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Old March 11th, 2008, 03:10 PM
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Size Doesn't Have to Matter: Part Two

I walked into the bathroom and was giddy with excitement. Mykal was everything I had ever dreamed of – nice personality, built like Hercules, and beautiful. I could not wait to get back out there and talk to him. I immediately checked the three stalls to see if anyone was there. The place was empty. This was perfect. I stepped into the third stall and shut the door. I put the toilet seat cover down and placed my backpack there. I reached in and grabbed some clothes and a pair of sandals from inside the main compartment. I hung the clothes on the hook at the back of door and placed the shoes on the floor. I unbuttoned my shirt, slid it off my body, carefully folded it, and placed it in the backpack. I did the same with my shoes, socks and pants. I looked at my boxers and smiled. I was glad that I remembered to wear the extra-extra-large ones. They looked stupid on me, but tonight they would come in handy.

It had been a while since I had “unfolded,” so I went through a checklist in my mind. Don’t have my hands up against anything when I begin, because we don’t want anything torn apart. Oh yeah, check to make sure there are no cameras. I glanced up and around the area of the bathroom ceiling I could see. There were no cameras. Make sure there was enough room for the new me where I was standing. I knew it would be tight, but I was fine. Always double check to make sure no one could see me. I knew this one was not a guarantee, because someone could walk into the bathroom, but I did feel pretty safe in the stall. I checked to make sure the door was secure and it was. And last, but not least, make sure you had some clothes to change into. I looked at the clothes on the hook. There was my triple extra large t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. It was my favorite. I had gotten it when I went to see Once On This Island on Broadway. It was pretty old and stretched, but felt good on me. I also knew I looked great in it. There were some khaki cargo shorts that had slight rips along the legs so my quads could have some extra room. Everything was perfect. I had even brought one left and one right sandal of the same pair. In the past I have grabbed two right shoes by mistake and this made it rough walking for the night.

It was time to begin. I didn’t want Mykal wondering where I was and then coming in to look for me. He seemed like the type of guy who would do that. I placed my hands on the side of the stall and started to concentrate. Suddenly, I remembered another time I had “unfolded” in a bathroom stall and, because I had my hands on the walls during the change, I had collapsed all five of them with one shove. I dropped my hands to my side. Now it was time to begin.

I should probably stop and explain some things to you now. You see I’m not really a small built guy that’s only five nine. Well, I can be that guy, but that’s not who I am naturally. I know this sounds weird, but stay with me for a few minutes. It’s kind of hard to explain. I’m really a guy that’s six feet eight inches tall and weighs about three hundred pounds – depending if I have eaten correctly or not (sometimes a guy’s got to splurge, you know?). I know this is hard to understand right now, but just listen for a little longer. I’ve been big all my life and I learned quickly that most people only liked me because of my body. Even in junior high I could tell that most people only wanted to be my friend because they wanted me to do something for them. The bullies all wanted to be friends because I was so much bigger than them. They wanted me to be cruel like them so no one would be able to stop us. The other kids only wanted to be my friend so I would protect them. That’s also about the time I realized I was gay, well, at the time, I just knew I was different. I found myself looking at other guys in gym class and noticing their bodies. Even though they were smaller than me I liked to look at guys that built up their muscles. I also noticed that I was watching wrestling on television for different reasons than all the other guys. They talked about the cool moves that some wrestler would come up with and I only wanted to talk about the cool ways that some guy flexed or showed off his body. I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut, though. Most guys did not want to join in a conversation about another man’s muscles.

In high school and college I continued to realize that most people did not want to get to know me on any level beyond the surface - my body. There were guys that came on to me just because they wanted me to play some character for their fantasies – the whipped big boy, the dominant daddy, the innocent farm hand. And then there were built guys who emphasized to everyone how they weren’t gay, but would secretly come to my room for quick muscle-on-muscle sex. The next day these guys would usually ignore me, or, worse, say negative things about me. I started to believe I would never meet anyone who liked me for the complete person I was and not just what was on the outside.

About five years ago I met a guy named Perry. He was amazing. He was funny, he was bright, he was a pretty big guy, and he seemed to look beyond my big body. We met online so we actually got to know each other pretty well before we met face to face. He was somewhat overwhelmed the first time he met me, but I could also see that there was part of him that liked how big I was. We began dating and it was wonderful. I know I’d still be with Perry today, but there was an accident and, well, they say he was dead before the ambulance could get there. Another victim of a drunk driver. I was devastated and, at one point, even contemplated suicide. I was scared I would never meet anyone like Perry again. I mostly stayed in and lived on the computer. That’s when I got introduced to some sites that shared stories about muscle growth. These were great fun and I quickly learned that there were many people in the world who liked the same things I did. I wasn’t a freak anymore. But I still missed Perry a lot and didn’t go out at all. Even the guys I met online seemed only interested in hearing about how big I was or wanted to know when I was going to hook up with them for a muscle show. Any time I began a conversation about some independent film I had Netflixed or a great novel I had just finished, every guy would get bored with me and sign off.

