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Old March 10th, 2008, 06:01 PM
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Size Doesn't Have to Matter

So far the night was uneventful and pretty embarrassing. I had been in the bar for about an hour and no one had even glanced in my direction. I was beginning to hate this city and I had only lived here for two months. This was the fifth time I had tried to meet someone at what the guidebooks described as a “friendly neighborhood bar.” It didn’t seem very friendly to me. I wasn’t looking to get laid, even though it would have been nice. I was just looking to make some friends. It seemed that I didn’t meet the required look for this town. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a pretty good-looking fellow, but I think everyone wanted someone a lot bigger and more muscular. I’m about five nine and weigh close to 175 pounds. I’ve got a nice body, but you can tell I spend more time in the office than in the gym.

I caught on pretty fast that people came into this neighborhood bar not to make friends but to find someone for a quick night of muscle sex. That explained why there were so many big guys hanging out here and that also explained why none of them talked to me. A week ago I had asked the bartender why the place wasn’t very friendly and he explained that a few years ago it had been a great place to hang out with friends but that it had gotten so popular that it had turned into THE place to be. He said that now the regular guys in the neighborhood avoided the place because it was such a muscled meat market. That made me decide to continue to come here. I was determined to help change it back to a place for the “regular Joes.” I was also determined to make some friends, even if they were guys who cared more about a good pump than a good novel. Maybe I even fantasized that I could be a Henry Higgins to one of these muscled Eliza Doolittles. I was hoping I could help one of these shallow guys see beyond someone’s biceps or pectorals.

Unfortunately, that was proving to be a lot harder than planned. When I arrived earlier in the evening the place had been pretty empty. I took a stool at the bar, ordered a drink and tried to start up a conversation with two different guys. One guy had completely ignored me. I kid you not. He acted as if he didn’t hear me talking to him and then walked away when he caught the eye of another well-built dude across the room. I could tell that he had thought it would look bad for him if people saw him talking to the little guy. The second guy I chatted with did acknowledge me, but he looked at me with an incredulous face after I attempted to start a conversation. “Listen, little man,” he said after I spoke to him, “I don’t know what I’m doing that makes you think I want to talk to you, but please know that I don’t mean to do it.” And with that statement, he turned his back to me.

That pretty much sums up the way my first few weeks had gone in this lovely town. And, yet, here I was sitting on that bar stool determined not to give up or give in to the standards set up by a bunch of goons. I knew what a great catch I was. I knew of my many hidden talents. I also knew that at some point a man would walk into that bar that didn’t care about how a guy looked and would enjoy a conversation with me. Like I said, I wasn’t automatically looking for sex, I just wanted to make a new friend.

I had just ordered my third beer when I turned around and caught sight of a Greek Adonis coming in the door. I wasn’t the only one to notice him either. Even the guy who had totally ignored me earlier turned from talking to his “catch of the evening” to try and grab the attention of the stud coming in the door. But the black-haired “Mr. Mykonos” (my name for him) pretty much ignored every pair of eyes staring at him and made a beeline for the bar, parking himself on the stool beside me. I was sitting with my back against the edge of the bar, facing the crowd. I did, however, get a good look at him when he walked past. He was probably six feet two inches tall and built for days. He was wearing a black polo shirt that seemed to highlight his Greek features and beautiful tan. I noticed his arms first as he walked by, mainly because of the defined triceps. Even though the arm was hanging at his side you could clearly see bulges upon bulges everywhere. I immediately tried to make my mind forget him because I knew he’d never notice me. The asshole that had been rude to me earlier turned his body back toward me, but, even without looking, I knew he was staring over my head at Mr. Mykonos. It was as if I wasn’t there and I’m sure he wished I wasn’t.

“What’s up?” asked the asshole, trying to get Mr. Mykonos’ attention.

“Not much,” was the only response that came from the Greek God beside me. Even though it was only two words I could tell the voice matched the man. It was a deep baritone and it made my heart race. I immediately panicked. I did not want Mr. Mykonos to hook up with the asshole. That would ruin my faith in the human race. I prayed to God that he would choose any other person in the room to talk to, but please don’t let him choose the man that had been so rude to me. That’s when I heard the stud to my right order a Portuguese wine that would only be known to connoisseurs. I loved good wines and even collected some. The name of the wine made me turn slightly toward the Greek guy and I could tell he noticed my reaction. Fortunately, the bartender had the wine in stock (something that amazed me) and after it was poured Mr. Mykonos turned on his stool to face the room.

