactly how much pressure to exert. Somehow, I recognized that Axle was a lot like me – he knew just what to do to make a man happy. I bet he had been a hustler at some point in his life. I reached out and started stroking his equally impressive now fully-hard cock. We just stood there fondling each other for a moment as he chatted away. We were both breathing kind of hard, as well. I could tell it was a little difficult for him to speak.

“No, sir, he has not exaggerated one thing about himself. You will both be quite pleased. Yes, sir, I am quite pleased myself, right now. Thank you for pointing that out. No, I haven’t gotten the chance to see how strong he is. Yes, I’ll make sure to test that at some point.”

Axle was looking into my eyes as he said this and he had a huge smile on his face. He was looking forward to doing a lot more “testing” at some point. I was sure of that. The rhythm of our hands on both cocks had increased, but we were still keeping time with each other. I suddenly withdrew my hand from his cock. He made a sad face, but didn’t stop taking care of me. I placed both of my hands on his hips. I wrapped my large hands around his waist, squeezed a little, and lifted his huge body into the air. He let out a moan as his body rose. I didn’t strain at all and Axle could tell. I held him in the air, with his face even with mine, for a few seconds. I then raised his body higher – above my head. By this point his hand, which had been on my cock, was now resting on my boulder-sized shoulder. I lowered and raised his body a few times. Axle was unable to speak by this point and just kept lightly moaning. The last too times his body went up and down I pulled him into me and let his hard prick slide up and down my chest and stomach. When he did speak his voice seemed an octave higher and he sounded like a little boy going through puberty. It was quite obvious that Mr. Axle liked being lifted in the air. I noted that for future reference. For a second I appreciated the fact that this huge man’s body seemed so light to me. I could tell, especially by the increased size and twitching of his dick, that Axle was pretty impressed by my display of strength. I finally lifted him fully into the air and set his butt on the top of the limo. He looked down at me with a face full of gratitude and satisfaction.

“Sorry, sir. Yes, I’m still here. It’s just that Mr. Smith picked me up like I was some small baby. Yes, sir, a few times into the air up and down and then placed me on the top of the car. No, sir, there was no sign of strain. Yes, sir, a few times up and down. Yes, sir, I do weigh a lot and, yes, I know you know how much I like being lifted in the air. Now Mr. Smith knows, as well. Yes, he knew before you said anything because my crotch couldn’t hide it. Thank you for pointing that out, sir. Yes, he seems pretty strong.”

It sounded to me that Mr. X wasn’t that impressed. I decided to make the show a little more intense. I bent down and put my right hand under the side of the limo and rested my left hand on its side. Axle’s legs dangled on either side of my huge arm. He watched me with his mouth and eyes opened wider than before. I easily lifted the side of the limo into the air. I didn’t raise it too high because it would have made Axle fall backwards. To give him a little ride I lowered the car somewhat and then let it drop to the ground – causing it to bounce. I reached out with my palm and placed it at Axle’s chest to hold him in place. I got a good feel of how tight Axle’s body was and my cock tensed up even more. He was one little built fucker. I could tell Axle noticed how impressed I was and he flexed his pecs. I grabbed the one on the right with my giant hand and squeezed very hard. He yelled out in pleasure, not pain. He quickly regained control as I continued to knead his chest muscle.

“I’m sorry about that sir. Mr. Smith manhandled my pec and it felt very good. No, I don’t have anything more to report – except that he lifted the side of the limo like it was a ten-pound weight. Yes, sir, that does make us both happy. Yes, I promise to tell you everything that happens. I will try to test some of his other talents, as well, sir.”

I took this as an open invitation. An invitation from both men. I leaned in and carefully grabbed the zipper of Axle’s pants. He knew exactly where I was headed and he didn’t even attempt to stop me. I had his massive cock out of his pants in a flash. It was sticking proudly into the air. It was thick and covered by a couple of manly-gorgeous veins. I brought my mouth to the head of his dick and kissed it gently. I then ran my tongue across his piss slit and Axle’s body shook in excitement. His voice could not hide the fact that something powerful was happening.

“Awww, fuck, yes. Shit. No, sir. That wasn’t directed at you. Mr. Smith has moved on to some of his other talents. Ohhhh fuckkkkk. Yes, sir, I’m still on top of the car. Yes, we are pretty much out in public and anyone can see us. Mr. Smith doesn’t seem to care and neither do I. Oh shit. No, no, no. Awww yessss.”