One night, as I wallowed in my self-pity, I was struck with an idea. What if I could somehow become a smaller guy or temporarily compact my muscles into a more dense state so I appeared to be a more normal size. This might give me the opportunity to meet guys in a totally different way. Maybe I would be able to strike up a conversation with a man and he not immediately start drooling over my chest or arms. I did not want to stay small forever, because I liked my body, but maybe I could be given the chance to meet people in a whole new way.

So, for over two years I studied scientific formulas, witchcraft, new-age crystals, aromatherapy, or anything that I thought might help me become a small guy for a while. I’m going to spare you all the heavy medical jargon that covers what I finally came up with, but let’s just say; I found a way to “deflate” my muscles for a period of time. It basically works the opposite way a bodybuilder inflates or flexes his muscles. Instead of puffing out my monstrous chest I suck it in and make it smaller. I do the same thing with all of my muscles. It took me a long time and a lot of concentration to learn how to do it, but I was even able to fold-in my bone structure to make myself shorter. I wish I could explain it better (for you non-believers), but let me just say that I am able to control my muscles in the opposite way of a normal bodybuilder. I can work out to get bigger or smaller – it’s my choice. And when I mastered the art of “folding in” my body, I decided to move to a new place and check out my theory about meeting men that liked me for who I was on the inside. That brings me to this town and the last two months. I had been very discouraged by all of the guys here, until I met Mykal. Now you can see why I was determined to stick it out at this bar and prove that big guys can look past the bodies of other guys and get to know them on a different level. At the same time I wanted to prove that little guys could get to know bigger men beyond a surface level, as well. Mykal was the first man to talk to me (besides those who just said something rude) in five visits to this bar. He seemed to be someone I could trust and someone who could know my secret, but I’m still not sure. I need to test him a little bit more. Would he forget about the smaller Simon as soon as someone bigger came along? Time would tell. I was now ready to “unfold.”

I once videotaped the transformation from my smaller body to my massive body, just to see what it looked like. I have to tell you it was incredibly hot. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I jerked off to the video for weeks because it was hit so many of may fantasies. I even posted it on YouTube as a morph video, after I carefully cropped out my face. I was amazed to see the comments that people posted. A lot of guys complimented my work and wanted to know what program I used to create the morph. I didn’t respond. There were other comments about how fake it looked and many other destructive remarks. I simply chose to ignore those. Every time I let my body grow back to its normal size I think of the video, though, and I get turned on. I was pretty sure I’d have to shoot a load into the toilet when I was done changing, because of how turned-on I would be.

The growth always starts with my feet. This time was no different. I watched closely as my toes became longer and the tops of my feet expanded. The feeling I usually get all over my body is probably similar to the relief that comes when a woman releases a tight girdle or a man unbuttons a size thirty pair of pants that were holding in a size thirty-four waist. Let’s just say it is a great release. My feet no longer felt restricted or cramped. Next came a change to my height. I somehow released my folded bones and muscles making them shoot up the many inches to my full height. I was careful to stay slightly bent over, because I knew my upper body would stick up over the walls of the bathroom stall. The release that comes with getting taller is so intense that I usually cry out like some guy in the throws of heavy sex. This time was no different, and, wouldn’t you know it, that’s when someone decided to come into the bathroom. I heard the door open and could tell the poor guy paused a little when he heard my voice. I was too involved with “unfolding” my body to care and I knew I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I heard the guy move over to one of the urinals as my legs started to release from their compressed state.

This was another part of the change that I liked to watch. This was especially true when I started with a pair of my super sized boxers on my smaller body. I loved watching my upper legs releasing themselves to fill up the cloth that up until that point had been dangling around them. A couple of times I had chosen to wear my smaller body’s boxers just to see my legs rip through them. Some of you might be wondering if I was able to “fold in” my cock somehow. I chose to never learn how to do that, because the thought of a small guy with the dick of a giant always got me hot. That’s why Mykal had commented on its size earlier. By this time my cock was at full mast and its head was peeking out over the elastic band of my boxers. I looked back at my legs and saw that the bottom part of my underwear was stretched to the max because of my muscled quads. The boxers were actually pushed up toward my crotch because my legs were too wide to be contained. I would have to look for some larger underwear very soon. By this time I was breathing very hard and I knew the most spectacular part of the transformation would begin next. I felt sorry for the guy in the bathroom because he was about to get an earful.

Without warning my chest began to explode. It is always like someone hooking up a garden hose to a balloon and watching it quickly fill with water once the faucet is turned on full blast. Each time, my pecs swell straight out at first and then fall downward in perfect globes of muscled flesh. Even my nipples expand and become as rigid as my cock. Today, this powerful release of densely packed muscle caused me to roar out loud like a lion in battle. I was sure the noise terrified the guy at the urinal because I heard the stream of his piss suddenly stop.

“Hey dude, are you okay in there?” the guy asked sheepishly.