“Are you having a good night?” asked the Grecian-stud beside me. I assumed he was talking to Mr. Asshole so I didn’t turn. There was a slight pause. That’s when it sank in that Mr. Mykonos might be talking to me. I glanced up and saw that he was looking right at me. My mouth dropped open and no sound came out - not because he was talking to me, but because he had the deepest olive-green eyes I have ever seen. They seemed to be the eyes of a very old soul and a handsome stud all at the same time. I quickly gained my composure.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were speaking to me,” I said, trying to act natural. “Yes, yes. I’m having a nice night. By the way, that’s a very nice wine. The best year is a couple of years older, but…”

“Yes, 1998, but that’s very hard to find,” Mr. Mykonos interrupted with a huge smile. His teeth were perfectly white and enhanced by his dark skin.

“Probably because I bought so many,” I said laughing and trying to stay focused.

“I did as well,” added Mr. Mykonos. “My name is Mykal.” He held out his large hand to me. I noticed it was beautifully manicured.

“Hi, I’m Simon. It’s nice to meet you, Mykal.” I grabbed his hand and tried to shake it firmly, which I guess was meant to impress him. He held my hand tightly and slowed the nervous pumping caused by my hand. I think he was used to people having this kind of reaction to him and his calming spirit did help me immediately. I became much more comfortable and relaxed by the time we released our grip.

“And I’m Mitch,” came the voice behind me. Mr. Asshole was reaching his hand over my shoulder towards Mykal.

Mykal glanced up towards Mitch and took his hand. Squeezing tightly, he said, “Hey, Mitch. It’s nice to meet you, but if it’s alright with you Simon and I are going to get acquainted, okay?” It wasn’t really a question; it was more like an order. I could also tell that Mykal was squeezing Mitch’s hand very tightly. I heard the big guy behind me let out a whimper from the pain caused by the grip. Mykal let go of the hand and Mitch immediately shook out his fingers as he grabbed his drink and quickly walked away. Mykal turned back to me and said, “Sorry about that, Simon. I didn’t mean to be rude, but I knew he wouldn’t leave us alone unless I made it very clear that I didn’t want to talk to him. After all, I bet he doesn’t know any wines from Portugal. He might not know any wines at all, or only ones that come in a box.” Mykal laughed slightly and it was infectious. I laughed, as well, and immediately felt right at home with this man.

“But he does have a very nice body, doesn’t he,” I said turning to watch the well-built Mitch walk away. It wasn’t something I’d usually say to someone I just met, but I already felt so comfortable with Mykal.

“Yes he does,” answered Mykal watching Mitch, as well, “but I want the total package. I want someone that has a nice body, an open personality, and a pretty good brain. They don’t have to understand quantum physics perfectly, but I’d like them to know who someone like Colm Toibin is – you know what I mean?”

“An author that was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for The Blackwater Lightship, and most recently wrote The Master,” I said smiling proudly at Mykal.

“Touché, good sir, touché!” Mykal said approvingly, holding up his glass of wine in a mock toast.

“Maybe you just don’t know Mitch well enough, Mykal. He could be all of those things,” I said defending the asshole who now stood across the room trying to ignore us.

“Well, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read novels, Simon. But, even if he did, he is, most importantly, not kind to people. I am sure of that. I have seen him be outright rude to people in this bar and that kind of meanness should not be tolerated. I’m still baffled as to why he is so mean to people.” Mykal stared at me as he spoke and I began to feel like we knew each other on some other level. Some level that was much more than a surface knowledge. It was hard to explain. I kept thinking that he might be the person I could allow to know me completely. I started to get excited about sharing some of my deepest secrets with him. I knew that I had to be careful, though. I didn’t want to trust him based on feelings from a few minutes of interaction.