I opened my mouth fully and let his big dick slide all the way to the back of my throat. I didn’t have the full length of his piece in my mouth, but I could tell by his reaction he liked my initial work. Axle arched his back and had to take his free hand and place it on the roof of the car behind him. His entire body tensed from that one motion of my wet and inviting mouth. I pressed my face harder toward his crotch and let the tip of his cock press up against the top of my mouth at the back. I was holding off letting it down my throat. The pressure caused it to bend a little and I drew in my cheeks with slight suction.

“Oh, God, that’s incredible. Yes, yes, sir. He’s got me in his mouth now. Yes, oh fuck, yes.”

I pride myself in being a grade A cocksucker. Usually I can make any guy cum in three or four deep thrusts with my mouth. If the guy is good he can hold out for five or six good swallows. I was hoping Axle was good, but I also knew that no man was a match for my sucking abilities. I slid my lips back up his shaft slowly, letting my teeth scrape the skin slightly, and allowing the suction to get stronger as I went. Axle’s body tensed even more. I could not believe it, but his cock was actually getting harder.

“Ohhh Mr. Smith.”

Maybe Axle-boy would be ready to blow after only two masterful trips up and down his rod. I hoped he would be able to hold out for more. He gained a little control of his body and sat back up. He placed his palm, the one without the phone, against my forehead. I believe he was trying to prevent me from going down on him again. I guess he also wanted to make this last as long as he could. I was surprised that he thought he could stop me, especially after he saw me lift the car. I grabbed his hand with mine and roughly pulled his arm behind his back. I squeezed it tightly so he could get a reminder of my power. Then, I sucked in hard and, at the same time, slammed my mouth down his pulsing cock. His dickhead rammed into the tight hole at the back of my mouth and was forced into the wet narrow tube of my throat. The tightness caused the motion to slow up slightly and I could tell I was giving him much pleasure. I could feel the blood pulsing in his cock as it was buried completely in my mouth. I turned my head slightly, back and forth, letting my teeth scrape the base of his pole. I also pressed my nose into his skin and hair above the base as I moved my head. The pleasure that shot through his body would have made normal men cum in an instant, but good old Axle held on for more. He even took the hand with the phone away from his ear and placed it behind my head. He pulled my face more into his crotch and bent his body slightly over me. By this time I was pressing my own hard meat against the side of the car and it actually crossed my mind that there might later be an impression of my dick dented in the door. Axle’s other hand, behind my head, was no match for me, as well. I pulled back letting his cock slide out of my throat and caught my teeth lightly at the base of his head before it escaped my mouth, while sucking even harder. I then rammed my mouth down his pole even harder than before. My throat was now completely open and ready. I was able to pick up the pace and caused even more suction at the same time. After four or five trips up and down his cock I knew Axle was close. When I slammed him into the back of my throat for the sixthe time he yelled out like a madman.


I love Christmas. I really love my mother’s pot roast. And a glass of expensive champagne can even make me hard sometimes. But there is nothing in the world as great as a man’s body in the few seconds before he shoots his load. The way the body is like one fucking exposed nerve and even a feather could send him over the top and cause him to explode – it is such an incredible moment. I love to keep my eyes on the guy’s body right before he erupts, because usually he’s trying to fight it - so the feeling will last as long as it can. I compare it to the rush you get the second you jump out of a plane when skydiving or even the quick high you get going down the hill of a very tall rollercoaster. And then the incredible moment of truth comes – that no man can prevent the explosion once he’s at this point of no return. His body starts convulsing and forcing the hot lava of cum to spew forth from his fountain of ecstasy. It seems to come from all parts of his body – from the tips of his fingers, toes, and his head. And the entire time your body is ejaculating you are in some other place, some kind of heaven. The whole fucking world stops for that moment. I’ve always thought that no man’s body could take that kind of release for any longer than it is – he’d probably die of cardiac arrest. And, yet, I’ve always wanted the moment to last a lot longer.

All of this happened to Axle’s body after that last push down his shaft. A lot of things occurred at the same time. I let go of his hand, his body fell back on the roof of the limo, and he brought his legs straight out, squeezing my body between them. I think a man’s strength intensifies at the moment of orgasm and Axle’s tight quads actually prevented my body from moving. I could, however, still move my head and mouth up and down his rod. I love to continue pumping a man’s cock as he cums, just to intensify the effect. The cry that came out of Axle’s mouth could probably be heard in the next county. The hand without the phone pounded on the top of the limo as he shot what seemed like quarts of man-juice down my throat. I’ve learned to swallow quickly and completely, while still sucking, because most men I’m with don’t like a mess. Even after Axle’s dick was finished releasing its copious amounts of semen, I continued to move my mouth up and down just to send waves of joy through his body for as long as he could take it.