In between heavy breaths I answered, “Yeah, I’m fine. Just something I ate.” I barely got those words out when my upper body decided to finish its changes. My hands balled up into tight fists as my fingers began to expand and grow longer. The pulsing growth continued in my hands and then pounded its way up my arms. I watched as my forearms tripled in size and became draped in bulging veins. I was forced to bend my arms and flex my biceps to help release the layers of muscles that had been confined in a smaller space for so long. A loud popping sound actually filled the room as my arms exploded into their normal giant size. I always have to close my eyes and not watch my biceps and triceps grow or I know I will shoot a massive load of cum. Today, I didn’t want to mess up the stall. I tried to hold in the scream that wanted desperately to escape my mouth as my shoulder bones and muscles expanded until they almost touched both walls beside me. I was still slightly bent over but I was forced to stand taller as my neck muscles and my face muscles were released to grow. I loved watching the video of my face as the chin extended and my cheeks went from puffy to chiseled stone with dimples. Even my hair had to grow to cover my larger head. Don’t ask me why, but the last thing to grow is always my ass. This is usually what caused me to shoot my load. My flat butt quickly expands into two mounds of perky muscle. I could actually feel my ass bulge into a jaw-dropping muscle covered bubble. I could not contain my vocal reaction to this part of my growth. The release of my body was now complete and as my ass cheeks expanded I threw my head back and let out a growl that seemed almost inhuman. I did not dare touch my cock at that moment or its release would match the intensity of my muscled-body’s expansion.

I could tell my last cry from the stall definitely made the guy in the bathroom worried. I heard him run his hands under water at the sink and walk over to the stall door as he dried them with a paper towel.

“Man, do you need me to call a doctor or something. Maybe an ambulance. You don’t sound good at all.” He sounded truly concerned.

I didn’t have a lot of time to catch my breath as I grabbed my clothes. I was scared the guy was going to look under or over the stall door at any moment. Even though my body had not fully recovered from “unfolding,” I quickly pulled on my shorts and somehow got the t-shirt over my huge upper body. As I slipped my feet into the sandals I answered, “No, that’s fine. I’m feeling great now. I just needed to get something out of my system.” I stood up completely – my head and shoulders were sticking above the top of the stall - and I could see the guy in the mirror. He was standing almost up against the door so he didn’t see me towering above him. I was immediately impressed with the guy’s body. I could tell he had worked hard to bulk it up. I decided his concern for me deserved a little reward. I scooted back as far as I could in the small space and pulled open the tiny door. The guy’s reaction was priceless. It’s always like some slow-motion movie - watching as he first registered he was looking directly into my upper abs and chest. He soaked in the view for a few minutes and then his chin started to slowly rise as his gaze moved upward. The guy’s eyes grew wider as he took in my full size. When his head was almost completely back and he was finally looking me in the face, the poor guy stumbled backwards a few steps. This gave me the opportunity to turn my body sideways and step out from inside the stall.

“Oh my God,” he said as he stood there stunned.

“No, really, I’m just Simon,” I said teasingly and held out my big hand to him. The guy didn’t reach out to shake my hand. I don’t think he even heard my response. I’m pretty used to this kind of reaction so it didn’t even bother me when he immediately stuck his hand down his pants and started to pump the stiff cock I could see pressing against the fabric. I turned my hand flat and patted him on the head. “You go ahead there, big guy. Make yourself at home. I’m glad I could bring a little muscle joy to your night. I’m just going to go out there and meet someone, okay.” I stepped around the guy and started to leave the bathroom. As I left, I heard him, in his trance-like state, repeating over and over, “So many muscles, so many muscles.”
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Old March 11th, 2008, 03:48 PM
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Damn, that was pretty hot to read. You took a completely different turn from what I had been thinking of when I read the first chapter. First, you had us thinking that it would be a normal "small and big guy" relationship, but now you completely changed that into a "big guy and bigger guy" kind of thing. Can't wait to see the next chapter of this!

P.S., love that last comment about the name.

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Old March 11th, 2008, 04:01 PM
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Look forward to continuation and seeing things develop further. Great so far!
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Old March 11th, 2008, 04:30 PM
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And what will Mykal's reaction be to the unfolded Simon? And of every other guy in the bar, especially Mitch (the rude guy).

If Simon were dominated in his folded size, would he unfold in the heat of things? That would be so hot: to be dominated, and then turn from the dominatee to the dominator. As both Simon & Mykal have said, they'd like that. So here's hoping this unfolding occurs in a future chapter.
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Old March 24th, 2008, 03:33 PM
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the second part is even better than the first one!!!
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Old March 22nd, 2010, 02:05 PM
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Wow. I wasnt expecting that. The "unfolding" is a fascinating concept and your descriptive prowess at making me envision every piece of shapeshifting brilliance is second to none. I love these stories that tip a hat to an almost sci-fi approach to musclegrowth. Ive also covered something similar to your unfolding in a previous story of mine that I hope to finish and repost at some stage. Well done. Loving this one immmensely.
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