“Well, I have personally experienced that rudeness, so I support your opinion.” I replied and Mykal nodded at my confession. We both took a sip from our drinks. I suddenly felt very brave with my new friend. “But, Mykal, do you believe we can find more than one person in this bar that is the total package – body, brains, and personality? I mean, there’s you and I’m not sure the odds are on our side that a second perfect man will come through that door.” I smiled at the beautiful face in front of me and we both actually blushed. I turned red because of the forward compliment I gave and he turned red because my comment referred to him.

“You are too kind Simon,” Mykal said looking at his drink. “But I am not the total package. Not by a long shot. So, yes, I believe a man could walk through that door soon and knock my socks off with his body, but only if his intelligence and personality match the muscles. I must believe it can happen, because that’s why I came tonight. There might already be someone here that just needs help releasing the true person inside. One of these muscled bodies might actually have a kind soul to go with what’s on the outside.”

“Maybe,” I said in response. “But tell me, what else besides a love for Portuguese wines and Colm Toibin novels does this man need to have? What would the total package look like?” I was partly teasing Mykal, and he knew it. I also wanted to hear what made this stud get turned on.

“Listen to you, Mr. Simon, wanting me to tell you all my secret fantasies. I think maybe I’ve already told you too much.” Mykal was now teasing me. It was obvious that he also felt very comfortable with me and knew, as I did, that our friendship was now sealed in cement.

“Come now, we little guys have always wanted to know what turns a big guy like you on. What attracts you to a man, Mykal.” By this point I was getting a little hot and bothered. I tried in vain to prevent my dick from getting hard as we spoke, but with little success. I was already semi-erect. Mykal laughed loudly at my question and then leaned in towards me.

“First of all, Simon. You are not that little,” he said glancing at my crotch, “and, secondly, I can hardly speak for all big guys. I can only tell you what I like.” His comment made me self-conscious and I quickly crossed my legs. “I’m sorry, Simon, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Really. I felt like we could be honest with each other. Have I crossed some line?”

His comment warmed my heart, “No, Mykal. No, you have not crossed a line. I was caught off guard by your honesty, that’s all. Please know your bluntness is greatly appreciated. I have a funny feeling that we’re going to share secrets we’ve never shared with anyone else.” Mykal nodded his head in agreement. It was as if no one else existed in the entire bar. It was a crazy feeling. I know Mykal knew I was attracted to him and I knew he wasn’t attracted to me in the same way, but all of that didn’t matter. We seemed to get passed the awkwardness and messiness of all of that in a few seconds. We were talking as if we had been friends for many years. My crotch was suddenly calm and I could uncross my legs. Mykal smiled because he also knew that we had somehow managed to get past a potentially disastrous stage caused by one guy’s unwanted crush on the other and move to a place of true friendship. It was at that moment I knew he was worthy of my secrets, but I returned to my earlier question. “Now, come on Mykal, what turns you on about another man?”

“Well, I’ll feed into one of the stereotypes, Simon,” Mykal said quietly. “I do like a guy that is as big, if not bigger than me. I know there are some big guys out there that like to dominate others, but I like to be dominated.” Mykal looked at me trying to read my reaction.

I smiled and said, “It must be hard to find guys bigger than you!”

“Stop. I’m not that big,” Mykal said and he immediately saw the look on my face that chastised him for telling lies, and added, “Okay, okay. I admit I have a pretty good body.” My face turned even more angry-looking. “Okay. Yes, I am big. And I like being big. But I do wish I could find someone bigger than me that could, I don’ t know, rough me up a little.” Mykal laughed a little when he said this. He was obviously embarrassed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t know, completely, Simon. I guess I mean that I would like a tough guy. Someone who makes me feel protected. I know how crazy it sounds. The few people I’ve told this to have looked at me like I am some freak, but being big doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be taken care of. You know? I’d like some big guy to make it clear that he’s boss. That’s all. Go ahead, you can laugh at me now.” It was clear that Mykal had shared something very personal.

“ I would never laugh at that Mykal,” I quickly replied. “I share that desire. I like the feeling of a bigger guy beside me in bed or walking down the street together. It makes me feel safe. It makes me feel, I don’t know, owned or something. Not in a bad way, but in a way that makes the relationship complete or full. It’s really hard to explain.” Mykal was nodding at me.