“Man, you gotta stop. You’re gonna give me a heart attack. Mr. Smith, please.”

This only encouraged me more. I pressed the head of his cock into my tight throat one last time and swallowed hard. His back arched so high that his ass came off the car. It was as if my sucking was so hard that I could pull his entire body into the air. I opened my mouth completely and let his body drop back to the hard surface of the roof. Axle’s chest was heaving like someone gasping for life. Just to make sure Axle remembered me for a long time I pushed my face below his cock and took one of his balls into my mouth. I sucked lightly for a few seconds and watched his body tense again. I stopped finally, pulled my mouth away, and stood up. I reached up and wiped my lips with my big hand. Axle just lay there for a while. He finally brought the phone back to his ear. He didn’t open his eyes and he didn’t move any other part of his body. When he spoke it was only a whisper.

“Sir, whatever you’re paying him, it’s not enough. I’m going to need a week’s vacation just to recover.”

Axle raised his head, opened his eyes and smiled at me. His cock was still rock hard and sticking straight up. I gently reached up and pushed it back into his pants. Axle tensed a little as soon as my hand touched his still-pulsing meat. I stopped to look at the bulging veins snaking up and down the length of his shaft. It was a beautiful piece of art – his cock. Axle sat up completely as I zipped his pants. I could see that he was still a little wobbly, but the stud was gaining his strength quickly. I started to contemplate a second round.

“Yes, sir. I will take him right now. Yes, I’ll make sure he’s at the airport on time. Thank you, sir. Yes, you’re right; this was a nice way to start the day.”

Axle hung up the phone and began to slide off the car. I quickly put my hand against his chest to stop him. I shook my head no. I reached up and grabbed him at the waist again. I lifted him into the air so his crotch was even with my face. I turned my head sideways, opened my mouth, and ran my teeth and lips up and down the outline of his still-hard dick through his pants. Axle’s hands were resting on my shoulders and he gripped my muscles hard. I knew I could easily get him to shoot a second load, but I also knew we needed to get going. I let his body slowly slide down, letting my mouth move slowly up from his crotch, across his stomach and chest, pausing slightly to suck on his neck and then moved up around his chin to his mouth. I wasn’t prepared to enjoy the kiss as much as I did. Axle knew how to use his mouth, as well. I was still holding him off the ground and he grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands. He masterfully shot his surprisingly long tongue down my throat and made my body shudder. Our kiss ended when we heard someone yell, “get a room,” from an open window in my building. This caused both of us to laugh. I lowered Axle to the ground and stepped back. He straightened his clothes a little and then looked back up at me.

“It seems I owe Mr. Jones an apology.”

“Yeah, why’s that?”

“He told me that the only thing harder than your body was his cock when you caused it to shoot. I didn’t believe him, but now I know what he meant. Who needs Viagra when you are around Mr. Smith?”

“Gee, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you, Axle.”

“No, Mr. Smith, thank you. Thank you for making it so difficult to stay focused on the conversation with my boss. It really was a great way to start the day.”

“Yes, I did make things quite hard, didn’t I Axle.”

He smiled at me and then turned to open the door of the limo. I bent down and slid into the seat of the car. I was definitely ready for the exciting things this day would bring.
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OMFG! That was a magnificent chapter, Londonboy! You've outdone yourself. Kudos to you, sir.
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Wow, that was fantastic!
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I dig it.
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Thanks and more?

Thanks to the person that was able to add to the title "Part 2." I forgot to do it and then couldn't figure out how.

I also gather from the responses that I should continue to post more adventures of our friend Mr. Smith and, hopefully, finally get to Mr. X. Yes?

Thanks for the feedback. It really helps a writer to keep going.
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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
I also gather from the responses that I should continue to post more adventures of our friend Mr. Smith and, hopefully, finally get to Mr. X. Yes?
::nods head furiously at Londonboy's suggestion::

Keep up the very intriguing work!
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Well damn Man. The world needs more of you and your stories. The world would be so much better with what you are talking about and the people you craft up. Super fine.

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Incredibly hot! Got me really hard.
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Great work, Londonboy! The story is a great blend of a muscle strength, power, and size. I'm looking forward to Part 3!
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Just thinking about this story gets me all revved up... thanks for the great parts so far, can't wait for the next installment...
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