“Yeah, it feels a little like you don’t have to always make decisions or be in charge. It’s good to turn myself over to someone – not always, but sometimes.” Mykal was suddenly lost in his own little world, and he kept on talking. “And another little secret of mine is that I love gut punching. I want some big guy to have abs of steel so I can pound away at them until my fingers ache. There’s something about a guy taking blows to the stomach and not flinching that proves he’s a man. It makes him in control of the guy swinging at him. I wish I could explain it better, but I can’t. I just want some guy that has that kind of power.” Mykal came out of his trance and looked straight at me. “I’ve never told anyone that, Simon. What is it about you that makes me feel comfortable enough to say that?”

“I don’t know, Mykal,” I said looking into his eyes, “but I completely understand. Thanks for trusting me. I get what you’re saying about a bigger guy showing you his power. I fantasize about that, too. But, I also dream about what it would be like to be the bigger guy, as well. I’m always torn between some fantasies of being the bigger guy and others about being the smaller guy. Now that’s really weird, isn’t it?”

“No, no, it’s not weird, Simon.” Mykal was nodding vigorously with excitement. “I know just what you are talking about. I dream of being with a bigger guy, but sometimes I also get off on the idea that I can dominate and please smaller guys with my size and strength. It’s almost like having a split personality.” We both laughed at this thought. Mykal glanced at the empty beer bottle in my hand. “Can I buy you another beer, Simon?”

“That would be great, Mykal,” I said placing my empty bottle on the bar. “I’m going to step into the bathroom. Will you save my place?”

“Of course,” Mykal answered as he pulled out his wallet.

“Even if some good-looking bigger guy comes up to talk to you?” I asked mischievously.

Mykal didn’t even hesitate and replied, “Simon, there is no one here that I’d rather talk to right now.” It was a great thing to say. I knew there wasn’t anything romantic in the statement, but it was still nice to hear that from my new friend. Mykal then smiled and added, “And I don’t think there is anyone here bigger than me!”

“I am proud of you, Mykal. That’s the kind of attitude you should have,” I said smiling at him. I bent down to pick up my backpack.

“You can leave that here, or don’t you trust me?” Mykal asked.

“I need a few things in here to help me freshen up,” I said smiling at him. “But let me tell you something personal that will show you how much I trust you. I’ve been coming here for five weeks Mykal and up until tonight no one had ever spoken to me. I was beginning to give up on the human race – especially big guys like you. Thank you for being so kind to us little guys.”

“Simon, that’s stupid. Just because you’re a little shorter…”

“No, no, Mykal. We won’t make this about me. I just want you to know that you give bodybuilders and handsome men a good name. I predict that you are going to find the stud of your dreams. He’s out there looking for you, too. I will return in a few minutes. We will have to compare lists of our favorite novels and wines.” I placed my hand on his arm to signify my fondness for him – the feeling of the hard muscles caught me off guard. I tried to squeeze the tricep and he purposely tensed his arm. The hard muscles seemed to turn to stone and an audible gasp escaped from my mouth. Mykal laughed and then pushed me away with his other hand. As I walked away I saw him pull my stool closer and place his big hand on the seat. He was saving my seat as he tried to get the bartender’s attention. I saw that most of the fellows in the bar were also looking at Mykal. As I walked to the bathroom I was saying a silent prayer that Mykal had meant everything he had shared with me. We were about to find out. I had high hopes for this beautiful man. I felt that he was full of integrity, but now was the time to put him to the test. It was also time to make his dreams come true.
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A beautiful start to the story. You had me enraptured from start to end. I wish I could meet a Simon character in a bar, and not because of what the ending aluded to. It's uncommon to find someone thats willing to start a conversation with a stranger and base his opinons on that person not by what they look like but by what they say.

Thanks for the beginnings of another great story.
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Wow what a promising beginning! Great writing style and fun characterizations.
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Great start!! Look forward to continuation.
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SWEET!>. Very well writen.
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Another great start! Londonboy, you're really raising the bar here at the forum!
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A muscle friend! That's so cool! This was so sweet! It's also kinda hot. I'm eager to read more of this
The Internet is for PORN!
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I think I'm going to enjoy where this is going. Thanks.
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Oh, this is great! I always enjoy your stories, Londonboy!
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wow - this is a wonderful start of a story!!
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